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ESY16 is a super-cool B8er who is best known for taking over the very popular Would You Hit It topic series after Icehawk stopped running it. ESY is active in many other places on the board as well though, including competing in the Oracle Challenge.

ESY16 has been a member of Board 8 since SC2k2 but mostly lurked during the first contest. ESY is still relatively unknown on Board 8 and has done pretty poorly in user contests but takes it all in stride and hopes to stay a member of Board 8 for years to come. ESY is also an original member of the CoB's.

ESY16 has also announced his candidacy for president and is running with CrimsonOcean. The two form a powerful ticket and War13104 has been accepted as the ticket's Karl Rove and CrimsonOcean's Monika Lewinsky. ESY/Crimson '12!

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