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"It's a subtle blend of lateral thinking and extreme violence." ~Simon Pegg on RE2, Spaced 1.3

Honorable Mentions[]

--15. Rat's Eye View--

Game: Resident Evil Outbreak

Why it gets a mention:

It's the best part of RE:O, even though it's the opening movie. It's the reshowing of RE2, moments after Birkin injects himself with the G-Virus, from the first person perspective of the rats in the sewers. Yes, the very same rats that will later carry the T-Virus into the city and kick off the outbreak. Birkin, as the G-Type destroys Umbrella's Delta Team, and the rats are there to pick up the scraps after the battle. Seeing all of this in PS2 graphics was amazing, and the best possible way to kick off the game.

Why it's not on the list: It's simply a reshowing of RE2's finest moment. A beautiful one, yes, but still a reshowing. Plus, when the best part of the game is the opening movie, that says a lot as well.

--14. "This house is too dangerous... There are terrible demons... Ouch."--

Game: Resident Evil (Original)

Why it gets a mention:

If there is one thing that the original RE is known for, it's the exceptionally horrible voice acting. From Jill Sandwich, to master of unlocking, to IT'S A MONSTER!, the voice acting is one of those cases of 'it's so bad that it's good.' In a series that eventually takes itself very seriously, looking back at the original is always a fun adventure. Plus, it was nice to see some of the classic lines make their return in the Gamecube Remake.

Why it's not on the list: It's the one thing on the entire list that can actually be seen as a negative toward the series. Many, many people were turned off at the horribleness of the acting, but there were just as many that found it hilarious.

--13. Why Hello There Licker--

Game: Resident Evil 2

Why it gets a mention:

You walk into the waiting room of the RPD, with the huge window in the back and everything is quiet... Wait-- Did something just move past the window?! You don't move for another few minutes, then cautiously approach the window, remembering the Cerberus attacks from the previous game, but then again there is nothing... All right. You then go through the door and round the corner, and find a decapitated body of a police officer and a pool of blood... And blood is raining down from the ceiling? --Enter Licker. The tongue, the rasp, the drool, and the drop down right in front of you was done just right. The short cutscene introducing the newest BOW from Umbrella, along with the build-up, is one of my favorite experiences with a normal BOW. It's not every day you see a skinless human with no eyes and its brain protruding scrambling around on all fours and trying to take you out at the knees with its razor sharp claws now is it?

Why it's not on the list: Despite the awesomeness of the tension and the introduction, it remains to be the introduction of an enemy that becomes rather abundant by the end of the game.

--12. Infiltration--

Game: Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Why it gets a mention:

Another great opening to a Resident Evil game, this time as Claire Redfield infiltrates an Umbrella Facility in Paris... alone. The game opens with Claire being pushed into a dank jail cell, as a hood is pulled off her head and she quickly gets the butt of a rifle to the face. The scene then fades back to Claire running through the halls of Umbrella Inc, armed only with a pistol, and being chased by guards with rifles... and a friggin helicopter. After dodging a barrage of bullets and diving down a flight of stairs, she is then confronted by a wall of guards. Feigning surrender, Claire manages to take out the entire brigade with a couple well placed shots to a flammable tank. It's only after all this that she finally gets captured by Rodrigo Juan Raval, and only because she was recovering from the falling debris of her explosion. In short, Claire rocked Umbrella. This is the first we've seen of Claire since the end of RE2 and Raccoon City, so it shows us just how determined the fight against Umbrella is, and her determination to find Chris. It sets up the whole game rather nicely, and goes a long way to developing Claire.

Why it's not on the list: Another intro, they're used to set up the rest of the games, usually where much cooler and important things happen. This is one of those things that falls under the 'not enough room' clause.

--11. Fourth Survivor--

Game: Resident Evil 2

Why it gets a mention:

Simply playing RE2 was a great experience, though the game rewards you with the total story by playing it well, and playing it often. After completing both scenarios with at least an A ranking, the "Fourth Survivor" minigame is unlocked, revealing that not every member of the Umbrella forces was killed by Birkin, and not every sample of the "G... G-Virus..." was destroyed. As Alpha Team leader HUNK, you are on a solo mission to get out of the sewers and to your rendezvous point with an Umbrella chopper waiting to take you out of the city. HUNK has insane stamina, but limited resources when it comes to taking out everything Raccoon City has to offer him, including Mr. X. It is a struggle to make it to the RPD rooftop, but when you finally do, it is so rewarding to know that you managed to do it. As you watched HUNK get into the Umbrella helicopter and fly off into the full moon, you felt like you accomplished something, and you had. And to top it all off, you knew that Umbrella had succeeded in everything you had just tried to stop, and in the pit of your stomach you just knew that things were going to go to hell-in-a-handbasket come the next sequel... It was an unexpected minigame that became one of the most interesting parts of the game. It was the first time you got to play as an Umbrella operative, and the first time you realized that someone other than Leon, Claire, and Sherry survived the game...

"End of one nightmare, prelude to another..."

Why it's not on the list: There's only so much room on the list. >_<

10. Justice is Served[]

Game- Resident Evil 3


...which leads to...

There are many different ways that game creators can make you like a character. Through their heroism, quick wit, deep backstory, sympathy, empathy, their mastery of villainy, suave and arrogant ego, silver tongue, etc etc et al. Basically, it doesn't matter whether a character is 'good' or 'evil', there are ways to make you like a character for what they are. Some characters can even start out hated and can be redeemed later on by their actions.

...Then there are characters that you just plain hate for everything they stand for, despite their attempts at redemption. And thus we come to "Chickenheart" Brad Vickers, pilot for the Alpha Team of the RPD STARS division, and the pilot on the night of the "mansion incident." The same pilot, at the very first sign of trouble, abandoned his entire team, leaving them to die without so much as a second thought. Self-preservation is one thing, but Jesus Christ he didn't even say anything to them or give them any kind of warning before taking off and leaving Chris, Jill, Wesker, Barry, and Forest to die in that forest. It's arguable that if he didn't take off when he did, that there could have possibly been more survivors from the Bravo Team. Of course that's all left up to the imagination on what Wesker would have done had the situation differed, but still. It is because Brad abandoned them that Wesker's plan worked as well as it did...

After going through the entire mansion, finding member after member of the Bravo Team dead, Brad finally returns and is expected to be looked at as redeemed simply because he decided to show up and toss a rocket launcher at the most opportune moment? No, no, no... I don't think so. One does not simply earn forgiveness after condemning your most trusted colleagues to death, in the most self-serving and heartless way possible. Sure, if Brad had never come back, everyone would be dead, but if he never left they never would have been put in that position in the first place. He earned no forgiveness in my eyes by rescuing the STARS members... It just showed that his guilty conscience won out after all. Plus, he was as safe as could be in the air anyway, so it wasn't like he put himself in that much danger anyway.

Fast forward a couple of months to Resident Evil 3, in the midst of the outbreak. Jill plows through the city until she manages to make it to a bar where she runs into, you guessed it, Mr. Vickers. Getting gnawed on by a zombie, nonetheless. After fending it off though, what does he tell you, his once former sister-in-arms? That the police can't handle this, and that 'he' is coming for them, and that 'she'll see' what he means. Then he leaves you. The self serving bastard just up and leaves after spouting off a cryptic message. You'd think that as former STARS members he would have, you know, perhaps wanted to work with Jill. Perhaps put their training to use? Nah... He's a coward, just as the nickname suggests.

And then... It happens. As you approach the RPD, Brad comes shambling up behind you, obviously in pain, obviously in distress and he mumbles the words "We've got to...

... ..... .......

With Brad, there was never a we. It was always about him-- Until he needed someone else to bail him out of a sticky situation. But then it happens: Nemesis makes its debut. With a final plea of "Jill! HELP!!", (which by the way, Jill doesn't even make a motion to help him. Not one bit. Not that she could have saved him, but I still think that was a definitive statement on her part.) Nemesis grabs Brad around throat and lifts him up into the air. With a last look of fear and dejection in his eyes, Brad finally gets what he deserves: A tentacle right through the face at the hands of the Umbrella monstrosity. Nemesis then simply discards Brad's lifeless body like nothing more than a doll, and grumbles "STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS." Jill looks down at the body in a bit of disbelief, but that man is long past dead.

If I was supposed to feel sorry for Chickenheart when he died, I completely missed the memo. Never before in my gaming experiences have I cheered so loudly at the death of a character. He was deplorable in his actions from the moment we met him until the moment he died, and he had no redeeming qualities in my eyes. Seeing justice finally get served, at the hands of the monsters he feared the most no less, was one of the most satisfying points of the entire series for me. And if I can be honest for a moment, I don't think Jill was too shaken up by his death either...

And since I'm on the subject of Brad Vickers, he also sucks because he screwed up the long-lasting theory of 'destroy the brain stem, no zombie.' Not only that, but he's a friggin Super Zombie in RE2. Not that I didn't enjoy killing him again, but I digress. What? RE2 came before RE3? I DON'T CARE ABOUT THOSE FACTS. >_>

That one was for you Enrico, Joesph, Forrest, Richard, Kenneth, Edward, and Kevin. That one was for you.

9. Triple Cross[]

Game- Resident Evil (Original/Remake) / Wesker's Report

Scene (Chris/Rebecca)-

Scene (Jill/Barry)-

In the original, there was no other story to go off... Just what you learned in the course of the game, so everything was new and fresh and exciting. After entering the Spencer Mansion, you (as either Chris or Jill) quickly learned to fear and loathe the name of the Umbrella Corporation, as it was clearly evident that they were the ones at fault of the viral outbreak that was threatening the lives of all the STARS members, and the outlying community... You were alone in that hell, and the only solace you had was the fact that you could count on your fellow STARS members when you ran into them (Barry, Jill, and Wesker). Though once you met Enrico in the caves, even that changed. There was a traitor in STARS, and they hadn't hesitated a second in putting a bullet right into the chest of the Bravo Team Leader... And to make matters that much worse, they were working with Umbrella, the corporation responsible for everything...

After watching Enrico die continue to make your way through the caves and eventually into the Research Facility, where you find a slide projector. Watching the slides, you see descriptions of several BOWs that had threatened your life already, including the Cerberus Dogs, Hunters, and Neptune. But all this pales in comparison to the slide the shows Umbrella's Research team... And the STARS Captain, Albert Wesker, stands smugly on the right side of the picture in a flowing white researcher's jacket. Wesker had betrayed the entire STARS division for the sake of Umbrella.

However, the fun doesn't stop there as you eventually get to confront your former Captain, and this my friends is where it begins to get interesting. There are a few different ways things can go down, depending on who your playing as, and whether or not your partner is alive, but every single version has Wesker exuding a different set of cold-hearted and arrogant qualities. Each version begins with the STARS member(s) entering the room, and questioning their former leader, asking him "Why? Why are you a puppet to Umbrella?" This is where Wesker manages to shock everyone yet again: Wesker's loyalty was not to Umbrella either! Not only was he double-crossing STARS, but he was double-crossing Umbrella, a full triple-cross of everyone who had placed trust into Wesker. For who's benefit? Why, Wesker's of course. His loyalty had been to himself, and himself only the entire time. And to show his total disregard for his former compatriots, Wesker no longer pulls any punches:

Jill/Barry- Wesker admits to manipulating Barry into doing a bit of his bidding by (falsely) threatening that he was holding his wife and two daughters hostage. After dismissing Barry like a tool, Wesker pistol whips Jill across the face and holds her at gunpoint.

Jill- Wesker punches Jill in the stomach and then clubs her over the back of the head with his pistol.

Chris- Chris tries to throw a punch, but Wesker blocks it, spins around and kicks him in the stomach, and then roundhouses him to the ground and pulls his pistol on him, making him look like a complete and utter fool.

