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[22:01] bainevii: Kraid, Night, Twilight, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, Swirl, JC (
[22:02] Simply Crossing: hi aecioo
[22:02] swirldude: I'm gonna hold my head cause I have no fear!
[22:02] JustinF212: Who else is watching the game right now
[22:02] JustinF212: HI FAKE
[22:02] Simply Crossing: i used the right AIM this time
[22:02] bladeknight9999: Can't get any penetration through hat O-Line to Delhomme
[22:02] JustinF212: Good job
[22:02] Rropz: HI ACHOO
[22:02] swirldude: This probably seems crazy crazy a graveyard theory
[22:02] JustinF212: OMG HI POKA
[22:02] bladeknight9999: And the defense keeps sucking after the offense scores
[22:02] Simply Crossing: aecioo for the boardys me and you should win the BFF award
[22:02] swirldude: A ghost tried to approach me and he got leery
[22:02] Rropz: do you still hate me?
[22:02] JustinF212: OF COURSE
[22:02] swirldude: aww best of friends
[22:02] Rropz: =(
[22:02] JustinF212: Argh caps
[22:02] JustinF212: But yes.
[22:02] cmb11731: if all the nfl quarterbacks were in a mafia game together who would get lynched day 1
[22:02] cmb11731: starting
[22:02] JustinF212: Of course I still hate you poka, and of course we are BFFs
[22:03] Simply Crossing: everyone nominate me and aecioo
[22:03] bladeknight9999: Tom Brady
[22:03] Fake Obsession: Dan Orlovsky
[22:03] bladeknight9999: Easily
[22:03] JustinF212: Brady
[22:03] bladeknight9999: Antivotes
[22:03] bainevii: IM Me if I did not reply
[22:03] JustinF212: ^
[22:03] Fake Obsession: He would get mod-killed though for a safety
[22:03] bladeknight9999: Defense fucking up again\
[22:03] JustinF212: How great was that fake
[22:03] bainevii: Morning!
[22:03] JustinF212: fake as in
[22:03] JustinF212: football fake
[22:03] Simply Crossing: in baineton
[22:03] Rropz: morning
[22:03] JustinF212: not Fake Justin Fake
[22:03] bainevii: There was one death last night
[22:03] NightWhispers16: hi baine
[22:03] NightWhispers16: oh no
[22:03] Rropz: i died
[22:04] nintendogamer001:
[22:04] Fake Obsession: It was... retarded
[22:04] cmb11731: i died
[22:04] Simply Crossing: i died
[22:04] bainevii: Swirl died
[22:04] NightWhispers16: i died
[22:04] Fake Obsession: i died
[22:04] nintendogamer001: Morning, Baine BTW
[22:04] NightWhispers16: oh
[22:04] bainevii: he was Rockbomb
[22:04] bainevii: Bomb
[22:04] Rropz: lol
[22:04] bainevii: Kraid, Night, Twilight, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, JC (7)
[22:04] swirldude: Stop nightkilling me
[22:04] bainevii: 4 to lynch
[22:04] Rropz: ##twilight
[22:04] Simply Crossing: you know i think we gathered that from the name "bomb"
[22:04] bainevii: go!
[22:04] nintendogamer001: lol
[22:04] swirldude: I was much more dangerous to town alive
[22:04] Rropz: ##twilight
[22:04] NightWhispers16: poka why twilight
[22:04] Fake Obsession: Okay
[22:04] cmb11731: why
[22:04] cmb11731: why
[22:04] Fake Obsession: So
[22:04] cmb11731: why
[22:04] Rropz: gut
[22:04] Simply Crossing: ngamer how do you usually feel about nls?
[22:04] NightWhispers16: 'oh'
[22:04] cmb11731: good gut
[22:04] DeludedTwilight: Your gut is off good sir
[22:04] cmb11731: but
[22:04] cmb11731: 'oh'
[22:04] nintendogamer001: yes, why please
[22:04] Fake Obsession: TRhat gut sucks.
[22:04] Rropz: what ever fake
[22:04] nintendogamer001: normally, i hate them, we don't get any info
[22:04] Fake Obsession: Gut votes aren't really... good after a nl
[22:04] bainevii: Twilight-1 (Poka)
[22:05] nintendogamer001: but that's primarily for boardmafia
[22:05] NightWhispers16: but there were 8 people ngamer nllllllllllllllllllllllllll
[22:05] nintendogamer001: in AIM mafia, it's so fast paced, I find it hard to get good info
[22:05] Fake Obsession: lol board mafia
[22:05] Rropz: fake is kraid right?
[22:05] NightWhispers16: yes
[22:05] Rropz: ok
[22:05] Fake Obsession: Kraidfan101
[22:05] Simply Crossing: also twilight do you usually NL?
[22:05] Fake Obsession: At your service
[22:05] DeludedTwilight: Not usually
[22:05] cmb11731: hmm poka are you mafia
[22:05] Rropz: hmmm
[22:05] Simply Crossing: why so feisty today?
[22:05] Rropz: no
[22:05] NightWhispers16: yes
[22:05] Rropz: shh
[22:05] Fake Obsession: ... Now I didn't even know game started when the NL came so
[22:05] DeludedTwilight: ##JC
[22:05] NightWhispers16: sorry poka
[22:05] DeludedTwilight: Don't try to fish me
[22:05] Fake Obsession: lol why twilight?
[22:05] Simply Crossing: wait what
[22:06] Rropz: ...
[22:06] Rropz: what
[22:06] Simply Crossing: i'm asking why you were so feisty to NL
[22:06] NightWhispers16: i didn't know i was supposed to keep it a secret
[22:06] nintendogamer001: wut?
[22:06] Fake Obsession: Uhh
[22:06] Rropz: see
[22:06] Rropz: kill twilight
[22:06] Simply Crossing: because you said you usually don't
[22:06] bainevii: Twilight-1 (Poka) | JC-1 (Twilight)
[22:06] NightWhispers16: he's trying to ask why you NLed twilight
[22:06] cmb11731: no
[22:06] cmb11731: dont kill twilight
[22:06] NightWhispers16: he's not fishing
[22:06] cmb11731: twilight is town
[22:06] NightWhispers16: he's asking simple questions
[22:06] Simply Crossing: Twilight lrn 2 context
[22:06] NightWhispers16: why is twilight town
[22:06] cmb11731: TWILIGHT IS TOWN GUYS
[22:06] DeludedTwilight: JC - Learn to drop it.
[22:06] Rropz: night are you scummy scum
[22:06] cmb11731: gut
[22:06] NightWhispers16: poka's gut says he's mafia
[22:06] Rropz: DONT LIE
[22:06] Fake Obsession: That's pretty bold to state he's town
[22:06] cmb11731: 'oh'
[22:06] NightWhispers16: no i am not poka
[22:06] Simply Crossing:
[21:04] DeludedTwilight: JC - Learn to drop it.
[22:06] JustinF212: got a jack scan on twilight he's 'scum'
[22:06] cmb11731: im a bold guy fake
[22:06] Simply Crossing: drop what
[22:06] Rropz: ok night is town
[22:06] Fake Obsession: lol
[22:07] Simply Crossing: i'm voicing a simple question
[22:07] NightWhispers16: cmb you've been a bold boy
[22:07] Simply Crossing: not that hard
[22:07] NightWhispers16: you should be spanked
[22:07] bladeknight9999: Pressure him damnit
[22:07] DeludedTwilight: And I'm giving you an answer.
[22:07] Simply Crossing: great answer
[22:07] NightWhispers16: uh
[22:07] Simply Crossing: ##Twilight
[22:07] Fake Obsession: JC why the hell does it matter a nl is a nl
[22:07] Simply Crossing: no but Fake
[22:07] cmb11731: blade get the hell outta here
[22:07] NightWhispers16: your answer sucked and was nonexistent
[22:07] swirldude: DO IT
[22:07] Simply Crossing: he said he doesn't usually do NL
[22:07] Fake Obsession: Most mafia like to get a 2-in-1 for day and night
[22:07] Simply Crossing: and then he jumps on right away
[22:07] Simply Crossing: and doesn't even say "because i felt like it"
[22:07] bainevii: Twilight-2 (Poka, JC) | JC-1 (Twilight)
[22:07] Simply Crossing: it says "drop it"
[22:07] NightWhispers16: he just tells you to drop it
[22:07] Fake Obsession: I don't normally nl either but I have as town and mafia
[22:07] DeludedTwilight: Yup, sure did.
[22:07] bladeknight9999: Giants defense failing in the clutch
[22:08] bladeknight9999: Lol what else is new
[22:08] cmb11731: JC you've clearly never played with twilight before
[22:08] NightWhispers16: why are you acting like that fake
[22:08] NightWhispers16: er
[22:08] NightWhispers16: not fake
[22:08] NightWhispers16: twilight
[22:08] Fake Obsession: lol
[22:08] cmb11731: dude's one of a kind
[22:08] NightWhispers16: there's 2 fakes in the game
[22:08] Fake Obsession: Call me Kraid
[22:08] nintendogamer001: yup
[22:08] Simply Crossing: well cmb
[22:08] Rropz: hmmmm cmb
[22:08] bladeknight9999: Panthers FUMBLED and they gave them 11 yards
[22:08] bladeknight9999: Wtf
[22:08] nintendogamer001: fake justin
[22:08] NightWhispers16: twilight
[22:08] nintendogamer001: and ake ngamer
[22:08] Simply Crossing: is this usual?
[22:08] NightWhispers16: you have 10 seconds
[22:08] nintendogamer001: *fake ngamer
[22:08] Fake Obsession: Where is ngamer?
[22:08] NightWhispers16: why did you tell him to drop it
[22:08] NightWhispers16: right there kraid
[22:08] Fake Obsession: Oh
[22:08] cmb11731: no, but he's been scum literally evey game I've played with him in
[22:08] JustinF212: hooray for holding
[22:08] bainevii: Time Limit, :20, 12 minutes
[22:08] NightWhispers16: ok your time is up
[22:08] cmb11731: so
[22:08] cmb11731: there ya go
[22:08] NightWhispers16: ##spiral
[22:08] DeludedTwilight: Night - Feel like he's fishing for info, imo
[22:09] NightWhispers16: WE NEED INFO TO DECIDE WHO IS SCUM
[22:09] Rropz: is spiral even playing?
[22:09] JustinF212: I'm fishing for fish
[22:09] Fake Obsession: Spiral is playing?
[22:09] cmb11731: yes
[22:09] NightWhispers16: yes that is spiral
[22:09] Simply Crossing: how am I fishing
[22:09] cmb11731: spiral=twilight
[22:09] DeludedTwilight: Night, you're an idiot. You should know when I say drop it I mean drop it
[22:09] Fake Obsession: Oh
[22:09] Rropz: who is spiral
[22:09] Rropz: oh
[22:09] NightWhispers16: lol spiral
[22:09] bainevii: Twilight-3 (Poka, JC, Night) | JC-1 (Twilight)
[22:09] nintendogamer001: oh, I keep forgetting this
[22:09] DeludedTwilight: Sigh.
[22:09] NightWhispers16: i'll drop it when i see a reason to drop it
[22:09] Fake Obsession: Wow
[22:09] bainevii: 4 to lynch
[22:09] bladeknight9999: ##Twilight
[22:09] Rropz: lol blade
[22:09] nintendogamer001: wut?
[22:09] cmb11731: blade get out
[22:09] Fake Obsession: Why should he drop it?
[22:09] Simply Crossing: is blade even playing?
[22:09] NightWhispers16: no
[22:09] Rropz: time to c-c-c-c-c-laim
[22:09] nintendogamer001: yes
[22:09] bainevii: Blade you don't want to vote in a racist's game, do you?
[22:09] nintendogamer001: claim
[22:09] DeludedTwilight: Failtown.
[22:09] NightWhispers16: d-d-d-d-duel
[22:09] Fake Obsession: f-f-f-f-f-fuck that
[22:10] NightWhispers16: you're failtown or scum
[22:10] DeludedTwilight: I'm the tracker morons.
[22:10] NightWhispers16: oh ok
[22:10] Rropz: tarck
[22:10] NightWhispers16: ##un
[22:10] cmb11731: off
[22:10] cmb11731: off
[22:10] Simply Crossing: ##un
[22:10] NightWhispers16: who did you track
[22:10] Rropz: ##un
[22:10] Rropz: track
[22:10] DeludedTwilight: Poka last night
[22:10] Rropz: and?
