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Who is Hogger?[]

Hogger is a riverpaw gnoll from World of Warcraft. There is a quest where it is asked that the player kills Hogger at the Elwynn Forest. Hogger is usually one of the first elite leveled character a player faces and is thus underestimated and is killed quite easily leaving the beginner player to believe that Hogger is a powerful character where in reality he can be soloed at a relatively low level assuming prepartions were taken place.

"A huge gnoll, Hogger, is prowling the woods in southwestern Elwynn. He has overpowered all attempts at his capture. The Stormwind Army has placed a generous bounty on the Gnoll. To earn the reward, bounty hunters should bring proof of Hogger's demise to Marshal Dughan in Goldshire." - Wanted: Hogger, quest from World of Warcraft

Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 1-1

Summer 2008 Contest - Division 7 - Fourth Group

  • Division 7 Round 1 --- 2nd place, 21678 [16.82%] - Dante, 64557 [50.08%] - Ramza Beoulve, 21528 [16.70%] - Laharl, 21134 [16.40%]
  • Division 7 Round 2 --- 4th place, 18460 [13.07%] - Dante, 47863 [33.90%] - Leon Kennedy, 43486 [30.80%] - Riku, 31381 [22.23%]

Hogger was rather lucky in that he was given such a weak four-pack in 2008. Pre-contest it was thought that Ramza would have some strength so most people didn't give Hogger a chance. However once the match started and Ramza was performing at Laharl level it became apparent that Hogger indeed had a chance. Hogger may have started slowly, but a small rally was all that was needed to push him over the top. In the second round Hogger was soundly beat by the other three characters in the match.