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In his excitement at discovering the wonders of DS emulation, Icehawk immediately set out to playthrough one of the most popular series in all of Board 8, the Phoenix Wright series. He chronicled his attempts...

Case 1-1[]


Ominous music plays... Blood drips from a statue... a woman lies dead on the floor. The man above her plans to pin it on someone else...

I'm moderately surprised that the game flat out shows you who did the crime right off the bat. But I guess this is a court game and not a detective game, so it makes sense.

I am now the famous (well, in game not quite yet!) Phoenix Wright. My first sight as a living creature is... BOOBS... I mean... Mia Fey, my boss. Considering women have nothing of importance to say, I promptly ignore her and start scrolling through "Court Record". I played that demo of Apollo Justice so I just barely know what I'm doing. Not really though. Profiles are of Mia Fey (her profile picture has a disturbing lack of BOOBS), Larry BUTZ (he looks like one of those "quirky" characters), and Cindy Stone.

My evidence is my attorney's badge, an an autopsy report. I have a visual memory so I don't do more than read through once. I have a feeling date and time will be important stuff to take note of though, so I do that. Ahem, anyway, back to what these walking pair of BOOBS has to say.

Apparently this is Phoenix's first case... and it's a murder case! He's doing it because the one accused is BUTZ, who is his friend (since grade school, HUZZAH Court Record!). Phoenix also says that he became a lawyer partly because of him.

And now I finally meet Larry Butz. The guy is... strange. He calls me Nick for some reason that I don't know. Some grade school friend. He cries, but then gives me the thumbs up and says to tell them I'm guilty. "Gimme the death sentence! I ain't afraid to die!" Well, this first episode was a lot easier than I thought... oh wait! I mean, I guess I have to convince him he has something to live for, rats.

Apparently the dead girl was his girlfriend. I guess thats how he ended up framed for the crime. Phoenix describes the case a bit, and gives a bit of backstory on Butz. Apparently at school they had a saying "If something smells, it's the Butz (paraphrase)," since he was always getting in trouble. So, do you think they made up that incredibly clever phrase, and THEN decided to name the character Larry BUTZ, or did they name him Larry BUTZ for the lulz and then come up with that GENIUS line. I wonder these things.

And now I'm entering the courtroom. Eep! To be continued...

The prosecution is Winston Payne. My first thought when I see him is that he looks like doofus democrat Senator Harry Reid.


Phoenix shows his nerves with some verbal stumbles. "The, um, defense is ready Your Honor." The judge points out that its his first trial. OBJECTION! I mean, Phoenix agrees. Oh boy, the Judge is gonna test me to ascertain that I'm ready to do this. Phoenix's nervous look makes it seem like he's taking a giant ****.

Who's the defendant? Larry Butz. I was somewhat tempted to answer that wrong to see what happened, but I didn't.

Next, who's the victim? Phoenix forgets! YOU FOOL! Lucky for us, Mia is standing next to Phoenix, and we have an excellent side view of her cleavage. I now get a lesson on the court record. Awww yeah, I already knew that. Thank GOD for that Apollo Justice demo! Cindy Stone is the answer.

How did she die? Hit with a blunt object. The judge realizes Phoenix is a total "Ace Attorney" and let's the trial start. Phoenix has given that "I'm ****ting myself" look about 4 times already.

The prosecutor presents the killing weapon, a thinking statue. He's now going to question Larry Butz... oh boy... this could be bad. ANOTHER SURPRISE! Stone had just dumped Butz, well according to Butz not dumped, she just wasn't answering his calls or seeing him! >_>

Payne now says that Stone had several sugar daddies, and she was in Paris with one of them. I feel like we'd need some evidence or testimonies to prove all this, but whatever, it's a video game, it makes things run smoother to not have a million pieces of evidence for every little claim I imagine. Another new piece of evidence, Payne presents a passport, proving she was in Paris till the day before she died. Oh and Payne describes what a sugar daddy is LOL. Very educational game for kids...

OH SNAP, RED FONT. After laying out Stone's cheating ways, Payne asks Butz "What do you think of her now?" Mia tells me that I probably don't want Butz to answer that question. I imagine she's right. Do I get an objection now?!?!


Wait and see what happens.

Stop him from answering.

Far be it from me to question the great and delicious Mia Fey. Plus, I do feel like thats a question that could be bad for Larry to answer. I stop him from answering. LOL, after saying that the question is irrelevant, Payne goes *OOF* and winces. This game is hilarious, but I'm never sure if it's intentional or not >_>. Butz goes on some weird rant about how he's gonna die, but I guess I made the right move! The case continues...

Payne continues after establishing Butz's motive. He asks if Butz was at the apartment on the day of the murder.

Butz: Well maybe I did, and maybe I didn't!

LOL. Oh god I wish this stuff happened in real life. Instead the best story we ever get is Michael Jackson showing up in pajamas or something.


Have him answer honestly

Stop him from answering

Ohhh boy. Already a choice with no real hand holding! Exciting. I choose to have him answer honestly. The question is relevant to the case, so I can't really have him not answer. We're just gonna have to hope the truth comes out eventually!

Wait, WHAT. Phoenix "sends a signal" to Larry to tell the truth. This involves slamming the table, and epicly pointing at him. Incredible. Butz now tells the truth, he was there, Phoenix is godly! Butz also says she wasn't home when he went. OMG FIRST OBJECTION!! It's Payne though. His Objection sounds like he could possible be a woman.

Oh crap. Payne has a witness to prove Butz was lying! We're ****ed! Judge has an awesome beard BTW. The witness is the man who found the body. He says he saw Butz fleeing the scene. What in god's name. The witness is smiling and umm swaying his body like he's dancing. His suit also appears to be purple. Well then.

Now he's about to start his testimony. WITNESS ACCOUNT!!!

He says he was selling newspapers and saw a man quickly leave and leave the door half open. He peeked inside and saw the dead body! The phone didn't work so he went to a public phone in a park and called the police. The judge asks why the phone didn't work, and apparently there was a blackout, this phone was cordless so it didn't work. There's evidence of the blackout being from Noon to 6PM on the day of the crime... OK...

Cross-Examination time! AHHHHH! Phoenix asks "what exactly am I supposed to do" lol. My goal is to expose the witness's lies. I need to use the evidence to prove the LIEZ. The cross-examination starts.

OK, let's do this cross-examination! I press him on the fact that he saw a man "fleeing" the apartment. I find it hard to believe Butz ran away. HOLD IT! rules. Meh, the press kind of sucks, although he does get a little nervous. I'm breaking him!

He continues his story, and I press when he says he peeked in and saw her lying there "dead". How did he know she was dead? He gets nervous again, but comes up with a decent answer. My pressing is going nowhere!

Ohhh here's a good one maybe, he said that he was unable to go inside from fear, but he HAD to have gone inside to try her phone. Phoenix says "So you touched NOTHING in the apartment?" He says yes UHH I mean no. He's obviously nervous but my presses aren't doing much.

Next I press him on his statement that the phone wasn't working, just in case. AHA! Phoenix tells him that he said he never went into the apartment. But he covers and says the phone was in the entranceway, and he just grabbed it, so he still maintains he never went in.

WHOA!!!! I missed this for some reason when I first read the testimony. He says he found the body at 1PM, and he "remembers the time exactly." OHHHH SNAP IT'S ON. I could present the autopsy report now and pat myself on the back for looking at the times earlier, but I press first. He is extremely confident that it was 1PM, this is like the only time he doesn't stutter or say "uh". Now Mia pipes in and says I should look at my evidence. Blah, I kinda wish she didn't. She's ruining my sense of accomplishment! But this is case 1 so oh well. I present the autopsy report. OBJECTION!!! YESSS!

LMAO at Phoenix tapping the evidence when he presents it. Thats all kinds of awesome. I love some of the animations. The witness is on the ropes! The judge asks him to explain himself, why was he so certain he found the body at 1PM?

The witness tells the judge, "thats a good question!" lol. Mia tells me "great job". Oh there will be some "jobs" going on after I finish this case!!!!

The judge tells the witness to give his testimony again. I feel like a judge should be a bit more angry about someone obviously lying in court but ahh well. ANOTHER TESTIMONY/CROSS LET'S DO THIS.

His explanation is that he heard the TV say 1 PM. Since the time was 3 hours off, she must have been watching a taped program... errr riiiight. Pheonix says "I've got this one." Look at him, getting more confidence by the second!

Ahaaa! I figure this one out pretty quickly. His second sentence says that he heard a voice most likely from the television. Obviously, there was the blackout, so thats impossible. I go for the press first... "Are you sure it was a television and not a radio." Worst press ever, ughhh Phoenix. Ugh Mia decides to "hold my pe...hand" again. She says "something seems fishy. I present the records of the blackout to PWN him. OBJECTION!

LOL, witness lets out a GAH!!! Awesome. The judge is still pretty calm considering all the lying. Shouldn't he be pissed? Can't he like lay charges against this guy for obviously lying?

OK, another testimony...

This time he says he didn't hear the time, he saw it. Wait, he says that he saw a clock, and that was a murder weapon... wtf? This one will be easy to own.

I press him on the "table clock" thing because thats just weird. The judge says this is the first he's heard of a clock. Now I press him on how he said the clock was the murder weapon.

BTW why are there 5 random exclamation marks in the corner of the screen? >_>.

OK, now I present the murder weapon, which is a statue. The witness gets pissed! Oh wow, it actually is a clock. If you tilt its neck, it says the time. Crap. The judge says that it appears that the testimony was correct, and he asks if I have any problems with his testimony now. Yes or no. I actually can't think of anything, but I press Yes anyway >_>.

Ahhh there we go! Phoenix has my back! There's a hole in the testimony, the only way to know thats a clock is to hold it in your hand. YEAHHH! Thats against the testimony that he didn't enter the apartment.

The witness knew it was a clock because he...


Went into the apartment

Knew the victim

Well, it seems redundant, but I think the choice should be that he went into the apartment. Phoenix tells him he was there! The witness has a fist up!!! He says to prove it! Now Phoenix says he can prove he was the one who killed her! UHHH CRAP PHOENIX WHAT ARE YOU DOING I'M NOT SURE HOW I CAN PROVE THAT.

Pheonix says he struck her with the clock, and the shock of the blow triggered the clock's voice, and that was the sound he heard. THE CROWD IS GETTING EXCITED!!

Witness is making noises like GRAHHH! This is getting good baby! The judge asks him if he did it. GWAHHHHH!!!! HE THROWS HIS WIG AT PHOENIX! NOW HE'S RIPPING AT HIS SUIT! LMAO this is awesome!

The prosecutor says theres no evidence that he killed her though. The judge asks for evidence...

Phoenix says it's clear the sound he heard was from the clock. To prove it...


Examine the clock's batteries

Ask the neighbors

Try Sounding the clock

The first one makes no sense. There's been no mention of neighbors in the case yet, so I'm a little nervous, but the last one seems to make the most sense. Now let's hipe this doesn't end up like the glove in OJ, and that this live demonstration works out.

Phoenix tells the court to listen... the clock says it's 8:25! The current time is 11:25 BIZAM! That explains why he thought the time was 1PM! Pheonix is confident, but the witness laughs (while still pulling his now unbuttoned suit). Phoenix gets the "I'm pooping myself" look which I love. The witness asks how Phoenix knows it was running three hours slow ON THE DAY OF THE MURDER. Crap! Theres no way to prove that! That bastard! The cross-examnination ends since I dont have evidence.

Phoenix thinks he has failed Larry. Which is funny, because by poking holes in his story, Phoenix has at least proven Larry innocent since the testimony sucked imo. But whatever. MIA STEPS UP! She tells Phoenix to think outside of the box. She tells me to ask myself "why was the clock three hours slow?". Hmm thats a good question, I never even thought about that! Thanks Mia!


Can you think of a Reason as to why the clock would be slow?



I choose yes. I think I have it, but it's not quite right. She was in Paris, different time zones, and I could use the passport as evidence. But Paris isn't 3 hours off from America. It's like 6+ hours off. I'm not sure how many. But I'm gonna run with it as it's all that makes sense.

lol! TAKE THAT! Thats awesome and unexpected. I present the passport. Paris is 9 hours off from us according to Phoenix. Oh wow! It wasn't three hours slow, it was 9 hours fast! Clever!

Phoenix: Proof enough for you mr. sahwit... or should I say... Mr. Did it!

Oh god thats so awful yet great. The witness passes out! Only in video games...

Payne has been arrested. And the Judge is impressed with Phoenix's work! And he damn well should be! God I'm awesome! There's an EPIC not guilty for Larry Butz. AND CONFETTI! Frank Sahwit was just a common burglar. He saw Butz leaving so decided to try and swipe some stuff. Cindy Stone then walked in, and he went for the nearest blunt object and killed her! RAWR!

Now we are back in the lobby. Epic happy music is playing. Boobs shows up and she's happy. Larry Butz however, isn't happy because his "cindy-windy" is dead. God what a *****! Mia calls him "Harry". I get it. Hairy buttzzz LOL. Larry quickly gets over Cindy and wants to do Mia. So he starts hitting on her. Phoenix is kinda jealous lol. Ummm what. Larry tries giving Mia the MURDER WEAPON as a gift. Oh nevermind, it's something thats just like the murder weapon. But Larry is still sad that Cindy played him for a fool. Mia says that Cindy cared about him though, and then turns to ME to prove to him she cared.

Well, the only piece of evidence that makes sense is the statue, since he said he made it. I present that... did he really just say TAKE THAT in regular conversation >_>. I don't think proving she cared about him would really make him feel better. Personally if my girlfriend died, I'd probably care less and feel better if I knew she was a ***** who didn't care about me at all <_<.

Mia invites Phoenix to dinner! SCORE! She wants to know how he ended up being a lawyer because of Larry. Phoenix said he wouldn't be able to keep that promise though... dun dun dun. THE END.

Case 1-2[]


We get a conversation between Mia and her sister Maya. God thats going to be confusing. Mia wants Maya to hold evidence for her. The evidence is in "the thinker" statue from episode 1. Theres some papers in there. So the two are gonna meet up and Maya will hold the evidence. Uh oh, the conversation was recorded apparently.

Now we are at the law offices of Mia Fey. Someone is there for the evidence! He must have recorded the conversation as he knows where the papers are! He then asks Mia for her ETERNAL SILENCE!! Some dude owns her with the statue I think. Did the thinker really kill another person? Damn. Now Phoenix arrives and smells blood. Mia is down... dead? And I think her sister is there too. She passes out though. Oh dear, Phoenix feels Mia's body and it's warm. But then it went cold. I guess she's dead.

Now theres a new feature where I guess I can explore and examine stuff in the room. I examine the thinker statue, which was indeed the murder weapon. I now examine Mia's body. She was struck on the head. The thinker statue and glass shards by her body are added to evidence. I'm not sure what the glass shards can prove but whatever. There's a blood stained piece of paper next to Mia's body. It says "Maya". It's a receipt from a department store from yesterday. Hmmm.

Now I go to call the police, but someone was taking it apart. Now someone from the building across from the office is screaming and calling the police! I'm not sure how Phoenix heard that but whatever. Now the girl awakes, and it is indeed Maya. She looks like 10, but I'm guessing she's a bit older than that if she's being asked to hold evidence. I present the receipt with her name to Maya. This kinda freaks her out. NOW THE POLICE ARE COMING!!! Yesss Phoenix is gonna have to be his own lawyer, I'm so excited.

The detective is "Dick Gumshoe". They really don't hold back on making great names do they?

Whoa, the woman who called the police has huge jugs. And Pink hair... and a pink suit >_>. Crap! Gumshoe thinks that the receipt means that Maya is the killer. "CASE CLOSED" according to Gumshoe. Well then. We obviously know this isn't true. It was some dude with funny hair (oh crap thats like everyone). Maya is arrested.

Now it's the next day, and Phoenix is there early to talk to Maya. She asks if I'm going to be her attorney.


It's up to you

Of course I will

Sorry, not a chance.

lol at the last option. I put that It's up to you. I guess the choice didn't matter, as she rambles on about how no one will believe her. Then she says she knows about me. Mia told her about the first case. LOL at the dialogue that comes next. Maya says she knows who to go to if she gets in trouble. Mia told her to wait 3 years though, unless she wants to be found guilty. >___>.

So now I talk to Maya to learn more. Apparently she was the one who recorded that phone conversation! So if I talk to Detective Gumshoe I can probably obtain it for evidence. I talk to her more about how she is an "acolyte in training". Now she gives me an address for a famous lawyer to help her with the case. She wants him to represent her. Sigh, I accept and decide to help her. PHOENIX CAN WIN THIS YOU STUPID GIRL. BELIEVE!

Anyway, before going to see that lawyer, I go to Fey's office and find Gumshoe. I get the autopsy report. Gumshoe says that some dude named Edgeworth is on the prosecution, which means I'm doomed. Umm I think I remember him from the Objection fad. I feel like I am screwed! That was a scary looking dude! Apparently he cares so much about guilty verdicts that it is rumored he has forged evidence and done other things to get them. He hates crime with an "abnormal passion". I'm nervous!!!! Phoenix says he never imagined he'd be facing him so soon. Although in reality he's technically not supposed to be the lawyer, so I'm not sure why he's saying that.

Now I go for the cell-phone. I present the memo Maya gave me. Gumshoe says he is onto me! Uh oh.


Tell Him Straight

Tell him not-so straight

Gumshoe seems convinced that Maya is guilty. And he also seems a little stupid. So I think "not-so straight" seems like the best option. Aaand it works! I get the cell phone! DAMN I'M GOOD!

Gumshoe mentions that there is a witness. OH SNAP IT'S PINK HAIR PINK SUIT HUGE JUGS girl! Her name is April May! LMAO. Really now guys, come on >_>. Gumshoe is stupid, so he leaks to me that she is still in her hotel room. Phoenix is going to go talk to her. So now I can either go to that lawyer or to the witness. I choose to go for the witness. Oh my god her boobs are even bigger in person. Basically every woman in Phoenix Wright has huge jugs that she constantly showcases, or she looks like she should be starring in some lolicon. Capcom knows their audience I guess...

Hmm interesting, she leaves for a second so I examine the room. Phoenix observes that someone else is probably staying with her. Phoenix also finds a screwdriver right before April comes back. There were some screws missing in the phone receiver weren't there? Don't tell me the killer is living with April here.

April: I like a man with a big... vocabulary.

What is this rated anyway? T? >_>. Anyway she won't give me any info so I leave for the famous lawyer's office. He's very suspicious. He says he's not busy these days. Then when I mention Maya he gets nervous and says he is very busy. He also seems to already know all about the case... hmmm. I ask him why he refused. He says no lawyer worth their salt would take this case, but he doesn't say why. WTF is going on? I now go back to Maya to tell her the news. It's 18 minutes before when Maya needed to pick an attorney by, before they would give her a state-appointed one. Phoenix tries to beat around the bush, but Maya figures out that she was refused. She looks depressed. I ask her about her family. Her father is dead and her mother is missing.

Oh and for the first time in a while I check all the profiles in the court records. Maya is 17. LOLICON BABY!!! And good god Edgeworth looks intimidating!

I talk to her more about how her mother disappeared. She screwed up some ESP thing and was the laughing stock of the nation, which is why she disappeared. She accused the wrong man of a crime using her powers. The man's name was White? Maya says it's about time for the court appointed lawyer to show up.


Go home

Defend Maya

Screw it! I'M THE BEST MAN FOR THIS CASE DAMN IT! I choose to defend her! I tell her I'm going to defend her WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT. She asks why.


I can't abandon you

Someone else is the culprit

I don't know why

Her main concern is that no one believes her, so I tell her someone else is the culprit. Phoenix goes on to talk about the witness's strange behavior, and the lawyers strange behavior. And he says how hard it is to be all alone. He then goes on to say why he became a lawyer in the first place! Yesss I've been waiting for this. "Because someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side". Aww man, I was hoping for the story with Larry. Ahh well. Maya is happy that I'm defending her. Phoenix is still wondering about what was in the witness's drawer though, so I guess I'm going back to the hotel.

I arrive at the hotel and April is using the bathroom, but a bellboy is there. He says April has a message from a "Mr. White." The same guy who ruined Maya's mother! Well then this is getting better and better. I'm starting to think the blood Maya note was forged. Bwahaha! I check out the drawer with the screwdriver and finds a wiretap! Phoenix says he'll get to this woman's bottom! lolol. He also says he will be using this evidence tomorrow. Which seems so illegal to me >_>.

To be continued...

Oh and perhaps I should give some impressions up to this point.

Case 1 was a pretty fun intro to the game. It was simple, but satisfying to untangle the case, and that was a good warmup I think.

So far case 2 is interesting. Exploring and playing detective isn't as fun as being in court, but it builds an interesting backstory, and it's going to make the court case that much better in my opinion. My only problem so far is that characters can be a bit too chatty with pointless stuff sometimes. It kind of reminds me of Golden Sun in that regard, but otherwise, I'm having fun so far.

Yessss it's trial time!!! Edgeworth is here. DAMN he's scary! Phoenix says he better not show any signs of weakness in front of Edge, and I'm going to have to agree. Let's hope Phoenix is more composed and better this time around. Let's see if he's grown at all!

Detective Gumshow is our first witness. Edgeworth is a lot more professional and competent than Payne. I can already tell. Gumshoe describes the scene on the day of the murder, and some floor plans are added to my evidence. I'm not sure at all what to do with this evidence as of right now. It's not nearly as obvious as last time.

WITNESS TESTIMONY, lets do this.

I spot a hole in the testimony early on that seems to indicate a conspiracy. Gumshoe says the witness described what Maya looked like during the murder. But according to Phoenix's investigation of the room, you couldn't see faces that well from the room. However, I have no evidence for this. Phoenix is confused as me, and says he can't find a single contradiction. Maya thorws a note at me that says that when Mia couldnt find a contradiction, she would bluff it and press the witness on every detail! Or as Palmer would say, "press the hell out of every statement".

The only thing I thought was a little suspicious was the accurate account of Maya that the witness gave, so I press him on it. Phoenix says that Gumshoe said he had "hard evidence" that Maya did it. He asks what about this claim was "hard evidence."

Gumshoe says he has more evidence though! So now it's time for another WITNESS TESTIMONY. I guess I did good on the first one. Gumshoe offers the note from Mia as his hard evidence. The blood on the receipt was hers according to lab results and there was blood on her finger at the scene. Uh oh. I remember Phoenix saying earlier that he thought she died instantly, so I'll have to check the autopsy report... It says death was instantaneous! Yesssss. I begin cross-examination.

I press him on a statement, and Edgeworth OBJECTIONS me and owns me. Damn. He's good! I now present the autopsy report on when Gumshoe says that the victim wrote the killers name before she died. BAM! I'm good!

Hmmm? Edgeworth asks me when I obtained the autopsy report.


The day of the murder

The day after the murder

I forget

I answer honestly with the day after the murder. GRRRR! Edgeworth has a new autopsy report that says death was almost immediate. FORGED EVIDENCE AHHHHH!!!! Edgeworth bows after this. What an ass! Edgeworth mocks me.


Edgeworth, you're a sham!

The detectives a sham!

I'm a sham!

I decide to say Edgeworth is a sham, because he is damn it! Phoenix asks him what possible reason he had to go for a 2nd autopsy. The judge scolds Phoenix and says no personal attacks. The new autopsy report is now in evidence. Blah this is gonna be a bit tougher than last time! Edgeworth bows again! **** this guy!

Next witness will be April May. I cannot figure out why her hands are always up like that, wtf. Also, her boobs jiggle. Sweet.

Judge: The witness will refrain from wonton winking!

April May: Awww, yes your honor.

Phoenix: This isn't good! She's already captured the heart of every man in the court!

Hahaha this is awesome! APRIL! APRIL! WITNESS TESTIMONY! Let's do this. Her testimony seems to be tough to get to. The only thing I can think of that might stop her are the floor plans. They might prove she couldn't see everything. For now I think it's time to press though. The judge doesn't think there's a need for a cross-examination... he thought the testimony was very "firm". >____>. I decide to cross-examine anyway. Cowardly according to Edgeworth.

I start pressing, and I get in a pickle! Edgeworth says the testimony is bullet-proof. I say that I question the testimony.


You saw nothing

You're lying

I don't think I can prove that she saw nothing. I can probably prove she's lying though. So I go with that. Oh bam! Phoenix has my back once again. He says if she saw this, she would have noticed her clothes over her physique. Thats a good point since Maya wears acolyte clothing. She says she just didn't think to say that. Now she is going to give another testimony, while omitting nothing. OK LET'S DO THIS... again.

Oh bam! I so got her this time. She gives another testimony, but she calls the thinker a clock. How in the hell would she know it was a clock? Not to mention, according to that phone conversation, Mia took the clock stuff out. I press her on the clock statement, and Phoenix is suspicious. So I present the statue.

Phoenix: What you just said was rather... revealing.