Chris/Rebecca (My personal favorite)- Chris: You killed them with your own dirty hands... You son of a ****!

Rebecca: No...

Wesker: Oh, yes, dear. Just like this...

(He aims the pistol at Rebecca, and shoots, hitting her in the abdomen and knocking her over.)

Chris: Rebecca!

Wesker: Don’t move!

Yep. That's right. Wesker cold-heartedly plugs one right into the chest of the team medic. The MEDIC. Probably the least threatening person on the whole god damn team! And why does he do it? Quite simply: Because he can. Because he couldn't give two ****s about what happened to the STARS now. They'd given him all the combat data he needed.

All of this was of course build-up to Wesker unveiling to Chris and Jill his ultimate creation, The Tyrant. Which of course backfires (or so one would believe) as the Tyrant impales Wesker and tosses his lifeless body to the side. According to Wesker's Report though, this was all just part of the plan to make both STARS and Umbrella think he was dead, because if he was 'dead' then no one would come looking for him, on either side of the law. And it worked to perfection. Using the virus supplied to him by longtime friend and possibly the only ally he never betrayed, William Birkin, Wesker disappeared from the public light with everyone he betrayed thinking he was dead. The perfect betrayal.

Everything about Wesker's final speech(es) made him into the perfect villain. Betraying STARS for Umbrella would have been one thing, but to betray STARS for Umbrella and then betray Umbrella for himself added a whole other layer to his villainry. His calm demeanor in the face of the exploding STARS around him, the never-ending arrogance in his voice, and the total lack of caring about the lives of the people who trusted him most make this scene one of the best debuts for a villain in all of video gaming. In this most unexpected of events, Wesker manipulated everyone and everything around him in a perfect blend of deceit and devilry. Bravo Wesker, bravo.

"I think you’re a bit confused... I’ve always been with Umbrella. And S.T.A.R.S. were Umbrella’s... No, rather... mine. Little piggies."


Game- Resident Evil 3

Scene (Vs Mikhail)-

Scene (@ Clock Tower) -

Scene (Clock Tower Battle)

If there was one enemy in the Resident Evil Series you never wanted to run into, it was Nemesis. While Mr. X started the idea of the ever pursuing enemy in RE2, Nemesis one-upped him in almost every possible aspect. Plus, Mr. X (though he seemed to make a few specific detours towards the player) was simply going after the G-Virus sample. Nemesis on the other hand, was given the specific mission to kill all of the remaining STARS members in the city, due to the increasing problems they were causing for Umbrella. He was programmed to kill you at any cost.

Nemesis stands over seven feet tall, clad in a slick black trenchcoat with tubes running from his chest to his back. His skin is cracked and dry, his face a mass of stitches, missing an eye and both lips. And to top this all off, most of his encounters involve him wielding his favorite weapon: A rocket launcher that he totes around with relative ease. Not that he needs any weaponry at all, as the Nemesis Parasite bestowed him with incredible strength, and several other unique abilities (such as a myriad of tentacles) that make him a walking death machine.

The first we hear about this monstrosity is from our good friend Brad Vickers, who simply mentions that "he" is coming for them, and that Jill "will see." And then the first we see of Nemesis is the cold-hearted and brutal slaying of the former Alpha Team Helicopter pilot (also known as, #10 on our list!!) with a tentacle through the face. From that moment on, Nemesis' only goal was to make sure Jill Valentine stopped breathing once and for all. And he let you know it too, as the only word that the giant could utter from it's lipless mouth was a very guttural "STAAAAAAAARS!"

Now you could choose to take on the behemoth, and if you do you will be greatly rewarded with weapon pieces and other powerful spoils, however the safest choice was always to run as fast and as far away as you could. Which of course, is easier said than done as Nemesis is a persistent little bastard that will follow you from room-to-room, street-to-street in an attempt to take your life. Doors? Minor inconvenience. Windows? Same. Chances are if you managed to run into Nemesis, you were in for a fight even if all you did was run the other direction. Very few places in Raccoon City were safe from Nemesis' tyranny, and I know that every time I wandered into a save room, and the melodic tune started to play, I had to put down the controller for a few seconds to regain my composure after high-tailing it from beast. And the worst part of it all was that you never knew which room, or which street was going to hide Nemesis, and the only warning you got was a quick speeding up of the music's tempo, and the growl of "STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS!" After that you were pretty much screwed... Even if you were skilled (and lucky) enough to take Nemmy down in one of your encounters, it wasn't for good. No, no, no, not even close. You simply incapacitated him for a short period of time while the viruses inside his body regenerated his wounds. NEMESIS WILL NOT GO DOWN SO EASILY !!

And if the sheer power, resilience, and randomness of Nemesis wasn't enough, we have his storyline impact. Around mid-game, it looked like rescue was imminent once Jill reached the Clock Tower. A rescue helicopter was there, and coming down for a landing when from the roof of a nearby building came a rocket that destroyed any hope of a rescue anytime soon. That rocket of course fired from the launcher of Nemmy, never wavering from his mission. And if the idea of no rescue wasn't bad enough, Nemesis follows this up by dropping down and impaling Jill in the shoulder with one of his tentacles, infecting her with the T-Virus. The only successful infection of a main character to date.

Nemesis never once wavered from its mission, no matter how much damage it took, no matter what shape its body took. Even after becoming a rubbery blob from the waste management system, it still pursued Jill until the very end. It took several charged shots from a rail gun, and six final .44 magnum rounds to put Nemesis out of his misery. From the very beginning to the very end, Nemesis was a force to be reckoned with, and was quite possibly the biggest force out of all the RE games. My favorite reoccurring boss in the series for sure. Whether it was smashing through the RPD window and trying to blow your face off with a rocket, battling Mikhail in the train, or infecting Jill with the T-Virus, Nemesis was a very credible villain that managed to accomplish a lot for being a programmable death machine...

"You want S.T.A.R.S., I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!"

(Random note from Ulti: I fully expected this guy to somehow be on the helicopter at the end, even after the city gets Missile'd. Nemesis is that much of a bastard.)

7. Raccoon City Police Department[]

Game- Resident Evil 2/3/Outbreak #2


Scene (RE2) [Around 1:40, Best One]-

Scene (Start RE3)-

Scene (End RE3)-

Scene (RE:O File #2)-

Music (The Front Hall)-

The first one on my list that I'm not sure how it will be received. However, the RPD is quite possibly my favorite environment not only in the Resident Evil series, but in any video game series. Surely I am naturally bias by my fanatical love of RE, but I find the RPD's history and execution to be done superbly.

Up until 1980, the building that housed the RPD was Raccoon City's prestigious art museum. After that however, the building was purchased by the local government and converted for use by the RPD. due to its ample parking space and centralized location near Raccoon City's central business district. And you can definitely tell that it wasn't originally a police station. With the grand entrance hall, high archways, elaborate fountain, and expansive area, it retains the full frame of its Museum past. And although all of the artwork was removed during the renovation, it was once again lavishly over decorated by Raccoon City's Chief of Police, Brian Irons, a known art and sculpture enthusiast. Since Irons was getting massive paychecks from Umbrella to keep things 'hush-hush' he was able to purchase piece after piece of art, and you can tell. As a matter of fact, Irons' inability to refrain from constantly purchasing newer and more grandiose pieces also lead to many of the building's storage rooms being filled with neglected and replaced artworks no longer appreciated by the fickle Chief. In short, the place was literally half police department, half museum. Plus, since Umbrella had their hands in everything, there were two separate entrances to the sewer labs from inside the station: One in the kennels, and one in Chief Irons' office. And of course, those are just the aesthetics of it all.

Moving on, the RPD also has some of my favorite musical tracks from the entire series. "The Front Hall" (see link list for the track) is only rivaled by RE4's Wesker Theme in my mind. It sets up the entire tone of the building. Hollow, empty, cold, dark... "First Floor", "Second Floor", and especially "The Library" all add to the tension of the building as well. Even "Secure Place," which is used for the save rooms leaves you with a sense of unease, like the entire RPD was lost, no ray of hope anywhere to be seen. "The Basement of the Police Station" sounds more like a Silent Hill track than anything else, which really helps to round out the RPD score with a freakish vibe to it. In short, the music of the Raccoon City Police Department is ****ing insane, and the best of the series.

So we've covered the sights and sounds of the RPD, but what about the goings on inside of it, right? Nothing short of spectacular. In RE2, the RPD is your first point of solace after plowing through the hoards of undead (including Brad <_<) outside. The place is baron, abandoned, sans for the gravely wounded Officer Marvin Branagh, who aids you by giving you a keycard and then forcing you out of the room by gunpoint! Things only go downhill from there... Lickers, Lickers, everywhere. #13 on our list was already mentioned, but I also have to give credit to two other great Licker fright moments: the one way mirror in the interrogation room that caught me entirely off guard, and duo of lickers smashing through the stained glass ceiling to catch me yet again. Every single time I faced a Licker in an enclosed space I shuddered involuntarily. They did a great job introducing the Lickers as a very serious and credible threat. The RPD is also where you first get to meet the mass produced T-103 series, Mr. X as we've come to know him, with his bald head, big ol' trenchcoat, and tendency to smash through walls in an effort to get his hands on any sample of the G-Virus he can! A more depressing part of the RPD is finding all of the files chronicling the downfall of the force. They had barricaded the building and yet slowly, but surely the zombies began to break through and weaken their defenses until no one was left, or they were betrayed by one of their own. Which leads me into one of the greater things about the RPD, is Chief Irons himself. A puppet to Umbrella from the very beginning, he was paid to keep his mouth shut about the Sewer Laboratories and to keep the police out of Umbrella's hair, specifically in covering up the Mansion Incident. Irons was a very unstable man, having been charged with rape in his past and underwent psychiatric evaluation as a result of the charges, but was released due to circumstantial evidence. When the player finds Irons though, he had gone completely insane. He had already killed several of the RPD Officers in cold blood, and had 'hunted' the mayor's daughter, whose corpse was then displayed across his desk...

Claire: Are you Chief Irons?

Irons: Yes, that's me. And just who are you... no don't bother telling me. It makes no difference, you'll end up just like all the others.

And how could I go through the RPD without mentioning Birkin, the G-Type, impregnating Ben Bertolucci and watching the embryos burst from his chest? A final tip of the hat also goes to the RPD for being the first place you meet the Lady in the Red Dress, Mrs. Ada Wong. For RE2, on a day when they had been setting up for Leon's party, the Raccoon City Police Department had fallen into shambles. The force was decimated, overrun by the undead, their Chief gone insane and yet... This all came together for gaming bliss...

In RE3, you once again get to visit the RPD, a day before Leon and Claire make their rounds. However, this is a much shorter trip, though with some very exciting moments. After watching Brad's death at the hands of Nemmy, Jill flees inside the station. Seeing as this is before RE2, parts of the barricades set up by the officers are still in effect, so large portions of the station are secured and unaccessible. However, this does not disappoint, as one of the greater battles occurs in here. When passing by a first floor window by the Photo Lab, Nemesis shoulder blocks his way through the glass and immediately begins going berserk with a rocket launcher. It takes it all out of Jill just to make it out the front door again... He trails you through the entire station, and stays right on your ass if you don't take him down. *shudders* Also in your travels through the RPD, you can see an unconscious Marvin just waiting for Leon/Claire to arrive! Just seeing everything a second time around was awesome, but Capcom did a great job in polishing up the station without changing too much of what had been established in the previous game.

