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Getting the First Badge[]

Well lets start. They have changed the outfits to green, like in the anime. I choose Boy. Name: Binzar. Like in Ruby and Sapphire, I can't choose my rivals name so her name is just May.

I'm in the truck. We've just moved in here. Me and my mom goes inside the house. Vigoroth is just like me. They are trying to look like they are doing something but they just walk around with a package in thier hands. I have to set my clock, don't think it matters though. I have to see my dad in television but we missed it. He's the leader of the Petalburg gym. I go to may's house. Is that little kid Max? She got a Pokéball on the floor. But I can't take it >_>. She has heard of me. I just came. Guess I'm very popular. Well I leave again. I go out of town. How did the truck get though that small opening? Birch is being cased by a Pokemon! a zigzagoon. Shouldn't it be a Poochyana? Well I have t pick a Pokemon to help him. I choosed Treecko in Sapphire and Mudkip in Ruby, so I'll try with Torchic. I beat the Zigzagoon easily. Birch will let me keep i yay.

Got to Oldale Hoenn's most boring town >_>. I got a free Potion. I can't go to the west so I'll go up instead. I meet May. She got Mudkip >_> Scratch vs. Tackle Lets go!! I won =) Focus Energy yay >_>. I caught a Wingull a Wurmble a Zigzagoon and a Poochyana, not gonna use the last three >_> I go back to littleroot town, and into the lab. I got a Pokédex and some Poke Balls (I already buyed some). My mom gives me some runing shoes Yes! now I can get away from this littleroot/oldale place.

Lets see some easy trainers here. Yay I can catch both Lotad and Seedot, not that I'm ever going to use them but it's still great. Caught a Ralts as well I've always used it and this IS a difference. So into the box with you. I'm in Petalburg boring town as well but it has a gym. I can't battle againts it I think but I can't get out of town either. Well my dad is gym leader what's so cool about being a gym leader anyway. It most be very boring. Unless you could be a traveling gym leader. Well a guy named Wally enters. He want a pokemon, so my dad gives him a pokemon so he can catch one. I HAVE to help. Well I have nothing to say so we go out and we meets a Ralts. How did he find it so easy? In slowmotion Wally catches it. Why should I go with him? He gives the Zigzagoon back, and is now a happy guy. Don't be so happy Ralts doesn't know any attacks that can do damage yet. How can he train it without any other pokemon? Well I leave the gym and Petalburg as well.

Gotta Catch a Taillow. I train Taillow on the Beach. Marill already OMG I have to catch one!! I'm not going to use it >_>. Some trainer with a Zigzagoon at level 7 has a full restore. I know zigzagoon has that pick up thing, but wouldn't it be smarter to sell it and buy some minor potion when it's only a level 7? Into the forest we go. Some weird trainer has 4 Wurmples lol. I caught a Shroomish another Pokemon that I'm not going to use >_>. Some guy's looking for a shoomish. A Tea Aqua guy is here. I guess bot Team Magma and Aqua are going to be in this game which would be pretty cool. I beat his Poochyana and he's done. I got a great ball. I'm out of the forest got a TM for free, nice. There's a berry house. I remember this from the anime. I hate berrys so goodbye. My first double battle is here on the bridge. Seedot and Lotaad does't stand a chance againts Team T Torchic and Taillow lol. I'm finally in Rustbro.

First I'll look after cut cause I believe it's here. I was right >_>. The gym would own me right now so I'll wait a little. A team Aqua guy runs off, prob the same as before. He stole some goods. I actully want to help this time cause I have to train. Caught a Nincada and learned it cut. Most trainers here have grass pokemon which is pretty good for Team T. Some however wants too annoy me and uses geodudes >_>. I meet some guy looking for his peeko, I think that's a wingull. Into the cave we go. I caught a Whismur. To the box with you. Here he is the Aqua grunt. His Poochyana is only two levels highter so it was very easy. Torchic evolves yay. Bye Bye Team T ;p. It learns double kick, now I'm gonna own that gym. I caught a Skitty on the way back not that I'm gonna use it but it's a rare pokemon. Anotheer Great Ball. I have to see the president >_>. Delliver the goods in Slateport and some letter in dewford >_> sure why not. I go a PokéNav cool. ok not cool at all some guy installed a MATCH CALL NOOOOOOOO. Of all the good things from gen 2 why bring this back NOOOO I only have the presidents number. Oh well now to the gym. Some weak trainers in the gym. double kick kills them.

