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Icehawk started his own big Top User List for the first time in 2009.



First off, I'd like you to note the lack of LIES in the topic title. I am a good and honest man. I do not claim to bring you a "top 500" users list of the year, because, that's just an arbitrary number used to bring in the posts. I personally went through the board, as well as the wiki, and came up with 263 users I felt like I could say a few words about. Now, I doubt I'll be doing writeups on everyone, but if anyone requests one, I should be able to say something!

But yeah, I decided to step up and do my own version of this topic since Smurf is a big fat failure.

This is my personal top users of the year. When ranking, I was actually surprised myself at how high some people are this year. It's probably because I don't talk to people on AIM so much anymore, so people's posts on the boards contributed a lot more for me.

And while this is my personal favorites, when I was trying to figure out where to rank some people, being a positive contributor to the board generally gives you a boost in my eyes. Also, this is my actual 2009 rankings. I tried to only base this off 2009 interactions for the most part, though theres naturally some exceptions, but the point is, some people I like ended up lower than they would have been otherwise.

So basically, ignore Smurf's lame topic and come here to fulfill your 2009 ranking needs! I'll be starting this in an hour or 2, got stuff to do.

The Cuts[]


better hope for 264 next year! ^_~

The List[]

263. Ertyu[]

Only user I have EVER had to ignore. I just couldn't take it anymore.

When I first learned of ertyu, I was confused, but he amused me in a weird way. His drawings were funny, as were his naked kickboxing desires. Also, in 2007 and 2008, he predicted that #30 wouldn't win the Royal Rumble (the last entrant had never won the Rumble till 2007). So him managing to make the prediction and being wrong 2 straight years was pretty hilarious.

But this year, he just went weird. He became like a self-aware gimmick. Posting the things that got him attention on purpose, constantly changing his allegiance to sports teams, making weird paranoid topics. He just became annoying, not funny, and obviously, completely worthless.

The worst part though, was that, I can ignore people I don't like well enough, but for some reason, perhaps it was the terrible grammar, my eyes always catch his topics, I end up clicking them, then realizing precious life was wasted. He went from kind of funny gimmick, to "getting kind of old" gimmick, to self-aware, old, annoying, agghhh.

I remember when I first put him on ignore, people said the GFAQs system of ignore makes it hard to truly ignore someone, since you can see you aren't seeing so many topics, but I literally haven't been tempted to see what he is posting ever, because I know exactly the kind of stuff he is saying and I know it isn't worth my time.

262. SephirothG

A really terrible political troll. All his topics are essentially the same thing, and shame on all of you for posting in them. I seriously have never interacted with him till he made some stupid comment on MMA. Me and blazer quickly pwned him, he accepted defeat. I decided to troll him for it. He quickly went to the "omg u r virgin" argument, always a sign of a bad troll. But the funny thing is, usually if someone calls me a virgin, I'm quick to get defensive and point out I attend MSU and have had a pretty good amount of vag in my time (seriously, drunk MSU girls are... easy). But I think so little of him, I literally did not care if he thought that. I was willing to go along with his trolling that I watch hentai all day and dream of submissive asian girls. He's someone who goes out of his way to stir up drama and arguing, but it's never fun and it's always stupid, and he doesn't try and isn't entertaining. Stop posting in his topics.

261. SvenGeorgeson

Just as bad of a troll, but he likes to go for religion more than other conservative trolls. If you don't agree with his opinions you are a "sheep", and it's pretty pathetic. Once again, not sure how his topics attract posts ever.

260. XIII is cool

Just an extremely bitter and angry guy who sucks. I can't get over how pathetic he is honestly. He hates Smurf so I guess he tried rallying and alt voting to "ruin" the contest... and he did such a bad job at it he failed. I mean come on, thats just sad. Luckily, I haven't noticed him much this year outside of that, but plenty of terrible users have popped up to take his place unfortunately.

259. darkx

I cannot stand sensitive *****es. Darkx is pretty much the biggest baby alive. He might not be a terrible user if he wasn't such a big *****, but unfortunately, this is the only truly memorable thing about him. My main memory from him this year, was when he said he was leaving, then came back. I made fun of him on the podcast, and read his return post in an emo voice. He cried and said I was terrible, and he pities me. I said he was a baby... so he quickly deleted his post. Then he makes a topic saying he wants to talk on AIM. Basically, he wanted to talk on AIM and have a big cry fest then hope that I apologize for my actions and we become BFF. I'm not into that. I said no and made a mini-speech telling him to man up, and then of course, he closes the topic, and I'm pretty sure put me on ignore after that. Biggest ***** on the board, without question.

258. Vlado

I believe when I questioned one topic whether Vlado was "himself" on the board, or an elaborate troll, Tombs or someone said that Bulgarians are "eccentric" from the ones he met. Thats a pretty good word for Vlado, eccentric. He has the same fondness for internet girls that Smurf does, except he is a lot more upfront about it, which is weird. He is pretty much unwilling to compromise ever. He is unable to have arguments and stay friends with people afterwards, except for Swift, but Swift argues with everyone.

His main highlight this year was of course, Vlado Live. Not a terrible idea of course, but terrible execution. I listened to the first ep and couldn't believe how bad it was. And, as usual, he is uncompromising, and refused to take any suggestions.

