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DEATHMATCH was a staple of Board 8. Run by Metool and transience, the idea is to vote as many times as possible for one of two characters/games until the top hits 500. Users go to great lengths to maximize their chances of winning, from dozens of alt accounts to login scripts to vote rallying. They are very competitive.

Here are the official rules:

First rule: There are NO RULES.

Second rule: One vote per post. You can vote as many times as you want and as often as you feel like. Alts are allowed, and so is rallying for votes on AIM or anywhere else.

Third rule: The first words in each voting post must be the name of one of the contenders (or some abbreviation thereof) or your vote will not count. You can discuss and justify your vote if you want, just do it after the first word. This makes tallying the votes a lot easier.

Fourth rule: Whining is strictly forbidden. Repeated offenses will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Fifth rule: Each match lasts for 2 hours or until the topic reachs 500 (or 501, whatever >_>), although some special matches might go on for more than one topic - I'll say so in the first post if that's the case.


After months of DEATHMATCH, FFDragon got 21 of his accounts banned for participating in one. His three remaining accounts got put into 30 day purgatory. No DEATHMATCHes have been held since.

Speed Records[]

4:26 - Castlevania: Symphonia of the Night / Goldeneye 007 (253-247)