Board 8 Wiki
Platform: Gamecube
Participation: Fall 2010 Contest
Record: 0-1
Notable Matches: Dragon Age: Origins vs F-Zero GX

The best and most difficult racing game ever made (unless you like the randomly generated tracks in F-Zero X, since that game offers nothing else over GX).

If you ever wondered why Nintendo created the Wii, F-Zero GX is the game to look at. Nintendo and Sega finally join forces to make a game, using a Nintendo franchise for added marketing value... and it barely sells a quarter million copies. It was too difficult for casual consumption, and it was too Gamecube for hardcore consumption. F-Zero GX failed because of you, the gamer. You refused to buy challenging games like F-Zero GX, passing it up for casual tripe like Double Dash because it was Mario Kart. So Nintendo used that game as their blueprint instead. From that blueprint came the idea of gimmicking it up, and the Wii was born (probably after a midnight session of drunk Guitar Hero).