First Gym Battle: Binzar vs. Roxanne

She has three Pokemon now

Combusken vs. Geodude

Double Kick by me it's over.

Combusken vs. Geodude

She has another Geodude >_> I've never got the point in having two of the same pokemon except when they can evolve into two different pokemon. like Eevee, Slowpoke, Gloom etc. Double Kick by me it's over.

Combusken vs. Nosepass

Double Kick by me, a critical hit!! It's out, hahaha owned easy gym. rather joke gym.

I got the Stone Badge and TM39 Rock Tomb.

Getting the Second Badge[]

I can use Cut now, so now I'll go to thoose places where I couldn't get to before, I got an Abra. on the way out of Rustbro I meet May. o_O I registered her. no O_O o_o.........connection failed..................She wants a battle sure lets go =P Taillow beat her. I took some damage so I'll heal before I go back to petalburg. I go to Briney's house, and it looks like he has no life. But he'll sail me to dewford. We set sail. Wait my phone rings!!!!! it's my dad.0_o Dad: blablablablabla, and I added him v_v. I know it's my dad but I hate this. We are now on dewoford Island.

Some easy fishing men on the beach. I HATE YOU FISHING MAN WHY DO I NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY. I DON'T WANT YOUR NUMBER. sign into the cave I go. I got flash but I have to win the gym to use it so I take on the gym now. Both Combusken and Taillow knows Flying attacks and resists Fighting types. I'm pretty it's a fighting gym. I caught a Makuhita on the way out again. Not gonna use it.

I want flash in the gym as well. We can see a little more every ime I beat a nooby trainer. Double battle! Taillow does better than Combusken in here.

Second Gym Battle: Binzar vs. Brawly

Taillow vs. Machop

Wing Attack by me it's over.

Combusken vs. Meditite

Meditite uses Bulk up. Combusken uses Peck. It ditn't even take half of the damage. Meditite got Focus, I use scratch so I can take it out with peck next time before he uses a Potion. It lost it's focus lol. It got it again. Peck critical hit it's out. Combusken stays on the field.

Combusken vs. Makuhita

Ember!! It's burned YES. Vital throw!! I only took 11 damage. Peck. Vital throw. It has a berry Super Potion. Got dahmit. Peck critical hit almost there burned. It has one hp left or so! Super Potion again!!! >_> I use Scratch cause I thought he would use another one >____> I used scratch again no wait that wasn't what I wanted to. Peck it's out would have been 10 times easier with Taillow oh whatever I won.

I can see everything in the gym now. I got the Knuckle badge yay. I can use flash now I'll teach it to some dump poke >_> I got TM 8 Bul up >_______> Please let it be a joke I registered him. I wont go back to Roxanne and get her number, unless I find out I need everybodys number to get something. As long as he don't call me it doesn't matter.

Getting the Third Badge[]

That fishingman rings and annoys me with his I want to fish crap, and then he ends his crap with: Find me some new fishing places. Never. He also said that he caught something which is not true cause I were just next to him and he just stands there and does nothing. DON'T RING AGAIN. To the cave we go. Lol map says I'm in the water. Nincada got Flash as well. Poor little hm slave. Flash doesn't even help completely >_> Zubat you're mine >_> I caught an Aron as well. Looks like the cave doesn't have any trainers v_v I found an Everstone. I want my pokes to evolve so that's useless. I found the president's son steven and gave him the letter. Steven: You went through all this trouble to deliver that. No I just wasted my time. I got TM47 steel Wing his favorite move lol it's not good. Oh wait maybe trouble because I GOT YOUR NUMBER.

Levels Combusken (20) Taillow (19) Nincada (6) HM Slave

the rest are in the box.

Elliot rings again >_>. He says the same >_>. But I can't say I hate you <_<. We sail to Slateport. I arrive on the beach and... MY PHONE RINGS AGAIN. It's Roxanne I added her nononononono. The trainers on the beach suck. I REGISTERD SOME NOOB NAMED LOLA OH NO. I REGISTERD SOME NOOB NAMED RICKY OH NO. CAN'T I AT LEAST GET SOME GOOD TRAINERS NUMBER IF I HAVE TO GET THEM. >_> <_<. I'm scared everytime a meet a trainer now cause I might get thier number. I got 6 soda pops because I beat all the trainers in a house, nice. I'm in slateport. There a pokemon contest in this town too bad I suck at them >_> Team Aqua's here. Don't we ever get to see team Magma?