[22:10] DeludedTwilight: He didn't go anywhere
[22:10] Fake Obsession: Oh
[22:10] Rropz: why me
[22:10] DeludedTwilight: Didn't trust you. lol
[22:10] Rropz: why
[22:10] Fake Obsession: So that means poka is vanilla I
[22:10] Fake Obsession: *I'm guessing
[22:10] Simply Crossing: not really
[22:10] bainevii: JC-1 (Twilight)
[22:10] NightWhispers16: don't assume that kraid
[22:10] Simply Crossing: he could just be scum that didn't send action
[22:10] NightWhispers16: ^^
[22:10] Simply Crossing: doesn't confirm him as anything
[22:10] Fake Obsession: I said guess lol
[22:10] Rropz: night dont you trust me =(
[22:10] nintendogamer001: yeah
[22:10] cmb11731: ok
[22:10] NightWhispers16: oh hey poka i didn't ask you yet
[22:11] NightWhispers16: I FORGOT TO ASK CALM DOWN POKA
[22:11] Fake Obsession: He may be an rb who didn't use his ability, who knows?
[22:11] NightWhispers16: are you scummy mcscum scum?
[22:11] Rropz: no
[22:11] NightWhispers16: ok good
[22:11] cmb11731: that was bad poka/JC/Night but you all did it in a p. town like fashion, after all twilights an idiot
[22:11] AlcTrv: has joined the chat
[22:11] AlcTrv: ##alec
[22:11] NightWhispers16: you wouldn't lie to me right?
[22:11] cmb11731: so i have no suspects still :/
[22:11] Simply Crossing: player list plz
[22:11] Rropz: ok cmb
[22:11] Fake Obsession: Ouch cmb
[22:11] NightWhispers16: poka
[22:11] NightWhispers16: you wouldn't lie to me
[22:11] Rropz: lets kill... ngamer
[22:11] NightWhispers16: right?
[22:11] swirldude: HEY GUYS PICK ME TO REPLACE
[22:11] bainevii: Kraid, Night, Twilight, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, JC (7)
[22:11] Rropz: right
[22:11] nintendogamer001: why me?
[22:11] NightWhispers16: ok good
[22:11] bainevii: 9 minutes until NL
[22:11] nintendogamer001: just random?
[22:11] Simply Crossing: i don't mind ngamer
[22:11] Simply Crossing: he hasn't said anything useful
[22:12] Simply Crossing: reminds me of when he was scum before
[22:12] nintendogamer001: I would highly suggest not lynching me
[22:12] Fake Obsession: Why would you kill ngamer?
[22:12] cmb11731: yeah ngamer sounds good
[22:12] nintendogamer001: and not pressing the issue
[22:12] Rropz: you kinda didnt have a reaction to the tracker claim
[22:12] cmb11731: hes getting p defensive
[22:12] Simply Crossing: ngamer, the last time I saw you present no good info you were scum
[22:12] cmb11731: with no votes
[22:12] cmb11731: and what poka said
[22:12] NightWhispers16: indeed
[22:12] Fake Obsession: Hmm
[22:12] nintendogamer001: 3 people say they like me
[22:12] Simply Crossing: and he simply parrotted what others said
[22:12] Fake Obsession: Meta gaming from justin
[22:12] nintendogamer001: that's effectively l-1
[22:12] Rropz: yes
[22:12] Simply Crossing: brb door bell
[22:12] bladeknight9999: Wtf Giants
[22:12] nintendogamer001: and I'm still trying to get a feel for you guys
[22:12] bladeknight9999: Not calling timeout
[22:13] bladeknight9999: THEIR KICKER CAN MAKE THIS
[22:13] NightWhispers16: well you should feel us up faster
[22:13] Rropz: well we're a quick town
[22:13] bladeknight9999: CONSERVE TIME YOU FUCKING RETARDS
[22:13] JustinF212: Probably going to call two timeouts before each quick
[22:13] NightWhispers16: because everyone seems ready to kill you
[22:13] Fake Obsession: Wow Night that sounded weird lol
[22:13] Shaduln Xerves: has joined the chat
[22:13] JustinF212: quick = kick
[22:13] DeludedTwilight: ##Un
[22:13] NightWhispers16: fake
[22:13] Majin Boko: they don't have any
[22:13] NightWhispers16: er
[22:13] Majin Boko: blade
[22:13] NightWhispers16: kriad
[22:13] Majin Boko: giants are out
[22:13] NightWhispers16: kraid
[22:13] cmb11731: ##ngamer
[22:13] Fake Obsession: yessum?
[22:13] bladeknight9999: They have 1 Boko
[22:13] bainevii: No Votes
[22:13] Rropz: ##ngamer imho
[22:13] NightWhispers16: that's the kind of thing i was talking about earlier
[22:13] nintendogamer001: wait
[22:13] cmb11731: ##un
[22:13] Rropz: what
[22:13] Simply Crossing: oh man my neighbor came over and dropped off cupcakes
[22:13] Fake Obsession: Hey man it's good
[22:13] Simply Crossing:
[22:13] NightWhispers16: that i come off weird lol
[22:13] Fake Obsession: I do the same shit lol
[22:13] nintendogamer001: want me to claim?
[22:13] cmb11731: maybe
[22:13] Rropz: ...
[22:13] Fake Obsession: ... Uhhhh
[22:13] nintendogamer001: it would be best for town if I don't
[22:13] NightWhispers16: uh
[22:13] NightWhispers16: not really
[22:14] Rropz: ...
[22:14] Fake Obsession: At -1 claim
[22:14] bainevii: Ngamer-1 (Poka)
[22:14] bladeknight9999: NO GOOD
[22:14] bladeknight9999: NO GOOD
[22:14] bladeknight9999: KICK IS NO GOOD
[22:14] JustinF212: NO GOOD
[22:14] bladeknight9999: OVERTIME
[22:14] Simply Crossing: no but -1 means scum can hammer if he is town
[22:14] Majin Boko: OT
[22:14] NightWhispers16: we already have a tracker claim
[22:14] nintendogamer001: I saw 2
[22:14] Fake Obsession: WHAT THE FUCK
[22:14] Rropz: then why even ask ngamer
[22:14] Fake Obsession: THA
[22:14] Simply Crossing: so he should claim at -2
[22:14] Rropz: jeez
[22:14] Fake Obsession: THATY'S NO GOOD
[22:14] Fake Obsession: ... wow typos
[22:14] NightWhispers16: thaty's
[22:14] Simply Crossing: cmb why did you un
[22:14] Simply Crossing: only because he said wait
[22:14] bladeknight9999: GIANTS FOR #1
[22:14] cmb11731: im thinking
[22:14] bladeknight9999: ATLANTA FOR #2
[22:14] bladeknight9999: BELIEVE
[22:14] Majin Boko: lol
[22:14] Majin Boko: ATL
[22:14] bladeknight9999: ATLANTA #2 BELIEVE
[22:14] Simply Crossing: thinking what
[22:14] bladeknight9999: Atlanta has a very winnable game hosting the Rams
[22:14] cmb11731: hmmm
[22:14] Rropz: kill ngamer
[22:14] bladeknight9999: The Panthers go to the Saints
[22:14] cmb11731: maybe im easily swayed
[22:14] bladeknight9999: Its possible
[22:15] cmb11731: but i don't feel as hes mafia any more
[22:15] Fake Obsession: .... Uhh
[22:15] Simply Crossing: well i'm gonna put pressure on him
[22:15] Rropz: he stopped typing
[22:15] cmb11731: but then again eveyone else seems pretty towny
[22:15] Simply Crossing: i'm not feeling any better
[22:15] Rropz: kill
[22:15] Simply Crossing: ##ngamer
[22:15] NightWhispers16: ngamer
[22:15] nintendogamer001: l-2
[22:15] nintendogamer001: I am golem, doc
[22:15] swirldude: Oh lord
[22:15] NightWhispers16: golem?
[22:15] Fake Obsession: Wow all the votes on NGAMER
[22:15] Simply Crossing: what's a golem
[22:15] cmb11731: thats what i was afraid of
[22:15] bainevii: Ngamer-2 (Poka, JC)
[22:15] nintendogamer001: dunno
[22:15] Rropz: hmm
[22:15] nintendogamer001: never played the game
[22:15] swirldude: the top seed in the NFC comes down to sudden death overtime
[22:15] Fake Obsession: Wow
[22:15] Simply Crossing: what's the theme again? i replaced
[22:15] nintendogamer001: off
[22:15] DeludedTwilight: has left the chat
[22:15] NightWhispers16: it's uhh
[22:15] Simply Crossing: so i am not aware of the theme
[22:15] Rropz: dq
[22:15] Simply Crossing: ##un
[22:15] Fake Obsession: Doc claim
[22:15] NightWhispers16: some mosnter thing
[22:15] JustinF212: Theme is
[22:15] NightWhispers16: dqm
[22:15] bainevii: Dragon Quest Monsters
[22:15] Simply Crossing: oh okay
[22:15] bainevii: Is the Theme
[22:16] NightWhispers16: golem is a pokemon though
[22:16] JustinF212: GUYS HOST WANTS TO SEX
[22:16] Rropz: that doc claim seems off
[22:16] JustinF212: close enough.
[22:16] DeludedTwilight: has joined the chat
[22:16] cmb11731: ok
[22:16] Rropz: but meh
[22:16] cmb11731: thats no good
[22:16] cmb11731: poka
[22:16] Rropz: ##un
[22:16] Shaduln Xerves: hay guyz
[22:16] cmb11731: ##poka
[22:16] Simply Crossing: i'm not sure right now
[22:16] Fake Obsession: This is odd
[22:16] cmb11731: lynch poka
[22:16] Shaduln Xerves: ##Shad imo
[22:16] bladeknight9999: GIANTS BALL
[22:16] Rropz: lynch poka oh wait
[22:16] NightWhispers16: hold on
[22:16] Simply Crossing: wait guys
[22:16] bainevii: Poka-1 (cmb)
[22:16] JustinF212: Manning looked SHOCKED
[22:16] Simply Crossing: i used google
[22:16] Majin Boko: lol
[22:16] bladeknight9999: Lol
[22:16] Majin Boko: why did manning make that face
[22:16] Simply Crossing: There is no generic enemy called Golem
[22:16] JustinF212: Hahahaha
[22:16] Majin Boko: lol
[22:16] Simply Crossing: there are specific types
[22:16] Majin Boko: man
[22:16] JustinF212: No idea Boko
[22:16] Majin Boko: that was hilarious
[22:16] Simply Crossing: such as "Gold Golem"
[22:16] Rropz: ok we got two power roles to claim
[22:16] Fake Obsession: Hmm
[22:16] DeludedTwilight: Actually there's a boss called golem
[22:17] Simply Crossing: well then
[22:17] Rropz: it'll be easy to get the mafia by predicting their night moves now
[22:17] Simply Crossing: disregard what I said
[22:17] Rropz: just watch me L
[22:17] Fake Obsession: Well the thing is, it's really hard to determine if one of the claims is a lie
[22:17] cmb11731: fake
[22:17] JustinF212: No it's easy, who claimed what
[22:17] cmb11731: kraid
[22:17] JustinF212: I'll GUT the claims
[22:17] DeludedTwilight: What are the claims? I was kicked
[22:17] Rropz: it'll all be clear soon kraid
[22:17] Fake Obsession: ???
[22:17] bainevii: 3 minutes
[22:17] cmb11731: kraid, main suspicion?
[22:17] bainevii: btw
[22:17] nintendogamer001: I claimed Golem, Town Doctor
[22:17] Simply Crossing: ngamer claimed doc
[22:17] Rropz: ...
[22:17] cmb11731: ..
[22:17] DeludedTwilight: ... That's odd.
[22:17] Fake Obsession: Personally, both the doc claim and the tracker claim got me
[22:17] JustinF212: dotdot
[22:18] Rropz: what are the 'claims'
[22:18] Rropz: spiral
[22:18] Rropz: why the s
[22:18] cmb11731: got me?
[22:18] cmb11731: what do you mean?
