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This is Enohp's Journal for Day Fifteen of Ed Bellis's What Would You Do contest. It chronicles a week in Eno's life during March of 2008.

March 12, 2008[]

Today was a fantastic day. (I should try to stop using sarcasm on the internet…) I usually wake up for school around 6:30 and leave for the bus around 7:00. Since yesterday, we’ve been taking the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test), which is basically a standardized test for 9th and 10th graders. I am a Junior so we only had to take the Science version while the others took the reading portion yesterday. Now that I was finished with FCAT, I didn’t have to come to school until noon. The first four hours are for the ninth and tenth graders to take their Math portion.

So this morning I was planning to sleep in a bit because I didn’t have to be in class until noon. Unfortunately, last night I realized I didn’t have a ride because buses don’t pick you up at 11:30 in the morning from the school. For an hour last night I was trying to call my friend and ask him for a ride, and unluckily for me, he didn’t answer. Later that night, I IMed his neighbor (whom he also drives to school), and asked if he could contact my driving friend. He said he couldn’t get a hold of him until tomorrow morning.

I was hoping to wake up around 9 this morning so I could figure out where my ride was coming from. But when I woke up this morning I looked at my alarm clock and saw “7:45.” Daylight savings time was Friday, if I recall correctly, and I didn’t remember if I set my alarm clock an hour ahead. I was more on the side of “Oops I forgot to set my clock.” In my head I was thinking Crap, it’s 8:45 and I’m nowhere near ready for anything. I went on AIM to see if my friends neighbor had been able to make contact, and too my surprise he has. Another thing I was surprised about was that my computer’s clock read “7:45” as well. This meant that I did set my clock forward Friday and I was really an hour ahead of the game.

It was 8:00 in the morning and I was getting picked up at around 11:30 and I needed something to do. There was no way I was going back to sleep because I was already ready to go to school and I was wide awake at that point. I did what I do best… watch TV >___>.

I go straight to HBO because there is nothing on at 8 in the morning except talk shows and televangelists. The first thing that caught my eye was The Matrix: Reloaded, which was odd because I recently rewatched the first Matrix and I wanted to see this one. I caught it around the middle and I watched the rest of that. Pretty odd ending for a movie, though. That ending I could see as a season finale for a TV show, but not as a movie ending, but who am I?

After that finished I still had a few hours to kill and I saw Mission Impossible III on Showtime. I liked the first two and I remember seeing this one in the movie theater, but I didn’t remember if I liked this one as much as the first two. I didn’t care at this point because I was already watching it and it was a little more than halfway over.

When that finished, I still had an hour and a half left until my ride arrived. I decided to go into the HBO movies on demand channel and find something to watch. I eventually settled on The Princess Bride. During the movie I had a chocolate muffin and a glass of juice.

At 11:25, my friends neighbor called my house. I told them to call when they were outside so they didn’t have to get out of the car. When I answered the phone, he said that his neighbor wasn’t coming to school that day and I would need another ride. When I heard this, I realized I was royally screwed over because I didn’t know anyone else close enough to me to drive me there. A few seconds of silence later, he told me he was kidding… >__> and that they were outside.

Once we got to school we went to the cafeteria and waited until the bell rang. Once it rang we all went to class. We only had four classes today. Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth were the only classes today because those are also all of the lunch periods. Unfortunately each and every one of my classes made us do work. We only had around 30 minutes per class and it takes 10 minutes for the teachers to quiet us down/get ready to teach. And they didn’t even teach, they gave us busy work

March 13, 2008[]

This morning, I awoke with the same outlook of life as I do every morning. I thought “augh I don’t want to go to school today,” but unfortunately for me, I still had to go. I woke up around 6:30 did my morning routine, and left for the bus around 7:10. It was pretty chilli when I left this morning so I decided to wear a sweater. After 10 minutes of waiting at the bus stop, the bus came and I walked on and sat down.