Now I'll deliver whatever it was I should deliver to captain stern >_>. He's not in his house says some guy named Dock. Team Aqua has moved into the house it seems. Which is a Museum. I have to pay to go in there. Your bulding is in danger can't I go in for free >_>. The one I beat before hates me and then he gives me a TM and runs off, what a jerk but thanks. None of them downstairs wants to battle >_> I go up and finds captain Stern =) I deliver the goods but now two team aqua grunts comes. Thier logo shows up when I battle them cool. They won't have a double battle so they battle me separate >_>. Easy battles I only got damage from the Carvanha's rough skin =). Thier leader arrives. I shall not battle him yet. He metions Team Magma so I bet they are here =D. I give Stern the goods so now that's finally out of the world. I know I'll get his number, sign. He healed me. I ditn't get the number YES. I walk out and finds that idiot from Petalburg who said he were looking or strong trainers and then ran off that jerk >_>. His name is Scott Is that him from the anime. I registered him >_>. Bye.

Levels, see above nothing changed >_>.

We go out of Slateport and somebody call it's Ricky I can't remember who he is >_> He called me up to tell me he won a battle oh ****. I caught an Electrike yay. I meet Birch (=( number feeling). He asks where may is. He thinks we traavels together lol. He talks about the match call =O. I registered him *dies*. Birch: Keep an eye on may for me. She's much younger than you >_> Double battle. Perfect to train Electrike =) Reigistered Isabel. This is really getting on my nerve >_>.

Levels now Combusken (22) Taillow (21) Electrike (13) Nincada (6) HM Slave

We go left up here. It's a good thing for Electrike that there's tons of double battles here. Too many trainers got Plusle, Minun, helping hand here >_>. I mean they even use helping hand if they don't have someone to it with. Two twins share the same number, that would be cool if they were some years older =P Taillow Evolves!!!! Yay Swellow =D I can't believe how many I register =( I hate fishing men with Magikarps. They even splash if they have tackle >_> Oldale's on the other side of the water =O let me get away. I enter the house. I have to find some guy. There comes a little flash where he is why that =|. There's trainers in here, that's good =) That was that house. We continue to the right. Got great balls now =). I caught an Oddish. Box. I caught a ugly pokemon (Gulpin). BOX!!! May's here!! Whooo battle. May has a Lombre. Combusken easily takes i out. May chooses Marchtomp so I change to Swellow. Not a big problem either. Slugma goes out. Slugma goes back >_> Good exp =) She gave me an Itemfinder. That's cool but I don't use it >_>. Some guy: I like collecting numbers too. You talks too me like I do!!!!! JUMP IN THE WATER OR I'LL THROW YOU DOWN THERE!!! Does Electrike never learn a thunder move that does damage >_> I'm finally in Mauville City.

I got rock smash in some house. Bike house. I got a bike for free. I have too choose beween a fast bike and a jumping bike. I can switch anytime I want. I choosed the jumping bike whoooo. I want to get electrike at level 22 before the gym or at least something like that. We go east of mauville. Some pretty lady wants my number I guess that's okay =P. BUT IT'S NOT OKAY THAT SOME LITTLE TWIN RINGS. I think it's a twin at least. I registred another one @#%£€@§%€# >_>. I take on the Bicycle Road as well before the gym >_> Some trainer hides in the bush o_O. We jump them all!!=P. Of course we have to register some of them. Oh god some guy doesn't want to battle but then says Rydel 45 times get a life >_> Well I go back back to Mauville City

Levels Combusken (25) Swellow (25) Electrike (18) Nincada (6) HM Slave

Rose rings, was that the pretty lady? oh whatever. Someone stands in front of the gym it's wally that noob. He wants to challenge the gym. His uncle says no and comes up with a lame excuse for not letting him indstead of just saying: you would be pwned. Me and Ralts can beat anyone lol. He's very selfish. He wants a battle all right lets go. His ralts is at level 16 lolololololol. He wouldn't even beat the first gym level-rise. How did he train it btw. One Ember and it's over hahahaha. No joke, I've never taken a trainer with just one hit. They have either more pokemon or stronger pokemon. I want to tell him that so badly. Scott's here now he saw the match, too bad for Wally. I'm freinds with Wally I don't want to. I doesn't have his number =D. Scott's impressed cool Wonder what he's gonna do in this game. Here's a daycare I'll need that later. That pretty girl just keeps calling me up =P, and while I was in a pretty good mood Wally rings and I registered him :-( =( =[. I'm on my way to his hometown vedandurf town. I'll just kill him when I get there. Electrike finally learns a thunder move, spark =D. Only three trainers who stands iin the same place ditn't want my number =(. This is worse than in gen 2 cause you could only get 8 numbers there. In Vedandurf I arive.

