Board 8 Wiki

An alternate AIM game created by foolmo (AIM: foolmoron), made for b8mafiastrikesback. DISCLAIMER: Alpha testing of this game was not very successful.

Role List[]

X/5..Task Force


Each player is given 3 things:
Role (one of the above)
Relation # (1, 2, or 3)
Wikipedia page

The role is one of the given. The relation # depends on your role. If you are a citizen or cop, your # will either be 3. If you are a Special character, your # will be 2. If you are Family or Soichiro, your # will be 1. This is how closely related you are to the Death Note.
The Wikipedia page is a SIMPLE (not obscure) page, selected at RANDOM. Light’s page will be separated from the Light Yagami entry by exactly TWO degrees.


I am the Shinigami Ryuk, AKA the host. Task Force has their own chat. There are no lynches. You vote just like in mafia, except you are voting for someone to interrogate, and it only takes 1/3rd to do it. When 1/3rd is reached, the person is interrogated. Ryuk will post in the main chat ONE of the categories that the target’s page belongs to. Subsequent interrogations bring new information: 2nd int = # of words; 3rd int = Starting letter; 4th = First 3 letters.
With each town interrogation, both Light and L get their own personal interrogations. They message Ryuk privately for this. L has the added bonus of receiving the Relation # of the person he targets. All of this information is kept secret from the main chat, except the information from L’s interrogation is posted in the Task Force chat (but NOT the Relation #).
There are a number of criminals (depends, usually 30). Light automatically kills one of these EACH MINUTE. This is essentially the time limit.


Actions can take place at ANY TIME IN THE GAME

Light can pass on the Death Note to someone else, making them Kira with a Relation # of 1, or keep it himself. Passing the Note increases the remaining criminals by 5. Once there are no criminals remaining, Light (with Death Note or not) can begin to kill any player he wants each minute with no info. Kira can write in the Death Note by private IMing Ryuk with: [username], [Wikipedia article title].

L can kill people just like Light, with: [username], [Wikipedia article title]. This action is reported to the main chat. When L dies, another person from the Task Force takes his place.

Win Conditions[]

Light AND any Kiras: Kill L off completely (this means killing the whole Task Force)
L and Town: Kill Light AND the current Death Note holder