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This fad has been immortalized thanks to pics made by TheRock1525. The pics have the winning character on the High ground and sometimes a witty line being said in the pic.

Big Bob and Biolizard28 also made some High Ground pics when TheRock1525 is away and thus credited. These will be put under High_Ground_Filler

WARNING! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts II, and Legend of Zelda: Ocrina of Time

The purpose of this Wiki was to get all of the High Ground pics in one location, so please don't edit this please. Thanks from jlh28532

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High Ground 2007 Contest

High Ground 2008 Contest

SEASON 1: 2006 Contest[] - Samus vs Nidoran F - Jade vs Ada Wong - Rikku vs Lenneth - Claire vs Kairi - Tifa vs Ivy - Celes vs The Boss - Sheena vs Jill Valentine - Princess Peach vs Princess Daisy - Zelda vs Carmen Sandiego - Terra vs Sarah Kerrigan - KOS-MOS vs Amy Rose - Aerith vs Marle - Yuna vs Roll - Joana Dark vs Cortana - Chun-Li vs Kasumi - Lara Croft vs Alyx - Solid Snake vs Soma - Squall vs Tidus - Riku vs Yoshi - Dante vs Ryu Haybusa - Sore vs Tingle (how the **** did he get in?) - The Special of Gordon Freedman DEFEATING Phoenix Wright - Ryu vs Kratos - Mega Man vs Axel - Sonic vs CATS - Vincent vs Ganondorf - Kirby vs The Prince of Persia - Luigi vs Zero - Crono vs Cpt. Falcon - Boswer vs Leon - Auron vs Alucard

Master Chief vs Sub Zero - Samus vs Ada - Kairi vs Rikku - Tifa vs The Boss - Peach vs Jill Valentine

Zelda vs Terra The collection of the Zelda vs Terra pics - Aeris vs KOS-MOS - Yuna vs Joanna Dark - Chun-Li vs Lara - Solid Snake vs Squall - Yoshi vs Dante - Sora vs Gordon Freeman - Megaman vs Ryu - Sonic vs Vincent - Luigi vs Kirby

Waiting on a Crono vs Boswr pic made by TheRock - Auron vs Sub Zero

Still Waiting on Samus vs Rikku

Waiting on a Tifa vs Peach pic made by the Rock - Zelda vs Aerith - Yuna vs Chun-Li - Snake vs Yoshi - Megaman vs Sora - Sonic vs Luigi - Crono vs Auron - Samus vs Tifa - Zelda vs Yuna - Snake vs Megaman - Sonic vs Crono (Holy Grail Reference FTW) - Samus vs Zelda - Snake vs Sonic - Samus vs Snake Link vs Jay Solano