Eventually, we arrived at school. I got off of the yellow monster and decided to stretch my legs a little and wander around the halls. To my unliking, the hallway was extremely hot because the heat was on. When I bring a jacket to school, I don’t expect them to put on the heat in the hallways because the classes are just as cold as the outside. The bell rang at 7:45 and I had to go to first period, Spanish.

My Spanish class is pretty fun, we have a cool teacher, and it’s really easy. At least for me it is, other students might have trouble grasping the difference between conjugating ar and ir/er verbs, but I really don’t care. When the teacher decided to start class, she told us to take out our homework. Now, for the last 2 days, we haven’t had first period and therefore no homework was assigned, but the teacher expected us to have looked at the schedule we printed out and figure out that we had work to do. Since I’m incredibly lazy (and I still do these WWYD… weird..), I didn’t do the work. So for the first 20 minutes of class we were going over homework I didn’t know we had to do. Real fun -.- After that was over, we went over this paper reviewing for our test we are going to have tomorrow. I’m not completely sure if we had to finish the paper for homework, but I’m guessing not for now.

After reviewing for the test, the bell rand and it was time to go to second period. My second period is American History. The teacher is pretty cool, and he happens to be the wrestling coach…weird.. He also gave everyone in my class a nickname, save a few girls. When he calls attendance you hear a slew of odd nicknames…and people answer to them. Some include: Capt. Crunch, Cocoa, and Geoff. Anyway, we had to take notes on World War II. We had an unusual amount of notes to take today. Usually it’s a page, but today I wrote 2 pages of notes! Like I said, I’m lazy… (and I hate writing…>_<). After taking notes, he gives us our homework…which reminds me that I have a workbook page and a current event to do..

Third period, my dreaded class, ENGLISH. Being a native speaker of the English language makes me question why we have to waste years of our live reading stuff and doing grammar when we won’t use it anyway. This is the only time I really write, and since this isn’t for class or anything I’m not giving it my 100%. Back to class, we’ve been reading The Open Boat by Stephen Crane, which is about 4 shipwrecked guys trying to go home, I guess. It’s a sixteen page long short story, isn’t that a bit ironic? The teacher tries to explain how it relates to naturalism, but I just can’t see it. I understand the actual concept of Naturalism, but not how it relates to The Open Boat.

Next class I have is Pre-Calculus, possibly my easiest class, next to driver’s ed. This is how our class usually goes: 1. Get to class 2. Bell rings/Turn in homework 3. Take notes and get another homework assignment 4. ??? 5. Profit. But today was a bit different. We are going over conic sections and all that stuff with the focus and directrix. I don’t understand how people are having a hard time with that. It’s just number crunching and graphing. My friends ask how I understand it so easily and I tell them that we did it last year, and they don’t seem to remember. What a shame. But today, we didn’t get any homework which makes me happy, and hopefully we will be able to delay the quiz until Tuesday instead of Monday.

By this time, I’m starving and its time for lunch. Unfortunately, my math class is quite a walk from the cafeteria. If there is any congestion in the hallway as I make my way towards the lunchroom, I won’t get there in time and I would be forced to wait around 20 minutes to get standard issue ration…uh I mean school lunch. >___> Today I got there fairly quickly and I got my lunch in record time. Then I walked to the table and ate it. It was a spicy chicken sandwich with a side of plain Sunchips and an orange juice. It was quite tasty today. After I ate, me and my friends discussed poop. I don’t recall why the subject came up, but we were talking about weird places to poop that would also be funny. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised no one mentioned a cup.

Today in my drivers education class, we did nothing. To some people doing nothing is just the teacher teaching and the student doing nothing but nodding off, but today we were forced to sit in the gym. Usually gym classes can just wander when they don’t have to dress out, but our class was forced to sit on the bleachers, in the first 5 rows, as close as we could to the wall and sit. Since I didn’t have any friends in that class, I just sat and stared at the ground for about thirty minutes. Eventually we went back to class because they were done doing whatever make up tests they were doing in there. For the last minutes I sat in there and stared at the floor, too.

