HaRRicH is a regular Board 8 user. He is known for his "Fourpack of Fun" board, where users make brackets of four characters and people predict how they would do in a Contest Setting. He also has regular trash talking sessions with ExThaNemesis, where he use to make Ex look downright bad, but ExTha has been owning him lately. No matter the case, they tend to go back and forth.

HaRRicH is also known for being a regular in the Contest Stats and Discussion topics. While he is rarely regarded as the smartest of the crew, he has been noted before to be the nicest and is willing to acknowledge good points made, whether they go against his point of view or not.

He attends the University of Tennessee, home of the greatest college football team EVER.


Gordon Freeman VS. CATS

Tanner VS. Jay Solano

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