Fishing annoyingman rings, saying that his Magikarp was good >_> yeah right. There's a pokemon contest. I need to try theese when I get a better pokemon to it. I can't kill Wally =(. There's nothing usefull in this town <_< I go into the tunnel to Rustbro. Well the tunnel more interesting on this side =) I need Rock Smash to get through I'll do that later. Miguel rings blablablablablablabla >_>. I guess it's the gym now =)

Swellow's not gonna do much in here =( Theres two double battes =) They have fighting types in here well, lets go swellow. I HATE THE MATCH CALL. The puzzle in here was easy, but I'm the only one who have that opinion. I HATE THE MATCH CALL.

Third Gym Battle: Binzar vs. Wattson

Electrike vs. Voltorb

I use Thunder Wave. We keep useing no damage attacks on each other >_> Until Seldestruckt!! Well we're both out.

Swellow vs. Electrike

I'll try with Swellow. Two Wing Attacks and that's that o_O.

Swellow vs. Manectric

Manectric's level 24, which means my Electrike will evolve soon =D. Quick Attack!! It uses Thunder Wave >_> I'm still faster with quick attack. Shock Wave doesn't kill me YES. It has a berry aww I hate thoose. Soda Pop. It shocks me again I gotta attack =( It uses quick Attack dahm it.

Combusken vs. Manectric

I want a new fire move >_> He uses super potion =( Double Kick two times it's over but I'm barely dead =(.

Combusken vs. Magneton

Yes fire attacks will work here =D I gotta heal. Soda Pop. It's weaker than Manectric =D Ember it has one life left =(. It heals >_> Ember almost there...EMBER it's over whew. This gym was much tougher than the others but I won.

I got the Dynamo badge =D I can use Rock Smash now =D =D I got TM34 Shock Wave and... I registered him v_v. Oh well I guess it's pretty cool having gym leaders numbers =).

Levels Combusken (27) Swellow (27) Electrike (22) Nincada (6) HM Slave

Getting the Fourth Badge[]

People even rings to tell me that they suck >_> North we go. I battle a hole familly one after one. Anime memoryes. Father mother, daughter and grandma. Easy. I got a Macho Brace. There's another house here. It's a tag battles place cool. I can't take it yet. =( I need Rock Smash here. Dahm it. Lets see who will get it. Zigzagoon gets it. I caught a Geodude. I changed to the fast bike. I challenge a tv cew. cool. An interview. My fellings in battle. One word >_> = Great. I can't get into the sandstorm =(. A mountain. Some guy: Oh fine I'll Register you. DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE I PUSHED YOU grrrr. TEAM MAGMA SIGHTING YESSS!!! But I can't do anything with them yet and they blocks the cable car =(.

Levels Combusken (28) Swellow (27) Electrike (23) Nincada (6) HM Slave Zigzagoon (2) HM Slave

Into the cave I go. I caught a Koffing. I shall remember this place til I get HM04. Short cave. Wattson cheated. My Electrike ditn't evolve in level 24. I caught a Numel. I would have used it if I ditn't choose Torchic as my starter, but I did so box. I'm now on the other side of the sandstrom. I walked back to heal cause of to much poisen. Good thing I changed to the fast bike. Healed. I got secret power YES. Later Secret Base. I hate when people rings and tells me the same as they did before >_>. Say it's a joke I walked all the way back too heal, and then I could get healed in a house next too where I were. That's my luck >_> <_< v_v. The one who heals is not so smart though. Good thing I got fast bike here there's some wall where I need it. Though only a trainer is up there, and tons of places to make a secret base which I won't do yet. Now I know why I have so many numbers everyone wants cool and strong trainers numbers guess I love my fans then IF they don't ring to tell my something useless. I'm in a volcanoashing place now.

