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Round Three


Friday, October 26th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2916
Round Division 6 Final
Match # 54
Match Date Friday, October 26th, 2007
Dante - 32.74%
Leon Kennedy - 28.44%
Pikachu - 22.66%
Amaterasu - 16.42%
Pikachu first place (8pts) - 10.50%
Pikachu second place (4pts) - 19.25%
Dante second place (8pts) - 11.07%
Dante first place (4pts) - 51.44%
Pikachu - 29.75% (10,925)
Dante - 62.51% (22,956)

Last round, Pikachu snuck through because Vivi and Tidus screwed each other over. In the match prior to this, Luigi and Ganondorf hurt each other a lot and it allowed Master Chief to roll into first place. A lot of other matches worked in much the same way as well.

And not a single one of those matches prepared people for Pikachu doing this. Even with the adored Yellow sprite and being against three other Capcom characters, almost no one expected Pikachu to advance in this match at all, let alone score first place and just thoroughly screw over Leon Kennedy like this.

First and foremost, hats off to Amaterasu for a great run and no one would really say Leon Kennedy > Dante. That was easy to see coming. But Pikachu completely dominating this match after the first few seconds? He led Dante by 66 votes after 5 minutes and it was a total boat race from there. Even when Dante made comeback attempts overnight and during school, Pikachu smacked him back down during the morning and ASV. This was a true clinic from Pikachu, one of the biggest surprises all contest and it was probably the spot in contests where people started coming around on Pokemon. The L-Block upset in 2008 finished the turnaround for that series, but it all had to start somewhere.

And just think, replace Tidus with someone not-Square and we're probably talking about Vivi in this spot. Screw you, Meg Ryan.

Stats and Analysis[]

screw L-Block -- this was the most shocking result of 2007. I argued beforehand about Leon and Dante sharing a fanbase, but I wasn't all that serious -- I just wanted to point out that they may not dominate as much as we thought.

but this match.....nah, my words can't describe this match.

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