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Crono (no 'h') is the silent protagonist of the Square RPG Chrono Trigger. His character design was created by Akira Toriyama, which explains why he looks like a character from Dragon Ball Z.

He has lost thrice to Mario, but has also defeated the plumber once. However, Mario's second victory over Crono is very controversial, many Crono fans claim that Crono was "screwed" out of a victory. Throughout the entire match Crono kept a 500-800 vote lead over Mario, in the last hour of the match Mario began to make a very questionable comeback, though by the time 24 hours had past, Crono was victorious. But the poll did not close and was left open an extra 15 minutes allowing Mario to secure a victory. CJayC claimed the 15 minutes were to "check for cheating", though many disbelieve this claim, and it was common belief that the poll was rigged.

Despite these losses however, Chrono Trigger defeated Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario World in the 2004 Game Contest before pounding Mario with over 53% that Summer. Unfortunately, Mario returned the favor by scoring over 53% on him only one year later.

And he lost to Sonic in the 2006 contest. Hoohah!

Crono also took third place in round three of the 2007 contest (four-way matches), making him the first Noble Niner to fall to a non-Noble Niner (Vincent Valentine), though whether or not this "broke the Noble Nine" was a topic of debate.

In honor of this result and the uproar it caused, Satai delenn wrote a very entertaining poem called Crono at the Bat (based on Casey at the Bat).

After that, he went and lost to Missingno in his return to 1v1 matches. Talk about a fall from grace.

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