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This was a topic made by Da J chronicling the playthrough of a young boy playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time. It was started on April 1st, 2009

Young Link[]

Topic One[]

It was good stuff. After defeating Gohma, he ran toward the blue light. I started telling him not to go into it yet, but he merely responded with, "Why?" and went into the light anyway. And he didn't even go back for the heart container after I told him about it because it was "too much trouble". Knowing him, he'll need it later; I'm surprised he was even able to defeat Gohma on his first try, and it only took him three stuns, 8 deku nuts, and 12 deku seeds. In fact, he beat Gohma in almost as much time as it took him to find her.

Heh, I should be recording this. After watching the cutscene, when the Deku Tree begins to die, he said, "So Link played a song that cursed the tree?" Then when the Emerald descended, he said, "What in the world is that thing?"

Then he proceeded to "train his sword skills" by continually attacking a fence and then chopping up every sign in town.

The best part so far: he actually reads everything Kaebora Gaebora (or however the owl's name is spelled) says and listens to Navi at every opportunity.

I should start making write-ups to chronicle his adventure. There's no end to the hilarity, as I have neglected to mention how insansely bad at combat he is.

AUGH. I'm always just hitting A and then Kaepora says the bit about do you want to hear again, and I see it but can't stop my thumb obsessively hitting the A button.

Yeah, he encountered that problem too. Other than the fact that he was reading everything carefully. About the third time reading the speech, he asked me why the owl was still telling him the same kinds of things. Then I explained to him that it's because he kept asking it to.

I don't believe I've ever seen anyone miss the heart container after a boss...

My thought exactly. I don't believe he even knew it was there.

Is he 6 years old or something

You would think so, wouldn't you?

Has he run into any zombies yet?

No Re-deads, but he has run into a few of the skeletons that appear in Hyrule Field at night. After one almost killed him, he decided that the best strategy was just to run past them. He was lucky that it turned to dawn shortly after he reached the drawbridge, so the crowd nearby just sunk back into the ground.

Yes, I had intended to [track his failed attempts at sneaking into the castle]. He has stopped playing long since I posted this topic, but I'll be sure to let you guys know the results when he picks things up. I already told him I refuse to help him sneak in.

Right now, the counter is at one. He failed at his first and only miserable attempt to sneak in. Actually, I'm surprised he found the vines you must climb as fast as he did. Then he played around with the Gossip Stone for a while and asked me what it did. Finally, I convinced him that he couldn't really do anything with it until later. So, he proceeded to jump down from the overhang and run over to the stone blocking the entrance to the Great Fairy. He lasted about 5 more seconds before he literally ran into a guard that was facing the other way and in plain site. <_<

Fail Counter: 1

More good stuff. Fail Count is now up to 11, and he just reached Talon. I'll see if I can remember each failed attempt and detail them (along with other funny occurrences) in a subsequent post. I wasn't taking notes or anything, so sorry if I can't recall one.

Fail Counter: 11

Attempt 2: Rather than jump down from the overhang and run straight into a guard, he decides to walk across the overhang and run straight into a guard.

Attempt 3: Night falls. Suddenly, he's under the impression that the guards go to sleep at night. He takes the main path and is naturally caught immediately.

Attempt 4: Instead of going up the main path or across the overhang, he jumps down and walks up the side of the shallow cliff, as you are supposed to do. Then he walks right in the line of sight of a guard, halfway to the castle.

Attempt 5: I thought for sure he was going to blow all of our socks off on this one. He actually managed to make it all the way to the steps of the castle before he ran, once again, right through the line of sight of a guard standing perpendicular to the path to the stairs. <_<

Attempt 6: Well, he made it back to the steps leading up to the castle. Then he went up the steps, seeming to think that the two guards on either side wouldn't stop him.

Oh, shoot, he's starting up again. Well, at least he starts out back at his house. That'll give me a little bit of time to post the main points of his failure to sneak in. Btw, he went back for the Heart Container from Gohma, so he's up to 4 now. And, as is his strange custom, he must cut down all of the signs in town. That should buy me some more time.

Alright, I'll just some up his other failed attempts here. There were a few where he got careless and was caught at a part that he had already gotten past.

He finally made it back to the stairs and realized that you need to climb up one of the walls and drop down into the courtyard. However, he just ran right behind the two guards at the top of the stairs--he didn't think they would notice him because he was running up behind them.

Next try, he got back there and realized that you had to jump into the moat. After doing so, he swam downstream, couldn't figure out where to get, then swam back to where he jumped in and was promptly spotted by the guards.

Finally, on his 12th attempt, he made it successfully to Talon and woke him up with the chicken.

And I'm just in time. He just now made it back to the Market. He pays the gatekeeper 10 rupees to open the gate, and he assumed that this meant that the guards would not stop him. He was, as he just discovered, sadly mistaken.

And he's finally made it back successfully to the spot where Talon once was. He just has no idea what to do from there, although he does ask what the crates of milk are there for. He thinks you need to play the Ocarina to procede. He pulls it out and begins to play... only to discover he doesn't know any songs yet. <_<

Stay tuned for further developments.

Fail Counter: 12

Well, very shortly after my last write-up, he realized that you must stack the crates on top of each other and then jump across them onto the ledge. After missing the ledge a few times, he finally lands on it and crawls through into the courtyard. The Fail Count is now at 12 as he enters the main courtyard.

He easily avoids the first guard walking around a large hedge. In the second segment, he waits it out and times it perfectly so that he runs out into the open just as the guard starts walking toward him.

It turns to night just as he enters again, and he fails to realize that you can't get through at night. He tries to run past the two guards that appear at the entrance to the courtyard, but he can't make it past. He's angry that those two just randomly appeared there, but he gives it another go... and still can't make it past them. A third try is also unsuccessful. He finally wises up and realizes that those guards are only there at night, so he runs around in circles to pass the time.

On his 17th try, he easily maneuvers past the first two screens and on to the 3rd, which consists of one guard walking around many rupees, with a structure running over the top of him. Surprisingly, he realizes that you don't have to go anywhere near the guard, and he climbs the stairs to the top of the structure. However, he fails to realize that the structure is only a wooden frame, with nothing solid in the middle. He drops through the frame and right into the lap of the guard.

On his next attempt, he actually makes it to and past the third screen. He is tempted to go back for all of the rupees, but he decided that they aren't worth the risk. Once again, he times things perfectly and runs out just as one of the guards rounds the corner of the statue.

This time, he goes all the way. Shockingly, he passes the last three sections all in one try. Not that they're particularly difficult, but let's not forget who we're talking about here.

So, he makes it to Zelda (and I just can't resist showing him the Mario series cameos or the angry bomb-throwing man, which he got a kick out of) and adjourns for now. Note that the failure count includes both the trek to the castle and sneaking through the main courtyard. Normally it would be a disgraceful number, but, once again considering who we're talking about here, I'm actually not sure what to think of the number of attempts it took. It's definitely way higher than it should be for anyone else, but it's right about what I had expected for him.

Final Failure Count: 18

Well, not much else to report. It's almost impossible to be any worse at talking to Zelda than anyone else is. And now he finally has a song to play for all of those random moments that he thinks he needs to play the Ocarina in order to pass, so he begins playing random notes. Upon seeing Impa, he did say, "Is that Sheik?", which is about the funniest thing that happened--like I said, not real eventful.

Looks like he's called it quits for the night. This topic has gained more views and tags than I had expected, and it appears as though it may even last more than two or three days (assuming he lasts that long before things become too difficult and he gives up). Write-ups shall continue to flow forth at every available opportunity (I'll try to get him to play only while I'm around to watch).

I think I'll end the first night of this topic with his own final words: "Next up, fire place."

I am dead ****ing serious. Make videos of this NOW.

Then add hilarious commentary. EPIC.

If only I could. He's not going to take lightly to starring in a playthrough video in which he is the butt of every joke. And it won't be easy to hide a camera, given the lay-out of the room. I guess I could always try to hid a mic or something, which also wouldn't be too easy given the room, but then he could sue me for placing his likeness on the Internet without his consent.

Someone mentioned the water temple a few posts back, which reminded me of something hilarious: he claims that he already beat the water temple on someone else's game. If that isn't funny enough, he's under the impression that he did so in half an hour. Yeah, I started cracking up, too.

Well, it looks like he'll be starting to play again soon, so I'll keep you all posted. Conveniently, we was unable to play without my... guidance due to factors outside his own control, so he'll be right where we left off. I can't guarantee we'll be so lucky in the future, though, but I'll do what I can.

Well, he didn't get much done today. Certainly no "fire place" yet. I think it's worth noting that he faced more of the skull dogs on the way back to Kakariko, and he didn't do nearly as badly this time. He only lost one heart total, and he actually killed a good number of them.

He seems to have become paranoid of guards. As he enters Kakariko Village, he sees the old man crouching in front of the tree and asks, "Is that a guard? Is he going to get me?" After I assured him that the man did nothing, he proceeded.

He ran around the village looking for a way forward before stumbling upon the graveyard. He spent a few minutes trying to kill Dampe with his sword, and then began trying to talk to him. He soon gave up and then ran around the graveyard. He stopped in front of the tomb of the royal family but did nothing after reading the inscription. He did, however, also read the tombstone of the Composer Bro. The ghost of the Composer Bro. gave him his hardest challenge yet; he suffered 3 hearts of damage, but he only managed to hit the ghost once. He doesn't seem to want to use his shield to defend for some reason and has wasted all of his Deku seeds (for the slingshot). He retreats from the graveyard in defeat.

Next, he spent ten or so minutes exploring the village in attempt to discover where to go next. Finally, he pulled out the Ocarina--I was wondering how long that would take. He still does not play an actual song, though, even though he finally has one. <_<

He finally finds the pass to Death Mountain, but alas, a guard bars his path! "How do I get past him? He's going to throw me out of the town!" I (in retrospect, foolishly) eased his paranoia and assured him that the guard would not bounce him. He talked to the guard and gathered that the sign said he couldn't pass. His solution: chop up the sign. Seems logical enough, right? However, as he soon discovered, it was not so easy.

So, he spent more time aimlessly wandering the village in search of a way to get past the guard. I don't think he even remembers that he has the letter from Zelda, and I certainly don't see him putting two and two together any time in the near future.

He decided to call it quits right after that. More to come tomorrow. Hopefully I can get him to wait for me before he proceeds.

While it did seem logical, chopping up the sign was not the answer. He's finally convinced of that. Of course, he is now unsure that that gate even leads to the mountain. He spent more time aimlessly wandering the town in order to ascertain the way to Death Mountain. He tried collecting the cuccoos (which he insists are called "cluckins") for the one lady, but he could only find two of them before giving up soon after.

Yeah, he's completely forgotten about the letter. He still has no idea what to do to get past the gate, and he isn't even completely sure that that is the correct way forward. It's tough to bite my tongue and sit on my hands, but I'm going to allow him to find the way forward on his own, assuming it takes a reasonable amount of time. It will be interesting to see just how long it takes him. It looks like he should be unable to play for the rest of the night, though.

Well, not much was accomplished yesterday either, in terms of plot advancement. He ran around for a while longer whilst trying to discover how to get past the gate to Death Mountain.

After about 10 minutes or so, he asked me how to do it and even threatened me. I gave him a subtle hint that was just enough to help him get by. "Zelda told you what to do." At first, he just said many things akin to "What the heck does that mean?" and "No she didn't," before he finally thought to employ his old strategy for when all else fails: play the Ocarina! He went up to the guard and played Zelda's Lullaby (which was not such a bad idea), but it was no more successful than chopping up the sign. I repeated that Zelda told him what to do. In frustration, he said, "Then I'll just look at her letter!" Guess he hadn't completely forgotten about that after all. He spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to read it before accidentally equipping it. His face instantly lit up, and realized that you must show the letter to the guard.

After the guard opened the way for him, he noticed that the guard said something about buying a proper shield at the Market. He has no idea what the Market is and claims he's never been there. I try to subtly hint at it, but he adamantly insists that he's never been to the place. Instead, he searches every building in Kakariko Village for a place to buy the shield. I was tempted to just tell him about the one in the Graveyard, but this is his playthrough after all. He soon gave up on finding the Market in order to buy the shield.

