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DaruniaTheGoron is an old-school B8er from back in the 2002 era who still posts on the board from time to time. Board 8 is his hometown board; he was brought to GameFAQs by being linked to the Mario vs Cloud match. He was a member of the now defunct Hylian Knights. His main B8 activity these days is centred around AlecTrevelyan006's managing style Board 8 Baseball League, where his team won the inaugural World Series. His team also reached the World Series in the second season but lost in 7 games to ExThaNemesis.

Outside of the B8BL, Darunia mostly keeps to and regularly posts in the Stats topics during contest season. He is in the school of thought of x-stats being important, but 4-way x-stat rankings are mostly meaningless and just a guide to see how much characters have fallen off.

He also participates in Ulti's Video Game Contests and won the prediction title in 2009.

Besides Board 8, Darunia sticks to LUE (and LUELinks), the Halo: Combat Evolved board, and the NHL board.

The biggest mistake you could make is to confuse him with DaruniaTheKing, who is a totally different guy. Totally. Pretty big coincidence though.

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