Levels Combusken (29) Swellow (28) Electrike (24) Nincada (6) HM Slave Zigzagoon (2) HM Slave

Everybody who rings remembers my name but I can rarely remember who they are. I caught a Spinda. The volcano ash looks like snow lol. When does Electrike evolve!!! 26 it seems yeah Electrike evolves into Manectric =D That should make it better. I caught a Slugma. I'm now in fallarbor town. Boring city but it has a pokemon contest that's three. Someone stands in front of the computer in the pokemon center. Her name's Lanette it's her pc system I use oh. It's still named someones pc what? Well we go left of town. There's a house where some guy has dig a little cave in his wall lol.

I found Lanette's house. What a geek >_> She doesn't like one though. She gave me a Lotad Doll. Well Lotads cool. I caught a swablu. Altaria's pretty cool but I'm trying with swellow this time. So Box. I go up on a mountian. I'm in a cave not a normal one though, where I caught a Solrock. Team Magma's here!!!! YESSS. They have the metorite!! (what's that =P). Team Aqua's here too OMG YES!!! Team Magma runs off NOO come back. Team Aqua leader remembers me =). Team Aqua tries to tell me that they are much better than Team Magma and stuff and then they leave NOOOO. I thought I should battle them or something cool here but nonono ;_;. Oh well I'm sure the time will come. Oh Team Magma stole the metorite from this proffessor ah. There's some purple suff I can jump down at what the hell is that? I go out I think I'm just above Rustbro the music tells me. I'm now in Rustbro City. I talk to the president and as a thank for delivering the letter I got EXP share cool though I wanted to know this before. I can now get through the rustdurf tunnel. That's a great shortcut. I help a boy and a girl to see eachother they are on each side of the rocks lol. As a thanks I got HM04. Now I can get something in that cave >_>. It's amazing that a little Zigzagoon at level 2 can smash a rock like that. This tunnel should be named Whismur tunnel btw. It's the only thing you can catch in here <_<. I'm now back at Vedanturf Town.

Levels Combusken (31) Swellow (30) Manectric (27) Nincada (7) HM Slave Zigzagoon (2) HM Slave

Well as I want to have as few hm slaves as I could get, I want to evolve my zigzagoon so it can learn strength so I'm training it now in the training I caught a Torkoal, a Machop and a Skarmory (which took some great balls). Zizagoon went from level 2 to level 14 that's it for now.

Zigzagoon finally evolves after a lot of wild pokemon battling, a caught of Illumise, a full bag and lots of items sold. I taught it strength, now to that cable car cause I need the badge first. I'll later evolve Nincada as well my HM slaves deserves it. But Nincada first deserves it later >_>.

Team Magma moved away I'm going up. I want to face them so badly ;_;. I go out Team Agua and Team Magma are battling HELL YESS!! They are blocking the way =O. Team Aqua's leader faces three Team Magma grunts at once, his Poochyana is much better so yeah. Curent thought: Team Aqua seems more good than Team Magma who seems more evil, though both are evil. Tons of battling grunts here. AND NOW IT'S MY TURN YESSS. Magma's logo shows up as well awesome. They are too easy damn it!!! We're on a Volcano =o. Magma's leader is here =D. Battle YESS!!! YESS!!!! YES!!!!!.

Maxie vs. Binzar: First Battle

Swellow vs. Mightyana

Wing Attack vs. Bite. He got a super potion <_<. I won.

Swellow vs. Zubat

Wing Attack vs. Wing Attack, super potion, by him I won.

Swellow vs. Camerupt

Maybe it gets fun now. Wing Attack and Ember. Because of Swellow being damaged already, Camerupt barely takes it.

Combusken vs. Camerupt

Double Kick=over >_>. Match too easy =(

Team Magma leaves, Archie comes. He wonders what side I'm on. I know but it's a secret =P. Team Aqua leaves. This was ok but not what I wanted the time will come with the perfect battles with theese I hope. Now I gotta focus on my next gym indstead =D. Now I can buy Lava Cookies here well why not. I come too a little forest. A Magma Grunt's here that was unexpected. I deafet him and he's still there lol him there's something hidden here =D. I made it to Laveridge town finally gym time soon.

Levels Combusken (32) Swellow (31) Manectric (28) Linoone (20) HM Slave Nincada (7) HM Slave

I got an egg from an old lady. Now the gym leader. Took some time to get to her but I'm there now.

