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Donkey kong

This article is about Donkey Kong the character.
For the original game of this same name, see Donkey Kong (Arcade).
For his awesome SNES game and series that followed, see Donkey Kong Country.

DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong is here!

The eternal choke artist of the GameFAQs Character battles, DK's Contest history consists of getting destroyed by Mario in the first SFF blowout in Contest history (2002), squandering a big overnight lead to come up just short of Tommy Vercetti (2003), getting embarrassed by Vivi for no good reason (2004), letting Master Chief do the exact same thing to him that Tommy had two years earlier (2005), getting owned by Kratos two times (2007), suiciding in a supposed-to-be close match with Tidus (2008), and then losing to Vivi in the first round again. (2010)

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