So, deciding it was no longer necessary to acquire the "proper shield," he does what any first-time gamer would do: go back for the cuccos he missed earlier. Ok, maybe not. <_< He spent about 15 more minutes trying to collect them (which he still insists are called"cluckins", despite the fact that the word is spelled out for him) before gathering all but two of them. Only one thing was really of note there, other than the fact that he failed to return them all once again. Midway through his hunt, he started slicing up one of the cuccos. Yeah, you know where this is going. I smugly said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you," to which he responded with, "Why?" Then he sliced a few more times anyway, sparking the rage of the chickens. His strategy for defense: stand there with his shield up. He was swarmed from all sides and unable to defend himself adequately. After falling to one-half of a heart remaining, he finally decided to run for his life out of the village. He ran valiantly, but he was no match for the swarming poultry. You knew it would happen eventually--his first cucco-induced game over.

After returning to the village, he spent some time in the Graveyard. He fought the Composer Bros. again, and I was surprised at how perceptive he was in realizing that you couldn't lock on to them. Like I said, he's not stupid or anything, he's just bad at Zelda. He only took one heart of damage on both of the brothers. He then spent a few more minutes trying to read all of the headstones. He also discovered that you could pull the stones around, but the kid keeps saying that he'll tell Dampe. He said, "I have to get rid of that kid," and proceeded to use all sorts of methods of removal, such as chopping him up, pulling on a headstone for three minutes straight, throwing deku nuts, and playing the Ocarina next to him, all of which worked to no avail. He then left.

He spent a few more minutes getting one more of the cuccos before calling it a day. He's gotten almost nothing accomplished in the last day or two, but it looks like he may be getting somewhere today. It seems that I missed him playing earlier, but he has made progress since then, and I'll try to sketch in the details after I watch him play again.

Alright, looks like he's starting to play again. I must have missed a fairly good amount earlier, as he now has the Hylian Shield and is in Goron City. He didn't get much done yet, other than just starting to explore the city. After a little bit, he discovered that you must play Zelda's Lullaby to get to Darunia. He picked up on the hint right away about Darunia wanting to hear something green and natural (he draws the link to the Kokiri). He then triggered the bombs to open the Goron Shop and lit the torches to cause the giant Goron pot to rotate. He then saved and quit, knowing that he would restart at his house.

At present, he goes into the Lost Woods. Apparently, he has been there before while I was not watching him play. Stupid owl. Kaepora Gaebora shows up and tells him to listen for and follow the music. I was looking forward to him getting Lost in the Woods, but I had forgotten that Mr. Owl gave such a huge hint. After like two wrong turns, he makes it to Saria with ease. Somehow, he messes up playing Saria's Song as she teaches it to him? How the heck do you do that when the notes appear dimly on the screen as you play?

Well, he gets out of the woods and then plays the song. Saria says that you can hear her song anywhere that is connected to the woods. That reminds me that he never opened the Kokiri-Goron path in Goron City that is covered by boulders. Oh well. He heads back to Death Mountain and to Darunia. He "knows his melody" now and begins to play his newly-acquired song. He only messes up twice before he gets the big guy dancin' his heart out.

So, now that he has the Goron Bracelet, he goes into the Goron Shop, thinking he can buy bombs. After being told that the Goron doesn't actually sell bombs (the ones you see are display-only), he calls the Goron a "cheap-o" and something that sounded like "stoo-uh-er", then leaves. He spends some time blowing himself up with bombs before deciding to throw one into the giant rotating pot. On his 12th try, he finally hits his mark. Out falls some rupees and a Piece of Heart. That's his first one!

He spends more time exploring Goron City. Hey, he did discover the trail to the Lost Woods after all. He sees a boulder and tries to bring a bomb with him into the woods, but it does not work. Now he's reached a wing of the city with two blue "time" blocks suspended in lava. After I tell him that you can't do anything in there yet, he leaves. Then he stumbles upon a series of bombable walls leading down a pathway. After breaking through the first three, he said, "That's the last one I'm breaking." Surprise! A fourth wall. After going back for a bomb flower, he destroys the wall and sees a giant Goron. He says to come back in five or six years. Foreshadowing.

He continues to run around and explore Goron City before finally reaching the conclusion that there's nothing left that he can do right now. He decides to quit for now (and what appears to be the day), saying that he'll begin the Dodongo Cavern next time, as soon as he finds it.

Well, I don't know his age for sure, but he's in grade school, about ten years old I'll say. No, he's not a four-year old who can't pronounce "store" (I just did my best to put his unintelligible angry grunt into writing), and he's not an uncoordinated freshman or anything--he's just about in the middle there. And he's not really that stupid either; he's just not great at this game.

He has made some amateur mistakes, some of which are completely understandable, but for vets who have played the game several times through, it can be funny to laugh at his inefficiency and thought processes (especially his).

Thanks for the positive feedback and interest so far, guys. And it does sound as though he is done for the night at this point.

Oh, shoot, he has different time off than I do. He has all of this week off from school, but I'll only have half of this week. Then I get all of the following week, while he only gets Monday. Hopefully he doesn't make much if any progress in his two and a half days of free reign. I guess that's one downside to him being younger than I, but I'll see what I can do.

It appears that he did manage to find and open the Dodongo Cavern, however. Then he said he had "waited to show me" the dungeon itself. Well, he didn't play at all after I showed up. Let's hope he makes some progress (which I am able to see and write up) tomorrow.

Man, it appears that he got farther than I thought. Figures <_<

Somehow, he already has the Goron's Ruby. Now if only he could make that kind of progress while I'm around. Well, I'll try to have him fill me in on the details of the entire Dodongo's Cavern if I can.

I only saw him venture up Death Mountain. He took two hearts of damage on his climb, despite the fact that he has and was even using the Hylian Shield. He made it to the top and reached the Great Fairy. Wow, I can't get over how creepy-looking she is. He even said something similar. So, she bestows upon him her fairy magic. He has no idea what's going on, though, and asks me what she's doing to Link. He gets the magic and then leaves. Looks like he's done for the night.

Well, I didn't get to see much of his progress today, but I'll see if I can get him to let me know what happened. Tomorrow should be the final day that he has so much time to play without my viewing.

Sorry it took so long for this. He began playing again as soon as I sat down to write up his earlier progress. I'll start to detail it here, and then provide his current progress in a subsequent post.

It sounds like he found and opened Dodongo's Cavern without any trouble. Once inside, it sounds like it was slow going. By his recollection, I count 8 game overs within the second dungeon. Yeah. <_<

It sounds like things proceeded well at first, but he soon ran into trouble. In the room with a solitary statue that moves after you near it, he took damage whenever he tried to pick up a bomb flower. This led to a game over. Re-read the last two sentences again. And one more time. Fourth time's a charm, as he was finally able to progress past the room.

He also said that he died twice to the flaming keese at two different points. Based on his keese encounter that I've just seen (which will be detailed later), I'm not surprised. Once was on the bridge high above the main chamber, where you must drop the bombs on the eyes.

Speaking of bombs, he has bombs now. He acquired them in a room with several of the aforementioned moving statues. And it only took him two game overs to do so! Third time around, he finally discovered that one did not come to life and could be moved out of the way, allowing him to climb a ladder and step on a switch. Soon afterward, he got the Bomb Bag.

He has seen the game over screen seven times so far in this dungeon alone (eight total) as he approaches the boss. He reaches a door and thinks it's a mouth, so he blows it up with a bomb, failing to realize that he was within the blast radius with only half a heart of health remaining. That's number eight in the cavern. He returns there, realizes that it is a standard door, and heads through it.

Next thing of note was the boss fight. It sounds as though he defeated the Dodongo on his first try! He said that he was down to one heart, though; he was hit by the rolling once or twice and was caught by the flames every time, as he didn't learn even after several times that the firebreath curves around the corners. After it sucked in the last bomb and met it's demise, he actually remembered to grab the heart container this time! That makes five hearts, with one additional piece.

He then proceeded to climb Death Mountain. Despite the fact that he had and was even using the Hylian Shield, he says that he did not survive the rock bombardment the first time around. He had more luck the second time, reaching the top with two hearts remaining. Man, the Great Fairy looks creepy. After being imbued with magic (which I believe I already detailed), he descended the mountain with minimal damage.

He then returned to Kakariko Village, where he attempted to gather the "cluckins" once again. He failed of course, leaving two of them untouched. He did, however, induce their rage. This time he had better luck and was able to escape with a heart intact. Low on health and magic (which he had used the spin attack them), he returned to the summit of Death Mountain. A game over screen later, the Great Fairy had rejuvenated him completely, and he returned to the village.

That sounds like it's about the main points of what I missed. He just finished playing again, so I'll have to add more up-to-date information as you're reading this. Oh, and the Game Over count is now at 11.

Well, looks like he wasn't quite done then. Oh well, more write-up for you!

After returning to Kakariko Village, he entered the Graveyard. He defeated the Composer Bros. again, who this time referred to a song to control the sun and moon. Now that he finally has songs, his fascination with the Ocarina has ended. He now has a new obsession to replace it: bombs. Whenever he has a problem, the bomb is his new first solution.

For example, after I got back from the bathroom, he asked me how to get the kid to leave the Graveyard. I told him that you just have to blow him up. His response: "No, I already tried that."

Now, he tries to blow up the Royal Family's tomb. After that doesn't work, he finally goes through some sequence of deduction that I frankly don't remember but didn't really make much logical sense. He somehow arrives at the conclusion that the Ocarina is needed! So he goes up to the tomb and plays Saria's Song. Wow. <_<

After he realizes that you need Zelda's Lullaby, he drops down into the tomb. Remember that keese encounter I mentioned earlier? Yeah, that happened at this point. His strategy was just to wait, crouched under his shield, until the keese hit the shield. Then he would jump up and slash away. After taking two hearts of damage and only killing one in five minutes, I finally caved and just told him to use the slingshot. He met with much more success and only lost another heart and a half before they had been taken care of.

He then goes through the door that opens into a room full of Re-Deads. He runs up to one and freezes in fear. He tries to mash the B button, but to no avail. The Re-Dead jumps on him and encircles him, sucking the life out of him. All of it. After returning to the room, he decides that, while it does harm you, running through the acid means that you are not frozen in fear by zombies. He reaches the next room and carefully scans for Re-Deads. After seeing none, he runs over to the slab on the back wall and reads. He learns the Sun's Song. He actually picked up on the game's hint that the song paralyzes them.

He ran back into the room with the Re-Deads and said, "So I just have to play this song and it tames them." He charges at one of them and is frozen in fear. After narrowly escaping in time, he charges at the next one and is likewise frozen in fear. This one reaches him. There is no hope. I ask why he didn't use the song, but he said he wanted to wait until he close enough. Then I explained that you can't use anything while you're petrified. That's Game Over number 13. "Well, at least that gets me out of here," he says. Surprise! He respawns in the room where he learned the Sun's Song. This time, however, he uses it immediately to immobilize the Re-Deads and escape the tomb. He now has the power to turn night to day!

Whoops, exceeded the max message size.

After a hint from Navi, he gives Saria a call via Ocarina. She tells him to find the next stone at Zora's Domain. "Who's that?" *eyeroll*... I remind him that she said something about following the river. So he jumps into the river-moat around the castle. *eyeroll*... After I convince him that that isn't the only river in the game, he finally notices the other one nearby and follows it to Zora's Domain.

He blows up the boulders obstructing his path and then buys some beans from the dude with the food. He sees the spot of light soil next to the dude and--what else?--tries to blow it up. Then it dawns on him. "Oh, soil!" He plants the bean and then says, "Is that it?" I tell him to come back to it later.

He proceeds up Zora's River until he reaches the waterfall. He doesn't know what to do. Take a guess as to his first course of action. If you said "bomb", you were right! Then he reads the inscription, which talks about the Royal Family. He realizes that he should que up Zelda's Lullaby. The waterfall parts, and he enters Zora's Domain.

He is instantly drawn to the Zora Market, where he decides not to buy anything. Then he just does a little bit of exploring with nothing noteworthy and no plot advancement.

That's about where he stopped right now, but it looks as though he'll be able to sneak in one more session tonight. If he does, you can be sure I'll post his progress here.

Nope, he's done for the night. Well, that just leaves more for tomorrow.

Yes, he does seem to have patience, I'll give him that. Double-digit game overs, and he's still going strong. I think it's time for a progress report.

I just remembered that I failed to mention this before, but it was pretty humorous. As day faded to night at Zora's River, he adopted an evil grimace and said, "Those skeletons won't get me now!" Failing to realize that they only appear in Hyrule Field, he played the Sun's Song. The night only grew darker, so he thought that he had played it too early or it didn't register. He played the song again. It then turned to day and rapidly back to night. He just hadn't waited long enough for it to turn to day, as it isn't instantaneous. <_<

Anyway, back in Zora's Domain, he left the shop and went exploring a little bit. Eventually, he found his way to the throne room. He talked a little bit to the king and then exited out the left wing, which took him to the diving game. Surprisingly, he beat it on the first try with 8 seconds to spare, and he actually went back to claim his prize. He dove down the waterfall again and noticed the passage through which you can swim.

