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Epona is Link's horse. She appears in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. HaRRicH thinks she would make a great GameFAQs Contest entrant, and in 2010 he somehow convinced over 100 other Board 8ers to pledge their support for this horse in the upcoming Character Battle, marking one of the most successful character rallies in site history. HaR calls Epona-supporters "The Stable"; see below for the full listing.


HaRRicH sure thinks so!

For those of you familiar with Epona, there isn't much that needs to be said. For those of you unfamiliar, shame on you. I'll touch on why Epona's cool and why she should reach the next Character Battle.

Why like Epona? She's your loyal companion like no other character in the Legend of Zelda series, that's why! She helps you travel, race, and attack with her to support your journey. You may also talk with her when you're in wolf-form, plus you can call her from nearly anywhere on command at any time as long as you play her soothing song...

...I know your nostalgia's invoked. Remember the first time you saw her grown up after you got the Master Sword? Or jumped Gerudo Bridge when it was broken? Or shot arrows to kill a Poe while riding her? Me too.

Furthermore, she has become a staple in the LoZ-series. She first appeared in the most celebrated game ever made -- Ocarina of Time. She returned later in the Nintendo 64's lifespan for Majora's Mask, and you even start with her and name her in Twilight Princess. She can be found with smaller roles in games such as Minish Cap and Four Swords Adventure, too. She has been a regular LoZ-character since the series took its 3D-transition, and at one time or another we've all relied on the trusty steed.

Why should she make a contest? Because we can always use more worthwhile newcomers and Epona's well-respected in the LoZ-series. She should beat Midna and crush Tingle, which is a good start for any newcomer. No other new LoZ-character makes sense to rally for next, either. Sheik? Ineligible. Dark Link? Clone. Happy Mask Salesman? Bomb. King of Red Lions? Horseback-riding > sailing! Navi? HEY, She may be able to garner a bit of joke-support as well for being a horse in a contest of characters, though I think she's become more than just a horse to avoid that kind of vote.

How many newcomers can you think of that would beat Epona, anyway? Considering Link just won his sixth contest, Ganondorf was the runner-up for the Villain Contest, Zelda was in the championship for the Female Bracket, LoZ won the Series Contest, LoZ:OoT won BGE2 while LoZ:TP won its 2004-2006 division, and both LoZ:TP and LoZ:MM just easily won their divisions in the's hard to say Epona doesn't have a chance at doing well!

Ultimately, Epona is a character that we have shared more time with than we probably realize, which can make her stronger than we probably realize. She's a newcomer with an interesting range and good potential to be respectable in the contests. We've had over a decade of great gaming memories with her, and more are coming. We already know she will be in the LoZ:OoT-remake for the 3DS, and imagine if we see Epona in LoZ:SS, too...

Let's ride together, for Epona.

T H E S T A B L E ™[]

1) nintendogirl1
2) therealmnm
3) HaRRicH
4) Haguile
5) Menji76
6) Blairville
7) KanzarisKelshen
8) Random_Guy_42
9) Agent M
10) Gaddswell
11) Surskit
12) UltimaterializerX
13) VeryInsane
14) ProphetProfit
15) Mumei / Mugen no Jyuunin
16) metroid13
17) General_Zimbad
18) tee316
19) VincentLauw
20) Mer_Mer_Yes_Mer
21) Tornadoman78
22) matman
23) Coffee Ninja
24) Sess
25) HatecreW_
26) GodOfGaming
27) Cerebral Ninja
28) Da_J
29) RPGGamer0
30) Dark Young Link
31) McNagah
32) special_sauce
33) Mr3790
34) Silver_Ermine
35) Super Sonic 5
36) Jeff Zero
37) freacX
38) SubDeity
39) KamikazePotato
40) red sox 777
41) CeraSeptum
42) Mia_Wright / darkx
43) cteswhatever
44) MajinZidane
45) th3l3fty
46) poisson
47) LeonhartFour
48) Kotetsu534
49) XxSoulxX
50) Ultimaphazon
51) KingKracko
52) The Real Truth
53) Djungelurban
54) firefdr
55) GreatWallofUK / Meeks54 / MWC
56) Team Rocket Elite
57) Regaro_Ukiera
58) BlAcK TuRtLe
59) Chaosmon
60) Yoblazer / PartOfYourWorld
61) WarThaNemesis2
62) TsunamiXXVIII
63) SuperWhiscash / Kibago
64) AlecTrevelyan006
65) Evillordexdeath
66) leo3leo
67) AxemPink
68) the icon ownz all
69) todbot1
70) 695924
71) melikepizza
72) PokeStalker
73) UberPyro64
74) whatisurnameplz
75) Ryoko
76) BrettEagles
77) VitalVI
78) llrocksrikku2
79) Pondos
80) -Tofa7-
81) disturbed0ne
82) Yankees
83) AxemPink
84) Azp2k32
85) Peace___Frog
86) MeteorExF
87) Waluigi1
88) Murphiroth
89) 3DSRage
90) MrsFrisby
91) VideoboysaysCube
92) sephiroth136
93) Liquid Wind
94) dragon22391
95) Constable_Odo
96) vyseskies
97) YoboD
98) Tom Bombadil
99) Ayuyu
100) greatone10
101) Sceptilesolarbeam
102) pjbasis
103) PurpleMonkDish
104) Bellamy_LaHyena
105) Wanglicious
106) UberPyro64
107) JawolopingJeff
108) Ankleslam101
109) AfroSquirrel
110) My Immortal
111) TomNook7

B8 on Epona[]

Shaped like a horse to eat some oats. ~some person

"I feel sorry for Ilia. Considering all the animals in the game that wound up actually having a personality, she had to get attached to one who only gets two lines in the entire game and whose characterization can be summarized as "I want Link to ride me". ~FalconPain

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