Who is Goemon?Edit

The star protagonist of the Mystical Ninja series. A hot-blooded man of Edo, he has a strong sense of justice. With his partners Ebisumaru, Yae, Sasuke, and his giant fighting robot Goemon Impact, he fights to right whatever wrong there is.

"Waddya mean the Gorilla Steak project?!?!" - Goemon

(Writeup courtesy of Brett with Atreyu)

Goemon's Contest HistoryEdit

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Summer 2002 Contest - South Division - 16 Seed

  • Southern Round 1 --- Lost to (1) Pac-Man, 15839 [27.79%] - 41150 [72.21%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 54th Place [11.29%]

Goemon's lone contest appearance was all the way back in Summer 2002, as 16 seed fodder for Pac-Man. He hasn't been back in the contest since, and from the looks of it no one really cares.

One could argue that Goemon's claim to fame is exposing Pac-Man before anyone else, though this came well before the popularity of extrapolation, thus making Goemon's decent performance not matter much until well after the fact.

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