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Ed Bellis made a huge ass user list like everyone else, and it's really fun!


Lifted from Icehawk, who took Smurf's idea and made an art out of it.

Here's the 360 users I felt made enough of an impact on me personally throughout 2009 to write a few sentences (or, in some cases, paragraphs) about. Like Icehawk, this is solely being judged off 2009. I already did my top 60 favorite users earlier this year; this is a different list because, as the Steiner-appointed KING OF BOARD 8, I am the arbiter of objective user quality. Basically, if I could decide User of the Year, here's how I'd like it to go down.

This is pretty much a glorified "talks about the users" topic, in as much depth and scathing criticism as I can muster. Should be fun!

The List!

360. MichaelWClark

Write-up currently missing, since the post was modded.

359. Ulti

Write-up currently missing, since the post was modded.

358. Albion

Oh, Albion. Albion, Albion, Albion. If Board 8 was a high school (and in many respects it kind of is), Albion would be that one kid who always tags along and never shuts up. Albion has a few things he will incessantly make topics about it – game lists/critical rankings, sales, Vault Boy. They're not bad in and of themselves, but when he makes damn near 20 topics a day, most of them about the same thing... yeah.

Albion also took Cyclo's account... was it this year? Last year? I don't really remember. This doesn't really bother me (accounts are... y'know, accounts), but it's worth mentioning since to some people that was the worst thing Albion did all year. My argument is that Albion just posting regularly outclasses that. >_>

Albion also has a propensity to derail topics into something much, much worse. Take, for example, Seg's topic about Win Ben Stein's Money, praising it for being an awesome show. Albion comes in and is all “Ben Stein has stupid Republican views.” Cue political arguing. Man, even SmartMuffin isn't that bad about derailing good topics politically.

357. joyrock

If Albion the king of infuriating topics, joyrock is the king of infuriating posts. His argument style, as perfectly emulated a week or so ago on the board, consists of making bold statements and then either refusing to defend them or just repeating “No, try again, kid” ad nauseum. He does this with music, movies, and any other topic he feels strongly enough about, and he does it everywhere.

It also translates into his board mafia play. In the one game I watched him in, MGS Mafia Pt. 2, scum just left him alive because he was basically taking up all of the attention in the game by virtue of flat-out refusing to contribute and simply repeating that people were stupid, were missing the point, were overrated, etc., over and over again. Not cool.

356. SvenGeorgeson

Write-up currently missing, since the post was modded.

355. MegaWentEvil

Write-up currently missing, since the post was modded.

354. lol internet

I used to like lol internet's strange blend of Alex Shelley-esque non sequiturs and off-topic posting. Call me crazy, but I did. Then he started being a bit more... er, open and honest about his personal life. Now it seems like we can't go a day without an lol internet topic (always on some weird Pokemon account) notifying us about his unrequited love for a girl, or his failed attempts at having sex, or something of that nature. Some people find these entertaining. I am not one of them.

353. SenorHouseMouse

The one notable thing this dude did was steal that one guy's account – and even that I didn't think was all that funny. Since then, SHM posts a lot to remind us all about how he is, in Icehawk's words, a “community college superstar,” in addition to having the world's fastest ringtime at his grocery store. As with MegaWentEvil, I have nothing against such things in principle, just when they're posted in an obviously fake manner.

352. Black Turtle

It's contest season, and that means we can all look forward to the return of Black Turtle. Joy of joys. This dude's main posting style consists of belittling the opinions of others with a hearty “lol ____” and then refusing to back down on whatever position he's happened to acquire. He absolutely refuses to admit when he's wrong with a stubbornness bordering on impossibility, and when he is wrong – as happens rather frequently – he blames it on other people. BT has absolutely no class and is only not lower on the list because he didn't post all that much this year.

351. SephirothG

Another user I used to like, SephyG has developed great “renown” as an excellent political commentator over the past few months. Pop into one of Seph's topics and you'll see ridiculous arguments, ad hominem attacks, and things that just plain don't make any sense. He has a few points in his favor: he's big into hip-hop and always seems up for recommending music to people; and he creates some pretty hilarious account names.

350. Hippo

The thing about Hippo is that you forget why you dislike him after he goes away for a little while. Then he starts posting again, and you remember pretty quickly! Hippo falls into the Albion-esque category of “tries a bit too hard”; he posts in a lot of places but his argument style is just very immature and centered around personal insults. I don't think I've ever personally interacted with the dude, so he could be a really chill guy who's fun to play online games with for all I know! But I doubt it. >_>

349. Vlado


The Vlado Graph

My knight in shining armor~

Where do I even start here: with the obsession with Tifa, or with the obsession with “board excellence,” or with any number of other obsessions he's had over the years?

I think my favorite Board 8-related image is the Vlado Graph, which basically shows that the longer people stay on the board, the more their opinion of Vlado lowers; this is due to Vlado adoring any new user and heralding them as good for the board, then decrying them when they get too popular.

Despite the disagreements I've had with Vlado over the years (and there have been plenty!), we do share one important thing: a love of Edouble and the opinion that Alucard's Plan is the best fad to ever come out of the board. And that proves that, to paraphrase the great Tupac Shakur, even a rose can grow from concrete.

348. hotdogturtle

Earlier this year, this dude made quite a few “social experiments” where he would set restrictions or requirements on a topic and promise money to everybody who could successfully complete it. When the topic inevitably failed, he would taunt everyone involved in the event, basically saying we all sucked and we couldn't do anything worthwhile. Then one of the topics was actually successfully completed and he disappeared. 'whoops'

There's also the fact that he still owes people games from 2008. After all, there's nothing more important than INTERNET PROMISES.

347. the jp

I don't remember what account the jp started to post under earlier this year, but like Hippo he tried to keep his true identity under wraps for a time. Then the truth came out, and the dude instantly started complaining about how the board was unfairly biased against him, how people were fine with him until he revealed himself, how life on the board was just the worst thing ever.

...yeah. I've seen a lot of people get ridiculed on the board (in the malicious way, not in the goofing around way), and I can say with pretty good certainty that almost all of them have deserved it. There's a few exceptions out there (kawaiifan comes to mind, although I wasn't around for that whole mess of a situation), but the jp is not one of them. For his entire tenure on the board, the jp basically flamed anyone who disagreed with him, whined when things didn't go his way, and then got upset when people called him names and told jokes about him. I personally think the fat jokes went too far (you'll never hear me make one), but I stand by this: people weren't mocking the jp for being fat, they were mocking him for being, well him. We have plenty of fat, popular users around here.

Maybe he'll try to come back under a different name next year; I get the sense that he's kind of addicted to this place, like so many of us. But I know that if he wants to see change happen, it's got to come from within first.

346. Revenus

I met this dude once. We went to the same college, and he invited me to the gaming club, which I went to with my roommate and friend Rich_George (who also has an account here, hence the underscore). I didn't get a real sense of how he is in real life which, given how he is on the board, is probably a good thing.

There are people who troll around on the board because it's fun and it leads to funny situations. Then there's people who troll because they really don't know any better and it's just their personality. Revenus seems to fall into the latter category. Enter any topic with Revenus in it and you'll see some of the most half-hearted trolling ever, like he's at work pushing pencils and he can't be bothered to show some effort or care about his job. Then again, there's Time Traveler Mafia, in which he got kicked out of the game for being a jackass. That takes some serious levels of jackassery to manage.

345. pimanrules

I think the podcast really gave a great indication of how piman thinks. It seems like he's taken the approach of “If I can't get attention through positive means, I'll just do it through negative ones.” Earlier in the year piman pretty much exclusively made topics asking why people didn't like him; now he's stopped that because I think he realizes why people dislike him, but he doesn't seem to care. Either way, he's garnered notoriety, which seems to be his main goal.

piman is probably the most overt message marker we've had since Tai, and if you don't know how much Tai was reviled on the board, all you have to do is check User of the Year, in which the dude still ranks in the bottom three every year. piman likes to post/ridicule people when they've done something worthy of a moderation and seems to take pride whenever something he's marked gets modded. It's gotten to the point where people will mark stuff just to see piman get blamed for it, and piman is so hated that it usually works.

This is yet another example of the board not hating somebody just “because”. piman's done his fair share to warrant such revulsion, though sometimes people take it a bit far, like coming into topics just to say “shut up piman” over and over again. It does kind of make me sad that people (and here I'm speaking of piman again) take such pleasure in marking others for things that don't hurt anybody. Like, I'm all about marking for spoilers and blatantly racist stuff, but the hilarious “Lick her ass” topics? Come on, dude.

344. Huff n puff 20

I know this list is supposed to be “2009 users only,” but I cheated a little with this guy because I can't remember if he posted this year or not. At any rate, huff n puff was a gigantic homophobe with the worst, most unironic sig of all time (a terrible gif from Tales of Symphonia). I don't know where he is now, but I'm glad it's not here.

343. XIII_rocks

This guy baffles me. I have no idea how somebody can be so angry, like, all the time over such trivial things. He takes the Smurf Vendetta Principle (which Smurf of all people accused me of last topic) to new heights, holding grudges for years. He has some of the worst arguments ever; take the Evil Contest, where he routinely argued that since Allied Mastercomputer was “created,” he could not by definition be evil. That went beyond trolling into a whole new realm of stubbornness to the point where I couldn't tell if he was serious or not.

XIII's also a big soccer fan, but since I don't click on sports topics I don't know how he behaves there. Presumably the same way.

342. NoDiceCurt

Curt's a strange apple. He is constantly talking himself up in overexaggerated ways, and I used to think he was just goofing around when he did this, but then he goes and makes posts that indicate to me that he has absolutely no self-esteem. I can't tell if he's just a lonely guy or an elaborate hoax, and I lean towards a combination of both.

341. vcharon

I didn't see charon's supposed whining over MissingNo that everybody keeps talking about, but it doesn't really surprise me to hear about it. This guy carried on pretty badly during Anagram's MPFC; whenever matches didn't go the way he wanted them to, he would cry calls of “fanboyism” and “B8 voting for the more popular character.” These charges are nothing new, but when taken to this extreme, they tend to get old quickly. Apparently charon's been acting this way for years and has quite the reputation during Final Fantasy contests; I've never really crossed paths with him until this year.

340. SSC_Ultra

I forgot this dude even existed until I was browsing the Wiki in preparation for this list. SSC, for those unaware, was a blatantly underage user who was very... hyperactive. He constantly made failed projects and topics and typed in obnoxious broken English. Whenever he'd get into arguments (which happened frequently because he was very unpopular) he was pointedly unable to defend himself. Then, according to the Wiki at least, stingers got the dude banned by getting him to admit he was underage. And there was much rejoicing.

339. MMXcalibur

In this post, Ed Bellis talks about MMXCalibur.

338. andymancan

If Curt is a strange apple, Andy's the tree he fell from. Andy's Board 8 history is full of tales both ridiculous and bizarre – his infatuation with that American Idol singer; his rallying for Link against Jay Solano; his one-sided rivalry with Turn, in which he threatened to hire a sniper to kill the guy... the list goes on and on.

Andy's mostly calmed down now, his past transgressions seemingly buried. His new obsession seems to be terrible alts like TifaTequila and Pearl Fey, which have awful posting gimmicks and make everyone unhappy. EVERYONE.

337. Dr Pizza

Master of the Youtube rant, Dr Pizza is an intellectual and a scholar. His insightful contributions to today's troubled times have soothed many a heart and stimulated many a mind. Plus I'm pretty sure he's a sex offender or something.

336. Biolizard

I was really tempted to put him below piman just to watch his reaction!

My main interactions with Bio this year concerned two projects. The first was in the MPFC (the first one I did this year, not the current one), in which I basically had to discount Bio's votes because he was blatantly anti-voting a particular series solely because he thought its characters and powers sounded stupid. The second was in Mercenaries 3, where Bio “auditioned” to be a player in the game and made horribly rude remarks about some players and admins and tried to unsuccessfully suck up to the rest. Suffice to say, he did not get into the game.

Bio can actually be kinda funny given the circumstance, though it doesn't happen all that often. More frequently he comes off as somebody with minimal social skills, as evidenced by his lashing out at people during mafia games in addition to the above examples. He strikes me as someone very sad, who honestly doesn't know how to react in many situations.

335. The Hardcore Kid

Nothing much to say about this dude – we're now moving out of the “obscenely bad” tier and into the “kind of sort of bad” tier. Hardcore posts a few times a month, and every time he does I scratch my head at whatever he just typed. It's not the overt usage of British (at least I think it's British) slang, it's the nonsensical arguments and thought processes.

Hardcore does one notable thing, and that's the Sonic Character Royal Rumble, which is not its real name. You've probably seen it: he lists a bunch of Sonic characters and people vote for them to be eliminated. It's kind of fun and his animated responses to the characters' fights are mildly enjoyable.

334. The Utility Man

I don't care about the controversy with pikaness, I don't care about his UUL crowd or anything else that TUM has or has not been involved with. All I know is that he hates Chrono Trigger. Well, he doesn't just hate Chrono Trigger, he is obsessed with hating it to the point of mentioning it any time the game is mentioned, anti-voting anything to do with it in contests, and basically being a huge nuisance about it. Like, I understand if you think the game is overrated, but there's no need to hate on it so much that it becomes a fixation like TUM does.

333. Kyle Bowen

KB runs the “Social Bar and Social Lounge,” or whatever it's called, which is currently in its approximate 679th iteration. That's what KB is mainly known for by most people, but when I see him post I think of somebody with a poor sense of logic, who seems to be fond of typing the first things that come to mind without proofreading them or giving them a moment's thought. Yeah, he's the precursor to SBell. >_>

332. MarvelousGerbil

Dude spoiled Watchmen for a bunch of people. Not cool.

331. NoobPwn3rBillio

I still don't know who this guy “actually is.” His persona is that of a film school student who, much like SvenGeorgeson, is disgusted by contemporary tastes and culture and takes out his intellectual rage on the board. He bashes rap music and has little to no regard for courtesy in debates. In short, he's nothing that hasn't been done before and better.

330. SBell0105

SBell has always struck me as somebody very “forced.” His personality and posting style seem akin to someone overtly trying too hard at pleasing other people, yet at the same time not really giving a crap about what they think. I can't explain it either.

I've never interacted on a personal level with SBell, but I've seen enough posts and topics he's made to know that he's basically a more omnipresent Kyle Bowen, i.e., somebody with a poor sense of debate and semantics and a weird, generic sense of humor. He also seems to make a lot of stealth bragging topics about his wife and his job. Plus his Christmas Present Contest seems, while a fun idea in principle, poorly executed, with rule-changing and rounds dragging on and stuff like that. (Could be wrong on that one, in all fairness.)

SBell will probably be richer and happier than I will ever be, and this thought both depresses and uplifts me. >_>

329. slacker03150

Every time I see this guy post, it's either some sort of “feminist bashing” topic or something irrelevant and trivial. He and Nevest seem to have the monopoly on talking about sexual fetishes now that WVI is relatively inactive. In essence, my opinion of slacker is pretty much defined by small things; were I to see him post more frequently, it might change.

328. lihlih

Everyone's favorite ghost! lihlih has been the beneficiary of some hilarious fads surrounding him: the aforementioned “ghost” thing, “hug your mom,” and being walked in on. These all, of course, pertain to lihlih's main selling point: the fact that he is a young adult whose mother still treats him like a preadolescent. Apparently. Who really knows with this guy?

Lately lihlih seems to be attempting some projects. He does that Ninja Warrior thing, which is a cute idea but could be better implemented, and he had the most awful idea for a contest I've ever seen the other day (most attractive Starcraft player). Unlike other weird jokey accounts, lihlih's bizarre traits make him somewhat endearing... sort of.

327. Omega

I have an incredibly open mind about just about anything. You can run your weird fetish by me and I'll be like “okay, that's cool, what's for breakfast.” No problem. It's when you start rubbing it up and down people's bodies like a poledancer that it becomes problematic.

Like, okay: Omega. We know you like both catgirls and lolicon. There is no need to bring this up in every single post. It's like TUM with Chrono Trigger: you're entitled to your opinions and traits, but be diverse, dammit. I mean, I have weird fetishes too but I'm not constantly parading them around and entering into debates about them with the main argument for my side being “but lolis are soooo cute :3”. Come on, dude.

326. Stingers

I don't think I've ever liked Stingers. It's got nothing to do with the whole cheating at Mercenaries thing; it's more that he always comes off to me as irresistibly immature. Like, Stingers will always be 14 to me. The dude could be married with three kids, but the way he posts automatically screams out to me “I could go to jail for speaking to him.”

Like, take Stingers's Brawl fixation. He's into the SSBB competitive scene, which is, again, fine, but he used to act like a pretty poor sport about it, making fun of others and downplaying their skills. His reactions when things he likes do poorly (Xenosaga being the big ones) are also very childish.

325. masterofmarth

marth exhibits all of the symptoms of the chronic disorder we like to call “being thirteen or so.” He's scatterbrained, moody and can't finish any projects he starts. The WWYD he hosted, for instance, got to around Day Three before people started complaining about the challenges. marth's response was to stop the project entirely, rather than fix what the issue was. That's the mark of immaturity right now: running away from your problems rather than addressing them. I mean, I know it's a small thing, but it can easily be extrapolated into other areas of a person's life.

marth also seems, like a lot of young users, very heavy into the e-pop stuff. He craves acceptance, like everybody does at that age. I feel like marth isn't really “there” yet in terms of being a good user, but I can't outright dislike the guy – I was very similar at fourteen too.

324. espio

There actually isn't a user on the board called “espio.” I have no idea who this guy really is, though I heard espio4000 sounds like a similar guy, but he can't be this dude because espio doesn't have numbers. Weird.

323. GMUN

Man, GMUN. I could write a book about GMUN. I tried interviewing the guy... last year? This year? I don't even remember, but it was like pulling teeth to get detailed answers from him. After the whole pikaness debacle the dude's gotten less overtly strange, though he still manages to act like a Nintendo-programmed robot most of the time... which is still better than how he used to be, granted.

322. Forceful Dragon

I feel a little bad putting FD this low. Dude seems like a genuinely decent guy in some areas, but we definitely got off on the wrong foot and everything I've seen from him I've disliked.

There was the whole “moderation incident,” which FD still likes to bring up. I know it sucked and all and it was totally unfair, but whining about it to the board won't change anything. How we deal with adversity really defines us as people more than how we deal with good times, and FD didn't really deal with this all that well.

What gets me more than that is his debating style. FD's a devout Christian, which is, again, fine and dandy, but he seems to be genuinely baffled as to why anybody else wouldn't want to be just like him, and it shows in his debates. Then there's his Mafia play, and anyone who remembers Mercs II TR Mafia shouldn't need any other explanations. (To wit: FD was cop with a guilty scan on another player. Everyone tried to convince FD, given the flavor, that he was insane, but he persisted and they lynched the dude; turned up town. Next day, FD gets another incriminating scan, and pursues it as doggedly as he did the first. Turns out it was Miller. 'whoops')

FD does seem like a genuine dude with a lot to offer; his topic about praying for people, while kinda... naïve and a little strange, was still genuine and from the heart. I do feel bad that we haven't been able to connect in any way but bad ones.