The other main eccentric thing about him is his love of Tifa. Is it a coincidence that the character who he thinks is the best ever is from Sony's most popular game on GameFAQs, and, just so happens to be a GIRL with big BOOBIES? Unlikely, but he'll never admit it obviously.

So overall, he is just a frustrating and weird user, not someone I could ever get along with.

257. joyrock

joyrock has lots of terrible opinions, and thats fine, lots of people do. But he has a bad habit of expressing them strongly, without backup, then quoting anyone who tries to counterpoint, and then just responds with something stupid like "wrong". God damn. There is absolutely no point in trying to have a discussion with him on anything, he is not worth it.

Also, he kinda sucks to play AIM mafia with, so more negative points.

Unlike a lot of the trolls on the board though, I feel like he actually isn't too big of a loser off the board, so props to him for that.

256. Albion

Albion admits he is a troll, unlike a lot of trolls, so thats cool. Obviously doesn't take away that most of his posts are dumb and useless.

My main problem with Albion isn't that he makes so many terrible points in arguments. It's that he posts SO much, and most of his posts are just taking up space. Doesn't he get tired of posting metacritic links in 33% of his posts?

And he's just really annoying. Dragon Age is an awesome game, but now the board decides to bash it because he made endless countdown topics, and various topics about it with no real content. Good god.

The worst part is, I feel if he didn't post so many topics, he could be an average poster, but he is just inescapable on the boards, you can rarely go into a topic without him chiming in, no matter how little he knows about the subject.

Plus, he has cybered with several male B8ers, thats just weird.

Oh, and I have no idea why he insists on posting with Cyclo's account as his main account, probably because he enjoys being annoying.

255. Stingers

Just someone I've never liked. He is way too obsessive about whatever game he likes at the moment, posting way too much about it. Brawl, BlazBlue, Xenosaga, I just don't care. He also has a bad habit of trying to act cool, going with all lowercase at times, but he's never funny and CERTAINLY not cool. And he sucks at AIM mafia. In the eyes of most people, he probably doesn't deserve to be lower than some of the people on this list, but he's just someone I can never get along with.

254. MichaelWClark

He is higher than some people thought for a reason, he has the ability to be a normal functioning user on the board, he just is kind of dumb and has anger management problems, which prevents him from being an OK user.

In 2008 I mostly liked MWC all year. I ignored most of his topics. He posted in my YGO/Pokemon topics and was a quality user and contributor.

However, in 2009 he just got angrier and angrier. You can't disagree with him about anything without him going crazy about it and taking it personally. He posts tons of topics about stupid crap. The worst obviously being his Yankees topics during the playoffs, when he is from KENTUCKY. It's hilarious how the most obnoxious Yankees fans aren't even from New York. But yeah, overall he's a bit higher than he probably should be because I know he can be a decent guy, but his anger or something prevents him from doing so.

253. SenorHouseMouse

Made one of the most terrible series of topics this year with his "COMMUNITY COLLEGE ALL STAR" topics. He made like 10 topics about how awesome he was and how stupid other people were in his school, but it turns out he went to a community college. WTF. There is nothing at all wrong with Community College, it's a good way to save cash and use as a stepping stone, but bragging about yourself being awesome in school is already annoying. When you go to a community college and do it? Give me a break.

Other than that, I always get a slight "angry" vibe from him, and I don't enjoy his posts.

252. Scott_Pilgrim

Not a guy I see around much, but quite frankly, it's weird and awkward that he still posts here. Just down right strange. Acting like a girl is strange but not like THAT strange, he could have just been doing it for kicks, till he went and cybered with GMUN or something. After that all got exposed, not sure why you would still post here. This dude just creeps me out.

251. o_Okami

Haven't seen this guy most of the year, until recently when he decided to post the same 6 bullet point list about Dragon Age in like every Dragon Age topic. He says stuff like "theres not enough mage armor", and "the game is too easy with a mage" as reasons why it can't be game of the year (turn up the difficulty bro). But yeah, 6 weird nitpicks that no one would notice (yeah the Graphics aren't AMAZING, but they are solid, and unlike a lot of WRPGs, I haven't come across any bugs). That annoyed me enough to get him pretty low.

250. MegaMaverickHunter[]

I never heard of this guy till I saw his pic in my pic ranking topic. I believe my comment was "...".

He then went on to post on the "outcasts" board with jp and complained about people calling him ugly. Quite frankly, I don't know how he could not think he is ugly. So yeah, outside of being one of those annoying people that posts outside of the board and complains about the board, his posts are mostly useless, he is a weird guy.

249. Red Shifter

Red Shifter considered this flaming so he had it removed from the list.

248. SovietOmega

Omega seems like he has the ability to be normal. I've seen him in sci-fi topics and other topics, and he's a normal user who can offer something to the discussion. But man, his cat girl/lolicon topics are just stupid and disturbing. I'm not sure if he is trying to troll or what, but if he is, the subject is too old to be worthwhile, and he is just plain creepy. If not for the creepiness factor, he might be OK.