Finally, Physics, my last class of the day. I was expecting to turn in a free response problem in that we did for homework, but he said to just turn it in Monday. Then we did a few problems out of the book. We are on the chapter involving resistors in circuts. Pretty simple stuff, IMHO, but still tedious.

After this, I get on the bus, ride it home, and walk a few blocks to my house. It was really hot and I regretted wearing a sweater, but I took my mind of it by reading some of Y: The Last Man. It was book 4 and I got about one quarter of the way through while I was walking so that was fine. Once I got home I had something to drink and put on Colbert and plopped on the couch for a half an hour. Once that finished I took a dump and finished Volume four of Y. I did my homework and now I’m typing this.

March 14, 2008[]

Today was quite an arduous day. I did the same thing I do every single morning. I get up, get ready for school, go the bus and get on the bus. I took my sweater again today and I don’t regret taking it at all. Once I got to school, it was really cold. And since I live in Florida, really cold is like 50 degrees >___>

The first period bell rang and I went to class. I got to class and a bunch of people came with poster boards and stuff. The first thing that came to my mind was OH CRAP DID I NOT DO A PROJECT? But then I realized that none of the people with boards were actually in my class, they just came to drop it off early. The late bell rang and class began. If you’re keeping track of my little diary, then you know that I had a test today in my first period, AKA Spanish. The test consisted of listening, reading and vocabulary related activities. The listening ones were easy, the reading ones were easy and the vocabulary put up a fight. Halfway through finishing the vocabulary, I realized I was doing it wrong… and I was writing in pen. I scribbled out what I did and re did it. Then the bell rang.

Second period was very easy today. Only a few slides of notes and we went over current events and the workbook page we did for homework last night. I ended doing the wrong workbook page by accident and I didn’t get any credit for it. Oh well, it was just homework. Then we went over one current even, because it was funny. It was about China adopting like 10 or 12 pandas for the Olympic games. There’s a kid in out class that hates pandas so we all got a kick out of it. So after the panda discussion, we went over some notes and talked about how Hitler owned France in WWII.

Off to third period I go. Unfortunately, I have to walk around a long fenced off area and walk back to get to where I want to go. I also have to walk through this make-shift ghetto alleyway in between the cafeteria and the main building. The cafeteria was just added this year because we have so many students, but I’ll describe the cafeteria later. Anyway, I get to third period, which is my dreaded English class. I get there and grab a book and sit down. Yesterday, she gave us the assignment we did today. Like you might remember, we had to read The Open Boat in class, but this assignment was to take 4 or more examples of naturalism and over analyze the hell out of it. We didn’t get to finish because everyone was complaining about it, including me. So on Monday we should finish it and I’ll waste my time on it.

I was so glad today was FRIDAY (lol neon), but then I realized I’ll probably be getting homework in Pre-Calc. So I went into class with the mindset “Oh man, I just want to chill.” That’s what I ended up doing because we just took notes and didn’t get any homework because we didn’t finish the section. All we went over was the equation for ellipses and how to find the equations when not in standard form. We also learned how to graph them because it’s so difficult >__>. By this point the lion in my tummy was ready to rip through my stomach lining.

Before I said I would describe the cafeteria, and I’m a man of my word. Basically, the cafeteria is a huge ass building with 7 lines. 2 of the lines are snack lines. 2 of the lines are standard school lunch lines consisting of chicken sandwiches and sucky pizza. The other 3 lines are “special” lunch lines. One of them is the Homestyle line which has something different on the menu everyday, whether it be tacos or chicken quesadillas. The other two lines are the Soup/Salad line and the Sub sandwich line. These lines are the two most unused lines in the entire building. I don’t understand why the school just can’t combine them into the “other” line. No one gets their so called “subs” all it is is a hoagie with lettuce and cheese and some kind of bologna with the occasional ham sandwich. If they were to merge those two lines, they could easily open another lunch line so the wait on the other lines isn’t so freaking long.