It takes him to Lake Hylia, where he finds the bottle right away. Then he returns to Zora's Domain after no exploration. He presents the bottle to King Zora. Engage unnecessarily long scooting sequence. He makes no comment however, other than repeating the "ma-weep" sound. He does remember that he'll need a fish, so he begins randomly swiping the bottle in the water around the throne room.

After I convince him to try somewhere else, he immediately heads down to the shallow water area, which is actually where you're supposed to go. He bottles one up and goes back up to the throne room. Then it's behind the king and into Jabu-Jabu's domain. He presents the fish and is sucked into the beast.

Once inside, he just leaves... just because he can. Then he goes right back in and shoots the switch to allow him to open the door. He finds himself in an expansive room with electrified jellyfish. He first uses his slingshot, only to discover that it just knocks them backward. Next he uses the sword, which yields a more shocking result than he would have expected. So, he just runs past them to the next door.

In the next room, he finds Princess Ruto. She refuses Link's help, then walks into a sinkhole and plunges down a thousand feet below. He follows after her. Once down there, he talks to her a few times in order to convince her to give him the honor of carrying her.

He carries her into the next room, where he throws her at one of the jellyfish. It hits, but she falls into the water. "Oh man, she drowned." He heads back to the previous room, where he had just found her before. However, jellyfish bar his path. He tries the slingshot a few more times before realizing that it will do no good. His next resort: swing wildly with the sword. He takes damage with every hit, but he doesn't seem to care; he just keeps hacking away, thus electrocuting himself. With his final breath, he killed a second one of them. Then he sees that familiar screen again.

He returns to the room with the sinkholes and drops back down to where Ruto is. She scolds him for leaving her behind and curls back up to allow him to carry her. He goes into the room where she had previously "drowned" and uses her to kill the jellyfish. He accidently knocks her into the water again. He goes back into the other room where she respawns but avoids the jellyfish this time (for the most part). He reaches her again and decides to call it quits for the moment.

Well, it appears as though that's all the progress he'll make today. Hopefully he can complete the Jabu-Jabu dungeon tomorrow in its entirety.

Alright, first I would like to publicly apologize for the lame pun involving electricity featured in a previous write-up.

Secondly, I would like to publicly apologize for the fact that there will be no write-up today. He made no progress today because, out of the blue, he decided to forgo Zelda in order to play Super Mario 64 instead. In addition, it sounds as though he will be gone for the next three days or so, making it difficult for me to chronicle his nonexistent progress. But you can be sure that more write-ups will be brought forth as soon as they exist.

Is he competent at SM64?

Eh, not so much. He's probably only slightly better at Super Mario 64 than OoT. He's not terrible, but he dies rather easily for some of the dumbest reasons (such as running into Bowser's leg while trying to grab the tail or running off the edge because he "didn't see it"). Today, he was on a mission to defeat all three Bowsers (barely playing any of the levels in between), and, courtesy of my game cartridge, he conquered two of them today. He reached Bowser the third but continued to die in some stupid fashion on every attempt. Thanks to the 1-Up right near the pipe, he had unlimited tries, but he eventually ran out of time before he had to go to an Easter celebration.

And thanks to everyone for the positive comments thus far. It sounds as though the amount of time I've put into this is proving to be worth it.

(He took some time off during this period)

Let there be write-up! He's finally back at it. Just be forewarned: despite the amount of time he played, he made almost no real progress.

He begins at the entrance room of Jabu-Jabu's belly. And he battles the Octorocks in the room once again, losing half of his health in the process. He continues to crouch over and block with the Hylian Shield, followed by a shot from his slingshot, refusing to use his Deku Shield for some reason (perhaps he has forgotten?). He does defeat them, shoots the switch, and advances to the next room.

In the room with the sinkholes, he drops through the wrong hole. <_< He finds the vines which he must climb and returns to the sinkholes. This time, he drops through the correct hole and onto the ledge with the princess. After she scolds him once again, he carries her a few more steps before running into a jellyfish. A few steps later, he hits another jellyfish and accidentally throws Ruto (in shock, I suppose). After picking her up, he is nailed from behind by a jellyfish. Game Over once again.

He returns to Ruto and makes it to the next room this time. He heads into the room with the Octorocks and the wiggling red rectangular platform. He takes massive damage from the Octorocks, as he still doesn't know how to fight them well, and is left with half a heart. He picks up Ruto, throws her into it, and jumps after her. He is electrocuted to death.

*insert time-wasting shenanigans here*

Yeah, sorry I fail at this, guys. I did not originally intend this to be a full playthrough topic because I knew that I would not have the time. Now, even when I have time I don't have time. I did complete some write-ups, but the computer on which I did so is not working for me, and I really don't have the time to re-write them. Yet another excuse to add to the now-stale list. <_<

Again, I apologize immensely for my inability to keep this going. One of these days, when the computer decides to work again and I actually have some time to myself, I will get back to this. I'm just sorry to have to disappoint until then. In the meantime feel free to supply your own time-wasting anecdotes. Or at least something interesting.

Topic Two[]

Finally, after a hiatus of over a month, the board's best OoT playthrough topic is back! To all the readers of the previous topic, I apologize whole-heartedly for the fact that I had to go so long without an update, but I really had little free time. Now I'm looking to finish this baby up, as we aren't yet even halfway done.

As far as the write-ups are concerned, we are partway through Jabu-Jabu's belly. I intend to try and get us out of there (or at least to the boss) by the end of the day. In terms of his actual progress, he has already become an adult. Yeah. I have a little bit of catching up to do. Luckily for me, he has not made any progress lately. But, rest assured, I will do my best to get him back on track after I get caught up here.

This topic will be updated much more frequently than the last, assuming, of course, he continues to make progress.

Thanks again for all of your support and comments. I appreciate the fact that my efforts so far have appeared to be worth it. If you have something on your mind, please fell free to speak it.

Topic title delivers! Finally, after oh-so long, I give you a progress update

Game Over count: 16

Let's do this. After death, he began in the first room again. After a hit from the Octorocks (which he still doesn't remember how to fight), he hit the switch and entered the next room. He managed to suffer only one hit by the jellyfish whilst he crossed this room. He then dropped down the sinkhole and to the princess again. And then he carried her into the same room with the wiggling red platform. He seems to be stuck on that room, even though you can't do anything there yet. The Octorocks escorted him out of the room via death.

In the entrance room, he decided to engage the Octorocks in combat. After losing three of his hearts attempting to kill them with sword and slingshot, he gave up and went into the next room. He avoided the jellyfish and dropped down the sinkhole in the next room to once again reach Ruto. And... he took her back to the same room with the red platform. Does he honestly not notice the door behind the spot where Ruto respawns? <_<

After losing another half a heart, I finally convinced him to try coming back later when he could actually do something, seeing as all he ever did was fight the Octorocks and throw the princess at the wriggling platform. He left and climbed the vines in the previous room that lead back up to the sinkholes. As he walked across the room, half of a heart left, a random jellyfish dropped down on him from the ceiling and killed him. Yeah, I started cracking up at this point. It was quite hilarious to experience in person, especially his reaction of utter shock and disbelief.

After returning to the sinkhole room, he went through the door on the far side of the room this time (Yes, he's finally given up on the red platform room!). He took a hit or two from the little electric snakes (the name of which escapes me at the moment), but nothing serious. After wandering the maze of passages, he reached a switch that could not be pressed with his weight alone. So he tried placing a bomb on it and then standing on it. ... *facepalm*

The explosion didn't kill him, however, and he took my subtle hint that he would need some extra dead weight in order to hold the switch down. So, he returned to Princess Ruto. This time, realization struck. "ZOMG Woah, there's a door back there? No wai!" (paraphrased). Finally, finally, he entered the door right behind her for the first time.

In this first corridor, he was hit by one of the floating bubbles but picked Ruto back up and kept going until he reached a room which contained a lowered portion of the floor ankle-deep in water. His dilemma was how to get both Ruto and himself across the gap and to the other side, seeing as he can't reach high enough to climb up after throwing her across. He did realize that you need to throw her, but he missed. Luckily, the water is shallow enough that she doesn't drown. He picked her back up and threw her, this time causing her to land on the ledge. He then noticed the switch, stepped on it, and raised the water level. He swam up to the other side but accidentally knocked Ruto back into the water as he tried to pick her up. Wow.

After retrieving her, he returned to the room and successfully got both himself and Ruto across the gap. He picked her up and got battered but not beaten by the bubbles in the adjoining corridor. He then threw her at the switch on the ceiling and cried out in triumph when he discovered that you can activate them that way.

In the next room, he stood face to face with his arch enemy: the Octorock. He just dodged the blasts for a while, trying to figure out what to do. After a few more seconds, a platform lowered near the Octorock, and he jumped for his life... and just barely missed. <_<

After returning to this room, he managed to stall and dodge long enough for the platform to lower again. This time, his jump was on the mark. The platform floated up to the peak of its course, and he jumped off, instantly realizing that he was back in the second room of the dungeon.

He took her back into the room with the sinkholes and went toward the door on the far side. On the way, however, that random jellyfish dropped down from the ceiling again. This time, he was not directly under it, but he tried to slash it with his sword. Oh wait, he's holding Ruto and accidentally threw her instead (even though that's the wrong button...?). That won't work. That mistake would cost him his life. But it was hilarious that he died at the hands of that random ceiling-dwelling cnidarian again, so it's all good.

I think that's a good way to end this first write-up of the new topic. That last death makes 19 Game Overs by my count. That's nothing to sneeze at. And we aren't even to the boss yet. Whoops. Spoilers without warning.

After retrieving Ruto, he returned to the room with the maze-like passages (this time avoiding the ceiling-dwelling jellyfish and the electric snakes) and stepped on the switch that requires more than just Link's weight.

In this room, which appears empty at first, he ran around until he "activated" one of the flying manta rays in the floor and caused it to begin flying around. After triggering a few more, he began throwing Ruto at them to defeat them. After taking some damage from this method, he realized that the slingshot could do the job much more effectively. However, he eventually ran out of ammo and decided to leave Jabu Jabu in search of more.

Back in Zora's Domain, he searched for deku seeds but had no success at first. Even the store did not stock them. After 10 minutes or so, he finally broke open a jar containing some. By the way, the hearts contained in other jars that he had smashed brought him back up to full health. He then returned to Lord Jabu Jabu.

After returning to the room with the manta rays, he made quick work of the remaining ones while sustaining only a heart and a half of damage. Boomerang get! Afterward he picked Ruto back up and left the room.

Outside he took a turn down a corridor barred by an electric "red slimy thing." He tried all of the usual methods (bombs, slingshot, ocarina, etc.), and even the boomerang didn't work. In fact, all of his shots with the boomerang (excluding the first) caused him to suffer damage, since he was using it from too close. I was able to convince him to come back later, as there was nothing he could do with it at present.

After running into a few electric snakes on the way, he reached a switch that required weight to be placed on it in order to keep the nearby door open. He instantly realized that the princess must be left on it. Inside, he first tried to attack the tentacle dangling from the ceiling with his slingshot. When that failed, he did resort to the boomerang. Lo and behold, it worked. After the first hit, however, the tentacle began to sway and knocked him over. It continued to beat him down until he finally retreated to the door. Taking a few seconds to regroup, he charged back into the fray, this time managing to land another hit. After being battered a few more times, he managed to administer the coup de grace. He obtained the map from the newly-appeared chest and left the room.

And now the game informed him that the "red slimy thing" had disappeared because he cut the tail, so he proceeded into that room. Now he must pop all of the bubbles in 40 seconds. He seems to have a fascination with using Ruto as a weapon, as he threw her at the bubbles to pop them. He also took out a few of them with his body. While he did come close, he failed to complete the task in the time limit. On the next try, he used the slingshot. Not as effective as the boomerang, but it got the job done. Now he has the compass as well.

After hitting a few dead ends, he found another room with a dangling tentacle. Although he missed with the boomerang many times, he was only hit once himself. Vanquishing this tail opened another door previously blocked by a "slimy thing," which only took him 3 minutes to actually find.