[22:18] DeludedTwilight: Don't recall Golem ever having a healing ability
[22:18] Rropz: claimS
[22:18] Fake Obsession: I would say iof one slips up they would be my main suspicion
[22:18] Rropz: spiral is one of them
[22:18] Simply Crossing: night are you still even here
[22:18] DeludedTwilight: Could be wrong though, it's been awhile
[22:18] Fake Obsession: It means that they both struck me wrong
[22:18] Rropz: augh
[22:18] Simply Crossing: night dissappeared
[22:18] cmb11731: Fake just said he's both suspicious of the doc and the tracker
[22:18] cmb11731: lets lynch him
[22:18] cmb11731: ##un
[22:18] DeludedTwilight: Then again ghost as tracker strikes me as odd too.
[22:18] cmb11731: ##fake
[22:18] cmb11731: ##kraid
[22:18] Rropz: night said hold on
[22:18] Simply Crossing: oh
[22:19] Fake Obsession: Uhh
[22:19] bainevii: Kraid-1 (cmb)
[22:19] bainevii: 1 minute
[22:19] Simply Crossing: oh he said that while i was checking google
[22:19] Fake Obsession: Why would you lynch me
[22:19] bainevii: until NL
[22:19] Simply Crossing: muts have missed it
[22:19] Fake Obsession: Due to suspicions
[22:19] Simply Crossing: ##ext
[22:19] Rropz: muts
[22:19] cmb11731: ##ext
[22:19] nintendogamer001: ##ext
[22:19] DeludedTwilight: ##ext
[22:19] Fake Obsession: ##ext
[22:19] bainevii: ext
[22:19] Rropz: ##ext =/
[22:19] bladeknight9999: Giants must claim their throne
[22:19] bainevii: until :25
[22:19] bainevii: 6 minutes
[22:19] bladeknight9999: As the rightful King of the NFC
[22:19] cmb11731: ##un
[22:19] DeludedTwilight: Not lynching the claimed doc regardless, so where does that leave us?
[22:19] bladeknight9999: Now go!
[22:19] NightWhispers16: ##ext
[22:19] Simply Crossing: isn't it 8 minutes, baine?
[22:19] JustinF212: Playoffs in NFL are dumb btw
[22:19] cmb11731: testing you kraid and seeing if anyone would foolow
[22:19] JustinF212: I think it might be the only time I say this
[22:19] NightWhispers16: no 6
[22:19] cmb11731: you passed
[22:19] cmb11731: ##poka
[22:19] Fake Obsession: I haven't even placed a vote yet.
[22:19] JustinF212: But NCAA football is better than NFL in that regard
[22:19] Rropz: hi cmb
[22:20] bainevii: Poka-1 (cmb)
[22:20] cmb11731: hey
[22:20] Fake Obsession: Poka eh
[22:20] Simply Crossing: well then my clock must be off
[22:20] Fake Obsession: Well
[22:20] Simply Crossing: weird
[22:20] DeludedTwilight: You've been unusually aggressive this game Cmb. What's your reasoning on Poka?
[22:20] Rropz: yeah
[22:20] cmb11731: Poka not only blindly lynched you day 2
[22:20] nintendogamer001: gut is saying poka and kraid are scum
[22:20] cmb11731: he followed on ngamer lynch
[22:20] DeludedTwilight: Hrm
[22:20] cmb11731: and then said his claim was off
[22:20] Fake Obsession: Ngamer what makes you think poka is scum?
[22:20] cmb11731: 3 strikes
[22:20] Rropz: poka was also tracked by the tracker
[22:20] Rropz: remember
[22:20] Simply Crossing: poka
[22:20] Simply Crossing: that doesn't mean anything
[22:20] cmb11731: this is true
[22:20] Simply Crossing: at all
[22:21] Rropz: i know
[22:21] cmb11731: but it doesn't mean anything
[22:21] NightWhispers16: poka said he wasn't scum
[22:21] pxlatedgod: mmm
[22:21] Rropz: yup
[22:21] nintendogamer001: seems awefully agressive I guess? just kinda gut feeling
[22:21] NightWhispers16: he wouldn't lie to me
[22:21] pxlatedgod: high
[22:21] bainevii: mmm
[22:21] Rropz: tell em night
[22:21] bainevii: low
[22:21] bainevii: 4 minutesss
[22:21] Fake Obsession: Poka aggressive?
[22:21] bainevii: no more extensions
[22:21] Simply Crossing: I actually wouldn't be surprised by Poka/Night team tbqh
[22:21] cmb11731: JC is most town right now
[22:21] cmb11731: imo
[22:21] nintendogamer001: oh right
[22:21] JustinF212: Fake Justin/Fake Fake
[22:21] JustinF212: imo
[22:21] NightWhispers16: poka's aggressiveness changes from game to game
[22:21] nintendogamer001: I remember that now
[22:21] Shaduln Xerves: Shad is obvious mafia
[22:21] bladeknight9999: Overthrown
[22:21] NightWhispers16: how is kc the most town
[22:21] bladeknight9999: First down botched
[22:21] NightWhispers16: jc
[22:21] nintendogamer001: poka got tracked
[22:21] Simply Crossing: i am kentucky crossing
[22:22] Fake Obsession: kc lol
[22:22] NightWhispers16: jc could very well be scum
[22:22] cmb11731: he just is, lynching due to good reason, participating a lot
[22:22] cmb11731: in discussion
[22:22] NightWhispers16: and at this point i think he is
[22:22] Divine Sytha: Is a game going on?
[22:22] Divine Sytha: <_<
[22:22] NightWhispers16: ##JC
[22:22] bainevii: 3 minutes
[22:22] bladeknight9999: Overthrown AGAIN
[22:22] bladeknight9999: Holy fuck Manning
[22:22] cmb11731: so
[22:22] bladeknight9999: Fucking choker
[22:22] JustinF212: Eli MANCHOKER
[22:22] bladeknight9999: WHY NOT RUN
[22:22] JustinF212: aka
[22:22] cmb11731: nonvoters
[22:22] Simply Crossing: I did not like that from Night
[22:22] Fake Obsession: Hey he won a super bowl <_<
[22:22] bainevii: Poka-1 (cmb) | JC-1 (Night)
[22:22] bladeknight9999: 2ND AND 3 ERD AND 3
[22:22] Simply Crossing: he juts randomly said
[22:22] cmb11731: we need to lynch someone
[22:22] bladeknight9999: AND YOU PASS
[22:22] cmb11731: let it be poka
[22:22] bladeknight9999: YOU RETARDS
[22:22] nintendogamer001: mkay
[22:22] Simply Crossing: "actually you know justin is scum"
[22:22] NightWhispers16: i do not like you from night
[22:22] Simply Crossing: out of the blue
[22:22] Rropz: ok can i lynch you cmb
[22:22] pxlatedgod: also giants game is INTENSE
[22:22] JustinF212: That was an interception too
[22:22] cmb11731: yes sure if you think i'm scum
[22:22] JustinF212: But got knocked away from an easy grab
[22:22] Rropz: ok
[22:22] Fake Obsession: cmb
[22:22] NightWhispers16: no i said i figured you are probably scum right now
[22:22] cmb11731: yeah?
[22:22] pxlatedgod: \watching it high was awesome
[22:22] NightWhispers16: probable
[22:22] Fake Obsession: what if you're testing us for bandwagoning?
[22:22] Rropz: lets see
[22:23] nintendogamer001: grah
[22:23] cmb11731: i'm not
[22:23] cmb11731: promise
[22:23] Rropz: hmm
[22:23] NightWhispers16: i'm so cold
[22:23] cmb11731: we need a lynch going
[22:23] pxlatedgod: but unfortunately we stopped wathcing it
[22:23] Rropz: two claims
[22:23] JustinF212: *holds Night tightly*
[22:23] DeludedTwilight: Your play is drastically different from your scum play cmb, I see you as town for now
[22:23] cmb11731: yes, ty
[22:23] Rropz: and then theres me and cmb, night, kraid and JC
[22:23] Rropz: hmmm
[22:23] Fake Obsession: cmb seems most townish to me
[22:23] bainevii: AECIOO
[22:23] DeludedTwilight: That being said.
[22:23] NightWhispers16: justin
[22:23] JustinF212: BAINEY
[22:23] DeludedTwilight: ##Night
[22:23] bainevii: RELEASE MY PLAYER
[22:23] Simply Crossing: yes night
[22:23] JustinF212: What
[22:23] NightWhispers16: not you
[22:23] Simply Crossing: oh
[22:23] Simply Crossing: aecioo
[22:23] NightWhispers16: shouldn't you be holding my wife tight
[22:23] cmb11731: Night's not a terrible choice either
[22:23] Simply Crossing: Yeah I can get along with a Night lynch
[22:23] NightWhispers16: and not me
[22:23] DeludedTwilight: I didn't like the vote on JC, tbqh
[22:23] Simply Crossing: ##Night
[22:23] Rropz: night is toen
[22:23] Rropz: toen
[22:23] cmb11731: I'm liking that poka/night idea JC had
[22:23] nintendogamer001: ##night
[22:23] NightWhispers16: toen
[22:23] nintendogamer001: I agree
[22:23] Rropz: ...
[22:24] NightWhispers16: wtf ngamer
[22:24] Fake Obsession: ...
[22:24] nintendogamer001: ##un
[22:24] NightWhispers16: come out of fucking nowhere
[22:24] Simply Crossing: claim Night
[22:24] nintendogamer001: slow typer <_<
[22:24] Fake Obsession: Bandwagoning up the ass?
[22:24] NightWhispers16: Gigantes the miller
[22:24] bainevii: Poka-1 (cmb) | JC-1 (Night) | Night-2 (Twilight, JC)
[22:24] JustinF212: Giants the miller
[22:24] cmb11731: yeah
[22:24] cmb11731: lets lynch it
[22:24] cmb11731: ##un
[22:24] NightWhispers16: why
[22:24] Simply Crossing: night claim
[22:24] Rropz: ...
[22:24] NightWhispers16: i just did
[22:24] nintendogamer001: he did
[22:24] cmb11731: ##night
[22:24] nintendogamer001: Gigantes the miller
[22:24] Simply Crossing: oh i missed that
[22:24] NightWhispers16: pay the fuck attention scum
[22:24] Simply Crossing: sorry
[22:24] NightWhispers16: too busy in mafia chat
[22:24] NightWhispers16: imhoooo
[22:24] Simply Crossing: yes i am for sure
[22:24] Fake Obsession: votals?
[22:24] Rropz: i agree with night
[22:25] bainevii: JC-1 (Night) | Night-3 (Twilight, JC, cmb)
[22:25] bladeknight9999: Panthers returned a 3 and out
[22:25] JustinF212: And ANOTHER close interception
[22:25] Fake Obsession: how many to lynch?
[22:25] NightWhispers16: they didn't change much from 30 seconds ago kraid
[22:25] bladeknight9999: So many touched passes but where are all the INTs
[22:25] nintendogamer001: 4
[22:25] NightWhispers16: 4 to lynch
[22:25] Fake Obsession: Okay
[22:25] swirldude: why did the Panthers blow their chance
[22:25] NightWhispers16: also
[22:25] Simply Crossing: time left?
[22:25] swirldude: Giants win
[22:25] NightWhispers16: if i am lynched right now
[22:25] nintendogamer001: I'm not sure if I like miller claim
[22:25] swirldude: 12:31 OT
[22:25] Fake Obsession: so should we hammer?
[22:25] NightWhispers16: i have one question
[22:25] JustinF212: 12:31 in OT
[22:25] DeludedTwilight: Shoot
[22:25] Rropz: ...
[22:25] Rropz: we?
[22:25] JustinF212: damn you swirl
[22:25] NightWhispers16: why did anyone besides JC just vote me
[22:25] JustinF212: lolol
[22:25] Rropz: WE?
[22:25] nintendogamer001: no time left actually
[22:25] bladeknight9999: Muffed the fucking punt
[22:25] JustinF212: Oh god
[22:25] swirldude: XD muffed punt catch
[22:25] bladeknight9999: HOLY FUCK
[22:25] bainevii: Time is up
[22:25] nintendogamer001: he said :25 IIRC
[22:25] Fake Obsession: Town = we
[22:25] swirldude: Damnit, Giants got it
[22:25] bladeknight9999: Did he get it back >>
[22:25] bainevii: No Lynch
[22:25] swirldude: Giants still win
[22:25] bladeknight9999: Good
[22:25] swirldude: Bad
[22:25] cmb11731: ..........