247. Dr Pizza

If you've ever seen one of his youtube videos, they are kind of funny, but overall, just really sad. The guy has the same problems as MWC, just more apparent. He is stupid, and he is angry. That just about sums it all up. One topic I messed with him and acted like I truly agreed with what he was saying, and he seemed stunned and kind of happy... which was pretty sad. I almost feel bad for him, but the pure angry kind of prevents that from happening.

246. paulg

I forget which mafia game I was in this guy... but it was just weird. He's not very good, yet he THINKS he is good, which is a terrible trait to have. He would make terrible points constantly, crazy accusations, and of course, since he sucks, he gets to stay alive all game. People like him really ruin mafia. He's just not very smart.

245. Heroic Mario

Interacting with tranny really ruined him imo. I can't help but feel like all his posts are just to fit in with his new KREW. He always gets overly defensive about whether MGS4 will ever come to the 360 (for someone who, in the tranny mold, tries to always act like he doesn't care, it's pretty strange). He's not a fun user like he used to be, he just makes lists, and does CLICK stuff. He probably doesn't deserve to be this low, but he used to be one of my favorite users and people to talk to, so it's always a bit sad to see him acting completely different than he did 2-3 years ago.

244. NoobPwn3rBillio

God awful troll. The name pretty much sums it up.He really thinks hes pwning dem noobs. He is not an entertaining troll, just sad. He is only this high because he is so not memorable to me, that I can't even remember any specific interactions with him from this year.

243. KarmaHunter

Probably the most annoying liberal troll on the board. Way too quick to play the race card, and way too obnoxious and smarmy in debates. I haven't noticed him in anything but Obama topics this year. He might be a stat nerd too, but I don't follow those topics. All I've seen him in is political debates, and he is way too extremist left and obnoxious for my tastes. His debate style reminds me of muffin's in that he thrives on overexaggerations and nitpicking. He annoys me, quite simply. He used to be more fun, but campaigning for Obama made him evil and bitter.

242. Diet Water

Obnoxious bitter dude. It's a shame because unlike most trolls, he has a cool username, plus the cool sig pic. Off that you would probably think "oh man thats a cool dude", but nope, hes lame, angry, borderline troll material, posting nothing of worth, just putting people and stuff down for the most part.

241. Wang

This guy just bugs me.

First off, way too wordy. Guy needs to learn to say things in less words. He may have fixed this, but when he first started playing mafia, he just posted HUGE walls of texts contributing nothing, which was an absolute pain in the ass, that was early in the year, so already NEGATIVE POINTS.

From there, he is just frustrating to argue with in the wrestling topic. He is one of those annoying people with the same opinions as all the "cool" wrestling fans, but he doesn't actually know what he is talking about imo, he never backs himself up well yet the argument just goes on forever stupidly because he never gives up. And in general, I just find him to be too serious most of the time, and not a fun user at all. Like a few others, probably not someone most would have this low, but he is someone I just can't get along with.

240. Hippo

He is only this high because I haven't seen him/noticed him for months. Perhaps he changed his username and I didn't notice. He is quite clearly one of the biggest idiots on the board, but it's tough to put him any lower when I just don't even remember anything specific about him right now.

239. Biolizard

Kind of reminds me of hippo, just maybe not quite as stupid. He is just pretty obnoxious and in your face a bit too often. Somehow I didn't notice him for a long time, except for random instances of people mentioning he sucks, now that I've seen him, he isn't totally trash tier, but he's not a good user.

238. Mr Lasastryke

I used to like Lasa a lot, he was quiet, but nice. He mostly bumped topics for people, and I know lots of good stuff would have died without him. This year he has come out of his shell more and likes to post in topics giving his opinions and such, and unfortunately, a lot of those posts are mind boggling and stupid to read. Unless he is just trolling or something, but he looks kind of eccentric, so I could see him having these weird and bad opinions.

237. LordJimmy

One of those super angry and obnoxious Nintendo fanboys. I think he's a super crazy Queen fanboy, but maybe I'm thinking of someone else. If he is though thats like a double whammy of annoying. Do not like him at all.

236. CycloReaper

Cyclo, Cyclo, Cyclo. This one is interesting. #1 annoying thing about Cyclo was the Ryoko-Cyclo account changing though, although I guess that was Ryoko's fault too. Now giving his account to Albion, that was pretty terrible.

Main problem with him though is probably how defensive he constantly is before he is even attacked. See: his post early in this topic. Look at iatg's topic where he rates pictures. Iatg wasn't trolling or anything, merely making a fun topic, and cyclo has to come in and attack iatg's looks. It's like dude, calm the **** down.

I think when he's being normal and just talking he can be an OK guy, but he is just on the attack way too often. He is someone who the ignore button would probably be great for to use on people, might make him a way more positive user.

235. Leonhart

Last year I had no real experience with Leonhart except for my Phoenix Wright topic. In that topic I liked him quite a bit. Then I started seeing him more and more in other topics, and I just don't care for him much anymore. A bit too extreme for my tastes in his views on religion and politics, plus he is yet another crazy NINTENDO FANBOY. God why do all those people suck so bad.

