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Dr Football was tired of seeing his name in red, so he started this page. He came to the board right before the contest of 2007. Has participated in Board Brother and other awesome contests such as Who's on Board 8 the most, Save Yourself, B8UCA, and Alec's Baseball League.

Football won the 3rd Annual NFL Ladder Contest in 2009, the Perfect Bracket Contest in 2010, and most importantly, the Guru Contest for the 2010 Character Battle with his bracket that finished #2 site-wide (behind only Palmer).

Football's right testicle is currently in the possession of AlecTrevelyan006 after a bet over the winner of Halo:CE vs. Uncharted 2.

What the Users Have to say about Dr Football[]

Icehawk's Top Users of 2009:
45. Dr Football


Dr Football is a sadly not a popular guy. Unlike some other people who aren't popular who have been pretty high on this list, I don't think it's because Dr Football lacks wit or charisma, he just doesn't post much.

Football is into, GASP, FOOTBALL. But I can't say I see him talking it up in NFL topics that often, which pretty much backs my theory that he doesn't post much. He's also into wrestling, but it's the same deal there.

He is a great great dude on AIM though, I think he's cool in the chats, and on the occasions when we talk, he is a good guy. He is chill, has a fun sense of humor, and isn't sensitive at all. Dr Football was a perennial loser in UCA, the guy always lost, and eventually had a run of like 8 straight runner up performances in the battle royales. So when we did storylines in UCA for a while, I gave him a crying gimmick, and it was hilarious, everyone loved it, including Football. Like I said, great sense of humor, cool guy, wouldn't kill him to post more, it's not like he does anything important with his time >_>.

Dr_Football Factor'D[]

In the Winter 2010 Contest, Dr_Football had a perfect bracket up until the Jecht > Phoenix Wright match. This led to a great fad where everyone looked at Football's guru bracket, jokingly said he'd go perfect the rest of the way and used his bracket to PERFECTLY PREDICT the rest of the contest -- basically Football had Charizard winning the Heart division and Snake upsetting Sephiroth, so people ran with it.

Football didn't end up getting a perfect or winning the whole contest, but he did win the Guru that year and his two big upsets came through. Now, all of Board 8 walks around keeled over after getting a football thrown at their nuts. DFF'D

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