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Fox McCloud stars in the Starfox franchise. The franchise is most known for its replayability and classic quotes. Star Fox 64 is the star game of the franchise. Fox has also appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series, where he is considered "top tier" in both SSB and Melee, and is also a casual favorite in both games.

After looking bad in 2003 due to an SFF beatdown at the hands of Link, Fox was unfairly snubbed from subsequent Character Battles until 2007. There Fox posted an impressive SFF beating of his own in killing Wario, Captain Falcon, and Banjo in Round One, and even surviving Round 2, though he was eventually run out of the Contest by Mario, who SFFed him nearly to death in Round Three. It seems Fox is the absolute king of getting screwed over by the bracket, as the following year he finished last in Round 2 (though probably leeching Yoshi's votes enought to prevent him from passing) and in 2010, after doubling Lloyd Irving being doubled by Solid Snake. But at least he's shown strength ever since his return to the bracket - specially as his last defeat didn't involve Nintendo SFF.

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