Inside, he was faced with some jellyfish and another tentacle. He defeated the jellyfish with ease thanks to his new boomerang. Even this tentacle fell with little resistance, not even managing to land a hit on him. Man, he's on a roll! Still clinging to his final heart, he returned to the room with the sinkholes, managing to lose half of his health along the way.

"Yeah, the green thing is gone!" he noticed. While I'd like to say that that random jellyfish dropped down on him and killed him for a third time, it didn't. Instead, he jumped down the wrong sinkhole and was killed by a regular jellyfish.

With his Game Over count at an even 20, I think this is a good place to stop for now.

After retrieving Ruto, he jumped down the correct sinkhole. He killed the Gold Skulltula immediately next to the spot where you land. I believe that's his third, although I don't recall for sure. However, he did not get the one on the wall a short distance away.

In the next room, he sees what they have been searching for: the spiritual stone. She told him to throw her up onto the high platform, but he first tried to discover a way to get up there while still holding her. After realizing that he could not, he stood right next to the platform and threw her up. He was, however, standing so close that she just hit the top of the platform and rebounded off. A second attempt was successful. Ruto obtained the Zora's Sapphire. As he tried to walk back to the platform, it raised up and the door locked behind him. The platform descended again, although this time Ruto was replaced by a giant octopus.

He actually dispatched this miniboss with relative ease. He only took about 3 hearts of damage, about an even split between hitting the spikes on the rotating platform and running into the octopus. He seemed to know right away that the boomerang was the key to victory and caught on rather quickly to the fact that you must paralyze it, let it spin afterward, then paralyze it again with its back facing you, thus exposing its weak spot. He proved once again that he isn't completely inept when it comes to Zelda.

After its death, the octopus dropped three hearts. How convenient. He then rode the floating platform up to a new room. He went down a passageway, defeating two jellyfish via boomerang along the way, and through the door.

This led him to a new room with two of the wriggling red platforms. This time, however, he knew what to do. After learning that the slingshot still did not effect them, he used the boomerang. It froze the first platform. He took his time jumping onto it, though, and it sprung back to life while he was still on it. This flung him off and into the shallow water below, where he was faced with an Octorock. Still unaware of how to defeat them, he just ran away, only sustaining one hit. Back near the entryway, he hit the first platform again, jumped onto it, and hit the second platform. On the jump, however, he missed. The third time, he successfully made it across the two wriggling platforms and into the next room.

After looking around in this area and waiting for a little bit (possibly for a platform to float up or something), he decided to jump onto the small area of land on the far wall of the room. This land then slid downward, putting him back in the room adjoining the entrance room and the sinkholes.

This new chunk of land also acted as a bridge to allow him to reach a new door, which was locked by a switch. After stepping on and off the switch, he discovered that constant pressure needs to be applied to it to keep the door unlocked. His first thought was to go get Ruto again, so he went back to the room with the sinkholes. After failing to find her in the usual places, I reminded him that she had been taken when he fought the octopus. "Oh. Right." It took him a little bit, but he eventually discovered that you must place one of the crates in the room on the switch to hold it down. This worked much better than his previous idea of luring a jellyfish onto it.

The room to which the door led was large, with a locked door a short distance to the left of the entrance and a large structure that could be climbed. After finishing off the jellyfish with his boomerang, he began to climb. However, he had failed to notice the Gold Skulltula and was knocked down by it. His boomerang made quick work of it, and he collected another token. After climbing to the top of the structure, he inadvertently jumped off the other side. He then returned to the top and noticed the switch on the ceiling. He tried the slingshot but had failed to realize that there was a random barrier between him and the switch. He was forced to use the boomerang, which hit its mark on the fifth shot, allowing him to proceed through the door. But he jumped from that spot and suffered some fall damage.

As he opens the door, the screen fades, a sure indication that we're about to experience some boss action. This would be his toughest challenge yet.

The screen grew bright again. From the ceiling descended Barinade, the bio-electric anemone. Standing stationary, he began to fire his slingshot at the main body. Despite the fact that there was no visible effect, he kept firing away. The jellyfish conjoined to Barinade then dropped down from the ceiling and dealt some damage to him. It was then that he realized that he was not at full health for the boss. Still unable to get anything going with the slingshot, he was bludgeoned to death by the jellyfish. First Game Over for this particular boss.

After returning to the boss, it dawned on him that he must use the boomerang in order to victor. Unfortunately, this was after receiving quite a few blasts of energy. He managed to hit one of the tentacles before running into Barinade itself and causing another death. That's number 2.

The third time, he actually managed to boomerang all of the tentacles while only sustaining three or four hits. The jellyfish attached to Barinade via electrical rope gave him a tough time, though, as he ran around the room for several minutes just trying to avoid them as they rotated around Barinade. He was no match.

Once more he entered the room and boomeranged the tentacles. This time, however, he began throwing the boomerang at the jellyfish. He found himself unable to land a hit, however. Then, by accident, he hit the body of Barinade, causing it to become stunned. This caught him off guard, though, so he was only able to land a single hit on the body before it became active again. The body hit him as it raised up a little bit and then began revolving in circles. Again, he ran away rather than attacking it. He did notice, however, that one of the jars the rotating jellyfish had shattered contained a heart. He ran over to it, trying to beat the jellyfish rotating toward him because he desperately needed to replenish his life. He didn't make it. "Man, this must be the hardest guy in the game."

It looks as thought that's all I have time for at the moment, but I'll see if I get the chance to continue this fight in the next day or two. He has racked up 24 Game Over screens so far, four of them up to this point in the boss battle.

Despite the immense challenge Barinade offered him, he was persistent. He did take a break at this point, but he we went right back at it later in the day.

He returned to the boss. After hitting its tentacles with the boomerang, he ran into a corner of the room as it dropped down from the ceiling and began swinging the jellyfish around itself. He then rolled through the jellyfish, only sustaining two hits, and boomeranged Barinade's body, which allowed him to get in four or five hits before he has flung backward by the body rising back ino the air. This time, he ran to the far side of the room and waited for Barinade to move a little closer. And this time he finally Z-targeted! However, the revolving jellyfish managed to parry each of his throws before he was finally "run over" by the beast. He was still alive, though, and ran toward the nearest jar. After extracting a heart, he was bludgeoned from behind by Barinade, which had effectively trapped him against that wall with its rotating jellyfish. He did not escape.

After entering the room again, he immediately dispatched of the tentacles. No damage taken. This time, he intentionally used Z-target to boomerang the body and dealt several blows to it with his sword, while only suffering one hit. He let Barinade rotate toward him for a little bit but was able to evade it (for the most part) as he battled for position. Once he was satisfied with where he stood, he Z-targeted Barinade and let loose a few throws, which were no more successful than they had been at this point of his last encounter. After a little bit, the jellyfish disconnected from the body, and the boomerang that he had just thrown accidentally hit two of them, causing them to die. However, he didn't take this hint and went for the body with his sword (a logical conclusion, considering it had worked last time), although no damage can be dealt this way at this time.

After taking damage each time he tried to attack, he realized that that wouldn't work and turned his attention to the jellyfish. He managed to hit one before they reconnected to Barinade and began to revolve around him again. He was hit twice but then got his bearings back. After missing with a few throws of the boomerang, he lucked out and managed to hit the body through the gap created by the one missing jellyfish (with the help of the Z button). After it sunk back into the ground, he only had to run into it one time before remembering to go after the jellyfish. Three of them survived. He knew what to expect this time and quickly paralyzed it again. This time he went for the jellyfish right away, only leaving one left. This one reconnected, however, and hit him from behind, depleting the rest of his health. "This guy must be impossible!" If only he hadn't run into Barinade so many times. At least he knows what he must do on his next attempt.

Lucky attempt number 7! He was well-equipped this time with the knowledge of how to get back to the point where he had died last time. Unfortunately, he was quite handicapped coming in because he had randomly decided to fight the two Octorocks in the entrance room of Jabu Jabu. He eventually gave up, but not before being reduced to two hearts. For some reason, Barinade seemed to pose much more of a challenge for him this time. He just found himself unable to avoid it as it rotated toward him. He didn't even make it as far as he had last time. Hopefully for him, this would be lucky Game Over number 7.

He approached Barinade for the eighth time. This time he knew what he had to do and replenished his health with some of the jars around the perimeter of the room after boomeranging the tentacles down. He then avoided the rotating jellyfish, paralyzed the body, and dealt a few sword blows. Still at full health. He was hit once or twice as Barinade rotated around the room, but he managed to stay alive until the jellyfish separated. He managed to take out all but three of them in one dormant period and finished off the rest of them in the next, only running into Barinade once. I believe he was hit by jellyfish once or twice as well. Barinade's body then rose into the air, defenseless. He was easily able to get a few hits in before it sank back into the ground. It suddenly began firing its lasers, even as it floated back into the air. This caught him off guard, and he chose to run to a corner to retrieve some health. He was, however, shot down by the blasts of electricity.

Number 9. Number 9. This would be the one. He easily made it back to the final "defenseless" form with minimal damage suffered. He was ready for the lasers this time, although they still did some damage to him here and there. He made good use of the jars around the room to keep himself alive. He would boomerang to stun and then get in a few hits with the sword, usually suffering a hit or two from the electricity blasts. He kept himself alive, though, and had a full heart to spare when he delivered the final blow! The giant boss then began to break out in a mass of pimples, which sparked some laughter from him. It exploded, and he collected the heart container. He then joined Ruto in the blue light and was scolded for taking so long and being useless.

Back outside, Ruto began making moves on Link, although he didn't appear to understand what was going on between the two of them. When asked what he wanted, he responded with "the Spiritual Stone." She explained that it works as an engagement ring and swam unnecessarily far away in order to give it to him. He obtained the Zora's Sapphire!

"Her most precious possession? You don't know what she's talking about..." "It's right; I don't." "...but you've finally collected all three Spiritual Stones!!" "Woohoo!"

So, per the random in-game request, he set off to see Princess Zelda. But he has no idea how to get there. <_<

After exploring the area for a little bit, he just decided to head back through Zora's Domain and down the river the long way. Half way down, though, he did realize that you can jump into the river to have it carry you down much faster.

So, the three stones in hand, he set out to return to Princess Zelda. It may just be me, but the description of his Barinade encounters seemed rather dull. Hopefully things will get a little more exciting again now that he's back into the heat of the adventure.

Game Over count: 28

So, the three Spiritual Stones in hand, he departed Zora's River in order to return to Princess Zelda. As darkness fell on the land... he got sidetracked and decided to go to Kakariko Village instead! He first tried to return all of the "cluckins" to the owner, but he eventually gave up with two to go. I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever find them all. Or how often he'll keep coming back here. He's apparently not as eager to advance the plot as most would be at this point in the game.

He also paid a visit to the Graveyard, but this trip did not accomplish much. He mostly just looked at headstones and tried to find secret passages. He did not attempt to move anything, however, so his search naturally yielded nothing. He also tried Dampe's gravedigging adventure, but he received only a blue rupee to show for it.

After messing around a bit longer (and after a little prompting from me), he finally returned to Hyrule Field. He crossed the little bridge and went toward the entrance to Castle Town. Cue cutscene! The sky grew darker. The drawbridge lowered and suddenly Zelda and Sheik came galloping by on a horse, nearly running Link over. As they sped away, Zelda turned and threw something back at him, which splashed into the moat. Wow, she has quite an arm. After they were out of sight, Link turned around... and found himself face-to-face with the King of Evil himself. Ganondorf asked which route they had taken, but Link just raised his weapons. Ganondorf then fired a blast of energy at Link, knocking him down. "Wow, Ganondorf's really strong. Do I get to fight him now?" As most villains do, he expressed a desire to rule the world before riding off.

So, he turned and ran after Ganondorf in the hopes of stopping him. After I reminded him that Ganondorf was on horseback and that there was no way he would be able to catch up with him, he went back to the moat. And... he kept right on going into the Market. I reminded him that Zelda had just done something, and it seemed to jog his memory. He went back out into the moat, and, on his fourth attempt, dove down and retrieved the Ocarina of Time! This triggered another cutscene, in which Zelda taught him the Song of Time. She then told him quite blatantly to play the song in front of the altar in the Temple of Time, an instruction so simple that even he couldn't mess it up. If he could actually find the Temple of Time, that is. After taking the path to the Castle three times, he finally found the way to reach the Temple of Time (not that it's very difficult). After playing with the Gossip Stones for a little bit, he finally entered the temple.