And finally in Outbreak #2, you get to see a bit more of the RPD in some fine, fine PS2 graphics. And god does it look awesome... The "Desperate Times" scenario in File #2 details the escape of a handful of officers and survivors the day before the arrival of Jill and Brad, two days before Leon and Claire. And do you know who is leading the rag-tag group of RPD officers? That's right, it's everybody's favorite ill-fated officer, Marvin Branagh!! It's the little things here that I like. For example, you take the Unicorn Medal out of the fountain here, you get to see a licker pull the exact same window move as in the beginning of RE2, you get to see how Marvin gets injured and ends up in that room. It really is the little things help to bring everything together. And despite my personal dislike for the Outbreak style of play, the doesn't diminish the grand reshowing of the RPD one bit. Outbreak File #2 was worth the money just for this scenario. Hands down.

In conclusion, great design, great music, great environment, great action, and great impact on the story = My favorite area in the entire Resident Evil series. Just seeing the STARS office alone was worth it... Am I the only one who wonders what it must have been like in there say, April 1998? Wesker sitting at the desk in the back, playing his role to perfection. Chris and Barry joking around in the front of the room by the gun locker, Enrico, Richard, Forrest, and Joesph playing cards on Chris' desk. Jill and Rebecca just talking by her desk... ... >_> <_< Sorry, got lost in my own mind there.

RPD Fun Fact #1: 3 Floors, 1 Basement, 100s of rooms, 100s of employees... Zero Bathrooms.

RPD Fun Fact #2: Nearly three months after Wesker's death, no one bothered to clear out his desk. Searching it in RE2 yields a photograph of Rebecca in basketball shorts and a jersey. Guess he liked 'em young, eh?

Leon: We can’t stay out here... Get to the police station, it’ll be a lot safer...

6. Unholy Duo[]

Game- Resident Evil Ø / Wesker's Report II

Scene (W/B @ Train)-

Scene (W/B with Marcus)-

Scene (W/B, W Leaving)-

Scene (W/B Backstory)-

Wesker's Report II-

And here it is... My fanboy pick of the list. By the end of RE, I loved Albert Wesker. By the end of RE2, I loved William Birkin. I can remember finishing RE2 and sitting in front of my TV thinking to myself "If they ever make a game where Wesker and Birkin work together, I will cream my pants... But that means they'd have to do a prequel. >_<" Well, they did a prequel. Wesker and Birkin in the same room for multiple scenes. Much rejoicing on my end. The rest of the game could have been a steaming pile of feces (it wasn't btw), but the Wesker/Birkin scenes alone would have made it worth playing. Granted there are only four scenes (plus the scattered files talking about them), however I couldn't help but scoot that much closer to the TV when they were on the screen. These were the final moments of Wesker's employment with Umbrella, and they were done right.

The first time we see the Duo is when Billy and Rebecca are still on the train, and an Umbrella team was dispatched to check things out. The Delta team calls into Wesker and Birkin, informing them that they've secured the train. "Scholar Will," being the analytical of the two, wonders aloud how the T-Virus leaked in two separate locations (Mansion and Train) nearly three miles apart. When something doesn't make sense, Birkin's nature does not allow him to let it go until he has an answer that satisfies his mind. "Practical Al" on the other hand focuses on the more pressing matter at hand, covering the microphone and telling Birkin that his inquisitive thoughts were irrelevant at this point in time...

Wesker: "That's irrelevant! We must make sure no knowledge of this gets out. Destroy the train. Completely!

Birkin doesn't looked incredibly pleased, but he acknowledges the fact that Wesker was correct. This scene closes with the Delta team getting slaughtered, and the Duo left back at the lab wondering just what the hell was happening on the train. This is the first time we ever got to see the two Umbrella scientists in the same room, Birkin in his lab coat, Wesker still wearing his STARS uniform. It's evident that they've been there for a few hours, collaborating and trying to figure out just what the hell was going on, and just where Umbrella was beginning to crumble. They truly were the two best Umbrella had to offer.

The next time we see Wesker and Birkin is once Becca and Billy first make their entrance into the Training Facility. They're watching Billy and Rebecca via surveillance camera, and Birkin's mind is still racing at a million miles a second, wondering just who the hell was breaking into their center.

Birkin: "Who on earth are those people?"

Wesker: "She's just a rookie, a member of S.T.A.R.S."

'Just' a rookie... The same harmless rookie I remind you that he'll shoot in cold-blood just one day later. All of a sudden the PA system crackles to life, catching the Duo off guard, and then their monitors are lit up with the mystery man that seems to be controlling the leeches. Wesker is instantly set off, not enjoying the fact that he's lost control of the situation.

Man: "It was I who scattered the T-Virus in the mansion, needless to say I contaminated the train too."

Birkin: "What?"

Man: "Revenge..on Umbrella!"

Birkin got the answer to his earlier question, but this only serves to unleash a new batch. The man summons his leeches into human form, and Birkin is taken aback at the resemblence it takes to his and Wesker's former mentor, Dr. Marcus. The unknown man isn't done yet though, as he takes one more shot at the Duo-

Man: "Ten years ago, Dr. Marcus was murdered by Umbrella. You helped them, didn't you?"

Wesker scowls as the man laughs and the scene fades away. I can only imagine the conversation that took place next, with Birkin trying to bring reason to what they just saw and Wesker trying to figure out the quickest and most efficient way to eliminate their problem. This was a nice scene depicting the two the sets up the separation scene very well. It showcases the exact personalities of the two men and how they mesh together to create the perfect pair.

Finally, in the final scene we see of the Duo in the present, Birkin and Wesker are walking down a hallway in the labs as Birkin flips through a clipboard mumbling to himself as he thinks. Apparently Wesker had done some digging, and had come to the conclusion that the man who had hijacked their monitors was none other than Dr. Marcus, something that Birkin couldn't wrap his mind around. However, he acknowledged the fact that if such a thing were true, then Umbrella would be finished. Wesker reminds Birkin that if the conspiracy against Dr. Marcus were ever revealed, not only would Umbrella and Spencer fall, but both of their careers would be over as well... And it's at this point that things take their dramatic turn-

Birkin: "What are you going to do?"

Wesker: "I will simply say goodbye to Umbrella. The biological weapon utilizing the T-Virus has almost been completed. Our only remaining task is to acquire combat data."

Birkin: "You can't be serious! I refuse to abandon my work! I've finished my research on the T-Virus, but I need a little more time to complete the more powerful G-Virus."

Wesker: "Do as you wish, I will follow my initial plan and lure the S.T.A.R.S. members into the mansion. Their superior combat training should make them perfect test subjects." (laughs)

Wesker saw that Umbrella was on shaky ground, and made the decision right then and there to abandon Umbrella, and take their research on the T-002 and the T-Virus. And as you can see, he offered the idea to Birkin as well, the possibility of them leaving together. However, Birkin was too headstrong in finishing the research on the G-Virus, something that would later come back to haunt him. While he had made great advances in the T-Virus, most of that was piggybacking off of Marcus' beginnings... Birkin wanted to have created something of his own, from the start, and that is what led him to stay with Umbrella and not Wesker. Wesker acknowledged Birkin's lust for his research, and decided on carry out his plan to jump ship, callously using STARS as his personal guinea pigs. Wesker leaves in the elevator, presumably heading back to the RPD to pick up the rest of the Alpha Team and make preparations to head into the mansion. Birkin on the other had stayed behind to 'deal with the madman' by setting off the self-destruct device in the basement."I'll find it, set it off, and annihilate the place to nothing more than a mass of rubble." That would be the last time Wesker and Birkin saw each other, and we can assume that sometime before this scene Birkin gave Wesker the 'Plot Virus' in anticipation of the events to come. In that moment though, the great legacy of those two ended right there, with a mutual parting of respect for one another. A tragic, but fitting end...

The final scene we see of our good friends is in a flashback, taking place ten years in the past (roughly 1988). It is a first person perspective of Dr. Marcus as he works on one of his leeches. Suddenly, two Umbrella Black-Ops soldier burst into the room with automatic weapons and light Marcus up in a flury of gunfire. Marcus goes down hard and fast, but does not die just yet... As he lies dying on the floor, two other men come in dressed in white researcher robes... None other than Birkin and Wesker, of course, who had taken lead up Spencer's order to have Marcus assassinated. (I must say it again: Wesker actually in a researcher's robe = Win) Wesker and Birkin smugly and arrogantly walk up to the dying doctor with huge grins on their faces, and proceed to deliver some of the most cold-hearted dialouge of the entire series. Wesker leans in close to had the final verbal blow-

Wesker: "Aww... Time to die, doctor."

Birkin: "I will take over your research." (laughs)

Marcus' vision begins to blur as his life slips away, and his final words are filled with astonishment and the sting of betrayal: "W... Wesker... Birkin..." They are also the last thing he sees before he dies. This scene right here cemented my love for Wesker and Birkin. They are the perfect villain duo.

Wesker's Report II details more of the relationship between the two. For example, Albert and William were prodigies, having gone through the Umbrella Training facility at the same time, and getting sent to the Arklay labs together for the first time in 1968. Wesker was eighteen, Birkin was sixteen. Even at the age, Wesker and Birkin were already known to be smug and arrogant duo. Wesker even states that "Being in our company for more than five seconds would have made most people angry." Their arrogance came from their success however, as Birkin became the youngest ever chief researcher at the age of 16. The report goes on to chronicle Wesker and Birkin growing up together through their research. Lisa Trevor, the T-Virus, Alexia and the T-Veronica virus, their dealings with Spencer, all the way up through their work on the Tyrants and the Nemesis project, and Birkin's discovery of the G-Virus in Lisa Trevor. And while Wesker may not have always agreed with Birkin's actions (sometimes going so far as to call him immature at times), never once did Wesker lose respect or trust for his long time friend. "These thoughts were too important to share with anybody else in the laboratory. The only person I could possibly ask was Birkin." Wesker and Birkin managed to have a hand in every major accomplishment of Umbrella after their arrival. They were truly gifted. And even though they eventually parted ways (Birkin to the lab under Raccoon City to head up the G-Virus Project, Wesker to the Information Bureau giving up his researcher position in order to covertly run STARS), they came back together in 1995 to once again collaborate and worked with each other off and on until their separate downfalls in 1998. If there were any doubts to the loyalty between the two, this report put those arguments to rest.

I am thoroughly convinced that William Birkin was the one person on the entire planet that Wesker had any respect for, and the only man he would never betray. For over twenty years they researched together, worked together, manipulated together, betrayed together, grew up together, and climbed to the top of the Umbrella ladder together. "Scholar Will, Practical Al, They really are opposites. And they are always competitive in everything they do. There is something useless and cruel about them both.." Both gifted scientists, the Unholy Duo of Wesker and Birkin pretty much ran Umbrella from the inside-out for two decades, usurping power along the way and making their names known by the research they conducted. One can only wonder what could have been had Birkin joined Wesker in leaving Umbrella when he did, but that was not how things went down. However, the work they did together shall live on in the RE Universe for years to come, I'm sure of it. I never thought I'd get to see Wesker and Birkin together, but let me say one more time that I am very, very happy that I did...

"At the leader development training ground situated in Raccoon City, I met a brilliant and talented researcher who made me decide to take a different path... William Birkin."

5. Knife Fight[]

Game- Resident Evil 4


There aren't many scenes in any game that pull you in as much as this one, not only because of the information contained in it, but because if you stop paying attention even for one second, you will dead quicker than Krauser can pull his knife out of your body. RE4 made a habit out of never letting you put down your controller for an instant, but this scene more than any other stressed that fact. I freely admit that the first time the scene happened, after the first action command I put down my controller. Yeah... Uh... I suppose you can guess what happened. Hooray for continue points !!