321. red13n

I feel like I can find something in common with almost every person on this board, regardless of interests, age, or any other arbitrary restriction; even some of the users below this point I've regretted not being able to locate some commonalities. This is not the case with red. Our personalities differ far too strongly for us to ever find any common ground. He is aloof, cold, and calculating, taking pride in his lack of socialization and his ability to frustrate others. This makes him both an ideal Mafia player and a poor sport.

Before Mafia, I mostly knew red through his obnoxious topics he would post about the summer contests, claiming how certain picks were “obvious” and people were idiots for not picking them. (Footnote: When L-Block beat Sonic in 2007, he admitted to being wrong, which I thought was very big and unexpected of him.) Then I started playing mafia, and suffice to say that red is the least fun and enjoyable person to play the game with. I grew so frustrated and upset with dealing with him in one game that I quit, a decision I wouldn't make today because I'm much less sensitive now. But still, red's basically a huge jerk in mafia, and he defends this attitude because it “gets results.” red also completely stopped participating in one of my hosted games, presumably because it was beneath him, I don't know., I probably should have put him a little lower, huh. >_>

320. Zachnorn

I remember when I first talked about the users, Zach was the only one I drew a blank on. Did I not want to comment on how obnoxious and strange I thought he was, or was I simply unable to analyze his psyche? Probably both.

Zach has mercifully toned down his old “gimmicks” and has limited his posting to mostly jazz about Stickam (which I don't follow) and the Wiki, the content of which he enforces pretty strictly, though it seems like there are quite a few double standards in play there (as somebody pointed out earlier, why have Icehawk's list up if mine's not allowed?). At any rate, Zach's an okay dude, just kind of “robotic” and with minimal social skills.

319. tacklebeast

Yesss tacklebeast. tacklebeast was the breakout sensation from the 2009 MPFC, popping in to argue and whine at every conceivable opportunity. His notorious hatred of anything he deemed “broken” and his one-sided rivalry with newbie are the stuff of legend among the Mercs chat. Shine on, tacklebeast. Shine on indeed.

318. Lolo_Guru

Now we're hitting the “kinda ambivalent, but leaning negative” category. Lolo is, IIRC, a POTD immigrant with a lifetime ban from Board Mafia. This is because he went completely idle in four games. Not one, not even two, but four goddamn games. How and why this is possible is best left to your imagination.

317. RokahnOmega

Another dude I know almost exclusively from mafia, Rokahn's debut game had him basically starting out by using he was too busy for the game itself because of his job and him being an “important man.” Like, what? Don't sign up if you're going to start the game off by making excuses for not playing. By his own admission he did nothing in his second game, although to be fair he was scum and he coasted to victory. I don't much care for his attitude about the game itself and its interactions.

316. Lightning Strikes

LS is one of those people who seems like he twists the facts to suit the characters he likes better. My favorite MPFC moment with him was in the League, where he argued – repeatedly – that it would take Ike less time to unsheathe his sword than it would take for Snake to fire his gun. Hilarity ensued. Not a bad guy, just one who seems to look at matches through fan-tinted glasses.

315. linkhatesganon

When LHG first came to the board, I felt bad for him because it seemed like all he wanted to do was make friends and all other people wanted to do was make fun of his broken English. But in 2009, LHG barely posted, and when he did it was mostly little jabs at other people's “terrible” taste in movies, music, or other arts that the dude seems to feel like he has an expert opinion on. That's, like, all he does nowadays.

314. Rei

Rei used to post a lot more, and it was mostly plugging his YTMND jazz. Rei's YTMNDs were experiments in avant-garde, which means they were mostly Bill Cosby clips presented in an obnoxious manner. >_> Nowadays Rei pops in to post angrily about various things inconsequentially.

313. MaxedOutRyu

I don't really get MOR. Apparently he's on AIM a lot and develops most of his board friendships through there, because his board personality is very dull and almost nonexistent. MOR, from what I can recall, likes Pokemon and enjoys interrupting mafia games with the time-honored phrase “This ain't 24 Mafia!” The dude might be really cool for all I know on AIM.

312. Dilated Chemist

DC earned the title of best RAPPER on Board 8 in the first incarnation of the RAP BATTLE LEAGUE (which, yes, must be in all caps). In the second incarnation of the League, he proceeded to sit on his throne and offer somewhat unhelpful criticism to other rappers. I think DC's good at what he does, don't get me wrong, but compare him to, say, Blur or Seginus and there's no contest in my book.

I also remember DC being a tad arrogant and condescending in some debates, though in all fairness I can't remember what these debates were, so it must not have been that bad.

311. Wang

Wang is the first user from my top 60 list to appear on this list. In the writeup I made for him back then, I mentioned that I can go from loving him to loathing him in the span of a paragraph. This holds even more true now. Wang can be absurdly helpful with MPFC stuff since the dude has a wide breadth of knowledge about things; he can joke around and turn tense debates into silly ones, and he has a good knack for summing up arguments.

On the flipside, there's Mercs 3, which Wang is an admin for. Wang... I wouldn't call him “biased” in the traditional sense that he votes for things he likes, but he's got some off-kilter respect and pointedly always votes for and against certain teams. He has a warped sense of what's “fair”: he let me hold up Wartime once due to my inability to choose something that could have been chosen a day ago, and he was central to the infamous “VolleyBAWL” incident, in which he disqualified votes after the topic had purged and defied precedent by giving winner's benefits to the loser, because it wouldn't be fair otherwise. He then proceeded to come into the IRC chat and troll everybody about it.

I appreciate all the hard work Wang does, but I find him impossible as an M3 admin. He's proven time and time again that he shouldn't be making major decisions. At the same time, he can always be counted on outside of Mercs for unbiased criticism, feedback, and fun stories. Wanglicious, man of many faces, indeed.

310. durango

durango's not really a bad guy, per se, he just makes terrible topics. Still. Like, he's in college and everything, but he still feels a need to make unironic topics about the Fusion Dance or asking for advice on how to get laid. rango's always been a strange bird in this regard: he was probably the lamest dude on the board in terms of posting (at one point he posted about wishing he was a superhero, complete with purple cape, which led to a mini-fad) awhile back. Now he's cut back a tad, but he's still doing the same things.

309. rammtay

I mostly knew rammtay for being the biggest (and possibly only) Twisted Metal fan on the board. A few posts I've seen from him have been kinda bad, though, and he's normally one of the first to jump in for console debates, which are the some of the worst topics out there. Again, like DC, I can't recall specifics, so they must not have been “that bad,” but still.

308. paulg

I am nowhere near a good mafia player – I'm too indecisive and incapable of pushing, well, anything – but then there's paulg. Dude pretty much threw away several mafia games. The thing I like about him, however, is that he kept signing up. The thing I dislike about him is that he didn't seem to be making an effort to improve. >_>

307. darkx

darkx has practically no sense of humor. The guy's hit his stride making fun of someone with even less of a sense of humor (piman), but I've always subscribed to one of the most basic tenets of comedy: if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? Any time someone makes fun of darkx, he takes it really badly, even going so far as to make a topic asking TRE if anything could be done to stop people from saying he lives in an anime. Protip: people wouldn't do it as much if it didn't get on your nerves. That's, like, elementary school lessons right there.

306. Fake_Obsession

Formerly known as Kraidfan101, Fake had some anger management problems that now either seem to be resolved or aren't mentioned as much. I don't actually think the dude did anything this year, so his placement on the list is kind of a mystery; I mostly ranked him based on his performance in one of the board mafia games; I'm pretty sure he was the origin of the phrase “Our princesses will blot out the sun.”

305. Me_Pie_Three

I used to see this guy post a ton earlier in the year, mostly grammatically incorrect posts with lots of exclamation points. Also I think he likes Metroid Prime a ton. Also he has one of the worst usernames of all time. These three things may or may not be related.

304. idyvino

The upside to the lack of the UUL this year was a lack of people whoring themselves out for e-popularity. On the other hand, we had idyvino, the second coming of linkhatesganon. Idyvino's main personality traits seem to be “English as a second language” and “really nice,” and speaking as somebody who used to be known exclusively for the second facet, it's normally pretty boring. I also always got the impression – to come back to the first sentence – that idy liked to suck up for user contest points. Could be wrong on that, but eh, it wouldn't surprise me.

303. ertyu

Yess ertyu. If I could in good conscience put ertyu any higher, I would. I think the dude's hilarious.

I don't think ertyu is a joke account, for one; I just think he knows, deep down in his addled brain, what gets a rise from the board, and he strives to make such things happen. ertyu really hit a stride this year: he was everywhere, from the “bobs punching” topic to being labeled as a bandwagon fan in sports, to my favorite fad of the year, the ertyufamily (which were hilarious in principle but not so much in practice). Plus his million and one contests, his picture drawings, BIGPUN's comparison of ertyu to Amano... the list goes on and on.

I think ertyu is one of the staples of the board. His wacky misadventures of comical failings make us all realize how life is fleeting, and make us appreciate the simple pleasures.

*puts you on igoner list*

302. Diet Water

I totally forgot I interviewed this dude until I checked the Wiki. Weird!

Anyway, Diet Water seems like one of those dudes who posts here as an outlet for his strange and unpopular opinions. He reminds me a lot of Igloo Bob, except where Igloo Bob is actually really funny, DW doesn't really do the joking thing and is more serious. He did have an interesting topic about sign spinning a month or so ago, which was kind of cool.

301. RevolverSaro

Saro is a big Dragon Quest fan. Did you know that? I sure didn't! Maybe he should make NINE MORE TOPICS A DAY TELLING US.

Saro is a dude who goes whole-hog when it comes to interests, making tons of topics about whatever games he's into at the moment. It's somewhat irritating, yet I do admire the dude's passion for games. He does seem to have an open mind when it comes to gaming as a whole; though he has his preferences, he's willing to take recommendations and talk about other stuff, which is neat.

300. Viviff

Renowned as Board 8's best Brawl player, Viviff has a reputation he likes to bring up. >_> I'm happy for his prodigious skill and all, but dude, show a little humility.

Viviff is obsessed with Bowser, to the point where he'll always vote for Bowser in any Mercs match concerning the Koopa King, even when doing so defies all logic. He also tried to vote twice in Mewtwo/Lancer, but I caught him. Auto-loss of points there.

Why he's above DW and Saro, I'm not sure, especially since I had good things to say about both of them. >_>

299. DSRage

I'll always have a soft spot for DSRage. The dude started out as impossibly irritating, stalking tranny and generally being a nuisance. He won Most Improved User™ for the subsequent year, basically growing up a good deal and exploring artistic talents (making logos) and such. But this past year DSRage got his (first?) girlfriend, and it's all been downhill from there. Now he doesn't have time for the board any more, which he has to let us know whenever he posts and makes Stealth Bragging Topics™ about her. Plus DSR was always a bit of an e-pop dude, which I've always thought was pretty weird.

At any rate, the dude is very creative and fun with the whole logo-creating thing, and I'd like to see more of that and less of the “is it considered sex if ____” topics.

298. Zea

There's the Clique, there's the Crew, and then there's GMUN's weird "Fleshlight" gang, which consists of himself and like three other people. All I've seen Zea do in the past three months is come into SantaRPG topics and post “Shut up Santa”. That's it. He's probably posted some more, but I certainly haven't seen it!

I also used to confuse Zea and The Destoyer (since Zea's old account was Zea_Destroyer, I assumed they were the same person). This is neither relevant nor interesting.


Nevest loves sex. That's all you really need to know about Nevest to get a grasp on his board personality. He posts about sex pretty much all the time, even when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. And it's not even interesting stuff, either: it's just posts about how he likes oral and anal and how oral is like the most immaculate form of sexual intercourse, or something. I know he has fetishes, but they don't get as much love. If you're going to post about just one thing, might as well make it interesting, right?

296. Link the Midgit

LTM goes in phases. He has mercifully moved out of his “let me reply to everything with an obnoxious 4chan image meme” phase, which was terrible. Now he's into comics. Like, really into comics. This led itself to “arguing” for the Flash in the MPFC by continually repeating things that were irrelevant to the match at hand, like “Barry Allen CREATED THE SPEED FORCE JESUS CHRIST”.

He actually seems to have pretty good taste in comics, and is, believe it or not, one of the people I'd turn to for recommendations. LTM is another of those people who goes all out when it comes to being interested in something.

295. TheRock1525

Rock had a pretty low moment this year with the whole “my uncle committed suicide so only I understand what this pain feels like”. After getting thoroughly reamed out by Sir Chris, Rock actually apologized and admitted he was being irrational. That takes cajones.

Beyond that, Rock's been kind of inactive this year. I never got the love for HIGH GROUND, so that's alright by me!

294. Lucid Faia

Lucid's an alright dude when he's not posting about religion. The guy is completely irrational when it comes to religion debates, and he will post absurd statements just to stir the pot, like that topic he made a few days ago about not teaching his kids Santa Claus and tying it all back to religion. I can understand being down on religion, that's cool and all, but at least give others the time of day about it, y'know?

Lucid's also probably pound-for-pound the best gamer on the board, and what I like about him is that when he proudly posts his record-breaking speedruns, he's not arrogant about it: he's just happy to have succeeded. Many others could take notes on this.

293. Smurf

Did Smurf even post this year? He'll probably tell you 'no.'

I once described Smurf as akin to the ringmaster of a circus, deliberately letting crazy personalities bounce off of each other for the entertainment of an audience. He says things with minimal basis in reality just to get people talking, like accusing me of being so petty as to rank Ulti low on my list because he gave me a low score in a rating topic. His list topics are basically exercises in 'how many people can I get excited about me?'

Don't get me wrong: I like Smurf, I really do. But for him to call anyone else – literally, anyone else – on the board out for attention whoring is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. It seems like everything Smurf does is for the either explicit or implicit purpose of garnering attention to himself, any way he can.

That said, the dude is a solid “contributor” to the board by doing this, oddly enough. User of the Year is a great contest, his lists and topics do normally get people talking about fun stuff, and in general he's a fun dude, just one with an absurd attention complex.

292. Liquid Wind

Liquid used to be a pretty subtle troll, getting under loads of people's skins (including my own). Nowadays he posts mainly about Brawl and vgmusic. When he talks about the former he always finds a way to criticize either the game or Nintendo as a whole; when he talks about the latter he's much more civil (though really who likes Children of the Monkey Machine anyway).

291. PukeInMyPot

PIMP's big claim to fame in my eyes will always be his ludicrous account suicide, which is documented on his Wiki page. His other claim to fame is being an impossible Chrono Trigger fan, to the point where he votes blindly for Crono in every relevant Mercs match and campaigned to have a character removed when he couldn't find a way for Crono to beat him. Yeah.


A regular voter in VGMusic and a runner of at least one contest, JON's low placement was decided by one thing: he completely disappeared in one of Fett's Newbie Mafia, and as far as I can tell, never offered an explanation or an apology. I know next to nothing about this dude personally otherwise, but that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If I'm wrong and he did offer stuff, my sincere apologies.

289. warning_crazy

Almost all of us are addicted to this place in some form or another, but most of us have the sense to not pretend otherwise. WC, on the other hand, tries halfheartedly to break free from the board at least twice a year, going so far as to close/suicide his accounts and make goodbye topics. Spoilers: he never leaves. It's become a running joke at this point.

WC is also a rather liberal youngster and a big supporter of gay marriage, which he makes sure to let people know in most topics. I don't really know how well he argues since I tend to stay away from said topics, but I imagine he's probably gotten better over the years.

288. Ry Senkari

I really dislike the phrase/meme “Interenet = serious business.” It mostly pops up whenever you take something someone said to heart, and it's foolish to think of being mocked or penalized for having emotions. But sometimes it's appropriate for some people: darkx, for one, and Ry Senkari for another.

Ry mostly runs a variety of contests that have been met with varying degree of success; his biggest one was probably the Most Powerful Movie Character a few years back, which gave us the infamous Ipkiss/Broly debacle. I know Ry, however, for his passions, which he can be very vocal (read: whiny) about. Take my recent MPFC, for instance; Ry noticed the noms late and kept bugging me about including some obscure character he really liked in the contest, going so far as to promise to vote in every match if I included her and to not vote at all if I didn't. I wouldn't want people to vote in my contests if they're only doing so mercurially, and I snubbed her. Ry's response was to run a “Nerissa vs. The World” Tournament to see how well she would have done. That's just... kinda sad.

Plus there was that Chrono Trigger fangame that got shut down earlier this year, and Ry was livid about it. Hell, livid might even be an understatement: he changed his sig, made numerous debate topics, and was pretty much obnoxious as all hell about it. All this without even playing the game, which from all accounts I've heard was pretty terrible anyway. And let's not forget, years back, Ry's accusations towards me when I stopped my WWYD after all three contestants failed to complete the last challenge. Ry accused me of trying to welch out of giving them a prize, which wasn't even going to come from me in the first place.

I like Ry's contests (well, most of them), but the dude seriously needs to take a chill pill. I remember one year he was in UotY and he got like last place, and he made a topic basically asking the board “Don't you like me?” He takes stuff way too personally.

287. ctesjbuvf

ctes (commonly known as 'letters') is an obviously underage user with English as a second language. This combination often leads to hilarity... at least it would, if letters wasn't obsessed with doing trivial contests and e-pop stuff. Ah well.

286. Pleinair

You either love Pleinair or you hate her. Unless you're me, in which case you don't really care! Pleinair's gimmick hasn't faltered in years: she just posts her own topics, which you either get and enjoy or don't and ignore. I never got why Pleinair was reviled by some people; she mostly keeps to herself and rarely posts outside of her own topics, which is more than you can say for some users worse than her!

285. Johnbobb

Johnbobb just finished running a contest called “Save My Letter of the Alphabet.” His ranking here should speak for itself.

284. crazyisgood

Speaking of underage users with English as a second language, we have crazyisgood, who fits both categories! At least I assume so, given how he types. crazyisgood pops up in completely random topics, often with things that have little to do with the matter at hand. He also has his hilarious list of “really strong characters” that includes folks like Goku and Superman alongside people like MacGuyver and Steve Urkel. I have no idea where this list came from, but it's absolutely hilarious and one of my favorite board moments this year.

283. Super Saiyan Gnome

Never interacted with this dude, but most posts I see him make are negative. Not strongly negative, just... 'I'm unhappy with everything' kind of negative. SSG's been on and off the board for years and my aforementioned opinion of him has never really varied, which says something right there!

282. stripey12isback

stripey was initially lower on this list, then the other day I saw him make a really nice and genuine post about Anri's health, which bumped him up a few spots. stripey – once heralded as B8's most attractive user not named RPGGamer0 – has always been a legit nice dude, though since his girlfriend broke up with him it seems like he needs a bit of validation from the board. And by “a bit” I mean “a lot.” >_>

281. IhatethisCPU

Another user who always seems pretty negative. CPU in particular likes to insult the B8 mafia community despite playing maybe one or two games and being totally unmemorable in them. On the plus side, he does tend to have interesting taste when it comes to games, and is a fun person to bounce ideas for Mercs off of.