Back to actual lunch time. I got my lunch and ate it. That’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, I let my friend borrow my House of M graphic novel and he brought it back today. Before I put it in my backpack, someone else grabbed it and started reading it. They were like “ooh wuts this.” So they read it all period and I got it back just before I had to leave.

Next up was driver’s education. Every Friday we watch a movie, this movie was consisted of boring police chases. That’s about it.

Finally, Physics class. I had to do 2 labs, but the class had to only do one. I was absent the day they did the first one so I had to make it up today after school. It turns out that the first lab I had to do took way longer than expected and I ended up staying longer than I had to. The first lab involved hooking up 3 resistors to a battery and find the current and the voltage between each resistor. We had to do this for all three resistors in series, in parallel and in both. After unmixing that mess of circuitry, I had to do a lab on capacitance. I didn’t really know what to do because my lab partners were setting it up as I finished the first lab. So all I had to do was write down the current flowing through the capacitor every 10 seconds for 3 minutes. After that was over I left.

Now that I’m home I watched a little bit of X-Men: The Last Stand (which isn’t as good as the first two, just so you know) and then I played a bit of brawl. Then Stripey wanted to play a match and him and my sister and I played a few matches. Now I’m writing this and it’s really boosting my keystrokes, but still not making me happy enough. After I write this, I plan on updating the WWYD section of the Wiki and go out.

March 17, 2008[]

First off, Happy St. Patricks Day. It’s St. Patties Day, right, because everyone at my school was wearing green today, including me. =]

Today from 7:45 to 11:00 the freshmen and the sophomores had to take the NRT. The Norm Reference Test doesn’t count for anything it just tries to find the “norm” for future “reference.” This means that I didn’t have to get to school until 10:30.

I woke up this morning around 8:30 and got ready for school. I made sure to put on my Green Lantern shirt, because I did NOT want to get pinched today. I wasn’t in a very pinchy mood today. So, for the next hour and a half I watched the original Batman, with Mike Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I can’t believe I watched this movie as a child, it was so violent. The only thing I really didn’t like about this movie was that there was too much Bruce Wayne and not enough Batman. The movie ended right on time, because while the credits were rolling, my phone rang. My ride was here.

This is same person I got a ride from earlier last week. So, I went outside and locked my house up and went to school. I remembered that today’s schedule was weird and the day went like this:

NRT 3rd period 4th period 5th period 6th period 1st period 2nd period

My second period is across the campus and as far away from the busses as possible. I needed to make sure I got home. I then remembered that my ride to school was also in my second period class, so I could just hitch another ride with him. As we pulled in to the school, I asked him if he could drop me off later. He told me wasn’t staying for today and he was just dropping us off. He said it was just a four hour day and he could just stay home and I said that he stayed for school when it was only a two hour day last week. So, instead of arguing, he just left and I was rideless.

We were supposed to go into the cafeteria and wait for the bell to ring, but we decided to go into the wrestling room, because it was quiet in there. We waited and eventually we noticed that it was 11:10 and the bell should have rang around 11:00. We decide to go to the cafeteria to make sure the bell hasn’t rung and notice that everyone else is there waiting for class to begin as well. We find a spot to sit, and eventually the school announces that the bell for 3rd period will ring at 11:25 and there will be no second period today. I was ecstatic because I didn’t have to worry about getting to the bus late.

Finally the bell rang and I was off to my third period. Augh English, what a pointless class. We left off doing work on The Open Boat and we were going to finish today. I was only about 15% done with it on Friday, so I had to rush through real quick in a half an hour. I was able to finish it, but a lot of people didn’t.

Next the bell for fourth period rang and we had a sub in that class. He sounded a lot like Regis Philbin, which is kind of creepy. But today we had a small truckload of work that is due tomorrow, that I need to finish. It was two sections worth of work involving foci, directrices, and ellipses. Simple, but annoying as hell to do when you learned it two days ago.