April: Revealing? Oooh, you'd like that wouldn't you, Naughty Mr. Lawyer

LOL, come on guys! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER?!?! Phoenix presses her on how she knows it's a clock. No surprise, Edgeworth OBJECTIONS to say that this is trivial. But Pheonix objections back and says that he's caught murderers with these kind of things before. The judge agrees and lets Phoenix continue to question. She says she heard it through her hotel room. Edgeworth agrees. Phoenix says that she didn't hear it though.


She couldn't have heard it

It couldn't have rung.

Well the clock stuff was out according to the phone conversation, so I go with it couldn't have rung.


It's empty

It's broken

The batteries are dead

I go with "it's empty". Oh no, Edgeworth is about to talk! DAMN HIM WHATS HE GONNA SAY.

Edgeworth says that the clockwork could have been removed after the fact. Oh hohoho I'm gonna get you this time you ass. I have the phone conversation! TAKE THAT! I present the cell phone. Whoa, Edgeworth is pissed, he looks like a zombie. Now she says she has seen it before. I say that she's lying because I know Butz made these. CRAP, I'm supposed to present evidence! How in the HELL am I gonna prove that?!? I figure I can either present the wiretap or present the statue. I'm gonna go with the statue since it says that Larry Butz made it. I have a feeling this wont turn out well though. Ahaha! It works! April thinks this is impossible because "everything is sold in stores."


SHE IS ANGRY! RAWR! IM LOVING IT! Then she transforms back, boobs have jiggled several times. Oh no. Phoenix explains that she knew it was a clock because...


You held it

You had heard about it

Well if I recall it was a dude that killed Mia. She did have that wiretap so I'm gonna go with you had heard about it. I now present the wiretap. Edgeworth says this is irrelevant. In reality they should be making me prove that I found it in April's room but eh. Edgeworth asks her to prove that she said it was a clock on the phone.

Edgeworth: Can you prove she said it on the phone. I THINK NOT

Phoenix: I THINK I CAN!!!

Face zoom ins on that line, very epic! But now I have to prove it! CRAP. I guess I'm presenting the phone for a second time, it's the only thing that makes sense.


Now to deal the final blow...


You did it, didn't you?

Why the wiretap?

I still don't think she did it. I don't remember seeing her in the opening. So I just ask, why the wiretap? She says she has an explanation! Crap! She proves she wasn't on the scene of the crime, so she didn't do it thanks to the bellboy. Well, I didn't think she did it anyway. Edgeworth says the tapping is a seperate crime, and that her testimony stands. I can either continue examining Miss May or call the bellboy as a witness. I don't think the bellboy will do much for me, so I am going to continue examining. But I guess I was wrong, Edgeworth mocks me, and I have no more evidence, so the cross-examination ends.

Phoenix goes to call the bellboy to the stand. Edgeworth says that if he can't find anything from the bellboy, Maya will be guilty by default. Uhh crap. Phoenix is forced to agree.


Edgeworth: Well, he certainly does look like a Bellboy.

Bellboy (with SERVING FOOD IN HIS HAND): Yes, sir

The bellboy doesn't appear to have one flaw in his testimony, so I'm gonna have to press like hell.

Oh god this dialogue is so great. I am pressing him on why he's so certain it was April May he delivered the coffee too.

Bellboy: Ab-SO-lutely

Phoenix: Ab-SO-lutely?

Bellboy: Yes, it's an endearing mannerism of mine.

I now have the choice to protest or give up. There was one thing that the bellboy said when I was pressing, "them". That implied someone was with her. I have to find out about that, so I protest. I can ask him one more question.



Room Service

Bed making

Bed making doesn't make sense if you ask me. Check-in... did she check in with one or two people? She had multiple glasses too which would imply room service. I think I'll go with that. BAM! He says Ice coffee for two! Phoenix asks if someone else was with her!

Edgeworth: I object! That was... objectionable!

OH SNAP! The bellboy says Edge said not to mention it if specifically asked! HOLY ****! ZOMBIE EDGEWORTH!!!

Phoenix says the trial is questionable because of this other person. Edge asks "What other person?"


Miss April May?

The man with Miss May

The Bellboy

I go with the man. Edge gives an OOF! The judge expects this to be looked into! COURT ADJOURNED! Whew, intense.

Now it's time for Phoenix to do more investigating. He has April's testimony as evidence now. But it was all lies, so only one thing was kept on it. To be continued...

I'm in the detention center talking to April now. It basically takes me nowhere, she won't tell me about the man. I need something to get her to talk. I decide to check out the hotel. The bellboy is there! He offers nothing useful except that if I had a photo of the man, he could identify him. Now Im off to the Fay law offices again. Nothing. I guess I'm off to Grossberg Law Offices. Thats all I have left.

Hmmm, weird, the painting is gone. And I find some photos of "DL6 Incident- Exhibit A and B" I can either take a photo of the man or woman. I'm going with the man. Since a man lived with her and thats who Im looking for. Now back to the bellboy I imagine. Yesss! The bellboy says thats the man! I now have an Affidativ from the Bellboy swearing that man was with May. Now Im going back to May. I present the photo and affidativ from the bellboy.


Ease her fears

Push her hard

I don't think she responds to pushing as well. I'm going with ease. DAMN IT, it didn't work. Back to Grossberg I guess. And he's there this time. He doesn't give me much info. The main suspicious thing is that he says he sold the painting. He just said he would never sell it yesterday. I try presenting the picture of the man. Aha! His name is Mr. Redd White, the president of Bluecorp. They sell sensitive information. I'm now off to Bluecorp. HEY! It's the painting from Grossberg's office! Weird. Something's up.

Dude is flat out weird. He makes up a lot of words and thinks he's smart >_>. Phoenix thinks he's a "fruitcake" lolz. White says Wright "must be a lawyer just out of law school" if he's coming to see him. Weird...

Conversation reveals that May worked for White at Bluecorp. Wait... "Redd White" LOL God what awful names >_>. White tells me good luck getting him on the stand. He says police and the courts are all merely playthings for his amusement. Well then. Redd also tells me he named Bluecorp after the color blue, because he likes the color. Haha. He's weird, but I still like April way more so far. Now I ask him about the painting, AND HE PUNCHES ME! He says to go ahead and try and charge him with assault. He also name drops Grossberg. He tells me to ask Grossberg about why the painting is here.

I go to Grossberg's office and do just that. I can ask him about 3 things.


That painting

the Picture of White

Why did you refuse to help Maya?

I talk about the painting. Phoenix says he knows they are connected.


He's giving you info

He's blackmailing you

You're lovers

LOL, I wonder what happens with You're lovers. But I go with the obvious Blackmail. Wow! Grossberg has been paying them for 15 years because of the "DL-6 incident". He tells me I'll never get White arrested because he has info on everyone. He also tells me the DL-6 incident was that murder 15 years ago where Mia's mother accused the wrong person of the murder. Grossberg is the one who told White that the police has used a spirit medium, when they had tried to hide it. Instead of giving him money, White now uses it to blackmail him. He tells me that Mia has been following White for years, maybe I can find something in her office. DAMN this is getting good!

Now I'm in Fey offices. I can search through A-I, J-S, and T-Z. Obviously I go for T-Z for white. But all the Ws are missing. Now I go for J-S. Suicide... White is written all through the suicide section. I guess he drove some people to suicide, this was Mia's hunch anyway. Phoenix takes one of the clippings and puts it in evidence.

Now I'm back to Grossberg's place. I present the clipping. Grossberg says I could try presenting this in court. Hmm. Now where to? I guess I'll go for April again. But she's not around, so I go for White. I present the newspaper clipping, and I accuse him of blackmail.

White is gonna have me kicked out of his office now. I tell him Im hunting him down for the murder of Mia Fey before I go. Phoenix tells him that he knew Mia was gunning for him, so he had her killed and removed the evidence. Now he says he won't kick Phoenix out. Instead he connects to the prosecutors office. He tells the chief prosecutor that he wants to testify now. He also says to send the police, for Phoenix I presume.

WHite intends on accusing Wright of the murder. So now Phoenix is in jail, and Maya is free. Phoenix refuses his appointed lawyer because he has an idea. Wouldnt all of Phoenix's evidence be confiscated now that he's in prison? So will he be defending himself in a prison suit tomorrow >_>. Maya wants to help, I tell her to cheer me on tomorrow! To be continued...

Edgeworth comes face to face with Phoenix. Edge tells him that if he raises an objection, he has it on good authority that the judge will back him. Phoenix tells him that he's changed! WHAT! THEY KNEW EACH OTHER?!?! We don't find out how though. We still don't know why Phoenix became a lawyer either! Damn capcom and their constant teasing! Phoenix is in a suit and not prison clothes. Rats.

White is being called to the stand. The judge doesn't ask why White wasn't called before, so Phoenix asks. Edgeworth gives a crappy explanation, and the Judge is totally on his side. Damn. This will be tough. I feel like the public and media would be a BIT outcried at Phoenix randomly being named the new murderer by the way. WITNESS TESTIMONY time.

There doesn't appear to be many flaws in the testimony, except one! He says the victim ran to the left, when May's testimony said she ran to the right. Ohhhh yeah. PRESENT. I'm guessing he thought she ran left since he was the killer! BOOM BABY! The judge asks me to explain the contradiction.


Mr. White is right

Miss May is right

Both are right

I of course choose, both are right. So basically Phoenix accuses White of the murder. Edge objections, and the judge agrees that Phoenix is being a bit farfetched. White offers to testify again, so the judge lets him. The next WITNESS TESTIMONY said that first she went left, then she went right after phoenix had hit her once. I could use the autopsy report to contest this, but it has been changed obviously. I'm not sure how to contest this, so I'm pressing him on everything. It doesn't seem to be working though. I'm just not quite sure how I can get him. I don't think re-using May's testimony will help. The floor plans show glass all over the left side of the floor. It was illogical to go left, but I dont think that will work either. Also, the autopsy doesn't appear to say anything on how many times she was hit, and since death isn't listed as instant anymore, I dont think I can use it. DAMN IT!

I try using the floor plans as proof she wouldn't run left, but it doesn't work. Thats one strike against me. Craaap! Geez, now I try presenting May's testimony for the ran to the left thing, but it doesn't work. OK it turns out the "you hit her twice" was the faulty part, and the autopsy shows it. Phoenix says the victim died from a SINGLE blow. I wish it said that in the autopsy report I had >_>.

Edge asks for a 10 minute break! Oh snap. PHOENIX OBJECTIONS! The crowd doesn't want a break! THEY WANT JUSTICE!! Another WITNESS TESTIMONY coming. I'm pumped! And let's hope I don't screw up anymore <_<. His new testimony is that he looked at "the other window" when he heard that thing fall. What? Then she ran to the left but dodged, then she ran to the right and got hit. I guess the floor plan proving there isn't another window is the key this time? Umm nope Im wrong >_>. Jesus this is only case 2 and I'm really starting to suck! I just don't see what can work here. I think my problem is I overthink these things. The only thing I can think of, is the note that says Maya. If she was dead after one hit, how did that come about?

Oh wait crap, I totally forgot to press! lolz. That will probably help. Aha! Now here is where the floor plan will come in handy. After pressing he is forced to change his testimony to say that there was a light stand he saw. NOW I object and tell him he couldn't have seen the light stand unless he was there. BAM! White gives a GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

EDGEWORTH COMES INTO PLAY! THAT ASS! He tells White to confess his crime, confess that he placed the wiretap! NO! Edgeworth says that White was there days before to plant the wiretap, and thats how he knew about the light stand. So we get ANOTHER WITNESS TESTIMONY. About the wiretapping. He says he planted it a week before the murder. Blah it's short and he's back to being confident! My only hope is to press. This time I remembered! >_>.

I press him on all 4 of his statements and get NOTHING. Geeeez. I scroll through and can't find anything. I was tempted to present the phone conversation as evidence because the dates seemed screwy, but thats all I had. Before I can do that, Edge tells Phoenix to give up. Phoenix is about to give up when MIA appears! Kind of >_>. She tells Phoenix to never give up!

Now Phoenix wakes up in the lobby. MIA is there! Still... wtf. Apparently Maya is spiritually channeling Mia. Her powers awoke when Phoenix accepted defeat. Oh snap! Mia tells Phoenix to look at the receipt. It was for the glass light stand! She bought it the day before the murder! SCORE! It's over! On a side note, while this was ridiculous, at first I thought Phoenix dreamed the whole case, so I guess this is a bit better than that >_>.

I present the evidence in court. KWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?! HE'S FINISHED!!!

WHAT! Edge objects! He wants another day to make some inquiries!



Wait and see what happens

I'm gonna have to OBJECT. But it doesn't work, court is about to end when MIA appears again. She says the witness will stay. Now she has a memo she hands me. It's a list of names of famous celebrities and politicians and such. Mia threatens to release the list to the press if he doesn't confess. So he does indeed confess. Well then.

The case is over. Mia tells me to meet her at the office at 9PM. Maya is there! She says this is now Wright and Co Law Offices and she's gonna help out. Cool, but I was hoping to find out why that memo made White confess. Oh well. Too many loose ends in this game! THE END

Case 1-3[]


The office has been open for a month and things haven't been going so well. They aren't getting any clients.

One day, the hero on The Steel Samurai, Maya's favorite show, is arrested for suspicion of killing the bad guy on the show for real. And now Phoenix gets the call to be his lawyer! Wooo! He looks like teen wolf. But he's actually a big softie. The details of the case were that before a rehearsal for an action scene, the main villain was found dead in his bad guy costume. His name is JACK HAMMER. Jesus. Will Powers says after the first rehearsal at noon he was sleeping all day. He woke up past 5, made it there, and was arrested on the spot.

Now we are off to the studio to investigate. A security guard stops me and won't let me through without a letter from Powers. She also says that between 1 and 2:30, Will Powers was the only person to head over to the scene of the murder. So was he lying about his nap? Well I guess it's back to Powers. He insists he was napping the whole time, and he gives me a letter so I can get in. It works, however, I am not allowed in the employee area, ensuring that something suspicious is around there. I also now have a map of the area. I can tell this is gonna be a long case because we're off to a pretty slow start. Not a bad thing at all, but I'm hoping it all builds to something awesome! Anyway, I'm off to studio one.

Oh god it's gumshoe. I get the autopsy report from him. Victim died at 2:30 due to the spear. He also confirms that Powers was the only one seen headed towards studio 1 between 1 and 2:30. I have a hunch that the killer was in the samurai costume, which is why everyone thinks he did it while he was sleeping. He also has a picture of this, but he doesn't give it to me. Now it's back to "Oldbag" lolz. I talk to her but don't really find out anything new. She doesn't like me very much it seems! : (.

Now it's off to the employee area. No one is around because of the murder so I'm good to go! I explore around and find a little duct that has the metal part taken off. Phoenix says a kid or someone small could fit in there, then they wouldn't have to pass through the gate. I feel like that'll be important later on. For now, I'm going into Power's dressing room. I find a cardkey that will let me into studio one in there, excellent.

We don't really find any evidence by examining, but a girl named Penny does pop up. She doesn't reveal much, but she does say that she "thinks" she senses someone not part of the film crew in the area on the day of the murder, mmmk. I'm a bit suspicious of her because of that small secret passage way I found earlier. Anyway I confront the security lady about the assistant saying someone else was around and she gets PISSED. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! SHe runs off. Nows my chance to examine that computer! I do so. Now I have to enter in the name of the camera. Luckily I examined it earlier, it was ST1-307. As I suspected earlier, the picture isn't of Powers himself. It's of a guy in a steel samurai costume. Also, apparently another picture was taken at 2PM, but it's not showing up. To be continued...

Court time! Once again it's a faceoff with Edgeworth! RAWR! Gumshoe is the first witness. He basically gives an outline of what happened. The one weird thing about all this is that Oldbag didn't show up until 1PM. Who was security until then? The Samurai Spear is now listed as evidence. The first testimony will be from OLDBAG. Wait, her name is ACTUALLY OLDBAG!?! Geeeeez. She goes on forever with a crappy story, OBJECTION.

Edgeworth: O-objection! I... object to the witness's talkativeness

WITNESS TESTIMONY. Let's see what Oldbag has to say. Her testimony is about what we've already heard in investigation, and she continues to show a bit of a bias toward Hammer. It's easy to know what part to OBJECTION. She says she saw Powers walk by at 2 and thats a flat out lie.

I press her on what "errands" she had to run in the morning, just out of curiosity. Oh this could be interesting. She was watching practices in the morning. There was no one stationed at the game. She locked it, but thats it. Now I present the picture of the steel samurai at 2PM, proving she didn't actually see Powers.

Phoenix: Let me get this straight, old bag! Er, Ms. Oldbag

We basically get like a million OLD jokes, and they are actually pretty funny. Anyway, oldbag claims she has proof that the man in the suit was Powers. So to explain that, we get another WITNESS TESTIMONY. This should be good. Hmmm this is interesting. She was watching the run through, and during it, Powers slip and fell, and broke one of the props. He had also sprained his ankle, and in the picture, he does appear to be dragging his ankle. I guess I'm gonna have to press on this one, because I'm not sure what to do. Well, Phoenix says he'll "press her until she squeals". Thats disgusting Phoenix >_>.

I press her on the trip and fall thing. We get some dialogue on it, and Oldbag says Penny didn't see it happen. Ok then. Now I press her on one of the props breaking. It turns out the murder weapon was broken in the run-through, and that she fixed it with duct-tape. The Samurai Spear is now updated in the evidence. Now I press on when she said his ankle was sprained. After this Edgeworth has said that this has gone on long enough. The judge asks if the costume was ever found. Edgeworth says no, not yet. I decide to OBJECT. Oh god Edgeworth gives the pointing to his head thing, IM SCREWED. She's going to testify now on how no one else could have been at the scene.

It's a really short testimony, I guess it's back to pressing. Not much gained from pressing, until I ask if anyone could have passed through before 1PM. She said everyone was in the employee area before then, and she locked the main gate so no one could get in. I press her again and Edge OBJECTS. Oldbag says "You tell them edgey-boy". Good god can I get this lady off my screen, she disgusts me >_>. Well I pressed her and I'm not quite sure what to present. Crap...

If I recall, the 2PM photo is listed as "Photo #2" so that has to be the key here. BAM! IT IS! I am pressing her on it, and oldbag says "EDGEY-BOY" help! Ugh shes so gross! Now she says she remembers, someone else passed by the gate that day. OK then. Let's have it. WITNESS TESTIMONY. She says she throws out any photos that aren't suspicious looking. OK time to press then!

Apparently she doesn't backup the photo data, so the picture is most likely gone. I ask her who was in the first picture that day, and she says "a fanboy". AHA! I was right about that drain I saw in the employee area. She says kids get in through the drain, and one was there that day. The photo is of a 2nd or 3rd grader. The judge and prosecution say there is no way this kid could wield the samurai spear. Phoenix thinks this kid should be a suspect. The judge asks for a 5-minute recess to consider the new information.

Oh geeez. They talk it over during the recess. Phoenix says they need to accuse someone else of the crime to stall for another day for Powers. If we choose the wrong person though, it could be all over. I'm not sure who in the world I could accuse. Hmmm.

And the trial restarts. Phoenix says there IS someone else who could have committed this crime. Well they better not be asking ME to accuse someone >_>. DAMN IT they are.


The assistant girl

The grade-school boy

The security lady

I find it hard to believe the security lady did it. She likes Hammer a lot. But we know next to nothing about the girl and the boy. Also, I don't think someone that small could have fit into the costume. There's a lot of things that make it so Oldbag doing it doesn't make sense, but she's the only one I feel like could have proof. Plus she knew about the injury so she could have faked it for the camera. Wendy is pissed! WHIPPERSNAPPER!!! He points out that Oldbag has no alibi, and that she could have taken the costume and did it. Phoenix waits for an Objection but doesn't get one!

CHOICE Press further

Give granny a break

Well, I'm not sure what the hell I can press with, but LAST time I tried to give someone a break, it didn't work out so well. I do so because I'm afraid if I press further I'll say something dumb. But now the judge says that the victim was an action hero and wouldn't have been easy to kill. Phoenix now says he has no choice and presses. Ahahah now Oldbag tries to say maybe the boy did it. WHAT, now Phoenix says he has proof that the boy didn't commit the murder. DAMN YOU PHOENIX. I decide to present the cardkey for studio one as evidence. I don't think the boy could have gotten in.

Court is adjourned! Looks like we made it out alive.... BUT WAIT. Oldbag is gonna talk some more! DAMN IT! She says there was something she was told not to talk about. Now she's gonna talk! NOOOO! WITNESS TESTIMONY.

She says Global studios wanted her to keep quiet on something. There were other people in the studio on the day of the murder. She says the studio told her they had nothing to do with it, so don't mention them. Well, time to press then. She says the director and the producer were there. They were in studio 2 all day. Hmmm. They beat it when the murder happened before the cops came. COurt is now adjourned for investigations into Oldbag and the others that were there!

Outside they all agree that windbag probably didn't do it. Phoenix says he knows that, he was just trying to buy time. Phoenix says they have to head out and do some more investigating now. Rawr! Let's do it!

And it's off to the studios we go to talk to the Director and Producer some.

lawl, theres no security at the studio since oldbag is in custody. Awesome. We are outside studio one now, and headed to studio 2 in hopes that the director and producer are there. You know, I have a strange feeling that fallen monkey head in the road will end up being important. After examining, Maya notes that it fell off the mascot on the same day as the murder. Hmmm. Outside of studio two... and it doesn't really look like much of a studio. Examining reveals that... PHOENIX DOESN'T HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE!?! WHAT!?! Theres also two empty plates still out on a table. Also, the trailer is locked. Well, that was mostly useless. There's gotta be something in the movie studio though, so now I'm going back to studio one. Doesn't appear to be anything interesting there. Now I try the Employee Area. SOMEONE has to be around! And it turns out someone is! Penny! But she has to fill in at the guard station so we don't really talk to her. On a side note, it's weird seeing the word "fanboy" in a video game (they are talking about the little kid that sneaked in the day of the murder).

I examine the drain that Penny covered up, according to her, Oldbag told her to do it. Umm thats weird. Maya asks if she can rip it off. I decide to let her! Maybe we'll find evidence! Umm, nope, doesn't appear to do anything important. Ummm into WIll Powers dressing room now I guess. When we reach the dressing point, Maya asks what the killer was planning on doing if Will wasn't sleeping. Hmmm, very good point. Nothing either! What the heck! Now it's back to the main gate. Penny should be there at least. Aaaand there she is! Talking to her reveals little, except that she thinks the studio is more trying to protect the Producer and not the Director. Apparently the producer has basically save the studios. What the heck! This is a pretty mundane investigation so far to be quite honest. Back to studio 2 I go I guess...

Here we go! I arrive at studio 2 and I hear a CRASH. Maya says we should barge in, but once again, it's locked. So now it's back to the guard station so we can get a key and check out whats going on in there. Ummm, I'm at the guard station and Penny is there, but I can't ask her anything. I try and examine the guard station itself but I can't get anything because Penny stops me. GEEEZ, this day of investigation seriously sucks. I guess back to the employee area? Maybe I can steal another cardkey from Powers' room. I get there and... "WTF? Who are j00 d00dz!? LMAO!" ... Really now. Maya asks who the HELL he is. "Whatever, l4m3rs". This is the most stupid thing ever. His name is Sal Manella. He MAKES teh L33T SH0WZ. Don't they know 1337 speak fell out of style years ago?

Seriously, this is the worst thing ever >_>. Now he's saying that Maya is hot and asking if she does cosplay. Please let him be the killer. Please. He looks like he's 50, so this is creepy beyond belief >_>. Well I guess time to talk to this guy. He's the creator of Steel Samurai. So I guess he's neither the director or the producer? Or maybe he is the director. He says he was in a meeting from noon until 4 in studio 2. The meeting was with the producer and some other "bigwigs". He says the producer was there from 12-4 too. And the bigwigs were also there from 12-4. Well, that wasn't particularly exciting. I've noticed some PW character ranking topics and I'm PRAYING that whoever does those has that guy at the bottom >_>. Now I guess it's back to Studio 2. Damn, can something interesting happen, please? OH CRAP. OLDBAG IS BACK. NOOOO. She says the police had her try on a Steel Samurai costume. Once they realized she couldn't fit, she was set free. So the murderer would have to be pretty tall. Oldbag offers nothing interesting, so I go back to Studio 2 and can't do anything. God damn. Ummm.... Back to the employee area I guess? OH MANZ. I run into someone else! Cody Hackins. I guess he would be the fanboy. I'm guessing this because he is wearing a sword >_>. Umm I try talking to him, and he claims he "saw everything" and then runs off. Also, as he leaves, we find a bottle that was on the table in the employee area. It's empty, the label says sleeping pills. Now I go back to the main gate. Oldbag is gone! I guess she was chasing after Cody. This is my chance to swipe a keycard... and there it is! I now have the key to trailer 2! Time to check it out.