280. Luster Soldier

Board 8's resident... well, Luster Soldier. There's really no other way to describe the dude other than by referencing himself!

Luster is (in)famous around the board for basically being a robot obsessed with post counts, alts, secret boards, and female posters. When he first came here, the board venerated and loathed him simultaneously, sort of like the “ertyu effect.” Luster's kind of a joke that never really gets old, since there's always some new scheme being cooked up in the Mountain Dew-addled brain of his.

Luster kind of stayed off the board for most of this year, presumably venturing to other boards where the novelty of his presence hadn't yet worn off. When he does post, though, it's usually a goodie, like calling hotdogturtle over despite the fact that we had clearly just shown that the poster I had talked about was not, in fact, hotdogturtle. FFD's “Thanks for that, Luster” catchphrase was never more accurate.

I can't really put Luster any higher than this. I mean, the dude's funny, but he's also alarmingly frightening when you realize that he's a real person.

279. Swift


neon had an analysis of Swift awhile back that was pretty much dead-on for me. The way I see it, Swift is one of those people that sees the Internet, or at least Board 8, as a competitive game. He's willing to take on different roles, from abrasive quasi-troll to nice guy defending his friends, depending on the situation at hand. I don't know what his “true personality” is like: probably a mixture of everything he does.

Swift is like ExTha in that he's quick to defend the people he likes, and he's like Ulti in that he's quick to bash those he doesn't, sometimes to the point of annoyance (leave poor ertyu alone =(). Swift probably views these comparisons with a matter of pride, since ExTha and Ulti are his best e-friends.

I don't think I'd get along with Swift if we ever interacted, either on the board or off. This doesn't mean that he doesn't have admirable traits: he's loyal, he's fun, he'd make a good friend. It just means that he and I tend to view situations differently. Like earlier in the topic, when he called me out for taking a “cheap shot” at Ulti, which I don't think I did at all; I think all my criticisms toward the guy were well-founded and weren't just “this guy got beaten by his wife LOL” (which would definitely be a cheap shot, and like I said, I'd never joke about that). But again, this harks back to his loyalty and wanting to stick up for his buds, so I can't hold a grudge against him for that.

278. TomNook7

RIP TomNook7.

Tom I only know peripherally. He apparently plays XBL with Pun and others and really despised Mer for no discernible reason; I used to think he was a homophobe, based on that and some other comments. Tom's another dude who seems like he's constantly negative.

277. dinobot

dino kind of reminds me of a better version in Mafia terms of paulg; his first games were pretty bad, and though he's improved, I don't get the sense that he's making an active effort to do so. I don't think I've ever seen post outside of a Mafia topic, so this ranking is basically for LOL BACKUP VIG, which wasn't even from 2009 but WHATEVER.

276. Megaman703

Another Mafia dude, except this guy actually tried and still blew a game; I'm speaking specifically of Kingmaker, in which he cost the town a victory at the last possible second and was so distraught that he swore off Mafia forever. That made me feel bad – look at Justin, who manages to cost town a victory every game! He still comes back! Megaman seemed like a decent guy who tried pretty hard, which is why his failure made me so sad.

275. croy3

croy likes music. He started a “Best Band Ever” that made it to like match 10 and recommended my favorite song from Icehawk's Song of the Week (Young Folks). He seems like another young dude who doesn't know how to run a contest, but he's a decent enough guy with decent enough respect for other people's opinions. Shame he disappeared.

274. BakusaiTenketsu

Another “angry” dude, Bakusai is one of the few B8ers with a kid! Shenanigans. I remember when he didn't get into Mercs 3, Bakusai typed an angry post and left it at that; I've also seen him be stereotypically angry in mafia games. The dude probably has a vast emotional vocabulary, but I've never seen it exercised. Mad props for trying to raise a kid right, though.

273. ShadowHalo17

Halo's gone through some phases over the years. There was the creepy “married to Zen” phase; now he's in a comics phase, going through the Marvel (or is it DC?) catalog and posting his thoughts. I'm always up for comics recommendations and discussion, so that's a plus in Halo's favor.

A minus, however, would be that he seems to fall into the Omega camp of “I have a socially unacceptable fetish and I will rub it in your face”. I could be wrong on this one, since I don't remember specifics, but I'm pretty sure he fits the bill there.

272. PrinceKaro

Another occasional mafia player. This dude was Bubbles the monkey in DBZ Mafia! That's all I can remember as far as that goes. >_> I also always confuse him and PrinceReva, but I'm pretty sure Reva's the cool one. Karo I see post a lot, but nothing really strikes me as “noteworthy.” He's one of the few users on the list I have next to nothing to say about.

271. Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles was named by Karma Hunter as the worst user on the board once. Wedge Antilles took it in stride, saying that everything KH said was basically true. All I know about Wedge Antilles is that he vehemently argues for anything Star Wars in MPFCs, and though he has a wide breadth of Expanded Universe knowledge, he comes off as just a tad biased. Just a tad. Wedge Antilles.

270. Big Bob

One of many (crazy) Fire Emblem fans on the board, Big Bob does a few interesting things, most notably that contest with a name I can't remember where you don't know who you're voting for. He's also known that one contest where you anti-vote hated things, among others. He apparently needs catchier names!

I get the impression that Big Bob doesn't have that much of a sense of humor; when neon tried to modify his name during Guru signups to “Big Baller Bob,” BB was not particularly amused. As I said before, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself in order to have a decent sense of humor, and Big Baller Bob doesn't seem to have that.

269. Jaffar7

Another (crazy) FE fan, Jaffar is known for also being one of the board's only fans of Chrono Cross. He used to post a good deal in the stats topics, and he and Ulti used to get on each other's nerves. Nowadays he mostly makes his own topics about Cross and Fire Emblem and such. Kind of “vanilla.”

268. ObscureMammoth

Also known as “PNess” (get it LOLOLOOOLAOAL), OM kinda faded from the board this year. He's apparently big into the Smash competitive scene and always seemed to pop up with feedback/criticism on it, even at times when it wasn't warranted. Dunno what he's up to nowadays. Man, this section of the list is painful. =/

267. KingBartz

Bartz (or his funnily-named alt, KingButz) always struck me as one of those vets who, like his similarly-named counterpart Sabin Figaro, felt the need to announce his return to the board whenever it occurred, yet wasn't notable enough to spur a significant absence. He seems to have stopped that lately, slipping into the comfortable mold of a regular poster again. I see Bartz a lot of places, mostly the stats topics.

266. Grand_Healer

GH stopped frequenting the board a little while back, leaving us for some Smash Bros. community. Now he mostly posts in the Tea Party topics, in which he laments falling for his friends and a lack of options for coming out. Y'know, typical gay adolescent issues that I also through. I've always liked GH; he's one of the younger users (well, he used to be) who was never really too obnoxious, and he's mellowed out even more in recent years.

265. agesboy

I think this dude is part of GMUN's Anal Rape Crew, and I think he also used to be a POTDer. These two things clearly spell a recipe for success!

ages actually seems like a chill guy; he likes visual novels and has been a big supporter of my Noble Nine fanfic this past year. I think he used to play mafia as well; thought I saw his name in TYPE-MOON Mafia from ages ago.

264. baubeta

The perennial WWYDer (along with Coffee Ninja and Not Dave), baubeta is a neat guy who I never really interact with any more. He gets on the list on the virtue of past interactions and the fact that he's always good for randomly chatting on the board and such.

263. ZaziGuado

This dude really likes his Blitzball. He made a topic ranking the Blitzball players, and though I didn't follow it, I can assume his namesake was at the top of the list. Zazi also recommended Zazi when I was doing character writeups, and all the info I could find on him consisted of “plays blitzball.” I'm hoping there's more to him than that. >_> Never really interacted with him outside of that, but like Bartz, he's a guy that's in many places.

262. Miss Rydia

Miss R is actually a dude who also went by... darksomethingorother? I dunno, but he was fairly active in the old UUL. I know Rydia mostly from mafia, where the guy has an unfortunate habit of getting Serial Killer and getting lynched on like the second or third day. Seems like a nice enough guy, if a tad noncommittal in the game.

261. Kenri

Kenri has... an interesting debate style. He seems to subscribe to the Lighting Strikes school of MPFC argument, where we ignore characters' personalities in favor of the characters we want to see win. The difference is that Kenri does it a bit better, and though his arguments are outrageous, they're usually rather entertaining.

260. Inviso

I could cop out and just copy and paste Smurf's time-honored Inviso writeup, but I won't! Inviso and I have never really interacted; I mostly know her from past events like the infamous “picture of a model” incident, her relationship and breakup with Vlado, and such. I also believe Inviso's a pretty decent writer, though in all fairness I've never read anything she's written. She hardly posted this year, but when she does it's fairly explosive stuff, though I think she's calmed a bit recently.

259. Gr8CyberMonkey

I have like next to nothing to say about this guy. Why is he even on the list? I have no idea. All I remember him ever doing is talking about how low his AMP was (were?). I still somehow deemed him better than 100 other users. 'woo lists'

258. Majin Lou

It took me forever to realize this guy wasn't Angsty_Lou, though he does share the latter's propensity for angry outbursts. Lou played a few games of Newbie Mafia and was in DBZ, and I remember him blowing up at people, especially in the latter. He seems like a normally chill dude who takes things to heart too easily.

257. ScareChan

Another mafia player, Scare reminds me of Megaman703 in that he tries not to suck at the game, but I'm pretty sure he's cost town two wins at this point. Despite that, Scare still enjoys playing, which is neat to see; I like perseverance and attempts to get better at something. Don't know Scare beyond mafia, really, though I've seen him pop up from time to time elsewhere.

256. KCF0107

This dude was a loyal VGMusic guy who bumped the discussion topic pretty much every damn day. I've got to honor such commitment! I'm pretty sure he also never missed a match, which means he missed one less match than I did. Beyond that, KCF seems like a young dude, still formulating his internet opinions and such.

255. Highwind89

A fun man to play DnD with. Highwind plays Adorry, the bard, and like any good bard, Adorry is full of great and longwinded stories. Despite his foofy (sure, that's a word) attitude, Adorry has a serious side that comes out in battle, and Highwind really plays the character well. He's a guy who's on the list based solely on KH's campaign, which is kind of unfair, since I told myself I'd only do this based on board interactions, but eh.

254. Mewtwo59

There are 23 other Mercs leaders in Mercs 3 besides myself, and Mewtwo is the first to be on the list. Mewtwo... I wish I could judge him in any meaningful way. He seems all-business regarding Mercs; he never comes into the chat to socialize, just to cut deals and gauge ability and character respect. He's good at building his team but, like me, his upkeep got too high too fast and he couldn't sustain it with the necessary number of wins. I'd like to see more of Mewtwo around, if only to gauge what kind of person he really is.

253. Blairville

Pretty sure Blairville's a new dude to the board this year, and he's all over the place. He votes in damn near all of my projects and has even been following my current mafia game. Blairville seems like a guy with an open mind who's willing to partake in anything given the opportunity, and I hope we see more of him around.

252. Xiahou Shake

Another guy I see around a lot but never interact with. I think XS likes visual novels and possibly fanfiction. The impression I get from him is that he's a pretty reasonable, well-intentioned dude.

251. AfroSquirrel

Another guy I see around a lot but never interact with. I think AS likes visual novels and possibly fanfiction. The impression I get from him is that he's a pretty reasonable, well-intentioned dude.

>_> Okay, that's cheating, but it's true! AfroSquirrel also posts a lot in vgmusic and MPFCs, which is where I mostly notice him. His argument style in MPFC seems to be a tad counterintuitive at times, but at least he puts himself out there and is willing to argue.

250. newusrname

NUN (awesome abbreviation) posts, like, a ton, and I'm sure there was a reason for putting him this high, but it seems to have slipped my mind. Christ, I even saw him post today and I can't remember what he typed. 'best list ever'

249. Dr Football

Dr Football is apparently big into that Wrestling-Themed User Contest I never got into despite being in it for all of two days. He seems like a chill dude who takes all the mistakes people make comparing him to Dr Pizza in stride, which I'm not sure if I could do!

248. SirBinro

Binro, again, I know from the occasional mafia game; he was in Cokes' Willy Wonka Mafia, in which he was saddled with renamed vigilante and didn't know how to claim it properly and got lynched, though that seemed more like town fail than anything else. Beyond that, Binro posts occasionally, but seems like one of those guys with a busy real life who uses the board as a hobby, not the other way around.

247. paperwarior

A quiet, reasonable dude who's been posting here quite possibly since day one, paperwarior has never really felt the need to take the spotlight. He seems content in his lurker status, popping in and posting only when he has something to say. I also know he spent time in a mental hospital, and I've always wanted to ask him about the experience, coming from somebody who has done the same.

246. ff6man

ff6man I mostly knew from user contests in the past and his love of, well, FF6. He hit a stride this year with Brawl, playing lots of the higher-tier Board 8 dudes and holding his own. I think one of his characters, possibly Yoshi, was ranked best on the whole site at some point. In short, ff6man would mop the floor with me if I had a huge handicap and he was playing as Captain Falcon.

245. chocoboslayer

choco is big into his Lottery projects, PotD, and AIM Mafia, and he rarely posts nowadays outside of these things. I think I played in the Lottery once like four years ago and I had no idea what was going on, but choco's dedication to it is pretty neat. I have a generally favorable impression of the dude, so that counts for something, right?

244. somdude04

Another player in KH's DnD Hunted campaign, somdude gets the nod over Highwind because, despite Highwind playing the more entertaining character, I actually see somdude post on the board more than once a month. >_> somdude – whom I always assume is female for somreason – is very knowledgeable about DnD things, to the point where I think he'd make a good DM. He also tried out mafia once or twice and seemed to do a pretty competent job, better than I did in my first game at least.

243. MetricTrout

Trout has opinions on VGMusic, and he likes to talk about them. A lot. With very hyperbole-esque statements. He thinks Touhou and Umineko music is trash, for one, and isn't shy about repeating it every time one of their songs has a match. He likes to dole out criticism, but he's also not short on praise for what he thinks deserves it, which is the mark of a good critic.

I like Trout, even if he's not the most popular person in VGMusic circles. He usually backs up his opinions and is respectful of others', which is cool. Plus his taste is very similar to my own, AND THAT'S WHAT REALLY MATTERS

242. RevanExile

Revan is another visual novel/MPFC person, and I'm pretty sure he's made at least one playthrough topic of the former. Revan likes to argue a lot in the MPFC, and I'm pretty sure he was one of the big posters in Mewtwo/Lancer, which newbie still regards as an exercise in total crap. I would assume he argued for Lancer and don't feel like checking the archives and giving myself a headache to see for sure.

241. Kamekguy

Speaking of MPFC, Kamekguy has the honor of being one of a few people whose arguments have completely turned around a match: in his case, he argued for Dark Matter to beat Tabuu, and DM won quite handily once Kamekguy showed up. The dude seems to have a thing for arguing for Kirby characters rather passionately.

240. Holy Excalibur

Holy Excalibur is well-known for his list topics, where he polls the board on their favorite series, games, characters, etc. He does this roughly every six months, and while the results don't normally vary all that much, it's still a neat project. Beyond that HE was also responsible a few years back for the Board 8 Gaming Ladder, and if he brings that back expect his ranking to go up 100 places or so. =P

239. Iamdead7

We need another Iamdead7 classix contest. Seriously, the dude is incapable of making a topic title that isn't completely absurd even in context. Mercifully he's quit making topics about girls and now mostly focuses on whatever games/music he's into at the time. Iamdead actually took all the topics making fun of him (like, say, the classix contest) in good stride, which shows that the kid's got a decent sense of humor at least.

238. Xuxon

I know Xuxon primarily from winning one of the Oracle contests. The guy seems well-educated on contests (obviously he'd have to be to win the Oracle), and he also likes VGMusic, voting a good deal in VGMusic Contest 3. He doesn't seem too laidback, and I get the distinct impression that if he posted more we'd see him in debates and such.

237. ChichiriMuyo

Man, Chich. I've had a bit of a history with this guy. Way back in the day – like, 2003 – he ran the very first board 8 vgmusic contests, which used MIDIs of most of the songs. He did about five of them, then stopped sometime in like 2004. Since then he's been a good supporter of my vgmusic stuff, voting occasionally, but he was the dude who did it first, and I've gotta give my props.

Chich has a bit of a rep of being a contentious fellow, and that rep is certainly well-deserved. In Mercs 1 he was the player who complained the most, who raged the most, who was rude and confrontational to the admins the most. Despite this – or perhaps because of it – he had loads of ideas, many of them decent. But I remember Chich basically being a jerk to me on several Mercs-related occasions, mostly over small stuff. Plus there's his stats topic persona, which is capable of taking on damn near the entire cavalcade of stats regulars, an impressive feat by itself.

Nowadays Chich does the Save My Pokemon thing and seems actually committed to running it to completion, which is admirable. I always end up clicking there to see which Pokemon got eliminated despite not knowing a damn thing about almost any of them. >_> In short, when Chich isn't getting his knot in a buzz he can be a fairly reasonable, well-informed fellow.

236. MegamanX

ertyu's nemesis (well, one of ertyu's many nemeses), MegamanX has, unlike ertyu, actually beaten 1000 games. I have to question his taste in some of them, but generally speaking the guy is a genuine dude who seemed baffled by ertyu's immense jealousy and dislike of him. Can't win 'em all, MegamanX.

235. red sox 777

This guy's been around for quite awhile but only really got noticed in 2008 and 2009. red sox is a big Pokemon fan, and is one of the few people currently campaigning for the upset pick of Red over Mega Man X (yep). He was a big supporter of the Charizard rally, among other things. In the stats topic he seems renowned for having an open mind and being approachable, which is cool.

234. swordsman 12

swordsman gets on the list solely for being my equal – and in some cases, my superior – in RAP BATTLING. Seriously, read our battles on the Wiki. That crunk is ill.

233. oneills

Merc leader #2. oneills had the misfortune of being eliminated first, and as many players said when he lost for the last time, he was a pleasure to play with: always showed up to do abilities, never really gave up until the very end, good-spirited and never negative. A class act, oneills.

232. Yonex

This dude is Ayvuir's brother, which I – like the rest of the board – learned about a year ago. Yonex seems like an exciteable dude who, like Ayv, does little projects here and there and mostly chimes in to random topics. A fun guy, even if I never interact with him.

231. CoolCly

Man, I distinctly had a reason for putting this dude on the list, and I can't remember what it was. Cly is a relative newbie to the board iirc, and you can tell sometimes he's still trying to feel his way around; he gets trolled easily by Sess, for instance. Otherwise, Cly seems like a fairly mellow guy who gets excited when he participates in board activity, which is kind of cool.

230. TheCodeIsBosco

This guy had a topic (well, series of topics) in which he watched every Seinfeld episode; you can tell from his name – if you know the show, at least – that he's a big fan. He also had some fairly large rally for the character battle that was pretty stupid: Blue Marble from Marble Madness? Seriously? That's like SBell's Flaming Ball rally, only worse. But he seems like a neat guy regardless.