Now it’s lunch time. I had a small chocolate muffin for breakfast, so I was a bit hungry. I was expecting to be late for lunch because everyone rushes to lunch and I didn’t for once. But when I got there I found a nice spot on line. I got my food, ate it and spoke to my friend Ben. We were talking about Y: The Last Man and I was almost done reading it and he said it was awesome. He also told me that he let one of his friends borrow Marvel Zombies.

Drivers ed was boring once again today. We just did questions out of the book while the teacher was talking to other students about the dress code next year and how we will be having 8 period days instead of 7. Nothing really special there.

The last period of today, ironically, was first period. As you might remember, I had a Spanish test Friday and today we had to take the oral part of it (lol). She gave us the paper with the questions to write our name on and then took them back and started the torture. The questions included (in Spanish): Where did you meet your best friend?, Where do you go to look at art, Name three things you did yesterday, What time does your local supermarket open, and Where do people go to take a walk. The final question was a “role play” and it just said “Your grandfather is at your house and he wants to see you in the school play, tell him how to get to the theater.” We didn’t finish, that’s what we will be doing tomorrow.

As you might infer, I was able to get to the bus in time. I sit down and a kid next to me is reading a book. What book you might ask? MARVEL ZOMBIES. So I ask him "Did you borrow that book from someone" and he says "Yeah, Ben let me borrow it" and I says "Woa, he told me that, weird." Then I walked home.

So, now you might be asking yourself What does Enohp have planned for later? Well I’ll tell you! I plan on doing my PreCalc homework, playing some brawl, updating the wiki, and reading some more of Y: The Last Man.

March 18, 2008[]

Augh I'm so ticked off now. I was writing and I got about halfway through my diary entry thing and Microsoft decides to tell me that microsoft had an error and they asked if I wanted to send an error report. Once I saw that little pop up, I knew there was no way I could save my work, because either way it will close the word processor. Now I don't have spell check and auto capitalization and I hate my life. -.- So lets try to remember what I wrote..

This morning, instead of getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and going to sleep on the couch before I have to go to the bus, I ate breakfast. This is different, because I rarely eat breakfast. I know it's important, but I usually can't find anything to eat, and orange juice makes me puke in the morning. So, this morning I had Golden Grahams and pink lemonage. MMM..Good! After eating real quick, I went to the bus stop. About halway there, I realized I forgot my wallet and then went back to get it. I just barely caught the bus and got to school.

I regret not wearing a sweater today. I hate the weather in Florida. It's cold in the morning and hot as balls in the afternoon. It was quite nippy in my nipples were as hard as diamonds. Anyway, back to my day (saves document). During first period, we had to finish the oral part of out test in Spanish class. It was very easy because I know what I'm talking about and I life a few blocks away from the school, so that part was quite easy. After the test, we did some bookwork and eventually, homework was assigned, which I've already done.

Second period was a breeze today. We were taking notes on the holocaust. Well, we didn't really take notes, because everyone knows what the holocaust was. The teacher described a bit of Schindler's List and now I want to see it. I'm not a fan of extremely sad movies, but he said it was good and worth seeing. So now I want to see it. After taking a bit of notes, he gave us homework, which I also have done!

Third period was easier than expected today. One of my friends forgot his book in class and wasn't able to finish the work we did yesterday in class, so he got ten minutes to quickly finish that up and we got ten minutes to do anything we wanted (except talk -.-). After the ten minutes were over, we discussed how we would feel if our parents told us we HAD to drop out of school and get a full time job so we could help take care of our family. This lead to the teacher assigning Ethan Frome, which sounds interesting and I had to read 15 pages of.

Today in math, we just went over last nights two sections of homework, most of which I got correct. So I just sat there and twiddled my thumbs while she was explaining problems. This went on for 45 minutes and eventually the bell rang and she didn't give us any homework. Score!