[22:26] cmb11731: .............
[22:26] JustinF212: Mediocre
[22:26] cmb11731: ...........
[22:26] cmb11731: ..
[22:26] bladeknight9999: He just reeled it back in
[22:26] Majin Boko: man
[22:26] Majin Boko: that was close
[22:26] cmb11731: there was full discussion the entire time, no need for a time limit at all
[22:26] bainevii: Night Actions
[22:26] Majin Boko: baine
[22:26] JustinF212: stiff armed him as he ran for the ball
[22:26] bainevii: Kraid, Night, Twilight, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, JC (7)
[22:26] Majin Boko: full discussion no time limit
[22:26] Majin Boko: whitey is righty
[22:26] cmb11731: ty
[22:26] JustinF212: oh lord
[22:26] bladeknight9999: HOLY FUCK
[22:26] bladeknight9999: GIANTS FINALLY RUSH THE BALL
[22:26] swirldude: Ward just busted a huge one
[22:26] bladeknight9999: 50 YARD RUSH
[22:26] Majin Boko: wow
[22:27] swirldude: Giants gonna win
[22:27] Majin Boko: that was really good
[22:27] Majin Boko: giants just won right?
[22:27] bladeknight9999: WHY DID SOMEONE SEND A NIGHT ACTION TO ME
[22:27] Rropz: XD
[22:27] bladeknight9999: FUCKING RETARDS
[22:27] cmb11731: lmao
[22:27] Simply Crossing: xD
[22:27] Majin Boko: LOL
[22:27] nintendogamer001: wut? lol
[22:27] bladeknight9999: GIANTS IN FIELD GOAL RANGE
[22:27] bladeknight9999: DO IT GIANTS
[22:27] Majin Boko: right
[22:27] Majin Boko: in FG range easily
[22:27] nintendogamer001: hilarious stuff
[22:27] bainevii: IM Me if I did not reply.
[22:27] Fake Obsession: XD
[22:27] Majin Boko: baine
[22:27] bladeknight9999: Carney
[22:27] bladeknight9999: Biggest fucking FG of the season
[22:28] bladeknight9999: And you haven't missed 1 that hasn;t been blocked
[22:28] bladeknight9999: Done fuck up.
[22:28] bladeknight9999: Don't*
[22:28] swirldude: plz fuck up
[22:28] Majin Boko: if only he could throw to plaxico
[22:28] Fake Obsession: plz fuck up
[22:28] bladeknight9999: Shut the living fuck up Swirl
[22:28] bladeknight9999: SHUT UP
[22:28] swirldude: nothx
[22:28] Majin Boko: come on plaxico
[22:28] Simply Crossing: xD
[22:28] bainevii: Morning
[22:28] Majin Boko: come on paxxxy
[22:28] bainevii: There was one death last night
[22:28] nintendogamer001: Morning, Baine
[22:28] swirldude: Did Plaxico give Carney his gun
[22:28] bainevii: Twilight has been killed
[22:28] bladeknight9999: GIANTS TO THE 19
[22:28] swirldude: yeah ok Giants win
[22:28] JustinF212: Oh man
[22:28] bladeknight9999: BECAUSE THEY FUCKING RAN
[22:29] Majin Boko: they just won dawg
[22:29] JustinF212: Hahahaha
[22:29] bladeknight9999: Twilight has been killed
[22:29] bainevii: Twilight was the Ghost
[22:29] pxlatedgod: oh my god giants
[22:29] bainevii: Tracker
[22:29] pxlatedgod: oh my god
[22:29] NightWhispers16: ...
[22:29] bainevii: Kraid, Night, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, JC (6)
[22:29] bladeknight9999: He was the moron who said me his night actions
[22:29] cmb11731: wow uh
[22:29] nintendogamer001: ...
[22:29] Rropz: save
[22:29] cmb11731: plot twist
[22:29] pxlatedgod: whoo
[22:29] JustinF212: said
[22:29] Fake Obsession: xddd
[22:29] JustinF212: said me
[22:29] Simply Crossing: okay then so is it possibly do-or-die?
[22:29] cmb11731: save
[22:29] cmb11731: now
[22:29] cmb11731: save
[22:29] Rropz: save
[22:29] cmb11731: now
[22:29] Rropz: save
[22:29] nintendogamer001: I protected Twilight
[22:29] bainevii: 4 ty lynch
[22:29] Rropz: save
[22:29] bladeknight9999: Twilight sent me his action
[22:29] cmb11731: save
[22:29] Fake Obsession: h my god
[22:29] bainevii: go
[22:29] cmb11731: now
[22:29] pxlatedgod: football high is the best ever
[22:29] cmb11731: save
[22:29] Rropz: save
[22:29] cmb11731: now
[22:29] cmb11731: save
[22:29] Rropz: now
[22:29] NightWhispers16: ...
[22:29] cmb11731: now
[22:29] nintendogamer001: assassin kill
[22:29] cmb11731: save
[22:29] Rropz: .....
[22:29] bainevii: to*
[22:29] cmb11731: .........
[22:29] nintendogamer001: I saved twilight
[22:29] Simply Crossing: IS IT POSSIBLY DO-OR-DIE
[22:29] Fake Obsession: Hmm
[22:29] bladeknight9999: Just keep rushing Giant
[22:29] Rropz: .....
[22:29] bladeknight9999: s
[22:29] bladeknight9999: Passing has done shit
[22:29] cmb11731: ##ngamer
[22:29] NightWhispers16: no jc
[22:29] Fake Obsession: Perhaps poka killed twilight?
[22:29] bladeknight9999: BELIEVE IN JACOBS
[22:29] cmb11731: ##un
[22:29] Rropz: ...
[22:29] bladeknight9999: Jacobs is the fucking heart of this team
[22:29] bladeknight9999: NOT Manning
[22:29] Simply Crossing: wait Night wouldn't it be?
[22:29] Rropz: wtf kraid
[22:30] cmb11731: ##ngamer
[22:30] Majin Boko: that was Ward
[22:30] NightWhispers16: no
[22:30] Simply Crossing: kill town and then scum kills town
[22:30] Fake Obsession: It's an assumption but
[22:30] Rropz: cmb he said the save
[22:30] Simply Crossing: probably 2 scum
[22:30] NightWhispers16: well i mean
[22:30] cmb11731: ##un
[22:30] NightWhispers16: one vote isn't going to cause mafia hammer and game over
[22:30] cmb11731: assassin, do I honestly have to assume assassin?
[22:30] Rropz: ...
[22:30] Fake Obsession: He did track you
[22:30] cmb11731: that sucks
[22:30] cmb11731: baine you suck
[22:30] Rropz: ##kraid
[22:30] Rropz: wtf
[22:30] Rropz: ##un
[22:30] nintendogamer001: it has to be cuz I saved him =/
[22:30] Fake Obsession: lol
[22:30] Simply Crossing: okay so if it's possibly do-or-die should we mass?
[22:30] nintendogamer001: assassin in 8 player game sucks
[22:31] NightWhispers16: i'll count
[22:31] Fake Obsession: Nintendogamer
[22:31] Simply Crossing: okay night
[22:31] Rropz: ok
[22:31] Fake Obsession: aka Ngamer
[22:31] cmb11731: poka i cant beleive assassin
[22:31] Simply Crossing: Night counts mass claim
[22:31] nintendogamer001: yes?
[22:31] cmb11731: i just cant
[22:31] NightWhispers16: everyone ready?
[22:31] cmb11731: assassin
[22:31] Fake Obsession: Who did you save N1?
[22:31] cmb11731: i mean
[22:31] cmb11731: come on
[22:31] Simply Crossing: ready
[22:31] cmb11731: ready
[22:31] NightWhispers16: ok
[22:31] nintendogamer001: Night
[22:31] NightWhispers16: 3
[22:31] NightWhispers16: 2
[22:31] NightWhispers16: 1
[22:31] nintendogamer001: I saved Night N1
[22:31] NightWhispers16: GO
[22:31] Simply Crossing: Octavian SentryCop (Insane)
[22:31] Rropz: She Slime, Townie
[22:31] cmb11731: vanilla townie
[22:31] Simply Crossing: Scanned ngamer n1 scum
[22:31] Rropz: ...
[22:31] Fake Obsession: Mayor
[22:31] Rropz: cmb
[22:31] Rropz: ...
[22:31] Simply Crossing: Twilight N2 scum
[22:31] swirldude: ##Wedge
[22:31] cmb11731: slime
[22:31] nintendogamer001: ##jc
[22:31] cmb11731: woops
[22:31] bladeknight9999: Don't fuck up Giants
[22:31] bladeknight9999: Don't fuck up carney
[22:31] NightWhispers16: wait jc
[22:31] swirldude: THROW INTERCEPTION
[22:31] bladeknight9999: Carney*
[22:31] Simply Crossing: ngamer wut
[22:31] swirldude: NAO
[22:31] nintendogamer001: I'm not miller I'm doc
[22:32] nintendogamer001: lynch it
[22:32] NightWhispers16: did you just claim insane cop
[22:32] Fake Obsession: King Bubble Slime, Mayor. My bad
[22:32] bladeknight9999: GIANTS TO THE 1
[22:32] Simply Crossing: Night I have to be insane
[22:32] Rropz: doc / cop / tracker
[22:32] bladeknight9999: GIANTS TO THE FUCKING 1
[22:32] Rropz: dont buy
[22:32] bladeknight9999: JACOBS
[22:32] bladeknight9999: DO YOUR JOB
[22:32] Simply Crossing: because I scanned Twilight scum
[22:32] cmb11731: BLADE STFU
[22:32] swirldude: next play, fumble, Panthers recover
[22:32] Rropz: DOC/COP/TRACKER
[22:32] swirldude: imo
[22:32] nintendogamer001: ##un
[22:32] cmb11731: other scan?
[22:32] NightWhispers16: oh right for a second i confused myself
[22:32] JustinF212: fumble the snap right Swirl?
[22:32] Simply Crossing: poka that's why I was noticing ngamer D2
[22:32] NightWhispers16: and thought your scum scan on ngamer was real
[22:32] Simply Crossing: because i scanned him scum
[22:32] bladeknight9999: HES ION
[22:32] Fake Obsession: Wow uhh
[22:32] bladeknight9999: JACOBS TOUCHDOWN
[22:32] bladeknight9999: GO FOR JACOBS
[22:32] NightWhispers16: ok poka
[22:32] bladeknight9999: JACOBS FOR THE FUCKING WIN
[22:32] Simply Crossing: night i have to be insane
[22:32] cmb11731: STFU BLADE
[22:32] nintendogamer001: jeez, I need to work on reading comprehension
[22:33] Shaduln Xerves: Hey blade
[22:33] Majin Boko: what a game
[22:33] Shaduln Xerves: I don't know
[22:33] Majin Boko: what
[22:33] Majin Boko: a
[22:33] NightWhispers16: yes i know
[22:33] Majin Boko: game
[22:33] pxlatedgod: touchdown!
[22:33] pxlatedgod: wow
[22:33] bladeknight9999: NOT BURRESS
[22:33] Shaduln Xerves: but I think there's a mafia game going on
[22:33] pxlatedgod: what a fucking awesome game
[22:33] bladeknight9999: FUCK BURRESS
[22:33] cmb11731: wow
[22:33] swirldude: ##Blade
[22:33] cmb11731: wow
[22:33] pxlatedgod: and high
[22:33] bladeknight9999: FUCK HIM TO HELL
[22:33] pxlatedgod: is so great
[22:33] NightWhispers16: i just messed myself up
[22:33] Fake Obsession: JC are you sure you're insane?
