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Mercs and mafia: twin addictions. More or less what keeps him hanging around Board 8 these days.

Also, getting into arguments about RPG characters, though he doesn't seem to do that nearly as much these days.



Mercs 1 hall. From left to right: Drakeryn, FFDragon, Redtooth

Drakeryn joined Mercenaries 1 in June 2007 (Day 41 in game time), taking over the Neverland Ranch Survivors team from its former leader Shake. He went on to achieve second place overall in the March 2008 endgame tournament. This sounds vaguely impressive until you consider the team was already in second place when he acquired it.

In Mercenaries 2, he led the Pink Tigers to victory over Silverliner182V in the finals, held in March 2009. The story behind his team name is that he fell asleep when the team names were being handed out, and when he woke up the admins told him it was too late to change it.

He is currently leading the Limited Blade Works in Mercenaries 3.

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Strictly board mafia, not AIM mafia. He first started playing in April 2008 with Luis_Sera89's Eternal Darkness mafia game. Opinions vary widely on his level of skill. Some have labeled him top-tier, or at least high-tier. On the other hand:

(9:12:07 PM) HeroicGammaRay: drak helps scum no matter which side he's on imhhhhhhhho

Draw from this whatever conclusions you will.


Ha-ha, I am going to comment because I can. You are a great man, Drak! - windmage

Our tastes may differ in some key areas, but you're still one of my favorite users. - Leonhart4

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