Fifth period lunch was good. I got a good spot in line, and got these weird "Belly Bears" which are basically a rip-off of "Teddy Grahams." They still tasted fine. I usually get some chocolate cookies when I finish eating, but today all they had was sugar cookies, and my were they bland. After lunch we went to our next classes and my friend pushed me into this one girl. I didn't feel him push me and I hit her and stepped on her feet. I was embarrassed. (ugh no that right?)

Drivers ed....same thing. Just had a cryptogram on stuff. Very very boring and I finished it with a half an hour to spare. So I just sat there and daydreamed about going home and writting my WWYD journal. -.-

Next was seventh period. I had to do my lab at lunch and forgot to do it, so I tried to finish it up during the last five minutes of lunch. I turned it in and we had to do a problem out of the book, because some people still dont understand the whole concept of resistors. I got the first half of the problem right and the other half I was close. After showing us the answers, he gave us homework, said the test on this chapter was thursday, and told us we had a quiz tomorrow.

This just in, I'm going to be reading the newest issue of The Walking Dead. Aww yea. I also have to read the eigth and ninth volume of Y:The Last Man.

March 19, 2008[]

Today felt like a long day, and it felt quite short at the same time. I ate breakfast again this morning and I felt quite satisified while waiting for the bus. Today, though, my backpack felt extremely heavy today. I only had a 75 page book (Ethan Frome) and House of M extra and those don't weigh a lot. I hate getting off the bus early because I'm stuck just standing around and waiting fifteen minutes for the bell to ring. I wouldn't mind if they still had the lunch tables outside, but they got rid of those a while ago and there's nowhere to sit.

I got to first period and waited outside. I was wondering what was on the agenda today because we finished the oral part of our test yesterday. We got into class and we went over the homework. Everyone usually complains that the page didn't load on the site we were supposed to print the work on, so a bunch of people don't do it. Some are telling the truth and some are just saying that to do it in class. The advantage of actually doing it is that the site has a check button to check your answers and it tells you which ones you have right and which ones are wrong and all you have to do is fix it. Another advantage is that we, the people who do it, get 10 extra points added to the homework. So I got a 70/60 on the homework. Then we just had a worksheet reviewing the chapter and that was pretty simple.

History was a breeze to today. I did my homework last night and we went over it. Then my teacher explained why he loved John Daily so much, and then we went over more of the holocaust and what was going on during World War II. Speaking of WWII, I was watching the Colbert Report and he is still looking for Hitler's Nazi Gold. Anyway, that class was easy and we didn't get any homework, but I think we have a test tuesday.

Third period was pretty easy I suppose. We recieved a rubric for the next project we have to do. We have to make a collage for one of the characters from Ethan Frome. We have until the 31st to do it, so it should be fine. For busy work, she gave us a paper with 10 questions from chapters 1-3, and I just finished that now.

Today we had a quiz in math. She never told us yesterday, but she says she did. I don't really remember but, the other kids in my class were complaining like hell to the teacher because her other class didn't have to take it because she didn't tell them yesterday. I didn't really care because I know how to do this stuff and it was a pretty easy quiz. It was just on finding the foci and the directrix of a parabola and finding the foci on ellipsises. We also had to know the standard form of each graph so we could put a random function into it.

Next came lunch, and it was pretty hectic. My friend Ben is absent a lot, or he eats out a few times and there aren't enough seats for him to sit and everyone else. So, when I sat down, all the seats were taken and he was forced to sit somewhere else for a short time. Then someone else moved and he was able to sit back at the table. They also didn't have chocolate cookies again today, so I was forced against my will to buy peanut butter. >__>

In Drivers ed, I actually drove today. Since our class is so big, this is my 3rd time driving in the class since the semester started. I didn't really want to take the class in the first place because I wanted to learn to drive at my own pace, but my parents could really use the discount on their insurance so I'm doing it anyway. I was nervous today because we went somewhere different than we usually go so I wasn't really comfortable. >_>

Tomorrow in Physics we have a test on the chapters dealing with Ohms law and resistors. We also had a quiz today and I did pretty good on it, one factor being that it was only one problem, but I still did pretty well. He gave us a practice test so I still have to do that. And it's around 30 problems and it might take a bit.