As you make your way through the confines of the island, you eventually find yourself in a warehouse-esque building with metal upon metal upon metal everywhere. Metal grate floors, metal railings, metal scaffolding, metal pipes, metal everything. It's a friggin' metal prison, to be honest. At first glance, everything seems to be calm and serene, perhaps even a safe haven... Of course, this is just the quiet before the storm. Leon takes a few steps into the room, and instantly becomes wary of the situation, drawing his knife from its sheath over his left shoulder, and spins around with his blade at the ready to meet his foe... Only, there was nobody there. Had it just been Leon's imagination? Nope! Not at all. Leon lowers his knife for just a moment, and in that moment Krauser grabs a hold of one of the pipes across the ceiling and vaults himself down at Leon with a stylized knife of his own... Leon is barely able to roll out of the way, but no before taking a cut across the cheek that will remain with him to the end of the game. Leon wipes away the blood from his face, and the scene switches beautifully to the drops of blood dripping off of Krauser's knife and onto the metal floor. The scene pans up to Krauser, who stands from his crouch smiling, and begins to mess with Leon's head. The two circle each other as they talk, with Krauser arrogantly spinning his knife around his finger while he talks, not even bothering to make eye contact with Leon, much less even face in his direction.

Krauser: Been a long time, comrade.

Leon: Krauser!

Krauser: I died in a crash 2 years ago? Is that what they told you?

Leon: You're the one who kidnapped Ashley.

Krauser: You catch on quick. That's expected. After all, both you and I know where we come from.

Krauser suddenly lunges at Leon again, coming inches from slashing Leon's throat. Leon responds with a mirror swipe that Krauser ducks, and then Leon comes in again with a stab to the throat that forces Krauser to jump back, or lose his adam's apple. And thus, the two come to another standoff, this time neither one of them lowering their knives for an instant.

Leon: What do you want?

Krauser's response? Oh yeah, he simply scoffs at Leon before taking an arcing swipe that nearly slices Leon open at the chest. Giving Leon no time to rest, Krauser attempts to uppercut Leon with next swipe, and nearly succeeds in making Leon fall over backwards as he leans away from the swipe. Krauser throws himself off balance with that attempt though, and is forced to fall back into another standoff, even more tense than the last. However, since Leon showed some skill in dodging the knife, Krauser finally acknowledged his question...

Krauser: Heh. The sample Saddler developed, that's all.

Not one for awkward silences, Krauser immediately goes after Leon again, taking a full haymaker swing at Leon that clashes their two blades in a shower of sparks. Krauser spins around after his attempt, and right back into the defensive. Leon is beginning to get angered, but Krauser manages to keep his cool. The two begin to circle each other again as they talk, and Krauser even lowers his knife in the next exchanging of words...

Leon: Leave Ashley out of this.

Krauser: Oh, I needed her to buy Saddler's trust in me. Like you, I'm American.

Instantly Krauser has his knife back up at the ready, and he punts a nearby steel drum in Leon's direction. Leon has no choice but to use his knife to bat away the drum, and by the time Krauser was right on top of him. Their blades connect again in a flash of sparks and the momentum from Krauser's strike sends both men off the second story platform to the ground below. Krauser practically dives headfirst off the ledge, landing in a half cartwheel while Leon is forced off backwards, and flips into a crouch on the ground below. The two men are now kneeling, backs turned to each other. They both realize this and snap their heads backwards to their foe.

Leon: You got her involved just for that?!

Leon charges up from his feet and rushes Krauser with swipe that he blocks with an upward parry. Leon follows up with a back slash that is blocked, and then Krauser comes in with a forward slash that is barely countered as well. Two more exchanges of strike-counter occur, once each where one forces the other backwards, and things seems to be at a stalemate. However, Leon transfers his knife to his off hand in mid-air and spins completely around, catching Krauser off guard and slicing him open across the chest, a large wound from the middle of right chest all the way up to the left shoulder that spins Krauser around and even momentarily stuns him. Krauser looks down at his chest and lets out a half sigh before looking back up at Leon and laughing coldly... Krauser lunges in at Leon, misses a swipe across the chest, and follows up with an attempt at an upward jab to the throat. However, Leon catches his arm and spins it around, immobilizing Krauser's knife hand. Leon tries to capitalize with a stab of his own with his free hand, but Krauser grabs Leon's arm and the two men are tied up in a grapple. They struggle for power, their faces strained and getting closer together when... Krauser breaks free from Leon and spins around behind him, never letting go of his arm and planting a boot firmly on Leon's ass, which sends him sprawling across the metal floor, and sending his knife sliding even further... Leon scoots backward a bit on his butt towards his knife, but he never has a chance to regain his vertical base.

Krauser: All for Umbrella's sake.

Leon: Umbrella??

Krauser: I almost let it slip. Enough talk, die comrade.

I'd like to take a moment to mention that those are two of the three lines in the entire RE4 script (main game, non-intro, mind you) that mentions the Umbrella Corporation. Leon was shocked as all hell to hear it, and let me tell you, so was I. All of Capcom's RE4 build-up had been around the fact that Umbrella was no more, so I naturally assumed that we'd hear no more about them... Oh how wrong I was. After all is said and done for RE4 (main game, Assignment Ada, Separate Ways), it becomes quite evident that RE4 was being used as a platform to springboard a New Umbrella into the limelight, to "bring order and balance to this insane world of ours" as Mr. Krauser so nicely puts it. As if all of the action in this scene wasn't flooring enough, that one line really sent me for a loop as I tried to figure out exactly what was going on...

Anyway, it's at this point that Krauser leaps through the air and comes down with his knife over Leon's chest. Luckily Leon manages to catch Krauser's arm, or it would have been all over right there. Leon struggles to force Krauser back, but the tip of his blade is coming dangerously close to Leon's throat. Just as the blade is about to pierce his skin though, a gunshot rings out and the knife is shot from Krauser's hand, impaling the metal flooring a few feet away and sticking straight up into it. (A knife so sharp it can pierce solid steel, nice.) In the confusion, Leon kicks Krauser off of him with a boot to the chest that sends him rolling backwards, and into a crouch.

Leon: Ada!

Krauser: Well, if it isn't the ***** in the red dress.

Ada: It looks like we have the upper hand here.

Krauser stands up and simply laughs at Ada's claims, back flipping a full story back up to where he and Leon initially started their little war. Amazed, Leon runs over to the base of the platform and finds a sneering Krauser looking down on him. Krauser then delivers my favorite line of his:

Krauser: You may be able to prolong your life, but it's not like you can escape your invitable death, is it?

Ada: You... knew each other?

Leon: More or less. Maybe it's about time you told me the reason you're here?

Ada: Maybe some other time.

Krauser then makes his escape, leaving Leon alone with Ada and a mind full of questions. However, Ada is little help to him, brushing him off and hopping over a railing, leaving Leon alone again in the same awkward and eerie silence that surrounded him as he entered the room. As he stood there in the silence, it was almost as if the whole thing had been a surreal dream....

This scene has everything needed to become an instant classic. Insane amount of action, plot revelation, and an ending that just keeps you begging for more. If Jack Krauser never makes another appearance in an RE game, if his name is never mentioned ever again, he will always be known for his knife battle with Leon if nothing else. This scene is intense from start to finish- You can die seven different ways in less than two minutes:

Initial Attack: Downward slash from head to stomach.

First Exchange: Slash across the chest

Second Exchange: Uppercutting slash from stomach to throat

Third Exchange: Complete throat slashing, complete with Leon spurting blood and clutching his throat

Barrel Exchange (My personal favorite): Leon manages to block the barrel, but doesn't have time to recover and parry Krauser's follow-up attack. Krauser buries his knife into Leon's stomach and then nonchalantly kicks him off of his knife and off of the platform they were on and onto the ground a story below. Krauser then gives a very satisfied laugh, and grins...

Fifth Exchange: Krauser buries his knife into Leon's chest, possibly his heart.

Knife Struggle: Leon is unable to hold off Krauser's downward force, and Krauser slowly pierces Leon's chest. Even Krauser winces a bit as the knife tears Leon open... Leon's eyes go wide as a very large blood pool begins to form, and then Leon goes limp...

There are many, many highlights to RE4 that I could rant about in just as many words but I believe this to be the highest point of the entire game. The first time you got to it, it caught you off guard with the sheer number of action commands you were forced to put in in such a short amount of time. The following times you played it you got to appreciate the battle aspect of it more, and take in just how fierce Leon and Krauser were going at each other. And later on you fully got to absorb the storyline significance of it all. Throughout the rest of the game after this point, Leon and Jack shared a sort of heated rivalry that was all set up by this fight. I'm fully convinced that if Ada hadn't shown up when she did (moments after Leon slashed Krauser, as shown by Separate Ways) that Krauser would have killed Leon right then and there, no problem. I'm also convinced that if Wesker hadn't informed Ada that Krauser was sent to take care of Leon that Ada would have never been there in the first place. So... Um... In essence I'm blaming Wesker for Leon still being alive. >_>

Wesker, Ada, Leon, and Krauser all have their parts in making this scene happening the way it does, and honestly I couldn't have seen a better way for it to happen. One of the more intense and exciting scenes in the entire series, for all the reasons I've listed above. No list would be complete without having this on it, I say.

4. "Warning, the self-destruct system has been activated..."[]

Game- Just about every god damn Resident Evil game ever

Scene (REØ)-

Scene (RE Jill)-

Scene (RE Chris)-

Scene (RE2 Annette [Around 2:46])-

Scene (RE2 Lift)-

Scene (RE2 Train)-

Scene (RE3)-

Scene (Code Veronica)-

Scene (RE4)-

I'm relatively certain that no one expected something quite like this to make the list, much less top five as it did, but there's just something about the self-destruct sequences that strikes a soft spot in me. In the original Resident Evil on Playstation, it was quite the rush the first time you realized that you were on a timetable to escape from the Spencer Laboratory. And ever since that game, the tradition of the self-destruct sequence was established. What can I say, Umbrella loved their fail-safe back-up plans. I can just imagine a board room of executives sitting around a large polished wooden table stroking their chins:

Board Exec: "So guys... What procedures should we have incase... you know... **** hits the fan?"

Guy 1: "Hmmm... How about airlocks to seal the facility off from the outside world? That'll keep the virus contained inside, and will make sure that none of the test subjects get outside."

Board Exec: "Hey... That's a pretty good ide--"

Guy 2: "Why don't we just make the place explode? Big balls of fire are always cool."

Guy 1: "WHAT? That'll ruin ANY chance of obtaining our research, it'll waste millions!!"

Board Exec: "Explosions it is !! Install self-destruct mechanisms in all of our facilities, posthaste!"

Guy 1: -_-

Guy 2: ^_^

Quite simply, it's just not a Resident Evil game unless there's the threat that you (and the entire area you are currently standing in) are going to explode if you don't move your ass fast enough and far enough. Each game puts a little bit of a different spin on it, and there are different reasons for each of the sequences, but the end result is always the same: Something goes BOOM, and you barely escape. That seems simple enough, but it's all about the journey getting there, not necessarily the end result, as the entire focus of the game changes as soon as that sequence is activated. Once you hear the mechanical voice floating out of the speaker, all games are over and you instantly start throwing caution to the wind. Though you may play a conservative game your entire run, inching your way around corners, using the handgun just enough to knock your foes off balance so you run around them, conserving your ammo and hording your items, that playbook automatically becomes obsolete. When you only have five minutes before you die a very fiery and painful, death it's only natural that you become a running death machine. Sprinting full force wielding your most powerful weapon, stopping only long enough to decapitate or rip open anything within a ten foot bubble of you or to munch on an herb, the only goal you have left is to get to that little blinking dot on your map, and to get there in one piece, no matter the costs. Your heart is racing, jumping at every scare tactic thrown at you, and counting down the seconds in your head as the monotonous bleating siren wails out in an unchanging tune. It's amazing how something like this sends the game in a complete 180 degree turn, and it's always an adventure because your just waiting for that one last, big surprise...

Resident Evil Ø: The self-destruct system has been activated. All personnel, evacuate immediately.

