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GrapefruitKing was a Board8er who was well known for his numerous Sporcle quizzes and Bidoof comics, as well as being one of the most universally liked and least-offensive users on the board.

On March 6, 2013, he announced that he would be leaving the board. On March 12, it was discovered and announced that he had committed suicide.

RIP man.

Suicide Topic[]

The user GrapefruitKing has died.
XIII_socks | Posted 3/12/2013 10:47:27 PM
He committed suicide yesterday.

Those of you who have seen his recent topics and been in board8chat when he's come in recently will know that he had been a little off. I did not know the full extent of it until Saturday though. Another user (who doesn't want to be named) and I spoke to him at length separately. He detailed his plans in-depth and how long he had been considering it.

We didn't want to let this happen so we managed to find out his real name and informed his friends via Facebook. The other user, who is more local to gfk than I am, also managed to get in touch with gfk's local police and gfk ended up talking to them before going to hospital. By Sunday night it seemed like it had been resolved and that he was being looked after.

But I've just heard a few hours ago and received confirmation a bit later that he at some point was able to kill himself anyway. He must have been pretty determined to do it and found the time/means to do so.

Figured I'd share this with board 8 since he's been part of this community for many years and I thought you guys should know as well.


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