Later tonight, I will be volunteering with my neighbor at the local baseball field. They are the SF Giants and they are the home team tonight (it's little league btw) and since they are at home, I'll be announcing. They will be playing the Tigers tonight. I can't wait for their game against the cubs, so I might be able to use my Harry Caray voice...>______>

March 20, 2008[]

Today is really FRIDAY. I don't have school tomorrow so today is friday. I don't really know why there is no school tomorrow, but there isn't and I'm happy for it. Today was a completely 'meh' day. This morning I didn't eat breakfast, and I really wish I did because I was starving by lunch time. Another thing that annoyed me was the fact I didn't wear a sweater. Yesterday was hot as balls, but I wore a sweater. Today I thought it was going to get warmer but it turns out that it was cloudy and windy all day.

In spanish, today, we did a 5 question listening activity. I got a 60 on it... That ticked me off a lot because everyone else was doing fine on it. That took about five minutes and then we just did nothing all class. We weren't supposed to do anything, we just got to sit around and talk. Then our teacher told us she will be selling tickets at the talent show that the school will be having tonight and anyone from her class that shows up will get extra credit. I really want the extra credit, but I don't want to waste my FRIDAY night.

Second period was easy once again. Just notes on World War II. We went over Pearl Harbor, also, and now I feel like watching that movie. I love how our teacher makes fun of his students. It seems like he shares a special bond with each and every one of us.

Today in english we just got more busy work. Instead of turning in the homework I did yesterday, we get to turn it in tomorrow, along with 15 vocab sentences using words she gave us today. She also let the people who didn't finish it last night to do it in class. So, I wasted a bunch of time last night reading chapters of that book and answering questions. Nothing else really special there to go over.

Fourth period ticked me off a lot for the third time today. Yesterday we took a quiz. It was an easy quiz, for me. The other kids in the class, not so much. I know for a fact I got at least a 90 on the test, but the teacher decides to throw away those grades because everyone else failed. Someone asked what the highest grade was and she didn't tell us. This makes me think that she didn't really throw away the tests, but she lost them instead. She does have a habbit of losing things. So today, guess what happened. We got to take the test again today, and we were allowed to use our notes. Now, that 90 I thought I got before is now a 100. And since it was the same test, I can remember if I got the same answers as last time. I happened to finish this test in record time too. I was done in about 15 minutes.

Lunch time was alright. Once again, there was arguing going on about seats at the lunch table and eventually all was settled. Today they gave us pretzels will our lunch, and they were drenched in oil. Usually they aren't covered in anything but salt, but today it was just gross. I also got sugar cookies for the second time this week.

We were supposed to take a quiz in Driver's Ed today, but it was my turn to be on the simulator. And when you are on the simulator or driving, you don't have to do whatever work is scheduled, including tests. So I didn't have to take that test today. I also don't really like the simulators because they seem just plain outdated..and it's nothing like burnout!

I thought I was going to be taking a test today in Physics, but it turns out it's a take home test. I'm glad that I have plenty of time to do it, but I'll end up procrastinating and doing it on Sunday. I also have a Bernoulli problem to do that is also due Monday. We went over a bit of magnetism as well, today.

Today's write up/diary entry was a bit on the short side, so I plan on telling you what I plan on doing later this evening. I plan on DEFINITELY updating the b8 wiki, hopefully get all the diary entries archived before they purge. I also might play some brawl, or go outside and play. But tonight around 10, I'll be on the wikay. Oh and I also have volume 9 of Y: The Last Man to finish reading.