234. Red13n

As a user, red would probably be way lower. I hate playing with him in mafia, he doesn't talk enough, complains about any post that is decently long (obviously wang posts suck, but man, having a few paragraphs of decent content isn't a big deal), and overall is a bit overrated. And by god, I do not give a **** about his Pokemon fetishes, I think it's stupid as hell. At least he doesn't try and argue that it's genetic LOLOL. But yeah, when I was trying to get neon into mafia a while back, red scared him off with his creepy Pokemon talk. Luckily neon got into board maf.

Anyway, he rises some spots because he isn't a hall monitor type mod like some of these guys. He does his job, but I don't think he gets erotic thrills out of it like a 75% of the mods, so he gets props for that, but as a user? Ew.

233. pimanrules

Pman is a weird one. The bonetail incident has been gone over several times, so I won't bother, but thats when it was obvious the kid was an idiot. After the podcast with him, my main opinion on him is that he simply thrives on attention. He wants to be "famous" on the board, and he doesn't care which why. Before he officially became hated, I think he tried hard to be liked, but failed, so he went the other way.

Even then, as a poster himself, he is not THAT bad compared to some. In most cases, he is just plainly very easy to forget. Outside of the fact that I notice he has those annoying opinions all the nerd outcasts in jr high have to be "cool" and "not mainstream". But other than that, it's easy enough to post and never notice the guy.

But then when you factor in how often he marks posts, it's easy to place him in the bottom tier of the list. Which is a shame. I don't understand the point of marking (outside of CWUBLIMG)

As for his performance on the podcast, I enjoyed having him on honestly, near the end it was clear after we laughed at his first speeches that he was just doing it because he wanted attention. Or more likely, he wants us to like him. Poor kid. So conflicted.

232. UltraBaller

Just noticed him this week, and he consistently made terrible topics. Like, really bad. So bad I eradicated them all from my memory.

231. My Immortal

He seems like he is probably a nice guy, but for me, it seems like he can't take a joke and is really sensitive, which is annoying, never like people like that. I also feel like half the time I only see him in topics involving something about GAY stuff. So too one dimensional for my liking as well.

230. Linkthemidgit

Crazy weeaboo, and way too in your face about his opinions. Otherwise he might be OK, but his opinions are also really bad for the most part too. But yeah, a bit too in yo' face for my liking, putting him pretty low.

229. Ulti

I didn't like him back when he was cool, so props to me. When he wants to be he can be a decent guy, but well, thats a pretty rare occurrence these days.

Ulti's main problem is that he likes to do a lot of shitty trolling. One of his favorite techniques is abusing his wiki powers. Quite frankly, it is childish, but it is the kinds of things you expect from a sad and broken man. No literally, his wife broke all his bones once LOL.

228. lihlih

GHOST BOY. lihlih doesn't seem like a mean or angry guy like most of the people this low, he is just... incredibly stupid. Like, beyond belief. If he didn't seem so ridiculously unaware of the world around him, I would say he must have done serious drugs to end up like that, but that can't be the case. I'm just gonna assume whenever he first attempted to end himself, he shot himself in the head... and didn't finish the job. After 6 different brain surgeries, he became a semi-functioning human being, able to post on an internet message board.

I almost feel bad putting him this low, because he seems like he is probably nice, but good god, he is just... so dumb. Go look at the topic where he was all embarrassed about his mom thinking he was looking at porn, when it seemed like she was just joking anyway. Geeez.

227. TUM

Ahhh, TUM is an interesting one. I appreciate all the work he did on my wikis for a while, but good god. He is just so ANNOYING.

First off, way too sensitive. Got all cranky because I called him an idiot once. If only he knew what I say about some of my good friends around here! From there, I can't help but be a little weirded out about the whole living with his parents still thing, and being so church crazy.

TUM tries to participate in arguments sometimes, but he is a major pansy about it. He never actually argues, he just says "omfg chrono trigger is terrible", then, he backs up and tries to make sure no one gets offended. Grow a pair.

And then, his AIM habits are terrible. He always IMs me for various reasons, then says "hey can I talk to you". He can never just say what he wants. It's always that, so I can never deem whether it's worth talking to him that day, so now, I just ignore him. And he still IMs me sometimes, take a hint BRO.

226. Lolo Guru

Lolo isn't a bad guy, he might not be too smart but he is nice. But good god, I don't understand why he enters so many mafia games. He is such a waste of space in any game I have ever seen him in. Why do people like this insist on continuing to play.

225. TheCruelAngel

He is BFFs with palmer, automatic negative points. Also he is one of those super gay guys I never seem to see outside of gay topics, more neg points. But yeah, another one I can't say I saw tons of this year, outside of those kinds of topics.

224. starcow

very gay, and annoying. Luckily I have seen him a lot less this year than I did last year, but yeah. Something about 50% of the gay guys on this board irk me, they all seem too one-dimensional on the board. There are some gay dudes that will be higher on the list later on, so trust me, I don't hate them all!

223. Pleinair

Pleinair is not someone that bothers me at all, but not someone particularly worthwhile, that about sums it up. I'd say if they really bother you, ertyu and Pleinair are probably the top 2 people that you would ignore. Neither ever posts anything meaningful, and their existences are pretty much confined to their own topics. But Pleinair is a decent bit better than ertyu obv.