OK, this whole aimless journey is revolving around this trailer imo. Time to go in. Someone is in there. Dee Vasquez, the producer. Ummm... so much for that build up. Nothing exciting at all. She was basically nonresponsive, she kept saying she was looking for a script. She also gives a memo to give to Manella. The memo says "bring me the script for episode 13". Well then. I make it all the way back to the dressing room and give Manella the memo. He says "my ass is p0wned if I don't find it". OBNOXIOUS. Maya says it might be quicker to look in the places he might have been. So now I'm helping him find the script? Really? Well, the most logical spot would probably be studio one. I arrive, and find the script. I go back to Dee and give it to her. Phoenix asks if she'll talk to us now, but she says "Quiet, I'm reading." Maya blows up at her. The producer asks if she is a suspect. Phoenix says no, they just want info. And now she is about to talk. She says no one who was in the meeting could have went to studio one, because the path was blocked by the monkey head that fell off. She says that they didn't start moving it until 3, and the path wasn't unblocked until after four. Phoenix asks what if the head didn't fall until 2:30. She says to come with her. Apparently the monkey head was a clock as well. It stopped at 2:15. Therefore, they are innocent. It seems hopeless. Now, we are going back to the office to plan a hopeless strategy.

Phoenix says it's hopeless. and now MIA shows up. Ugh, I hate how she always bails me out! BTW, I like how when Mia shows up, she has the same outfit on as Maya, but mysteriously, the middle is open to show off her boobs. "Teehee". She reminds Phoenix that he has a lead. The boy! So now it's back to the studio to find him. When I get back, Oldbag is there again. She's ENRAGED. She didn't catch the boy apparently. But she has a "hostage"? She won't give it to me though. Mia asks if I have something to trade with her. Blah! I hate Mia's hand-holding! After a few tries, I figure out the cardkey to studio one is what she wants. She seriously doesn't have one of her own? She says she could visit where Hammer died. I lend her the cardkey and she lets me have the steel samurai cards that the kid dropped. Sweet. Now I'm off to the employee area. Theres Cody! He tries to run, but Mia is hot enough to get him to come back I guess. He won't talk to me, so I guess it's time to present the cards. WHAT! He says he doesn't care. If I really want him to talk I have to find a "really rare" card. THAT SON OF A... WILL THIS INVESTIGATION EVER END?!? He also says "man for a grown up, you sure are dumb" like 10 times. Man, whats with all the crappy characters this case.

Now I guess I need to find a PREMIUM ULTRA RARE card or something. I go back to Trailer 2. Penny sighting! We talk about Hammer. Phoenix mentions that his popularity had declined, and she said something happened to make his popularity decline. She wont tell me though. Another cover up I guess. This investigation is just a giant "walking in circles" fest.

Umm, well Penny is literally the only other person in the studios right now, so I present the trading card to her. I trade with her and get the "Ultra Rare Premium" card I need. Good job adding like 3 minutes to the game Capcom! GOOD JOB!! Now it's back to the dressing room. I give him the card, and now it's time to talk! JESUS LET'S GET SOMEWHERE FINALLY. I talk to him about the Steel Samurai. Oh crap. Cody asks me what my favorite thing about him is. He said I have to look beyond the character or something like that.


His kind nature

His fighting skills

Will Powers's acting

Ummm, I go with "his kind nature". Just to go with what Cody was saying before. Cody agrees! He says he looks so tough, but deep inside, he's as gentle as a kitten. He asks me what else I like about him. Oh I guess I picked the wrong answer. I go with Will Powers's acting this time. Cody says I'm hardcore. Uhh I have to choose again >_>. I guess I'll go with fighting skills this time. Here we go. He now gives me a picture album. It's all the shots of the steel samurai winning in "live performances". So does he have a picture of the murder then!?! Now I ask what happened. He says he saw everything.

Cody came in at around 2PM. He saw the Steel Samurai stab the Magistrate right through the heart. Mia and Phoenix agree that it's best not to put this kid on the stand if they don't want Powers to be pronounced as guilty. But now GUMSHOE WALKS IN. OH NOES! He heard everything! Gumshoe says the kid is now under police protection. WE'RE SCREWED! Mia says she has to be going. Phoenix wants to know if she'll be in court tomorrow. Mia asks me if I believe Powers is innocent. I say I do. She says, thats all she wanted to hear. I'll see her in court tomorrow. Alrighty then. To be continued...

It's trial day, and things do not look good at all. We are in courtoom #4 today. Not a good sign! Why? I don't know >_>. First witness is SAL MANELLA. NOOOOO. LOL, he gets on Edgeworth for not knowing who he is, Edgeworth gives him a DEATH GLARE and Sal is whipped into being a ***** and not talking like a "n00b".

He says that he was there since about 9 in the morning. They did an action scene run through, and then while everyone else was eating lunch, he was in the trailer from 12-4. He says he doesn't think anyone left their chairs, but I don't believe that. The producer seemed to act like they were "stuck" there until 4. They must have left but realized they were blocked. Time to press. The run-through was in the employee area. Only people that were there were Hammer, Powers, Manella and Oldbag. In a kind of lol moment, Manella says because of Powers ankle sprain, he missed lunch ROFS. Phoenix says "Rolling on the floor... starving?" HAHAHA. We talk about T-Bone Steak and Sal gets that creepy look with his tongue out. Disgusting >_>. Sal says he didn't get to eat steak anyway. Mia asks if thats odd at all.


Not at all

It's a little vague

It's contradictory

I remember seeing plates on the table though at Studio 2 that hadn't been cleaned yet. But why the hell would he lie about that? Oh well. I say that it's contradictory. He admits that he took some steak to the meeting. He says that they did take one break. Interesting. I press him on when he said they didn't leave their chairs. Now I press harder. "OOPS ROFL". Phoenix asks for a testimony on the break! We're getting somewhere! I feel like this is where the monkey head could come into play. EDGEWORTH US LAUGHING. WHAT. OH NO ;_;

WITNESS TESTIMONY. Manella seriously says ROFL after every other sentence. He says the break was only 15 minutes. He says thats not enough time to commit a murder. Hmmm. He doesn't say what time the break was, thats important if you ask me! With a press I find out it happened from 2:30-2:45. Phoenix says that means it was possible for them to make the kill. But he forgets about MONKEY HEAD. Maybe thats Edgeworth's evidence. The other person who ate a T-Bone was Dee Vasquez. Now I press some more and EDGEWORTH OBJECTIONS! Ugh, this is tough. I either have to claim that someone from trailer one went to studio one or that they didn't. But I know that the Monkey head looms over me. I am forced to say it's impossible... for now. Now Edgeworth brings up the Monkey head that fell off at 2:15. If I had said someone went there, I imagine I would have gotten a strike.

Now Edgeworth says that have DECISIVE EVIDENCE that Powers did it, A WITNESS. 10 minute break now before we hear Cody. Mia even looks stumped. It looks bad, but we'll have to go for it.

Hahaha, Edgeworth says he's concerned about what Phoenix's cruel questioning will do to this young boy. Thats funny. For some reason I don't think Cody would be allowed to have his sword in the courtroom. HAHAHA, ok the sword is allowed apparently, but the judge mentions that the CAMERA isn't allowed. The Camera is added to the evidence now. Now it's time for the WITNESS TESTIMONY. On a side note, I feel like that album I got from Cody will be important later. We shall see. He says he didn't have his camera for the kill though. His testimony also seems to imply that the murder happened outside, as he saw it from the woods. I have to be gentle with him. He's a bit vague on the murder, and he's probably lying about the camera is what I gather from pressing. Also, Cody didn't see Mr. Monkey's head down when he came through. Hmmm. I've decided the #1 spot to press him on is when he says he didn't have his camera on him. He has a picture of EVERY finishing sequence the Steel Samurai has ever done, and he didn't have his camera on him? This is a lie, it has to be. It's my best shot. If not, maybe I can present the monkey head thing, the fact that he didn't see it off was suspicious kinda. WHAT. The Camera thing doesn't work. Damn it.

I look at all my evidence to look for something I can use here. On a side note, I think the sleeping pills were used to make it so Powers went to sleep. That way whoever stole his costume would know he was asleep. This makes the most sense to me. And since Penny made the steaks, I think that makes her a suspect. Anyway, this time I decide to present Cody's Camera on the camera statement. That HAS to be the lie, and that seems like my best bet. I present... and it works! He admits he had his camera! WOOOO! Now we get another WITNESS TESTIMONY...

He basically just says the same thing except shorter. My press is weird. He seems to say that the bad guy attacked first, and he claims he didn't really see what the bad guy looked like, because h e was too busy watching the steel samurai. Huh? OH MAN! IT'S OVER! IT'S OVER! I press Cody on how the Samurai did it! HE SAYS, Samurai Kick, punch, slap. NO MENTION OF THE SPEAR. HOLY CRAP. HE DIDN'T SEE IT. HE DIDN'T SEE IT. YOU'RE GOING DOWN KID. YOU'RE GOING DOWN!

I press his ass harder on the details of the murder. Phoenix says that Cody missed the killing blow!!! YESSS! Now I have to say why Cody wouldn't see the end of the fight. My theory is that he said his camera was new, and he was having problems figuring it out. We also know that he takes pictures of the end of every fight. So, logically, he tried to take a picture of the murder, and because he had a new camera, he screwed it up and missed it. OK, here's the tough part. I can show the camera again, or I can show the album. BLAH, it's so cheap when they have interchangeable evidence, thats one of the main flaws with this game imo. The album worked horribly last time, so I'll go with the camera. It works! Cody was looking at his camera. He tried to take a picture and screwed up, missing the climax. Mia says he's probably lying about more, so it's time for another WITNESS TESTIMONY.

He says that the lens wouldn't open in time. Pressing reveals that during the fight he thinks that the Samurai was moving a bit strangely. That would be the ankle if it was Powers... I decide to "press him hard" on his statement that he didn't take any pictures. He must have taken one once Hammer was down at least. HE ADMITS HE TOOK A PICTURE!

So another WITNESS TESTIMONY. It's another shorty. He basically says that he took the photos, but he erased them after I press him a bit. NOW will the album come into play? I present the album. WORK THIS TIME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. IT WORKS! Phoenix realizes something "the truth". Mia tells him to go ahead and say it.


The photos were blurry

He erased them by mistake

The Steel Samurai didn't win

WHOA at the last one! It makes sense though, with the whole thing about the villain being on the offensive. I originally thought that he was just stabbed, the fact that there was a fight is something new. Phoenix says that Cody lied because he couldn't take the fact that the Steel Samurai lost.


Haha awesome! UWAAAAAARGH!!!


Hammer was the victim

Steel Samurai was the victim

There was no victim.

Ummm, only option that makes sense is Steel Samurai. Jack Hammer was the Steel Samurai! He wasn't actually in the studio before 1PM. He waited for Powers to sleep (he most likely used the sleeping pills, stole the suit, and then went to the studio. Oldbag never did see Hammer himself go to the studio after all. Cody says he noticed the Samurai was moving strangely, so someone else was in the suit. Cody now reveals he did have one picture he saved! It looks a little weird, but I notice something else! I think I see a 2 in the photo. Did the murder happen at studio 2? This would explain a lot. Mia tells me to look at the photo one more time. This must be what I noticed. Now I have to point out what the evidence is in the photo. I spotlight the 2. Studio 2 was the scene of the crime!!! I point out that thats where the trailer is. Phoenix says that Sal and Dee were outside eating Steak and were at the scene of the crime. Also, the monkey head was in the way at 2:15. So, the victim went to studio 2 before 2:15, and the only people that could have committed the murder were in Studio 2. Edgeworth wants proof that Hammer stole the costume. Uhh crap. Well, now seems like the time to present the sleeping pills. I go for it. Phoenix says this was on the same table where Hammer and Powers ate. Phoenix says that Hammer drugged Powers! The judge says there is no proof of this. Phoenix says he has an idea.


Check Powers blood

Fingerprint the bottle

Check Hammer's body

Uhh fingerprints make the most sense. I say that, and the judge says that it's a good diea. The court now has possession of the bottle. The trial is now being suspended. Awesome. The new information is that Hammer could have been in the Smurai costume, the scene of the crime is Studio 2, and that the people in the trailer could have done it. My homework is to figure out why Hammer took the costume, and who killed him, and why. Uhh crap that sounds tough! To be continued...

Tomorrow is the last day that the trial has. So this investigation has to count! I talk to Maya. She can't see whats going on when she is Mia, so she has no idea what has happened. So she is all filled in. She now suggests we go talk to Powers. I ask Powers about Dee Vasquez. He talks about how she saved the company, and she has some secret, but Powers doesn't say it. He says he's heard rumors. He says Sal Manella is basically Dee's *****. We then ask him about Hammer's downfall. Powers says he just stopped taking big roles 5 years ago. Around when Vasquez took over at Global. Well then, time to once again go to the studio I imagine. I find Oldbag. She seems quiet today.

I ask about the producer, Oldbag doesn't appear to like her very much. She doesn't have much to say On Sal. She is pissed at us for saying Hammer stole the samurai costume though. Eh, yet another aimless conversation. Now to the employee area. I show up and GUMSHOE arrives. Yessss!!! He's here to check the plate for evidence, of the sleeping pills I imagine. He does the test, and it's a positive test! So there were sleeping pills on the plate. Also, Gumshoe tells me Hammer's fingerprints were found on the bottle.

Thats some good info. I guess thats all the proof that Hammer took the costume. Now I'm into the dressing room. Random Penny sighting! She is cleaning Powers dressing room. He won't need it anymore because this is the last week of Steel Samurai. More conversation with Penny finally seems to reveal the secret of Hammer. Oh by the way JACK HAMMER. REALLY!!?? I just remembered that lol. Anyway, apparently Dee had some dirt on Jack. Apparently Hammer screwed up some sort of taping in trailer 2. And from then on they left trailer 2 as it was and never used it again, and I guess thats what happened to Hammer. Also, Global studios has decided they aren't doing kids shows anymore. Umm apparently I have to show Penny a reason why they shouldn't cancel the show. The only evidence that makes sense is Cody's album, so I present it. This convinces Penny to tell me what happened five years ago, so that Phoenix can save the show! Excellent.

Penny is about to tell me about the accident with Hammer. Apparently, five years ago someone died, and it was Hammers fault. Vasquez managed to cover it up, so now I guess she has dirt on Hammer. Penny tells me to try and ask Oldbag about it, she knows more.

I try asking Oldbag about it. She gets pissed! She then gets on me for saying that Hammer stole that costume too. She asks if I have proof. Well, I do have proof now. First I present the plate with the sleeping pill remnants on it. Then I present the sleeping pill bottle with Hammer's fingerprints. Oldbag is shocked. And now sad. Some awesome, kind of depressing music is playing. It's really cool. Oldbag says she'll talk. She is tired of holding it all in. There was indeed an accident five years ago, and a paparazzi got a picture of the incident. Vasquez made it all better. She has ties to the mafia apparently. Oldbag says that Hammer never meant any harm to anyone though. She gives me the photograph from the paparazzi guy. Aww man, awesome music is over. Well now it's studio 2 I guess.

As I'm going to studio 2, Maya asks me why Hammers would have went to Studio 2. My personal theory as of now was that Hammer went to kill Vasquez to end the blackmail from her. Running theory. And theres Vasquez at Studio 2. She's nonresponsive to me though. She says shes watching the clouds. Rats. I now present the photo, it appears to be my only course of action. Now she's interested! I now get to talk to her inside the trailer. Uh oh! I'm nervous!

I now talk to Vasquez and accuse her of blackmailing Hammer. She says that the death 5 years ago was NOT an accident however. He did it on purpose. Vasquez has a bit of an evil look now. She points out that he wouldn't have let her run his life all these years if it was just an accident. Hmmm. She says that the only photo of the incident is the one I hold. Now she demands it from me. CRAP! LIKE 4 BODYGUARDS SHOW UP!!! She asks me if I "want to be erased". Phoenix asks her why she cares so much about the photo, especially now that Hammer is dead. She says I'll have plenty of time to think about that where I'm going.

GUMSHOE ARRIVES YESSSSSSSSS! She says this will be decided in court then! Alright! Gumshoe is THE MAN!!! To be continued... I guess thats it. Pretty fun day of investigating! Way better than that last abortion of an investigation.

Court time!!! Edgeworth's opening statement seems to imply he's going to try and say Studio 2 was not the scene of the crime. Vasquez is the first witness. Whoa, big guns early! She still has her pipe on the stand >_>. WITNESS TESTIMONY TIME! Phoenix says he is gonna catch her with her pants down... disgusting <_<. Her testimony is pretty much what we've already heard before. The only new piece of evidence is that she was driven by Sal in a van to studio 1 from studio 2. AHA! That sounds like one heck of a way to transport the body, does it not? Vasquez is owning me on the presses. She provides very short answers, and chides me when I slam my desk. She does the same to Edgeworth, it's kind of funny. The pressing reveals that Phoenix wants evidence that she didn't eat the steak. That way it proves she had time to commit the murder. I'm having difficulties figuring out what to present here. That Monkey head was still kind of in the road wasn't it? How did they take a van to studio 1? But then that ruins my body transporting theory. CRAP!

OK, this is a crappy part imo. After thinking for like five minutes, I try my stupid monkey head objection and get a strike. OK, the statement I HAVE to be presenting on is the last one, that she ate steak. The ONLY one that applies to that at all is the empty plate in the employee area. But that was just that one that was drugged. So it doesn't make sense but I'm out of options and refuse to consult a FAQ. HOLY CRAP IT WORKS. SCREW THIS GAME SOMETIMES. Hahaha ARE YOU SERIOUS. Apparently the plates were empty at the trailer. I didn't notice that >_>. So thus, they didn't have T-Bone steak. That was kinda silly. I wish I had a photo of the studio 2 plates, that would make more sense. Phoenix says he knows how Vasquez left no bone.


You ate the bone, too.

You ate a boneless steak.

You didn't eat the steak.

LOL at the first option. Anyway, I go with the last one, obviously. I then say that she was meeting the Steel Samurai on her break. Phoenix says she killed him! Edgeworth objections. Vasquez smiles, she says today won't be boring after all. She wants a battle of wits. Well then. Let's do it. First she asks me how she could have used that big Samurai Spear as a weapon.


I think you could!

You couldn't, could you?

I don't know.

Well, the top one and the bottom one seem like weak answers. Let's go with the middle! Maybe it will imply that her bodyguard types helped her. OH SNAP!!! Now this is getting good. Phoenix says you probably couldn't. Anyone would have problems using it. However, the spear wasn't the murder weapon! I now am supposed to present evidence that the spear was not used as the murder weapon. I have a feeling it has something to do with the duct tape on the spear. Theres nothing else really worth presenting in my evidence. Phoenix asks how it would be possible for someone to be killed with this duct taped spear. It looks like it was the right call. Now they ask me what the murder weapon was.


I can tell you

I can't tell you

Saying you can't is almost never a good option in Phoenix Wright >_>. I say that I can. I hope you have my back here Phoenix! Now I have to present the murder weapon! UGH! Stuff that could kill people in my evidence. The monkey head could have, maybe. If it fell on someone. Sleeping pills could have killed him I think, maybe if he was trying to kill himself. Theres also the van, he could have been run over. But none of those really make sense. The monkey head would have had to fall on him like at the exact right time. The sleeping pills... eh it just doesn't make sense. The van would have been hard to pull off, especially since she supposedly just "ran" into him during the break. Umm, the plate is a no go I think. I guess my only card here is that five year old picture. I present it, and it WORKS! Tell me why Phoenix, I'm not quite sure >_>. Aha! Yes, just like that one guy died five years ago by beind pierced through the fence, that was a possible death for Hammer.

Phoenix elaborates a bit on the murder. He says he's not sure if Dee did it on purpose or not. UH OH. EVIL SMILE BY VASQUEZ. She asks how she could have disposed of the body? Did she walk all the way to studio 1 and back in that short time with the body? Haha I figured this out a while ago, you're going down! The judge asks how she could have dealt with the body.


She couldn't deal with it.

I bet she could move it

She had another way.

She had another way is the answer imo. I now present the Van as evidence. Yep, I lugged it all the way to court! >_>. BAM! COURT CHATTER! Edgeworth asks if I'm impying that Manella was a conspirator. Well, he would do whatever she says according to Penny and Oldbag. And I don't know how she could have hid it all from him, so I say he was a conspirator. Especially with how she had to put him in a costume. He also says they probably burned the Steel Samurai costume in the incinerator. I think I remember something about it still being missing early in the case, heh.

WHAT! Vasquez says she loses and I win. I don't get it. Awkward silence. Vasquez was saying I lose because she lost the battle of wits. She was proven as a possible murder suspect. But Phoenix doesn't have any solid proof. She says I lack decisive proof. She says she wants to leave if there are no further questions.


You did it, Vasquez!

Testify again!

No furhter questions

I'm gonna go with testify again. I don't have proof that she did it, but I CAN attempt to pick apart another testimony. Umm, that doesn't work out so well >_>. She's about to leave. EDGEWORTH OBJECTIONS!! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! He says he was hoping to come up with a question while he was objectioning... and he didn't. LOL. The judge says very well then... OBJECTION! Edgeworth again! He wants another testimony too! Vasquez and the judge pause... XD. Edgeworth stumbles around... and now he says he wants to hear about after they found the body! OK then. Whats up with Edgeworth? Is he beginning to care more about justice than guilty verdicts? I'm beginning to see why Overlord likes him so much. So it's time for another WITNESS TESTIMONY.

Her testimony on after finding the body is pretty standard and plain. Her, Sal, Oldbag and Penny were there to find the body. She then asked to be left out of the proceedings and went home. I press her on every statement, and always select press harder, but she gets out of every jam pretty easily. Then at one point she says that she went to get her script and direction notes before she went home. I press harder and she says she didn't bring them because there wouldn't be rehearsal, because there was a murder. The judge and Phoenix agree... WTF. HOW WOULD SHE KNOW THERE WOULD BE NO REHEARSAL BEFORE SHE GOT THERE, IDIOTS. HOLY CRAP EDGEWORTH OBJECTIONS AGAIN! He makes my point! THANK GOD for Edgey-boy!

The judge asks why Edge would say that. He says he stands by his statement. WTF, I'm pretty sure the prosecutions job isn't to just mindlessly go after the defendant. I'm pretty sure their job is to seek justice. This isn't like a fight or a battle. You're supposed to find the guilty person! Oh bam, she comes back with a reason saying she knew there would be no rehearsal because "she knew Hammer was injured". Wait, what? Wasn't it Powers that was hurt? I press her and she says Sal told her. I present the Powers photo, it's the only evidence that can work here. And it makes sense. She must have seen Powers doing his fake limp when he was walking to sell himself as Powers, so she thought Hammer was the injured one. VASQUEZ IS SHOCKED! YES BABY! YES! Phoenix asks why she thinks Hammer was injured! GET HER PHOENIX! GET HER! Vasquez says Sal told her! He must have gotten it wrong! Phoenix brings up that Manella was at the run-through! STICK IT TO HER!


You heard from Manella wrong

You saw Hammer limping

Obviously, the second choice. LOL Edge and Phoenix kind of help each other complete the statement. How awesome to see them on the same side. CRAP! NOT ANOTHER EVIL SMILE. She has a question for Phoenix. UGH!

Her question is, what does she have to gain from a Hammer death? He was still a star. She gained nothing from his death. The judge asks if I can prove she had a motive. By god, of course I can't, but I'm pretty sure I have to say I can >_>. Well, my original idea was that Hammer was going to kill Vasquez. So I present the 5 year old photo. Haha, Edge and Phoenix are helping each other again. But I get shot down because my evidence "makes it seem like Hammer had killed Dee Vasquez". Well, that is what I'm trying to say, isn't it? I can either say she had no motive or reveal evidence. Well, I have no evidence at all outside of the five year photo. So I guess the answer is she had no motive. It was self defense I guess. I say it, and PHOENIX SAYS IT! Hammer was out for blood! WHATS from the whole court. VASQUEZ BREAKS HER PIPE! HOLY CRAP! She admits to the murder!! A flashback also seems to imply she was in a relationship with the guy Hammer accidentally killed... I think. Anyway, case is over! Wooo!

Outside, Powers wants to know why Hammer wanted to blame him for the murder. I can either choose I don't know, or show evidence. Haha, I like when you get to show evidence at the end to bring it all together, like in case 1. Anyway, I choose to show evidence because I have an idea. I show him the pictures Cody took of the Steel Samurai winning every battle. I imagine it was hard having to be the loser after being a hero in the past. Holy crap! Edgeworth! He tells me to start talking, he's not good at small talk, haha. He tells Phoenix he didn't expect to meet him again after all these years. Edgeworth says that Phoenix fills him with unease and uncertainty. He never wants to see his face again. Well then >_>. Blah! They still don't explain the past between them. THAT SUCKS. Oh well.