[22:33] Majin Boko: what a game
[22:33] Simply Crossing: yes fake
[22:33] Majin Boko: what
[22:33] Simply Crossing: i scanned Twilight scum
[22:33] Majin Boko: aa
[22:33] Majin Boko: game
[22:33] Fake Obsession: Okay
[22:33] bainevii: No Votes
[22:33] Simply Crossing: so ngamer is confirmed town
[22:33] Fake Obsession: So we have an insane cop scan
[22:33] bainevii: Time Limit :45, 12 minutes
[22:33] Fake Obsession: *claim
[22:33] cmb11731: wow this game
[22:33] Fake Obsession: * Doc claim
[22:33] cmb11731: I don't know what to think
[22:33] Fake Obsession: Vanilla claim
[22:33] Rropz: the mayor claim seems off
[22:33] NightWhispers16: miller claim
[22:34] Fake Obsession: Well
[22:34] Fake Obsession: Tell you what
[22:34] Simply Crossing: okay so in my mind
[22:34] Rropz: the miller claim fits in with insane
[22:34] cmb11731: lets lynch poka and test it
[22:34] Simply Crossing: yeah miller does fit
[22:34] Rropz: they could both be mafia thoughh
[22:34] Fake Obsession: I'll prove it by having you vote someone and stop the lynch
[22:34] Simply Crossing: so i think poka, Fake, and Night are possible scum
[22:34] pxlatedgod: what a game
[22:34] Rropz: XD
[22:34] cmb11731: poka
[22:34] cmb11731: imo
[22:34] Simply Crossing: wait
[22:34] Simply Crossing: not night
[22:34] Rropz: on do or die
[22:34] Simply Crossing: cmb
[22:34] Rropz: perfect
[22:34] WoodwindWhrlwind: GIANTS WIN
[22:34] WoodwindWhrlwind: IMHO
[22:34] JustinF212: Wow Wigs
[22:34] Majin Boko: go wigs
[22:34] Simply Crossing: cmb, Kraid, Poka
[22:34] JustinF212: So late.
[22:34] Majin Boko: go
[22:34] cmb11731: what
[22:34] Simply Crossing: are possible scum
[22:34] WoodwindWhrlwind: uh it happened like
[22:34] WoodwindWhrlwind: 2 minutes ago
[22:34] JustinF212: SO LATE
[22:34] cmb11731: probable, yes
[22:34] WoodwindWhrlwind: loool
[22:34] JustinF212: WE TALKED ABOUT IT
[22:34] JustinF212: AS SOON AS IT HAPPENED
[22:34] WoodwindWhrlwind: ;-;
[22:34] cmb11731: CAN YOU DICKS STFU
[22:34] Divine Sytha: Yea lol Derek Ward.
[22:34] Fake Obsession: lol Wigs
[22:34] Rropz: we do not test mayor
[22:34] Rropz: on do or die
[22:35] cmb11731: WE ARE PLAYING A MAFIA GAME
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: omg
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: are we testing mayor
[22:35] Simply Crossing: no wigs
[22:35] JustinF212: Lets test mayor
[22:35] Divine Sytha: Test it.
[22:35] Simply Crossing: we are not
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: ##NL
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: ##NL
[22:35] Fake Obsession: lol
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: ##NL
[22:35] cmb11731: have any vanillas died yet?
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: ##NL
[22:35] bainevii: Wigs
[22:35] bainevii: STFU
[22:35] Simply Crossing: nope
[22:35] Rropz: no
[22:35] NightWhispers16: none
[22:35] nintendogamer001: wig whut the fuck up
[22:35] WoodwindWhrlwind: whut
[22:35] Rropz: whut
[22:35] nintendogamer001: *shut
[22:35] Fake Obsession: Wait, can a mayor stop a NL? I doubt it
[22:35] nintendogamer001: <_<
[22:35] Simply Crossing: wait was it Fake or Poka that claimed mayor
[22:35] NightWhispers16: he can't
[22:35] Fake Obsession: Me
[22:35] Divine Sytha: whut the fuck up son
[22:35] Rropz: fake
[22:35] Simply Crossing: Poka/cmb scum team?
[22:35] Rropz: no\\
[22:35] Fake Obsession: yes poka?
[22:35] cmb11731: players list?
[22:35] Rropz: ...
[22:36] Rropz: why do you need
[22:36] NightWhispers16: he was answering justin
[22:36] Rropz: a player list
[22:36] cmb11731: because
[22:36] NightWhispers16: cmb
[22:36] cmb11731: shut up
[22:36] NightWhispers16: there's only 6 left
[22:36] Rropz: its you
[22:36] Rropz: me
[22:36] Rropz: night
[22:36] bainevii: Kraid, Night, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, JC (6)
[22:36] Rropz: JC
[22:36] Rropz: ngamer
[22:36] Simply Crossing: yes poka
[22:36] NightWhispers16: you should get tested for alzheimers if you need a list
[22:36] Simply Crossing: oh >_>
[22:36] Fake Obsession: lol
[22:36] Simply Crossing: well anyways
[22:36] Rropz: too busy in mafia chat
[22:36] NightWhispers16: obv
[22:36] Rropz: to remember players
[22:36] Simply Crossing: me, ngamer, and Night are probs not scum
[22:36] swirldude: in
[22:36] Simply Crossing: well actually me and ngamer are not scum, and night is probs
[22:36] Majin Boko: Ward is the heart of our offense
[22:36] Fake Obsession: What the fuck wgy is night on there
[22:36] Simply Crossing: probs not*
[22:36] Fake Obsession: *why
[22:37] Simply Crossing: because miller fits with insane cop
[22:37] Simply Crossing: or at least cop
[22:37] Simply Crossing: why have miller with no cop
[22:37] Fake Obsession: ... Well
[22:37] swirldude: illogical
[22:37] nintendogamer001: fake is insane cop, kraid is mayor, poka is nilla, cmb is nilla, i am doc
[22:37] NightWhispers16: night is miller
[22:37] Fake Obsession: We have an assassin killer as well perhaps
[22:37] Simply Crossing: I want a poka lynch tbqh
[22:37] nintendogamer001: just restating
[22:37] Rropz: no
[22:37] Rropz: ngamer your facts are WRONG
[22:37] Rropz: oh wait fake as in JC
[22:37] Rropz: oh
[22:37] nintendogamer001: ??
[22:38] Fake Obsession: ... lol
[22:38] WoodwindWhrlwind: wtf poka
[22:38] Fake Obsession: Poka failed
[22:38] WoodwindWhrlwind: why do you always play when im not here
[22:38] Simply Crossing: okay
[22:38] nintendogamer001: lol
[22:38] Rropz: sorry wigs
[22:38] Simply Crossing: but we do have an assassin in our midst
[22:38] WoodwindWhrlwind: D:
[22:38] NightWhispers16: he doesn't like you
[22:38] swirldude: it doesnt help people call both Kguy and JC as fake
[22:38] nintendogamer001: we have to
[22:38] WoodwindWhrlwind: i know
[22:38] Fake Obsession: jc
[22:38] Fake Obsession: It could be possible ngamer is bullshitting
[22:38] nintendogamer001: as I said, I protected Twilight
[22:38] cmb11731: Ahhh
[22:38] cmb11731: this game
[22:38] Simply Crossing: i was just restating it for personal remembering purposes. and fake i scanned him scum
[22:38] cmb11731: i trust poka
[22:38] swirldude: ironically FAKE Obsessions is always called Kraid and never Fake
[22:38] Fake Obsession: lol
[22:38] swirldude: This chat is silly
[22:38] NightWhispers16: i trust poka too
[22:38] Simply Crossing: Since I scanned ngamer scum he must be town
[22:38] cmb11731: he claimed she slime
[22:38] cmb11731: i got slime
[22:38] NightWhispers16: he wouldn't lie to night
[22:38] Rropz: i trust night
[22:38] nintendogamer001: lol
[22:38] cmb11731: ##kraid
[22:38] Simply Crossing: either that or GF
[22:39] bainevii: >_> 4 minutes
[22:39] bainevii: btw
[22:39] Rropz: no hammer
[22:39] Rropz: btw
[22:39] Simply Crossing: maybe we should just NL
[22:39] NightWhispers16: uh poka there wouldn't be a hammer
[22:39] Rropz: wait is it 4 to lycnh
[22:39] Fake Obsession: King Bubble Slime
[22:39] NightWhispers16: yes 4
[22:39] bainevii: Kraid-1 (cmb)
[22:39] cmb11731: yes
[22:39] Rropz: oh
[22:39] Fake Obsession: Is different that slime
[22:39] cmb11731: poka do it
[22:39] cmb11731: poka do it
[22:39] bainevii: 4 to lynch
[22:39] Rropz: ##kraid
[22:39] Fake Obsession: *than
[22:39] cmb11731: yesss
[22:39] Rropz: ##un
[22:39] swirldude: XD WTF TROY
[22:39] swirldude: YOU HAVE TWO TIMEOUTS LEFT
[22:39] Rropz: ok kill it
[22:39] swirldude: AND YOU DRAIN TIME TO 4 SECONDS
[22:39] Rropz: ##kraid
[22:39] Fake Obsession: What the fuck
[22:39] Simply Crossing: okay
[22:39] swirldude: why
[22:39] Fake Obsession: Seriously
[22:39] Simply Crossing: so one of poka/cmb is scum
[22:39] Fake Obsession: Why me
[22:39] Simply Crossing: for sure imo
[22:40] Simply Crossing: because hammer would have fallen
[22:40] Simply Crossing: if not
[22:40] cmb11731: or uhh
[22:40] Rropz: or fake is mafia
[22:40] NightWhispers16: or kraid is scum
[22:40] nintendogamer001: why are we lynching claimed mayor, shouldn't we try to test him
[22:40] cmb11731: kraid is scum
[22:40] swirldude: Oh, they want to not give So Miss time if they mess up 4th down
[22:40] Rropz: no ngame
[22:40] Fake Obsession: Exactly
[22:40] NightWhispers16: no ngamer
[22:40] Rropz: r
[22:40] cmb11731: no
[22:40] swirldude: kinda weird, but ok
[22:40] Rropz: not on do or die
[22:40] cmb11731: that'd be bad
[22:40] NightWhispers16: if he isn't mayor
[22:40] swirldude: PLAYING FOR OVERTIME = FAIL
[22:40] NightWhispers16: and we don't lynch mafia
[22:40] swirldude: Go So Miss
[22:40] NightWhispers16: we lose
[22:40] Simply Crossing: well then i wish i hadn't scanned the dead guy right now
[22:40] nintendogamer001: okay then
[22:40] Fake Obsession: Exactly
[22:40] Simply Crossing: guys
[22:40] Simply Crossing: lets NL
[22:40] Simply Crossing: tbqh
[22:40] Rropz: no, lets kill the scum
[22:41] Simply Crossing: actually no that doesn't work
[22:41] Fake Obsession: ...
[22:41] cmb11731: waste of my time
[22:41] cmb11731: tbqh
[22:41] Simply Crossing: because they will kill a confirmed
[22:41] swirldude: lol final play of regulation = sack
[22:41] Fake Obsession: I am not scum
[22:41] Simply Crossing: and leave the same poka/cmb/fake as possibilities
[22:41] nintendogamer001: even players, so statisitcally better off
[22:41] swirldude: Turn on ESPN for some old fashioned college football OT!
[22:41] Simply Crossing: but ngamer
[22:41] Fake Obsession: I swear to you I am not scum
[22:41] Fake Obsession: I have not even voted yet
[22:41] Simply Crossing: ##ext
[22:41] Fake Obsession: This entire game
[22:41] Rropz: that does not
[22:41] Rropz: mean
[22:41] nintendogamer001: ##ext
[22:41] Rropz: a thing
[22:41] Simply Crossing: Fake that doesn't mean anything
[22:41] bainevii: ext to :50
[22:41] cmb11731: ##ext
[22:41] Rropz: ##ext
[22:41] bainevii: 9 minutes
[22:41] Fake Obsession: Well fuck
[22:41] NightWhispers16: what poka and jc said
[22:41] Fake Obsession: ##ext
[22:42] NightWhispers16: there already is an ext
[22:42] Fake Obsession: Well I was late
[22:42] Rropz: night why havent you voted yet
[22:42] Simply Crossing: okay guys, so Poka./Night/cmb one of the two
[22:42] NightWhispers16: poka
[22:42] Rropz: are you waiting for something
[22:42] cmb11731: ...