229. Natwaf akidna

Natwaf is a big music person, and he posts a lot of recommendations and such in the Icon/tranny music topics. He seems to have an open mind regarding different types of music, which is pretty cool. Beyond that, I see the guy posting in various random topics, and he seems pretty cool.

228. MycroProcessor

GameBopAdv's friend. He likews VGMusic and seems well-educated on musical terminology and what makes a “good” song, but he's not arrogant about it; rather, he simply likes to give his opinion on things, which is rather refreshing.

227. Gaddswell

Gaddswell had the image of all time in his sig for a while (IKE CLIMBERS OMG). Beyond that, the dude is just... kind of vanilla. He's fun when pressed but won't go out of his way to make topics or initiate conversation. In essence, he's become the quintessential lurker.

226. Swif7y

Swif7y was one of the best rappers in the RAP BATTLE LEAGUE, capable of awesome wordplay and great, biting extended metaphors. I never got a chance to duel with Swif7y before the league was aborted, which is a shame. Plus Swif7y was generally pretty open to criticisms and dissection of his rhymes, which I respect.

225. Demon HunterX

I mostly know this dude from his list of top games he made last year, which had either Sacrifice or Syndicate as number one. I always get those games confused because I know nothing about either of them. DHX pops up all over the board: he's a PC gamer but he's not “lol PC superior” like others can be. I never interact with him directly, but I see good things.

224. meche313

I played this dude in Brawl once, and he was actually around my level of strength, which is good: everybody else I played apart from Kleenex was either impossibly good (Swift, GoG) or pretty bad (pxl >_>). meche and I had a few good matches, and he was a good sport about them. meche generally seems like a reasonable fellow who chimes in from time to time with decent points.

223. RX7

I'll echo Icehawk's writeup: Rex barely posted at all this year, but he sent his $10 back to Josh! That's classy. Stay classy, RX7.

222. GameBopAdv

GameBop is a lurker dude who comes out of his lurker shell when he's interested in something; past things I've seen GameBop post a lot in are WWYDs, VGMusic stuff, and Youtube Poops, all things I also happen to be interested in. GameBop's interests coincide with mine, but that's why I put him here: like his buddy MycroProcessor, GameBop always seem quiet but thoughtful, which is cool.

221. Minipoooot

Pooooooooot has lunch with Dante. That's pretty much all this guy did of note in 2009, but the sheer badassery of having lunch with Dante makes him better than 139 users. 'suck it'

Obviously if we're taking previous years into account Poooooooooooooooot's biggest claim to fame was that one topic he made lying about something terrible happening to him which almost everybody bought into and then turned out to be a big lie. But still! Lunch with Dante.

220. SythaWarrior

Sytha was one of the fighting game fans before fighting games went back in style on the board. He could always be counted on to make obscure combo references and refer to the intricate Darkstalkers continuity, and nobody but like three people had any idea what he's talking about. Now that SF4 has brought fighters back into the mainstream though, Sytha... actually, I don't know how Sytha reacts to that. I'd assume he keeps doing the same thing he always does.

219. [[[Darkeklipse]]

Darkeklipse likes to play video games. There's only a few people on the board that I look at and go, unequivocally, “you like to play games.” I'm sure that the majority of the board still plays vidya games, but Darkeklipse is one of the few who, on a board of gamers, wears his gamer emblem proudly on his sleeve. He's always playing something and making lists of recommendations at the expense of socialization, but hey, some people don't come to this board just to make fun of Palmer.

218. SpikeDragon

Apart from User of the Year and the UCA, there weren't really any big, sweeping user contests this year; my own attempt kind of fizzled, as did the UUL. Thus SpikeDragon has had kind of a lower profile, his normal crowd of user contest peeps having scattered to the four winds (haven't seen Stifled post in over a year) and having been replaced by the Smash Bros. Brawl board community. Spike thus hasn't had a lot to do this year except for make his annual top 60 users list and generally hang around and vote in random contests. Not sure why he's this high, honestly.

219. WalrusJump

Walrus is an occasional mafia player and I always confuse him with Whit3_Rabb1t, so I think all of the positive things I had to say about him were for the latter. 'whoops'

At any rate, Walrus seems to be fairly inactive when he plays, even when town, which is 'no good'. His username is also terrible.

218. AsurasKordoth

I think of Merc (as he is also known as) as 'red13n-lite': frequent to criticize, less apt to praise. Merc suicided himself strategically in Street Fighter 4 Mafia earlier this year, which made me sad; I don't like when good players twist the rules like that. Otherwise Merc's a good dude. I knew him first from being an expert at anagrams and had no idea he did anything else until I got involved in the mafia community.

217. TheLastOblesik

TLO is a damn good rapper; he made the final four of Aeon's contest back in the day and did pretty well in Cokes's LEAGUE. I get the sense he's a guy with a good sense of humor (you kinda have to be to be a good BOARD 8 RAPPER) who can take the insults as well as dole them out; when I dueled against him, he was a great opponent.

216. Pokalicious

Someday Death Note Mafia will actually happen, and nobody will sign up for it. HOW WILL YOU FEEL THEN

215. swirldude

swirl and I go back a ways. He was on the 2005 FFP team, and I edited his stories for the project, so we have a special project-related connection that nothing can ever take away. Beyond that, swirl does the NCAA Characters/Games thing that Leonhart (IIRC) started, but swirl also gets like a third of the season in and stops making the topics, then comes back two months later like nothing happened. It's weird.

swirl apparently is also big in the 'AIM Mafia' community, which I am convinced is some kind of quark/black hole in space.

214. Pats Dynasty

I've always liked Pats D. He seems like a relatively stable dude with a relatively regular life who just happened to post on Board 8 because he found it fun, not out of some psychological need for stability or something. Pats would be higher on this list if he'd managed to post at all beyond Apri; as it stands, the dude probably found another forum with less catgirl fetishists.

213. Soul

Soul is like FFD in that neither one really does any projects or participates in any major events, but still seems to be popular. FFD I can explain away due to the sheer force of his personality, but Soul... it's not a dig at the guy at all, but I don't know why he's so well-liked. Like, he never posts about his personal life, that's cool, but he also never really gives any insight as to his personality either. All I really know about Soul is that he ran the first 128 User Contest and had a rivalry with EC back in the day. That's it. Oh, and he's also hilarious come contest time. Maybe that's why he's popular. That's why I like him anyway, and if it's good enough for me, IT SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU

212. ScorpionX3

It was a friggin' epiphany when I discovered that ScorpionX3 and ScorpioVS are two different people. X3 is the guy who makes all the Save My topics, which... seem to be well-liked? I guess? Maybe it's like Ry Senkari or Holy Excalibur's lists, where there's a subdivision of people who post exclusively in those topics. I don't think I've ever even clicked on one. But hey, gotta admire the guy's work ethic!

211. KanzarisKelshen

Oh boy.

Kanzaris... is an enigma. I used to think he was an alt account of somebody else, since he had way too much knowledge about B8 and Mercs for a new user, but that's accountable due to Kanzaris's main selling point and his biggest flaw: his desire to “research” things and make conclusions based on secondhand information. Like, without actually having experienced the event or character or game in question, Kanzaris is capable of making snap judgments that, more often than not, have no basis in reality. I'll always think of his vote against my team in my first Mercs match, in which he was on the fence before learning that Meta Knight had flight, and then he went “Gimme match.” That's absolutely absurd. Like, you don't just make judgments like that based on one little piece of information.

This facet bleeds over into all aspects of Kanzaris: his mafia play, his music tastes, his voting habits and, most notably, his opinions. He'll have strongly formed on opinions on things based almost exclusively on info he's learned from someone else. Like, he'll go “so-and-so is too broken for this stage of Mercs,” despite never having heard of the character before and going solely off what others have said. This makes him very malleable and capable of split-second turnarounds.

Obviously I find Kanzaris incredibly frustrating, but the guy honestly means well. He's not a blatant troll, he's just somebody who puts waaaaay too much stock in secondhand impressions. I don't even know what he's directly familiar with, since he argues for things he's never seen before just as hard as things he has. If I could give him advice, it would basically be to not do that. >_>

210. raytan

Of the initial people who posted on TT, raytan (and his sister amy, since they're basically the same person) were always the strangest: almost too polite, focused on weird Youtube videos and GameFAQs karma and stuff like that. I always liked them, don't get me wrong, but it was almost impossible to hold a conversation with them that didn't consist of numerous emoticons and flowers.

raytan mostly lurks the board now, popping in to promote his two aforementioned interests. Icon also had a hilarious “rivalry” with the guy that I don't think raytan ever got, sadly. >_>

209. VincentLauw

I noticed this guy a lot in the past month or so and just assumed he was an alt; instead, I think he's been in other topics and familiarizing himself with the board's ins and out, and only recently did he and I cross paths, if only peripherally. Vincent seems similar to Leebo86: somebody always willing to debate anyone, regardless of “troll” status, but altogether a fairly reasonable fellow.

208. Silencer S

SD pretty much summed it up over in his topic: Silencer is the quintessential biased American, voting against the Japanese with all his heart. He's a staunch fan and advocate of American comics and games, and he's good for MPFC debates and comics recommendations. He and newbie should get into arguments more often.

207. LavaLord

LavaLord came from that board where all the trendy GFers go to talk about trendy things like the ToU, breaking the site, and the User Database. I don't know if saying the name of the board is still frowned upon or not, so I won't, but rest assured that LavaLord – unlike huntedthirds – is “probably” a board hunter.

Really, LavaLord's up here because the dude hosted/hosts a DnD campaign over AIM, and I know how stressful and difficult that can be, so he gets cool points in my book.

206. Twilight the Fox

Twilight and I don't see eye-to-eye on a number of things, most specifically how Mercs runs and the role of certain abilities. Twilight feels that wackiness and randomness are an inherent part of the game; I would agree, but only to a certain extent. Twilight is probably the admin most devoted to character-making, which both keeps the game running and leads to several crappy characters. >_> (No, COW WRANGLING is not a good ability, stop pretending it is.)

Twilight probably does the job better than I would from a character-making perspective, but he can be very obstinate and trollish when he doesn't get his way. Conversely, he can also bend over backwards and get stepped on by HGR and Wang a lot. Not sure how that works, but hey.

203. TheArkOfTurus

Diligent, careful, polite, Ark is the guy we all want to play Mercs with. Too bad he's not a player. =( Regardless, Ark's a cool guy, very dependable for Mercs-related stuff. Probably the most devoted follower of the game who's not a player or an admin (besides Kanzaris).

202. FalconPain

FP is one of my favorite users, but the guy's disappeared ever since he left Name a Flaw and the series, around for over 1000 topics, evaporated. FalconPain is analytical, intelligent and hilarious, and if he refined his wit a tad he could be up with sbp and the rest of the deadpan snarkers. But I don't think that's his aspiration: he's always been content with posting from afar, doing his one major topic series but otherwise just popping in to raise good points. I wish I could put the guy higher.

201. Heroic Palmer

If FalconPain is the epitome of doing the most with small amounts, Palmer's the opposite: doing the least amount in large doses. Palmer posts here all the time, and his topics and posts don't really add much to anything. The responses to said topics and posts are insubstantial, mostly centering around in-jokes that got old when they were first conceived (FARM LOL).

For his part, Palmer talks a lot about leaving the board and has made – this year alone – several “goodbye” topics, only to return a short time later with an xD and a chuckle like nothing ever happened, though he still admits he doesn't like the place. Why does he continually do this? Does the guy really need attention that badly? I'd like to think not, but his actions indicate that he does, in fact, crave attention. Palmer also tends to take stuff way too personally, like getting upset about being told his alts are terrible (which they are), or that his opinions are awful (which they are).

Palmer's not a bad guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like when he's around the board kinda gets sucked up in making fun of him or playing along with him, and neither activity is one I enjoy very much. Palmer doesn't seem to know how to handle himself on the board, and thus sometimes he plays along and other times he gets upset.

That said, we all have a favorite Heroic Palmer moment (come off it, you know you do). Mine is when I convinced him that the country Georgia was the state Georgia and that they had seceded from the union.

200. Mega Mana

I always get confused when people talk about Mana being one of the nicest users on the board. Sure, he's funny and goofy and such, but I always looked at Mana as wearing an unconvincing mask. Underneath, he's very lonely and sad. I remember, years back, Mana would make occasional “freaking out” topics where he'd become nervous about not doing anything with his life. His outburst that got me to kick him out of Mercs 1 also comes to mind.

I mostly feel bad for Mana, more than anything else. He just doesn't seem to have his stuff together, and I can relate to that feeling. After the Mercs incident I encouraged him to seek therapy or something, and I think he did, but I'm not sure if it helped.

199. SmartMuffin

For a dude who consistently ranks among the board's bottom users and worst trolls, I think SmartMuffin is an okay dude – when he's not talking politics. I tend to leave political topics (not that I normally click on them in the first place) when Muffin shows up, since it's bound to get ugly and personal... well, uglier and more personal, anyway. It's not that he's conservative, it's the way the ideas are presented.

But apart from politics, Muffin's actually a pretty funny guy. His interactions and quips in non-political topics are almost always golden; for instance, I enjoyed his “top 5 underrated Simpsons characters” and “I watch the Daria catalog” topics. It's weird – he's normally very chill and laidback until you start him on politics, and if it weren't for this, the guy would honestly be higher.

198. TheCruelAngel

Recently TCA seems to have taken a page from the “real life trollin” manual; he frequently insults other users for having minimal grasp on what it means to be “normal,” which is irritating and one of my least favorite types of internet arrogance. Apart from that, TCA's always been cool, but I wish he'd tone that down a tad.

197. My Immortal

My Immortal is a dude best known on the board for a few things: being homosexual, having a boyfriend, and... I think that's it. >_> MI is a nice enough fellow who doesn't go around being all HAY GUYZ ME AND MY BF DID THIS TODAY, which is refreshing behavior regardless of sexual orientation. He doesn't post all that often in the Tea Party topics, perhaps preferring – as I do – to lurk them creepily.

196. Yesmar

I really want this guy's name to be based on Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, because that would be so cool. Instead it's just his name backwards. 'boo'

Yesmar likes to do occasional projects and stats posts; he also likes to combine the two, as evidenced in his “rank every contest match ever” topic. Yesmar is strange to me in that I don't think the guy has a sense of humor: jokes seem to fly over his head and “serious business” accusations hound him like the plague.

195. ZenOfThunder

Zen is a strange dude with a strange sense of humor that I've never quite “gotten.” Like, I don't think he and I share humor interests at all; I remember when he was doing the “Who would win in a fight” topics for the four-ways, and I was like 'this is stupid.' He's kind of Twilight the Fox-esque with how persistent he can be with things he finds funny, and he likes to spam them a lot across the board, though he's done this a lot less lately.

Zen is very talented in Photoshop, and he's made a ton of match pics over the years which have been very cool. He's a big mover in the match pic making community on the board as well.

194. BlackMageJawa

I always look at BMJ as the quirky British dude with quirky British humor who mostly keeps to himself. Dude likes Planescape, Monty Python, and certain intellectual webcomics, so his taste is pretty refined; I think he even had his own mildly successful webcomic a few years back. BMJ doesn't post much, but when he does it's usually worth reading.


I got to know this guy through the MPFC; his pet project in Anagram's contest was Hitoshura, known to casuals as “the dude that beat the Undertaker.” S_C is normally very respectful in debates and doesn't seem to get hot and bothered when arguing, which is cool.

192. snailien

snailien got married this year. The hell? For anyone who knows snailien from years back (lol snailien funbucks), his disappearance was kind of sad, though he popped in a lot in the beginning of the year. snailien's always good for a few laughs.

191. RayDyn

Ray is in some branch of the armed forces (I want to say Air Force, but I'm probably wrong and thinking of FFD). He's a very laidback guy who has his circle of friends he hangs out with on the board but is also willing to venture outside and post in other topics. I've always liked Ray.

190. KJH

numbers' BFF. KJH co-ran a team with the guy in Mercs 3 before getting his own, but he still always argues on numbers' behalf, which can be annoying because it essentially means the opposing side has to deal with a dual-pronged assault. Plus it's not his team any more, so I don't get why he has to defend it like that. Honestly I don't know KJH (or “Blank,” as he's called over IRC) other than that; I do enjoy talking with him and chatting here and there, but I wish he wouldn't be so fanatically devoted to numbers.

189. LordOfDabu

Dabu used to be a mod, and until this year I didn't realize he wasn't one any more. Dabu is renowned as the best Starcraft player on the board and is also an expert in various math-related things, so the dude has a great brain for numbers (not the kind I mentioned in KJH's writeup). He's quiet but thoughtful; like BlackMageJawa, I always remember when he posts.

188. MSS

One time Ryoko (I think it was Ryoko) was getting into trouble with some dudes, and MSS – who apparently lives close by – offered to come on down and beat them up and give Ryoko a ride home. That's pretty hardcore, and judging MSS based on his posting style – which is a highly accurate science – I think he would've done it. Don't know the guy beyond that, really, but hey!

187. Panthera

Panthera posts almost exclusively in MPFCs, and he has a reputation for going at it with newbie with great veracity. Panthera's arguments can be either really good or really tenuous, and I feel like he's one of those peeps who cherry-picks good feats for characters while ignoring the bad ones. Still, he's respectful most of the time, so props for that.

186. Cloud and Squall

Not the best writer on the board by far, but definitely one of the most tenacious. Cloud and Squall always does some kind of writing project, and he keeps at it, and he's improved a good deal from 2005. It takes a special kind of personality to keep doing something you're not initially that great it. Cloud and Squall is also notable for being religious and level-headed in debates, something else that gets major props from me.

185. VicPez

Another Mercs 3 leader, Vic is good-spirited and well-meaning, and he doesn't take the game too personally or invest so much into it that it eats at him from the inside, which is an abnormality for Mercs players! Vic used to admin for Mercs 1 for like a day and a half, but I know him more for his cool decision-making in M3, quietly amassing a decent team and making solid decisions.

184. The Destoyer

I always forget – and always ask when it comes time to talk about the users – if Destoyer's name was an unintentional typo. (I don't think it was, but I can never remember.) Destoyer seems to mostly interact with Rikku Almighty, or 'Weaku,' or whatever name he goes by this month; his posts are mostly witty and self-contained.

183. PrestonStarry

Remember when I said most of the people on the board who were obsessed with user contests seemed to die out with the loss of the UUL? Well Preston, you came to the board at the wrong time. I have no doubt that had PrestonStarry been on the board during UUL season, he would have fit in just fine with the dramamongers like Stifled and LHG, who traded votes in user contests like it was Wall Street business. Look at how Preston acts in any list topic: he is obsessed with seeing his position on the list, even if the list and writeup are completely rude and insulting.

Preston mostly does Save My contests, by which I mean he does an absurd amount of them, more than even ScorpionX3 does. He seems to run them fairly well, although being that they're Save My contests I almost never click on them. More to the point, Preston's presence on the board usually centers around being nice to people, and though he accomplishes this, I can't help but feel that something is off, like he's very insecure and is doing it for acceptance or something like that.