Overall: I'd say that was a fun case. The beginning was kind of weak, and we had a really bad investigation day, but then things got pretty fun, especially the last 2 court days. Good stuff.

Case 1-4[]


Two people are on a boat. Theres a conversation. 15 long years this person has waited. And now it's time for revenge! A GUNSHOT! The man falls into the water, dead I presume. They zoom in on the killer's hands. Is that? It can't be... IT'S EDGEWORTH!


Now we are at the Phoenix Law offices. Maya and Phoenix are talking. We get a BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN on TV. A man was found dead in Gourd Lake, and Edgeworth has been apprehended as a suspect. Has he thrown away a long and rewarding career? OMG DO I GET TO DEFEND EDGE!?! YESSSS. I head over to the detention center to talk to Edgeworth. He starts to walka way, but Phoenix stops him. Edgeworth thinks Phoenix has come to laugh at him.

LOL at this sequence.

Phoenix: We don't have so much free time that we can come down here and laugh at you.

Edgeworth: Yes you do.

Phoenix: (Actually he's right).

Awesome. Edge says he hoped we wouldn't come. He didn't want us to see him like this. I try and question him on the incident and he wants to know why I am. Maya says we are going to help you. Edge says not to be ridiculous. Phoenix has only been in three trials, he doesn't have experience. Hmmm. Edgeworth won't talk to us. He says he went all the way to Gourd Lake to see "Gourdy" (a local version of the loch ness monster).

Well, to the lake I go now. Lots of police are there. Gumshoe seems to be heading up the investigation. He's looking for proof that Edgeworth didn't do it I think. I talk to him. He says the murder happened 15 minutes after midnight last night. There was a boat at Gourd Lake late at night. Two men were on it, and one of those men shot the other with a pistol. Apparently there was a witness. Gumshoe can't give me info on the witness though, it's confidential.

All my conversation options are over. I only have one thing I can do, present my attorney badge. I guess I have to present it to Edgeworth. I do so. I ask Edge to let me defend him. Edge says he can't trust me. I only have 3 trials under my belt. He says every defense attorney he's asked has turned him down for fear they'd lose. Phoenix can't take this case. This opens up a new conversation option. Did you do it? Phoenix asks. Edge doesn't really respond. He says Phoenix can't take the case. Now it's back to Gourd Lake. There's a new conversation option with Gumshoe. Gumshoe says that Edge is a bit of a celebrity. So if you defend him and lose, your reputation would take a hit. And he says the case against Edge is solid. So maybe Edge is trying to protect Phoenix? Gumshoe says it doesn't make sense. After the Steel Samurai case, Edge was always saying "Wright, Wright, Wright".

On a side note, I'm really enjoying this quest to get Edge to take me. Fun plotline.

Ahh now the police arrive! Gumshoe has to go for an investigation briefing. He asks if I have anything else to ask. I go for an autopsy report. There is none yet. He says I should stop by the precinct later. I also can now explore the park.

Ok time to check out this park. I am now at a beach in the park by the lake. Ooook. I retrieve a party popper at the beach >_>. Great evidence imo. Now I'm at the Gourd Lake woods. Theres someone camping here. So they may know something about the murder. Haha, there's a no camping sign where this person is camped. Hmm, there is also a camera here with a sound detector. Our voices don't set off the camera, so we use the party popper (which sounds like a gun), and the camera takes a million shots. Interesting. Makes this seem like it was a set up of some sort. Now that that happened, a lady runs out and yells at us. She's weird >_>. I try talking to her but she is too busy changing film. I present my attorney badge, and now she's willing to walk. Her name is Lotta, Lotta Heart. LOTTA HEART!?!? REALLY?!?! She's photographing meteor showers. Her camera is programmed to take shots when loud noises happen, this is added to evidence. I now present her camera to her. Phoenix says that maybe she got a shot of the murder. She says maybe, and goes to look at her film. I have to come back later.

Now I'm off to the boat rental shop. Eh, nothing there. Now I'm off to the police station. Gumshoe emerges from his meeting, but he doesn't look very happy. Conversation reveals that the victim cannot be ID'd, and Edgeworth still hasn't said anything. He says that everyone thinks Edge did it. I think it's funny that Gumshoe trusts Edge so much, based off what he says for the detective is a sham option >_>. I also now get the autopsy report. Cause of death was a bullet to the heart, the person died sometime on the 24th or the 25th. Also, Maya thinks she recognizes the picture of the victim. Hmmm.

Well, back to the beach I guess. There's Lotta! She says she got 2 pictures of the murder last night! She also says she's a witness, she just forgot >____>. She asks if she should go talk to the cops. I say yeah. The photo doesn't reveal much. It was foggy so you can't see who it was out there. Phoenix asks Lotta to tell him what happened, but she refuses! JERK! Now I attempt to leave but I am stopped by SANTA!! It's HAIRY BUTZ! I mean, Larry Butz. He sells hot dogs down here. Phoenix asks if he has heard anything on the murder. He also tells him that Edgeworth is the accused. Larry knows Edge too! Edge was in the same class as Phoenix and Larry in grade school!!! Pheonix, Edge and Larry used to hang out all the time. Crazy. Wow, apparently he used to want to be a defense lawyer and defend the weak and such. I wonder how he changed.

Larry starts talking about this Gourdy monster. Holy crap! I think this was referenced in case 1-3 when you examine Powers's bag. I love how they foreshadow future cases. They did the same with the steel samurai. Anyway, the article in the paper about Gourdy says there was a bang before the monster appeared. Phoenix seems to suspect something about this article, so he takes it. Also, checking the court record, that photo was taken at 12:15 AM on Dec 25. Could be important. Umm, Edgeworth still isn't at the detention center, so I go back to the police station. Gumshoe is in the questioning room with Lotta though. OK, now I go back to Wright's offices. Maya now remembers who the victim is! He was a lawyer that was at the office Mia worked at! Does this mean we get to go talk to Grossberg? Yep! Looks like I'm off to his office. I hope he isn't still offended by the fact that I thought he had a gay lover...

What! Grossberg's fisherman picture is still gone! Grossberg is shocked that Edgeworth would do it. I now present the autopsy report. He knows his name! His name is Robert Paulson! Err, Robert Hammond. I see. Wow. This all goes back to the DL-6 Incident AGAIN!?! Hammond was the defense attorney in the DL-6 Incident case. The DL-6 Incident happened 15 years ago. Aha. There's no way the killer was Edgeworth then. The guy said something about 15 years and revenge. Anyway, just for a refresher, the DL-6 incident was when the police used a spirit medium to try and catch a murderer. But it didn't work, Hammond and his defendant won the case. So I guess a prime suspect would be whoever the prosecuting attorney was. I would say Edgeworth's father but Larry said earlier he was a defense attorney. Oh wow! It turns out the victim in the case was Gregory Edgeworth! WOWOWOW! So that REALLY makes Edgeworth look like he could be guilty. Crap. Grossberg gives me a photo of Maya's mother. Misty Fey. BTW, Maya, Mia, Misty?! REALLY?!?! He says if I show it to Edge, he'll talk to me.

Well, back to the detention center. I'm excited to talk to Edge again! I show him the picture. He says that it has only been a matter of hours, but he's impressed with how far I've gotten in my investigation. Damn skippy! Edge says he's sorry that he rejected me before. He just wanted me to stay away from DL-6. He will now answer my questions! Excellent. I present the photo on the board. Edgeworth says he didn't do it. Finally.

Now I ask Edge about DL6. He says he saw his father shot and killed. He saw it all. Awesome music playing. He says it was clear who had done it, and the spirit medium had confirmed it, but a man named Robert Hammond got the killer's name cleared. He says that 3 days from now, DL-6 would be gone forever due to the statute of limitations or something. It means the case would be cleared from the record because it would be 15 years. Oh boy, so I'm guessing we find both Hammond's killer and Edge's father's killer in this case! I'm guessing Edge because a prosecuting attorney because Hammond made him hate defense attorneys. This also explains why he always tries so hard for guilty verdicts. Very interesting. Now Edge asks me to defend him! YESS! Phoenix says now he can finally pay him back. Edgeworth asks for what, Phoenix doesn't say. Edge gives me a letter of request for Gumshoe.

I get to the police and Gumshoe is upset about Lotta's statement. I guess she is gonna make Edgeworth look guilty. Gumshoe says that she said she saw Edgeworth fire the pistol. WTF! She says she plans on enlarging the picture, and it'll show Edgeworth then. Also, the other witness is now not coming to trial. Odd. I now show the request papers to Gumshoe, which makes him happy. Also, this didn't seem important, but I'm beginning to suspect it will be. There was an earthquake that really frightened Edgeworth earlier, he is very scared of them I guess. Anyway, TO BE CONTINUED! I guess it's trial time tomorrow.

Oh god I just realized I'm going up against a new prosecuting attorney this time. Manfred Von Karma. HE HASN'T LOST A CASE IN HIS 40 YEAR CAREER?!? NOOOOO! Well... Phoenix is 3-0... thats gotta mean something! Edgeworth says he is a "god of prosecution". Edgeworth says he'll do ANYTHING for a guilty verdict. By that he means even more than Edgeworth himself would have ever done for one. Uh oh. Edgeworth says to imagine a prosecutor 10x more vicious than himself. Ugh. He also says than Karma is 20x more ruthless! Also, Karma apparently taught Edgeworth some stuff. Time to head in and see what this Karma guy looks like. I'm super nervous! WHOA this guy is intense. The judge asks if he is ready... "fool, you think I would stand here if I was not completely prepared?" Crap! INTENSE!

Gumshoe is on the stand first. WHoa. Next he says that he will testify about the arrest. The judge says that it is his job to handle proceedings. Karma does a FINGER WAG and says NO, you're only job is to slam your gavel and say guilty. LOL, this is crazy. They are going a bit over the top here with this guy >_>.

WITNESS TESTIMONY. Karma ORDERS me to begin my cross-examination. What the HELL! Karma's Objection is SO DEEP HOLY CRAP. His finger wag is incredible. LOL, I press Gumshoe on how long it took them to get to the lake. He says it took three minutes, their motto for the month was "get there quick". Karma OBJECTIONS and tells Gumshoe not to casually reveal department secrest! Hahaha. Karma does a crazy thing where he snaps his fingers too. Haha. Pressing makes it so the pistol bullet shows up as evidence now. Also, I press him on the murder weapon being decisive evidence. He says there were clear fingerprints from Edgeworth's right hand. The gun is now accepted as evidence. Well, this looks bad. The bullet was also fired from the pistol. That ends that.

Hahaha, Karma wants a 10 minute recess and he orders the judge give it to him, and he does. After the recess we will hear from the witness.

We talk to Edgeworth outside. He admits he was the man on the boat, but he didn't shoot him. He thought at the time it was a suicide. But he doesn't know. Haha, Maya goes on about how she's useless when she can't summon Mia. I'm tempted to tell her she is useless, but I tell her that I need her here >_>.

Now Lotta takes the stand. Karma tells her not to add anything "trivial or subjective" to her testimony. Let's do it. Lotta talks about the murder. She describes hearing two bangs, which is interesting. She also says nothing else was on that lake. The judge is about to pronounce him guilty... OBJECTION! Phoenix wants his cross-examination! Karma says that when Phoenix flounders and finds nothing, he will hold him in contempt of court. Uh oh. Maya asks if I saw any contradictions, I can answer yes or no. I say I did see something little. Ok, let's do it. I try and press, and it looks like I have her stumbling a little bit, but Karma constantly Objects before I can really talk to her. Damn!

I press her last statement about nothing being on the lake. She says she scanned the whole lake and didn't see anything else. Phoenix notes that she seemed more interested in the lake than with the boat. He's about to talk more but OBJECTION. Karma is all over him! haha, whenever Karma objections he says "objection sustained" >_>. I press her on everything. It's obvious she didn't actually see it happen, but Karma objections me too fast. I am now warned, any more outburts and I'll be thrown out. Now MAYA speaks up with a HOLD IT! She says Lotta's testimony stinks! She asks if Lotta really saw the murder. Lotta says yes she did, she saw Mr. Edgeworth! Karma objections and wants me thrown out. The Judge is going to do it! WHAT THE HECK!! Maya says it was her that made the ourburst. Karma says it doesn't matter anyway. All thats left is the guilty verdict. I can either say right or wrong... WRONG!!! Phoenix points out that she just said she saw Mr. Edgeworth, which wasn't in her testimony! BAM! TAKE THAT YOU ***** KARMA! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!

Maya is now kicked out of the courtroom, but Phoenix has earned the right to crossexamine Lotta again. I only get one statement to work with, that she clearly saw Edgeworth. AHHH! I get a strike for pressing?!?! THATS NOT FAIR! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!! Anyway, I need to present some evidence it seems. The best option would probably be the picture of the murder. Yes! It works! Karma is still cool, he says thats why he didn't want her to say that in the testimony. So now we get another TESTIMONY on how she saw Edgeworth. She says she brought her binoculars and used them.

LOL, when I press her on something she says us hasty yankees would never get a southern gal. The judge says that defense attorneys already have trouble getting girls. Phoenix says "Nobody loves me". HAHAHA. Karma is once again blocking Phoenix constantly. I now start questioning her on the binoculars. I tell her that if she was looking for shooting stars, she should have had a telescope. Phoenix also has doubts about the camera. Karma OBJECTIONS. But Phoenix comes right back! The judge says he can press further, but if he fails to find anything, he will be penalized. You know what, I'm beginning to think she was there to find Gourdy, not look for meteor showers. Anyway, I press her on her statement. Phoenix asks her why she would be at that lake, as it gets very foggy so it wouldn't be good for stargazing. I think I have to present her camera when she says her camera was set up to automatically take pictures of meteor showers. It's set up to take pictures of loud noises. HAHA! Phoenix says the camera was pointed at the lake yesterday! EAT IT LOTTA! Phoenix says she wasn't there to photograph shooting stars. The judge asks what she was trying to photograph. I decide to show evidence, I show the gourdy article. She tells me to prove to her thats what she was taking a photo of. I guess the camera is the proof? I present it, and it works!

Phoenix says that she was there to take photos of Gourdy. She admits it! HAHA, Karma says it means nothing. I just wasted several minutes proving that "the witness is an idiot who believes in monsters". Hot DAMN Karma is so over the top and awesome. She now has to revise her testimony to say why she lied to the court. It's mostly the same, except now she admits that she's an investigative photographer and not a research student. Judge says I can cross-examine... OBJECTION! Wow! Karma says theres no point. He really doesn't let up eh?

Phoenix OBJECTIONS back and gets his cross-examination! Ha Karma! Ha! This is my LAST CHANCE to cross-examine the witness. If there's nothing important, than she's leaving, and a verdict will come in. Uh oh. BAM, I think I found a contradiction. After pressing she says she only has the one picture from last night, but earlier she said there were two bams. I feel like the autopsy report saying a single bullet is the only thing I have to present... DAMN IT. A strike against me! The pressing seems to imply that I should present when she said she was just looking at the boat. So I guess thats what I have to go for. I present the Gourdy picture on that statement. It works! Phoenix says she'd be scanning the whole lake for Gourdy after hearing a BAM. She admits she didn't really see the boat! She just wanted to be a witness at a murder trial. She is about to talk about enlarging the photo... but Karma cuts her off! He says "you've had a long day so shut your piehole" hahaha.

Now Phoenix remembers that she said she enlarged the photo. I can either make her show it or not. I choose to have her show it. Lotta reveals that Karma told her not to show it! Hahaha! The photo is now enlarged. It still doesn't really show who it is. So now the cross-examination is over. He's about to give his decision. Phoenix says there has to be SOMETHING in the photo.


Object to the enlargement

Show other evidence

Wait and See

I look at the photo in the record before going further. In some ways that photo makes it look like he's not shooting at the victim, it makes it look like he's shooting at something else. But maybe I'm just looking for something in it too much. Screw it! I decide to object to the enlargement! RAWR! I highlight the gun. Haha! I didn't even notice that. Phoenix says that the left hand contradicts something. Exacly! The pistol has Edge's RIGHT hand fingerprints! I now present the pistol. The man shooting the pistol is not Edgeworth! YOU TELL EM PHOENIX! YOU TELL EM! Now Karma asks, if Edge didn't do it, who could have?


Lotta Hart

The victim himself


Edge was saying the victim himself earlier, so I go with that. Karma says theres no way it could have been suicide. Autopsy shows that he was shot from a meter away at least. Crap. Well, we now get another day extension though thanks to the conflicting evidence. Edgeworth and Phoenix don't have a very friendly chat outside. Edge says to tell Maya to be careful what she says in court. Some of Lotta's testimony is now in my evidence. To be continued...

Maya is in jail now I guess. I talk to her at the detention center. She's been in jail for murder and contempt of court and she's only 17! She says she'll be let off after questioning though. Hmm. Well I go to the police station to start. Nothing there. Now to Gourd Lake. I go back to the campsite and Gumshoe is there. I find out Karma will bust out the other witness tomorrow. Also, Gumshoe thinks Edgeworth's fear of earthquakes, his hate of crime, and the fact that he became a prosecuting attorney are all connected to the DL-6 Incident. Gumshoe says he is going to leave now and get Maya out of jail. Also, Edgeworth is posting bail. Sweet! Now it's back to the detention center to get Maya out. After thats done, I go to the Wright office, then to the park. Lotta is there! She says she wants to make it up to me, so she is gonna talk to me. Lotta says "I'll be fine next time I witness a murder" hahaha. Lotta now says she has info for me! Karma didn't want her to say something! OMGOMG! Ouch, she won't tell me until I find her info on Gourdy. "ugh". Filler! Well, I'm off to the beach now. Larry is here! Maybe he knows something. Nope, doesn't seem like it. Now to the boat rental shop. Nothing. Now to the woods. I talk to Lotta for a bit, but nothing. Umm now to the police station? This is a kind of crappy investigation day.

Gumshoe says the police will be talking about Edge's motive today, the DL-6 incident. I tell about now about the deal with Lotta for Gourdy... yesss! He's gonna help me! He says I can choose between 3 secret weapons. A dog, Missle, woof! He's so cute! A fishing pole, and a metal detector. I choose the dog! I take missle to the beach... it's acting strangely! Missle ate every single samurai dog! lol! I guess that didn't work out. Now for the fishing pole! I go back... doesn't work >_>. Now, the metal detector! This is a pretty meh day I must say. I go to the boat rental shop, and the metal detector is beeping! We find an air tank with a string of flags attached. I go back to the police station to try and tell Gumshoe he sucks now...

Ahh rats, Gumshoe is in a meeting. Now I decide to go to the detention center, nowhere else to go honestly. Edgeworth is in questioning. Uhhhh, GEEEEZ. The investigations definitely are a bit of a flaw in the game, they go on too long, and they are generally way too uneventful. Now I go to Grossberg, for the hell of it. GROSSBERG IS ON VACATION. WOW. Back to Gourd Lake I suppose? I must have to do something with the air tank. Oh yeah, Larry was talking about air or something earlier. I go to the beach and present it to him.


Have you seen it before?

Is it yours?

I ask him if he's seen it before. His eye twitches, he gets nervous but he says he's never seen it. He asks why he would need it anyway.


To inflate something

To go diving

Wow, I'm getting somewhere I choose to inflate something, his samurai probably. I'm right! He said he tried to inflate it with that air tank and it didn't go so well. Could this be one of the bangs on the night of the murder? Wait! He says it want BAM and went off into the lake. This must explain Gourdy! Also, he went out and was on the lake the night of the murder! But he says he went home before midnight. Now I head over to Lotta. She asks if I have the scoop on Gourdy yet.




Gourdy doesn't exist.

I choose he doesn't exist. She asks for proof, I provide the air tank. Phoenix explains how the Steel Samurai was actually Gourdy. Aww, Lotta is sad. Lotta tells me the next witness is the caretaker of the boat rental place. She also gives me her second photo, which is just of the lake. I KNEW there was a 2nd photo! The photo was taken at 11:50, so there was a BAM at that point, for some reason. Now to talk to that guy.

I am now at the boat rental shop. Inside I go! Umm this is weird. There's a weird hobo looking guy, listed as "uncle". He thinks Maya is someone else. He asks if we will take the pasta shop when he dies, and assumes we say yes... Well... this is weird. Now he fells asleep. k. Apparently he thinks the boat rental shop is a pasta shop. The boats are only out there because people ask for boats. Sigh, this is annoying >_>. Talking got nothing, so I need to present I guess? I present a lot of stuff but nothing works, agh. Now I examine the room for the hell of it. I examine the Parrot, and discover its name is Polly. It's added to the court record, heh. The guy says Polly knows how to say lots of things, you just need to know the secret words. This opens up conversation about polly, excellent. Haha! He says he tells polly everything important because his memory has been so bad. Maya asks for the safe code, 1128. Awesome. So does this mean the parrot will testify to the court? >_>. I examine some photos of fish on the wall, Maya says they are all saltwater fish. Interesting. Oh yeah, I finally figure out that I should probably present my attorney badge. I always forget about that thing!

He recognizes it as a lawyer badge, which is odd. He offers to help if I run the Wet Noodle once the case is over. I could lie and say I will, but I'm a good guy! So I say I can't promise that. Umm, doesn't work. Phoenix promises he will run it, and now he's happy. Damn, I was trying to break the stigma of lawyers and lying but I failed! Oh, and he forgot that we aren't his kids, so he's back to calling us his kids names. Ha. Now I present the murder photo. Oh and I'm calling him "dad" now >_>. His murder account is pretty simple and we already know it all. The one interesting detail is that a "young man" walked by and was muttering something as he walked past the boat rental shop. He forgets what it was though.

Before they go Maya asks the parrot if they forgot anything. The parrot says "don't forget DL-6"! Whoa! Phoenix decides they need to do some more research on DL-6. He decides to talk to Gumshoe.

I get to the station and start talking to Gumshoe. He can't figure out who that old guy is either. Gumshoe says Edgeworth forbade them from opening the DL-6 file, but he says if I can find something that shows this case is tied with DL-6, then he would consider opening up the file. The parrot! I present the parrot, and I get results! Wooo! Phoenix tells Gumshoe that the man could be connected to DL-6. Gumshoe gives us access to the records department! Yesss. Phoenix makes a mental note that they were 9 when DL-6 happened, and that Edge transferred after it happened.

The killing happened in the elevator of the district court, the same district court where the trial has been taking place. There was a large earthquake at 2PM that day. Part of the court building collapsed, and the lights went out. There were three people in the elevator. It took them 5 hours to be rescued. They all passed out from lack of oxygen. Gregory Edgeworth was found dead from being shot when they were rescued. It wasn't a suicide, and 2 shots were fired. The suspect's name was Yanni Yogi. A court clerk. He was the other person in the elevator, but was found innocent. He never remembered the incident due to brain damage from the lack of oxygen. We take some of the DL-6 files and leave. Whew, that was intense. Finally some of the investigation got good! Obviously the Boat Rental guy fits as the suspect in DL-6. Anyway, to be continued...

COURT TIME! WOOOOOOO! Karma refuses to say he is ready once again.

Judge: Opening statement prosecutor?

Karma: ...

Judge: Ok then...

Karma: OBJECTION. Not so fast judge, I was taking a meaningful pause before speaking!.

Karma predicts today's trial will end three minutes from now! Gutsy! The judge asks what the meaning of this is... OBJECTION! Karma asks why he must constantly question him. Now he gets his witness to the stand so he can end this.

Karma: State your profession!

Uncle: I am the propietor of the Wet Noodle at Gourd Lake.

Karma: ... *KARMA SNAP*

Uncle: And I errr rent boats

We are about to get a testimony. I objection that we never heard his name. I would like to hear it as I suspect he is Yanni, but Karma OBJECTIONS back and says he made a 3 minute prediction so he isn't wasting time with trivial questions. The judge makes him state his name. He says he doesn't remember. Karma says he doesn't remember anything past the last several years. He can't recall his own name. Definitely Yanni. Ok, now WITNESS TESTIMONY. Oh and this is all incredibly unrealistic >_>. I guess he hasn't filed his taxes for a while!

lol, the Judge now says to begin the cross-examination, but Karma OBJECTIONS. He says theres only 10 seconds left, JUDGE, VERDICT, NOW. I choose to cross-examine however. LOL, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGRH. Three minutes just passed! Karma is pissed!

I press the hell out of his testimony, but I'm not really finding anything out. Karma is once again objectioning me constantly. Finally, after I press, Yanni says he is CERTAIN that the guy who walked by said "I can't believe he's dead" and he's SURE that it was Edgeworth. Oh and then he passes out. Well then. The judge seems like he is going to give a verdict so I OBJECTION, but Karma OBJECTIONs back. I OBJECTION AGAIN! RAWR!!! HE DOES IT BACK! WHAT A BATTLE! Karma asks for proof that he is lying. Phoenix can think of nothing. Maya starts trying to go for Mia. Geeez does she really have to bail me out again?