222. Black Hydras

Another guy that just couldn't get good at mafia, even if his life depended on it. I get the feeling he is pretty smart. Unlike Lolo though, I feel like he gives it a decent effort most of the time.

221. swirl

First the positive, he can be a decent guy, he knows his sports and can be decent to chat with about them (although he is also one of those weirdos who I am pretty sure will watch some sort of sport every night, no matter what is on. Seriously, that is weird).

But the fact is, as an AIM mafia player he is completely annoying. He is a good player, but he goes inactive half the time, then doesn't seem to understand why he is getting lynched. He is overly arrogant about his play, getting pissy when I call him out for sucking because of his inactivity. And sometimes he has a bad habit of starting conversations in the chat while a game is in progress which is super annoying.

On the board I barely notice him except for the NCAA contest, which is a good contest, I'm glad he contributes, but he just annoys me too much in AIM mafia to be any higher.

220. CasanovaZelos

Hmm, I suppose this means we are starting to reach the zone where people I am indifferent about start coming into play. Cas had some following in UUL this year, but I barely ever saw the guy post. He was in my newbie mafia game, barely posted, got killed or lynched, and thats about all I ever saw of him this year.

219. PukeInMyPot

I mostly see him around the e-pop contest stuff. Sometimes I see him around random topics, I feel like he is kind of a tool, like one of those anti-drug elitists, but I'm not sure. All I know is my feeling of zen is a bit cloudy when I think about him.

218. Mac Arrowny

I like his username. Other than that, I feel like I've heard he is in the Wikku club of having weird fetishes. "lame". Can't say I've seen him post more than a few times, and nothing too offensive I felt.

217. MysteriousStan

I saw this guy in a few mafia games, never stood out to me, then he MYSTERIOUSLY vanished... ha... ha. But yeah, I got nothing.

216. espio4000

Here is an interesting one! Espio is clearly "not smart". Yet, he seemed nice enough, I liked him a decent amount. But in my OMAD user contest, the dude was just... weird. I listed him purely as espio, and every day, I WANT MY NUMBERS. I can understand Luster getting upset about people calling him Luster Soldier, because I mean come on, thats just messed up to call him that, but wanting NUMBERS? Something that instantly makes your username look WORSE? weird.

215. LauraAurora

Some random chick from RI who has posted here a few times, and even IM'd me once. She seemed nice, and despite being from RI, seems like she could fit in here, but rarely chooses to post.

214. Dux X

I'm not even sure how he got this "HIGH". He isn't very smart, not a quality user at all. When I did my picture rating topic, I said I thought he looked like he was all about smokin' dat weed. Then like he mentioned to me ten times after that "lol I can't believe you thought I smoked pot". Somehow, that amused me, but yeah, pretty boring to bad user.

213. mccheyne

A guy I feel like I only see around e-pop, though he might be hosting some contest of some sort right now. Pretty low key guy, seems nice, but doesn't stand out at all.

212. Marvelous Gerbil

Probably the first guy that I know I've seen post but have absolutely nothing to say about. This must be the section of the list where I'm so indifferent to you, that I have no ill will towards you, and thus, you get a slight boost from having a decent username. Yep.

211. ff6man

Yesss, more completely indifference. If this was any year but 2009, I feel like ff6man was a moderately popular user, but well, this year I can't say ANYTHING he has done has stuck out, and he ends up here.

210. Jukkie

Yeah, this really is the most boring part of my list. I feel Jukkie was starting to gain a bit of a fanbase, maybe with the midnight crew, and I remember thinking he was pretty cool for a while, then he kinda fell off the board.

209. TomNook7

Pretty sure he is a slightly annoying Nintendo fan, but he can also be pretty nice. Yet overall, can't say he has stood out much this year. Kinda like ff6man, I feel like he was moderately popular in years past, but this year his appearances are a bit rare.

208. Zachnorn

The guy is way too serious, "SERIOUSLY". He is not someone I could ever get along with because of this fact, but hey, I gotta respect how he helped start the wiki up, even if I think he runs it a bit too SERIOUSLY. If he posted more this year, he might be lower, but instead, my main memory of him this year is the wiki, which is a positive thing. Zach was kind of MIA this year which works to his benefit!

207. Leet Rappa Sam

Insert some 1337 speak into that username. Did not notice this guy at all until this week. He left enough of an impression on me where I recognized the name enough to put it on the list, but now that his big moment has come, I'm left with nothing to say!

206. IhatethisCPU

One of my first B8 friends. In 2009 terms though, not much of a contributor or someone I talked to at all. I feel like he is just a bit weird. Like, he is literally DISGUSTED by LusterSoldier, he finds him disgusting as a human being >_>. He is also a bit too indy obsessed for my tastes in wrestling, and is all "lol you like john cena and jeff hardy" like everyone else. He isn't quite as mean about it, but it gets old and unoriginal. If you don't follow wrestling or UCA, theres a decent chance you went the whole year without seeing this guy.