Ha, gotta love the Temple of Time music. Anyway, he tried to play the Song of Time right in front of the door, which naturally did nothing. He then remembered that he was to play it in front of the altar, which he then proceeded to do. This caused the three Spiritual Stones to jump out of him and fall into place on the altar. The Triforce emblem then lit up, thus opening the Door of Time. He stepped across the threshold.

Inside, he faced the Master Sword lodged in a pedestal. He walked up to it and assumed the role of King Arthur. Ganondorf then appeared and said that Link was playing right into his hands. The screen faded.

Link awoke to the words of Rauru the Sage in the Chamber of Sages. He spent a few minutes explaining some key plot points. Then the screen zoomed out to reveal... that Link is now seven years older. He was unfazed. Apparently, he's played Melee. He probably knows of the Zelda/Sheik connection as well. After some more dialogue, the Light Medallion descended upon Link. Rauru then charged him with collecting the other medallions and awakening the other Sages in order to save the land from Ganondorf's evil.

Back in the Temple of Time, he started to leave before turning to face Sheik. Sheik vaguely described to him the location of the remaining medallions and told him that he would need to head to the forest to retrieve the first one but warned that he would be unable to do so without some help from Kakariko Village. In control of Link again, he went back up and talked to Sheik, just for the heck of it. Afterward, he left the Temple of Time, eager to continue on his adventure.

There we go. I'm finally caught up. After being behind for so long, I finally did it. Now I just have to try to get him back in track and playing the game a little bit more. I haven't seen for myself in a long time, but I've heard that he's made little progress and has not yet entered the Forest Temple. The next time I see him play, I'll be sure to bring this topic up-to-date. Wiki update will probably come tomorrow.

Yes, it looks like he'll be leaving tomorrow, and I will be leaving myself about two days after he gets back. So yeah, an update seems unlikely for another two weeks. Sorry about that. But any help in bumping this topic until then would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of your support so far!

Oh, and while I'm here, I have one more thing to add. I forgot to mention earlier that he died at the hands of the Re-deads inside the former Market. Not expecting things to be any different than seven years earlier, he was swarmed and killed as he swung wildly at them. He seemed to have forgotten about using the Sun's Song to stun them.

Game Over count: 29

Before starting with the update, I'm going to get a few odds and ends squared away. He currently has 11 gold skulltulas, no pieces of heart (he has collected a measly four total), and 7 hearts of health. He does not have Epona's Song but already has the hookshot and Minuet of Forest.

I did not see him acquire the hookshot or Minuet of Forest, so I have no idea what he went through in order to obtain them. What I did see, however, began in the Temple of Time. He left the temple and entered the Market. He suffered minimal damage from the Re-deads before escaping. He then went on his way to the Lost Woods.

He entered Kokiri Village to find that it had been overrun by monsters. After defeating a couple of them, he made his way up to the Lost Woods. He then went over to the Skull Kid and began to attack it. After it began to run, he gave up and went deeper into the woods. Without the music to guide him, he was unable to find his way. He continued taking stabs in the dark for several more minutes. A couple minutes in, it had dawned on me that the music was not playing because he must have gotten to Shiek already once before. After he tried to navigate the woods for a little longer, I asked him if he had gotten through the woods before as an adult. He then remembered that he could just play the Minuet of Forest to be warped to the spot where he had spoken with Shiek outside the Forest Temple. What a waste of all that time.

Upon arriving outside the Forest Temple, he hookshot himself up and entered it for the first time. In the first room, he was faced with two wolves. They managed to deplete two of his hearts (bringing him down to 3 1/2) before he felled them. He went through the first door right away, so I assume that he does not know of the key hiding at the top of this room. He never was the most observant person, so I wonder if and when he'll discover it.

In the main room, four ghosts extinguished the flames surrounding an elevator, causing it to lower into the ground, and then scattered in various directions. He then went over to the elevator and tried rolling on it, bombing it, playing the Ocarina, and hookshooting it in order to make it rise again. Using the Socratic method, as I usually do when he's stuck, I was able to prod him onto the right course of action. (What made the elevator go down? How can you make it come back up again? How will you do that?)

He began by entering an unlocked door, which lead to a short hallway containing merely a flaming skull. Forgetting about the ability to Z-target, he held up his shield and tried to just run into it. After only taking one hit, he hit it, extinguishing the flame and knocking it onto the floor. Also sans Z-targetting, he began slicing at it with his sword. He suffered two more hits before finally taking it out.

In the next room, he was faced with two of the skeleton warriors (called Stalfos, IIRC). He used a cheap tactic against them, which consisted of hiding behind his shield and taking multiple random jabs. This worked for him, though, and he was able to kill them with these lucky shots whilst only taking one hit. He broke some jars to reveal hearts, but one of them contained a fairy. It may have "escaped" into the wall, but it gave him an idea.

After retrieving the key from the newly-spawned chest, he decided to leave the Forest Temple. He went out to the Club Moblin, avoided its tremors, and shot it in the back with the hookshot. He then proceeded to enter the fairy spring on the top of the maze. He dropped down and healed himself by touching some of the fairies. Then, to answer the previous question about his knowledge of fairies, he bottled one up for later use. He then returned to the Forest Temple.

At this point, he had returned to the Forest Temple. After noticing that he could progress no further without a key, he stumbled upon the blue "block of time." After playing the Song of Time, it vanished, allowing him to enter the room beyond.

He found himself in a lush room full of creatures. He engaged most of them in combat (the plants and the Octorocks) and is now able to use his shield to defeat the Octorocks with ease. I thought it was funny that, since one of the Octorocks dropped a bottle of magic, he used a spin attack in order to deplete his magic just so that the bottle would have an effect after he collected it. Sometimes I wonder.

Anyway, after dispatching of the Octorocks and a few of the Skulltulas in range, he spotted a chest out of reach across water and tried to grapple over to it. After many repeated tries, he finally determined that it could not be done, since Link fell down into the water once he hit the ledge. After some more exploration, he discovered that he could climb up at one point and continued until he reached a switch. Pressing the switch caused the water to drain out of the well in the room. He then dropped down into it and obtained a key.

After leaving that room, he then noticed a door he could enter without a key after again surveying the main room. After defeating the Skulltula in the hallway with his hookshot, he entered the next room, which greeted him with more flaming skulls. They seem to give him more trouble than the Stalfos. After taking a couple hits, he dispatched them and proceeded up a ladder, which led to another. This second ladder led to a strange maze-like area with arrows on the floor. After a hint from Navi, he pushed the big blue block in the direction of the arrows and into a little crevice in the floor. This allowed him to climb up onto it and reach a new area.

After going up some steps, he reached a straight path with another little crevice at the end and a red block inside an offshooting path on the left. This block barred the whole offshooting path, however, and he quickly discovered that he could not pull it toward him to get it where it needed to go. For some reason, he then thought that he needed to stand in the little crevice and play the Ocarina. After a few songs did him no good, he determined that he could not get any farther now and decided that he would need to come back later. He left and returned to the main room.

At this point, he began venturing through old rooms and re-examining everything in the temple (except the maze-like room with the blocks, of course). For upwards of an hour, he looked for some alternate way forward. He even took a break and came back later. Even the next day, the lush room with the well, the room with the Stalfos encounter, and even the maze just outside the Forest Temple (yes, he even went there) yielded no results. He began to constantly pester me to help him. Each time I answered, "Not quite yet. You can do this on your own, without my help. You just need to try a little bit longer," and other such encouraging words. It wouldn't be until the next day that he would discover a way forward.

Alright, first I'd just like to note that this is most likely my longest uninterrupted write-up yet. It covers a lot of content, and I hope you all enjoy the progress made. However, given that this is at least the length of two write-ups, I think I reserve the right to take the next few days off. Not that I necessarily will, but I'm just throwing it out there so that it doesn't come as a surprise. Anyway, let's get to it.

Rather than spending more time on his fruitless ventures, I'm just going to jump ahead to the point where he discovered what to do in order to proceed. After some prodding from me, he finally returned to the room with the maze-like block puzzle. It should also be noted that at some point during his thorough examination of the rooms, he acquired the Dungeon Map.

At first, he tried some more stupid things, such as playing the Ocarina inside the little crevice, bombing the blocks, and using the hookshot. After running around for at least a half an hour more, he was just about convinced that I had steered him wrong. After I repeated that he should carefully search everywhere, he randomly stumbled upon the hidden ladder after a length of time. Of course, he spouted the denial phrase, "That wasn't there before!" After climbing it, it became clear that he could push the red block from this point and then come back from the other angle to push it into place in the little crevice. This allowed him to climb up and into the next portion of the dungeon.

After ascending another ladder and rounding a corner, he reached a door with two flaming skulls flying around it. Despite how much of a challenge they are for him, he decided to take them both on anyway. Once again failing to Z-target, he ran into one with his shield and then blindly jabbed at it with the sword. After he was hit from behind by the other one, he turned his attention to it. He rammed it with the shield to knock it down and extinguish it but was then hit from behind by the other one, still bouncing on the ground. With more random jabs, he finally defeated them both with only three hearts remaining. On the bright side, he has yet to accrue a game over in the Forest Temple. Noticing his dwindling health, he decided to use up his fairy for some reason before entering the next room. He also tried to hookshot the gray eye. When it didn't work, he immediately assumed that you need arrows to activate it and therefore get them in this dungeon.

He used his remaining key to open the door, which led to a twisted corridor. At the end of the corridor, he received a warning from Navi about monsters that drop from the ceiling. He just stood there for the next few seconds, petrified at the thought of these monsters. Eventually he gathered the courage to risk a go in the room. He jumped across onto the first raised rectangular platform, turned right, and jumped to the next. However, he missed this attempt and was forced to climb back up to the first platform. Still no sign of the monsters. The second time, he succeeded in jumping onto the next platform, only to discover that he lacked the key necessary to advance. Just as he began to feel that there was no danger of monsters, the shadow around him thickened, and a Wall Master fell from the ceiling, grabbed him, and escorted him back to the entrance of the temple.

This made him quite angry. At the same time, he was saddened by the fact that he would have to make his way all the way back there. To prevent him from stopping for the day, I said, "What do you mean? This is exactly where you want to be right now," in a cool tone. I felt almost like one of the prosecutors from the AA series, saying something you don't understand about a topic which you know almost nothing about. After he asked what I meant, I reminded him that the door he had been standing in front of was locked, so going back to it would do him no good at this point. At this, he explained that he had searched every room thoroughly earlier when he was looking for the way to advance. Still feeling every bit an AA prosecutor, I said, "Oh really? Every room?" He started to reply with, "Yeah, every room..." until it dawned on him that he had barely payed any mind to this very entrance room.

After glancing around for a little bit, he noticed that there were a couple patches of vines covering the walls of the room. After finding that a few of them did not work, he discovered that the vines on the right wall of the room could be climbed. Ignoring the Gold Skulltula (because it didn't impede his climbing any), he dropped onto the little vertical log and spied a chest on the other side of the room. He began crossing the branch to get there before realizing that it wasn't connected all the way through. At the point where he had to jump onto the other branch, he jumped too far and fell to the ground below. The next time, he didn't jump far enough. Third time, he landed properly but then accidentally ran off. On his fourth attempt, he succeeded and opened the chest to obtain its key.

He then returned to the twisted corridor. At the end of it, he again missed the jump to the platform on the right. As the shadow grew around him, he was sure to keep moving this time. As the Wall Master again fell, he struck a blow or two with the sword and then climbed the ladder while he had an opening. He unlocked the door and proceeded through it.

This next room was the first with the staircase and the paintings. At the second painting (after the first flight of stairs), he noticed the Poe inside. It disappeared as he approached, but he tried to bomb, sword, and hookshot the empty painting regardless. He then saw it again inside the third painting and tried to hookshot it, which was no more successful. He then came to a door with a pedestal to be lighted next to it. His first thought was to go back and become a kid again so that he could "use the sticks on it." *facepalm*

Anyway, he went through the door and was greeted by a Stalfos. He dispatched this one using his cheap "hide behind the shield and randomly jab" technique, with only two hearts of damage suffered. However, at one point, I commented on how great its balance must be for it to stand with one foot hovering inside the hole in the middle of the room, and then how insane its balance must be in order for it to stand with both feet hovering inside the hole. He then went and tried it for himself, only to discover that Link's balance pales in comparison to that of the Stalfos. Needless to say, he fell down into the room of the previous Stalfos encounter and was forced to return to the other room. It was upon his return that he felled the skeletal beast.

However, when that Stalfos went down, two more took its place. To make things a little easier, the gap in the middle of the room was filled for him. Two at once proved to be too much for his fighting technique, as his random jabs did not allow him to cover his rear. He may have defeated one, but the other one took him out from behind at that exact moment. Game Over. An even 30.