[22:42] NightWhispers16: do you 100%
[22:42] NightWhispers16: sincerely believe
[22:42] Simply Crossing: i mean two of the three
[22:42] NightWhispers16: kraid is mafia
[22:42] Rropz: he's our best shot
[22:42] Fake Obsession: Wow
[22:42] NightWhispers16: and you wouldn't lie to me
[22:42] Simply Crossing: i think poka is our best shot
[22:42] NightWhispers16: ##kraid
[22:42] Simply Crossing: that being said
[22:42] Fake Obsession: Best shot?
[22:42] Simply Crossing: ##poka
[22:42] Rropz: doc/cop/tracker/mayor
[22:42] NightWhispers16: why is poka our best shot and not kraid
[22:42] cmb11731: insane cop
[22:43] Rropz: still a cop
[22:43] bainevii: Kraid-3 (cmb, poka, night) | poka-1 (JC)
[22:43] bainevii: 4 to lynch
[22:43] NightWhispers16: he can confirm his sanity and use it like normal cop
[22:43] Simply Crossing: wait a minute
[22:43] Simply Crossing: can mayors stop their own lynches?
[22:43] Fake Obsession: JC why is poka are best shot?
[22:43] Fake Obsession: No
[22:43] NightWhispers16: no jc
[22:43] nintendogamer001: no
[22:43] NightWhispers16: they can't
[22:43] Fake Obsession: They can't
[22:43] Simply Crossing: darn
[22:43] nintendogamer001: not nomrally
[22:43] kguy528: lol jc
[22:43] Simply Crossing: >__>
[22:43] nintendogamer001: lol
[22:43] Simply Crossing: kguy i asked the question before doing something stupid
[22:43] NightWhispers16: "that would solve everything, i have a great idea"
[22:43] NightWhispers16: -JC
[22:43] Rropz: XD
[22:43] Fake Obsession: XDDD
[22:43] kguy528: lol
[22:43] Simply Crossing: lol
[22:43] nintendogamer001: otherwise, I would agree, lynchin kraid would be smart
[22:43] cmb11731: lol
[22:44] NightWhispers16: so ngamer
[22:44] NightWhispers16: do it
[22:44] Rropz: do eet
[22:44] Simply Crossing: well imo
[22:44] nintendogamer001: OTHERWISE
[22:44] Fake Obsession: Please, I promise you, test me and I will stop it
[22:44] Simply Crossing: cmb/poka 50/50
[22:44] Simply Crossing: either way
[22:44] kguy528: guys I have an idea
[22:44] kguy528: ##JC
[22:44] Simply Crossing: kguy i'm cop
[22:44] Rropz: kguy shut up
[22:44] Rropz: jeez
[22:44] NightWhispers16: lolguy
[22:44] kguy528: Im not playing =(
[22:44] NightWhispers16: shutupguy
[22:44] nintendogamer001: kraid, are you claiming you can stop your own lynch?
[22:44] cmb11731: this game is messing with my head
[22:44] Simply Crossing: yes kguy we know
[22:44] Fake Obsession: No
[22:44] bainevii: 6 minutes
[22:44] cmb11731: good job mafia
[22:44] cmb11731: mafia did well
[22:44] bainevii: Kraid-3 (cmb, poka, night) | poka-1 (JC)
[22:44] Fake Obsession: I'm not claiming that
[22:44] bainevii: 4 to lynch
[22:44] swirldude: I counterclaim cop, got JC scum, lynch him
[22:44] Rropz: kill the mafia
[22:44] NightWhispers16: wtf movie is on tbs
[22:45] JustinF212: I'm also cop
[22:45] JustinF212: holy shit is this a dethy game OH GOD
[22:45] cmb11731: Can someone please lynch kraid
[22:45] cmb11731: ngamer
[22:45] Fake Obsession: Seriously, if anyone is scum it could be poka
[22:45] cmb11731: get to it
[22:45] Simply Crossing: fake get on poka
[22:45] Simply Crossing: imo
[22:45] NightWhispers16: they're riding horses or something in the desert
[22:45] Rropz: ...
[22:45] Fake Obsession: ##poka
[22:45] Rropz: ...
[22:45] nintendogamer001: you know what
[22:45] NightWhispers16: someone hammer ....
[22:45] swirldude: ...
[22:45] NightWhispers16: ....
[22:45] Rropz: kill him
[22:45] NightWhispers16: ...
[22:45] Rropz: kill him
[22:45] NightWhispers16: ngamer do it
[22:45] Simply Crossing: but you know, i'm really not sure
[22:45] Simply Crossing: and i really don't want to hammer
[22:45] cmb11731: ngamer
[22:45] kguy528: ...................
[22:45] cmb11731: kraid
[22:45] bainevii: Kraid-3 (cmb, poka, night) | poka-2 (JC, Kraid)
[22:45] cmb11731: DO IT
[22:45] Rropz: ngamer
[22:45] Rropz: kill the kraid
[22:45] Fake Obsession: No
[22:45] bainevii: 4 to lynch
[22:45] bainevii: 5 minutes
[22:45] Fake Obsession: Don't do it
[22:45] NightWhispers16: kill kraid ngamer please
[22:45] Simply Crossing: should I just?
[22:45] cmb11731: yes
[22:46] NightWhispers16: anyone really
[22:46] nintendogamer001: we have 5 minutes, I'm thinking
[22:46] Fake Obsession: I swear to god don't do it
[22:46] cmb11731: sorry if you're town kraid
[22:46] cmb11731: mafia did well
[22:46] Simply Crossing: okay so if i hammer and he is actually mayor no blame is placed on me?
[22:46] cmb11731: if you're town
[22:46] cmb11731: no
[22:46] Fake Obsession: ...
[22:46] swirldude: ...
[22:46] cmb11731: jc thats really lame
[22:46] cmb11731: but no
[22:46] Fake Obsession: WHAT THE FUCK
[22:46] kguy528: JC
[22:46] Rropz: one minute kraid is asking why to lynch me, the next he just gets on me for no reason
[22:46] Simply Crossing: lol
[22:46] NightWhispers16: jc all blame will be placed on you forever
[22:46] Rropz: kill
[22:46] kguy528: you are so bad
[22:46] Simply Crossing: I always say that
[22:46] NightWhispers16: in every game to come
[22:46] kguy528: ^
[22:46] NightWhispers16: so ngamer
[22:46] Simply Crossing: kguy I say that all the time >_>
[22:46] NightWhispers16: you've had plenty of time to think
[22:46] NightWhispers16: have you decided
[22:46] cmb11731: well its lame
[22:46] kguy528: that doesn't excuse it
[22:46] cmb11731: now lyncgh
[22:47] cmb11731: lynch
[22:47] Fake Obsession: No
[22:47] Fake Obsession: Doin't
[22:47] Fake Obsession: Test me
[22:47] Fake Obsession: Please
[22:47] Rropz: lynnch
[22:47] cmb11731: lynch or i'll blame you "lol"
[22:47] bainevii: 3 minutes
[22:47] Rropz: FUCK NO
[22:47] Fake Obsession: TEST NE
[22:47] Rropz: kill
[22:47] nintendogamer001: the miller and 2 nilla are on the lynch
[22:47] Fake Obsession: *"ME
[22:47] NightWhispers16: test new england
[22:47] Fake Obsession: I swear to god
[22:47] Simply Crossing: one of the nillas has to be scum
[22:47] Simply Crossing: either that or both
[22:47] Simply Crossing: wait a minute
[22:47] PsychicNess13: has joined the chat
[22:47] Simply Crossing: nvm
[22:47] nintendogamer001: or maybe miller
[22:47] PsychicNess13: inn in in in in in
[22:47] swirldude: Southern Miss has to go for a field goal
[22:47] Rropz: KILL
[22:47] swirldude: Troy is going to win lol
[22:47] nintendogamer001: I'm not liking the lynch
[22:47] NightWhispers16: so ngamer
[22:47] Rropz: KRAID
[22:47] NightWhispers16: come on
[22:47] Fake Obsession: NO
[22:47] Simply Crossing: ngamer
[22:47] NightWhispers16: make your decision
[22:47] Simply Crossing: ##un
[22:47] swirldude: EPIC FG
[22:48] Fake Obsession: DAMMIT DON'T
[22:48] Simply Crossing: OH GOD I AM NOT SURE
[22:48] swirldude: OFF THE UPRIGHT AND IN
[22:48] Simply Crossing: >__>
[22:48] swirldude: 30-27 So Miss
[22:48] swirldude: Troy's turn coming up
[22:48] bainevii: Kraid-3 (cmb, poka, night) | poka-1 (Kraid)
[22:48] PsychicNess13: is it in OT?
[22:48] swirldude: yes
[22:48] Rropz: GOODNESS
[22:48] NightWhispers16: i'm freezing someone hurry
[22:48] bladeknight9999: Yeah
[22:48] Simply Crossing: 2 Minutes correct?
[22:48] bladeknight9999: I'm watching that one now
[22:48] Rropz: how much time lkeft
[22:48] swirldude: So Miss got a FG, now it's Troy's turn
[22:48] NightWhispers16: yes
[22:48] Simply Crossing: oh god
[22:48] Simply Crossing: oh god
[22:48] NightWhispers16: min and a half
[22:48] Rropz: KILL
[22:48] Simply Crossing: oh god
[22:48] cmb11731: KILL IT WITH FIRE
[22:48] nintendogamer001: yeah kraid
[22:48] cmb11731: NOW
[22:48] Rropz: NOW
[22:48] pxlatedgod: man i keep forgetting it's so early
[22:48] bainevii: 2 minutes
[22:48] Fake Obsession: After he scanned poka?
[22:48] cmb11731: JESUS CHRIST
[22:48] Simply Crossing: poka/cmb scum team
[22:48] Simply Crossing: imo
[22:48] Fake Obsession: How could I be scum?
[22:48] Rropz: KIIIIILL
[22:48] Simply Crossing: actually no
[22:48] cmb11731: THATS FING STUPID
[22:48] Rropz: KRAID
[22:48] cmb11731: SHUT UP AND LYNCH
[22:48] Rropz: NOW
[22:48] Fake Obsession: NO
[22:48] nintendogamer001: no
[22:48] Rropz: ....
[22:49] NightWhispers16: why is kraid alive
[22:49] NightWhispers16: at all
[22:49] cmb11731: WOW
[22:49] Simply Crossing: screw it
[22:49] Rropz: NL HURTS US ANYWAY
[22:49] Simply Crossing: ##Kraid
[22:49] Fake Obsession: WHAT THE FUCK
[22:49] Rropz: LYNCH SCUM
[22:49] bainevii: STOP
[22:49] nintendogamer001: sounding desperate
[22:49] cmb11731: THANK GOD
[22:49] NightWhispers16: FINALLY
[22:49] nintendogamer001: ...
[22:49] PsychicNess13: wtf its daylight?
[22:49] bainevii: Kraid has been lynched
[22:49] bainevii: he was King Bubble Slime
[22:49] bainevii: Corrupt Mayor
[22:49] JustinF212: owned owned owned
[22:49] bainevii: Night, Cmb, Poka, Ngamer, JC (5)
[22:49] nintendogamer001: O_O
[22:49] nintendogamer001: wow
[22:50] mercurialife: one of the very few mafia roles that dont have "mafia" in it
[22:50] swirldude: If Troy is in a 4th down situation, should they go for all of nothing or tie with a FG
[22:50] Fake Obsession: =/
[22:50] PsychicNess13: tie
[22:50] kguy528: baine there is no such thing as a king bubble slime lol
[22:50] nintendogamer001: so nighttime?
[22:50] JustinF212: shut up kyle guy
[22:51] swirldude: shut up jguy
[22:51] kguy528: =(
[22:51] bainevii: Night Actions
[22:51] Fake Obsession: shut up shy guy
[22:51] bainevii: yes
[22:51] NightWhispers16: kegan guy
[22:51] pxlatedgod: you know
[22:51] bainevii: IM Me if I did not reply
[22:52] bainevii: Morning
[22:52] bainevii: there was one death last night
[22:52] Simply Crossing: me
[22:52] bainevii: Ngamer died
[22:52] swirldude: i shot Ngamer
[22:52] swirldude: I am Mafia White Rabbit Vig
[22:52] bainevii: he was Golem
[22:52] bainevii: Doc
[22:52] bainevii: Night, Cmb, Poka, JC (4)
[22:52] nintendogamer001: obv
[22:52] NightWhispers16: golem is a pokemon
[22:52] bainevii: 3 to lynch
[22:52] Simply Crossing: okay guys
[22:52] bainevii: Go
[22:52] Rropz: scan
[22:52] NightWhispers16: scan
[22:52] cmb11731: scan
[22:52] Simply Crossing: i scanned cmb scum
[22:52] Simply Crossing: which means town
[22:52] cmb11731: first
[22:52] Rropz: so whos left
[22:52] cmb11731: poka
[22:53] cmb11731: poka
[22:53] swirldude: akop
[22:53] cmb11731: ^ fucking 5
[22:53] Rropz: yes
[22:53] Simply Crossing: poka, me, night, cmb
[22:53] Rropz: yes
[22:53] Simply Crossing: Night is miller
[22:53] Simply Crossing: cmb is nilla
[22:53] Simply Crossing: i like poka lynch
[22:53] Rropz: ...
