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Hades is the main antagonist of the Kid Icarus series. As with Greek Mythology he is the Lord of the Underworld and is depicted as a purple and red skinned human-like figure with red and green hair. Initially Hades is shown as mischievous and a manipulative trickster. Also speaking with him shows him as sarcastic and cruel along with having a sense of showmanship and arrogance. He also has a flirtatious side making flattering comments to female characters. However, deep down Hades is a merciless psychopath with no regard for life. He enjoys the killing of people, no matter how close they are to him and uses souls as a source of energy or materials to create monsters.

While he makes no appearance in the first two games it is a popular theory that he is behind the events of the stories given the presence of his Underworld Army. In Uprising Hades revives Medusa and uses her as a distraction against Palutena and Pit in order to further his own plans.

"Sadly, no, though I do applaud any and all violence directed at you." - Hades

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