I never got all the hate for Punny; even when he was being shunned by the ALMIGHTY CLIQUE, I looked at the guy as somebody who was, at worst, harmless, and at best really funny and chill. The guy's had some hilarious topics over the years – the one about his creeping up on his neighbors always makes me laugh – and his interests, like video game collecting, normally ring true on the board.

No Pun writeup is complete without mentioning how UNINTELLIGENT he comes off, which I have mentioned here solely because he made a topic about it a week ago.

181. Notyou/OliviaTremor

Notyou used to get banned about as much as Sess did, and I don't even think the dude posted half as much. Notyou is known for being part of the old Book Club and for living in the shadow of some of the more well-known users therein (EC, Tenko). He did a neat topic talking about every user on the Wiki, which was cool and though he didn't get anywhere near finished, he still had something to say about everybody, even people like '3rdtimesdecharm,' who I'm convinced exists for the sole purpose of being the first user on the Wiki.

180. Mr Crispy

Mr Crispy is often found in anime or MPFC topics, and he tends to like very obscure stuff. He's always willing to talk anything he's familiar with, however, and he actually does the “ideal” MPFC argument-style, which is not necessarily to argue with regards to how a character would necessarily win but to simply present the facts in an unbiased manner and posit different situations. I've always appreciated Mr Crispy, and I hope others do too.

179. Brayze

Brayze is one of my all-time faves; in many respects I feel like he's the Edouble to my Vlado, the dude who posts maybe once a week but whose post quality is usually so high that I barely notice the low frequency. Brayze's votes in VGMusic and MPFC (though I never count the latter >_>) are always hilarious, and playing DnD with him was a treat.

178. DpOblivion

I don't really know Dp from his main interests on the board (sports and battle royale fics); rather, I know him from the days of Mercs 1, where he was a very stubborn player – not in the sense of being stubborn with the admins or other players, but rather being stubborn with himself, refusing to “play dirty” like everyone else, to his detriment. Dp can thus get very heated at times, though I feel like he's more angry with himself for failing to live up to his own standards.

177. thundersheep

I first noticed this dude a month or so ago, and didn't think much of him until he placed very highly on Icehawk's list and everybody was like “man I love thundersheep!!!!” Since then I've tried to analyze him more closely. He seems to love debating (as can be evidenced earlier in this topic), though I feel like he's just dicking around. thundersheep seems to be a pretty stable dude who comes to the board for a nice hobby; I could see him frequenting other forums. Trollop.

176. BBallman

BBall is known for user contests, but unlike many others who fit that description he actually enjoys them for the joy they bring to other people, not out of some perverse need to validate his own existence. BBallman also played in Mercs 1 and abandoned it after a month or so. I don't know what this says about him and will leave this to your judgments.

175. Dragonair

I guess Dragonair got banned or something, because I never see him on his main any longer. Dude's also cut back his posting by a good bit, possibly as a result of this, but I normally lump him in with Destoyer in my mind: when he posts, it's normally pretty good.

174. charmander6000

A pretty level-headed guy, best known among the stats topic for being... a pretty level-headed guy. He also runs the Board 8 Odds Project, about which I know nothing except that he runs it, and possibly the Nomination Tally topic. In short, the guy loves the contests and uses this love productively by getting others onboard. I've also enjoyed his “here's a list of 500 games” topics he posts sporadically because I have a list fetish.

173. agasonex

Possibly Board 8's most successful man in terms of real-life creativity and financial output, aga is best-known for creating spoilers and Imagecake, two websites I think I've used a cumulative total of three times but which are nevertheless beloved by the board. aga has kind of fallen off his past projects – no more ASCII – and instead mostly shares his art class stuff with the board and creates “Board8Train” AIM chats.

172. pawn32

pawn is best known among MPFC circles for two reasons: the dude who hypes Cthulhu characters like nobody's business and the dude who got suspended for posting OneManga scans. pawn is always up for some arguments, and though his presentation of the facts can be a little skewed at times, he normally backs up what he says with scans and hard evidence (which is more than some people!) and rarely resorts to personal attacks.

171. FAHtastic

FAH has a CYOA that's apparently wildly popular that I have never read. I know the guy primarily for his acerbic wit and for that nickname Amazing Telephone gave him back in 'tha day' that he still sometimes goes by. That's enough to net him the coveted 171th spot on the list.

170. therealmnm

mnm was number 60 on my “real” top users list, and I described the guy as being very down-to-earth, respectful, and friendly. He's a stats user first and foremost, and though he takes some crazy upsets at times they usually have some logical backing to them and, due to mnm's nature, aren't simply laughed out of the topic. I wish the guy would post more, but I think he's either in grad school or working for the government. Possibly both.

169. TVontheRadio

I know TV primarily for two things: music and Mafia. The latter he tends to lurk an insane amount of the time, even as town, to the point where people forget he's playing; naturally, he tends to get important roles like cop or doctor and gets lynched because he's not around. Can't speak to the music stuff as much, but I know he's part of the “we like bands Ed Bellis have never heard of” crowd. TV is also a comics fan, and he tends to dole out good recommendations to people.

168. DigitalIncision

Don't think I've ever directly interacted with this dude on the board, but I see him around a lot. Digi likes music (according to him, it's “his life”) and seems to have an open mind when it comes to bands. He tends to post a lot about his real-life stuff, to the point where I worry that it comes off as bragging at times (don't ask me for specific examples, it's just a vibe I have!), though he's very open and friendly regardless.

167. pxlated

pxl gets bored with the board at times, and I feel like ironically that's when he starts posting more. He likes to halfheartedly troll people and when he goes on a posting spree he usually ends up making like five or six topics of gibberish. It's like he's channeling the spirit of Alex Shelley, and for that we should all be grateful. Besides that pxl mostly hangs out in the TT chat, where his wrestling matches with the “Now Playing” IRC function are epic to behold indeed.

166. PepsiPlunge

Pepsi returned to the board this year after a year-long-or-so hiatus. I think the dude got married, but maybe he got divorced, which is why he's back to posting. Pepsi's always a friendly guy, and if he likes you he's a great friend; he's given out free things to people on the board before, and always seems willing to stick up for people he cares about.

165. Maniac64

One of the more devoted readers of my Noble Nine fanfic. I see Maniac64 around a good bit, in all kinds of topics; apparently he's into Icehawk's projects as well as mine. He mostly seems like a good guy, levelheaded and rational.

164. HanOfTheNekos

Han needs to play more Mafia; he always spices up every game he's in. I remember one game he started posting bold gibberish just to throw people off. He's a creative player, and I also have to give him props for taking over Omega's character in KH's DnD campaign, especially since said character was a tad one-dimensional.

163. baron von toast

I've always liked this guy. The toastmaster (why does OpenOffice recognize 'toastmaster' as a word >___>) is pretty much a lurker, but like all my favorite lurkers, when he posts it's always memorable. I associate him with BlackMageJawa: both seem to have fairly intellectual tastes in things.

162. Iubaris

I'd put this guy higher if he ever posted more than once a month. >_> Like pxl, I mostly know 'lubey' from the TT chat, where he's very funny and witty. That translates well on the board whenever he posts... which isn't all that often. 'oh well'

161. PrinceReva

Reva's been around for a while, but this was the first year I distinctly remember getting an impression of him. Reva really wanted to be on the podcast and tried really, really hard to earn a spot; I remember him talking about his supposedly awesome voice and how good a singer he was, and I think he's still a faithful listener.

160. Mac Arrowny

Mac and I have had our disagreements in the past, but all of them were Mercs-related. Suffice to say outside of that, Mac's a fairly agreeable chap. He's into all kinds of anime and manga and all manner of weird fetishes, and he's willing to discuss either one at length should you get him going. This may or may not be a good thing, depending upon your personality.

159. Da_J

Da_J is weird. He had that strange sig competition thing that would last for like three days a person until the topic purged, and then he'd wait two months before putting up the next one. And I don't think he ever even gave away his sig! What a ripoff. Da_J also ran the Mercs-influenced “Who wins in a volleyball match?” which would have been an amazing tournament had more than four people ever bothered to vote in it. (Seriously, Gotenks vs. Galactus in a volleyball match. 'do it up')

158. WhakkoJacko

Back when this guy was lina inverse and Not_1, he was kind of dramatic; now that old age (read: high school) has set in, he's much calmer and laidback. Whakko's part of the tea party crowd, and he likes to give encouragement and help whenever possible.

157. SuperJanitor

I know SJ from two things: being a friend of Kleenex and trolling SDR. Seriously, bring up SDR in any topic and Janitor will be in there with the pics of SDR's prom like clockwork. It's kind of creepy. When he feels like posting, Janitor is normally acerbic and witty.

156. MrsFrisby

Formerly “Shadow Wyvern.” I always liked this guy, even though I got the strong impression that he had no self-esteem. He insisted on not being rated when I ran Rate the User and from what the way he posted I always felt like he was basically a less depressed version of starcow. That's a shame, because I know he's a really neat guy, and I hope his self-esteem has improved in recent years.

155. The Beginning

The Beginning began as an unoriginal troll who posted crap like “DIABLO PWNZ!!” in every topic. (I'm going back like five years here, bear with me.) What I mostly know him for is a hilarious series of topics he used to make and, more recently, his role in RAP BATTLE, in which he was very good at what he did (read: busting phat beatz). Good guy, one of my picks for most improved, and I'm glad to see him start posting again.

154. Mr Lasastryke

No matter what I say about Lasa, I know he's going to quote part of the writeup and either disagree with it or ask for clarification. That's what Lasa does: he is Vlado but without the pompousness, which actually makes him a nice guy, if a bit too prone to hyperbole. Lasa is always willing to stick up for anyone and argue for damn near anything; he treats everyone with the same level of respect, regardless of troll status. I have to respect both those points because Lasa himself is a pretty humble guy, and was always baffled when he received accolades for being the board's main topic saver back in the day (though I think, deep down, he expected to get some sort of cred for it – who wouldn't?). Lasa's a good guy, and I'm glad we have him around.

153. Janus5000

Here comes the usual joke: I was considering leaving Janus off the list just to say I forgot about him. HILARITY

Janus is a vintage TTer who always gave off the vibe of seeming older than he was. He likes Rock Band, stats, and taking Soul Calibur over Metal Gear in the Series Contest. I wish Janus would post more, but his entire gimmick stems around not doing so, so there are FIFTEEN DILEMMAS TO BEHOLD

152. ScorpioVS

Scorpio likes to pop into random topics and be all pseudo-troll in them. He was weird with Ryoko for like a week and followed her around in random topics. He's this high because of some comment he made in a topic like over a month ago that I found really funny and didn't write down, so I have mostly negative things to say and question my own ranking abilities. Shame on you, Scorpio. Shame.

151. MyWorldIsSquare

It says a lot about MWIS that he can post for less than a month and still make it this high. MWIS is an amazing man, arguably the best writer to have ever come to the board (his only competition that I've seen is BigCow, StopPokingMe, and some of Karma Hunter's work), and full of amazing ideas (Mercenaries was his creation alone). The problem with MWIS is that he comes to the board, promises us with brilliance, and then leaves, claiming to never return. Until he does the next year.

This year MWIS gave us the Legend of Snake, a fanfic that incorporated Persona's social link system with good old-fashioned CYOA work. He updated it like four times and people were actually surprised when he left. Our relationship with MWIS is like that of a battered spouse: we get hurt, but the sporadic makeup sex is so damn good.

150. Silver_Ermine

Ermine won “best new user” in the Boardys, but he got a surprising amount of hate over it; people started calling him a dick and such. I've never seen that side of Ermine, at least not overtly. He strikes me as somebody who does his own thing and can obliviously be rude to people, like with the whole Mafia thing, where he just stopped playing in the middle of one game because it wasn't fun and never bothered to ask for a replacement. That kind of thing just seems natural to Ermine, but is rude to everybody else.

Ermine obviously loves animals, to the point where people accuse him of being a furry. He posts about his animal love all the time, with picture topics and other related things. I couldn't care less about this aspect of Ermine, but since it's his biggest facet, I figured it'd bear mentioning.

But yeah, Ermine is 'nice enough,' but he really could take a few lessons in seeing things from other people's shoes (see the Mafia example).

149. Mr Igloo Bob

Mr Igloo Bob just upgraded to DrIglooBob. Apparently he's been hard at work!

Igloo Bob isn't exactly a troll, but he's irascible and likes to be outspoken about his opinions. He loves to debate and will go on for posts about his own perspective. He tends to actually back up what he says, however, which gives him a needed edge.

148. starcow

starcow is best known for having some of the lowest self-esteem on the board. Despite this, he actually posted his picture a few years back, which indicates to me that he has some measure of pride, which is cool. starcow can be a little mopey around the board, but in general he's a fun guy if you engage him in the right ways.

147. SEP

SEP reminds me a lot of somebody who hit their peak a long time ago and gets by referencing it over and over again. Whenever SEP posts about how sexy he is, I tend to ignore it and move on. I dunno, I just think it's old.

SEP is a lot better when he's doing other things. He debates a good bit in MPFC and Mercs, and I like his perspectives, since he's kind of a casual voter in both. He tends to bring a refreshing point of view to debates and is normally rational and well-thought-out. He's funny as well, and tends to be funnier when he isn't being all I AM SO SEXY. But yeah, I like SEP.

146. Weaku

I like how a degrading nickname eventually became this guy's main username and method of being identified. Weaku (formerly Rikku Almighty) mostly hangs out with Destoyer and possibly some others (Ryoko, maybe); I want to say he's big into survival horror as well. Weaku also “trolled” Ulti a lot with the nickname “ultimaterialoser.” Suffice to say my impression of Weaku is made up of these scattered things, but it is overall favorable and I would like to engage the gentleman in a cup of tea.

145. Shoenin Kakashi

Kaks had a rep for being one of the few hardcore fighting game fans on the board, much like Sytha. Now that fighting games are 'back in style,' he seems to be posting in lots of other places; he voted a lot in VGMusic Contest 3 and the MPFC, and he occasionally will play Mafia, though he tends to lurk incessantly. Kaks also had the worst role of all-time in DBZ Mafia: Fake Jester. Seriously.

Kaks has a pretty wide berth of knowledge on games and anime, and he tends to bring that knowledge to most topics; he has an open mind in debates and, as I stated before, argues the 'ideal' MPFC way, which is to not go in with biases about who wins but rather simply try and present the facts.

144. Redtooth

I wish I could put Reddy higher, but this list takes into account posting across the board, and Red... doesn't really post much. REGARDLESS, Reddy and I go back a ways. He was the winner of Mercs 1, having built an incredible team based on random abilities and layers upon layers of KO protection. He admined (adminned?) for Mercs 3, by which I mean he posted maybe one Merc build and then disappeared. Reddy's basically become a hardcore lurker, but when he does show up it's usually an awesome time for all.

143. Theo72

Theo is, since cro_ disappeared, the best-kept secret of the CLIQUE. Theo posts sporadically on the board, but the guy seems to have played every damn game in existence, and remembers tiny details about them. He is apparently an amazing SF4 player, in addition to being good at every game he touches. He is also hilarious in the TT chat, and he and Kleenex would probably are probably the BFFs of 2009, clique-wise.

142. Repus

Repus tends to disappear for long stretches of time on the board. He is on this list because he came up with a fantastic idea earlier in the year in which the board engaged in mass Let's Plays of various games on emulators; the results of this project can still be found on Youtube, along with my “hilarious” attempt at playing SMB on a keyboard without being able to run and jump at the same time. >_>

Repus used to be very angry about the board in general, but he seems to have mellowed out quite a bit in the twilight of his posting.

141. Random Guy 42

Random is very deeply entrenched in the B8 Mafia community, having hosted his debut game (Time Traveler Mafia) this year and having played in a ton of other games. Despite this, the guy gets lynched for inactivity pretty frequently (as was the case in MPFC Mafia), but he's a fun dude who actually apologized to me over email for doing just that in my game, which I respect a good deal.

140. Ctrl-Alt-Del

Formerly known as fr0q, this dude turned in his trolling apron and took up an artist's smock and MSPaintbrush and now draws the users for a living. His mini-comics and pics are always guaranteed to be among the best topics on the board; if you haven't seen the Adventures of Vlado (or whatever it's called), check it out.

139. tazzy

Scatterbrained and – to me – one of those users who will always be eternally underage, tazzy is like a more grounded DSRage. The guy's never seemed to care about e-pop, instead taking on fifteen projects at a time because he's really into them, not out of some ulterior motive. The guy does CYOAs, Save My contests, rankings of VGMusic, and probably tapdances too. He ultimately abandons these projects after like three days, but it's the thought that counts. >_>

138. Menji76

Menji fluctuates between two board personas: his arrogant contest season persona, and his real self, which is as clueless as a car uses gas. >_> This makes for some entertaining topics, from courting blind girls to being wrong about MGS4 to whatever else Menji does. I don't like the fake arrogance all that much, but Menji makes up for it by being as hapless as a baby driving a Subaru.

137. Chaotic Mind

Chaotic Mind came to the board for the first time this year, probably; at the very least, I noticed him for the first time this year. He supported most of my projects and thusly seems to share a number of interests with me. He seems to fit right in with the board social structure (with a few exceptions – I saw Sess trolling the hell out of him a little while back).

136. DeathChicken

If I ever want an opinion on something mildly obscure, be it games, anime, or comics, there's two people I'll ask: Theo and DC. Either one is guaranteed to have experienced it in some regard. DC in particular remembers minute details about these things; unfortunately, this results in him often stating things without backing them up with evidence. But he is interesting in debates because he usually knows his stuff about both sides, and can be counted on to at least participate most of the time.

135. McBones

Another Mafia player, I think this dude has been involved in some capacity with most of my hosted games, either as a player or an informed observer. He seems like a pretty funny guy, willing to be serious when it merits seriousness and capable of having fun when not. Bones was the infamous “SK Mason” in the infamous “Does Not Exist” Mafia game, which bears mentioning, I suppose.

134. Lockes Ragnarok

I never really noticed Lockes until this (last?) year, and he seems like a guy who's like a more relaxed/fun Digi: he has a lot of real-life stuff going down and he's able to talk about it without seeming like he's bragging. But he's also capable of diving right in there with the nerd culture and having a good time on the board. He also played Mafia a few times and I don't think it was a success.

133. foolmo

foolmo is one of those dudes who likes to try and pretend like he doesn't care about the board. His outlet for this is to troll, and unlike others, foolmo is actually really funny and interesting when he trolls. Like freac, he can manage to bring a terrible topic up to a higher standard by virtue of posting the right responses, which is awesome.

132. Colonel Alloy

I mostly know Alloy from Mafia, in which he tends to fall apart under pressure. But Alloy also has quite the history with tha ladiez, and by “quite a history” I mean “he doesn't ever get laid despite making twenty topics about that one girl who slept in his room and wouldn't put out.” Alloy's topics are always good for a laugh.

131. freac

Speaking of freac...! Yet another quasi-troll who gets his jollies from dissecting terrible posts. freac reminds me of what Naye would be like if Naye posted more, which is actually a good thing!