Karma is proud of himself that he ended it in 15 minutes. The judge says that there doesn't seem to be any room for the facts to be mis-interpreted. The verdict is clear. The court finds the defendant... GUILTY. WHAT WHAT. NOOOOOO!


Larry says he wasn't sure till yesterday, but he heard the gunshot too! He was in the park the night of the murder! Larry says he heard something in the testimony different from what he remembered! He wants to testify! The judge now withdraws his verdict. 5 minute recess then Larry will testify! Edgeworth notes that the secret to Karma's success is he only runs perfect trials. Complete evidence, fully prepared witnesses. So he is not used to the unexpected. Ok, time for WITNESS TESTIMONY from Larry.

Larry gives a pretty vague testimony. He says he heard one gunshot then decided to leave. Larry says he couldn't see a boat after the bang. Hmmm. Is this where that 2nd photo comes into play?

BTW I just check the DL-6 file and Yanni's fiancee who commited suicide was named POLLY. Oh man!

I present Lotta's statement that she heard 2 gunshots. It feels weird trying to pick apart Larry's testimony considering he is on my side >_>. Larry is caught in a contradiction! Oh god, he says he had HEADPHONES on so he isn't sure how many gunshots there were! Karma says this is a bad witness, and this is a waste of time. Phoenix pleads to let him testify again, so he is going to. His new testimony says that he was listening to the radio real loud. Karma says he probably heard a drum beat! He isn't a good witness. The Judge agrees... OBJECTION. Phoenix steps up! Phoenix says that Butz remembers exactly what the DJ said when he heard the gun shot. So no music was playing! Nice point. So, now for cross-examination.

haha, Phoenix "can't believe" he's continuing this charade. Ouch. I press on the thing where he says he knew what the DJ said when the gunshot happened. She said "Hey! It's almost Christmas!" See, this is why I wanted to hear it. I figured it was time related. Haha, when you close up scrolling through the comments, Phoenix says this is the most ludicrous testimony he's ever heard. Nice. Anyway, now I press on what the DJ said. Geez, I'm not sure what to present, except maybe the 2nd lake photo. I feel like this present has to be verifying what Butz is saying, not contradicting him. Blah, the second photo doesn't work. Theres a strike. I guess I do need to contradict him >_>. Umm, this time I present the other photo and it works. This is a really weird cross-examination. Larry is on my side, but I'm trying to pick apart his testimony. Phoenix points out that the gunshot was at 12:15 according to Lotta's photo, but according to the testimony, it was still Christmas Eve. Dun Dun Dun.

Karma says the witness is wrong. Now I have the option to say Larry is either wrong or right. I say he is right! Ok NOW I'm guessing I'll show the other photo. Phoenix points out that the camera was set to go off on loud noises. Thus, there was some sort of gunshot at 11:50. Phoenix says there were 2 sets of gunshots, 25 minutes apart. Blah, Karma says the noise could have been a sneeze! Now I have to prove that there was a gunshot at 11:50. The gun in the evidence says it was fired 3 times, so that has to be it, right? Phoenix says that the first shot was at 11:50, and the other 2 shots were the ones that the previous witnesses. The judge asks why this would happen, and Karma agrees. He says it doesn't make sense! Uh oh...

PHOENIX SAYS HE KNOWS! HE HAS IT! OMGOMG TELL ME! He says the murderer had the same ideas as the one in the steel samurai case. Hmmm. He says he has to run with an idea, even though it could be risky. Phoenix says the entire case is now cleared up! He claims that Hammond was killed 25 minutes before the boat incident. Or shot then anyway. Oh god, Karma asks me who is on the boat then I wish I found this out from Edgeworth!


The murderer and Hammond

Edgeworth and the murderer

Edgeworth and Hammond

Edgeworth has admitted he was on the boat. And if Hammond was dead it can't have been him. So I say Edge and the murderer. Phoenix says it. He says that he thinks Hammond called Edge to meet him at the lake and that the murderer was disguised as Hammond. Edgeworth doesn't know his face that well so he didn't suspect anything. Karma says this is LUDICROUS!

The judge asks for the murderer's name now...




I don't know.

Umm, I don't know would be the best option. Karma says I'm wasting his time! Phoenix says he doesn't know because we don't know his name! IT'S THE BOAT RENTAL SHOP GUY! The judge asks me where the murder took place then. Umm, I assume the boat shop, so I mark that. Phoenix explains that Larry could hear the gunshot despite his headphones thanks to the fact that it happened so nearby. Now I have to say what happened that night from the beginning. Let's do it. Phoenix says that the boat shop guy called Hammond over then killed him. Then he met Edge on the boat. The judge asks who fired the pistol. I say the caretaker. He fired twice and missed on purpose. Karma asks why the murderer had to fire twice.


Because the first shot missed

To create a witness.

I say to create a witness. First one doesn't make sense if he missed them both on purpose. Phoenix says the caretaker shot twice, once so anyone around would be watching, then shot again, then jumped into the lake. The judge wants the caretaker to be taken to the stand! Alright! While we are waiting, Edgeworth will take the stand.

Yesss, are we finally gonna get the whole story? Edge says Phoenix was astonishingly close to being completely correct. Edge said he got a letter from Robert Hammond. The letter said to come to the boat shot at midnight on christmas eve to discuss something important. Edge won't say what it is. THE GUARD NOW ENTERS! The witness is gone! We now get another day extension! Wooo! The judge wants that witness found ASAP. The judge also wants to know who he is.

Now we are outside. Edgeworth says he doesn't think he is off the hook yet. There is something that has been troubling him, and he isn't sure if he should tell Phoenix. Edge says he's been having a nightmare. A nightmare of a crime he committed, a nightmare of a murder. Wut.

Back at Wright's office. Larry wants us to bow before him >_>. GOOD FOR YOU LARRY. Phoenix is glad for his help. Larry says there's no telling if Edge is telling the truth with his story, but Phoenix says he will trust Larry and Edge till the end. He wants to tell a story about how Larry and Edge saved him when they were young, and it's why he became a defense attorney. Larry looks proud of himself but he says he forgot. It's "kind of a long story".

It was 4th grade. Phoenix was on trial, class trial. A kid in his class got his lunch money stolen. Phoenix was the only one not in class that day, so everyone thought he did it. They did a classroom trial. Even the teacher thought he did it. He was being forced to apologize, when out of nowhere... OBJECTION. He shouldn't have to apologize! lol! It's EDGEWORTH! He says the only thing that belongs in a trial is evidence! Amateurs! Wooo 9 year olds! Butz defended Phoenix too. The teacher said she would replace the money herself and the trial ended. Wow, that was kinda lame honestly >_>.

This is borderline creepy >_>. Phoenix says once Edge moved away, years later he read articles about him in the papers, about the kind of prosecutor he had become. He tried to contact him but he never replied. He became a defense attorney so Edge would have to meet up with him in court. He says Edge is all alone and he's the only one who can help him. Anyway, new goal is to find out who this boat shop guy is. Let's do it! Back to Gourd Lake! We run into Gumshoe and he promises the boat guy will be in custody for the trial tomorrow. Now I go to the rental shop. Grossberg sighting! He says if I find anything out I should come to his office, and he can help me out. Now into the actual shop. Haha, now I can open the safe. I use Polly to get the number again, and open it.

WHOA REVELATION! The safe has a letter with complete instructions on how to kill Hammond and frame Edgeworth for it. So Yanni was following someone elses instructions eh? Intriguing! This could be getting good!

Well I suppose it's Grossberg time then? Ahh rats he isn't there. Police station then. Haha nope. DETENTION CENTER then. Geeez! Edgeworth is there. Maya tells Edge about why Phoenix became a defense attorney. Edgeworth says Phoenix is simple... almost to a fault. He hasn't changed a bit. Phoenix tells Edge maybe he changed a bit too much. Heh. As I suspected a while back, Edge says that after DL-6 he couldn't defend criminals. He started to hate defense attorneys since Hammond got Yanni off the hook. We also talk about Karma a bit. Edge seems to almost look up to him. Now I present that letter to Edge. The letter makes Edge realize that the old man is Yanni Yogi. Edge talks about how Yanni got off thanks to temporary insanity. Now he seems ready to tell me about this memory/nightmare he's had.

The time has come to tell all. For the last 15 years he's had the same dream almost every night. It's from the elevator, the DL-6 incident. Yanni started attacking his father in the elevator for using up air. Edge sees a pistol... and throws it at Yanni, and it went off, killing his father I guess. Wow. Edge says this letter confirms that he was the true criminal in DL-6. Damn...

Now to grossberg I guess... poor Edgey. We tell Grossberg the story. He think it's true, and he thinks the last chance thing makes sense thanks to the statute of limitations. He tells us a little bit about Gregory Edgeworth, and how he hated the ways of von Karma. They talk about the spirit medium that called Gregory Edgeworth. Grossberg thinks maybe the ghost of Gregory Edgeworth lied to protect his son. I show Grossberg the letter now. Phoenix wants to know why he'd need revenge on Hammond. Grossberg says Hammond fought for himself not for his clients, he didn't trust them. He got Yanni free, but ruined him socially. He says we'll find out soon enough. Now he says he has seen this handwriting before! He asks if I have any idea who wrote this.


Miles Edgeworth

Yanni Yogi

Manfred von Karma

WHAT at that last option. I guess it's the only real choice though. I go with it. YES! IT IS VON KARMAS HANDWRITING! NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY!

Oh my god! Grossberg says that if Karma knows about the incident, then he is going to bring it up tomorrow constantly until Edge is found guilty! Noooo! Grossberg isn't sure how von Karma would know. But he says he might be getting revenge on Edge to get back at his father. Manfred won the case against Gregory Edgeworth, but he didn't come out unscarred. Edgeworth claimed faulty evidence and it stood. It was the only penalty ever against Karma, a blow to his perfect trial record. Grossberg says von Karma will try and get Edgeworth to plead guilty to the DL-6 murder tomorrow. Phoenix says he won't let him! WOOO! He says he believes in Edge! He knows he's innocent! GO PHOENIX!

Now I go back to the police station. We ask someone if we can go into the records room again. He says we can as long as von Karma is in there! Holy crap! CONFRONTATION TIME!! Aww rats, he isn't here. Theres an open drawer however. I examine it. THE FILES FOR DL-6 ARE EMPTY!!! KARMA ARRIVES! Haha, he doesn't recognize Phoenix. He doesn't usually recognize defense attorneys, they are just bugs to be crushed! Phoenix asks him why he took Edge under his wing if he had a grudge against his father. He won't respond to that. Karma also basically says he will bring up DL-6 tomorrow. He was 9 years old and it was on accident! COME ON NOW!

Now I show Karma the letter. HOLY CRAP HE ADMITS TO WRITING IT! He told Yanni to burn it after he read it. HOLY CRAP! Oh my god Karma is gonna hit me with a stun gun! MAYA STEPS IN AND GETS SHOCKED! SHE TELLS PHOENIX TO RUN! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO HE GOT THEM BOTH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Maya and Phoenix get up. Maya is sad. She says she is useless as a lawyer and as a spirit medium. She wishes she hadn't woken up at all. Damn... Apparently Maya managed to grab some evidence though. A "DL-6 bullet". The bullet that was in Gregory Edgeworth. Phoenix says he'll prove to Maya she isn't useless tomorrow. WOW am I really going in with like no evidence?! This is insane!!! X_X. I'M SO PUMPED THOUGH! LET'S DO IT! TO BE CONTINUED!

It's trial day. Edgeworth looks glum as usual. Gumshoe enters and says they got the caretaker guy. Man, I almost forgot about him in the excitement of everything else. Karma arrives and he's acting a bit different today. Yanni is now on the stand. Karma says he will testify as to why he left court. Ok then. He says he went to buy some food for Polly. He says he would need a "motive" thing and he doesn't have one, so he figured he wasn't really involved in this anymore. So his testimony stands as is. Cross-examination time. Phoenix says to himself that this is Yanni Yogi and he's gonna prove it! DO IT PHOENIX! PROVE IT!!!

On a side note I check out my evidence, and it turns out I do still have all my other DL-6 stuff. Phew. Another interesting note is the DL6 case file says the gun was fired twice. Interesting.

I'm pressing, but as usual Karma is all over me, not letting me do much of anything. At one point Phoenix starts accusing him of knowing who he is, but Karma demands proof. RATS. The judge asks me why I keep going on about the witness's memory. Phoenix says because when he says he has no motive he is LYING. RAWR! The judge asks me for the witness's name. I answer with Yanni Yogi. Karma says that is fascinating but I need to prove it! Phoenix asks for Yogi's fingerprints. TSK TSK TSK from Karma. Crap! The witness HAS NO FINGERPRINTS! He used to work at a chemical plant and burned his fingers I guess. Phoenix thinks to himself that Yogi burned them off himself to hide his past. Karma mocks Phoenix and says maybe he should cross-examine the parrot for comic relief... Phoenix thinks... HE WANTS TO DO IT! HE WANTS TO CROSS-EXAMINE THE PARROT! LOL!!! AWESOME!

Phoenix: I would like to cross-examine the witness's pet parrot!

Awesome! Karma objects, PHOENIX OBJECTS BACK! He says it was Karma's idea. Karma lets him do it! Yessss. Karma says Phoenix better be ready for the consequences if this turns up nothing.

Lol! The parrot is now on the stand. Awesome. WITNESS TESTIMONY, Who is your owner? Oh god this is epic.

Polly just says Hello! Hello! Judge: "Certainly the most concise testimony we've had so far."

I press, and Phoenix tells Maya to talk to her.


Have we forgotten something?

Whats your name?

Whats the safe number?

Ooooh the top option looks good. Let's get the parrot to say DL-6! DAMN IT! It doesn't work! The parrot just says Hello! Hello! Karma looks pleased! Phoenix suspects he may have retrained the parrot! Ugh. This time I go with "What's your name". The judge asks if this has anything to do with the owners identity. I say yes. I'm remembering the case file where his wife's name was Polly. The judge asks for proof, and I show the DL6 case file. They ask what page the info is on, I go with suspect data. Karma says it is a mere coincidence! Maya says they need just one more bit of evidence. Now I go with the safe number option. The judge asks if this has anything to do with the trial. I look at the DL6 case file once more... HOLY CRAP! THE DATE WAS 12/28! The safe number is 1228! YES YES YES. I answer yes. Karma wants proof! I present the case file.

Karma: This is not tangible proof! I set my ATM card's number to 0001 because I'm number one!

he judge says that two coincidences seems like a pattern to him. He wants the caretaker brought here immediately! The judge asks for the witness's name... OBJECTION! Karma says the witness doesn't remember. STOP! It's Yanni! He looks way different! He was just acting feeble to hide his identity I guess. He says his name is Yanni Yogi. YOGI ADMITS TO KILLING HAMMOND! NO WAY! NO WAY! He said he was innocent the whole time, but Hammond made him act like he had brain damage to win the case. He did win the case but he lost everything else. I guess that was what Grossberg was talking about. Yogi admits to doing it. He is under arrest. Now Miles is taking the stand. Miles is NOT GUILTY! Court is adjourned! OBJECTION! EDGEWORTH OBJECTS! NO YOU FOOL!

Edgeworth is about to confess to DL6! NO NO NO! You dumb ****! I WILL KILL YOU! I can either object or leave it to Edgeworth. I object damn it! Karma brings up how Larry spoke up yesterday, so we have to hear Edge. Edge confesses to DL6. Karma says we need to try this man RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Whoa. We are taking a 5 minute recess so the judge can decide what to do. Wow.

Outside, Maya asks what Phoenix is doing. He's going through the Court Record preparing a case! I don't believe it! YES PHOENIX YES! He's going to prove Miles is innocent! Wright says to trust him, he knows he can do it. DAMN. I was honestly about to say this was a pretty underwhelming trial based on the hype, but now I'm REALLY pumped!

Well, the trial is now resuming. Karma says the trial is basically already over. He wants Edge to confess and then be cross-examined. The trial needs to end today because of the statute of limitations. Let's do it! Phoenix thinks that Karma knew thia would happen from the very beginning. Maybe thats why Karma took Edge under his wing. To install ideals in him so he would confess to DL6 one day, thus getting revenge on Gregory. Anyway time for a TESTIMONY from Edgeworth. Phoenix says that he noticed one detail missing from Edge's story yesterday. He needs that to work.

Edgeworth tells the story of his dream. It's the same as ever. Yogi and Gregory were fighting, he threw the gun, it went off and killed Gregory. The gun fired TWICE according to the case file. BAM! I am so getting him on that. I press his testimony all the way just for kicks. It comes up that Karma was the prosecuting attorney that day. After pressing, I present the case file off when Edge says "single" gunshot. Karma tells me that I sure love pulling out that case file. He asks me what page it's on. Victim Data is the answer. Phoenix says the first shot was the accidental shot, so who fired the second shot? Yess this is getting good! Karma says that the evidence is dated. We have no proof as to when the second shot was fired. He says the gun could have been fired the day before. The judge asks if I have any evidence that the other shot fired has something to do with this case. Checking my court record... HOLY CRAP! I never noticed that! I look at the photo of Gregory dead. THERES A BULLET HOLE THROUGH THE WINDOW! OMG! YES YES YES! I say I have proof! Karma says thats impossible! I show the photo, but now I have to mark the proof. Haha stupid judge. I mark the bullet hole in the glass.

Phoenix says someone other than Edgeworth fired the 2nd shot! Oh no. Karma objects. He says to look closely at the case file. He says no clues were found at the scene. The second bullet was never found. It doesn't exist. Karma says something else made that bullet hole. The judge now says he has to discount my claim. Ugh!

Phoenix is giving up. Maya tells Phoenix he has to object! But Phoenix doesn't know what to do, he says it's over. Edge confesses the crime again. The judge is going to give his verdict. The judge asks if there are any objections. I say I have one! Phoenix stumbles, but now he gets visions of Mia! Mia says it must exist. Someone took it. The judge says that it's hard to find a stray bullet. He asks if there was a pressing need for the murderer to search for that bullet. I'm beginning to think Karma was the murderer.


The murderer had to find it.

The murderer didn't need it.

Now I have to say why they took it.


The bullet would be proof

the murderer was cautious.

I don't like either option. But why would the murderer take only one bullet? So I go with option 2. Blah! It didn't work. Penalty. Now I'm back to the first option. I guess I'll say the murderer didn't need it. Mia flashes again! Like hot flashes but more sexy. Mia says I'm thinking too normal, think CRAZY. Think why the bullet HAD to be taken. WHOA! Phoenix says for instance, what if the bullet hit the murderer? He realizes that could be the key. He says the murderer came from the outside!

Judge: Mr. Wright You are truly the most unpredictable defense attorney I've ever known.

Haha awesome. Maya reminds Phoenix about how Karma took a long vacation after the day when he got the first penalty on his record. AHA! I knew it! The judge asks if I'm going to say the name of a suspect.


Say it now

Save it for a better time.

I think I have to say it now. I do! karma gives a vicious smile. He asks me to produce evidence that he was shot. The only possible evidence I have is the bullet I have, but that came from Gregory Edgeworth's heart. However, saying you can't prove something never works, so I say I can! Wait, what about the METAL DETECTOR!?! WHAT IF IT'S STILL INSIDE OF KARMA! NO WAY! I PRESENT THE METAL DETECTOR. OMG IT WORKS! I DONT BELIEVE IT! I knew I had to still have that detector for some reason! Karma objects! He is sweating! He refuses! YES YES YES! He says this is a violation of his privacy! Phoenix says this needs to end today! The judge permits the use of the detector! BEEP BEEP BEEP! Metal found!

Karma now says it has nothing to do with this incident! ARE YOU SERIOUS?

He claims that the bullet has no relation to DL6! The judge asks him to prove it, and we get the finger wag! Karma tells Phoenix that HE must prove it! Karma tells him he has no DL6 evidence so he can't do it. Phoenix laughs. Pheonix says he can prove it! Karma looks nervous. I present the bullet that was in Gregory's heart. Phoenix says that we will remove the bullet from Karma, and compare it to the ballistic markings of the one that was in Gregory's heart.


Edgeworth recognizes the scream! Edgeworth said it was Karma that screamed! HOLY CRAP! Karma is banging his head repeatedly on a wall! HE'S NUTS! He says "You are your father are my curse!" He says that his father put a scar on his record, and Edge put a scar on his shoulder. I'LL BURY YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS! DEATH! DEATH! He's banging his head against the wall even faster! WOWOWOW!

He describes how he did it. He was distraught about the penalty on his record, he was out of it for hours. All of a sudden he came to in the court records room. He went to the elevator and was shot! Then the lights came on and the door opened. He saw three people inside, lying unconscious. He grabbed the pistol, and shot Gregory Edgeworth. Edgeworth never had any idea who did it, so when he talked to the spirit medium he blamed Yogi!

Miles is NOT GUILTY... again. >_>.

Outside, Edge says he doesn't know how to say this. Maya says to say "thank you". So he says it. Gumshoe comes in and says WHOOOOOOOOOP! He thanks Phoenix and says dinner is on him! Maya tells Edge thats how you do it. So Edge says.... WHOOOOOOOOOOOP. LOL. More chatter. Larry comes by and gives Edge a gift... 38 bucks! He stole Edge's money! Oh god, so many case resolutions from 15 years ago >_>. Haha, Phoenix says if he had known, he might have become a prosecutor. Edgeworth says if he had known what happened in his case, he woulda become a defense attorney. Funny.

Phoenix parties all night, he gets to the offices early and finds a letter from Maya. She says she's leaving to go train to be a medium full time. She thinks she is useless. Phoenix heads to the train station ASAP! He finds Maya there! He says he heard Mia during the trial. He says Maya helped a lot. Now I get to show evidence that she helped. I show the bullet. She says she's going to go finish her training and then come back.

Overall: What an insane roller coaster ride of a case. It's almost easy to forget that some of the early investigations were kinda boring. All I can remember is that last, amazing day of investigations and that epic end of the trial. That was just awesome. After Case 3 I'd say the game was maybe a 7.5 or so for me. But that case definitely put the game in the 8.3 range or so for me, what a finish! Oh and I guess I still have a case to go. So the game could get even better!

Case 1-5[]

Rise from the Ashes

I know that cases 1-1 to 1-4 are the official game and this is a bonus trial. So I'm curious how this goes. It's raining in town. We see two people stabbing in two different buildings. And a pot breaking odd.

It's been two months since Maya left, and Phoenix has worked no trials since then. He's had offers but has passed them all up... until now. A girl comes in and asks what the heck I'm doing. Her sisters trial is tomorrow. I ask who she is, and she says thats not important. It's important that you are Mia Fey. Uhhh what. I tell her I'm Phoenix Wright. She knows who Phoenix is... THE Phoenix Wright apparently. Phoenix says he's sorry but he's not taking any cases right now. I wonder why? The girl says it's for her sister. Phoenix is reminded of Maya and Mia, and thus decides to hear her out. This girls name is "Ema Skye" she's a scientific investigator. But she's only 16 or something. She says she promised her sister Mia Fey. I ask her about her relation. Her sister went to the same school as Mia in the past I guess.

Now I'm off to the detention center to talk to the sister. Whoa. She is pissed, she told the guard not to let any visitors in. She said something about the guard not getting a raise this year. Now the sister tells Ema that she told her NOT to come here. She says her name is Lana Skye, and she will be the one in court tomorrow, she didn't want Ema's help. And she knows who Phoenix is. She heard a lot from Mia. She's the chief prosecutor for this district! Whoa. Phoenix sees similarities between Ema and Lana and Mia and Maya. I now talk to her. She says there is something I should know. She already confessed to the crime. Phoenix asks her for what happened. She says the incident happened in the prosecutor's parking lot at 5:15 PM. A witness saw her do it. The body was found in the trunk of a subordinate, and she was caught red-handed. The victim was an investigator with the police department. Death was due to a loss of blood, he was stabbed once in the stomach. She says since a detective was found dead, they will use any means to find her guilty.

She's surprised Phoenix doesn't recognize her. She also has a cut on her hand. Which she got while stabbing the victim. She says she is not a very good criminal. Man, this is so interesting that she's confessing to it like this. And the chief prosecutor. I'm already kinda hooked on this case. I ask about how she knows Mia and I get a thing about how they were intellctually attracted to one another. She tells Phoenix there's no way he can take this case. She is guilty.

Ema tells Lana she never thinks of anyone but herself. She knows Lana didn't do it. She says she is going to be all alone. She hates her. Lana now tells Phoenix it is in his hands. But don't lose any sleep over it, since she already confessed. She leaves. Ema says she's not always like this. She used to smile a lot.

So now we are going to the parking structure where the murder happened. I guess Ema is my new tag along buddy for this case. Geez, whats with Phoenix and young girls >_>. Anyway, I'm off to the structure. What the heeeeeeeeeell!?!? Some dude dressed like a western cowboy stops me. He says "pardner" and uses ranch analogies. Well then. He also likes to trim his beard with a knife. Apparently Lana "kind of" knows him. Well, I guess I can investigate now.