205. GMUN

Oh, how interesting that GMUN just arrived in the topic! As just a user, taking away all I know about him, he is probably OK. I feel like he isn't too angry ever, and while we probably have nothing in common and wouldn't be able to hold a conversation, he seems OK. What brings him down a bit, is obviously the whole Pika thing still, it kinda creeps me out. I will say that he seems to take all the jokes and disturbing old pictures he drew for "her" pretty decently, like he doesn't get angry about it at least. Not a guy I interact with at all, and I probably couldn't be friends with him, and he creeps me out, but despite all that, I don't really dislike him at all. If that all makes sense.

204. ShadowHalo

2 things stand out for ShadowHalo for 2009 for me. Outside of 2009, the odd marriage to Zen, but this is the 2009 rankings!

1. He posted pics of lolicon, but only because it's "beautiful[. He literally seems upset by people who use it to get their jollies off. I can't help but feel this is weird. I mean, why else would people draw practically naked pics of little girls >_>. This may sound weird, but I find it almost weirder that he just looks at it and does nothing as opposed to freaks like SovietOmega.

2. He invited himself to the AKJ/Kuge hang out, and then didn't show up. LAME.

I guess it's kind of appropriate that he is so close to GMUN on the rankings, because he is definitely not a guy I would probably be able to be friends with, just because of HUGE differences in personality and... things we like, but I don't think he's too bad of a guy, he seems nice enough anyways.

203. Harmonica

Maybe I'm biased because his picture is so pissed off on the b8wiki, but man, this guy just strikes me as kinda angry. I've never truly had a chance to talk to him, but I'm not sure if we get along. However, unlike a lot of the people who I am put off by on the board, he seems pretty smart and his posts are mostly quality enough. Just not someone I think I would personally get along with.

202. Not Dave

Apparently the most memorable thing from ND this year was his incident with darkx, which I unfortunately did not see, but did hear about so respect points for that. Other than that I can't say I've seen him around tons this year, so he gets the mostly indifferent slot.

201. SuperSaiyanGnome

I only see him around to talk about the White Sox, he is kind of a dick, but he's a white sox fan, what else could you expect? Outside of being a dick, he knows his stuff, and once you get past the dickyness, he can be OK.

200. Silverliner[]

Will always hold the honor of being inferior to Silvercross, and me always thinking of Silvercross whenever I see him. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he just can't get out of Silvercross's shadow in my mind.

199. masterofmarth

Was originally going to compliment him a bit in this writeup. He is still not someone I really would care to interact with. But I respect the fact that he seems to be improving on the board. Before he was only in e-pop topics and such, and he didn't seem very smart. Now I see him in lots of different topics, and he seemed OK. I always have respect for improvers!

But then, he posted in this topic twice with the extremely annoying "omgggg I must not be on the list".

A. That is class-A attention whoring. B. As if I'm going to be like "no! Stick around! You're on the list!" or "sorry marth, you aren't on the list". Then I'd have to do that for everyone, then all the scrubs who have no chance would stop posting in this topic, and that would hurt me deeply.

So yeah, marth blows it and ends up 20+ spots lower than he would have been.

198. DeathChicken

Not much if any interaction with this guy. He stole my old skool wrestling watching idea, except did it with old school superstars, which is pretty cool. But neon constantly complains about his arguments in the MPFC esque competitions. Firstly, I hate those competitions. Second, I generally find the people who get all intense about those arguments, annoying., So off neon's word of mouth, he ends up lower than he probably would have been lawl.

197. charmander6000

Seems like a nice guy, I recognize the user name but no real posts come to mind, so he ends up around the indifference area.

196. ChumpMoney


no really, I got nothing. Except I swore in the picture rating topic, I rated a ChumpMONKEY, maybe i was imagining things.

195. Tirofrog

A rather average AIM and board mafia player. If you don't play mafia, odds are you haven't seen the guy, but he's nice enough.

194. BrettEagles

I feel like he may be one of those younger kids in the e-pop click, but I could be wrong. I do know he runs disney contests. And while I find those contests meh, he does appear to run them well, and everytime I get spammed by Blazer to vote in one, his contests seem well done, and he seems pretty nice.

193. slacker

The inferior procrastinater, haw haw. Not a guy I've ever interacted with, but I notice his topics and they don't seem too bad. Quite frankly, this board could use more people who like to make topics, we never have nearly enough... not that I'm encouraging you to go Anagram/Albion crazy.

192. azazel

I used to talk to az on aim a decent amount, but now he acts weird on there towards me, and we don't talk anymore. He is a bit plain but he can be pretty OK, but if I did a 2008 ranking, this definitely would be a pretty big drop.

191. Igloo Bob

It's really weird, I associate him with Smartmuffin for some strange reason, I probably see him in the same political topics sometimes. Like a lot of the people in this zone, someone I've never really interacted with but he seems OK.

190. Pokalicious

Hmm, Poka is an alright guy. He is a decent contributor to my anime topics, and he is OK to play AIM mafia with. If it was just that, he would probably be a decent bit higher, but by god. He can just be annoying. Constantly bugging me to update, hell, constantly asking me over AIM if he would be on the list. He doesn't seem capable of having a normal conversation with me, he prefers to just be on his knees begging constantly. Outside of that, he's a-ok!

