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The Glorious Executioner


Perhaps the single most controversial character in Character Battle history, Draven, the Glorious Executioner is a Champion from League of Legends who seeks nothing more than attention for his outrageous ways of performing executions.

When Draven was first introduced on June 6, 2012, Draven quickly became one of the most overpowered characters in League of Legends. It was not until June 2013 when he was finally nerfed. Draven's popularity greatly increased when Reddit successfully created a meme on him on June 12, 2012. It was known as "League of Draven".

GameFAQs League of Legends board nominated him alongside Teemo for the Summer 2013 Contest. They felt that because he was also a meme, he'll have the best chance of winning the contest between their pool of characters. 

Starting out as a 3 Seed character, Draven debuted in the Summer 2013 contest against Chie Satonaka and Jak. Originally being fodder, Draven suddenly gained a massive push in the form of a rally originating from Reddit's League of Legends subreddit, taking the lead and winning.

Draven went on to completely decimate Mega Man X and Ryu with a staggering 56k individual votes during the night in 12 hours. Board 8 began to lose it's composure as it was apparent that Draven posed a serious threat to Link. When the actual match came around, Link fought back far better than expected, but still succumbed by ~700 votes, the loss blamed on a badly timed downtime around early noon. From there, Draven went on to eradicate Mewtwo and Sephiroth in the Final Nine, despite Reddit rallies almost being permanently banned thanks to SBAllen's wife contacting the mods of /r/Leagueoflegends using his Reddit account, and then later Allen himself contacted the mods again to reinstate them. In the final against Solid Snake and Samus Aran, helped by the LoL World Championships bringing even more traffic to the subReddit, he received 73396 votes, beating Snake by ~24000 votes and Samus by ~46000, winning the contest.

Due to all of this, Draven is quite possibly the most loved/hated/controversial character in Contest history.

Probably the middle one, as his return in 2018 proved that without a swarm of people to save his ass, Draven is fodder, as starting off the contest facing both a good adversary in Amaterasu and strong anti-voting led to him to score a paltry 11.85% with 3439 votes - over 2000 of which came due to the registered users counting double!

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