Fourth Gym Battle: Binzar vs. Flannery

lol her

Swellow vs. Numel

Quick Attack, Sunny Day, Quick Attack I win >_>

Manectric vs. Slugma

Swellow goes stand by and Manectric enters the field. Spark, it's paralized it can't move. Hyper Potion, spark, spark lol. It's easy so far.

Swellow vs. Camerupt

Swellow goes on again because of Camerupt being Ground-type. The sun faded out. Wing Attack!! Oh no I felt in love with it. Quick Attack anyway. It uses sunny day again. Hyper Potion >_> Wing Attack it worked. Quick Attack ditn't =(. Overheat I'm out =O

Combusken vs. Camerupt

Double Kick, almost there, I'm in love with it damn it look at it <_< Tackle by it lol. Sun faded out. Fourth try and my attack works >_>

Manectric vs. Torkoal

Spark, paralized YES it's attack doesn't work =D. Spark again, Body Slam now I'm paralized =( Quick Attack Overheat. I'm out

Linoone vs. Torkoal

I choosed Linoone so I cound heal Combusken. Torkoals attack doesn't work. Strength then, it still can't move. Strength it still can't move. Linoone is wining. Strength it won lolololololololololol. Sorry Combusken no need for you Linoone did it. Ha Combusken would have won anyway lol.

I got the Heat Badge I can now I can use strength outside of battle and I got TM50 Overheat. That's half of the badges. I registered her >_>.

I go out of the gym. May is here what. Let me heal first k. She gave me some Go-Goggless. Now I can go to the desert YES.

Levels Combusken (33) Swellow (31) Manectric (29) Linoone (20) HM Slave Nincada (7) HM Slave Egg (0)

Box Poochyena (6) Abra (7) Skitty (8) Wingull (11) Shroomish (7) Marill (4) Whismur (5) Seedot (3) Geodude (10) Wurmble (6) Ralts (4) Lotad (3) Makuhita (7) Aron (9) Zubat (9) Oddish (13) Gulpin (13) Numel (15) Spinda (14) Slugma (15) Koffing (15) Solrock (16) Swablu (16) Machop (15) Skarmory (16) Illumise (14) Torkoal (15)

Getting the Fifth Badge[]

May said I should challenge my dad next, but I have some things to do first. First the strength thing in the cave. I bet it's something useless but I'll go there. It's a puzzle, ok here we go =). TM06 I want all tm's so yeah. A Fire Stone. That's good. Now the Desert. I caught a Trapinch. I know Flygon is awesome but I want to try something new I've always used Flygon, I even have one in level 100. So I'm not gonna use it this time. I hate Sand Attack, and I hate Trapinchs arena trap. Caught a good ol Sandshrew. Wait what? Where's the fossil that used too be here in Ruby and Sapphire? A tower randomly appears out of nowhere. What's this all about. I have to use mach bike in here or else I will fall down through the floor, good thing I have it. The fossils in here oh that explains. I took the Claw Fossil. Which I think is Anorith, doesn't matter that much though. I got TM37 Sandstorm, that's it in the desert, unless another tower is hidden in here >_> =P.

Now I go to Rustbro City so I can get my fossil to a pokemon. My egg hatches!!! It's a Wynaut, well why not =P. I trained my Nincada a bit, and god that was boring. I'll evolve it later. I arive in Rustbro. I go to the presidents house and up on the second floor. One of the workers here can do it I remember. I give a guy the fossil go down and up again. He did it already. It was an Anorith Box with you.

Levels Combusken (33) Swellow (31) Manectric (30) Linoone (21) HM Slave Nincada (11) HM Slave

Figured my Manectric needs a better thunder move now, thunderbolt of course. Lets go to Mauville game corner. First I need a coincase a man says that a lady next door has one, that wasn't very hard. She doesn't say anything but I'm smart Lady: If I had a bike, it'd be easy to cycle to SLATEPORT for some shopping. I'd be able to buy HARBOR MAIL at the POKéMON MART in SLATEPORT. So I go buy one to her and a coin case is mine I think.. Btw why can't you just buy one in theese pokemon games? I can't get why the game corner never sell one. I got a great time on the bicycle road =) wish you could get something there >_>. I baught a Harbor Mail. I did much better on the way back oh well. I thought at first that it was a waste of time and 50$ but we traded harbor mail for coin case. TM24 is thunderbolt that's perfect. I don't play the games who does that btw. I just baught coins until I had enough. With alomost no money I go to the gym. Every trainer in the gym only have one pokemon, and they are all in level 26. Now the gym leader.

