Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack is the main villain in Borderlands 2. He has taken over the Hyperion Corporation and has declared himself the dictator of Pandora. He also took the credit of the events in the previous game. Prior to the takeover Jack worked as a programmer for Hyperion and took care of his physically abusive grandmother. When Jack became an adult he had his grandmother murdered.

Jack is seen wearing a mask leading many people to believe that he is not actually handsome. He has a moon base in the shape of an H which not only feeds his ego, but is able to quickly send troops and supplies to anywhere on Pandora. His daughter, Angel is a Siren thus he trapped her in a Control Core Angel in order to use her to control Pandora’s ECHOnet and to open vaults.

Due to his actions Vault hunters have been given the task to kill Handsome Jack. Knowing this Jack has lured countless Vault hunters to their deaths, taunting them when they find out that they have been tricked.

"Oh what's going on, you can't hurt me anymore oh that's gotta be SO FRUSTRATING!" - Handsome Jack

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