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Round One


Friday, September 28th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2888
Division 7
Match # 26
Match Date Friday, September 28th, 2007
Kratos - 34.81%
Donkey Kong - 30.22%
Marth - 21.79%
Prince of All Cosmos - 13.00%
Kratos first place (2pts) - 35.55%
Kratos second place (1pt) - 35.41%
Donkey Kong second place (2pts) - 19.30%
Donkey Kong first place (1pt) - 56.95%
Kratos - 70.96% (26,059)
Donkey Kong - 76.25% (28,002)

This match wasn't quite 40/30/20/10, but it came close enough. In other words, it was a boring and painful watch to watch. But unlike the thoroughly predictable Leon > Vivi match a few days prior, this one surprised the public. The sharps (Board 8) all knew Kratos was going to win, because even though he was winless coming into this that was all bad luck. We practically predicted 40/30/20/10 in Kratos' favor, while most of the public had DK getting first. I don't know why or how, but casuals will never catch on that DK is not that strong.

There were minor debates surrounding a possible Marth > DK upset or perhaps Prince catching a joke rally, but both were put to rest in literally minutes. Past that, it was a boring match to watch outside a few people crying about DK not being in first.

Stats and Analysis[]

this is a match that was obvious for people who followed contests closely and surprising to those who don't. on the one hand, we have one of our best-kept secrets, Kratos. Kratos had yet to win a match, but anyone who paid attention knew that was due to bracket placement instead of weakness. Kratos had put up two impressive performances, one against Alucard when he still had some strength and one against Ryu, where he won updates during the daytime. with God of War 2 out now, he might be able to beat both of them now.

on the other hand, DK and Marth were going to be sucking each other's votes off, making an already likely win for Kratos a lock. Kratos is already stronger than DK, but nerf him with the inclusion of another Nintendo character and GameFAQs' favourite choker had no chance here.

as for the actual match, it was pretty boring outside of the first few minutes, where Kratos does unusually bad. but once he got going, DK looked worse and worse, and the real match was between DK and Marth, not DK and Kratos.

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