Ah... We have no one to blame for this but our good friend Dr. Birkin. While Wesker left to gather the STARS for their final mission, Birkin stayed behind to find and activate the self-destruct for Billy, Becca, and Marcus. Unfortunately for you, when Birkin sets all this into motion, the second form of the Leech Queen is busy trying to eat your face. Also unfortunately, if you want to get out of the warehouse you're stuck in after taking the lift, Billy has to distract the Queen while Becca works the windows. You're working against the clock, and Marcus is no slouch at keeping you busy, as you have to keep him away from Becca at all times while still keeping yourself alive. If you manage to flood the room with sunlight, and do away with the queen, Billy will plug it with a final magnum shot that sends it down right into the inferno rumbling up the elevator shaft. Rebecca and Billy just barely make it out the facility before it's reduced to rubble...

Resident Evil: The self-destruct system has been activated. All personnel must evacuate immediately. Deactivating and releasing all locks.

There are a few different ways this one can go down. First, if you're playing as Chris, then Rebecca will go and set off the sequence purposefully as a way of quarantining the outbreak. Good idea in theory, but it nearly gets them killed. The other, more believable chain of events leads to Wesker setting off the sequence, following in the footsteps of his partner from RE:Ø. Though Wesker appears very dead, when Jill goes to check on Barry, Wesker manages to disappear without a sound. Birkin's virus had kicked in, and in an attempt to take out all the remaining members of STARS, Wesker sets off the sequence before making his escape. (In the original RE, Jill can head back to the SD Room to find Wesker beheaded by a Chimera, though that is obviously non-canon nowadays. It is fun to see though.) Well, no matter who you're playing as, priority number one becomes getting the hell out of the laboratory. After plowing through a hoard of undead and other BOWs, you finally make it to the elevator and make your way up to the helipad where you signal for good ol' Brad Vickers, and all is well. Your partners follow you up the elevator a few seconds later, and your nightmare is over...

...Oh wait, except for the Tyrant bursting through solid cement and coming back up for revenge, knocking one of your partners stupid, and trying to slaughter you and the other. With just a few moments before the entire mansion is set to explode, and Chickenheart nowhere in sight, it simply becomes a fight for survival. Nothing you have in your inventory can bring down the monstrosity, so your goal simply becomes to dodge it's attacks, and try to weaken it as best as possible, without letting it kill your partner either. Eventually, (FINALLY) Brad shows up and pushes a rocket launcher out the side of the chopper, and by now there are but a few precious seconds left. You grab the launcher, take aim and fire! SUCCESS! ...WAIT! WHAT THE ****?! DID HE JUST SWAT AWAY MY ROCKET! HOLY ****! The T-002 charges you again, you yelp and run away and set up for a second shot. NOW SUCCESS! HAR HAR! The Tyrant goes up in a couple hundred piece and the STARS members manage to evacuate just before the mansion becomes a giant fireball...

Resident Evil 2: The self-destruct sequence has been activated! Repeat, the self destruct sequence has been activated! This sequence may not be aborted! All employees proceed to the emergency car at the bottom platform!

This one's a bit sad... After the control panel that powers the self-destruct sequence gets destroyed by Mr. X (and Ada's body) or some other wayward accident, the entire system goes haywire and sets itself off. This sets off a chain of events the sends Leon and Claire in two different directions, both ending up in the train. One character is in charge of getting Sherry to the train, and dealing with the final form of Mr. X, while the other character tends to a little personal business. While the timer is counting down to the lab's destruction, you have to deal with a very pissed off Mr. X, while simultaneously trying to power up the train so you can get out of there in time. Much like the T-002, the T-103 simply will not go down to conventional weaponry, and you're just hoping to keep him at bay more than anything else. You finally get the train powered up when... Ada (I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD?! lol Wesker) throws you the godsend of a rocket launcher, and you finally put the Bald head, lava man down. The facility begins to rumble and you run back into the train, powering it up and getting it rolling. Luckily, your partner shows up just in time, and gets onto the train mere moments before the entire research facility goes up in flames... You were finally safe... That is, until that oh so familiar voice starts up all over again...

Resident Evil 2: Warning. Warning. The self-destruct system has been activated. Each train compartment will detonate sequencially.

Whoo! The research facility has blown-up, we're in the clear! Wait... NOW THE TRAIN IS GOING TO EXPLODE?! GAHHHHHHH !! Great, the train recognizes bio-hazardous material on board and takes it upon itself to commit suicide at Leon, Claire, and Sherry's expense. William just didn't know when to give up... Since Dr. Birkin refused to go down so easily, simply escaping the facility meant nothing. The train goes on lockdown, and **** really starts hitting the fan. Birkin begins consuming the train cars, and Sherry squeezes into the control room. While one of you deals with Birkin, the other goes to help Sherry slam on the brakes. The train screeches to a halt and the three of you sprint out of the tunnel (you guessed it) right before the wall of fire spurts out of the tunnel's opening. Some heated words for Umbrella are spoke, but this time... You were actually safe.

Resident Evil CVX: The self-destruct system has been activated. All personnel evacuate immediately.

You get to hear this one twice in Code Veronica, because neither island you're on manages to stay afloat by the time you're done with it. The first, Alfred Ashford sets off because he's pissed, sending the entire island into an inferno, as well as releasing a Tyrant on your plane. The second because Chris needed to get the doors unlocked in the facility so they could escape. Quite the extreme measure again, but for some reason Chris seems to solve all his problems with making things go boom. Either way, the Redfields have a knack for setting Umbrella facilities up in smoke, and I'm sure their quite happy having that reputation. Both scenarios end in a climatic battle, and the second ends with the Redfields escaping just in the nick of time in an Air Force jet. Good thing Chris had experience from his time as an Air Force pilot !!

Resident Evil 4 bucks the norm by not having a mechanical voice inform you of your impending doom. Instead, you get that news first hand from Ada Wong as she throws you the key to a jetski. Leon and Ashley have three minutes to get to the jetski and then motor their way away from the island, dodging rocks, ramps, falling spikes... And huge ****ing walls of raging water trying to consume you from behind. If you can manage to navigate those obsticles, you'll make it away from the island just as it begins to crumble, and you're finally safe from that nightmare... (Though I really want to know how they got back to the States from there.)

So... It's my belief that the self-destruct sequences make the games. It adds tension, excitement, frustration, and shuffles up the gameplay that you've gotten used to for the hours you've played to get to that point. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit that as soon as that timer pops up on the screen, you scoot just a little closer to the screen and tighten your grip on your control just that little bit. ~_^

Rebecca: "Who activated the self-destruct system?!"

Billy: "Come on! Can't this thing move any faster?"

3. Old Friends[]

Game- Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

Scene (First meeting)-

Scene (Vs Alexia)-

Scene (End Part I)-

Scene (End Part II)-

These series of scenes are huge for me, because I quite simply never thought they were going to happen, making them that much better. When I first played Resident Evil, (and I'm talking 1997, huge ass long Playstation box with the creepy looking Chris on it Resident Evil) Wesker, the man who dared to wear his sunglasses at night (and indoors !!) was my favorite character, but by the end of the game he seemed to be very much dead. That's cool though, he was a great character, and had completed his story ark even though it had been left open for so much more. Then RE2 rolled around, Birkin was my favorite character, but alas he too ended up very dead. Then there RE3 did not see the reappearence of either Wesker or Birkin. I had given up all hope of seeing either again. But then... Code Veronica was released. Now, I didn't have Wesker's Report back then, so I still had no idea when I started to play the game. Needless to say, the first time I saw Wesker in his stealth black comabt suit, I had a severe fangasm. I'm not ashamed to admit it. However, this was still Wesker messing around with Claire, someone who he has never met before. And then Wesker was simply monitoring Chris from a distance. It was when the former STARS Alpha Team commander met up with his one time star marksman that things truly, truly kicked off and the build-up from now three games since the original RE came to a boiling point... Chris is making his way through a corridor when suddenly the cold laughter of a man who was supposed to be dead rang out behind him.

Wesker: "Long time no see Chris."

Chris: "Wesker?! Still Alive?!"

As you can see, the very last person Chris expected to meet on the island was the man he watched die in the Spencer Mansion at the hands of the T-002. What was Wesker's repsonse to Chris' surprise though? Just another round of arrogant laughter. They exchange a few more heated line, mainly concerning Wesker's intentions on the island, when Chris suddenly raises his gun to fire on his former leader. Flashback to RE1: The last time Chris tried to take down Wesker, Wesker blocked his punch and throughly laid him out. And that was when he was still human. Fast forward to the present: Before Chris can get his gun into a firing position, Wesker flies across the room and connects with a Thrust Punch, just one of the new abilities that Birkin's virus has lent to him. Chris slams hard into the wall across the room, and Wesker stands still, simply laughing and ajusting his shades. Using his insane inhuman speed, Wesker then cross the entire room in less than two seconds and grabs Chris around the throat and lifts him off the ground, pinning him to the wall and choking the life out of him...

Wesker: "You have no idea how much I hate you, you destroyed my plans, so now I sold my soul to a new organization. Now die."

These two harbor none of the camaraderie they once shared, and Chris responds by desperately punching Wesker in the face, send his sunglasses flying, and revealing his unearthly red hued eyes. Wesker seems poised to finish Chris off once and for all when suddenly Alexia's voice floats out of one of the monitors, catching Wesker's attention. Seeing as the entire reason Wesker was even on the island was to obtain Alexia, Wesker lets Chris go... By throwing him as hard as he can into a specimen tube, cracking it. Chris gasps for breath as Wesker makes his exit in pursuit of Alexia. And this... this was just the beginning.

[PS- Kekeke at being able to lump this scene in here under technicality, though it could very easily take its own place on the list]

The next time the two meet is when Wesker finally tracks down Alexia. Chris hides behind a pillar while Wesker approaches his prey.

Wesker: "At last, I found you Alexia. Come with me."

(Alexia laughs)

Wesker: "Your responsible for the creation of the T-Veronica virus. And now the only existing sample is in your body. I want it! Now!"

Alexia: "You want it? You are not worthy of its power."

Alexia begins to make her way down the stairs, transforming into her viral form, and even Wesker is amazed at the sight. His eyes widen and his jaw drops as Alexia continues to descend the stairs, and then she lays a vicious back uppercut on him. Wesker flips completely around, but manages to land on his hands and knees at the base of the stairs. Alexia jump down now, forcing Wesker to roll away, though he doesn't lose a bit a flare as he again repeats that Alexia was going to be leaving with him. Alexia's only response to this is igniting her hand and tossing a flaming blood trail at Wesker, catching him on fire !! Wesker counters this (still on fire, mind you) by running across the wall in a very Matrix-esque fashion before kicking off and punching Alexia across the face. This barely staggers Alexia, and Wesker rolls across the ground, trying to extinguish himself. Furious, Alexia sends another stream of fire in Wesker's direction, and he dives out of the way. Unfortunately for Chris, he too had to dive from behind his safe haven as the stream of fire was heading straight for him as well. Wesker instantly locks eyes with Chris, and grins...

Wesker: "Chris!"

Chris: "Wesker..."

Wesker even attempts to rush Chris, but another wall of fire from Alexia separates the two men, and catching Wesker's arm on fire again. Pissed, Wesker shakes his arm out and glares at Alexia as she slowly makes her way toward Wesker. Instead of going into battle against Alexia again, Wesker puts on a very matter-of-factly face and turns to Chris, sarcasm dripping from his every word:

Wesker: "Chris, since your one of my best men, I'll let you handle this."

Acknowledging that discretion is the better part of valor, and wanting to see Chris dead anyway, Wesker books it to the front door just before Alexia engulfs it in flames. Call it cowardice, call it smart, but Wesker got his ass out of there as soon as the odds were no longer in his favor, leaving Chris once again in the hands of a virus mutated freak. Chris tries to make an escape up the stairs, but s fiery wall from Alexia stops him in his tracks and forces him to stay and fight, just as Wesker wanted...