130. Naye745

Speaking of Naye...! Naye and I go back a ways. He was one of the first and only people I ever talked to over AIM in the OUR THE 2005 days, and I'd like to feel like I helped him get through some personal stuff. Naye's cut back his posting since then, but whenever he does feel the need to say something on the board, it's almost always guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

129. Silverliner

It's odd how someone so good at Mercs could be so boring at Mafia. Silver's Mafia play consists of not posting for days at a time and claiming nonsense like MILLER MILLER BOMB BOMB (double the miller, double the bomb), yet he's unarguably one of the best Mercs players, capable of long-term strategies, excellent deal-making, and crazy intimidation tactics. Aside from lol strategy games, Silver's a pretty chill dude, fun to talk with.

128. Xtremeblur

Blur and I might be different facets of the same person, I'm not sure. He – along with Ulti – is one of the only other fans of Hive of the Mantids, for one; he's an excellent rap battler; he likes almost all the same games I do; and so on. Blur would easily be top 50 material had he posted for more than like two months here. Seriously, Blur is awesome.

127. WVI

Wivvie is best-known to many for his laundry-list of every fetish ever, but I know the guy for being very tolerant and open-minded, if a little immune to sarcasm. WVI will debate anyone over anything if he feels like it, which both merits respect and a little bit of pity. >_> But yeah, Wivvie's a great guy, very friendly and approachable to anyone, regardless of who they are.

126. GenesisTwilight

Gen and I are the token gay minorities in Mercs. Gen's role in Mercs seems to be “come into the chat, say 'hi,' then continually ask when Peacetime is going to be posted.” (this is still better than what justin does >_>) Beyond this, Gen's a nice guy, if a little naïve and unequipped to deal with sarcasm at times; he is a genuinely friendly dude who, like WVI, is approachable to anyone.

125. potatoesaretubers

A classic lurker who always shows up with hilarious one-liners, baron von toast style. tubers and I had that “the daikon ownz all” topic, in which we supplanted B8 users' names with foods; this is much funnier than it actually sounds and I will pretend it occurred in 2009 so I can get away with mentioning it. tubers is into classical music and generally being smarter than most people.

124. Ness26

Like most of the gay guys high on the list (Gen, WVI), Ness is also approachable and likeable to and by anyone, willing to give anyone a chance. He normally shows up as the voice of reason in a number of topics, and his style of debating is reasoned and careful. That's my kind of guy!

123. Anagram

Try as I might, I can't dislike Anagram. The guy has a number of irritating habits, like continually posting topics about grammar, or blatantly stealing content from other websites, or half-assedly running an MPFC. But when he's on, he's very on: look at any topic he does with writeups, like his Star Wars ranking topic, which had insightful writeups on all the major characters; I assume the same held true for his Buffy ranking topic. He can also be pretty funny (when he's not wantonly stealing content >_>). So yeah, I like Anagram; I helped him out of a jam a few times in MPFC, and that creates an EVERLASTING BOND.

122. CycloReaper

I don't really get all the Cyclo hate. Sure, he sucks at defending himself and often comes off worse than he intended to in the first place, but most of the time he's harmless at worst. Cyclo used to have a rep for being a big PS3 fanboy and irritating liberal; I see the latter nowadays more than I see the former. In general, though, Cyclo is a good guy. His gimmick of being full of confidence is obviously meant to mask his personal insecurities, but he's entertaining when he engages in it and nice enough when he doesn't.

121. Surskit

I like laborious lists, but even I would quaff at the premise of a “top 1000 anything” list. Not Surski, who compiled his top 1100-or-so VGMusic tunes – most of which were, unfortunately, forgettable Nintendo pieces – and gave ALL OF THEM decent-sized writeups. Well, at least until the topic purged, but he got like 600 songs in! That takes dedication! Surskit is also always calm and polite, willing to give any song a chance, and is one of the best new users we've had this past year.

120. Tirofog

ti rof og

Tiro used to be a more prominent Mercs admin in the first game; his role in Mercs 3 seems to be of a more behind-the-scenes mentality. He is usually the voice of compromise, of trying to reach a consensus among the other admins, which is a role that I also filled a good bit in M1. Tiro is a genial, well-meaning guy, and this bleeds over into other aspects of life; it also makes him not the greatest Mafia player in the world for the same reasons (which I can relate to!).

119. Explicit Content

EC mostly posts in sports topics nowadays, which means I never get to see him any longer. When he does venture outside that realm, his posts are always worth reading, and are hilarious in that Alex Shelley sense of being falsely stupid and such. EC is always good for a laugh.

118. Delseban

Our own Mafia troll. Dels confuses and infuriates me: he will sign up for small games and then post about how he doesn't know what he's doing, stick by weird sets of rules, and generally not perform well. Despite this, he is obviously better than how he lets on, which leads me to believe he is just trolling and playing us for laughs. Why is he this high? THE RANKING SYSTEM IS ABSOLUTE THAT'S WHY

117. Shaduln

Shad and I almost never interact; he's one of those dudes I observe from afar, like a birdwatcher. I mostly saw Shad in UUL topics and Mafia games (yes yes I know lol Mafia), but there's a certain spark in him that I've always liked. Maybe it's that sense I get that he's not easy to intimidate, or maybe it's the overwhelming vibe I get that he's just having a good time, but Shad seems very difficult to dislike.

116. metroid13

Another user I've noticed in 2009, metroid13 usually has good things to bring to any topic. Like Ness26, metroid13 is usually a voice of reason in topics, offering unbiased perspectives and an open-mindedness that's very rare on the internet. He'll call you out if he thinks you're BSing, and he'll praise you if he thinks you merit praise.

115. Zeriercahl

An MPFC regular that's been around since the beginning, Zerierericahrslsaireizl (who is apparently an H.P. Lovecraft creation based on his name) is always willing to brainstorm ways of making MPFC better for everyone. He's like Silencer – but without all the lol american bias – in that he doesn't want to host, but rather is content advising from the sidelines.

114. HeroicGammaRay

HGR holds Mercs together, I'm convinced of this. If Tiro is the compromiser, HGR is the glue that keeps everyone going. Wang and Twilight may be responsible for 75 to 80 percent of the Mercs released, but it's HGR's attention to detail and quality control that ensures the game doesn't become a trainwreck. He keeps the players and admins both in line, a thankless task that must be appreciated.

HGR also really hated that he was on my list of favorite users because he is a curmudgeon incapable of liking anything.

113. Meow1000

Blade is a fun dude on the board; judging by Icehawk's writeup of him, I get the sense that I'd like him less if I ever went on AIM. >_> Blade does the AIM Mafia thing and recently got into Board Mafia, where he's a pretty solid player and brings a nice analytical sense to any game he's in. Blade was also part of that list of people that never wanted to be rated when I ran Rate the User, though I never asked why.

112. CrimsonOcean

Crim is the LOL TOKEN GIRL on the internet, and unlike several others in her situation she doesn't really seem to love the attention, nor does she seem to dislike it; she just does her own thing, and keeps doing it regardless of what people say. Crim, like aga, is big into those Board8Train chats and occasionally keeps up with large projects; I wish she would've submitted a character for my FSN CYOA, could've been interesting.

111. GANON1025

Ganon has done it: he's ranked above all the admins. (except newbie but newbie doesn't count) Ganon is, quite simply, hilarious; one can't really appreciate his brand of humor unless you get to know him decently well. He fluctuates between periods of intense confidence and intense self-doubt; he calls out people in power – mostly me – for perceived injustices and continually asserts that Anagram is a better MPFC host than I am; he is a sassy black man in a white man's anime. I love Ganon and you should too.

110. ZhangJunyi/PrivateBiscuit

Zhang is another one of those damn Mafia dudes (which seem to comprise 1/3 of my list). His in-game persona is similar to his board persona: inquisitive, sassy, and detail-oriented. Zhang is apparently a cool dude to play online gamez with, perhaps reflecting all three of the above qualities I mentioned. The one thing Zhang did that irritated me this year was the thirteen topics he made about changing his account. Okay, we get it: you like to be called something stupid. >_>

109. Chronic1000

Arguably the most successful topic series of the year was “Agree or Disagree?”, which was Chronic1000's baby. The guy kept it going for almost 700 topics, though I think he took it both too seriously (with its laundry list of rules) and too lax (letting andy nominate anything >_>). Chronic also had some kind of CYOA or something, I forget, but the important thing is that he stuck with a project that most people really enjoyed for so long, which takes commitment.

108. voltch


I used to think of voltch as some running gag that lurked in the stats topic, but this year I got to know the guy a bit better. He's actually rather well-educated on film and other aspects of culture, and he has a fairly open taste when it comes to such things. His online grammar is still pretty atrocious, but voltch is definitely somebody I'd come to for a movie recommendation.

107. MysteriousStan

When I ran my Writing Contest, Stan was one of the most adamant participants, almost never missing a week once he found out about it. Since then Stan's lent his creative juices to a variety of other B8 things, and the board is better for it. Without looking at the rest of my list, Stan might just be the best newcomer of 2009; at the very least, he's up there.

106. Rusty

I once again defer to Icehawk here, since I agree with his assessment of Rusty: the guy goes through different phases. His tagalong puppy phase, his “I suck Sess's balls” phase, his drug phase. We as a board have been privileged to watch Rusty grow up before our very eyes. I expect Rusty to crash his Dad's Subaru and go through an experimental gay phase next.

105. Calvinball

Calvinball is one of the best debaters we have on the board. He's always willing to approach any topic with an open mind and is generally well-reasoned and well-intentioned, willing to give anyone their fair due. He recently got into visual novels, and I imagine his Umineko playthrough topic would be likewise an excellent read.

104. Shaggy

Shaggy's one of the music aficionados on the board and is also Blur's BFF. He also happens to be Jesus. (Seriously, look at his picture.) Shaggy did a Song of the Day-type thing awhile back, possibly in 2008, which was great; he's willing to listen to anything, so long as it doesn't suck. Shaggy is very laidback and is probably the Dude from the Big Lebowski in another body.

103. MrSmartGuy

MSG is an odd bird when it comes to Mafia. Sometimes he has flashes of brilliance, other times he ruins the game for town. That being said, MSG likes to relax and dick around with his buds throughout the board; he doesn't seem to take much seriously, if anything at all, which is rather refreshing. Reminds me of Aecioo, but with a shirt.

102. Crystal King

Another awesome lurker, CK manages to always post awesome things, be they playthroughs of impossibly hard Mario ROM hacks or simple impressions of games or life. Any time I see a Crystal King post, I normally stop whatever I'm doing and read it, since it's guaranteed to be totally awesome.

101. KommunistKoala

KK begins a series of users with alliterative names. Koala mostly plays tha AIM Mafia and other AI-related games; when he posts on the board, it's usually something freac-esque, like “shut up piman” over and over again. Despite this – or perhaps because of it – Koala is usually very funny.

100. bonetail_basher

Being young can be a glorious thing. It can also make you obnoxious, self-absorbed, and clueless. bonetail, mercifully, is none of those three things, and gets attention in large part because of this. People go 'Hey, you're like 14 but you're not a total douche. Congrats!' It's a surefire recipe for success.

Bonetail isn't just not a douche, he's actively a nice guy who never seems to get frustrated and doesn't take out real-life issues over the internet. He's a bit too trusting of people at times (see: piman), but he makes up for it with genuineness.

99. SensiShadeSlaye

Sensi would probably be higher if, like so many great minds of his time, he didn't actively disappear for months on end. Sensi is a great guy, open to talking about anything and willing to give his opinion on matters. He seems like he's unsure of the amount of time he wants to invest here, which definitely shows in his aforementioned absences and occasional flakiness, but I'll stand by the dude as a true American (Canadian?) hero.

98. ProphetProfit

Prophet used to play Mafia but doesn't any longer; this, in his mind, gives him the right to actively criticize both hosts and players of current games while not participating in anything directly. But Prophet does this the same way he does everything: with style. Prophet's damn funny, sort of like a combination of Aecioo (the dry wit) and freac (the blatant trolling).

97. Jakyl

The man put it best himself: he's well-liked among a crowd of people that knows him but almost entirely unknown outside of that. I'm not sure why, but Jakyl definitely qualifies for a well-kept secret despite running the UCA and being the board's main expert on prostitution and one of the biggest voices in the B8 wrestling community. I've probably never spoken with the guy directly, but I kinda want to.

96. Fett

Every Mafia community needs its archiver, and Fett takes up that duty with pride, displaying almost every past game from the modern era on the “Fettbox.” Fett himself is mostly all-business: he doesn't normally joke around, outside or during games, but his no-nonsense demeanor belies his impressive skill: he can outwit most towns with ease and plays a good game against scum as well.

95. Charton

I won't say this about too many people, but Charton needs to make more topics. His old “projects” where people would post and he would come up with a story for them or a writeup or something creative were great, and I miss that about the guy. Charton seems to have left the board primarily for the AIM community, but he still pops in from time to time to remind us of how awesome – and creepy – he is.

94. TimJab


u a pimp


Tim's been here since god-only-knows, but he's mostly stayed on the sidelines until recently. Tim's gotten a good group of friends – and some hatas – who all seem to enjoy mocking each other and generally dicking around on and off the board. Good fun.

93. The Raven 2

If I had to pick one word to describe Raven, it would be “industrious.” The guy always plugs away at his projects like Game of the Year and UCA, and though they don't get as much attention as, say, mine or Icehawk's, they're still generally solidly run and appealing to their audience. Raven has, like Tim, been here since the days of creation, and he's chosen to stick around, and the board is better for it.

92. Red Shifter

I was going to do a writeup of Red Shifter, but I tore my quad. =(

I don't know a damn thing about wrestling except that Randy Savage apparently likes to SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM, and I still find the [quad] topics hilarious. With Hogasm leaving us, we need a good fad topic during contest season, and the quad topics are usually well-written and extremely fun to visualize. I even tried joining in with quad puns one topic, but SmartMuffin beat me to the punch and I just couldn't compare. Seriously, Red Shifter is a damn genius... in the same way that Alex Shelley was a genius, but still!

91. Master Moltar

I finally got my opportunity to be on the Analysis Crew in 2009, and the contest was so unmemorable that I forgot I was even a part of it. >_> Thanks for giving me a chance anyway, Molts!

Moltar obviously runs the Analysis Crew, which is a wonderful stats-related series of topics for those who don't feel like braving the hostile and busy stats topics. The writeups are usually entertaining, specifically Moltar's, where he does some weird fanfiction thing every year. Moltar also ran the successful Brawl League, which was much more interesting than I thought it would be because I misunderstood the concept. >_>

90. TurnTurnTurn

I don't like to acquiesce the title, but if the Writing Contest was anything to go by Turn's probably the most consistent and best writer on the board, getting more golds than anyone else in the five-week span of my tenure. Turn's also an acerbic wit, and the only flaw I can really find with the guy in that regard is that he always goes for the easy targets which, while entertaining, doesn't stretch his brain as much as it should. In the words of playground ethics: pick on someone your own size!

89. Sir Cobain

Cobain is like Abom/lcad/Brak, but funny. He doesn't spam the board with stale YTMND fads; rather, Cobain picks and chooses when he interjects random comments, and this attention to detail makes him funnier for it. Cobain can pop up in any topic, offering his unique brand of one-liner wit and criticism, and I usually find myself laughing at whatever the man types.

88. Kaxon

Formerly known as one half of the Oracle Challenge duo, Kaxon now does a variety of other things: his top games list (which was a great read, even though it was like three years ago >_>), his top remixes list (yesss), and – hopefully – the forthcoming VGRemix Contest. Beyond his projects, Kax is a solid, fun guy to mess around with, and he has a ton of personality that might not always immediately come through on the board, but if you dig beneath the surface a tad, you'll find Kaxon's true form. Splendid.

87. Oddity

Oddity's an old vet who came back recently and got into the Mafia scene; games with Oddity are usually guaranteed to be solid, because if the man goes down, he has to o down in flames. (Not, like, Spiral-level flames, but still. Nobody can achieve Spiral-level flames.) Outside Mafia, Oddity was a Mercs leader for a while until his team got eliminated and he took over another team that will soon be eliminated. Hey, the guy's got fighting spirit!

86. sonten1

Also known as “HBJ” (whatever that stands for), sonten's a quiet guy known for ambitious projects. He's hosted two Metal Gear Mafias with creative roles and ran a 256-song Best. Song. Ever. contest (Bohemian Rhapsody won), despite low votals and interest (hell, I would have abandoned it if it didn't get sufficient interest!). sonten's a creative guy with a lot to offer the board.

85. Wigs

Wigs is a silly, silly man. Like Mana he goofs around with lots of references both obscure and well-known, but Wigs is also capable of creating his own running gags and playing around with them (LOLNINJAPOWERS). It's been awhile since we've had a Wigs project, and I'd like to see the guy get back to one. He's also legitimately one of the nicest guys on the board.

84. Mumei

I've always had great respect for Moomay; when I first came to the board “full-time” he was one of the few people I sought to impress. More recently, he was in the top 20 (IIRC) of my personal favorite user list. Mumei likes to push his interests on other people; he is probably the sole reason why anyone on this board has seen or even heard of Monster, for instance. But that's not what Mumei's known for to me – he is at his best in debates, where he takes on the role of figurehead for the calm liberal side, capable of employing factual evidence and not resorting to attacks on the opposition's intelligence. He's like Karma Hunter, but not angry when he debates.

83. Cokes

Some people say that Cokes can be elitist when it comes to music taste, but I don't see that... then again, I don't often click on the music topics. >_> At any rate, Cokes is a good guy. He's not as angry as he was at the world years ago, even when he plays Mafia (in which the poor guy's gotten three scan-as-different-alignment roles in three of my games). Cokes is also running the Boston Marathon in... April, I believe, and you should all go and make a contribution to his cause.

82. Dark_Spiral

There are B8 Mafia terms based around Tom (No Lynch), Fett/red (Weskering), and probably Chris. But Spiral deserves one as much as those guys. When you “pull a Spiral” in my book, it means you completely fall apart at the seams and potentially cost your side the victory. Spiral has done this in more games than I can remember, with different alignments; he has a deserving reputation for being completely balls-to-the-wall crazy with claims, to the point where when he actually does get a kooky role, no one believes him. But Spiral doesn't do all this for lack of trying: he really does try, and as a result any game with him is guaranteed to be entertaining in some capacity.

81. Harmonica

Harmy's become something approaching lurker status recently, and I think I put him this high based on off-board communication (which I said I wouldn't do, but hey!). Harmy did run the Boss Music Contest this year – or possibly late 2008 – which was Board 8's first collective exposure to Umineko music. He's generally a well-spoken, cultured guy with a lot to offer any topic (see: Movie of the Week club), and I'm glad to be able to call him a buddy.

80. Steiner


Steiner pretty much posts exclusively about drugs and music, but he does so in such a way that's always entertaining to read. He has his tastes in music but he seems open to other suggestions. He's a funny man who has the second-best banned account story (next to PukeInMyPot) on the board. I like STEINAH a good deal.

