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Round Two


Friday, October 12th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2902
Round Division 4 Semi Final
Match # 40
Match Date Friday, October 12th, 2007
Crono - 39.95%
Zero - 27.35%
Raiden - 17.83%
HK-47 - 14.80%
Crono first place (4pts) - 62.89%
Crono second place (2pts) - 6.66%
Zero second place (4pts) - 38.85%
Zero first place (2pts) - 4.12%
Crono - 69.55% (25,542)
Zero - 42.97% (15,780)

This match needs to be taken with a grain of salt, because that picture is awful. Crono and HK-47 are over-sharpened for no real reason, Raiden's stuck in the ugly MGS4 helmet and Zero sticks out like a sore thumb as being the only good-looking character in there. But even he's got issues because he's Zero on a red background. When CJayC makes pictures bad, he makes them real bad (

Now with that said, this was still a terrible match for Crono. It's not that Zero would have beaten him or anything, but he made Crono look thoroughly awful here heading into the massive match against Vincent in the next round. Vincent was looking great, Crono was not. Even worse here is Crono's peak lead on Zero was 5400 votes, but he only won by 4900 votes. If he lost 500 votes to Zero in a match locked up within an hour, what would happen against Final Fantasy 7 given how bad CT's day vote always is?

I'm sure something could also be said about Raiden and HK-47 here, but those two were never going to make any noise at all in this match and the pictures are so bad I can't take the final percentages seriously. Neither are strong characters that will ever do anything in a contest, anyway.

Stats and Analysis[]

here's another match where the winners were obvious but the percentages were, well, concerning. Crono had a pretty decent R1 match, while Zero looked pretty bad... but then Zero came back and got scarily close to the guy who, once upon a time, beat Mario. Crono looked mighty vulnerable going into his huge showdown with Vincent after this match.

but the biggest bomb of the match went to Raiden, who went from being a question mark thanks to his MGS4 picture in round 1 to being a legit failure. at one point, he was in a dogfight with HK-47. every MGS character in this contest had an impressive showing except for Raiden, who looked downright bad. we'll have to wait until MGS4 to re-evaluate him, but right now he looks like fodder.

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