I find a wallet on the ground. Phoenix is about to hand it over but Ema says not to. Phoenix puts it in his pocket. Now she is gonna show me how to examine evidence. I guess this is some of the new features. I can zoom in and twist around the wallet. I find an ID for a detective Bruce Goodman. It's added to evidence. More investigating when the SHERIFF GUY shows up again. Rats. He stops me. Ema just wants to know who the car belongs to that is all taped off. The sheriff tells me to go to the high prosecutor's office or something. I don't know, he confuses me. He leaves and tells me I can look around but I can't touch the car.

Now another lady comes. She's weird. She's handing out food or something. She also has large breasts. Apparently she's the witness!

Umm, well I lost some of my writeup in the switch between college and home. Angel was a bit annoying, and she didn't reveal anything too important. She comes around everyday to sell lunch, and she has a thing against prosecutors, so Phoenix thinks she may have a criminal history of some sorts. Anyway, my next stop is the high prosecutors office. When I get there I run into EDGEWORTH. Awww yeah! Apparently he's working this case! Nooooo! I was hoping he would become a defense attorney or something after 1-4. Ahhh well.

Edgeworth says it's a miracle he's still here. He asks if Phoenix has heard the rumors about him. Some people say he's responsible for this current incident for some reason. Because Lana put the victim's body in his car, and used his knife to do it. Well I guess thats it for Edgey. Errr... no triggers anywhere else so back to edgey! I examine his room, the trophy on the couch. It's a big K. The King of Prosecutors. Edge got the trophy. No idea why but it is added to evidence. I present it to Edge, and he says he missed a day of work to get the thing, because he had to go to the Police department to receive it. NOW after all that I can ask him more about the day of the crime. Kind of weird triggers. He says yesterday was "cleaning day" for the files of solved cases, and there was also the king of prosecutors ceremony yesterday. Edgeworth got back from the police at 5:12PM. He even has a parking stub to prove it!

WHAT IN THE HELL! Some GOOFY ass looking cop shows up and asks for Edgeworth. He says he has a report for Edgeworth, but it has no new evidence against Skye. Officer Meekins is this guys name. Edgeworth refuses the report and tells the cop he wont get a raise basically, lawl. Edge says I should go to the police station to ask more about the murdered detective.

What in the HELL. Theres some weird mascot out front, the "Blue Badger". Seriously wtf? Anyway, now we have GUMSHOE. Oh and I just checked all the evidence because I forgot about that feature, nothing interesting though.

Oh no! Gumshoe was kicked out of Criminal Affairs! NOOOO! Apparently regular detectives aren't allowed in for this case... so he was mastering the dance from the monkey >____>. He doesn't know much, but after I present all my stuff, the Goodman ID seems to be the next trigger. He knows Goodman, the victim. It was strange that he was at the prosecutor's parking lot yesterday when he should have been at the police station for evidence transferral apparently. Skye saying she called Goodman there seems to clear up that mystery. Oh snap, Gumshoe also says rumors are saying that Edge only took this case so he could take Lana's position. Gumshoe says the reality is that no one wants to do it so Edge is biting the bullet. Poor unselfish Edgey!

Umm I go back to Edge's office, and I examine stuff and find out he has some things from someone named Wendy. Interesting. Man I'm sure doing a lot of wandering around aimlessly here trying to find the triggers. I'm kind of interested in this case but the investigation is boring me, WHERE TO NEXT DAMN IT. Oh my god I think I figured it out, EXAMINING THE BLUE BADGER!!! Gumshoe made it, he's quite proud of it, and IT GETS ADDED TO EVIDENCE. Also, now Gumshoe gives me a letter of introduction so maybe they will let me examine the crime scene. Excellent! Now we're getting somewhere!

Back to the Underground parking lot and it's JAKE MARSHALL time, who apparently is going out with Angel? Anyway, time to talk to him. But he's not helpful at all. Ok I guess it's time to try the letter. Marshall asks me if it's for a birthday party, because instead of "introduction" it says "invitation" hahaha. I love Gumshoe. Oh and in case I didn't do it already, WESTERN THEMED GUY WITH LAST NAME MARSHALL... REALLY??! Oh and Ema notes that Marshall is too low of a rank to be heading this investigation, but the letter gives me access at least, woo.

At the crime scene I find a cellphone. We assume it belongs to the victim. With the "check" option I use the redial button to see who the victim last called... who is it... Ema says she recognizes the ringback tone... but now MARSHALL appears. He says the phone belongs to Lana Skye. Hmmm. Wait WHAT, apparently it was Phoenix's phone going off when he pressed the redial button. Marshall asks him about it, but Phoenix says someone else called him when he pressed the redial button. WTF. WTF. Also, the call was made immediately after the murder time, 5:18.

Now I go back to Marshall and he seems much more willing to talk. I get the autopsy report from him. Death due to loss of blood, one knife wound, dead within an hour and a half of 4 PM. Also, Marshall says Goodman and Skye had no connection and nothing in common at all, odd. They worked together on a case a few years back but thats it. Gumshoe mentioned that Goodman had to clean out evidence from a case 2 years back earlier, maybe that was the case they worked on together?

Now I ask Marshall about how he ended up in charge of the crime scene when he is only a patrolman.

Marshall: You callin' me out? They shoot you for that in Texas.

I'm starting to like this guy! He says he used to be a detective, he's working this because they are short of hands. Gumshoe got kicked off this case by the chief of police. Because of his ties to Edgeworth? Also, at one point Lana hints that Marshall and Lana used to go out. Marshall seems to imply that the reason Edgeworth was able to forge his evidence and such was because of the help of Lana, according to rumors.

We're finding out a lot of info, but I'm not quite sure which way the case is going to go with it. I feel like I still don't have any direction for tomorrow, despite a lot of investigating. What the hell. Once again I am not sure where to go next, I move around and nothing.

I present all my evidence to Marshall but it gets me nowhere. I try the same with Gumshoe and nothing, and I feel like I've examined everything possible at every place I've been to. augh. Finally I find this note thats on the trunk? I thought I had investigated the inside of the trunk already, but I guess you also have to investigate the actual trunk. Anyway I find some note that says Goodman on it, and it has some weird letters. It's from the victim I guess. It says 6-75, 12/2. Hmm. YESSS! It looks like we are done finding clues! Phoenix says they have a lot of stuff, but the fact that Lana is confessing still bothers him.

Now Phoenix is talking to Ema. OH MAN. So Lana called Ema at 5:18, right after the murder took place. Ema said she hung up right away. Phoenix says he has a bad feeling about this... To be continued. WOOO FINALLY.

TRIAL DAY!!! Lana says to not worry about the outcome. She is ready to accept her fate. Lana also tells me I should never believe my defendants, obviously the opposite of what Mia thought. But thats the difference between prosecution and defense attorneys I guess. Funny enough, if I'm not supposed to trust my defendant this time, that means she's innocent! Phoenix realizes he has no Fey to help him out this time, and I think thats a good thing personally!

Edgeworth starts off with some statements, mostly about personal feelings not interferring with the case. Ema notes that Edgeworth is very forceful in court and she "suddenly feels like confessing to everything". I know she has some haters, but I personally like her, I think she's pretty funny. Anyway, Angel Starr is taking the stand first. Umm... she gives everyone in the court lunch >_>. The judge loves it. First the Bellboy now this!

Edgeworth: Very well, start your statement.

Judge: The prosecution will wait! I'm not finished eating yet...

He's much more forceful without von Karma around! Holy crap! Apparently Angel used to be a detective. What the heck!?! Angel tells what happened, and says she saw it all, so the defendant was then arrested. The judge seems to like Angel, he tells her to "give em your worst!" : (. WITNESS TESTIMONY TIME. Time to see what the hell all this evidence is actually for >_>. The testimony seems pretty solid, and Angel asks me what it's like to be "utterly crushed". Ema tells me it's only a flesh wound, hahaha.

So it's time to press. Wow, I find out she was laid off by the prosecutors when pressing a pretty innocent looking statement. That could be important eventually. Also... I just realized. Angel has a hat that looks like a riceball? WHAT IN THE HELL!?!? Pressing also reveals she was in B Block when she witnessed the crime. More pressing makes Phoenix complain that she's a biased witness, and then she reveals SHE HAS A PHOTO OF LANA AT THE CAR WHAT. Wow, I press and no real flaws are revealed I don't think. Ema says it's a flawless testimony. On a side note, I hope all the presses are like that for the rest of the trial. Every press revealed something interesting, which is a nice change of pace from the other cases. I look at my evidence to see what I could press on. This is really tough, I don't see anything too obvious sticking out at all...

I feel like a lot of my evidence talks about what happened right before and right after the murder, but her testimony is all on the actual murder, which is making this tough. LOL I think I found it. They used this same thing in the last case, otherwise I may have never realized it. I figured the whole "right hand stabbing" thing was important, as it usually is. I then look at the trunk picture and notice she's closing it with her left hand. It seems ridiculous but it's my only shot... IT WORKS! NO WAY!!! Haha I was wrong but it worked >_>. Phoenix's point is that this photo is supposed to be of the moment of the murder, yet the prosecutor doesn't have a knife in her hand. Ummm... that seems like a dumb objection honestly. And yeah, Edgeworth says this photo is of AFTER the crime. Also, they note the "blood" on Lana as she is closing the trunk. Although it's a black and white photo so there's not really any telling. Umm I now objection for the hell of it. Oh, OK, so in the end this contradicts that she took the photo "the moment of" the crime. Angel gives a million food metaphors and they are annoying. But now Angel says that the crime was premeditated, and she points to the gloves that Lana is wearing in the picture. UH OH!!!

Phoenix is in shock! He's screwed! So now the testimony says "The murder was planned! The rubber gloves prove it!" I press that, and Phoenix gets pwned. The gloves weren't for driving or anything, they were the kind used for autopsies and such. Man, I'm not sure what could prove this wasn't planned. Hopefully there isn't a crappy evidence present like last time.

On a side note, I was just thinking about Lana, and the cut on her hand, yet the knife doesn't say any of the blood is from her. Interesting no? But that doesn't come into play right now, I just realized that while looking at evidence. AGH WHAT DO I DO?!?! lol, I randomly present the autopsy report and get a strike. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. Now I randomly present the knife and IT WORKS, lolol. Phoenix says that if the murder was premeditated, she wouldn't have just gotten the knife from the trunk of the car, she woulda had one ready. Oh, I assumed she stole the knife from his office or something. Edgeowrth laffs. NOOO DAMN IT. He says it doesn't matter to him whether I prove that it was premeditated. The prosecution only wants to prove that she did it. This UPSETS Angel, she thinks her deductive powers are being questioned. Edgeworth wants a testimony with only what she saw. So we are getting a new testimony. Not sure what of though.

Angel's new testimony is off of why she thinks it was premeditated. She points to the fact that Lana supposedly called Goodman there, and she says there must be past history. Now it looks the testimony is starting to have some flaws as it goes along. Her testimony is all speculation, so the presses make her look bad imo. But I need to present something. The main flaw in her testimony appears to be when she says "nothing else could drive that human machine to plunge the knife in again and again". She's getting emotional and overexaggerating, the autopsy report said there was one stab, so I present that.

Oh and I press that statement before presenting...

Phoenix: HUMAN MACHINE? Thats a contradiction!

hahaha. Anyway, the press also reveals that we are going to say the victim was stabbed several times, so this will be easy. Autopsy report presented... It works! GOD DAMN IT ANGEL STOP TALKING ABOUT GOOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

She says she assumed she stabbed him twice because blood was already on her jacket. Well then. "Her red muffler looked like blood to me, thats how ghastly the whole scene was" is now added to the testimony. I press, and Angel says she was wearing a red scarf thing. Phoenix says it's odd to mistake that for blood. NOW Angel says there was a red smudge on her jacket. Unfortunately though, while the testimony is odd and obviously a bit faulty, it's tough to figure out what to present. Wow! I look at the photo and I don't even think she is wearing her muffler. Well, this just got easy. I present that. I WIN SUCKER!!!! DAMN IT! For the second straight time, Edgeworth keeps beating me to my objections and bashes Angel for her detective abilities. AGH!

Ok, another WITNESS TESTIMONY, and no more speculation from Angel now, just facts. Angel says Lana tried to run, but Angel caught her and arrested her. She also says that Lana mentioned the scarf when she caught her? Uhh what. Anyway, the clear flaw with this testimony is that she said she was in lot B when she saw the crime, and there's a huge fence in the middle of A and B. Ok, I press her "hard" on that, and the fence issue comes up. She says she climbed over it, however, it was like a 9 foot fence, so it seems shifty. Lana should have been able to get away. Now I press more, and Angel says that she heard the word muffler when Lana was on the phone. She says Lana first tried to use the phone on the wall, but it was out of order, then she used her cell phone and all she heard was "muffler" AHA! But she shouldn't have been able to see Lana using the phone with the wall that blocks the phone being there. I'll have to present that soon. I have a feeling she will counter back by saying her boyfriend in the security room saw her do it but oh well. More pressing also reveals that Lana appeared to run the wrong way from Angel, she could have ran the other way and maybe got away. Anyway, I present the floor plans now. Phoenix says that Angel has a personal grudge against Lana. Phoenix says she couldn't have saw that phone call, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! SHES ON THE ROPES! Edge asks me what shes lying about exactly.


What she saw

Where she saw it

The Order of events

Hmm, Where is a big possibility. I'm guessing she saw it all from the security room where her boyfriend is, that makes the most sense. She's trying to lie so she can get back on the force. I go with where.

Edgeworth said it would be pointless for Lana to lie about where she saw it. Pheonix gives a funny line about letting him tell his lie at least. I love the translation team! The judge asks where Angel was then. I place the symbol on the security room. Ahhh! I now see why it was important that Angel lie about where she saw it! The picture vantage point is from the other side of the cage! She woulda had to have been in B block to take it! So this photo could be days old! EXCITING! This has to come into play soon. Excellent, almost immediately the judge asks me why she would risk lying in court. Ema asks what would make the vital difference in where she viewed the crime.


Angle of view to the crime

Distance to the crime

Difference in lighting

The main one that applies to the pic would be the angle, so I go with that. AUGH I WAS WRONG. DAMN IT THESE CHOICES SUCK I KNOW WHY IT MATTERS DAMN IT. I guess I go with the second one this time. Oh I guess my reasoning doesn't matter for now, Distance is the right answer, because of how long it woulda took her to go and arrest Lana. That seems... silly. I don't like some of the logic in this case, thats probably why it's a bit harder, it's illogical! Angel says it took her five minutes to get to the scene of the crime. She points out she still has the picture too. She basically says she ended up having to go all the way around to B block to make it to A because of a locked door. Which brings my original point back up because the photo was supposed to be right after the crime. Phoenix says no criminal would sit back and dawdle and have their picture taken for five minutes. It's inconceivable! YAAAAAAAAAGHHHH! The judge says it's obvious that the testimony is flawed. So court is adjourned... HOLD IT! Damn it Angel. She says she has decisive evidence. Let's see it then whore. Seriously, she is getting so obnoxious. Anyway, we are getting one more WITNESS TESTIMONY. She shows us a shoe of Goodman's it has Lana's blood on it AND Goodman's. Decisive, flawless evidence. Oh boy.

Edgeworth says he can't accept the evidence because all evidence needs Police department approval. That sure hasn't stopped Phoenix >_>. But it turns out Angel DOES have police department approval. The victim's shoe is added to the court record. After pressing I finally get asked if there is a problem with the shoe. If there isn't a problem with the shoe I'm screwed so I say there is a problem. Now I have the shoe and I have to show the problem with the evidence. There is blood on the top of the shoe and the bottom. The blood on the bottom makes little sense to me, since he didn't exactly walk away from the murder, so I present that.

Crap, now I have to present evidence why it's contradictory that theres blood at the bottom of the shoe. I think this may be where the knife comes into play. Why would there be only one trace of blood on the knife, but 2 on the shoe? Umm that doesnt work >_<. Blah now the whole thing is restarted. Ok lets try this again, I show the blood on the bottom. Ahhh, after checking the shoe in the court record, Phoenix says the bottom blood is the victims. So he stepped in his own blood. Would that mean he walked somewhere after being stabbed? Or what? That photo has been important so I check it out, and I see no blood on the ground in the photo. This has to be the contradiction. YES! Phoenix asks why there were no bloody footprints at the scene of the crime. Edgeworth and Phoenix have an OBJECTION battle and Phoenix comes out on top! AWWW YEAH! Now EDGEWORTH says he sees something. Edgeworth points out how she said earlier that Lana knocked over an oil drum. Edge asks her what was in the drum, Angel says water. Edge says that she knocked over the water to eliminate the blood footprints. OUCH! This could be bad!!! The judge says there is no further need to prolong the trial. WHAT. NOOOO. Now Angel presents ANOTHER photo with Goodman's body in the trunk, and the crime scene is wet. Damn.

Oh god MIA sighting. She says don't be so quick to throw in the towel. Now the Judge is going to declare a verdict... OBJECTION! The judge asks "what is with you people, can't I hand down my verdicts in peace anymore?" lol! Phoenix says every evidence has to be given proper consideration. He says there is a problem with the evidence. Now I have to point it out. Hmmmm. Im looking but nothing is sticking out, except for the knife outside of the body! Damn...

AHA! I got it. I didnt understand why they kept calling it a muffler so I referred to it as a scarf >_>. I actually pointed to it because it seemed like oil or something was coming out. Oh well I WIN!

WHY DO ALL THE PICTURES HAVE TO BE BLACK AND WHITE! That slips me up more than anything I think! I present the shoe on the ground and the knife in the chest for the hell of it, and neither works. WHAAAAAT. WHAT IS IT. Thanks to the help of the B8 crew I figure it out. I point to the muffler, something is sticking out of it! I thought oil was leaking or something but that works. Angel says it doesn't have to do with anything so it doesn't matter... OBJECTION! Phoenix say it is important, and it was in Angel's testimony. She says WUT. I present the phone said she said it on the phone. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOARGH!!! This means the trial is going to be extended a day so the cloth can be checked out. Excellent.

Outside, Ema says Phoenix's trials are like swimming upstream or something of that nature. Basically he sux lolol. Hmmm, Marshall shows up and says that he saw her wearing that scarf at the awards ceremony earlier that day. So I guess the cloth in the muffler was... a muffler? Oh god, it was only a half hour delay. WE'RE SCREWED. Court is back in session!

As we enter court Edgeworth looks PISSED. I wonder whats up. What in the HELL. This dude shows up. He calls the judge "udgey" he calls me "Wrighto" and he calls Edge "Little Worthy" and he wants us all to go swimming sometime. WTF. WTF. Whoa! He's the chief of police! Damon Gant! WHAT A SUPER BADASS. He comes in to bring in the muffler that was inside of the muffler. He also reveals, a switchblade knife? Huh? It's a new piece of evidence, found at the scene I'm assuming.

I check the knife and theres a tag that says "SL-9 2" thats a bit like the Goodman memo isn't it? I look at the memo UPSIDE DOWN. It now says 2/21, SL-9. I think it makes a lot more sense this way. It probably has something to do with the evidence transferral that day or something. Maybe thats the date and the case number of the case that Lana and Goodman worked on together 2 years ago.

Gant is now going to testify on the knife and the "split between the prosecutors and police", he smiles and applauds saying it won't be a problem >_>. God this guy is awesome <_<. What the HELL. I guess this is a murder weapon in a different case, a detective was killed at the police department at the exact same time as Goodman was killed at the prosecutors office, wtf. Gant can't seem to give many details though.

OK time to cross-examine, HAHAH I love how Gant applauds all the time, what an awesome character. Pressing reveals that I have to prove that this knife is connected to the case somehow before I'm going to get some more info on it. So I guess that note is what we will be presenting once pressing is done. More pressing and Gant says he's willing to reveal one thing about this other murder.


Where the victim was found

How the victim was killed

When the victim died

Well, the last one would be silly, he already said 5:15. Where, is the police department. Maybe he was found in there somewhere interesting, but I'm curious as to "how", so I ask that. It was a stabbing! Just like Goodman! OK, now I present the note. HAHAHA, Gant claps and is happy for the Objection. I LOVE THIS GUY.

So, because of this objection, Gant says "You win, Wrighto" and the testimony is changed. "The knife was evidence in a case. It was stolen from the Department's evidence room." Hmmm. I press. It was stolen the same day as the murder. I now present the knife for when Gant says the cases aren't linked and uhhh, it doesn't work. Oh >_>. I guess I gotta do something else. Ahh I see, I press him on that one statement and this time I ask "where" the body was found, and he says the murder took place in the evidence room. Apparently this was the connection I needed, now I should be able to go for it. WTF, I present the knife AGAIN and it doesn't work AGAIN. OK, I just had to press. Oh well. Phoenix establishes all the connections between the cases in the press. Yesss! Now I have a new statement to press.


The victim's division

The victim's ID number

The victim's gender

I ask for the ID number. 5842189. The judge asks me if this tells me anything. HOLY CRAP IT DOES! I LOOK AT GOODMAN'S ID, THATS HIS NUMBER. THERE WAS ONLY ONE MURDER! OMG I WIN!!! I now present the ID. Gant claps and says "Shame on you Wright, those are top secret!" Geeez Gant is so much win it's ridiculous. Edgeworth is PISSED thathe didn't know about this. Gant says he brought an officer Meekins to tell Edge, haha I remember that. Edgeworth is the loser apparently. Owned. Wow, now he's apologizing and everything. This is unreal! Court has now been given a day extension. To be continued. THINGS ARE GETTING GOOD!

And to start the day we are at the crime scene at Ema's request. I'm using some spray to look for the blood that was supposedly washed away. Ok then. I find some using it. Ema asks if theres something strange about this scientifically.


The bloodstain's location

The amount of blood

Umm, I suppose there isn't that much blood, I feel like there should be more. I say that, and it seems to be the right choice. The blood is marked on the floor plans now. All the evidence seems to reveal that the real murder took place at the police department, and the body was then transported here somehow. I wonder if Lana somehow faked murder Goodman from there to cover up for someone else? It seems unlikely, but who knows. Oh god it's Angel now. NOOOO. Oh wow! She was let go as a detective because of the SL-9 Incident. Now we're getting something interesting. Goodman was the head detective for SL-9. The knife was due for transferral the day Goodman was killed. Now I head up to Edgeworth's office, but he's not there. Now for the police department. I head to the evidence room but theres no one at the guard station. So I guess I can't enter? There's ummm cactus and cowboy hats so I'm assuming Marshall is the guard >_>. Man, nothing at all. This investigation teases us with this SL-9 thing now I can't find anything yet again.

I presented the SL-9 note and the knife to Angel but it didn't give me anything important. So I assumed I had somewhere else to go >_>.

Ohhh OK, what a silly trigger. Instead of the SL9 note, it's the crime photo that unlocks the next conversation sequence. SL9 was a big case. The detectives for it (a picture shows Goodman, Angel, and Marshall) could find no decisive evidence. So it was fabricated, and the criminal was executed. The detectives were then dealt with. Angel was fired, and Marshall was demoted. She says the reason she sells lunches here is to investigate more into the SL-9 incident. She gives me a Salisbury Steak lunch to tempt someone into giving me info... >_>.

Now I go back to the police department and find GUMSHOE. He says they have a suspect for the killing in the police department, now they just need evidence. He tells me to go to the detention center to talk to the suspect. Ok then I will! LOL. The suspect is MEEKINS. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! It looks like it probably hurts to constantly hold that salute... Umm, he says something about going to the evidence room, looking at the security monitor, then blacking out. When he came to he was in the detention center. His hand is also cut, just like Lana's was. Meekins said he didn't know Goodman at all. His megaphone is getting annoying >_>. Meekins story is hella confusing. He talks about I think Goodman pointing a knife at him, and then blacking out. I don't know. I officially deem Meekins a sucky character. I present Goodman's ID card, and Meekins says he suddenly remembers everything. The ID card was the cause of everything. OK, now things are getting clearer. Meekins saw Goodman in the evidence room and thought he looked suspicious, so he went in and asked for his ID card. Suddenly Goodman pointed a knife at Meekins, Meekins leapt at Goodman, then when he woke up, he was here. Hmmm. Ema asks Meekins why he was arrested then, Meekins said it's all on the security tape. Well, it's off to the crime scene then.

I head over to the station and I see... GANT! YES YES YES! GANT MUSIC BABY!!! Ahhh, he's not much help. He still rules though. He tells me I should talk to Gumshoe. I can't find Gumshoe anywhere though, sigh. I hate this stupid investigation! Oh, I finally figure it out. I use examine in the police department to get a mini conversation with a detective. He gives me an item from Goodman's desk. A lost item report, filed on 2/21. The same day as what he wrote on that SL-9 note. I now head to the crime scene... and still can't go anywhere! So now I go back to Gant, and there's a new conversation option. Geeeez this is a frustrating investigation. Gant grants me access to the evidence room! He says he'd let me borrow 50 bucks if I asked! YESSSS. Anyway, off to the evidence room. Marshall is there, but he won't talk to us. I try and go in, but it's not working. GEEEZ. I guess I have to find another stupid trigger. Ahh yeah, I forgot the steak lunch was for Marshall, I kept thinking it was for Gumshoe. So I give him that. Now he'll talk. He says he wasn't there at 5:15, he was on the highway with "zippy". >_>. He also says the SL-9 case was officially dead as of 2 days ago, the evidence transferrals. He shows me the sheet that lists who went in to the evidence room on February 21st, and I see Goodman's ID on there. Phoenix says I need to prove that the stabbing is related to that so I can have that sheet. I show him the ID card, and see the sheet again. Goodman came into the evidence room at 5:14PM. Phoenix wonders why Goodman pointed a knife at Meekins instead of just showing him his ID card. Hmmm.

I now have the ID card record in evidence, awesome. Phoenix says I should show that to detectives to figure out the ID numbers. But first, it's time to finally enter the evidence room. GUMSHOE is here! Gumshoe gives me floor plans for the evidence room. Gumshoe mentions that SL-9 was the beginning of Edgeworth's troubles. Gumshoe also mentions that each detective has their own evidence locker that only they can open. I present the SL-9 note. Gumshoe says it was Edgeworth's first big case. I now present the ID card thing, and Gumshoe says Edgeworth was here that day! So he was in here at 4:40PM. So, that only leaves three other IDs, one we can assume is Meekins. So thats only 2 left. One at 4:20, and one at 4:50. I have a feeling the 777777 is Gant since he talked about hating memorizing all the ID numbers. Not sure who it could have been at 4:50, maybe Lana. I now ask Gumshoe more about the SL-9 case. He said it was a serial killing case. Goodman was the detective, and Edgworth made his name by nabbing the killer. And thats when the rumors about him started.

Now I examine the evidence room. I find a blood print on one of the lockers. I also find broken glass thats from the SL-9 incident. Now there's a mini game to put this thing back together. It's actually kinda fun >_>. It's umm an "unstable jar" weird. I also get a rubber glove from SL-9. I investigate Goodman's evidence locker, but it's empty. I need to use that blood testing spray to investigate that blood print, but I can't figure out how. Presenting it doesn't seem to work. Ahhh, you have to go to court record to use it. I use it, and I find blood on a locker with a shirt sticking out of it, but it doesn't automatically examine it. Ugh. Oh ok, by clicking it like a million times it eventually examines the blood you want to examine >_>. It turns out the handprint is on Gumshoe's locker. I also investigate the blood on the mysterious locker. Hmmm. Now it's time to talk to Edgeworth. I head over to the High Prosecutor's office. IT'S THE BELLBOY! HOLY CRAP!!! That was random >_>. Edgeworth seems pretty depressed. I present the ID card thing to him. He says Gant asked him to go in there! He got a screwdriver from a case solved 6 months ago. He says it's unrelated to the current case, and that Gant didn't tell him why he wanted Edge to keep it in his office. The case number is AI-16 on the screwdriver.

I show him the SL-9 note. Edgeworth says Gant was also investigating that case. It's when the rumors about him started. Now he gives me a fingerprint set. I guess since he is off the investigation he doesn't care if I win >_>. Man, now I'm gonna have to use my emulation tricks I guess.

Ok, it's back to the evidence room to check out the handprint. I use my new fingerprint kit... and according to Ema the person was wearing gloves. Rats. But theres another weaker print close to that one, we work on it and have a print! But it just belongs to Gumshoe. Now to check the other print in the room. I uncover it, and the match is Jake Marshall! Ema is sad, she doesn't believe it. TO BE CONTINUED!

Outside we talk to Lana. Phoenix says he has a trump card today. Ema looks upset that Phoenix is going to accuse Marshall. COURT TIME!!! Edgeworth says he will reveal evidence of the police department murder that will the course of action clear. The first witness is MEEKINS. OH NO. He says his profession is "murderer" and that he's the one who did it. Ok time for his testimony. Geeez Meekins is a tool BTW, let's get DAMON GANT!!! back up here imo. He gives the same story from before, but this time he attacked and killed Goodman, and then blacked out. Press time! His sole mission for the day was to protect the Blue Badger while everyone was running around for evidence transferral. He moved the Badger to the guard station when he saw Goodman on the screen, so he rushed in, and thats when it happened. Phoenix pulls out the ID Card sheet and sees that Meekins went in the evidence room TWICE. Once right after Goodman, and a bit earlier at 4:50 PM. So that just leaves 777777. Ahhh, the first time was to put the Badger down there, the 2nd time was when he went to get the Badger and spotted Goodman. More pressing seems to reveal that Meekins actually tried to attack but got owned >_>. DAMN Meekins is so confusing, I swear to god he's never clear.

But now he says he has a video tape! Awesome! LIVE ACTION IN A PHOENIX WRIGHT GAME!!! The Blue Badger is in sight the entire video which is funny >_>. The video shows Goodman walking towards the locker, some evidence falling out of it, then Meekins walks up, attacks, we see blood on Goodman, then the video just shows Meekins on the floor. Well, it could not be Goodman, we never see his face, just the jacket and hat. Now for another testimony.

Meekins says it had to be Goodman, because it looked like him, and he opened up his locker, which he needed his fingerprints to do. Actually, pressing reveals he didn't really see the man's face. Now Edgeworth asks me if there is a problem with the security video. The main weird thing for me was Goodman was gone after the fight. I watch the video to try and present what could show that it may not be goodman. AHA I FOUND IT! That white jacket that was sticking out of a locker, it was sticking out RIGHT after the fight. It wasn't before. AWESOME. I present that. Edgeworth objects and says that that doesn't prove it wasn't Goodman. WHAT. How else could he have opened another locker? It had to be someone else! The only thing I can think of is that Goodman's locker was already open before the man got there. Hmm, before the man gets there, a light is on above the locker, and it's not on above the other lockers. That must be it. I present it, and it works!!!

The funny thing about proving that this isn't Goodman, is that hurts Lana's chances of being innocent imo >_>. But in the end I guess it's more about finding the truth! The judge asks me why the door wasn't locked. Now we are looking at the video once more to find more clues. I need to point out the cause of the locker not being locked. I remember something falling out of the locker as soon as it was opened, that must be it. I present it, and I seem to be right. Awww yeah! The paper was put between the door and the sensor so it would stay open... oh and SHUT UP MEEKINS. The judge asks what was it that was stuck between the door. It has to be something thin that could also stop electricity. Aha! It must be the rubber glove! I present that. BOOM! I'm right! Edgeworth says it's still only a possibility. Meekins is going to testify again to prove it is Goodman. Meekins points out that you have to use your ID card to get into the evidence room. Goodman used his to get in, so it must have been him.

The big flaw in the testimony is probably that Goodman's ID was found at the prosecutor's office. So I present that to prove it wasn't Goodman. Phoenix also shows the Lost Item report. He says that Goodman was filling it out because he probably lost his ID card. He wasn't carrying it on the day of the murder. Edgeworth does the HEAD POINT THING. He says that now that this evidence room murder is proved to be a fake, the murder obviously took place in the parking lot, and Lana did it. I said that earlier! DAMN YOU PHOENIX! Phoenix says it was all a trap by Edgeworth from the beginning. Now I object. I still want to show that Goodman's coat was in that one locker, so I'm hoping I get to point that out. Phoenix points out that there was lots of blood in the evidence room. It still could all be related.

Now Phoenix wants to call a new witness to the stand to clear up the evidence room incident... JAKE MARSHALL! LET'S DO IT BABY!!! Phoenix doesn't reveal all his evidence yet, he just says he wants to call him because he guards the evidence room. Smart man. Court is now in a 30 minute recess while we get Marshall.

We talk to Lana during recess. She says there's no stopping Phoenix. She says Phoenix must have figured everything out. So Lana basically knows everything but isn't telling us for some reason. Ema figures this out and it pretty upset. Now GUMSHOE arrives. Lana apparently called him to deliver something for Phoenix. SL-9 case files! Awesome! She tells me I should read them. Lana was a witness in that case! Whoa. Also, Ema is connected somehow. Ema now knows what SL9 is apparently, she gets really upset and runs away. I read through the files, Ema and Lana were the witnesses. Hmmm. TO BE CONTINUED.

Marshall is coming to the stand. Hahah, after a bunch of IN TEXAS speak, the Judge asks for the testimony... IN ENGLISH! Marshall basicxally just says he wasn't there when it happened. Marshall says he doesn't know about the finger locks on the safes. Hmmm. He could be lying. Time to cross-examine. He says he didn't set foot in the evidence room that day, and he hasn't been there in weeks. Pheonix wonders how he isn't fired. He also wonders why Edgeworth hasn't threatened a pay cut of some sort. Now that I think about it, why wasn't Marshall fired when Angel was? This is getting odd. I now present his prints that were in the room. Marshall is unphased. He has an explanation I guess. New testimony time! He basically says that the murderer happened to touch his locker, which was why his fingerprints ended up looking bloody on the locker. Uhh ok. According to the video, we know that Goodman's outfit was stuffed in that locker right after the fight. So I'm guessing that comes into play. After pressing Marshall mocks me kinda for not being in the video. I'm guessing THATS my opportunity to strike. Ok, I am now going to show evidence that Marshall is in the video. WOOO.

I present the piece of clothing sticking out from a locker. The judge says it's a good point... SORRY PARDNER!!! HOLD YOUR HORSES! Marshall says it means nothing. The man just happened to stick his coat in his locker. Marshall tells me to prove he opened the locker. Well thats easy. I show the fingerprint sensor stuff. NOOOOOOOOOO!

HAHAHA EAT IT SUCKER!!! Wright now accuses Marshall of being dressed up as Goodman! It's been obvious for a while >_>.

Ugh, now I need to give evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Marshall dressed up as Goodman. As if randomly attacking Meekins isn't enough... Phoenix says he doesn't have anything! Edgeworth looks pleased! He tells Phoenix to go back to the basics. He says that Marshall wouldn't have originally intended on opening the locker, something made it so he decided to risk it. I'm guessing it's the blood that got on the jacket. I present that in the video. It works! Marshall is now going to confess.

He basically says he "couldn't let it die that day". Referring to SL-9 I'm sure. He stole Goodman's coat and ID card, and went in to get the evidence, when he ran into Meekins. Pressing reveals he left the ID in the prosecutor's parking lot (why the hell would he put it all the way over there?) and the glove that made Goodman's locker open still isn't explained. Also, Marshall says the locker was already empty when he went to check it out. Someone else stole the evidence. Phoenix asks why he did it. He brings up SL-9. He can't let it go. He says there was something strange about that case that still bothers him. It has to be why he got demoted I guess. He seems satisfied with the guy who was convicted though. I present the SL-9 case files. A "Neil Marshall" was one of those killed. He was the prosecutor for the case before Edgeworth was. Neil was his brother. When Joe Darke killed Neil, it was the first time he ever left behind evidence. But Marshall doesn't think Neil could have lost a fight to Darke, so he still strives to find the truth to this day... wow.

Edgeworth goes back to his point from before. The fake murder and the real murder happened at the same time. Phoenix thinks it's more than chance though. Edge wants the verdict on Lana in now. If Phoenix has an objection, he should make it in one word or less... Phoenix: ARRRGHHHH! Hahaha. He's such an idiot sometimes >_>.

The Judge is about to give the verdict. HOLD IT!!!!! EMA ARRIVES!!! Jesus, how many "almost" verdicts have we had in this game? Ema has been over at the police station checking out that one fingerprint that was gloved. She didn't find anything though. The judge asks me if I have a problem with this blood print. OBJECTION! Phoenix says something is missing in the floor plans. Edgeworth says Phoenix is grasping. Now I have to present evidence that shows something is missing in the plans. The only thing I see right here is the Blue Badger to be honest >_>. Maybe the jar? But I go with the Badger... I'M RIGHT!!! DEFENDER OF TRUTH GUARDIAN OF PROOF!!!!

As long as the badger was where it was, it would be impossible to place a handprint on that locker! WOOOOO! Phoenix says the blood mark had to be before Meekins brought in the Badger. PHOENIX SAYS IT WAS GOODMAN WHEN HE WAS REALLY MURDERED! OH MAN! Edgeworth says THATS RIDICULOUS. OBJECTION BATTLE. Now I need to show proof of when the first crime took place. The only thing that can show a "when" is the ID card record. So now EDGEWORTH is accused of wrongdoing. Edgeworth points out he would have only had 10 minutes to murder the victim, carry the body away, and clean up the mess. So now this goes back to whoever entered at 4:20. I've been saying it's probably Gant who is 777777 all case... uh oh. Phoenix says that Goodman entered with this person.

Edge says that 777777 belongs to someone with a rank of captain or higher. Edgeworth says he doesn't have the authority to find out who that is unless they are being charged with something. Now Marshall is pissed. He randomly asks Lana if all the evidence used in SL-9 was legitimate. Well... that was an awkward segue!

Now Lana is on the stand. She admits that evidence was forged (it's somewhat awkward, Marshall and Lana take turns saying stuff on the witness stand, and the other magically disappears, WOOO PRODUCTION VALUES). Anyway, the court room couldn't be silenced after that statement, so the case is put off to one more day... To be continued.

It's the next day. Ema says that Joe Darke tried to kill her, and Neil Marshall tried to save her, thats how she ended up a witness. Her story seems to imply that Darke did indeed kill Marshall, so I wonder what the missing piece of the puzzle is. Ema said evidence was forged, partially because she couldn't bring herself to testify on the incident. I also find out that Lana used to be a detective. I guess it's time to talk to her again. That's good, I find her to be an interesting character.

So we are going to talk about her sudden change from detective to prosecutor. Apparently she always wanted to be a prosecutor. Being a detective was just a precursor to that. Lana says she was the first person on the scene of Neil Marshall's death. She found Marshall, dead, Ema, passed out, and Darke, passed out. Lana says the incident happened in her and Gant's shared office. What the hell. They are beginning to hint at Gant being the murderer in both cases. So now I'm off to investigate the SL-9 crime scene. But I run into Marshall. He says a lot of the facts in that case didn't match the evidence.

Marshall says it was Lana and Gant that demoted him and fired Starr. He also says something changed Lana 2 years ago with SL-9. She has a secret but he hasn't been able to find it. Now I go to Criminal Affairs and over to the chief's office. WHOA, a FREAKING ORGAN is there. THATS WHERE GANT MUSIC COMES FROM!! GANT APPEARS!! He shows a picture of himself, Neil Marshall, and Lana all together. Phoenix says theres something not quite right with it. Now Gant shoos me out. He was even serious for a second. He's hiding something... Phoenix wants to get back inside. Back in Criminal affairs we find GUMSHOE!

Gumshoe is worried about Edgey, of course. He talks about SL9 and how the last murder was where Darke left incriminating evidence. Apparently he ran someone over, then killed a witness, then killed another witness. Then turned himself in, and fled in the middle of questioning, when he killed Marshall. Umm, thats just odd. I present the SL9 murder weapon, and Gumshoe remembers what the incriminating evidence was! The sharp part of that broken knife was found in Neil Marshall's body.

Now I ask him to get into Gant's office. He says you need an id card, but he can't let me in or he will be fired. And I can't use Goodman's, as the data was erased. I have to present him with something so he changes his mind. Augh I present like everything and I get nothing. Now what? I try Edgeworth, and he's in his office. I present the Gant Team photo, and I finally find out whats strange about it. The trophy has a sword on it as well, not just a broken shield! I find out a old story about how the word contradiction started. Edge says he's not sure why the halberd got taken off the trophy, I'll have to talk to Gant.

On my way out I run into Angel. She says no matter what I find on SL-9, it doesn't change what she saw. She says Lana was very passionate about the case because of how obsessed Marshall was with it. Angel's theory is that when Gant became the chief, he moved Lana to the chief prosecutor position, so he could control both the police and prosecution departments. Intriguing. That might explain why Lana is so cold now, but it doesn't explain why she would do what Gant wants.

BLAH, I can't figure out the damn trigger for Gumshoe's ID. Maybe I have to examine? After like 15 minutes of presenting everything and examining, I finally find Edgeworth's letter of resignation. Edgeworth is tired... this must be what I use for Gumshoe. Excellent. I present it to Gumshoe. He's upset and gives me his ID card. Awesome. Gumshoe says it's OK. He's already out of the loop. If Edgeworth goes, he may not last very long. So it's off to Gant's office I go. I head in, and it turns out Gumshoe followed me! Gumshoe says Lana's old desk has mostly been preserved since the crime scene 2 years ago. I examine around...

I find a safe! I have to input a SEVEN digit number. I WONDER WHAT IT IS!! I put in 7777777. I WIN! Oh also I find an evidence list from SL-9. I think it's the missing half Edgeworth was talking about earlier. The safe has... the missing piece of the jar! Also theres a piece of leather cloth with a handprint on it. I put the last piece of the jar together, and now there's a "reddish" line on the jar. Blood. So Gant hid evidence knowingly. Now I'm guessing I have to figure out how the cloth has to do with this case. I check the evidence list and see a sketch of a murder or something on the back of it. Hmmm. Oh yeah, I present the fingerprint set. Now I can check the cloth for prints. The cloth has the prints of... EMA. WHAT. WHAT. Phoenix doesn't tell Ema. WHAT IS GOING OOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!! Gumshoe asks if he was any help. Phoenix says of course, without his ID card they couldn't have done anything...

???: Now that's not very nice. You're saying without his ID card he was useless!

IT'S GANT!!! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! He still has his cheery demeanor. He said he wouldn't have been back so soon, but he believes in signs. He saw a dog run into a pole on his way to a meeting... lol >_>. Gant says he is going to have to ask everyone to leave, and he tells Gumshoe to drop off his ID on the way out. EVIL GANT LOOK!!! Gant wants Ema to stay though. WTF WTF NO BAD IDEA. Phoenix leaves. Ema tells him later that the police want to ask her a few questions, so she will be busy the rest of the day.

Now I'm at the detention center. LANA TIME. LET'S SEE SOME REVELATIONS DAMN IT. Phoenix accuses Lana of hiding someone. Someone she's afraid of. She asks who I'm talking about. I say Gant. Lana wants proof that Gant falsified evidence in SL-9, after Phoenix says he's the true person behind it all. I show the jar. Holy crap, why else would Lana hide evidence for Gant? Was Ema the real murderer of Neil Marshall? Lana won't tell me the detiails, but she says she was given an order to dispose of a body found in Edgeworth's trunk.

Lana found the murder weapon inside of Goodman. He was already dead, but she took it out and stabbed him with Edgeworth's knife. She then tried to hide the SL-9 knife, and she called Ema to dispose of it. After Gant told Lana to dispose of the body, she called Marshall and told him. Thats when Marshall went for Goodman's locker. She says not to pursue this any further in trial tomorrow. I have a feeling it's because of Ema. To be continued...

Neither Lana or Ema are here on court day. Edgeworth seems to know who 7777777 is as well. Edgeworth says he could find Lana guilty in 5 minutes, but Phoenix says we have to get her on the stand and draw the truth out of her. Edge says he will think about it. Phoenix says it's time to find out what Gant has on Lana.


Err >_>. He says Lana wants to speak directly to the court, and he thinks she should based on what she has to say. Lana wants an immediate end to the trial! She confesses to the crime! NO YOU FOOL! OBJECTION! Lana says she doesn't need Phoenix's services anymore then. This court finds the defendant... OBJECTION! EDGEWORTH! **** YEAH! Gant tells little Worthy to "be a good little boy and keep your mouth shut". EDGEWORTH HEAD POINT! He says he has changed his first witness. HE CALLS EMA SKYE TO THE STAND! Gant saays Edge will live to regret this. Whoa.

Ema is now on the stand and is going to testify about two years ago. She says the same story, Darke ran in, Marshall protected her and was stabbed, and she passed out. Umm, I'm cross-examining her. I think I'm off this case but OK! It turns out Gant was there for the questioning of Joe Darke as well. She says she tried to tell Goodman what happened but the words wouldn't come out. So she drew a picture! HA! That must be the picture on the back of the SL-9 evidence. Edgeworth says he never receives a picture when he was the prosecutor. I present the picture. It works! Look at the weapon in the killer's hands. It appears to be the halberd of the King of Prosecutor's trophy. This also reveals that only half of the evidence reached Edgeworth in SL-9. Phoenix says if something is drawn on that half of the evidence list, then there must be something on the other half! MMMMMMMMMMMMM! The other half of the list has THE BLUE BADGER! YES YES YES!!!! She is now testifying about the picture she drew.

Pressing on Ema's testimony reveals she didn't even know it was Marshall at the time who saved her. She also didn't see the actual murder take place. Phoenix thinks ot himself that there is a contradiction in the picture she drew, so it's strange that she says she remembered it so well. Perhaps it's the weapon I noticed earlier, or maybe it's in the autopsy report. The knife gives me a strike. Rats, but the autopsy report works! Now I have to point out what part of the autopsy report is being contradicted. Crap, I can't look at the court record to look at the autopsy report again. I remember it says the victim was stabbed in the back and the heart/lung was pierced. However, I STILL think I'm right about that knife, so I go for that one more time, I don't see anything else anyway. It works! Phoenix says the tip is already broken off in that photo. Ema says the murder weapon had a tip broken though. Phoenix says if the victim was only stabbed once, the victim should not yet be broken! Phoenix says the broken knife tip was the forged evidence! AAAAAGGH!!!! Phoenix says somewhere in this story of the day's events, there is a lie. Edgeworth says the knife must not be the murder weapon.

Now I say there was another broken knife. DAMN IT, the halberd on the trophy doesn't work. Hmm, there are a few other options. The screwdriver? Unlikely. The BROKEN TIP OF THE BLUE BADGER HEAD? A possibility, but that would be sharp. How about the jar? Maybe a broken piece of it, but I dont think that could look like a broken knife. Oh I get it! I present the Gant Team picture which works. MAN, I've been on the right track with this knife the whole time, but it's led to two strikes because the game is dumb. Edgeworth says thats not possible, because then the man raising the knife would have been Neil Marshall! Edgeworth mocks Phoenix.... HOLD IT! EMA REMEMBERS EVERYTHING NOW!

Ema asks for an evidence list. She says she drew the Blue Badger head! SHe says shes been trying so hard to forget, that she forgot completely. New WITNESS TESTIMONY. Whoa! She says she panicked and rushed at the two men, she thinks she knocked away the man with the knife, and with another flash of lightning she saw the Blue Badger. Edgeworth says the Blue Badger wasn't even invented until this year. LANA appears. She says not to pursue this any further! She says she has already confessed, and that it should be left at that. The Judge says SILENCE and I go back on cross-examination. Phoenix asks her if she's SURE about the Blue Badger.

Edgeworth: This HIDEOUS BEAST was made this year though!

She says he wasn't in the room but she saw the shadow of the badger.

Phoenix: So you never saw its face with its winning smile and all?

Edgeworth says this is impossible. It wasn't invented yet. Now I have to say what it is Ema saw that she thought looked like the Blue Badger. Doesn't Gant have like a weird design somewhere on his outfit that is sorta like the Badger? Hmm I guess not. The only thing in my evidence that looks 3 horns is the jar, so I go with that. It works! Now I have to show them the correct angle to view it from... Damn it this is hard ;_;

Ive failed two times already. I can't figure it out. Theres 3 pieces of the jar that stick out, but I cant get it so all 3 are at the top. WHAT THE HELL, I THINK I HAVE IT AND IT DOESN'T WORK!?! WHYYYYY!

4 fails now. WHYYYYY. 5 FAILS, DAMN IT I SWEAR I HAVE IT. I SWEAR!!!! 6 FAILS, WHAAAAAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!! Lol, I finally get it, I swear I was inches off each time ;_;. Edgeworth gives a IT CAN'T BE! Yeah, it CAN'T BE that they made something so stupid to do in this game >_>. Edgeworth basically says, yeah thats cool but whats your point? PHOENIX HEAD SHAKE! Phoenix says it does mean something. Edge asks whats different now that we witnessed the jar.


The location

the murder weapon

the murderer

Only one that makes sense is the murder weapon. Oh wow! Now Phoenix shows the Gant picture, That picture shows the jar location! NO WAY! Phoenix says the struggle between Darke and Marshall didn't take place in Lana's office! It took place on Gant's side! Phoenix says there had to have been a reason to move the bodies. Phoenix says to recall the testimony, she knocked away the attacker with the knife, and then the jar flew in the air. The impact made the jar fly. Phoenix says the attacker was thrown in the direction of the suit of armor which had a sharp sword with it. Phoenix says something else transpired in that room. Ema knocked away Marshall, who was stabbed by the suit of armor. Ema lets out a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and passes out. LANA OBJECTS! She wants PROOF.

Edgeworth says theres another possibility, that somehow, Marshall left behind the name of his killer since he didn't die instantly. Lana says THATS IMPOSSIBLE. Also, I wonder why Lana is trying so hard to cover up an accidental murder in self-defense. It's stupid. I think this is the 2nd time accidental murder was used in this game and everyone acts like it means they are going to get years of jail time.

Anyway I look in the court record for the proper evidence. That the real murderer's name was left behind by the victim. This is tough. The jar seems like a possibility. In fact, that seems to be the only one. Aha! The blood on the jar, the dots, if we connect them, we can find Marshall's message. LOL I'm playing connect the dots now. I spell out EMA. I'm not sure why Marshall would use his last moments to write a little girls name in blood when it was accidental. Stunned silence. GANT says he warned Worthy. Gant says Edgeworth used forged evidence to find an innocent man guilty! Gant says it's all the prosecution's fault! THE CROWD IS GOING NUTS!!!! The judge then declares recess. To be continued.

We're outside right now. Phoenix apologizes to Edge for getting him in trouble... and now GUMSHOE. Gumshoe had another package for me, from Lana if there was a break in the trial. He gives me a book on Evidence Law, and says I'll need to give this a good read if I'm going to take "HIM" on. Edgeworth says the real trial today hasn't begun yet. Dun Dun Dun!!!

The judge isn't sure if the trial should continue, because of rumors of Edgeworth getting witnesses ready with false info. So Edgeworth says PHOENIX will call forth all further witnesses, so the trial continues! I choose to call out GANT. I almost chose Goodman for the lulz.

Gant asks if Worthy really wants to do this. Edgeworth is persistent. Phoenix wants Gant's testimony on SL-9. Gant says that Phoenix is either very brave or very foolish. GOD I am so excited for Gant's "flustered" face. He's always so confident! He says if this is shown to be a waste of time, I'm in for it. Uh oh! He says when he got to his office, Lana had already "arranged" the crime scene, he had nothing to do with the forgery. Oh god, Gant is a total ass during testimony. He says Neil split up and he was the "lucky" one. He also says that when the power went out, he was shocked, but PROBABLY NOT AS SHOCKED AS WHEN NEIL TOOK A KNIFE TO THE HEART!!! Wow. Now I have to try and link Gant to forgery. Maybe the evidence law book? That shows Gant would have had to approve of the evidence... Theres also the fact that I found the cloth, the jar, and the sheet of paper in his office. I'm not sure which one is the best play right now. The jar feels right, since that just came up and it was partially in his safe. IT WORKS! PHOENIX ACCUSES GANT!!!

Gant accuses Phoenix of forging evidence subtly. Thanks to Gumshoe's presence though, Phoenix looks legit. Udgey asks for a testimony off this. Gant says "kids these days can't put 2 and 2 together." He says the evidence could have been found way after the case was over. He says he had nothing to gain from forging evidence. He says he wants to press charges on Phoenix too! Phoenix's investigation was illegal >_>. Good job Phoenix! I press him on the "no benefit" thing. Phoenix points out that the case led to his Chief of Police position! So Gant now has motive! GET HIM PHOENIX! BURN HIM!!! GANT SMILE AND CLAP! DAMN HIM!

Gant says all SL-9 did was speed up the inevitable. He was going to become chief anyway. In reality we SHOULD be trying to prove Gant murdered Goodman before going to SL-9, so we can prove that Gant has a hold over Lana. Edgeworth says he could have forged for someone else... Gant says not to be silly. He only looks out for himself. Gant's testimony now says he wouldn't be anyone's accomplice if there was nothing in it for him. I press him on this. The judge asks who Gant may have helped forge evidence. I say Lana. Phoenix points out that Gant arranged Lana's job change to Chief Prosecutor. Edge says that Gant could use the chief prosecutor as a puppet then.

Judge: Do you mean to tell me that a formidable man like Gant plays with puppets?

*epic pause*

Oh, nevermind!

Gant asks for proof that he controlled Lana. Phoenix says Lana won't testify while she is protecting Ema... WHY. Ema is already exposed, theres no reason for Lana to not testify against Gant now. Edge points out that Lana's actions during the Goodman trial have been strange, almost like she is being controlled. Phoenix says Gant is making Lana take the rap for his crime!!!! UDGEY SAYS THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Edge says there is no turning back now! The judge wants proof. Man, I almost forgot about all the evidence I got for that trial. The ID card record seems to be my best bet. Gant says theres no way I can prove that 7777777 is his card number. Phoenix points out that Gant's safe code is 7777777. ANGRY GANT EXPRESSION! HIS FIST IS SHAKING! YES YES YES!!!

Phoenix says Gant entered the evidence room on the day of the crime! AHAHAHA! Gant is PISSED!!! He then admits it and says it doesn't matter. He says he went into the evidence room alone. He says he hasn't seen Goodman in days! PHOENIX CONFIDENT SMIRK! Phoenix says Gant has undone himself! I need proof that Gant saw Goodman that day! It would have to be the King of Prosecutors thing isn't it? AHh, thats a strike. I really should look through all my evidence before presenting. Ahhhh HA! It was the lost item report! THAT HAD TO BE IT! Gant says I have no proof that he ever filed the report. However, Phoenix says Goodman had to get into the evidence room for transferral that day. He needed it! Phoenix says Gant accompanied the detective to the evidence room! BAM! BAM! BAM! ANGRY GANT! TAKE IT! YOU LIKE IT! YOU LIKE IT!

Gant predicts Phoenix will now accuse Gant of murdering Goodman. The judge says Gant could have just lent Goodman his card. Now Gant agrees saying he thinks he did that. EDGEWORTH OBJECTS! Edgeworth says if that was the case, the ID card would have been found on his body! NOOOOOO! HOLY CRAP! GANT JUST TURNED INTO LIGHTNING! THAT WAS AMAZING! THAT WAS AMAZING! HOLY ****!

But now the question is posed, how was the body moved? AHhh! Here's where the screwdriver comes into play! Edge said he didn't plan on going back to the office, but the screwdriver is what made him do it. Thats how he transported the body! I present that! Phoenix says the body was transported via Edge's trunk! WOOOO! Phoenix says thats the only reason Gant would have told Edge to transport evidence from a solved case. The photo Angel took was of Lana taking out the body, not putting it in!

No way! Gant says he is going to get going. According to law, the chief of police doesn't have to testify if he doesn't want to. Gant says it's OK, because they have no real proof that he made Lana dispose of the body, OR that he stabbed Goodman. The judge asks for proof. I now need to show evidence that Gant murdered Goodman, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I look all through my court record. I want to get this right. The only thing I see is the switchblade knife. Maybe the correct option is I have no proof yet. A very strange option in PW to be sure. I say it, and Gant leaves. The judge is going to penalize me, but EDGEWORTH OBJECTION! He says we still need to hear a testimony... the judge asks from who. Edgeworth tells the Judge he has forgotten that Phoenix is calling witnesses today. I call Lana to the stand. But first, a final recess for the day! Phew, this is exhausting! GANT SHOWS UP BEFORE RECESS! He tells Lana to listen, he tells Lana if she does this, Ema will be found guilty of Marshall's murder. Ugh. Now he claps and leaves!

Outside, Edgeworth says they have been able to stay in the game. Gumshoe is outside! He says he has decided he is going to work for Phoenix from now on, in Maya's place... LOL. Ema is here and she wants to go back in with Phoenix. Edge says it's time to end this. TO BE CONTINUED

Lana is now on the stand. Her testimony on her relationship with Gant is coming. ARGH! She said theres no truth to the blackmail theory, she arranged the evidence to get Darke convicted, not to protect Ema. YOU FOOL! During the press she still maintains that Marshall was killed by Darke. Basically, I press her a bunch to get her to add a lot of stuff to her testimony. Finally, she slips up and says the shattered jar threatened her plans for covering up the case. I present the jar, and Phoenix points out no message could have been on the jar if it was already shattered! BOOM!

New testimony now. It basically says she discovered the jar and then wiped away the blood. She said it was dark so she only did it to be safe. She was able to see in the power outage because she had a light with her. She's always prepared. It's tough to know what to present her. She says she was "sure she got them all" but I found that one piece in Gant's safe. So do I present the jar again? I mean, I guess I have to. I do it. Phoenix tells her he found the last piece in Gant's safe! She's surprised. Phoenix says Gant got to the scene before her! WOOO! The Judge asks if she missed a piece. Phoenix goes on the offensive! And he asks why Gant would hide being at the scene first for 2 years!

Judge: NGGGGGGGGGGGGAHHHHH! NOOOOOOO!... Wait, I'm not the one on trial here!

LOL, I love the Judge.

Edgeworth says Gant arrived first, broke the jar, and hid one of the pieces. Then Lana showed up and asked for Gant's help. Now Phoenix thinks to himself that he is still in Gant's trap. He says Lana might be right, maybe Ema didn't kill anyone. Now Lana is going to testify on what she really saw! YESSSS.

Lana says when she showed up the body was on the armor's sword. Gant helped her move it, and then clear out the evidence. SHe says she even has a picture of the crime scene! It's in the evidence law book she gave me! Awesome! The picture shows a piece of cloth missing from the vest, crap, thats the best with Ema's fingerprints on it.

I begin to cross-examine Lana and GANT COMES BACK! HOLD IT! OH CRAP! He wants to put in a few words. OBJECTION BY EDGEWORTH! He tells him he already forfeited his right to testify. GGGGGGCCCKGGGGCCKKK! Yeah I'm not sure what that means either but we get the LIGHTNING animation so it's all good. He says it's OK because theres evidence that proves Ema did it. He asks WRIGHTO why he hasn't showed it yet. The judge asks me for evidence, and warns me about concealing evidence. I can either show evidence or not. Concealing the truth is generally looked down upon. But you know what, screw it. I'm gonna not show it and see what happens. HAHAH! BAM! This causes Gant to inadvertently admit to concealing evidence. He tells me I should show it. He says he's impressed with me, he didn't think I had it in me. Now he is gonna tell what really happened...

He showed up on the crime scene first and arranged it so it looked like Ema made the kill. He knew she would ask for his help. She did, he had her plant the knife tip and move the body. He says he hid two pieces of evidence for insurance. The jar, and the cloth. Edgeworth says HE could have written Ema on the jar. Gant says he kept the cloth in case he was accused of that. He tells me to cough it up.

Once again, I can either show it, or not show it. Phoenix says victory is near as long as he doesn't mess up. Blah, I have to show it. Holding it for a bit was good to get him to tell the truth and confess, but now it's time. Maybe it's just a coincidence anyway. Now I have to present something. Damn, maybe theres something else I can present outside of the leather... but I see nothing, so I present it. Gant is pleased. He wants me to say who the finger prints belong to. I say it was Ema. Lana is upset, she doesn't understand why I acted like it might not have been Ema. She says I'm a monster. Gant mocks the hell out of Phoenix, he says he is going to press charges for concealing the evidence and he is going to have my badge. Phoenix remains calm... damn. They are doing a damn good job at making me feel like I made the wrong decision >_>.

Phoenix now asks Gant who really killed Marshall. He says the cloth has a contradiction! Now I have to present what the contradiction is. DAMN >_>. I'm looking through everything but this is tough.

SO let's go through what is possible. The evidence associated with that murder. Theres the switchblade knife, but I dont see any contradiction. Theres the rubber glove from the SL-9 incident, but I don't think that really works either. The jar has been used a lot, but I just don't see it. Neil's autopsy report seems to support the armor killing him.

I have a weird feeling about the Gant Team picture, like it should be important. The armor is in it. And theres also Lana's picture, which could be important. I feel like it has to be one of those 2 pictures. The Lana picture was taken after Gant got there if he was really the first on the scene, so he can't be lying about cutting it out. However, theres no blood on that cloth. But would there be after 2 years? Well, I guess the fingerprints are on there after 2 years, so thats probably my best bet.

Yes! I'm right! Phoenix says that Marshall was not impaled by the sword after Lana pushed him! He says Gant showed up first. He had to have taken his unconscious body and impaled him! HNNNNNNGGGGHGGGH. Edgeworth says Gant then must have written Ema's name with the victim's blood (I KNEW that was weird as hell from the start!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LIGHTNING ANIMATION! GOTCHA *****!

OBJECTION! GANT SMILE AND CLAP! GANT IS SWEATING BUT HE'S STILL FIGHTING! DAMN IT! Gant says the cloth is illegal evidence! You bastard! I have the evidence rule book though, I believe this is under rule 2. UGH! Maybe Gant has me! Did I make the wrong decision? Gant says once I refuses to present it earlier, it made the evidence no longer legal.

Wright thinks to himself that it's time to reveal his plan... I can either admit to concealing the evidence on purpose or not now. I say I did not. Ahaha! Phoenix says he "couldn't" present the evidence at that point. I think I get it. The cloth wasn't relevant to the case until Gant said he cut it. That made it relevant under rule #2. Thats what I think, although it doesn't make that much sense, it was probably relevant as soon as Lana showed that picture. But oh well. The judge asks me to prove my conduct wasn't in violation of the law. I present Evidence Law. Well actually, now that I think about it more, it could have just been a coincidence that the cloth was cut out and Marshall had some cut out. Once Gant actually said he cut it out, it became relevant.



He says he should have gotten rid of Marshall a long time ago. He kept snooping around Gant for 2 years. Finally, when he went into the evidence room with Goodman, Goodman wanted him to reopen the case... thats when he killed him.

Wow, Gant is a badass to the end. He claps and tells Udgey that he has to cancel their lunch date. He tells Udgey he doesn't have to worry about crime with Wrighto and Worthy. He can hear the sounds of a new beginning! He smiles and claps.

Lana thanks me at the end of the trial.. AND SMILES! Whoa. She says it's been a long time since she has felt free of these chains. Lana is NO GUILTY! CONFETTI! Court is adjourned.

Outside, Ema looks upset. She doesn't understand why Lana didn't say anything to her at the end of the trial. Now Lana arrives. She apologizes to Ema. Ema says she doesn't have to apologize, and they hug. Awwww.

Edge is here too. Lana says she hopes he doesn't blame himself. It was her and Gant's fault, not his. Edge says he sees too many similarities between himself and Gant. He can't be a prosecutor anymore. Now I have to show evidence that neither Edgeworth or myself would have been able to find on our own. I think the SL-9 evidence list that was put together makes sense. I present that, it does the trick.

Phoenix says he wants to go off on a journey to rediscover himelf...

Case Rankings[]

#5: Case 1-1 I was recently surprised to realize some people have this case over 1-2. I'll get more in that later though. This is essentially a tutorial case, and it shows as we get a lot of hand-holding. The case is very simple, and there's no investigations. All the evidence presents are logical, and there's not that much outside the box thinking. It's a fun enough introduction to the game, enough to get you hooked I'd say. When compared to other cases though, it just isn't as strong. There isn't much of a build like other cases. And the main villain isn't nearly as cool as any of the main villains/culprits in all the other cases. Good intro to the game, but I can't put it over 1-2.

#4: Case 1-2 Let's get this out of the way, THE ENDING SUCKS. Mia comes in and totally bails you out, and we never even get explained why the list of names upset Redd White so much. We can assume they were names of people he made kill themselves but why did it bother him so much without evidence? Anyway, this was another relatively simple case compared to future cases, but it was involved and fun. I liked all the characters in the case, which is pretty rare, especially White. White was a pretty cool main villain. There were some good moments, I enjoyed the case.

#3: Case 1-3 Our first REALLY big case. It was simple, and didn't delve deep into the pasts of all the main characters like 4 and 5, but it was obviously enjoyable. The twist on what actually happened was logical but still somewhat surprising and cool. Some of the investigations are awful though. Constantly going back and forth through the studio, it got annoying fast. There were also some crappy characters (Sal and Cody). But there were some really good ones too (Oldbag, Powers). Fun stuff, and the case that really showed what the game had to offer.

#2: case 1-5 Still fresh in my mind so this one is easy to write about. Let's get the bad out of the way, WORST investigations in the game. Just awful, way too many bad triggers. The end of the last day was the only fun investigation. Also, the case drags on a bit. Day 2 ends up being pretty pointless, as the Marshall thing doesn't really end up coming into play at all. So I wish there was less filler so it was a bit shorter. But, the plot of the case as a whole was great. Lana admitting to the crime so freely is suspicious from the start and makes you wonder what the hell is up. Outside of Meekins, all the characters, even Angel, really grew on me, I began to like them all a lot. GANT is a freaking epic main culprit and one of the best characters in the game. And that whole subplot with when to present the cloth is really freaking intense and made that last trial day. But I just don't quite like this case as much as...

#1: Case 1-4 Wow. First off, I love all the stuff we learn about the past here. DL-6, Edgeworth, Phoenix, we learn so much about them it's really awesome. Karma is my favorite culprit all game. While Gant is awesome mostly for his demeanor, Karma delivers a million awesome and hilarious moments all case. The whole "going into past cases" thing was done in 1-4 before it was done in 1-5, so it's a lot cooler in this case. And the ending? FREAKING AMAZING. I just don't think anything will top this case in the upcoming games for me, this was near perfection.

Character Rankings[]

#30: Sal Manella A disgusting and obnoxious character. Hes just so gross. I hate the look he gets around girls, I hate his 1337 speak (I had almost forgotten that people used to talk like that on GameFAQs, damn it!), and I just plain like nothing about him.

#29: Cody Hackins I mean, yeah, he's a kid, but he's still really stupid and obnoxious. I put him above Sal on account of the fact that he's a kid so at least there's SOME excuse as to why he's an idiot... but he's still an idiot.

#28: Mike Meekins I actually thought Meekins might be funny at first, but that theory was quickly disproven! OK, it's kinda funny when he chokes himself. But other than that he gets obnoxious quick. He's a moron, the megaphone and the sirs get annoying. I'm just glad they wrote him out of 1-5 pretty quickly!

#27: Frank Sahwit Overall a pretty common and unremarkable character. He's the main culprit of case 1. His shining moment is throwing his wig at Phoenix, while that WAS a great moment, overall, he isn't that great.


#25: Yanni Yogi I have a feeling if we got to know the real Yanni he'd be a lot higher up. We mostly know him as an old man who is basically senile. In reality, he is a depressed and serious man who lost everything because of a defense attorney who didn't trust him. We never really see him though, so it's tough for me to put him any higher. He had his moments as a senile dude >_>.

#24: Marvin Grossberg Marvin is kind of a coward, and his defining personality trait is clearing his throat. That pretty much sums up why he's so low on the list. The only time I liked Marvin is why he delved into DL-6. Thats the only time he seemed real to me.

#23: Angel Starr Angel Starr became a lot better character later in the case, when she talked more about SL-9 and dropped her lunchlady gag a bit. But man, she is so obnoxious on the witness stand. Constantly presenting food, and it's a pretty awful testimony. Without the food thing, she's a somewhat interesting character, so it's a shame they kinda ruined her character with that gimmick.

#22: Penny Nickels Penny is likable enough, but she's also so... uninteresting. Theres just nothing that great about her or intriguing. She's just kinda there.

#21: Dee Vasquez The main culprit of case 3. She's pretty intimidating at times, but her smoking and ignoring you gag wasn't that cool after a while. Decent main culprit, but I liked 3 others way more.

#20: Winston Payne Winston Payne is just a hilarious character to me. Dude looks like the biggest loser in the world, his OBJECTION is so shrill and pathetic. HE'S JUST A PATHETIC MAN. But thats what makes him somewhat endearing.

#19: Larry Butz They try to make him that likable quirky guy, but he just doesn't quite do it for me. He's kinda cool sometimes, but his whole random crying and "I'm going to die" gig do get rather annoying fast. And the being stupid gimmick never has appealed to me that much. Just a kinda meh character for me.

#18: MISSLE HELL YEAH MISSLE. Missle isn't in the game long but GOD DAMN IS HE AWESOME. Firstly, he's the CUTEST THING EVER. SCREW NINTENDOGS, MISSLEDOGS... or uhh NINTENMISSLE. YEAH THATS IT. And then he EATS ALL OF LARRY'S HOT DOGS. EPIX. WHAT A GUY. WHAT A DOG! LOVE MISSLE. Only reason he is so low is lack of face time.

#17: Bellboy The Bellboy is awesome because he takes his tea stuff to the stand. Hilarious. Bellboy is kind of sick and twisted, with how thrilled he is to be a part of a murder and how he uses it for profit for the hotel. But he's pretty funny, and ab-SO-lutely a likable guy.

#16: Will Powers Will is kind of a cool character because he is so big and intimidating, yet in reality he is so meek and a major worrier. I found his puppu dog eye look to be somewhat amusing. And I found his trusting nature endearing. To not realize why he was set up says a lot about him. Likable defandant overall.

#15: April May April May is kind of a funny character. Early on she plays dumb and flirty with you, but in reality she's pretty smart, and she's a major *****. I loved when she would just snap and go crazy on the stand, and then quickly recover. I also enjoyed some of her sexual puns. She pales in comparison to White, but I liked her.

#14: Lotta Hart Still not sure why people would hate on her. She's a very endearing and likable southern chick. She's pretty hilarious at times, like when she calls herself stupid in pretty witty ways. And when she says stuff like how she will do better next time she witnesses a murder. In the end, you're never quite sure if she's stupid or just playing stupid. A little mysterious, and I like that.

#13: Mia Fey It's easy to hate on Mia because of the hand-holding, but let's face the facts, she is a really cool and sexy attorney. Extremely confident and a little flirty, if you ignore the hand-holding, she is easy to like. And I can't really blame her for the hand-holding. It's more phoenix's fault than hers. I like her well enough. My one problem with her is she seems like she knows EVERYTHING she is maybe a bit TOO good to be realistic.

#12: Lana Skye I was incredibly interested with her early in 1-5 and really looked forward to any interactions with her. As the motives for her actions became more clear, she wasn't quite as cool, in fact, she came across as a little stupid, but I still find her to be an interesting character. *epic Lana turning her back to you*

#11: Redd White White was a pretty scary and formidable foe for only your 2nd case. I enjoyed his gimmicks of owning everyone, and of trying to use big words and failing at it. And being amazingly confident the whole time. Breaking him in court was a very satisfying experience. A good villain.

#10: Jake Marshall I did not like Jake much at all early on in 1-5. His western gimmick was stupid to me, and his dialect annoyed me. Soon though, I got used to it, and began to like the "pardners" and "IN TEXAS" stuff. It actually got pretty awesome and funny at times. Good ol Billy! He's also a lot better character when he gets serious, like about SL-9. Wouldn't mind seeing more of him, but I doubt we will.

#9: Wendy Oldbag Oldbag is just like Marshall for me. Someone I didn't care for much early on, but then someone who grew on me as they showed their serious side a bit more. She ends up being pretty cool. And who doesn't love ANGRY OLDBAG look.

#8: Maya Fey Maya is a pretty likable and witty sidekick. She does her job well for me. My main problem with her is case 1-4. She's way too emo all case and it gets annoying. If not for that I'd probably have her higher.

#7: Ema Skye I found Ema to be very likable. I enjoyed some of her mannerisms, SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING, It's only a flesh wound! I liked the glasses gimmick, and thought she was pretty cool the whole way. She also doesn't really get emo about whether she is a big enough help, which is nice. That gives her the sidekick edge over Maya.

#6: Dick Gumshoe Pretty much impossible to dislike. He's completely hapless and stupid, but very trustworthy, loyal, and honest. Even a little smart sometimes. He wears his emotions on his sleeves, and like I said. While some characters are hit or miss, I can't see anyone ever disliking this dude. I miss when he thought I was Larry Butz the murderer though!

#5: Judge This is when the total top-tier characters begin for me so this is where it gets tough. The Judge is HILARIOUS a lot of the time. Like when he mimics peoples gimmicks and such. He is a bit of a plain judge sometimes though, which gets boring. And he's just stupid as hell at times >_>. But overall, very likable and funny character.

#4: Edgeworth Once Edge becomes a good guy sort of, he's pretty badass. He can be complex, and theres a lot to him, that makes him interesting. When his character gets a little silly, he can be hilarious too. But he can be a bit one-dimensional and predictable at times, which brings him down from one of the absolute top spots.

#3: Manfred von Karma Manfred is hella intimidating and fun to go against. He really makes 1-4 as awesome as it is, even before you know what he did. He delivers a lot of awesome one-liners, completely controls court proceedings, and is just awesome in general. Great character.

#2: Damon Gant Damon is so intriguing. He's just hilarious and awesome early on. With his BEEN SWIMMING? and winning smile, and clapping. He's just as awesome when he's being sly, underhanded and angry though. And the Gant damage animation is the stuff of legends.

#1: Phoenix Wright Maybe it's a little lame, but I can't root against the guy! He has a little of everything in him. Cunning, wit, determination... and a little stupidity. Which is part of why he's likable, he's not quite so infallible as Mia Fey, but he's determined and a hard worker. Early on I thought he might be a bit plain, but as the game goes along they do flesh him out a lot, and he's definitely my favorite character thus far.