79. Icon

Icon has always been an intellectual force to be reckoned with across the board, and thankfully for any detractors of his he's normally too uninterested/lazy to put said intellect to debates. Instead, Icon prefers to focus on the arts, specifically music (though he knows much about film, games and theater as well); he and best bud transience are the public faces of the 'music group' with an unpronounceable name (see: earlier in this topic). Icon enjoys mocking and humiliating raytan, making passes at my mother, and insinuating that I have a small penis.

78. Heroic Mario

tranny's OTHER best bud, Aitch Emm kinda fell off the non-stats scene when he closed his original account; as such, he doesn't really do the massive list topics with three thousand posts about the most insignificant characters or the constant list-changing that made him a legend among legends. Instead, HM's become more chill: he focuses on his interests but doesn't shove them around the board as much, willing to talk about them at length with anyone who's interested but not omnipresent about it.

77. GodOfGaming

Anyone who ventured into the Brawl topics this past year probably got an invite to play from GOG, arguably the board's friendliest user. When I ran Rate the User GodOfGaming was the top user after almost 300 days, and I don't think he got below a 9. He's just that friendly and likeable to everyone. Unlike some other Brawlers, GOG was willing to play anyone, regardless of skill level. Don't know where he is now, though.

76. Ayvuir

Ayv does a few interesting topics, the top users of the year being one of them. He's also responsible for the initial idea of the UUL, which is neat. I know Ayv primarily through his relaxed and refreshing presence in topics; he can often add a lot by goofing around and having fun.

75. War

You know you've 'made it big' on B8 when you have your own personal B8 stalker. Ryoko has ScorpioVS, I have lefty, Palmer has the entire night crew, and Extha has War. War demonstrates his Extha fixation by making approximately three hundred Extha-themed alts: WarThaNemesis (which I'm pretty sure is now his main), ExThasEx, WarRKOsMaplejet, ExThaDoesTheHerkyJerky, and many others.

War is like FFD, SantaRPG and many others I've mentioned on this list: he peppers a topic with little quips and then leaves, enhancing the topic experience for all. Godspeed, War.

74. CasanovaZelos

When I think 'movies,' I think Cassie (a clever nickname I just now came up with for him). Cassie is the board's most vocal movie fan, and by 'vocal' I don't mean 'here are my opinions let me shove them down your throat,' I mean 'let's talk.' It's honestly refreshing to see someone so devoted to something who just wants to share it with others and not force his opinions on it. In 2009 Cassie ran two Best Movie contests and possibly a Save My Top IMDB Movie thing, and he is always willing to discuss film with anyone. Cassie is a new hero for a new age.

73. numbers (dragon numbers)

numbers is like a more skilled version of me. He is better at both Mafia and Mercs than I am, but he takes the same approach that I do to both: play it low-key. He's one of the top Mercs leaders out there, and for good reason: the guy has an incredible eye for good buys and backroom dealings. He's also, on an unrelated note, got interesting musical tastes, and seems open to a variety of music.

72. yazzy

Seemingly retired from the e-pop scene, yazzy has become a kind of elder statesman on the board, reaching neonreaper levels of advice-giving. He's a Christian but he's mannered and respectful of other religions, and this fact reflects on his general mentality: yazzy can get down and dirty with debates, but he never loses himself in ad hominem attacks or logical fallacies.

71. Bidoof

I used to think – along with many others – that Bidoof was an alt of a regular user, that's how cleanly he fit into the social scene. But I've come to the conclusion that he's just some dude who's snarky to a tee, who can totally troll very subtly and in the same breath have a nice, social conversation. Bidoof doesn't do projects, and he doesn't need to; he's content being silly and cynical.

70. SHINE GET 64

Oh, SHINE. I wish SHINE and I had continued our brief rivalry from User of the Year 2007 – but that would require SHINE to care about something outside his weird interests. Said interests include any – and I mean any – Nintendo game, various sports, box arts, game memorabilia, and being fluffy and completely impersonal. Seriously, ask SHINE to give an honest opinion or to “be himself.” The guy is either unwilling or incapable of doing so. All he really does is post gaming topics and dick around, and while there's nothing really wrong with that, it makes me wonder why we've never gotten to know the “real SHINE.” My guess is that he is probably a leper.

69. Leebo86

Leebo has become the new Lasa, and not because he bumps topics but because he is willing to, laboriously, engage anyone – and I mean anyone – in extended debates. Leebo treats ertyu and Albion the same as yazzy and Drakeryn the same as contest newbs: they are all equals, and they are all worthy of his scorn and rejection. I respect that, to a certain degree, and to another degree I find it futile and sad. But Leebo is always up for any kind of discussion about anything, which makes him one of the board's more interesting posters.

68. SantaRPG

Santa is funny, and when I had a revelation stating such, it really surprised me. I mean, the dude hangs out with GMUN on a regular basis, so I didn't expect great things. But yeah, Santa is actually a pretty funny dude. He's shown up in a few people's sigs over the past year, which is a testament to his quippy one-liners and ability to cut right to the core of a joke. Santa reminds me of a somewhat less refined MoogleKupo; keep on practicing and you may very well reach his level, son.

67. Caelus

I am apparently under contractual obligation to mention the words “drunk” and “FigureOfSpeech” in this writeup, even though I don't care about either one. >_> Caelus is a social butterfly: a little gruff around the edges, but get him talking and he can go on and on about many topics. He's also big into Touhou music, which I would not have expected. Caelus has a sharp, analytical mind when he feels like applying himself.

66. Alec

Alec's main “gimmick” is voting against/for himself in anything possible – Mafia games, user contests, beauty competitions, best Goldeneye character contests. It's like Tom with No Lynch in that I think Alec just does it because he feels obligated to and derives no actual pleasure from it. Alec is always willing to pitch in and help out with neat ideas, like that Apples to Apples B8 game. Quiet and underrated, much like his bud Jakyl, Alec is a cool dude.

65. Paratroopa

I like Para, even though at times he can frustrate me. When something doesn't go his way in a game – specifically Mercs – he's quick to point fingers at everybody but himself. He can also be rash and somewhat whiny about his musical opinions. But Para is also a good-hearted, immensely talented person with a lot to offer any topic. He was also a blast to DnD with.

64. Lady Ashe

It's funny – Ashe has kind of evolved over the years. At first he was an obnoxious stats topic regular, then he went through an overt trolling phase. Now Ashe has toned it down a good deal and though he'll still tell you when you suck, he's much more prone to positivity and the occasional opening up. His top games or anime topics, for instance, are occasionally filled with personal anecdotes and brief but well-written writeups. He's a good guy, even if he's loath to admit it himself.

63. KBM

This was a big year for KBM. He came out of the closet in 2009, won a Mafia game for his faction by using an overlooked rule, and made a few much-beloved Let's Plays of Silent Hill (in which he apparently screams like a little girl). He and I also share the same unadulterated love for Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame. KBM is normally mannered and respectful, capable of holding his own in a debate and a strategy game.

62. Procrastinater

Crasty is the king of the “night crew,” where he is an omnipresent force that posts about the crucial debate of pancakes vs. waffles, which is totally not a complete waste of time. More to the point, Crasty is funny more often than not; his battles against piman and moderations are always good reads, as are his daily social interactions with the likes of Digi, Ryoko, et al. - normally fun stuff goes down in those topics, and normally it's Crasty who's responsible for it.

61. Leonhart

If there's one legitimate nice guy who gets a surprising amount of hate on the board, it's Leon. The guy is always polite, friendly, and funny (unless you're MWC); he's one of the most reasonable stats guys out there, he occasionally runs the NCAA characters contest, he does great lists and writeups, he's sharp and witty... what's not to like?

66. Alec

Alec's main “gimmick” is voting against/for himself in anything possible – Mafia games, user contests, beauty competitions, best Goldeneye character contests. It's like Tom with No Lynch in that I think Alec just does it because he feels obligated to and derives no actual pleasure from it. Alec is always willing to pitch in and help out with neat ideas, like that Apples to Apples B8 game. Quiet and underrated, much like his bud Jakyl, Alec is a cool dude.

60. meisnewbie

newbie is simultaneously one of the board's best debaters and one of the board's best trolls. The fact that can he do both at the same time is amazing, a feat surpassed only by the likes of neon and SD. newbie's main stomping grounds are MPFC and Mercs, though he's known to pop up around the board, occasionally engaging people in debates. What newbie says is often worded very opaquely, so it's tough to tell if he's joking or leading you into a delicious debate trap, but that's all part of the newbie fun.

59. CommodoreTN

Along with Digi, Commodore is one of the main “real life” guys on the board, the kind of poster who's inclined to discuss drinking and sexual experiences over video games and anime. Commodore does, however, engage in music debates; his top 100 song list has been ongoing since roughly April, for instance. Commodore normally brings a nice, open perspective to topics, and he's a welcome addition to the board.

58. Karma Hunter

I have no idea why people dislike Karma Hunter. Okay, that's not true – I can understand why. He's hot-headed and can look down on people; he's got a temper; he disappears for months on end. But Karma Hunter is still my favorite user of all-time and would still top this list if it were solely my favorites. He's my Board 8 soulmate, the person I can feel most comfortable around, the one who possibly knows me best. I miss him when he's gone (which is often), and I get the impression he feels that way about me. Ours is a romance that will stand the test of time, surpassed only by KH's real-life friendship with Mumei and fetus/Silvercross yaoi.

57. As I Desire

The best new user of 2009. As I Desire might not stand out as a recognizable username yet, but he's shown up in a big way to me. The guy just seamlessly fits right into the community, joking around with the vets as if he'd been here forever. He's intelligent and his posts are almost always worth reading. Definitely an underrated guy.

56. sonicblastpunch

SBP is not quite the funniest user on the board any longer, but he's still definitely up there. His one-sided rivalry with Amazing Telephone is always hilarious and his strange obsession with user popularity is amusing. SBP always has a lot to add to any topic or strange situation, and his trademark all-lowercase, punctuation-less posting style has been copied by many, but he himself is still the master at it.

55. lefty

As I've mentioned before, lefty is my own personal stalker. Whenever something needs updating, lefty will remind me about it. And remind me about it. And remind me about it. And remind me about it.

lefty is somebody who manages to be everywhere without actually posting (kind of like me!). He is always nice to just about everyone and always has a kind word for most people. At the same time, if you are a douche, he'll probably let you know! And then message me about it. And then message me about it. And then message me about it.


54. FFDragon

On Board 8 we have our nice users, the guys who wouldn't hurt a fly, and we have the popular users who win all the contests. But even with all those users, I'm hard-pressed to think of anyone who's as universally loved as FFD. I don't know how it would even be possible to dislike the guy. FFD is amiable and talks freely and openly about his interests (wrestling, Mafia, Mercs, sports); he always has amusing stories to tell about a variety of things. If I could pick anyone to be the Board 8 Mascot in terms of international goodwill across the internet, I'd pick FFD.

53. Blind Azathoth

After Turn passed the Writing Contest off, Blind Azathoth took it up. BA is a fun and creative guy who always posts interesting things; he falls into that mold of “I like Planescape and LucasArts games,” which gives him the appearance of being intelligent, though his actual posts make him definitively smart. BA also ran Best God Ever, a creative contest with tons of participation.

52. LiselTestify

Let's start with the bad first: Lisel can be melodramatic and seems to hold grudges for little reason. Not cool. On the plus side, Lisel is always willing to commit himself fully to the board, be it through contests, CYOAs, or debates. He invests a lot of himself here, and I think maybe that's the reason he can be a little too much on the drama: when you pull all of yourself out there, you expect good things back, y'know?

Plus Lisel also posted a Tim Allen picture of himself. aww yeah

51. gotspork

Sporky, defender of trolls and horrible people. This has become her reputation, which is both kinda sad and kinda her fault. Spork likes to see the good in everyone and to stand up for others, regardless of who they are; she's stood up for the jp, piman, Hippo, and Albion before (notice a pattern?) and doesn't seem to get that, in most cases, these people are loathed for good reason. But Sporky is also a genuinely funny and well-meaning person; she goofs off with the rest of the gang and, apart from the aforementioned behaviors, doesn't seem to take herself too seriously.

50. sephsblade

sephs is a man for all ages. His trademark brand of wacky, non sequitur-based humor appeals to everyone, unless you don't get it, which applies to everyone. sephs is actually a very talented writer and would be even better if he had a longer attention span than that of a gnat. Like Blind Azathoth, sephs is into things both cerebral and strange, and he is willing and able to share these interests with the board. Interestingly enough, sephs is one of the few users whose popularity has never waned or increased dramatically over the years, staying at a constant 'pretty high.'

49. nintendogirl

Most of the female users on the board tend to prefer to interact as normal users, not drawing attention to their femininity. Then we have ngirl, who more than makes up for all of them. In the past, ngirl has posted pictures of her breasts, both clothed and unclothed; made attention-garnering drunk topics; and generally acted like a large attention whore. She is more than comfortable with her girl status on a mostly male message board: she revels in it, almost relying on it for gratification. I do get the sense that ngirl would be quite okay without any of the attention, however; I feel like she's very self-aware of what she's doing, and she does it all for laughs.

48. dowolf

dowolf is probably the only Mafia player to have signed up for almost every game without ever expressing a desire to host one himself. Quiet and unassuming, dowolf plays every game to the best of his ability, and only seems to blame himself when things don't go properly. He is the Mafia workhorse, the Tirofog of the game, doing his thing quietly and diligently, and though he doesn't always get it right, he always puts in a good effort. This is dowolf in a nutshell: always observing everything yet never putting himself out there as a “go-to” guy himself.

47. Team Rocket Elite

For somebody commonly classified as a supercomputer, TRE is actually one of the most human moderators on the site. He's always willing to give explanations for moderations and ToU violations, which sometimes makes him an object of ridicule, which I find sad: there aren't many mods out there willing to give you the time of day, much less interact with the board in such a meaningful way, and TRE constantly goes unappreciated. For instance, TRE asked the board their opinion on topicality rules, a small gesture that goes a long way. We deride the very concept of the “user-mod relationship”; TRE works to make it a reality.

46. Shake

Shake is one of the few users with an argument for “best Board8er of all time.” He has his past glories behind him and now seems to serve in an advisory capacity, participating in a low-key format instead of being the out-there nutjob he used to be. Shake does poker, boxing, and CYOAs, and he manages to be a leader in all of them despite a more subdued posting style. Naturally charismatic and possessing a wealth of information, knowledge, and personality, Shake would be much higher if he didn't disappear every few months or so.

45. kaonashi

I once described kaon as the board's best-kept secret, and this year kaon presented himself to the board a bit more, playing through FSN and running the Prediction Challenge. kaon is also well-known to participants of the Compo Contest and the Match Pic makers, excelling at both with his trademark humility intact. That's kaon to me – a jack of all trades who manages to do everything and still keep his head on straight and his heart in the right place. He's a treasure.

44. DNEA

DNEA is always good for a laugh and a mindscrew. Look at Castlevania Mafia, for instance: a well-balanced game that nevertheless kept everyone guessing until the end (and fared much better than Sonic Mafia >_>). DNEA is one of those dudes who puts on a show of hating everything with a misanthropic gesture, yet secretly loves the board, its culture, and its people.

43. Semi

In contrast, Semi actually does hate the board, its culture, and its people. >_> It has been suggested by greater minds than myself that Semi is a shadow of what he used to be, his former greatness eclipsed by an unwillingness to put himself out there for the people. I think he's simply evolved: rather than constantly hating on FF9 and Inviso, Semi now actually seems to take things to heart, and though he does – as I said before – hate most of the board, he seems to get down on himself when he fails during projects he cares about (Mafia, Mercs, B8SN), which shows, perhaps, the softer side of Semi.

42. Bokonon_Lives

I've said before that Boko is probably the user I'd most get along with in real life. He and I share the same off-kilter yet polite sense of humor, willing to laugh at most sensibilities but knowing when to pull back. I always wish Boko would join the RAP BATTLEs: you know he'd be great at it. This year Boko tried to do Best Attack Ever Three (Four?), which (inevitably?) fizzled; the dude's more of a 'pop into random topics and be funny' kind of guy, which suits his wacky, fun personality better.

41. KamikazePotato

KP has firmly entrenched himself in various cliques: the Mercs clique, the visual novel clique, and the VGMusic clique. (spoilers these are all the same clique) He doesn't really do projects himself, preferring instead to participate in solid ones he deems worthy of his attention, though he does do the occasional VGMusic ranking list (I think a few weeks ago he ranked every Umineko song). I've always liked KP for his honesty and his sense of humor.

40. GrapefruitKing

GFK is one of the funniest people on the board. In addition to his amazing tomato topics, the guy is solid when it comes to one-liners, two-liners, and any kind of -liners involving humor. He makes Sporcle quizzes that are normally fun and engaging, which about sums up GFK's board personality as well. He is known for turning his little quirks and obsessions into full-fledged board projects (“Rate It!”) before he gets bored with them.

39. Coffee Ninja

Coffee Ninja is one of the more “normal” users here in terms of interests: he matches up nicely with what an average person his age would be doing and participating in, and he types and interacts like most normal people do. What sets Coffee Ninja apart is his willingness to break the mold of his stereotype and have fun with the nerds. CN is known for some flat-out ridiculous and funny real-life stories, and he always gives his all on the board, even over little things like writing contests and making match pictures.

38. transience

Let me use this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about the Clique Archangel Demon transience. transience – or “tranny,” as he is commonly called – has been called many things over the years: elitist, contest-rigging, laidback, uncaring. He is all of these things, and so much more. You see – and I'm going to get in so much trouble for typing this – tranny is actually part of a mythical race of warriors called the Highlanders. They are immortal beings who can only be killed via decapitation, and it is prophesied that, in the end, only one of them can remain: a sort-of Ragnarok, if you will. tranny assembled the Clique to prepare for this war. He doesn't actually care about the board, its people, or anything of that ilk; it's all a carefully constructed front to get ahead in the ongoing battle against his own kind. We are thus both blessed and cursed by transience's presence on the board.

37. Tom Bombadil

Tom is the nicest user on the board. There are people who are more sugary (Ermine, raytan, Pre-Crisis me), but Tom has a genuineness, an authenticity that's almost impossible to fake. As such, it's hard to dislike Tom. Sometimes he can be a little slow on the uptake when it comes to games like Mercs and Mafia, but he always gives his all, which is more than most can say.

36. HaRRicH

Harr is well-known for his interests (specifically theater, character battles, and Doc Louis), and is perhaps even more well-known for spreading them across the board like a fungus. He harangues the board for ideas and input on theater projects and does so unabashedly, using us like a heroin addict and then tossing us away. And the best part? He does it in such a way that we all willingly want to help out. God damn you Harrich.

35. BrettEagles

I don't know if you know this or not, but – brace yourself – BrettEagles really likes Disney.

Shocking, I know.

Brett arrived on the board with folks like Preston and masterofmarth, so in terms of timing things couldn't have been worse for him. I think Brett probably got a similar reputation as those dudes because he liked to run contests, but unlike the others, Brett was actually a capable host and project manager who was able to finish what he started – Save My Disney Character is currently in its third iteration, with a fairly devoted fanbase of followers. You don't get that from putzing out and giving up. Brett's got great potential as a project runner, and outside those things he seems to have a decent mind and aptitude for other things.

