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ExThaNemesis is one of the greatest Board 8 users in its entire history, and is well known for plenty of things, ranging from dwelling in his ex-girlfriends basement, getting lost on Expressway 271 near Cleveland, Ohio on a trip to see War13104, and spoiling the 7th Harry Potter book. But what he is most well known for is hitting people with wrestling moves over a message board, and his wrestling move of choice is the RKO, a popular WWE Wrestling finishing move used by Randy Orton.

When ExTha arrived on the board in 2003, he remained a lurker for the most part, watching the contest and only really talking about the contest from time to time. He ran a Best Game on a Nintendo Console Ever contest, but he never saw it through to completion because he left the board after the contest was over. He returned for the Spring 2004 contest but remained a lurker for that as well, only really conversing with two board 8ers over AIM, Heroic Mario and Sir Chris.

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However when the 2004 contest came, ExTha started his ascent into the annals of Board 8 history. Throughout the contest, ExTha shouted all over the board about his upset pick of Sephiroth > Link in the finals and made it very well known to all that he was the biggest Sephiroth fan that the board had ever(and would ever) seen. After the contest was over, focus shifted to another of ExTha's loves, sports. Most specifically baseball. During the 2004 American League Championship Series between his beloved New York Yankees and their hated rivals the Boston Red Sox, ExTha made a bold claim in a topic titled "If the New York Yankees do not win the ALCS I will close my account". Now, as you know this was the historic year that the Red Sox turned an 0-3 deficit into a 4-3 victory. ExTha closed his account, but the out-cry to have it re-opened as so large from so many users that a 500 topic was made just by users asking ExTha to re-open his account... so he did. This was the first of two account bets that he would weasel his way out of in his time on board 8.

2005 saw ExTha's rise to the top as far as User Contests go. In board 8 history, there are three benchmarks for user popularity. In 2004, it was the icon ownz all. In 2006, it was transience. In 2007, it was Ed Bellis. And in 2005... it was ExThaNemesis. He cut a swath across user contests all year, winning the 2nd(and final) User Season Battle ran by xXSabin FigaroXx which included perhaps the greatest user contest match of all time against his then best friend on board 8 FFDragon that ended in a one vote difference in favor of ExTha. He then proceeded to win Smurf's vaunted User of the Year competition, the only user in history to ever win USB and UoTY in the same year. It did not end there, as ExTha proceeded to claim the very first ERTYU USER CONTEST in a 30-26 victory over MakeYourChance. Few people have ever been able to win user contests with such regularity so close together, and as has happened with every user to get that popular, ExTha did have a fall.

MasterMage119 (aka AdeptOfAiur) held a contest based on the User of the Year, which seeded 64 users based on their positioning in UoTY. ExTha, was of course a 1 seed and the favorite to win it all, however, in his division was a user named HaRRicH. HaRRicH, upon seeing he was up against perhaps the biggest juggernaut in User Contest history, decided to go on a campaign in order to win. HaRRicH's victory included ridiculous things such as cutting wrestling promos and making fun of ExTha in a light-hearted manner at every turn. His campaign was headed by the phrase: "Prepare yourself for a fate you can only suffer over an internet message board, ExTha." And sure enough, when the match came, HaRRicH defeated ExTha by a score of like... 33-25, I think. Either way, it was awesome. Of note, between 2005 and 2006, ExTha captured the record for the longest time in the User of the Year without being eliminated(featuring winning the contest in 05 and lasting all the way to 4th place in 2006).

Also in 2005, one of the most memorable topics in board 8 history was made by ExTha. It was a topic calling out MasterMoltar and CenaStone to an internet wrestling match, to which ExTha entered "the ring" to Randy Orton's entrance theme, "Burn in my light" by Mercy Drive. What followed was about 800 posts of awesomeness featuring dozens of users including Moltar, Cena, FFDragon, PepsiPlunge, XxSoulxX, Sir Chris, Semifinal vs Belarus, MaxedOutRyu, and many others. The wrestling match was wrestled in elimination style, inside of a hell in a cell... and in the end it came down to FFD and ExTha, with ExTha winning the match with a top rope RKO onto a chair. This was the beginning of ExTha using the RKO, and it cemented those three letters into the annals of Board 8 history forever.