Some things I would like to answer when my phone rings

-Yes -No -Don't ever call me up again -What do I care -I hate you -Never -Lets unregister each other -Stop saying the same every time you call -Come here -Lets Battle

more to come possibly

The gym now

Fifth Gym Battle: Binzar vs. Norman

Swellow vs. Spinda

Wing Attack by me. Teather dance I'm confused =O. Wing Attack worked Spinda is out yes great start. Swellow goes back due to confusion.

Manectric vs. Vigoroth

Thunderbolt...A CRITICAL HIT YESSSS!!! This is great teo down no hp lost.

Swellow vs. Linoone

Swellow's back. Wing Attack, Bellydrum almost there now. Hyper Potion. Wing Attack x2. Slash I'm out <_<.

Combusken vs. Linoone

Hyper Potion again. Double Kick it keeps getting in the red. Facade I'm out ****.

Manectric vs. Linoone


Manectric vs Slaking

Thunderbolt!!!! Yawn =o. I switch to Nincada do I don't fall asleep.

Nincada vs. Slaking

lol. Facade. Well, big surprise.

Manectric vs. Slaking

Thunderbolt. It has a berry oh ****ing no. I still hate theese things. Thunderbolt!!! Facade =O. Thunderbolt... I WON YESSSS. Slaking was actully hard also lol Linoone =P

I got the Balance Badge!!! =D. I can now use HM03 Surf. I got TM42 Facade >_>. Some guy enters. I go out and into a house. It's Wally's uncle. HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! I actully only looked at Wally catching a pokemon, not helping >_>!!!!!! He gave me HM03 oh <_< hehe >_>. Sorry thanks.

Levels Combusken (33) Swellow (32) Manectric (32) Linoone (21) HM Slave Nincada (11) HM Slave

Getting the Sixth Badge[]

About surf. I'm gonna evolve Marill. Then Azumarill. Can have Strength, Rock Smash, Surf and Waterfall (When I get that). Linoone can't learn Waterfall you know. So that's what we do first. Shouldn't be a problem. I also trained Nincada a little bit. I defeated the two trainers on the water between Oldale and Slateport. Marill evolves and got Surf, Strength and Rock Smash. Linoone then goes to the box so I have a free spot when Nincada evolves. Now some sidequests. I gotta Go to New Mauville to turn off a genearator. So I got a key to it from Wattson. I surf under the bicycle road and into the cave I go. Weird door they have here. there's an easy puzzle in here >_>. I caught a Voltorb and a Magnemite bet that's all in here. I also found a thunderstone in here. That's all. I got TM24 thunderbolt for doing it >_> <_< v_v. Aww man that was annoying.

Next up we go to Petalburg Beach so we can surf and meet all the trainers there. I caught a Tentacool. There a road out to a little cave without an opening what? Oh lets move on. I arrive on Dewford Island again. Now with the mach bike there's some things I have to do in the cave. There was a Rare Candy well ok. I caught a Sableye. Now we surf to slateport. I found an abandoned ship lets go in there. There's a room where I ned a key hmm. There's lots of trainers in here >_>. There's hopefully a great item in here or so. There's a place I can dive in here. Looks like I have to return sometime then. I found a dive ball lol =p. I go out on the deck and in again. One of Captain Stern's men is here. I found the storage key ok. I went into the storage room and found TM13 Icebeam. That's it in here for now. I'll return when I get dive. After a lot of time I finally arrive in slateport again. I trained Nincada all the way up and it finally evolved into Ninjask. It then learned three attacks =/ Because I had a free space on my team I got a Shedinja as well with one life o_O. Box with that.

I now finally move on so. I surf from Mauville over to the other side of hoenn. A fishing man gave me a Good Rod awesome. The tv team is here as well. I battle them again. They got better but they weren't any big problem. I shall say my feelings in battle again why? Uhh ok umm... Awesome. There's bird pokemon trainers here. Which means Manectric>Swellow>Combusken right now which really sucks cause Combusken is at level 35. But there's another little way... With lots of trainers =D. There's tons of barryes here I hate them. But I just can't stop myselv at taking them all =(. I have to say something to a girl I say no way lol. Combusken evolves!!!!!!!! BLAZIKEN YESSS!!!!!! It learns Blaze Kick finally a good fire move and a pretty unique one. It's awesome.

