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ertyu as featured in his local newspaper

ertyu is a longtime Board 8 member. He is known for his terrible grammar, his love of Dante, hatred of Kirby, his cartoon, Tornado Layzers, and unique drawings. He appears to also have a hatred towards wrestling superstar Rey Mysterio. This might have been caused by a drawing of Rey he made. He also loves making tournaments he also has a quest to beat 1000 videogames . ertyu recently revealed he is a art major at an undisclosed college. ertyu is nothing less than the world's foremost expert on nuclear dentistry. He currently has a contract with Colgate to put them over Crest in sales, but thus far his research has yielded little. At the moment, he is working on a way to blend bristles and depleted uranium.

He is the host of The ertyu Show. Through this show, the debate over how to pronounce his name has been settled. Each letter is pronounced separately. He has tried a number of times to create Kirby-free sanctuaries for himself but has always been foiled by the gods of justice and their everlasting rivalry with Fatty Whale. He is a member of the imdb board for "Heroes" and goes under the named "emotakoopa." Don't bother him there, he'll flip out. His mother averages 12 +/- 2 men/week, most of whom promptly leave and never call back.

his favorite sports teams are the Atlanta braves, Tennessee Titans ,New Jeresy Devils,Flordia state seminoles Chicago Bulls

He closed his account at some point in late January 2013. His loss was mourned by some and celebrated by others.

ertyu's favourite words:

  • bobs

ertyu's Final Fantasy X playthrough

ertyu quotes[]

  • "hat dead dum kirby"
  • "swrd slsh attk ur ded"
  • "what ever i always new bruce wayne was batman anyway"
  • i am the game you people are just the players
  • "listen to me this maybe are last chance" (quoting Tidus' "Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.")
  • ya well tell that to billy mitchle

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