189. RX7Infiniti

I have barely ever noticed this guy since WWYD. Seriously. But by god, I did notice him this past week! He was MAN enough to send that 10 bucks back to AKJ (which is funny, because AKJ probably desperately needs that cash >_>). And I thought that was cool enough to not only put him on the list, but give him a non-humiliating position!

188. Kyle Bowen

A guy who has disappeared over the years. I always find topics made purely to be "social", like his bar and lounge, as well as the late night topics to be strange. I feel like it makes for weird conversation, like "well, we are in here... let's be social... yeah... how's uhh life". A lot of people seem to dislike him, but I've never seen him do anything that gave me strong feelings eitherway.

187. LavaLord

He is currently hosting that D & D thing I believe. As nerdy as I would feel, I am tempted to try that out next time around. I have no real experience with it, except my friends used to play then invite this super religious guy to "hang out" then he found D & D waiting for him with literally freaked him out. Religious people are sure weird sometimes. Anyway, yet another guy I haven't interacted with who seems OK.

186. stripey

Smurf proclaimed him the nicest guy on the board last year. He doesn't post enough to earn that honor imo, he does seem pretty nice though, although he also appears not too smart to me also.

185. Iamdead7

I remember back in the day when Abomlcadbrak made a fad off his topics because they were so bad or something. I thought he took it pretty well, which always gave me some respect for him. He still posts random topics, though less frequently, they get like 10 posts max, we all move on.

184. Mooglekupo

The dude mostly likes to post smarmy things in everyone's topics. It gets a bit annoying, especially since he isn't particularly clever, but at least he mostly does it in crappy people's topics. Gopic never gets old... OR DOES IT? But really, the guy is a bit strange, I'm not sure if the board will ever know "the real Kupo", but as a user, he's just pretty average for someone who is relatively well known.

183. chocoboslayer

PotD guy who only seems to post here for his lotteries and maybe some other random things. Negative points for posting on PotD, but he does seem nice enough. Man I'm tired of saying that, I'm tired of this section of users >_>.

182. Meow1000/Blade

On the board, he mostly seems to just be here to play mafia and post about sports. Like swirl, he is another weirdo who seems to watch a sport every night, no matter what is on. Seriously, that is about the weirdest thing anyone can do, up there with lolicon. He is a bit obnoxious when it comes to sports talk, mostly liking to bash teams and players, but he is from NY, so he probably can't help it. As for mafia, there's no denying he is pretty good, but he is WAY too arrogant. Like damn. After the game, as a host or player, he loves to talk about all the brilliant moves he made, and all the terrible moves other people made.

However, in board mafia, he was actually a decent guy to play with. Perhaps because he doesn't have so much confidence. My theory is that, Meow doesn't have much confidence in real life and stuff, so when he becomes knowledgeable or good at something (sports/mafia), he becomes very obnoxious about it because that is all he has got to boost his self-esteem. Pretty negative writeup, he can be OK to actually play with, and he is a good host, but man, so annoying after games are done.

181. DaruniatheGoron

Not too active of a guy, I feel like I only see him in baseball topics, in those, he seems OK, but I don't have much more to say.

180. Revenus

Lawl, SUCKER. When Silvercross made that post saying they were the same person, it forced me to look for someone I missed, but luckily, I got to keep the list as it originally was. Revenus always seems OK to me, but nothing really sticks out. Probably doesn't help him that I interact with PrinceReva on occasion.

179. Heroic Palmer

Palmer likes to talk about the old days, how I ranked him high on some user list, and thats when he started getting recognition on the board and making friends. That was a different Palmer back then though. Back then he was just a nice and fun guy, looking to have a good time. As some of you know, I sometimes leave the board for months at a time (thats why I didn't make Smurf's list last year). Anyway, during one of the times I left, Palmer changed. I'm not sure what it looked like to someone who saw him on the daily basis, but I still can't get over how weird it was to come back and see someone completely different in his place.

Gone was the old Palmer, in was someone who was... whiny and a drama queen. He loves to call people out. All year at the beginning of the year, he just liked to bash me for "changing" because I prefer projects over random posting or something (in reality I just don't care to interact with him much >_>). He called out rusty for "not being real", he preferred him when he was annoying because he was "real". Like wtf. He is getting on someone for NOT BEING ANNOYING ENOUGH ANYMORE? So damn weird, I don't understand him anymore.

Now he has taken to pot. I've seen lots of people's personalities get instantly improved by pot IRL. But unfortunately, Palmer is neither funny, witty or more chill when high. He just becomes braindead.

He is mostly this high because I enjoy making fun of him and he takes THAT reasonably well without being a bitch at least, but by god. What happened to the old Palmer.

178. transience

It's interesting that tranny comes right after someone who complains about people not being "real". Thats actually always been my main problem with him. Perhaps it's because the CLICK always took so much abuse from a bunch of people, but tranny never seems that authentic to me. He always tries too hard from my perspective, to try and act like he is indifferent to everything. It gets a bit annoying. Despite always talking about video games, and giving his opinions on them constantly, he always seems to shy away from getting into actual debates about them, probably because he doesn't want to seem like he cares enough.

I've always lost a lot of respect for him when back in 2007 I saw him trash talking me on trans world. Now, they all talk on Mirc all day so OUTSIDERS can't see what they talk about, but it was pretty annoying to see someone who pretends like they don't give a fuck do that. They compared me to either vlado or smurf, which is equally offensive >_>.