[22:53] swirldude: Troy for FG
[22:53] bladeknight9999: BLOCKED
[22:53] PsychicNess13: BLOCKED
[22:53] swirldude: BLOCKED
[22:53] bladeknight9999: ITS OVER
[22:53] swirldude: SO MISS
[22:53] bladeknight9999: EPIC FG WIN
[22:53] swirldude: WIIIIIIIN
[22:53] Simply Crossing: poka who would you lynch?
[22:53] cmb11731: ##justin
[22:53] bladeknight9999: EPIC FUCKING FG WIN
[22:53] Simply Crossing: dude what
[22:53] Rropz: well JC
[22:53] JustinF212: FUCK YOU CMB
[22:53] JustinF212: I AM NOT SCUM
[22:53] NightWhispers16: loool
[22:53] cmb11731: ##JC
[22:53] PsychicNess13: bladeknight9999 (11:53:32 PM): BLOCKEDPsychicNess13 (11:53:32 PM): BLOCKEDswirldude (11:53:32 PM): BLOCKED
[22:53] Majin Boko: fuck
[22:53] Simply Crossing: oh aecioo
[22:53] cmb11731: ##un
[22:53] Rropz: night is the only possible choice
[22:53] Simply Crossing: cmb what
[22:53] NightWhispers16: it's either poka or jc then
[22:53] NightWhispers16: but it can't be
[22:53] Simply Crossing: it has to be poka
[22:53] NightWhispers16: poka wouldn't lie to me
[22:53] Rropz: ...
[22:53] Simply Crossing: yes night
[22:53] bainevii: No Votes
[22:54] Simply Crossing: he would if he were scum
[22:54] Simply Crossing: ##poka
[22:54] swirldude: look at that, CUSA and Sun Belt can have a great game too
[22:54] NightWhispers16: why would he do that
[22:54] NightWhispers16: that's not nice ;_;
[22:54] Simply Crossing: because he wants to win with scum
[22:54] Rropz: JC and cmb are 90% confirmed
[22:54] Rropz: it has to be night
[22:54] Rropz: ##night
[22:54] NightWhispers16: poka
[22:54] Rropz: ##un
[22:54] Simply Crossing: Night lynch it
[22:54] cmb11731: Alright guys
[22:54] PsychicNess13: wow
[22:54] Rropz: i'm sorry night
[22:54] Rropz: =(
[22:54] NightWhispers16: poka
[22:54] swirldude: Troy kicker wants to kill someone
[22:54] PsychicNess13: that kicker is PISSED
[22:54] Rropz: ##night
[22:54] bainevii: Poka-1 (JC)
[22:54] NightWhispers16: i feel betrayed
[22:54] cmb11731: HERES THE DEAL
[22:54] NightWhispers16: you don't trust me
[22:54] NightWhispers16: what is it cmb
[22:54] cmb11731: Poka said he got she slim as townie
[22:54] swirldude: you know in the NFL
[22:54] cmb11731: i got slime
[22:54] bainevii: Poka-1 (JC) | Night-1 (Poka)
[22:54] cmb11731: thats like
[22:54] swirldude: touching the kicker like that is a penalty
[22:54] cmb11731: whoa
[22:54] cmb11731: whoa
[22:55] cmb11731: whoa
[22:55] swirldude: because NFL is a pansy league
[22:55] Simply Crossing: poka said SHE SLIME
[22:55] Rropz: whoa?
[22:55] Simply Crossing: anyways
[22:55] Simply Crossing: cmb vote poka
[22:55] cmb11731: thats pretty coincidental
[22:55] Simply Crossing: but king bubble slime was also scum
[22:55] Simply Crossing: or at least corrupt
[22:55] cmb11731: true
[22:55] cmb11731: hmm
[22:55] cmb11731: but he was on kraid
[22:55] cmb11731: so early
[22:55] Simply Crossing: and night would not claim miller because it was too risky
[22:55] Simply Crossing: there was no cop confirmed
[22:55] Rropz: it has to be night
[22:55] Rropz: theres no other choice
[22:56] NightWhispers16: you're the choice poka
[22:56] Mershiness: has joined the chat
[22:56] NightWhispers16: i can't believe you
[22:56] bainevii: Poka-1 (JC) | Night-1 (Poka)
[22:56] Rropz: night what was your character again?
[22:56] Simply Crossing: lynch poka
[22:56] NightWhispers16: gigantes
[22:56] swirldude: omg hard choice
[22:56] bainevii: Time Limit :05 9 minutes
[22:56] cmb11731: this is a hard choice
[22:56] Rropz: that sounds mafia-like
[22:56] NightWhispers16: poka nobody here knows the theme
[22:56] Rropz: but then again
[22:56] NightWhispers16: gigantes could be like
[22:56] Simply Crossing: guys just lynch poka
[22:56] Rropz: HOLD IT
[22:56] Simply Crossing: night if you were not scum
[22:56] Rropz: HOLD IT
[22:56] NightWhispers16: OBVIOUS townie or something
[22:56] Rropz: HOOOOOOLD IIIIT
[22:57] NightWhispers16: yes phoenix poka?
[22:57] Simply Crossing: poka what
[22:57] Rropz: night still hasnt voted me
[22:57] NightWhispers16: i have not
[22:57] Simply Crossing: yes i was about to say that
[22:57] Rropz: why
[22:57] swirldude:
[22:57] Rropz: cmb
[22:57] Simply Crossing: poka its pretty damned obvious
[22:57] cmb11731: ##night
[22:57] NightWhispers16: i dunno
[22:57] Rropz: think about this for a second
[22:57] Rropz: NOOO
[22:57] Simply Crossing: no
[22:57] cmb11731: ##un
[22:57] Simply Crossing: do not lynch night
[22:57] cmb11731: ?
[22:57] NightWhispers16: i still can't believe you would betray me
[22:57] NightWhispers16: and lie
[22:57] Simply Crossing: i will not contribute to the majority
[22:57] Rropz: wait how many to lynch?
[22:57] NightWhispers16: 3
[22:57] Rropz: oh
[22:57] Rropz: nevermind
[22:57] Rropz: i thought it was 2
[22:58] Rropz: kill night then
[22:58] bainevii: Poka-1 (JC) | Night-1 (Poka)
[22:58] cmb11731: ...
[22:58] cmb11731: ?
[22:58] Simply Crossing: why did you say noooo?
[22:58] cmb11731: 2 to lynch?
[22:58] NightWhispers16: ##poka
[22:58] Rropz: i thought it was 2 to lynch
[22:58] Rropz: ...
[22:58] Rropz: ....
[22:58] JustinF212: ##poka
[22:58] JustinF212: HAMMER
[22:58] Rropz: kill night
[22:58] NightWhispers16: poka hammer
[22:58] Rropz: hurry
[22:58] Simply Crossing: hammer
[22:58] Rropz: cmb
[22:58] bainevii: Poka-2 (JC, Night) | Night-1 (Poka)
[22:58] NightWhispers16: aecioo go fuck my wife
[22:58] JustinF212: Working on it
[22:58] JustinF212: I have to make my mask and bodysuit of you first
[22:58] swirldude: lol Night has a wife
[22:58] Simply Crossing: cmb
[22:58] NightWhispers16: i need her pregnant by christmas
[22:58] swirldude: a mail order bride
[22:58] Simply Crossing: hammer
[22:58] Rropz: ITS NIGHT
[22:58] Simply Crossing: timeleft
[22:59] bainevii: >_> is she hot, night?
[22:59] Simply Crossing: you're sounding like Fake did
[22:59] Simply Crossing: tbqh
[22:59] Rropz: JC, WHY CANT IT BE NIGHT
[22:59] NightWhispers16: no baine
[22:59] Simply Crossing: because
[22:59] Simply Crossing: if he were not miller
[22:59] Rropz: WHY
[22:59] bainevii: 6 mins left
[22:59] Simply Crossing: he would not have claimed miller
[22:59] NightWhispers16: i've never even met the girl
[22:59] JustinF212: I have.
[22:59] Simply Crossing: because there was no cop confirmed
[22:59] Rropz: WHAT THE FUCK
[22:59] JustinF212: Well
[22:59] Simply Crossing: and tracker has no use for miller
[22:59] Rropz: YOU ARE STUPID
[22:59] JustinF212: Technically we didn't meet
[22:59] JustinF212: But
[22:59] Simply Crossing: poka
[22:59] cmb11731: ##night
[22:59] Rropz: kill night
[22:59] Simply Crossing: it makes perfect sense
[22:59] Rropz: no, it doesnt
[22:59] Simply Crossing: cmb dude
[22:59] bainevii: Poka-2 (JC, Night) | Night-2 (Poka, cmb)
[22:59] Simply Crossing: seriously
[22:59] Simply Crossing: cmb
[22:59] Rropz: night is the only possible choic
[22:59] Rropz: e
[23:00] Simply Crossing: TIME LEFT
[23:00] NightWhispers16: how am i more possible than you are
[23:00] Simply Crossing: ##ext
[23:00] PsychicNess13: just NL guys
[23:00] Simply Crossing: TIME LEFT
[23:00] cmb11731: i want to NL lol
[23:00] cmb11731: ##un
[23:00] bainevii: 5 minutes
[23:00] bainevii: JC
[23:00] NightWhispers16: i am miller
[23:00] cmb11731: hes not gonna contribute
[23:00] Simply Crossing: cmb
[23:00] cmb11731: let me decide
[23:00] Simply Crossing: NL means I died
[23:00] Rropz: i dont buy 1 vanilla
[23:00] Simply Crossing: and you end up
[23:00] PsychicNess13: even though it wont accomplish anything
[23:00] NightWhispers16: and magically a cop turns up
[23:00] cmb11731: i realize this
[23:00] Simply Crossing: in same situation
[23:00] Simply Crossing: cmb just fucking hammer
[23:00] cmb11731: except i can lynch night
[23:00] cmb11731: no
[23:00] Simply Crossing: cmb
[23:00] Simply Crossing: i will not hammer night
[23:00] NightWhispers16: well a vanilla and a miller can make sense instead of 2 vanillas and no miller poka
[23:00] Simply Crossing: no matter what
[23:00] cmb11731: and i will not hammer poka
[23:00] DeludedTwilight: Nice, old Bond is on.
