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GSS was a recent hot topic debate on B8, being compared in plausibility to Scientology and Christianity.

Giant Space Shark, or GSS is an internet religion with a small, though growing following. The face value idea of the GSS is that a giant space shark exists in a dimension of the universe beyond our comprehension and vision. The job of this creature is to keep human beings in check from learning too much, or that which may harm them. It is often said that the GSS is responsible for sudden disappearances of explorers, theorists, and even Amelia Earhart.

The General Idea[]

The general idea is not that a literal shark is somewhere floating in the universe. Instead it is simply thought that a universal system of checks and balances existed. The belief of GSS is that a force beyond human comprehension is responsible for the flow of knowledge and that which we can know. It is believed that this force keeps us from knowing or experiencing too much and that which may take our society to the edge of destruction, while holding our hand and guiding us through life, allowing new knowledge and experiences as appropriate. This force thusly keeps us from destroying ourselves, while still allowing the pursuit of knowledge at a rate healthy to our being.

The Image[]

The Giant Space Shark adapted the shark image merely to put an image with what is otherwise imageless. It is believed that the GSS, or rather the universal force, can actually take any form when its presence is necessary. Those that strive for too much and must disappear from the world may often be struck down by the force in the form of anything from a heart attack to a car wreck. There is no visible body of which the force takes, and merely only takes form in death.

The Emergence[]

Though one specific source for the emergence of the Giant Space Shark belief is unable to be found, it has spread among internet communities and gained small backing. Though mostly thought of as a joke, it has gained some interest in that, like any other religion, it can neither be proven or disproven.

The Importance[]

The importance of the GSS belief is simply for those who have nothing else to believe in. Some find it easier to believe in the universal force of checks and balances over some unprovable deity. There can be comfort found in believing the existence of a universal system of weights, serving as protection, guidance, and deterrence.


GSS In Action[]