This was a great scene for several reasons. First, it's the one and only time that Wesker got his ass handed to him (according to him, the T-002 was intentional). Secondly, it showed just how powerful Alexia was, and from that scene I just knew she was going to be a ***** to fight. Third, it shows just how much of a pawn Chris still is, even after all this time. Wesker constantly uses him in whatever ways he wants or needs, and somehow Chris manages to fall into the same traps everytime. Poor Chris never seems to be able to catch a break... Especially come the end of the game...

Alexia is gone, and for the Redfields everything seems to finally be on track for once. As the room explodes around him, Chris tumbles and rolls his way across the room and makes his way down the stairs and around the corner to find... Albert Wesker holding his sister hostage, shoving her through a hole in the wall and disappearing. (It's also nice to note that Wesker managed to obtain another pair of shades since we last saw him ^_^) Chris runs through a hall of zombies, dodging and pushing his way through until he breaks through the door to the outside where Wesker is waiting for him. He has a firm grasp of Claire's hair, and he wastes little time before he starts taunting Chris.

Wesker: "Well done Chris, it turns out that Alexia's work wasn't much of anything, so now the only thing left now is revenge."

Chris manages to convince Wesker to release Claire, and he shoves her forcibly in Chris' direction, which leads to yet another great Wesker line, delivered simply to taunt-

Wesker: "Today's a good day, I came for Alexia, but killing you is even better!"

Chris thinks he is being smug by throwing the fact that he killed Alexia in Wesker's face, but in true Wesker fashion he doesn't even miss a beat before turning things right back around on the Redfields. He simply informs him that he already has everything he needs in the form of Steve's body, which infuriates Claire to the point of charging Wesker. Chris has to restrain her and tells her to leave, stating: "As a surviving member of S.T.A.R.S., I have to do this..." Claire shakily obliges, and takes off. Chris follows her with his eyes the entire way, making sure she was safe, and as soon as she was he turns back to Wesker with a hatred in his eyes unlike any we've seen in him before. Not only has Wesker been involved in the murder of countless numbers of his friends, but he's just finished assaulting his sister. In short, Chris was livid, and it lent itself to quite possibly Chris' best line in the series so far (which Wesker diminishes about 2 seconds later with a great one himself, but I digress)-

Chris: "I'll end this once and for all, say 'hello' to my commards who you've killed."

Wesker: "I don't know where you get your confidence Chris."

And this my friends, is where it all culminates. All those months of hatred built up from the Spencer Mansion were all going to come out in brawl unlike any other. Wesker slides his sunglasses off of his face and drops them to the ground, making his approach to Chris very slow and very deliberate. Chris, now knowing Wesker's power, backs up just as slowly until he brushes against a tray of steel pipes, which he quickly utilizes in grabbing one and slamming it across Wesker's face... But Wesker barely even flinches, a shot that would have leveled any other human on earth. Not really caring, Chris chokes up on the pipe like a baseball bat and swinges for the fences. Wesker on the other hand simply raises his arm and blocks the blow, wrapping the pipe around his arm like it was made of clay. Wesker yanks the pipe from Chris' hands and kicks him in the stomach, sending him flying much further than any regular kick should. Wesker simply grins from ear to ear as Chris lays face down on the concrete, obviously in pain, his will obviously wavering...

...Chris slowly makes his way back to a vertical base, and Wesker scoffs at this fact, connecting with a solid punch to the gut. Wesker then adds three hard, unanswered left hooks right to Chris' jaw, and while Chris was doubled over he added a knee to the gut as well. Pulling Chris up by the hair, Wesker looks into his glazed over eyes momentarily before throwing a weak left cross that still crumples the weakened Chris. Chris begins to spit out blood now, while Wesker takes the time to taunt his former STARS member, even arrogantly turning his back to Chris while giving my favorite line of his from the series-

Wesker: "Sure I'm not human anymore, but look at the power I've gained!"

Chris is still completely out on his feet, but manages to get back to his feet. The reward for his efforts? A clubbing uppercut that nearly turns poor Chris inside-out, and for all intents and purposes I seriously thought we were going to see the death of Chris Redfield. Wesker was laying that bad of a beatdown on Chris. Besides the opening blow, the entire fight had gone Wesker's way. If the fight had to go to decision, the judges would rule unanimously for Wesker, I'm certain. However, Wesker's cockiness gets the best of him, as he again pauses to laugh and taunt Chris, giving him time to formulate a plan.

Wesker: "Magnificent, don't you think?"

Wesker points directly at Chris before leaping high into the air for the crushing final blow... However, when Wesker lands, he only connects with concrete, which he shatters like it was a piece of plywood. Chris dives out of the way and releases a level that drops several tons of solid steel I-Beams onto Wesker, crushing him... Wesker howls out in surprise and pain, and then all falls silent. Chris lets out a sigh of relief and pushes himself into a sitting position up against the wall, taking the time to catch his breath and revel in the fact that he was still alive. But then the impossible happens... The I-Beams start to shift, and Wesker rises from his red-steel grave. Chris' heart drops into his stomach, and he begins to back peddle as Wesker raises his head to show his eyes glowing even brighter than before. Chris struggles to pull himself to his feet, but his hate for Wesker pulls him through. As Wesker steps out of his steel prison, he too even shows signs of weakness for the first time, stumbling around before finally regaining his balance. The two men lock eyes and remain silent, their mutual hate brooding, until Wesker sneers coldly in Chris' direction.

Wesker: "Nice try."

Chris: "Wesker..."

Suddenly an explosion rips through the center of where they were standing, the flames burning Wesker's face. A huge pipe falls in the explosion, effectively cutting the two men off from each other. With Wesker's fresh injuries, and Chris' outstanding ones, neither man is in any condition to continue the brawl even if they could reach each other, and it's Wesker again that makes this known.

Wesker: "Today's your lucky day, next time we meet, don't count on another."

Chris: "Next time."

Wesker: "Until we meet again."

Wesker bursts into a maniacal laughter, and Chris shoots Wesker one final glare before taking off to find Claire and escape the island. Wesker on the other hand chooses to stay put, his laughter completely enveloping him as explosions go off all around him... That my friends has got to be one of the best scenes in the series, if not all of gaming...

At no point in this little scuffle was Chris ever truly in control. Besides the one shot with the pipe, and the desperation attack with the I-Beams, Chris did absolutely nothing. Wesker controlled him physically (knocking him around pretty brutally, and even then it only looked like he was toying with him), mentally (taunting him, laughing at him, putting him down in any way he could possibly think off), and emotionally (surviving what should have been certain death, getting the literal 'last laugh,' not allowing him to avenge the deaths of his teammates). In a world of gaming where the hero usually dispatches of the villain rather easily by the end of the game, RECVX not only breaks that mold, but shatters it without remorse. Even many months after the Mansion Incident, Chris Redfield still found himself at the mercy of the Puppet Master, bending to every wish and will that Wesker wanted. From forcing him to deal with Alexia for him, to making him look like a fool, Wesker always had Chris' number, and if it wasn't for that lucky explosion, Chris would have been spending some quality time with Enrico and the gang.

Of course this could just be my Wesker bias showing, but the scenes where Wesker and Chris are in the same room were excellent for me. Just seeing Chris' face the first time Wesker addresses him is priceless. Plus, good lord, even the fact that Wesker was alive in the first place was new and exciting and awesome news. If one of these days it is in the cards for Wesker to finally die, I hope they give him a respectable death, and he at least takes someone down with him. After the display he put on here, I can't see how anyone could deny him that right. Albert Wesker- Taking over the world, one viral sample at a time.

Wesker: "Chris... Oh little fishy, come see my hook."

2. Mission Code: XX[]

Game- Resident Evil 3 / Outbreak

Scene (RE3)-

Scene (Outbreak)-

Scene (RE3 Full)-

Scene (Outbreak Epilouge)-

And we come off of one of the more action packed highlights, and into one of the more depressing ones, one that I feel deserves a top three placement. In Resident Evil, you battle your way through the Spencer Mansion on the Arklay Mountains, on the outskirts of Raccoon City. You play as an elite division of the Raccoon City Poilce Department, the Alpha team of STARS. In Resident Evil 2, you actually get to visit portions of the city (mostly the Police Station, but still). And in Resident Evil 3 you got to pretty much roam the entire city to your heart's content. For all intents and purposes, for the first three Resident Evil games, everything came back to Raccoon City. You got to see and watch the systematic downfall of the entire city, and witness first hand the destruction brought upon by the piss-poor handling of events by Umbrella. Raccoon City was home for Resident Evil, and if you're like me, even though the city had gone to hell and back, you still felt attached to it despite how it turned out. Call it sympathy, call it familiarity, call it whatever you will but despite the fact that you were constantly fighting for your life, you could still find it in your heart to feel for all the lives ruined and changed forever by the outbreak, and it hurt to know that Raccoon City would never, ever be the same after this was all over.

...However, while we knew that Raccoon City would never be the same, we never expected it to disappear off of the map entirely. At least, I never saw it coming. As the events of Resident Evil 3 draw to a close, and the battles with Nemesis begin to draw to their climatic finish, we get warned in that lovely mechanical voice: "Warning- Missile Attack Confirmed. All personnel evacuate immediately." There are your self-destruct sequences, but this is taking it to an entirely whole other level. Finishing off Nemmy once and for all, Jill rides the elevator and into the dishevled remains of Raccoon with Carlos just a few seconds behind her. Jill has all but given up hope of escaping, when Carlos points out that another chopper is coming for them, and more specifically, Jill herself. While Jill ponders who the hell would be coming to pick her up in the middle of Z-Day, moments more a confirmed missile attack was about to take place, Carlos takes charge a flags down the helicopter. The two refugees climb into the helicopter, no questions asked, and it takes right back off. Carlos looks like he's going to faint, and Jill thanks the pilot.

Jill: "Thanks. You saved us..."

Barry: "I couldn't let you die!"

Jill: "Is- Is it you?!"

Barry: "Ready to finish this?"

The small 'Yay' moment of this entire scene is knowing that Barry is still alive after the outbreak, but knowing that he's still committed to taking down Umbrella. Not only that, but that he's gone above and beyond making amends for being Wesker's lapdog in RE1. However, as Barry banks the chopper to the right, the soft glow of the first missile begins to streak across the early morning sky.

Jill: "It's coming!"

Barry: "...Yeah..."

The music here "Euthanasia of Raccoon" is extraordinarily surreal to listen to while seeing the missile trickle over the landmarks of Raccoon City such as the Clock Tower and the formerly crowded city streets. One of my favorite tracks from the series, hands down. Right up there with "Front Hall" and Wesker's Theme from RE4.

Barry: "...It's the end."

And then... It happens. On a city street now only populated by the walking dead, the missile connects and a blinding light envelops everything for a few seconds where everything is silent and time seems to stand still. ...Then there is the explosion which begins to tear maliciously through the heart of the town, incinerating and leveling everything in its path, discriminating against nothing in its destructive wake. An aerial view of the city shows several city blocks at a time getting enveloped by the blast, and a closer in shot reveals cars, trucks, and zombies alike getting strewn about as buildings are reduced to nothing but rubble. The Clock Tower is gone in less than a second, the Raccoon City Police Department (*Mega Tear*) vaporized just as quick... The fireball of death continues to roll over the city until there isn't a single structure was left standing. The entire city that has been home to the series for so long just got incinerated off the face of the planet. A pulse rocks the helicopter with Jill, Barry, and Carlos, but they are far enough out of the blast range that they are able to fly off into the rising sun, and leave the destruction of Raccoon behind them... This entire situation strikes a chord with Jill too, as she notes "That's it... Umbrella's going down!"

