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The ertyufamily was a series of alts related to ertyu, each one claiming to be parts of ertyu's life and roleplaying their point of view. Most of them were made in the latter half of 2009. darkx coined the term "ertyufamily" in June 2009. At its height, there were accounts for ertyu's mother, father, sister, dog, cat, girlfriend... the list keeps going on. Pretty much every one posted in the same disjointed style that ertyu used, except for ertyu_dad which always posted in perfect English. Late in October 2009, the accounts started being banned for harassment and impersonation.

Members of the ertyufamily[]

  • ertyumom
  • ertyudog (banned)
  • ertyubro
  • ertyu_brother
  • ertyusis
  • ertyu_dad
  • ertyuexgf (banned)
  • ertyugrandma
  • ertyugirlfriend (banned)
  • ertyukitty (banned)
  • ertyugreatuncle
  • ertyukangaroo
  • ertyunarwhal (banned)

god how many of these damn things were there

The October 29th Massacre of the ertyufamily[]

On October 28th, Tranny made a topic asking TRE if the ertyufamily alts were bannable. He and a few other users then proceeded to mark posts by all of the ertyufamily when they spotted them and reported them for harassment/impersonation. The next day, many ertyufamily accounts were banned and several usermaps were suspended, but none were axed. There are still some ertyufamily alts that have yet to be banned, but, at the risk of being axed or suspended, nobody posts with them anymore, with the exception of ertyugrandma, who ertyu does not seem to mind.

Not Quite Members of the ertyufamily[]

There are alts that people have created to harass/make fun of ertyu that are not quite members of the ertyufam. They include: