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These are the High ground pics for the 2008 character contest, as created by TheRock.

SEASON 3: 2008 Contest[]

Zack Fair and Wario defeat Cecil Harvey and Jade Curtiss

Link and Zidane Tribal defeat Shadow the Hedgehog and Luke Fon Fabre

Marth and Duke Nukem defeat Niko Bellic and Kefka Palazzo

Altair and Lucario defeat Isaac and Guybrush Threepwood

Luigi and Liquid Snake defeat Roxas and Sho

Bowser and Phoenix Wright defeat Geno and Deckard Cain

Mario and Princess Zelda defeat Knuckles the Echidna and Fei Fong Wong

Mega Man X and Mudkip defeat Lloyd Irving and Tom Nook

Samus Aran and Nightmare defeat Raz and Crash Bandicoot

Arthas Menethil and Pikachu defeat Ike and Spy

Weighted Companion Cube and Tidus defeat Donkey Kong and Tails