And I must admit, I was pretty torn up over watching the downfall of Raccoon, but I was equally as affected by the news report just afterwards. We are greeted with a picture of the mushroom cloud that was once Raccoon, with a reporter talking over it...

"And now we have a rather unfortunate turn of events... It seems that the President and the federal council have passed judgment over the civilians of Raccoon City. The President and federal council have ruled the Bacillus-Terminate operation is the best course of action for this extreme situation and have since... executed it. Based on that fact, the Raccoon City has literally wiped off the map. Current reports have the death toll surpassing the 100,000 mark. Our hearts go out to those poor civilians of Raccoon City..."

If that didn't just wrench at some part of you, I don't know what to say. That last line alone had me hooked all the way through the credits. It's just... So sad when you look at it all. Umbrella was the life of Raccoon City. They supplied nearly all the jobs in the community, and were well respected my nearly all of Raccoon's citizens. Their reward for all this was poor management by the greedy board of directors, which directly led to the infection of Raccoon and all but a handful of their citizens. Not only this, but because the outbreak was so widespread in such a predicament that it could continue to spread outside the city limits, the government was all but forced to destroy the city for the sake of the rest of the US, if not the world itself. 100,000+ dead, a city demolished, a country betrayed... What a very, very depressing note to end a game on... And although crushing to see, it did exactly what it was supposed to- It evoked emotion, and thus it earns a rightful spot.

Now to address the problem of "Operation Bacillus-Terminate" (RE3) vs "Operation Code: XX" (Outbreak). After the continuity crushing Outbreak games came out, portions of the demise of Raccoon have been changed. Well, not so much changed as extended and clarified. Though never directly said in RE3, it was assumed that Raccoon was leveled by a single nuclear warhead. However, this is nearly impossible given how the ending played out. Nuclear explosions are accompanied by a EMP that travels along the edge of the explosion, and even extends further than the blast does. If the helicopter was hit by that (as it was hit by the outskirt of the explosion), it would have fell like a ton of bricks. Also, the way Raccoon exploded (into rubble and not dust/glass) also suggests that it was not a nuclear explosion. Couple all this with the fact that radiation problems alone would be a devistating problem, and that's probably not what happened. For once, Outbreak offers a more plausible and full solution.

"Operation Bacillus-Terminate" is now generally accepted as being the first missile that touched down in Raccoon City, the one that Jill and crew witnessed from their escape in the helicopter, and the one that rained down with the most damaged. "Mission Code: XX" is seen as the rest of the salvo of twelve missiles fired from US Air Force jets that helped in the surgical leveling and pinpoint annihilation of Raccoon City. Since Yoko and Linda apparently survived to testify in the Supreme Court (as shown in RE4's intro movie), it's safe to assume that Outbreak for once holds some sort of continuity. Shocking, no? In the end of Outbreak, we get to see the Mission Code: XX portion of the destruction, as a three missile bursts rain down from the heavens and begins to tear apart the city. In full PS2 glory, we get to watch this scene over again. Parts of me love to see it, and I do trust me, but I can't watch it without bringing back all of the ramifications in my mind and feeling sorry for the entire city of Raccoon. The music here as well (Forgive me for not knowing the track name) is also exceptional, and in my top ten of the series. In the end though, the result is the same... A bridge explodes in a nice scene, followed by several buildings, and a fireball that shoots down a city street. The end though is very well done, as it shows the bright orange mushroom cloud of Raccoon (pretty much exact shot from RE3) except from right outside the city limits, with the "Welcome to Raccoon City" sign wavering in the forground. Very well done, very touching, and finally gave a full answer to exactly what happened in the final seconds of Raccoon City.

And Outbreak holds one more piece of this puzzle, one that grabbed me just as hard as watching Raccoon go down the first time. In the Epilouge of Outbreak, six months have past since Mission Code: XX, and a fighter jet is flying over the remains of Raccoon City taking pictures. There is nothing left, except for the pockmarked ground where the missiles rained down... The scene then switches to an office building where a scientist examines the picture, Raccoon City looking more like a paw print than anything else... The man receives a phone call asking him if he is ready, to which he replies 'Of course.' and that the experiment was going to begin soon. The scene then travels through the window to reveal that this office sits suspended high above the wreckage of Raccoon (looks most likely to be somwhere around the Dead Factory), shattered buildings and dreams everywhere. Circling the scene a few times, there is nothing distinguishable left... The soul of Raccoon has been ripped right out of it. Craters are everywhere, bits and pieces of its former life nothing more than ash on the ground now. And this all ends by pulling out completely to show Raccoon completely encircled in a barbwire fence, labeled with a biohazard sign...

For me the Life and Death of Raccoon City is one of those game events that you remember long after you've seen it, even if you didn't necessarily enjoy the game. It hits you fast and hard, and then continues to build itself piece by piece through subsequent installments until the full picture can finally be viewed. If I wasn't annoyed with Umbrella beforehand for forcing the goverment to euthanize Raccoon, having them desecrate the corpse of the city by setting up shop inside the quarantine was just that much worse. All in all though, this scene is the turning point in the series. The story could not be advanced any further in time while still using Raccoon City as a backdrop. Sure, RE0 and the Outbreak Series followed later on, but those simply fleshed out backstories and events that were already set up. For the RE series to continue forward and continue the fight, it was forced to say goodbye to the city that started it all in the midwest United States, and say hello to much more exotic locations such as Antartica (CVX) and Spain (RE4). However, the roots of the series will always be in Raccoon City, and Operation Bacillus-Terminate / Mission Code: XX will go down in my mind as one of the best moments in RE history, for everything it brought (and took) from the series. Rest in Peace Raccoon, and farewell.

"Its comes to an end in the worst possible way... I should congratulate myself for making it out alive, but I don't feel like doing it... I lost too much. And any trace of what once was has been obliterated... I succumb to weakness and regret." ~Kevin

"The sun is rising... The nightmare which will likely cover the Earth is gone in a flash... Yes, the worst enemies it seems are neither zombie nor virus, it's man's total lack of conscious or remorse." ~Mark

1. My Precious G-Virus[]

Game- Resident Evil 2


If the previous event on the list was the climax of Raccoon City's downfall, then this is most certainly the catalyst that set things into motion, and tells yet another tale of Umbrella's treachery and deceit. However, this story begins far, far before September 29, 1998 and far before Resident Evil 2. In essence, William Birkin's story is the story that provides the entire basis to the Resident Evil series. To truly understand this scene in its entirety, we have to go back to the very beginning...

The Umbrella Corporation was founded by Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, with the aid of Dr. James Marcus and Sir Edward Ashford, sometime in the 1960s. While Marcus and Ashford were more interested in conducting research on the Progenitor Virus, Spencer was very overzealous in his ambitions for power and wealth. Ashford died in 1968, leaving the running of Umbrella solely in the hands of Marcus and Spencer. Spencer faded away into the shadows, leaving the research and the labs to Marcus while beginning to blend in more with the Umbrella Board of Directors. It is here where Spencer began to brood and turn ugly, becoming paranoid and distrusting of all but his most close of confidants. This would become a deadly paranoia that would span over thirty years of bloodshed and backstabbing, ultimately ending in the ultimate sterilization of Raccoon City...

William Birkin joined the Umbrella Corporation at the age of 15 in 1977, at the same time as a 17 year old Albert Wesker. At the Umbrella Management Training Facility the two became close acquaintance and friendly rivals, both seen as the head apprentices under James Marcus. The three of them made great advances on the T-Virus until the facility was closed down in 1978. Intimidated by the combined developments on the T-Virus in such a short amount of time, and fearing for his spot on Umbrella's Board of Directors, Spencer began to grow increasingly paranoid of Marcus. Before Marcus could present his findings to Umbrella's Board of Directors, Spencer intervened by moving the project's development to the Arklay Mountains facility. Seeing great potential in the two child prodigies, Spencer himself assigned Wesker and Birkin to the newly founded Arklay Mansion Labratory, making them both cheif researchers on July 29th, 1978. Marcus however was given a very unceremonious position, tucked away in a portion of the mansion labs, though he did get to keep his title of Head Researcher on the T-Virus project.Birkin was giddy at the fact that he had become Umbrella's youngest head researcher ever. He would later be usurped of this title by Alexia Ashford in 1981 when she became head of Umbrella's Antarctic facility at the ripe age of 10. This would serve to wound Birkin's ego and spark a bitter rivalry between the two, though his wounded morale led to slump in research coming out of Arklay, a spell that would last until 1983.

It was also around this time that Wesker began to question Spencer's motivations. Although they had managed to get the T-Virus into a 90% infection rate, Spencer would settle for nothing less than perfection. This perplexed Wesker, as it did not seem profitable in the slightest to go after the final 10%, but he shrugged off these thoughts as he began working on a project that would eventually lead to the creation of the Hunter series. The slump in research was ended almost instantly when the news of Alexia's death reached the Arklay labs in 1983. With his rival gone, Birkin snapped out of his depression and became more driven and more determined than he ever was before. Research on the T-Virus skyrocketed, and the advances were becoming exponetial.

Again though, Wesker questioned Spencer. From all of their research, the T-Virus was able to infect just about all living tissue, to include plants, insects, and animals. Wesker couldn't understand for the life of him why the Arklay lab was built inside a forest, because a small outbreak would be able to spread faster and further given the conditions they were in. Unless of course, that was the plan all along... Wesker again pushed these thoughts to the side for now, and continued his work with Birkin... Through the next decade, Wesker, Birkin, and Marcus each made several different and similiar advances on the T-Virus project, ranging from perfecting the virus, the Hunter project, the Mammalian projects, and even a basis for the Tyrant project.

Fast forward to 1988, where Spencer's paranoia was reaching a feverish peak. While Wesker and Birkin had been making great advances with the virus, Marcus had been doing just as well on his own, away in his own little laboratory. However, Marcus was still making a bid for a seat on the Board, while Birkin and Wesker were still content with their research. Trusting the two child prodigies more than his co-founder, Spencer ordered Wesker, Birkin, and a team of Umbrella's Special Forces Unit to assassinate Dr. Marcus... With Marcus dead, Spencer was the last of the founding trio to survive and thus, cemented his position in Umbrella's hierarchy forever (or so he thought), and his fear and deceit began to slowly fade away...

After Marcus' death, Birkin was given full control of the T-Virus project, and he ran with it. Worst of all was the fact that he absorbed all of Marcus' research (far more than he had been able to compile in his time at Arklay) and claimed it all as his own. Together Wesker and Birkin continued to tear through viral research with the aid of their guinea pig Lisa Trevor, beginning research with the Nemesis parasite, and eventually completing the Tyrant project. Birkin had succeed where Marcus had failed in taking the T-Virus as far as it could go, and then attempted to further one-up his mentor when he discovered the G-Virus in Lisa Trevor in the early 1990s.

Spencer gave Birkin the the approval and funding to start the G-Virus project in 1991, separating him from the Arklay lab and giving him a new lab of his very own inside the Raccoon City sewer system. Not wishing to pursue the same dream as his friend, and becoming increasingly more suspicious of Spencer, Wesker decided to pull out of full-time researching and instead become a part of Umbrella's Secret Service, destined to become intricate mole inside the RPD STARS division a year later. Wesker was dumbfounded that Spencer had actually allowed Birkin to pursue the research. He cynically noted that Spencer hadn't shown up at Arklay for years, almost as if he was expecting something bad to happen there. Even with Wesker's move to the secret service, he hadn't been able to get any more insight into Spencer's plans, and he so desperately wanted to know what was going on at the top of the pyramid, what thoughts were running through Spencer's head. Birkin continued to plow though his research on the G-Virus, making advance after advance, to the point where it looked like the G-Virus would become an even more successful virus than the previous T-Virus. However, on July 23rd, 1998... Everything changed.