He first returned to the fairy's fountain to heal himself and bottle another fairy. Then he went back to engage the monsters in a rematch. Once again, he felled the first with ease. Once again, he failed to defeat the combined might of two at once. They seemed to pose more of a challenge this time, as he didn't even defeat one of them before "dying." Luckily, his fairy allowed him to die another day. After he defeated the first, he engaged the second in combat. Whilst both of them were on the ropes, the first Stalfos resurrected itself and struck a blow. As he turned his attention to it, the other one killed him from behind. I guess it wouldn't quite be another day after all.

The third time is, as they say, the charm. Somehow, he was able to isolate the two somewhat and take them on virtually individually. The hearts in the room were a big help as well. Chalk up another victory for random luck! What should he find within the chest that spawns but his very own Fairy Bow! And he did heal and bottle another fairy, by the way.

After returning to the previous room and again attempting to hit the pictures with the hookshot, he realized that there was a reason that you just received the bow where you did. He shot the portrait containing the Poe only to discover that it did nothing. He was about to leave the room until I convinced him to give it another look around. He descended the staircase to find that it was now in the last picture. After shooting this one as well, he then left the room but immediately returned in order to shoot the Poe whilst in the second portrait. This flushed it out of hiding and into the section of the room below. He defeated this particular Poe Sister quite easily by striking it with the sword, retreating while it vanished, slowly closing back in, and then striking with the sword when it became visible again. Slowly but surely, he victored without taking any damage. He obtained the chest key, the torch lit, and he re-entered the room with the Stalfos.

On the other side, a door led to a room very similar to the one he had just left. In the same way, he shot the portraits and lured the Poe out into the open. He also defeated it in much the same manor, except he hid behind his shield more and attacked with arrows rather than his sword. He then picked up the arrows it dropped, thus replenishing his supply, and then opened the new chest to obtain the Compass.

Now, two Poes vanquished, two flames restored, I bring this bonus extra-length write-up to a close.

Game Over count: 31

I also find it sad that you didn't get to witness him getting through the maze with the trolls before the Forest Temple. Or whatever they're called. I always use the scarecrow song so I can just walk above them easily. But I'm quite positive he didn't have that luxury.

No, he did not. I don't believe he even knows of the scarecrow song. I'm sure it wasn't too tough, just a matter of trial until completion. And when I mentioned the Stalfos's balance, I wasn't intending to be mean in any way. At first, I was just commenting on how I thought it was funny that one leg was floating unnaturally while the other stood on land. Then when he walked completely into the gap, that naturally provoked another comment about the unrealistic programming.

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who is continuing to read this topic. I'm glad my audience hasn't been reduced to only two or three readers, and, as always with such topics, I'm sure there are a few who just don't post. I hope to be able to continue outputting write-ups at a more consistent pace since he has begun playing regularly again.

Having restored two of the flames, he decided that he could proceed no further and left the area. When he reached the room with the Wall Masters, he noticed a large, colorful chest on the wall of the room. He knew what he had to do to obtain it. After shooting the eye to twist the corridor, he ran through it and then jumped down to claim his prize: the Boss Key! On his way out, he accidentally fell through a hole near the chest. This would prove to be to his advantage. Once again, luck would point him in the right direction.

He found himself in a room which opened up into the forested room with the well. He felled a nearby plant monster, then entered the room on the right. After defeating all of the monsters in the room, a chest appeared containing a small key. After collecting it, he left the room and went through another nearby door. This one took him to an overhang in the maze-like room with the block puzzle. He jumped down into the room and made his way back to the twisted corridor.

After struggling with the flaming skulls for a bit, he shot the eye above the door and entered into the corridor. From there, he returned to the room with the staircase in which he had felled the second Poe sister. This time, he noticed that a locked door lay at the top of the last flight. What should await him on the other side but another room filled with monsters that fall from the ceiling! A little more confident this time, he dove headfirst into the room. After probing around for a little bit, he discovered a ladder that must be climbed. He paused for a split second before beginning his climb, and it was in that moment that the monster chose to strike.

Once again angry for having to return all the way to that room, he slowly made his way back. This time, however, he reached his destination at the top of the ladder before the Wall Master had a chance to drop on him. He was then faced with another corridor, this one quite straight and full of green flaming skulls. After working his way around them (yet deciding not to waste his life killing them), he used his final key to open the locked door at the end of the corridor.

He was now in the room containing the square platforms rotating around a circular one with a torch atop it. On the right side of the room lay an eye frozen in ice. Again, his first thought was to become young again and then return so that he could use "the sticks." After I convinced him that that was not necessary, he said, "Oh, this must be the place where you get fire arrows!" He was about to leave in search of them before I told him to think about the setup a bit. After trying to light his sword on fire, bomb the ice away, play the Ocarina near the fire, and bottle the fire, it dawned on him that he could just make his own fire arrows within this very room. A full quiver later, he still had not hit his mark. All of his shots had either hit the eye but not lit on fire or fallen a few feet above it. I guess he doesn't do well at shooting while in motion. He left the room in search of arrows, but luckily for him the flaming skulls outside were more than happy to help the cause. He returned and finally struck the eye 4 arrows later.

This caused the corridor outside the room to become twisted, opening up a whole new path or travel. As he was inspecting the room in search of said path, the shadow surrounding him began to thicken. The dreaded Wall Master dropped from the ceiling just as he dove through a hole in the floor. "Phew, close call," he said. What would await him in this new room?

The room he fell into had a black and white tiled floor, which the ceiling would fall on every once in a while. After trying to just make a mad dash for the door on the far side of the room (which was blocked by metal bars anyway), he was crushed by the ceiling. As he tried again, he ran into one of the random Skulltulas, which knocked him onto the ground just as the ceiling fell, crushing the last of his energy.

Upon returning to this room, he actually noticed the holes in the ceiling and positioned himself under them so as not to be annihilated. Of course, he decided that he needed to hide in every hole, even when he had ample time to reach the door. Regardless, he made it there eventually.

In the next room, he shot the portrait of the green Poe sister, which caused puzzle blocks that formed the image of the very same Poe to descend from the ceiling. This puzzle proved to be quite a challenge for him, as he struggled for several tries in order to form the image of the green specter before time elapsed. Fortunately for him, he gained a small amount of time with each failed attempt. Eventually, it got to the point where he received so much time that it would be nearly impossible not to complete it. After finally doing so, the Poe sister showed herself and engaged him in combat. He used the same "hide and slash" technique to fell this Poe that he had used on the previous ones. This restored the third flame and allowed him to enter into a hallway that led back to the main room.

Here, he ran into the center of the room, and the final Poe appeared. It divided itself by four, with only the real one proving to be susceptible to any attacks. It only took him a short amount of time and a heart of damage to realize that the real one spins shortly before they all close in to attack. This realization made it a simple matter to defeat the real one with his arrows and restore the final flame.

Finally, the four flames restored to their resting place, the elevator rose again. He descended upon it into the depths below. Thus ends this write-up. You know what lies in store for him next.

Honestly, I really don't feel like doing this right now, but I owe you guys a write-up. I'll start now and most likely finish in an hour or two.

After exiting the elevator, he found himself in the room with the push block that rotates the walls of the room. He messed around with the walls for a little bit before discovering a gold skulltula in a new hole in the wall. He said that it wasn't worth the effort, however, and just left it because he really wanted to get on with the boss fight. Okay. It's not like it takes that much longer to kill it and grab the token. <_<

Anyway, he continued to rotate the walls around randomly for a little bit until he discovered a switch on the floor inside one the rooms. Stepping on it caused the gates barring the opening to the Boss Door (which he hadn't even seen yet) to rise. He played with the walls some more but kept going in circles and arriving back at either the skulltula or the switch. After taking a short break and coming back to it in a little bit, he found the way forward after two more rotations in the same direction. How he missed it the first couple times is beyond me. He went through this new opening and then used his Boss Key to open the door at the end of the hallway. Once again, the classic screen fade.

He proceeded up the stairs and into a large, roped-off area through the one opening in the ropes. He ran around in that area for a while trying to discover what to do next. He tried shooting arrows into the pictures on the walls (little did he know...), standing in the center circle, using his fairy, and of course playing the Ocarina. When none of these worked, he decided that you might just have to leave and come back later. So naturally, he made his way toward the exit. Just as he reached it, three iron bars rose up to block his path. He slowly turned around... and found himself face-to-face with Ganondorf. "Uh-oh. Wait, do I get to beat him this time? Does he actually fight?"

It was soon revealed, however, that this was only Ganondorf's phantom, aptly dubbed "Phantom Ganon." He and his horse quickly fled into one of the nearby pictures on the wall of the room. He did quite well on this portion of the fight, considering it was his first time. Although at first he tried to Hookshot Phantom Ganon as he emerged from the portrait (also suffering some damage in the process), he picked up on the fact that you must use the arrows after only a few attempts with the Hookshot. He seemed to get lucky each time; even though he didn't know the trick to ascertaining which one was real, he guessed correctly each time except one. After landing a few more hits, the specter dismounted his horse and began to float around the room.

Four and a half hearts remaining, he still continued to use the Bow, but Phantom Ganon turned each arrow aside with his scepter. It then began to shot blasts of energy out of it, which he did not know how to counter. At first, he tried shielding and then inflicting damage with the arrows and Hookshot. After asking Navi for help, he discovered that he should "counter his magic attack with one of your own." Next he tried bombs. Then he went back to arrows. He even tried to catch the ball of energy in a bottle. None of his tactics were working, and he already taken four hits from the energy blasts. Clinging to his last amount of life, a burst of energy encroaching, he tried to roll in order to avoid it but accidentally used his sword instead. The Master Sword met with the phantom's blast and deflected it back at him. Surprised that he had discovered how to counter it, he was not ready when Phantom hit the blast right back at him for the kill. With no fairies left, he breathed his last.

Alright, time for more Phantom Ganon. I haven't really made a note of it lately, but he has accrued 33 Game Overs so far. Now he begins his second attempt at said boss.

Despite the progress he made on his first try, he struggled through the next few. The second time, he was not so lucky with his random selection. He would just choose one of the two phantoms riding toward him and just stick with it until it came to the edge of the picture. I believe he only selected correctly once. Every other time, he would shoot a couple arrows at it, only to discover that it was not the real one and then quickly change his aim over to the other one. By this point, it was too late, and since he kept standing in the middle of the room, he continued to take damage from Phantom Ganon each time it jumped out of the picture and electrified the room. As I said previously, he landed only one hit before dying of electrocution. 34.

He healed himself and this time remembered to bottle a fairy to take with him into the fight. Unfortunately, it would not matter. This attempt was more in the vein of the previous one and was no more successful. Well, I think he did manage to land two hits rather than only one, but the end result was the same. Even the fairy was not enough to prevent from being vanquished by the ghost of Ganon, as he was unable to advance to the second portion of the fight once again. Partway through the fight, he had even used up all of his arrows, making it neigh impossible to win. 35.

At this point, he was just getting frustrated. After starting off so well, he was getting angry that randomly selecting one of the two to shoot at was not working. And then he went into stubborn mode again. Without healing himself or acquiring any more arrows, he returned to the boss fight. "What's the use? I'm just going to lose anyway." So, with little health to defend himself and no way to damage his enemy, he engaged it again. Needless to say, he lost. Quickly. 36.

For his fifth attempt, I finally convinced him to actually try to win. In order to prepare for the encounter, he healed himself and bottled another fairy, then killed the Club Moblin a couple times in order to replenish his supply of arrows. He returned to Phantom Ganon feeling a little more confident this time, for some unknown reason. His confidence would not prove to be without base, for this would be his best attempt yet. Still using his random process of selection to determine his target, he was able to force Phantom off his horse and into the air with about 3/4 health left after using the fairy. At first, he tried using arrows on it again before remembering that you needed to counter its blasts with your sword. I guess it's been a while since he's gotten this far. <_< As well as he fought this time, he still fell short of the first down. He was only able to reflect about half of the energy blasts shot at him and probably only reduced the specter to about half health. He still didn't seem to have gotten the timing down. Regardless, he felt much better about his abilities and was ready for another try. 37.