Also in late 2005, ExTha became one of the first Board 8ers to meet another Board 8er, as Link2dapast, better known as Swift, one of his best board 8 friends drove from his place in New Jersey to visit him. Many lulz were had during what was dubbed as "Swiftmas".

In 2006, ExTha drifted away from the board for a little bit, as it was his senior year of high school and he became more involved with females and the like, but he still posted a lot and was still one of the major faces on the board. He created one of the more memorable topics of the year this year, in what can be remembered as "The Bear Topic". He made a topic talking about hearing noises downstairs in his house, and upon going to investigate, he saw a bear outside on his porch eating his mom's birdseed. It scared him and made him fall over, and has spawned a hatred for bears in ExTha. However, the craziness started when the topic was marked and deleted.... for OFF TOPIC posting. This created an uproar of hilarity on the board, prompting such posts as "where do i go for discuss bear". All in all it was a great night to be on Board 8. 2006 was also the year in which ExTha escaped his second account bet, which was a bet on the 2006 ALCS, oddly enough, with Sir Chris. Chris won the bet, but ExTha's account was in purgatory when he was supposed to close it, and he told b8 that he "wanted to make one last topic with it." This allowed time to pass, and for it to be put out of Board 8's memory after a while, and ExTha just sort of slunk by without it being noticed.



2007 Saw an even bigger decline in ExTha activity, though it was this year that he committed some of his more memorable zany antics. First was his theft of a wal-mart shopping cart, which prompted a long discussion about the ethics of taking a shopping cart. Next off was the plan he hatched upon finding out the release date of the 7th and final Harry Potter book. As you all know, the spoilers were posted online long before the release, and ExTha planned to spoil it for people near him. This was perhaps the most controversial things ExTha has ever done, and it sparked a lot of ExTha hate in a lot of people on the board who disagreed with these actions. Some people thought it was pretty funny(because they aren't noobs.) And among one of his funniest actions, while he was driving back to Michigan from his home in Pennsylvania, he was to visit War13104 who lived near Cleveland. Well, on ExTha's way to get to War, he got lost because he took the now infamous Board 8 meme.... Expressway 271. Him getting lost like this prompted much hilarity, including 2 accounts, and a topic made my War featuring a parody of Randy Orton's theme: "Hey! Nothin' you can say! Got lost on the Express way!!!"

2008 saw ExTha return to his ways of 2004 and become much more laid back. He chilled out massively all throughout 2008, and living in his ex-girlfriend's "basement".

Of note, ExTha is much maligned for having some of the "worst" sports tastes on the board, as he likes both the New York Yankees and the Duke Blue Devils. Two teams that Board 8 hates. He also is a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the St. Louis Lambs. His favorite game is Final Fantasy VII, and his favorite characters are Terry Bogard and Sephiroth. ExTha is a fan of Pokemon and Smash Bros, and was heavily into the competitive board 8 scene for both games during their rise to popularity on the board.

Extha's right testicle (Julius von Right-well) is currently in the possession of AlecTrevelyan006 after a bet over the winner of Majora's Mask vs. Pokemon GSC.




Hajike, Tobiume! - Rikku Almighty

Y HALO THAR! - Rad Link 5

Josh Beckett > Yankees - swirldude

30-25 - HaRRicH

Bears > ExTha ~Soiledtrousers


Stop liking the evil sports teams! - th3l3fty

I'm Your Girlfriends Favortie Superstar! - Coffee Ninja

The day of Reckoning is upon you... - War13104

Final Fantasy VIII > Final Fantasy VII, Squall >> Sephiroth - Leonhart4

Go play TWEWY further, now! - Some_Character

*shoots with Fox's blaster*- SuperAngelo128

*spears ExTha*, that's for the RKO, punkass! - The Raven 2

that bitch Tez suspended me for impersonation. lawl. - Chumpmoney

Mike Piazza >>> Roger Clemens - Wigs

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