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Haste2 is named after the spell "Haste2" from Final Fantasy VI.  He was the Oracle Challenge's' first-ever champion in 2003, and he has finished in the Top Ten in six other seasons as of 2017.  

In video games the spell 'Haste' speeds up a charac ter or in games with active battle systems makes their turns come faster.

Haste posted a comment on Message Board Help that presumably got him banned (possibly insinuating that he was underage). When this was brought to Board 8's attention, no one could explain why Haste did this, as it came rather unexpectedly. Later it was revealed that Haste wanted some time away from the board, though he still competed in the Spring 2006 Oracle Challenge. He created a new account (Haste_2) on the 7th of August, and has been actively posting and competing ever since..

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