After completely restocking his health, arrows, and supply of fairies, he came back for a sixth confrontation. He looked much better this time, only suffering about two hearts of damage against the phantom on horseback. When it came to the head-to-head battle, though, he still struggled through it. The amount of remaining health was in his favor, however. After returning the first two blasts, he mistimed the third one and took a heart of damage. The next volley consisted of only one return. Surprised that he only had to hit if once, he dawdled just long enough before heading over to Phantom Ganon that he was not able to get a hit in. The next shot caught him off guard, and he suffered another hit. The next three or four volleys, he really mistimed his swings and only returned it once or twice before getting hit. On the next two, however, he timed his swings well enough (although it appeared as though he was just getting lucky with guessing the timing, as he had been with guessing the correct phantom) that he was able to deal some damage to Ganon's ghost. His mistimed his swing on the next blast, and the blast eliminated the rest of his remaining hearts. "NO!!! I was so close!"

Then, of course, the fairy kicked in. At this point, however, he had gone into a state of brooding, assuming he had lost again, and forgot about the game for a moment. During this time, Phantom Ganon struck another blow. This seemed to snap him back into the realization that he had not lost because his fairy had given him another chance. He vowed not to waste it. He didn't start out any differently, though, still mistiming the majority of his sword swings (generally going too early). He suffered four or five more hits, while only getting to Phantom Ganon twice. They split the next two volleys evenly, leaving both of them at the end of their ropes. One quick return gave him a free hit or two on the ghost. Now the battle was on. Both competitors were a hit away from victory. Who would be first to fall? The specter fired another energy blast. He parried it. Phantom Ganon returned. He reflected it. Phantom Ganon deflected it. He sent it back, just barely hitting it soon enough to avoid sustaining the lethal hit. Phantom Ganon lobbed it back with ease. He timed his next hit well, and Phantom Ganon was not able to handle it. It sunk to the ground and was stunned long enough for him to administer the coup de grace. In a long, drawn-out, epic confrontation, clinging to his last bit of life, he had finally vanquished his ghastly foe.

The real Ganondorf then spoke for a brief moment, banishing his useless phantom to the gap between dimensions. He then collected the Heart Container and stepped into the blue light. In a blue prism, he ascended up to the Chamber of Sages. Here, Saria was awakened as the Sage of the Forest, but he made it clear that he has no idea what this means. Then, hands above her head, she bestowed the medallion upon him. Then, hands above his head, Link received the Forest Medallion! The screen faded white. "Saria will always be... your friend..."

He then found himself in front of the deceased Deku Tree. To his surprise, he discovered a sprout growing in front of it. "Oh, it's a little baby Deku Tree." Yeah, something like that. Anyway, the Deku Sprout explained that it is now free to grow because Link and Saria broke the curse. It also said that the Kokiri never age, and, since Link has indeed aged... BUM BUM BUM! He's not a Kokiri! He's actually Hylian! As expected, no reaction to this information. Afterward, the sprout went on to explain that there was a great war long ago, and in order to "escape the fires of war" a Hylian mother had entrusted her baby to the Deku Tree, who could sense that he was a child of destiny. After the mother passed away, he was raised as a Kokiri. During all of this explanation, he was, however, more concerned with why there was random fire shown in the background. Anyway. <_<

So, the Deku Sprout commissioned him to go and break the curses on all the temples in order to restore peace to the land. One temple down. I think this would be a great time to end the write-up.

Game Over count: 37

Your chronicles of his trek through the Forest Temple have been a joy to read; I have to commend you on your acute memory, as it's the little details that make this topic so much fun. And hey, he's drawing ever closer to the Water Temple!

This was a real nice write-up. I like your wide variety of words being used.

That was awesome. He's still learning, but he's clearly getting better. I wonder what's going to happen to him in the Water Temple?

I'm glad you guys liked the most recent write-up. Your positive responses make it feel as though I didn't completely waste all of the time spent producing it. I usually try to recount things with accurate description and detail when possible, along with varying my word choice, because I think that it generally makes for a more interesting read. Anyway, it's nice to see that this topic is still being enjoyed (and by more than just one or two people), and I hope that the quality and/or humor of the write-ups helps to make up a little bit for the time in between them.

I actually don't even know where to go from here. He's made little actual progress in all the time that he's played lately. In all of the hours that he's spent recently, he still has not reached the Fire Temple. He's even gone over that way, entered Death Mountain, and come back out again, blissfully carrying on. He's done all kinds of random things, such as revisiting Dampe's grave, bottling and selling fish and bugs, hunting Poes in Hyrule Field, playing Castle Town minigames as Young Link, and collecting all of the "cluckins" to finally obtain the bottle. He's actually done a lot (I barely even scratched the surface in the previous sentence), most of which hasn't done anything at all for him.

So, I guess the question I pose for everyone is: should I detail all of this that I can remember or focus my efforts on getting him to make some real progress? I could just sit down over the course of the next day or two and unload every new thing of relevance that he's done since clearing the Forest Temple as I remember it. Obviously, there will be some components that I have forgotten, and I haven't seen everything that he's done.

On the other hand, I could spend that time observing him in the Fire Temple (after persuading him to continue and giving him a few helpful nudges, of course) and see what new progress I can get him to make. I should have a little extra free time over the Labor Day weekend, so the choice of how this topic proceeds lies in the hands of its readers.

Sorry to make it seem as though there would be a write-up today. Apparently he was gone and therefore unavailable to play. I'll note a few quick things offhand, though:

He did finally return all of the cuccos in order to receive the bottle.

He dabbled slightly in capturing the Poes in Hyrule field and somehow discovered that you can sell them to the guy just inside Castle Town. He also lucked out and captured one of the Big Poes without Epona, which he then sold for much money. He went out in search of more but could find any.

He acquired the Song of Storms. He still does not, however, have Epona's Song.

He played around with the games in the Market as a child. His favorite, and with good reason, is Bombchu Bowling. I believe he obtained a Piece of Heart and the Bombchu bag (with the upgrades to 50 capacity). I also showed him the chest game, which he had no luck with. I, on the other hand, beat it on the second try and Bombchu bowling on my first (of course, I didn't save, as that would've given him free stuff). He played the games for hours, going to the room just inside Castle Town and breaking all of the jars in order to refill his wallet when it ran dry.

Speaking of wallets, he also upgraded his at one point by returning to the House of Skulltula.

He's also done many more random, unhelpful things that I don't feel it necessary to note here. If I do remember something of relevance in the next few days, however, I'll be sure to bring it up. In the meantime, I'll see what I can do about getting him to play some more. It sounds like he'll be unavailable tomorrow due to Labor Day happenings, but we'll see.

I didn't find out about the Big Poes for a while. Getting that bottle is a pain in the rear, too. He needs Epona, though. How do you beat the chest game on the second try without the Lens of Truth? Pure luck?

Did I say second? Actually, it was the fourth, and yes, it was pure luck. I think I may have discretely alluded to a way to cheat at it later on in the game, but I believe he'll have forgotten by now, let alone when he actually gets the lens.

He got the Song of Storms instantly? It took quite some time to realize that I needed it, lol.

Well, it wasn't quite instantly. He visited Dampe's grave again once or twice and stumbled upon the song on his way out of the windmill.

Wow. Quite sorry it's been two full weeks since the last write-up, but he just hasn't been playing. School and sickness have apparently occupied too much of his time lately.

By a stroke of luck, he finally played again today! Apparently, his mom found the game in a random drawer and notified him. He figured that he might as well play it while it was out and finally popped it back into the N64. Man, it's been so long since the last write-up.

However, he didn't get much done. It sounds as though he spent much of the time before I arrived Bombchu Bowling and collecting money to fund it. I don't recall if I mentioned it previously, but he currently has 50 Bombchus. Because he accrued a half heart of damage from intentionally hitting himself inside the game (since he didn't want the prize being offered), he decided to head to the Fairy's Fountain in the Lost Woods. There, he refilled his health and bottled one for later use.

He then took the wrong path out of the woods in order to return to Kokiri Villiage. He took this time to replenish his supply of arrows at the shop. Afterward, he decided to make use of his old training technique: chopping up every sign in the village. However, as he was about to strike down the first sign, he decided to pierce it with an arrow instead. He did so with several other signs in order to improve his marksmanship before departing.

Through Hyrule Field, he made his way to Kakariko Village, where he entered the Graveyard. I guess he remembered a Fairy's Fountain being located here and wanted to heal his current heart's worth of damage. After moving every tombstone and finding no such thing, he was finally convinced that there was not one there. He did battle with a few Poes before taking his leave.

He then spent a good amount of time "hunting Poes" in Hyrule Field. He didn't pay any mind to the ordinary Poes that he dispatched, however; he sought only Big Poes. He did manage to discover two of the locations at which they can commonly be found (which he refers to as "Poe hotspots"), but, without Epona, he was unable to land more than one hit on any of them. As a refresher, he does not currently have Epona's Song. Despite his persistence, he was unable to garner any results from his Poe hunt.

Over the course of this session, I had constantly been telling him that he should finish the game. At this point, I again repeated that this would be a great time to finish the game. He was finally convinced this time to at least attempt to do so, although he still believed that he could not progress any farther in the game due to the fact that the Goron Shop, which stocks the tunic needed to be able to survive in the mountain for a length of time, is blocked off as an adult. After some prodding, he decided that he would head up there anyway. Masterfully dodging the avalanche (only one hit suffered) and avoiding the Skulltulas without shooting them down, he reached the pinnacle of Death Mountain.

Once there, he spoke with Big Goron about his smithing skills and then popped into the Great Fairy's Fountain for a visit. Health restored, he proceeded into the mountain itself. He ran around for some time before I was able to make him realize that he did, in fact, need the tunic in order to last for more than a minute or so. He made his way back to Goron City in search of this apparel. He spent much time running around the city as well. He accomplished nothing, however, other than purchasing another Giant's Knife (he had already broken his first).

At this point, I needed to step out of the room for a few minutes, and when I returned, I found him all the way back at Lake Hylia. After I asked him what the heck he was doing, he said that he was waiting for the rain to fill up the lake so that he could get over to the fire arrows on the isolated platform. *facepalm*

I told him that the rain did not fill up the lake in the slightest and that the fire arrows could not be obtained until later, but he insisted that the rain was having an effect. Having Link stand in a certain spot as a reference point, he said, "Look, before the water was just as tall Link. Now, it's a little bit higher than him." I didn't even ask how he came up with that. *deskslam*

Finally, finally, he began to believe that the lake was not truly filling via rain, and I told him how stupid it would if, in order to advance the game, you just had to stand there for six hours while the lake filled. At this point, he dawdled a little longer, killing enemies and "tracking" the moon (with his bow), before he finally went off to finish the game.

It was here that he had to stop. I've been doing my best to sit on my hands today, other than nudging him to finish the game, but I think that's enough of it. The next time that he plays, I shall make sure that he spends time in Goron City trying to acquire the tunic. If he still has not discovered it after a reasonable amount of time, I may just point him toward the rolling Goron that can be persuaded to give you one. He's spent much too long between the Forest and Fire Temples, and I'm just about at the point where I'm going to be his gfaqs.

It sounds at though he spent most of the day yesterday fishing and Poe hunting. He discovered the fishing pond at Lake Hylian and apparently spent a good deal of time there. I was unable to watch for myself, but from what he's told me it sounds like minimal progress was made. In addition to buying and planting more beans, I don't think he really accomplished anything of note.

He finally made it to the Fire Temple today! I did prod him a little bit by telling him to just explore Goron City, examine every room, and talk to every Goron, but he managed to figure things out mostly on his own. He also made fairly good progress within the temple. And prior to all of that, he got a few steps further into the Big Goron Sword quest. Unfortunately, I have no time for a write-up tonight, but there is definitely tomorrow to look forward to!

As much as I'd like to jump ahead to the Fire Temple, first things first. He accidentally made progress in the quest for Big Goron's Sword!

Up to this point, he had the blue cucco. While venturing through the Lost Woods one day, still not making any attempt to actually finish the game, he stumbled upon the sleeping man. After I asked how he could wake him up, he immediately thought to use the aforementioned blue cucco. The man awoke and mentioned that he had a mushroom that was to be delivered to the potion lady in Kakariko Village quickly.

With the three-minute timer flashing onto the screen, he took off. He had a plan in mind from the get-go. He made his way toward the warp in the woods and soon found himself in Goron City. From there, he made a quick descent down Death Mountain and to Kakariko Village. With just over 30 seconds left, he reached the village.

Luckily for him, the potions shop is located right at the mountain entrance. He went inside and talked to the owner, who said that the old lady's shop could be reached via the side door of his shop. He proceeded through it and made it to old lady just in time. He talked to the lady, but she merely mentioned something about a peculiar smell. Another try yielded the same result. I yelled at him that he needed to actually present the mushroom to her. So, with three seconds to spare, he completed the task.