[23:00] NightWhispers16: especially with insane cop
[23:01] Simply Crossing: so just lynch swirl
[23:01] Simply Crossing: i mean poka
[23:01] cmb11731: ##swirl
[23:01] swirldude: ##JC
[23:01] Rropz: yes but you dont fit in here
[23:01] NightWhispers16: wat
[23:01] Simply Crossing: or else poka will win next day
[23:01] Simply Crossing: POKA WILL WIN NEXT DAY
[23:01] cmb11731: and I will take blame
[23:01] cmb11731: i want you gone
[23:01] Simply Crossing: CMB IF YOU DO NOT HAMMER
[23:01] Rropz: JC you are playing terrible
[23:01] Simply Crossing: POKA WINS
[23:01] cmb11731: Ok
[23:01] Simply Crossing: BECAUSE I DIE
[23:01] cmb11731: i want you dead
[23:01] Simply Crossing: AND NIGHT WILL TURN UP TOWN
[23:01] mercurialife: poka is awesome and should win
[23:01] Simply Crossing: DON'T TAKE BLAME
[23:01] Rropz: HI MERC
[23:01] NightWhispers16: merc
[23:01] Simply Crossing: just freakin hammer
[23:01] NightWhispers16: poka lied to me
[23:01] Rropz: night
[23:02] Simply Crossing: why
[23:02] NightWhispers16: that's not awesome ;_;
[23:02] cmb11731: im not hammering
[23:02] Rropz: hammer yourself
[23:02] Simply Crossing: merc poka is scum
[23:02] cmb11731: because this is a funny situation
[23:02] Simply Crossing: ##ext
[23:02] NightWhispers16: that will cause you to win
[23:02] Simply Crossing: guys extend
[23:02] bainevii: 3 minutes
[23:02] NightWhispers16: you trust betrayer you
[23:02] cmb11731: no ext
[23:02] Simply Crossing: night vote extend
[23:02] cmb11731: lolol
[23:02] bainevii: No extension IMHO
[23:02] Simply Crossing: now
[23:02] Rropz: kill night
[23:02] Simply Crossing: cmb you're a retard
[23:02] Simply Crossing: hammer
[23:02] Simply Crossing: or else you lose
[23:02] nintendogamer001: restarting pidgin, let me know if I win
[23:02] Simply Crossing: oh my god cmb
[23:02] Rropz: there is an assassin on the loose, and it is NIGHT
[23:02] cmb11731: ok
[23:02] Simply Crossing: you fucking gamebreaking retard
[23:02] Simply Crossing: you are town
[23:03] Simply Crossing: and night is miller
[23:03] nintendogamer001: has left the chat
[23:03] Rropz: no
[23:03] Rropz: he is assassin
[23:03] Simply Crossing: night would not have claimed miller
[23:03] NightWhispers16: no
[23:03] NightWhispers16: he is miller
[23:03] Simply Crossing: with risk of no cop
[23:03] Simply Crossing: insta-scum
[23:03] Rropz: no
[23:03] cmb11731: im lymching night otmorrow
[23:03] Simply Crossing: lynch right away
[23:03] cmb11731: "lol"
[23:03] Rropz: he is assassin
[23:03] cmb11731: tomorrow
[23:03] Simply Crossing: i know that
[23:03] Rropz: me too
[23:03] cmb11731: night is dead
[23:03] Simply Crossing: night is miller
[23:03] bainevii: 1.5 minutes
[23:03] Simply Crossing: cmb the logic is so obvious
[23:03] cmb11731: he is also dead tomorrow
[23:03] Simply Crossing: just hammer
[23:03] cmb11731: thx to me
[23:03] Simply Crossing: NO CMB
[23:03] Simply Crossing: YOU ARE SUCH A BAD PLAYER
[23:04] Simply Crossing: CMB YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME
[23:04] Simply Crossing: OH M GOD CMB
[23:04] NightWhispers16: ltg
[23:04] kguy528: XD
[23:04] Simply Crossing: FUCKING LYNCH HIM
[23:04] Rropz: ltg
[23:04] cmb11731: say good bye night
[23:04] kguy528: ltg
[23:04] NightWhispers16: good bye to what
[23:04] Simply Crossing: COMING FROM ME
[23:04] kguy528: shut up justin
[23:04] Simply Crossing: WHO IS TERRIBLE
[23:04] bainevii: 30 secs
[23:04] cmb11731: you're dead tomorrow
[23:04] Simply Crossing: SERIOUSLY
[23:04] Rropz: yes you arre
[23:04] kguy528: cmb>>>>>>>>>JC
[23:04] cmb11731: im lynching you
[23:04] DeludedTwilight: .....
[23:04] Simply Crossing: WIN THE GAME
[23:04] Simply Crossing: cmb say good bye to mafia-playing privileges
[23:04] NightWhispers16: oh ok
[23:04] Simply Crossing: cmb just fucking hammer
[23:04] kguy528: most things including the murder of small kittens>>>JC
[23:04] Simply Crossing: NOW
[23:05] cmb11731: no
[23:05] NightWhispers16: no kguy that's not cool
[23:05] cmb11731: night is dead
[23:05] Simply Crossing: SEE THOSE PERIOD
[23:05] bainevii: STOP
[23:05] Simply Crossing: PERIODS
[23:05] bainevii: No Lynch
[23:05] bainevii: Night Actions
[23:05] Simply Crossing: THEY MEAN YOU'RE AN IDIOT
[23:05] Simply Crossing: JUST HAMMER
[23:05] Simply Crossing: FOR FUCK'S SAKE
[23:05] kguy528: its night time
[23:05] JustinF212: lmao
[23:05] kguy528: shut up
[23:05] Simply Crossing: GAMEBREAKING RETARD
[23:05] Simply Crossing: Night he deserves a multi-game ban
[23:05] kguy528: aecioo you are so superior to your counterpart imo
[23:05] Simply Crossing: imo
[23:05] Rropz: modkill
[23:05] kguy528: modkill
[23:05] Simply Crossing: iyo
[23:06] nintendogamer001: has joined the chat
[23:06] nintendogamer001: what happened?
[23:06] nintendogamer001: ...
[23:06] Rropz: its night
[23:07] bainevii: IM ME if I did not reply
[23:07] nintendogamer001: who died
[23:07] DeludedTwilight: Something that made what I did earlier pale by comparison. xD
[23:07] nintendogamer001: and what were they?
[23:07] AlcTrv: has left the chat
[23:07] nintendogamer001: ...
[23:07] nintendogamer001: hello?
[23:07] fett0001: has joined the chat
[23:07] Rropz: cant game talk
[23:07] fett0001: has left the chat
[23:07] kguy528: you don't talk about the game at night
[23:07] kguy528: >_>
[23:07] bainevii: Morning
[23:07] JustinF212: arg
[23:07] Rropz: morning
[23:07] JustinF212: the game
[23:07] JustinF212: at night
[23:07] bainevii: There was one death last night
[23:07] Simply Crossing: i died imo
[23:07] NightWhispers16: hi
[23:07] nintendogamer001: well, baine could <_<
[23:08] bainevii: cmb died
[23:08] bainevii: he was slime
[23:08] bainevii: Vanilla Townie
[23:08] bainevii: Night, Poka, JC (3)
[23:08] Simply Crossing: say go
[23:08] Rropz: ....
[23:08] bainevii: Go
[23:08] bainevii: 2 to lynch
[23:08] Rropz: scan
[23:08] Simply Crossing: poka scum
[23:08] Simply Crossing: which means town
[23:08] swirldude: hi
[23:08] Simply Crossing: ....
[23:08] Rropz: OBV
[23:08] cmb11731: and thats why
[23:08] cmb11731: you
[23:08] cmb11731: are
[23:08] cmb11731: the biggest
[23:08] Rropz: JESUS
[23:08] cmb11731: fucking
[23:08] cmb11731: moron
[23:08] Rropz: ##night
[23:08] Simply Crossing: cmb the logic worked
[23:09] Simply Crossing: so freakin well
[23:09] cmb11731: holy shit
[23:09] cmb11731: holy shit
[23:09] Rropz: just kill night
[23:09] kguy528: I bet JC is going to take an hour
[23:09] Rropz: and lets win the game
[23:09] Simply Crossing: no kguy
[23:09] NightWhispers16: hi
[23:09] DeludedTwilight: Speech!
[23:09] kguy528: and then make the wrong choice
[23:09] Simply Crossing: i will not
[23:09] Rropz: JC end this game
[23:09] nintendogamer001: no kguy
[23:09] nintendogamer001: that would be scare
[23:09] cmb11731: Holy fing shit
[23:09] cmb11731: JC
[23:09] Simply Crossing: but i will say one thing before i lynch
[23:09] cmb11731: that was
[23:09] cmb11731: lol
[23:09] cmb11731: there are no words
[23:09] NightWhispers16: what thing
[23:09] Majin Boko: whitey
[23:09] Majin Boko: plz
[23:09] Majin Boko: whitey
[23:09] cmb11731: what
[23:09] Majin Boko: let the pack lose to us
[23:09] cmb11731: n
[23:09] Majin Boko: i don't want to go 0-16
[23:09] Simply Crossing: i'm really freakin torn but i doubt godfather/assassin poka
[23:09] Majin Boko: plz
[23:09] Simply Crossing: ##Night
[23:09] kguy528: -_-
[23:10] bainevii: STOP
[23:10] NightWhispers16: looooool
[23:10] bainevii: Night has been lynched
[23:10] JustinF212: ass ass in poka
[23:10] Rropz: looooool
[23:10] NightWhispers16: i was laughing my ass off
[23:10] bainevii: he was Gigantes
[23:10] nintendogamer001: <_<
[23:10] NightWhispers16: when jc was yelling at cmb
[23:10] bainevii: Mafia Strongman
[23:10] cmb11731: JC
[23:10] cmb11731: Wow
[23:10] bainevii: Town wins
[23:10] cmb11731: WOW
[23:10] Rropz: NIGHT YOU LIED TO ME
[23:10] kguy528: JC is so horrible
[23:10] Simply Crossing: Night the logic made sense
[23:10] bladeknight9999: IM Blade
[23:10] cmb11731: WOW
[23:10] bladeknight9999: To play
[23:10] cmb11731: JC
[23:10] NightWhispers16: sorry poka
[23:10] Simply Crossing: THE LOGIC MADE SENSE
[23:10] kguy528: HORRIBLE
[23:10] cmb11731: NO
[23:10] NightWhispers16: yeah
[23:10] Simply Crossing: SERIOUSLY
[23:10] JustinF212: logic was wrong
[23:10] cmb11731: MINE DID
[23:10] JustinF212: iirc
[23:10] NightWhispers16: since that day ended in
[23:10] cmb11731: thx justin
[23:10] NightWhispers16: NL
[23:10] kguy528: The fact you wanted to ban CMB? lol
[23:10] NightWhispers16: i had no way
[23:10] cmb11731: lmao
[23:10] cmb11731: epic failure
[23:10] Rropz: btw night, great kill. if JC would've scanned you, you would've won
[23:11] Simply Crossing: i was about to scan Night
[23:11] Simply Crossing: but then i was like
[23:11] cmb11731: yeah night should've no killed
[23:11] cmb11731: for sure
[23:11] Simply Crossing: wait no
[23:11] bainevii: >_> You people should play more dragon quest
[23:11] NightWhispers16: WHY DIDN'T YOU
[23:11] kguy528: baine
[23:11] NightWhispers16: YOU SHOULD HAVE DAMMIT
[23:11] kguy528: ^5
[23:11] NightWhispers16: oh well
[23:11] bainevii: bubble slime is SOOOOOO different than slime
[23:11] kguy528: y
[23:11] kguy528: bubble slime is poisonous imo
[23:11] Rropz: btw wtf is a she slime
[23:11] cmb11731: JC
[23:11] bainevii: Gigantes - Mafia Strongman - Night
King Bubble Slime - Corupt Mayor - Kraid
Slime - Townie - Cmb
She Slime - Townie - Poka
Ghost - Tracker - Twilight
Octavian Sentry - Insane Cop - JC
Golem - Doctor - Ngamer
Rockbomb - Bomb - Swirl
[23:11] Rropz: sounds sexy
[23:11] cmb11731: wow
[23:11] cmb11731: dude
[23:11] NightWhispers16: GOLEM IS A POKEMON
[23:11] Simply Crossing: cmb seriously
[23:11] bainevii: she slime is a female slime
[23:11] Simply Crossing: miller was a really risky claim
[23:11] bainevii: it's orange
[23:11] Simply Crossing: without a cop
[23:11] NightWhispers16: jc
[23:11] Simply Crossing: especially with a tracker in play
[23:11] cmb11731: you owe me an apology tbqh, I won't push for one, because this is the internet
[23:11] bladeknight9999: Boko, Penis, Spiral, Scare
[23:11] cmb11731: but that was fucking terrible
[23:11] NightWhispers16: i would claim miller any day without a cop
[23:11] Simply Crossing: sorry cmb
[23:11] cmb11731: thank you
[23:12] Simply Crossing: yeah, and i guess I have seen games without cops but with millers
[23:12] Rropz: poka snd cmb = mvp
[23:12] DeludedTwilight: Yeah Cmb was obvtown, imo
[23:12] cmb11731: yeah poka
[23:12] NightWhispers16: jc = anti mvp
[23:12] Simply Crossing: cmb was mvp
[23:12] NightWhispers16: lol
[23:12] cmb11731: that was great