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EC looks sad :(

Explicit Content is a Board 8 user. He likes to say the word "wang" repeatedly until he passes out. He is the head of the Prince of Persia army.

Explicit Content has an eternal rivalry with XxSoulxX. This can often be seen in topics made by one of the two making a topic, comparing each other via inequality signs.

He is also horrible in bed. Unless it's with a transgendered person. HAW HAW!

Also, according to Sowl, he has the smallest wang ever.

I didn't write that, but I agree with it 100%!

i c wut u did thar tranny!

Is overrated, doesn't anything and still gets all the e-sex from everyone.


Wait a minute, no biting, ear-scratching, groin-punching, fatal hits or flaming. If you do one of those things, you get a DQ.

EC < Sowl

Giants > Eagles Cause everyone knows Eli Manning is the next coming of Jesus... especially EC

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