34. Luis

Chris is the face of the board Mafia community. Luis, however, is the closest thing to a driving force that we have. He gives his all to every game, he instigates discussion and memories in the social topics, he's open to thinking outside the box in terms of setups. Luis cohosted a game with me at the end of 2009 and I learned a lot from him in terms of how he looks at game design; the first thing both of us want is a game that's fun, which we need more of in Mafia. Luis is committed, reliable, and most importantly he knows how to have a good time.

33. Grand Kirby

One of the more overlooked posters on the board, Grand Kirby seems to be a repository of cool things on the internet. He is capable of conjuring fascinating Wikipedia pages, news stories and links about amazing or weird crap. He's like LL but without the illegal downloading and people calling each other “***s” every two posts. Grand Kirby is also very funny; he possesses more of an understated sense of humor, relying on puns and odd jokes to get the point across.

32. BesaidGuy

I wish there were words to describe my love for besaidguy

as it stands there is only raw honey and garlic-infused hummus, a titillating combination

BesaidGuy is like fine wine: he not only gets better with age but makes you orgasm by rubbing himself all over your undergarments

BesaidGuy is a lifechanging experience. We are like asian fighting fish in his tank, circling a mirror of crassness in his wake

Nothing will ever be the same again.


31. TheKnightOfNee

Nee is my bro. Anri has Digi, fetus has Silver, I have a combination of Kleenex and Nee. Nee is damn funny when he puts in effort; most of his time nowadays is spent nominating obscure yet awesome junk for VGMusic contests and generally being an ever-so-elusive man. When Nee commits he rivals the best of the best in terms of hilarity, and even when he doesn't he's still up there.

30. Giggsalot

Giggs is one of the most thoughtful posters on the board in terms of writeups. The dude absolutely loves music, and his attention to detail and open-mindedness show whenever he does a writeup topic (granted, they take about three years to finish NOT THAT I HAVE ANY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN). I've gotten lots of good recs from Giggs – Radiohead, Massive Attack, Daft Punk – and he doesn't sell me on them through small blurbs; he sells me on them through impossibly detailed writeups full of passion. That's the key: writeups are easy to do if you can string sentences together, but to be passionate about them, and to have your passion inspire others? Not many can claim that. Giggs can.

29. ExThaNemesis

Some users post just to hang out, some post to have a good time, some post for projects or writeups. ExTha does all of the above and more: he's like a one-man show, a throwback to the old days where users would actually tell stories and have legends inscribed about them. ExTha's become part of the Board 8 lexicon: RKOs, his girl escapades, his friendships and rivalries. ExTha is a force of Board 8, and his posts usually precipitate some giant happening, and even if they don't, he still manages to be entertaining just by being himself.

28. Not Dave

I like to think I'm indirectly responsible for keeping Not Dave around. I feel like, towards 2007, he was getting bored here – as great minds often do – and my WWYD kept him around. Regardless of whether this is true or not, I can definitely take credit for him getting involved in Mafia, a game which he showed natural aptitude for and which I wish he played more often. Not Dave is satirical and biting like DNEA and Semi, but he lets his passion show for a number of things, which is an interesting balance.

27. MoogleKupo141

Moogle appeals to a certain side of myself – the corrupt, unorthodox side who frowns at authority and chafes at stupidity. Moogs' trademark wackiness calls to mind other greats like Alex Shelley and vintage Explicit Content while also channeling the spirit of, say, Youtube Poop: something that's kinda trolling, kinda smart, kinda disconcerting, and kinda messed up. The end result is comedic awesomeness, like his tomato topics (yes I know he does the tomato topics shut up), or the short-lived Charles Barkley Cosplays as the Loser. Moogle is 2009's Alex Shelley, and he should wear that title proudly.

26. metroid composite

No, she's not this high because she's a girl; she's this high because she's unabashedly smart and willing to discuss smart things in a smart way. mc can debate with the best of them, forming complex thoughts and sentences that are actually interesting to read. mc is one of the few posters whose posts I will almost always stop to read in their entirety, and that's a large compliment.

25. MajinZidane

Boko is probably the modern-day ExTha: somebody who has a whole culture devoted around him, and though he doesn't always add a lot to every topic he posts in, Boko is a fun dude who is guaranteed to offer some good shenanigans. In Mafia, for instance, Boko brings some much-needed levity to the game in addition to being a good strategical mind. Boko is always a good time.

24. Applekidjosh

Josh is somebody who can disappear from the board for quite some time, then pick up right where he left off. He is in many ways a relic of his time – the 2005 era – but in many ways he still has a lot to offer to the board. The big news this year for Josh was GamerPanda breaking up with him, and Josh was around more frequently as a result. Why I like Josh is tough to articulate in “objective” terms: I mostly know him as one of the most genuinely nice people around, one who brightens up the board simply by being around it.

23. Ngamer64

I described Ngamer on the most recent Serious Business podcast as a “eunuch.” After having done several episodes of the show with him, I think this is very appropriate: the guy lives and breathes contest stuff. He's very unnatural. I want to dick around with him and I feel like I can't – not because he'd be offended or anything, but because I just don't think we'd gel very well.

That said, Ngamer is invaluable to the board. His work on the Wiki, the Guru Contest, archiving things, podcasts, stats... anywhere you look, the guy has a hand in something. If he actually let his hair once in a while he'd probably be in the top ten!

22. Silvercross

I first knew Silvercross as the board's VIP, who worked for Activision and made awesome, if seldom read, topics about being in the game industry. But VIPs – at least undr CJayC – weren't allowed to socialize, and Silvercross was too awesome to be confined in such a way. So he shed his first image and become a bro of the highest order with fetus; their days of debauchery remains quite possibly the best topic of the year.

21. Kleenex

Kleenex believes it's not butter. He always wondered what the point of that ad campaign was, since it pretty clearly does not look or taste like butter.

Kleenex likes it when the main characters in RPGs don't have to be in your party; he finds it “innovative.”

Kleenex doesn't really have a strong opinion on the Vietnam War.

One time Kleenex thought about what it would be like to go snowshoeing, and concluded that it would be a mix of “heavy” and “wet.” This is also his thoughts on what it would have been like to have been at Woodstock, what it would be like to donate blood to the Red Cross, and what it would be like to go down on Rosie O'Donnell.

20. Sess/i am the game

iatg was number 23 but I skipped him and don't feel like messing up the numbers! iatg has a wonderful board persona, clearly meant to entertain most folks and piss off the people he dislikes. By and large he succeeds at doing both, playing up his angles of “I have money” and “I am so much better than you” and “XFD” and so on. A Sess topic is normally guaranteed to be entertaining if you're not one of his targets, and even – if you have a good sense of humor – if you're not. Sess is always great for a laugh.

19. Seginustemple

Seg is like Giggs, so much so that I can occasionally mix up the two (as demonstrated with the Daft Punk reference). Seg does what Giggs does, basically, but in larger doses; he is passionate and articulate, smart and fresh, an ace RAP BATTLER and writeup maker who's open to a variety of music; his recommendations for Song of the Week were... well, I didn't like any of them, but I appreciated them for being off the beaten path and diverse.

18. Kuge

Kuge is an awesome storyteller. Whether he's writing about poker or teaching people how to do DBZ ki techniques, Kuge's topics, while a little rough around the edges in terms of grammar, are excellent in terms of overall narrative and structure. He's like Coffee Ninja but with more polish; he's like ExTha but more relevant and active. He is also, I believe, the highest user on this list I've never meaningfully interacted with.

17. Lopen

Good old Lopen, the only dude who can rival me when it comes to crazy bracket picks. The difference between us, however, is that Lopen's picks are both more grounded in stats and simultaneously more grounded in fanboyism. How he does this, I don't know, but suffice to say the INDESTRUCTIBLE LOPEN is always a riot when it comes to contests. Outside that Lopen's a genial, well-natured sort; even when criticizing the Mercs admins he normally does so in a way that makes me smile, which is impressive. Lopen treads that line between seriousness and goofiness all the time.

16. Aecioo

Aecioo showed up out of nowhere in like 2008 and, like As I Desire, fit right in. He's big in the online gaming community and the Mafia community, and he approaches both with the same keen eye and personality. Aecioo can be harsh at times, but like so many others near the top of the list he's hard on those whom he feels deserve it; he's taken to task Anagram, piman, Ulti, myself, and a variety of other offenders from all walks of life. Despite this harshness, Aecioo also has a great sense of humor, and that seamless blend between the two extremes makes Aecioo awesome.

15. X_Dante_X

Dante is the ultimate social butterfly. He is literally everywhere – online gaming, podcasts, Mafia. (Well, three places, anyway.) He is a fun guy who, much like FFD, doesn't have to “do” anything to get acclaim: all Dante needs to do is be himself, and everything falls into place. Dante's role on the podcast about sums up his role on the board: somebody who's always watching and chimes in at just the right moment with the perfect comment. I don't think he's ever done a project (North Pole Mafia is probably the closest thing, and that never happened!), but he's proof positive that one can contribute to the board in purely social ways.

14. SuperAngelo

When Angelo shed his ssknuxmagician username, he also gained something of a personality and a firm desire to be more a part of the board culture. Angelo participates in a ton of things – Save My's, board projects, CYOAs – and he archives most of it on the Wiki. All this sounds like a recipe for a boring user, but Angelo's commitment to the board and its people can't be denied. He's a genuinely nice dude who is learning the fine art of telling people they suck, a transition all 'nice' users must eventually make. To say that Angelo is like Xcarv in training does him a bit of a disservice, since it's clear that by this point he's his own man, and the board is richer for it.

13. Mershiness

My god I wanted to drop Mer like forty places for the constant refrain of 'oh man I'm not on the list.' It's 360 people. Why wouldn't you be? >_>

Anyway, Mer's big story this year was coming out to his family on New Year's, but since that resolved in 2010, I WON'T TALK ABOUT IT. Instead I'll discuss how Mer is infectious (and not in the way that fr0q seems to imply!): his enthusiasm for a number of things (Lady Gaga, pop music, certain bits of gay culture) spreads across the board like wildfire. When Mer likes something, the board knows about it and – eventually – gets behind it. Mer's got a monopoly on the gay tea party topics, and he's one of the few users to be able to spread that familial atmosphere outside its pink-colored borders.

12. Shadow Ryoko

Last year's User of the Year as dubbed by the prestigious User of the Year contest, Ryoko first gained infamy across the board for not only being a girl but being – as the crass among us would call it – a “whore.” She wasn't actually a whore, per se, but she had a reputation for enjoying sex and having multiple partners which, according to our ass-backwards double standards as a culture, makes her a whore. Anyway, Ryoko never seemed to mind the constant refrain of whore jokes, and at times she would even play along with them. What set Ryoko apart this year was the fact that she seemed to gain a personality beyond that of 'girl who likes sex'. She's much like Dante: a constant force across the board, goofing off and having a grand old time, sometimes at the expense of others and sometimes with others' help. Like I said with Dante, she doesn't really do projects, but who needs projects when you have one of the best senses of humor out there?

11. Xcarvenger

Carvey is an all-purpose machine, a combination blender, external hard drive, and personal library. He is in some respects a personality-less void who exists solely to archive things on the Wiki and bump topics; he is the spiritual successor to kawaiifan and Lasa in this regard. In other respects Carvey is to the board what Tirofog is to Mercenaries: a behind-the-scenes criminal mastermind who doesn't just archive things, he helps along their genesis and continued existence. Carvey is everywhere, watching everything; he makes SD and myself look like amateurs in the vigilance category. But where SD and I watch personalities and offer social criticism, Carvey just soaks everything up, the good and the bad. It's fascinating – and somewhat humbling – to watch.

10. Yoblazer

The only real snub from my top 60 users list was Blazer, whom I legitimately forgot for some reason and instantly regretted. Yo is amazing: he is one of the most level-headed dudes around in terms of stats and contest predictions, able to keep his humility despite past contest success. He is always open to new ideas and genuinely loves the contest and its culture. Ngamer is a machine, but Yoblazer brings the passion to the contests. Beyond that, the guy's legitimately funny; his 'lick her ass' topics are always a gem, he started 'Rank This Crap' out of a Fellowship of the Ring discussion, and he is always amiable and willing to give anyone the time of day. <3 Blazer.

9. Justin_Crossing

Justin is, in many respects, kinda dumb. And you know what? We forgive him his discretions, his random outbursts and his bouts of completely missing the point. And it's not just because he's young – it's because he's young and he's willing to fess up when he's blundered. That crucial difference sets Justin apart from most of those in his age bracket, both on the board and in real life. Justin is prone to hyperbole and overexaggeration, but these traits belie his passion and enthusiasm for the board. He jokes around with the best of them and can laugh at himself as much as laugh at, say, piman. Justin basically says to the world: “I'm not perfect.” And that alone makes him more mature than people three times his age.

8. Princess Anri

We joke a lot in the Mercs chat about the “Most Powerful User” on the board, and who it would be if we held such a contest. (Past contenders have included HGR and the jp for different reasons.) My pick would be Anri, the only user I know of to have gotten his main account unbanned. That's like fifteen levels in badass right there. Anri also knows like twenty martial arts or something. He's basically a jokester of immense proportions and one of the board's funniest users and most talented wordsmiths. I've always had a soft spot for Anri, and I'm glad the rest of the board is coming around.

7. SenpaiDessus

SenpaiDessus is, without a doubt, the seventh greatest user of 2009. SD exudes greatness in many ways. His acerbic wit and cutting sarcasm are among the finest the board has to offer; he is the second funniest user of 2009 and one of its greatest writers, commentatorx, and minds. SD does lots of stuff I do, but he does it better: writeup topics, brief writing projects, imitating other users' posting styles. He wears his intelligence on his sleeve without flaunting it; he's naturally smart and his posts reflect that without rubbing it in our faces. SD is, pound for pound, the seventh greatest user of 2009.

6. snowy

snowy is the funniest user currently on the board. He combines practically every aspect of humor we've seen – the sly, biting wit of SD; the raw, nonstop punchlines of Amazing Telephone; the dumb Youtube Poop brand of Alex Shelley – and he makes it a style all his own. Click on a snowy topic and you'll see a master at work. The guy's brand of humor goes unappreciated all too often, but recently it seems he's got more of an audience. It's not so much that it's particularly refined or topical, but rather that snowy always seems to have the perfect response for any given situation. That is – in SD's words – a recipe for greatness.

5. Drakeryn

I like most users. I enjoy the company of some users. But there's only a few users I can say I admire. Drak is one of them. It's not that Drak is smart – which he is – but it's how he applies his intelligence. He is a cunning, thorough man who excels at strategy games and gives impossible attention to detail. When Drak unleashes his full power, he is a force to be reckoned with by any who stand in his way, though of course he's normally a very reasonable chap. Anyway, the reason I admire Drak is because of how he tirelessly applies himself, in full force, to everything he does. I've never seen Drak phone in a Mafia game or throw a Mercs match: there's always some master plan, some greater goal, some challenge to be won. Drak is the kind of guy who, if Board 8 were real life, would embody the adage of “showing up to work on time means you're late.” Incidentally, Drak also has a great sense of humor when you get him going, and I feel like people seem to miss this side of him in favor of the TOWERING INTELLECTUAL side.

4. fetusbucketeer

As I stated before, the topic with fetus and Silvercross bro'ing it up on the West Coast was topic of the year material. But said topic only scratches the surface of why fetus is awesome, and why he's number four on this list. fetus is like a combination of Anri, snowy, Not Dave, and a ton of other awesome users without any of their downsides, and like many users that combine attributes of others (see my writeup for snowy), fetus takes everything and makes it his own. Any topic with fetus in it instantly becomes better, and I can't say that about most people. He just takes command of the pulse of the topic and almost singlehandedly can salvage or sink a bad one. He is always eloquent without being preachy, levelheaded without being passive. He is perhaps the most “balanced” user on the board, one of the funniest, and definitely one of its best.

3. Sir Chris

If I was in a tight spot and could have any user in my corner, it would be Chris. The guy is ace at pep talks, and it's not just because he has a way with words (which he does), it's that he means practically everything he says. When you get a compliment from Chris, you know he means it; the guy doesn't mince words. That's part of the reason why our friendship tends to mean a lot to me: I know he legitimately believes the kind things he says about me, and vice-versa. Chris said in Ayvuir's topic that when we got to know each other, we got two very different people from what we were expecting, and I think that's a great way to put our relationship. Much like Karma and Hunter and I, Chris and I are two seemingly different people who find common ground and have come to accept each other for who we are. Chris has an impossibly high opinion of me, which both humbles and surprises me, and I feel the same about him.

Chris is the anomaly in the top fifteen: while the others are a combination of how much I like them and how much they've done for the board in 2009, Chris is almost solely this high based on the first category. This isn't to say that he hasn't done a lot for the board – he's one of the all-time greats for a reason – but that, from a personal level, what he did for me in 2009 was greater than what he did for the board. A heartfelt thanks, Chris. =)

2. neonreaper

I've said it before, I'll say it again: when I grow up, I want to be neonreaper. neon, to give you an example of how awesome he is, was nominated in the Boardys (IIRC) for funniest user, master debater, and most intelligent user. That takes such versatility to pull off. The fact of the matter is that neon is great at everything he does board-wise. Whether the topic calls for deadpan sarcasm or a mature perspective on life, neon can be there, ready and willing to fill the role needed.

neon is in many regards the quintessential user. Unlike others he hasn't really gone through 'phases'; such pedestrian descriptions are beneath him. neon simply is. Like a self-styled god, he exists throughout Board 8 history as a constant, offering wisdom, laughs, and mockery to any and all. His role on the podcast as Icehawk's wacky sidekick reflects this: neon's a wry observer, content with watching and unerringly pointing out truths. neon is like meditation, like sitting under a tree and realizing the truth was with you all along.

1. Icehawk

Every year on the board is defined by a select group of users; oddly enough, User of the Year tends to hit that nail on the head. 2003 had its select group of brilliant minds; 2004 was the Ulti era; 2005 was the social year, moving away from projects and towards simple conversation; and so on.

2009 was the year of Icehawk. Westen emerged this year as a fully-formed user force. In the past he'd been a simple Xbox troll and an e-pop slave, but this year the 'hawk found his niche and – to borrow a phrase from SD – truly found the pulse of the board. It's a shame that Icehawk is, according to Palmer's topic series, most known for “failing to complete his projects,” since – even if that is true, which it's not – few people can bring as much verve and enthusiasm to everything they do that Icehawk does. Look at his list compared to my own: multi-post writeups towards the end, filled with unique criticisms as well as praise. Look at any writeup topic he makes, from Pokemon and Naruto and One Piece and LOST and wrestling; Icehawk really, really cares about what he does. I wanted him as a participant in my CYOA for that reason: he invests himself fully into the board, and makes careful, thought-out choices.

And the podcast is probably the best independent project to come out of the board since the Wiki four years ago. In lesser hands it probably would have fizzled after the first few episodes and received little attention, but again, we have Icehawk, a master showman who knows how to keep interest and run a show. The man is many things: he's funny, he's perceptive, he's the best user of 2009. Congrats pophawk!