Now we go on. Blaziken's awesome. We come to a raining place there's high grass here. So I can't use my bicycle. Now there's Bug pokemon trainers here. Which is good for Blaziken and Swellow. It's good Manectric will get to shine in the gym. I caught a Tropius yes gotta train it a bit now I guess.

Levels (first time with 6 pokemon) Blaziken (36) Swellow (36) Manectric (36) Tropius (26) Ninjask (20) HM Slave Azumarill (18) HM Slave

I came out of the tall grass it doesn't rain now wtf. Caught a Kecleon. I surf over to a little boring place not much there now I see. I need to change to the jumping bike to get something so I go back and got one >_>. I now see that all there is, is a secret cave >___>. I need Waterfall here <_<. How annoying. Oh well we move on. Now I need the fast bike RAGE!!!! Oh It was just to skip some trainers who does that? Team Aqua sighting!!!!! Yay =D. They block the way so I go into a big house indstead. I can heal and change pokemon in here great. Team Aqua=Water Tropius=Grass perfect. There's a good amount of battles in here. I shall battle Team Aqua's Admin Shelly. I already battled Team Magmas leader cmon. I defeated her. Now an aqua grunt runs in and tells Shelly that Team Magma is at Mt Pyre again It's where I battles Team Magma before right? Team Aqua then says they are going there too!!!! They leave. Hey wait for me =(. As a thanks for defeating Team Aqua I got a Castform. That's cool. I heal and leave. I now head to the left. I found a Leaf Stone cool. 4 stones found 2 to go. Now May is here and we battle, yes. She still only have three pokemon >_>. Lombre is still a Lombre. Slugma is still a Slugma and Marchtomp is still a Marchtomp <_< I won and she gave me HM02 Fly cool. Swellow got that. Scott now comes again. He says nothing usefull and leaves wonder what's with him. Anyway off we go. I now arrive at Fortree City.

It's a fun city. They live in treehouses the Pokemon center gym and mart don't fit here. I also like the music. But the gym we challenge now lets go. Wait something unseeable is in the way I can't go to the gym aww man (Kecleon >_>). I therefore have to leave town and come back later. The Tv Team is here... again >_>. Blaziken's types pwned them... again >_> Don't they ever get to have a new question. This time umm Fantastic. I found my third Rare Candy =) Steven is here Oh. He can make the pokemon visable and it was Kecleon >_> He gave me the item to do it and flew away. Before the gym I'll take out the two other unseeable Kecleons I found. The one with the gym fled =/. I like the puzzle in the gym. I also like how trainers have a little place for their birds next to them and then chooses a Tropius or something XD. Now the gym leader.

Sixth Gym Battle: Binzar vs. Winona

Tropuis vs. Swablu

We'll try to see what we can do. Stomp by me almost half of the hp. Aerial ace. I did more damage than Swablu yes. Stomp again it flinched. Hyper potion. It's good if she waste them on her weaker pokemon. Stomp and Stomp again. Perish Song uh oh. Tropius will leave soon then, but first stomp and Swablu is out. Because of the song I change pokemon.

Manectric vs. Pelipper

Should be easy. Protect dahm it >_>. It tried again but failed >_> Thunderbolt and that's that lol.

Swellow vs. Altaria

Lets see what Swellow can do. Wing Attack. A critical hit lol. Sword dance by it dahm it. It also has a berry double dahm it. Wing attack a critical hit again hahaha pwned. It's out.

Tropius vs. Tropius

Why not try. Stomp!!! Sunny day what? TM prob. Stomp again. Aerial ace uh oh. TM prob. Stomp, Aerial ace it's over.

Blaziken vs. Tropius

Because Balziken hasn't tried yet. Aerial Ace, not that good. Blaze Kick over.

Manectric vs. Skarmory

Because Manectric could have taken her all by itselv <_<. Thunderbolt over >_> lolololol.

I got the Feather Badge. I can use Fly outside of battle. I got TM40 Aerial Ace. Maybe Tropius will get that. I registered her. Easiest gym so far I think. Oh well.

Levels Blaziken (39) Swellow (36) Manectric (36) Tropius (34) Ninjask (20) HM Slave Azumarill (18) HM Slave