She now gave him a potion, which was to be taken back to the old man. "Cool, no time limit this time," he noticed. Retracing the route that had brought him there, albeit with less haste this time, he returned to the Lost Woods. When he reached the stump where the old man had rested, however, he was nowhere to be found. Instead, he was met with a girl who told him that the man had left and added that everyone who wanders into the Lost Woods becomes a Stalfos. Everybody Stalfos. Unable to find the man anywhere in or around the woods, he soon gave up on it and moved on.

At this point, I had finally gotten through to him, and he went off to finish the game. As I said already, I told him to examine every room and talk to every Goron within the city. After a little bit of fruitless exploration (and attempting to open the shop in order to buy a Goron Tunic), he stumbled upon the Goron rolling around the middle layer of the city.

At first, he thought that you merely had to walk up to him and talk to him quickly enough to make him stop. Then he tried running into him. And holding out his shield. And shooting the hookshot. And playing the Ocarina. And using Din's Fire. As he began to grow discouraged, I told him to use the weapon that he hadn't tried yet. With the cursor resting on the bombs, I said, "Well, you're off to a good start right now." So, he re-equipped Din's Fire and tried using it again. (What the heck?) I told him again, "USE AN ITEM YOU HAVEN'T USED YET." He then settled on Bombchus. After missing with the first 5 of them, he hit the mark.

The Goron stopped rolling and began to converse. He revealed that he shared the same name! He then gave out some info regarding Volvagia and the imprisoned Gorons, as well as equpping him with a brand spankin' new Goron Tunic! This caused the doors to both the shop and Darunia's room to magically open on cue. "So that's how you get into the shop." He made a run for Darunia's room and stocked up on supplies from the pots inside. He instantly picked up on the fact that you need to move the staute at the back of the room out of the way, and off he went into the heart of Death Mountain.

That's about all I have time for tonight. Sorry it was mostly build up, but I hope to be able to get caught up over the weekend, and then, depending on his progress, through the Fire Temple. He's a good portion of the way done already.

Inside Death Mountain, he immediately equipped his new Goron Tunic. Rather than heading toward the Fire Temple, however, he ran off to the right and began to explore the area. After reminding him that he should finish the game, he went back to the entrance and then noticed a bridge which he could grapple across. At that point, Sheik jumped down and taught him the Bolero of Fire. With a wall of flame springing up to separate the two, Sheik then disappeared in a flash of light.

He then set off to explore some more. After becoming thoroughly lost and having gained nothing from it, he played the Bolero of Fire in order to warp back to where he learned the song, an action which he thought to be exceedingly clever. From here, he noticed the entrance to the temple and made his way inside. Immediately within the temple, he found himself in front of a large hole, which yielded a minor amount of fall damage as he jumped down.

He now found himself in the heart of the Fire Temple. After climbing the stairs, he was assaulted from behind by a Keese. He quickly shot it down with an arrow. He then looked toward another one near the entrance and began to brag about how much his skills with the bow had improved. Then, much to my surprise, he proceeded to shoot it down from across the room. One shot. He then turned his attention toward the door to his left.

He now found himself within a larger room. On a platform on the other side of the room stood Darunia, who spoke briefly and charged Link with rescuing his people before entering through the boss door. Because Darunia had told him that the Gorons were in the opposite direction, he went back through the door and spent time checking out the first room for a way forward. After failing to find one here, he returned to the previous room. At this point he realized that he could venture to the left and proceeded to do so. Here, he found a Goron whom he was able to release. This yielded a key and a tip for how to reach the Boss Door. On the right side of the room, he found jars containing rupees and fairies. He restored his health and bottled one for later, giving him two.

He then returned to the first room and noticed a locked door directly across from the one through which he had just entered. With no hesitation, he entered deeper into the Fire Temple.

In this new portion of the temple, he was immediately faced with a bridge that had seen better days. He began to run across it until reaching a gap in the planks. He couldn't have timed his jump any worse, as a flaming Keese flew into him mid-jump, knocked him down into the flame below. He then discovered that the Goron tunic offers protection from the fire. However, as he soon realized when he began to accumulate damage, this protection lasts only a short time.

Making his way off to the left of the bridge, he reached a door and noticed a blue Block of Time resting on the structure above it. Naturally, he played the Song of Time, climbed onto it after it reached its new location in front of the door, and proceeded through a new door. He was then greeted by a peltation [cool non-word] of living floor tiles whose only aspiration in life is to thrust themselves into him. "Wah, the floor is attacking!" He held up his shield to avoid the first one, but the attacks began to come from all sides. "Yah, I hate this floor!" Soon, the last of the tiles had attacked, leaving a Like-Like as the only remaining threat. He disposed of it without losing any equipment. He then collected the token from the Gold Skulltula on the far wall and escorted himself out of the "room of accursed tiles."

Using the border around the room, he returned to the entry platform in front of the bridge. Then, using the lava casually flowing across the floor, he made his way off to the right of the bridge. After recalling that walking on lava does not come without a price, he began to roll in order to get to other side faster. Up on a ledge on the right side of the room, he found a painfully obvious fake wall. Seriously, it's a completely different color and pattern than the rest of the wall. You don't even need the sword trick to find this one. He immediately picked up on this charlatan partition and made good use of his bombs. This led him to another Goron in need of saving, which yielded another key upon release. Believing that he had done all he could, he made his way across a conveniently located plank and to the locked door at the end of the bridge, which he then opened using his only key.

He slid down another plank in this room in order to reach a giant cage wall, which he soon realized he could climb. He seemed to know right away that you had to push the large block on the platform atop the cage wall onto the rising flame, and, after doing so, he went over to the platform atop the other side of the cage wall and replenished his health with the 3 hearts located there. From here, he jumped onto the block just in time to be blasted by the flame into the next room.

After rising up.. back on the street, doing his time, taking his chances, he entered through the door in front of him and found himself in a fairly expansive, multi-level room. He froze in his tracks after hearing the eerie noise that the flaming slugs make, afraid to face whatever creature was responsible. After I asserted that he would have to face the challenge if he wished to proceed, he slowly inched his way deeper into the room, only to be met with the site of... a captive Goron. After searching the whole floor of the room, he was unable to find a switch with which to release him.

After more time than it really should have taken him, he noticed that you could climb up to a higher area of the room. After taking out a slug, climbing another level, and finishing off another one, he jumped across onto a platform containing a movable block and a timed prism switch. He pushed the block off, moved it into place, and used it to climb up to a wall lined with climbable wire. His new path was barred by a large column of flame, but it was then that he remembered the switch. He jumped down to it and set it off, only to realize that the time allotted is not quite enough. Several more attempts were no more successful. After trying a few alternative methods, such as hookshot, arrow, and sword, he finally caught on to the fact that you could plant a bomb and use the time before it goes off to give yourself a head start. He made it to the wire structure and began his ascent just in time.

At the top, he entered a door which placed him in the center of a giant maze, so large in proportion that it requires the camera to scroll outward just to be able to see Link. This maze would prove to be quite a struggle for him, but he's the best around, and nothing's gonna ever keep him down.

For at least 15 minutes, he wandered the maze aimlessly, constantly being buffeted by the giant boulders. Other than finding and rescuing the Goron on the bottom floor (and, of course, obtaining its key), he accomplished nothing in this time span. He even ventured to the same area six times, each time thinking it was a new place with a trick to allow him to progress past it. After he was unable to get anything to work for him, he noticed that he was boxed into a corner by a boulder. Not aware that it would soon move away, he just rushed into it in order to get it to move. This brought him down to half of a heart of health.

As frustration was beginning to overtake him, he noticed an overhanging portion of the wall. He figured that the open space under the overhang was where he needed to go (and he was right). However, a giant boulder barred his path. Much to his dismay, the Hylian Shield did not protect him from getting crushed. Link breathed his last... but was quickly revived by the fairy acquired earlier in the dungeon. "Whoa, I forgot about those guys!" It was now a simple task to reach the open space he sought. Sure enough, a door could be found along the far wall. "Yes, I'm finally out of here!"

Much to his dismay, he soon discovered that this room contained only another Goron to be freed. He was not quite home-free yet. He was left to wander for another ten minutes, barely surviving the onslaught of boulders, before finally discovering the actual door that allowed him to escape the maze. Now, he breathed a sigh of relief that he was finally done with the most treacherous part of the dungeon (yet).

He entered a room with three short, narrow pathways branching off from the entry platform. From left to right, they led to three hearts, a locked door, and a barred door. Noticing that his health was running low, he was sure to take the hearts first. Returning to the entry platform, he then took the middle branch. However, he got a little to confident and began to run a little too fast. Unable to prevent it in time, he jumped off the edge of the platform and was sent hurdling all the way back down to the bridge room at the beginning of the dungeon. That's a shame.

That's it for now. I hope to be able to get back at this later today, but there will be more by the end of tomorrow for sure. In the meantime, use the next post to tide you over.

Looking back over the previous write-ups, I seem to have neglected to post a certain portion of one of them. How it escaped me, I'm not sure. The fact remains that I did not post the fact that the door reached after the flame shoots you up atop the block was a locked door, and, being that he did not free one of the Gorons earlier, he was forced to go back in search of an extra key. Sorry if this may seem confusing to insert it here, but I suppose it's better late then never, since he just fell back down to the room that will be mentioned anyway.

Reaching this new door, however, he realized that he did not have another key with which to open it. As a result, he was forced to backtrack. He jumped back down the hole and returned to the room with the bridge. He ventured in that room for several minutes before the answer dawned on him. "Oh, dang. There's a door that was there before, but I can't get to it now." After I asked him what he meant by that, he made his way over to the left side of the room where the Block of Time, in order to allow you to use it to climb higher, was resting in front of a door.

This was the door to which he was referring. "Well, the solution is simple," I said. So, he tried bombing it. And Bombchu-ing it. And arrow-ing it. And slicing it. And Din's Fire-ing it. But not Ocarina-ing it. "Really, it's not that hard. How did it get there in the first place?" This did not seem to ring any bells with him, as he began to think that either he had to find a way in from the room above or that he would have to start the game over because he couldn't get in there. After another hint or two, he finally realized that playing the Song of Time again would have the reverse effect. And it did. He entered the room, set the Goron free, and sought its advice. It mentioned that fake walls could be ascertained with the sword trick and then destroyed with the Goron "special crop."

I think it's hilarious that he has no idea what exactly this "special crop" is, even after I gave him a very large hint about it being the plant the Gorons grow. "What the heck is the special crop?" Even though he had already used it to destroy the fake wall on the other side of the room, it still did not dawn on him. Ah well. He then returned to the room with the column of fire and was blasted back up to the door which he was previously unable to open.

Actually, now that I look back at it, there's not much left to update. His return to the room from which he had fallen was a fairly uneventful, albeit long journey. He then made his way across the straight path of the fork and used his final key on the door.

The next room was the one with the wall of flame which follows you from one end of the room to the other. He allowed the flame to worry him into hurrying across the room. He arrived at some stairs that brought him around the edge of the room and back to near where he had entered. He didn't seem to notice the door he had passed along the way and dropped down from the top of the stairs to find the dungeon map behind him. He then made his way through a nearby door.

He now found himself back in the room with the branching paths, although this time he emerged from the door that had previously been barred. As the door closed, these bars then slid down into place behind him. After venturing into the room and being chased by the flame a few more times, he finally noticed that there was a door on the left side of the room that could be reached. Now if he only had a key. Perhaps that door that he had previously overlooked would be a good place to start.

Now that I'm caught up again, I'll urge him to get back at this as soon as he can.

Has he played any other Zelda games before this? What types of games does he usually play?

No, he has not played any other Zelda games to my knowledge. I don't know every game that he's played, but in my experience it's mostly been Nintendo games. I believe he only has a Wii, an N64, and a DS. The closest game he's ever played to another Zelda title is probably Super Mario 64. However, he does seem to be improving well as he progresses through the game.

Let's hope for some progress over the winter break. I'll try to provide a nudge when possible.

Glad to see that this was kept alive while I was gone for Christmas, just as I'm glad to see new users taking an interest in this topic. Unfortunately, he received New Super Mario Bros. Wii for Christmas, so it's to be expected that he'll get more playtime out of that than OoT for the rest of the break. I'll try to get what time I can from him, though.

Unfortunately, however, no progress was made on OoT over the holiday break. Blame New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Sonic Unleashed.

*insert time-wasting shenanigans here*