It had taken ten years, but Dr. Marcus had finally returned for his revenge on Umbrella, revived at the hands of the T-Virus leeches he had loved so much. Marcus took charge and leveled the Arklay Labratory with the T-Virus, the place he had worked in for all those long years, the place he died in. He also infected an Umbrella commuter train that led to the former training facility that he was once in charge of. Marcus had been loyal to Umbrella (and Spencer) from the day it was born, and he had been betrayed by the three people he trusted most. And although his attempt at revenge was eventually crushed by STARS, it sent into effect a chain of events that would see his goals accomplished. Seeing this outbreak occur (which Wesker had called in the early 1980s mind you, almost 20 years before it actually happened) Wesker was officially done with Umbrella. His suspicions and discontent with Spencer had become too much, so he was going to leave for good. However, he was going to make both Spencer and STARS think that he was dead, thanks to special virus that Birkin must have been developing on the side. Wesker wanted desperately for Birkin to see what he saw, but William was clouded by his research, not wanting to abandon his G-Virus when he was so close to seeing its completion...

Birkin: "You can't be serious! I refuse to abandon my work! I've finished my research on the T-Virus, but I need a little more time to complete the more powerful G-Virus."

And so Wesker disappeared while Birkin reclused himself under Raccoon City, the Mansion incident fading out of memory as he began to see the fruits of his research come to life before him. In fact, the G-Virus was becoming even more amazing than even Birkin had imagined it could. Birkin was making outstanding leaps and bounds for Umbrella, his faith never once wavering from them. From his first day with Umbrella, Birkin was loyal to Spencer, Wesker, and his research, never once compromising his dedication to any of them. He was so dedicated to his cause, even after the Mansion Incident, that he was hoping to get a place on the Board of Directors after presenting his research on the G-Virus. He wanted to help lead Umbrella into a most prosperous future...

To: Mr. Brian Irons,

Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept

I have deposited the amount of $10000 to the account for your services this term as per agreement. The development of the G-virus scheduled to replace the T-virus, is near completion. Once completed, I am certain that I will be appointed to be a member of the Executive board for Umbrella Inc. It is imperative that we proceed with caution.

Redfield and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members are still attempting to uncover information on the project. Continue to monitor their activities and block all attempts to investigate the underground research facilities.

~William Birkin

In a fit of de ja vu however, good ol' Spencer became fearful at how influential Birkin would be on the Board, especially after being the figurehead of all three of Umbrella's huge projects (T-Virus, G-Virus, and Nemesis Project) in the past twenty years. Just as he had with Marcus, Spencer began foaming at the mouth at the mere thought of losing any of his political and economical power over the company he had helped to create. For the first time since Marcus' death there was someone powerful enough to challenge his power in Umbrella, and that drove him insane. Even though (just like Marcus) Birkin was as loyal as you could get, Spencer could not see through the veil he had covering his eyes, and began setting plans in motion to usurp Birkin of his power. Without Wesker being around to back him up, Birkin was alone to fight off the entire corporate power of the megelomaniac Spencer...

To: Mr. Brian Irons,

Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept

We have a problem. I have received information informing me that Umbrella HQ has sent spies to recover my research on the G-virus. There are a number of unknown agents involved. They must not be allowed to take this project away from me as it represents my entire life work. Search the city thoroughly for any suspicious persons. Detain any such individuals by whatever means possible and contact me immediately through Annette. With these precautions, any possible threat should be eliminated. I will not allow anyone to steal my work on the G-virus. Not even Umbrella...

~William Birkin

For the first time in 21 years, Birkin's faith in Umbrella began to waver, and for good reason. Spencer's paranoia had corrupted his mind long ago, and was beginning to collapse the Corpoartion from within. However all of this was still rumor on Birkin's part... Fearing more and more that these rumors were going to blossom into reality, Birkin finally shed his Umbrella shackles, and made the conscious decision to finish the G-Virus research and then keep it for himself, selling it instead to the US Government. This of course trickled back to Spencer and only served to boil him over even further... Spencer handed down the order to the Umbrella Special Forces Unit, using Umbrella France as a middle man, basically signing Birkin's death warrant...

Operation Instructions

Orders for Special Agent Hunk are as follows:

Penetrate Umbrella research facility located outside of Raccoon City. Recover G-virus sample from Dr. William Birkin. You are authorized to use any means necessary to secure this sample. Upon recovery, sample is to be delivered to Loire Village. Failure on this mission is NOT an option.

French Division

R&D Facility Head Manager

Christine Henri

And now my friends, you have the background on this scene. Ozwell Spencer's cold and distrusting nature, Birkin's rise through the ranks, the almost carbon copy attack on Marcus years before this incident, and all of the irony that goes into making this scene one of the best in all of Resident Evil...

Welcome to September 22, 1998. Just another day for William Birkin inside of his sewer laboratory. Despite his fears of an inside attack against him, he continue his work on the G-Virus. Lo and behold, after seven long and arduous years, after splitting ways with his best friend in quest for it, after becoming Spencer's next target because of it... The G-Virus was complete, and Birkin could be no happier. Everything that he had been striving for was there, right in front of him in all of its glory.

William: It's sheer perfection. My precious G-Virus, no one will ever take you away from me.

Little did he know, the result of Spencer's treachery was waiting for him just outside his door. As Birkin was simply taking in his creation, two members of the USFU Alpha Team burst into his lab, guns at the ready. Birkin hastily tucks most of the vials of T and G-Viruses into a case and throws away his chair. The USFU soldiers slowly begin their advance as Birkin begins to back away, pointing a pistol at them and clutching his case tightly...

Umbrella Soldier: There he is.

William: So, you’ve finally come.

Umbrella Soldier 2: Doctor, we’re here to collect the G-Virus sample.

William: Sorry, but I won’t just hand over my life’s work.

As he was backing up, Birkin inadvertantly knocks a jar off of the counter, and it crashes to the ground. Thinking Birkin had fired a shot (or using it as an excuse), one of the soliders opens fire, peppering Birking with round after round to the upper torso until the other soldier pushes his gun away...

Umbrella Soldier: Stop it! You might hit the sample.

Umbrella Soldier: That’s it alright. Okay, let’s move out.

Collecting the case that had fallen to the ground, and with no remorse for their actions, the USFU soldiers make their escape, their job done. Birkin is left barely clinging to life, still clutching a vial of G-Virus in his hand. The gunfire attracted his wife Annette, who came running into the room now.

Annette: William... Oh my... Hold on darling, I’m taking care of that bullet wound first... Stay here.

Birkin can't form any words, his mouth simply hanging open. He manages to look up at Annette, but there is nothing left for him there. As she goes to get help, Birkin raises his hand and looks at the vial in his hand, his mind racing in the very last seconds of his life. I'm sure it is at this very moment that everything came full circle for Birkin, and what makes this such a great scene. His entire life as a researcher flashed before him, from the moment he stepped into the Training Facility until the moment he got shot. He now saw Spencer for who he really was, never taking the time to pause and look at him in the light Wesker had years before. Wesker had seen something like this happening, but Birkin had chose to ignore that in the face of research, and he had paid for it. Birkin now knew, felt, exactly how Dr. Marcus had felt that day back in 1988. Felt the pain of betrayal, the sting of knowing that your trust had been misplaced. And most importantly, he felt the same burning desire for revenge that had been brooding in Marcus since the day of his assassination. Birkin came to see Umbrella for what it truly was, and that made him sick. Spencer had never cared about him, only his ability to produce results. The very first time Spencer had felt threatened by Birkin he had turned on him, and as he lay dying Birkin finally saw the blinding light of truth... And it set him free. It was at this very point in time that Birkin knew he had but two choices left in him: A) Die on the floor of his lab, letting Spencer obtain yet another underhanded victory, and allow his research to become the stepping stone for another young researcher -OR- B) Become the very embodiment of his life-long research and make sure that Spencer attoned for the sins of his past... With the very last bit of life in his body, William Birkin attached a syringe to the vial in his hand, and injected himself in the abdomen with the G-Virus... His head instantly shot up, and his eyes went wide (and red !!), and Birkin knew that he was doing the right thing... He was getting revenge on Umbrella, not only for himself, but for Dr. Marcus, and every single other employee that Spencer had wronged...

The scene cuts now back to the sewer, where the USFU was waiting for extraction, when an unearthly roar mixed with gunfire echoes off the walls.

Umbrella Soldier: What was that?

Umbrella Soldier: Something’s wrong, let’s check it out. Over there!

William Birkin, now a first phase G-Type, was stalking the ALPHA team of the USFU. Specifically, the two men that raided his lab, shot him, and forced him to become what he was now...

Umbrella Soldier: Shoot it!

Umbrella Soldier #2: Eat this, you freak!!

Umbrella Solider: The bullets... aren't stopping it!

Umbrella Soldier #2: What is this thing?

Umbrella Soldier: Noooooo!

Round after round from the automatic weapons smack into Birkin's newly mutated body, and not a single one manages to do any damage to him. Birkin simply closes in on them, a bit sadistically I might add, and lowers his claw... In a flash, the two soldiers are dead and their death scream bounces off the sewer walls, attracting the attention of the other soldiers in the sewer. Birkin tosses the body of one USFU member aside and instead turns his attention to the case that had fallen open on the ground. With the remaining bit of human rationale he had left inside of him (and yes, at this point in time I am convinced that Birkin still had at least some, if not most, of his human mind intact. Basically, he knew what the hell he was doing...) Birkin begins stomping open vials of T-Virus, as well as picking up several other vials and breaking them open, scattering their contains all over the ground. He was starting the outbreak that would bring the death of Raccoon City, and with it the death of Umbrella. Two other USFU soldiers round the corner, and Birkin roars once more, spreading his claws into the air.

Umbrella Soldier: What is this thing?

Umbrella Soldier #2: Fire...Fire!

Umbrella Soldier: You Sun of a...!

The two soldiers begin peppering Birkin with everything they have, but in seconds he is on them and one of the soldiers falls dead to the ground, his chest sliced open. The other soldier vainly tries again, but his gun clicks empty, and he is forced to back up against the wall. His breathing gets heavy as he resolves himself to his fate... There is the awesome shot of the eye opening on Birkin's arm, and then the final soldier screams out his last breath... And then, the picture that speaks a thousand words- The sewer rats crawling all over the spilled T-Virus, lapping up the puddles. The same rats that were shown in Outbreak to be the initial carriers of the virus into the city...

Just as Human Birkin took Marcus' idea of the T-Virus and made it 10 times better, BOW Birkin took Marcus' idea of revenge and made it 10 times more destructive. Marcus may have taken down a train and the Arklay Lab, but that was just a speedbump for Umbrella, that was a minor inconvienance at best. Birkin however single handedly brought Raccoon City and Umbrella to their knees. Though it may seem that Birkin has a bit role in the Resident Evil series, especially RE2, I'd go so far as to say that Birkin is one of the five most important characters in the entire storyline. His rise to glory as a researcher under Marcus and Spencer, his betrayal of Marcus, his continued rise to glory, getting betrayed by Spencer, and the full circle turnaround of revenge is just too perfect to ignore.

The drama and irony of it all come together perfectly here when you know the entire story. William Birkin is pivotal to the story of Resident Evil, and the story of his life, death, and rebirth has got to be my favorite ark in the RE universe. From 1977 to 1998 Birkin shaped the events that led to Raccoon City becoming a biohazard wasteland... And when **** hit the fan, and the truth was revealed to William, he made the only decision that was left to him... He brought down Umbrella.

Ada: That must mean the creature in the police department is...

Annette: Precisely. My husband William. And it is all Umbrellas’ fault... None of this would have happened if they hadn’t tried to steal his research away from him.

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