He ends up at a not too low position though because he can be a chill and cool guy who knows what he is talking about when it comes to them video gamez. I just wish he was more REAL. God damn I'm turning into palmer.

177. NoDiceCurt

Curt always seems like he could be a pretty popular and cool guy. In the soccer topic, outside of being one of those annoying Liverpool bandwagoners (don't give me that "oh I was just following torres" crap, thats the excuse every bandwagon soccer fan uses to justify cheering for the best teams. Of course the best players will end up on a top 4 team when there is no salary cap).

Rant over, anyway, Curt can be an OK guy, but he just spends too much time being a douche to be that cool guy. He seems to have chillaxed a bit this year, but not enough to make it any higher. My feeling that he has cooled down may be because he just doesn't post as much this year, in that situation, he benefited from the same reasons Zach did, so props I suppose.

176. red sox 777

As the username implies, he mostly seems to post around here to talk about the red sox/Boston sports. Most of those kinds of people are obnoxious, but red sox isn't too bad. I think it's because he doesn't spend so much time with the IN YOUR FACE comments, as he does just chilling and talking. He gets in the face of people like MWC, but thats a-ok. So basically, surprisingly high for someone who mostly comes here to talk about boston sports.

175. ScorpioVS

I have two main memories from Scorpio this year. First was his awesome CYOA. I almost never follow CYOAs, it's not my thing, but this one was very fun and enjoyable to follow. Probably one of the top projects on the board this year. The second memory was that strange time when he kept insisting that Ryoko wasn't a girl, then Ryoko obviously proved him wrong... then he started following her around for a bit wanting to be friends or something <_<. That was weird but he seems pretty cool otherwise, I'd like to see more MURDER.

174. ScorpionX3

lol at how close he is to Scorpio. Scorpion is a quiet but pretty OK guy. I like playing mafia with him, otherwise, don't see him much.

173. Shaduln

Shad seems like a really funny and cool guy whenever I see him post. If he wanted to he could be a B8 SUPERSTAR. But the guy disappears for months at at a time. I haven't seen him most of the year, so he ends up pretty low.

172. BlindAzatoth

A guy who seems to contribute to the board pretty well, but I don't participate in his projects, so I have little to say, except I like board contributors! As Ed Bellis says, only YOU have the power to prevent the board from sucking (paraphrased).

171. lol internet

lol internet is just strange. His gimmick is obviously posting how his incredibly slow progress with women, and I guess he searches here for moral support. I don't think he'll ever succeed with women at this point in his life because he thinks about it too much and tries too hard. You just gotta let it happen, not plan everything out in advance, that can screw your ability to improvise. But anyway. at first, I admit, it was kinda fun to laugh at him in those topics, then it got a bit annoying, now I feel like I haven't seen him in a while. Don't dislike the guy, but I'd like to see more diversity, and maybe a bit more confidence once in a while.

170. dowolf

I only see him in mafia. I think he does mercs, but my impressions are all from mafia. I felt like he was a big arrogant when I first played with him, but I think thats just because he gets way too confident when he is town. He seems like an OK guy, half decent mafia player, but not someone I'd probably ever talk to much.

169. MechaSolidSnake/Eat Honker Burger

Has a memorable and noticeable sig, has a noticeable and memorable username now, yet as a poster... not that memorable.

168. Yesmar

I always confuse him with Yonex. Yesmar is a pretty low key guy, don't see him around much. Yeah this section of the list is pretty painful!

167. Grand Kirby

Same thing as everyone else. Gawd this part of the list sucks.

166. Tasilon

Will probably never escape the LUEshi sculpting thing. But it doesn't help that when he posts, it always seems to be one sentence, and then he posts in some anime topics or something. A pretty cool guy who refuses to do anything memorable anymore!

165. rammtay

I always mix him up with tazzy. Rammtay seems like a nice guy, decently fun, a bit too much of a suck up for my tastes (see: this topic), but oh well. Decent enough guy.

164. Caelus

Another guy who is pretty cool who never seems to do anything too memorable.

163. Sytha

I think Sytha used to be a bigger name on the board, but he is pretty low key these days. He follows my YGO/Pokemon topic, we have some good talks about that on occasion. He is a decent enough mafia player, but other than that I barely see the guy.

162. RevolverSaro

One of those guys in the SantaRPG vein (oh god spoilers for the list kind of), he posts a pretty good amount, but by god if I can remember next to nothing about his personality... except I'm pretty sure he doesn't suck...I hope.

161. tazzy

Kinda like rammtay, nice guy. Seems to have a bit more of a following on the board, but maybe too much of a nice guy/suck up for my tastes. Go bash some people then I will rank you higher... go on, do it... right now.

160. Brian Sulpher

Brian is a mod, which usually is automatic NEGATIVE POINTS, but I only ever see him really post in my YGO/Pokemon topics on occasion, and he seems like one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I think it'd be cool if he posted around a bit more, but I guess that just isn't his style.

159. Random Guy

Basically... a random guy. I notice him in mafia, and I believe in one of my anime topics. He is a nice guy and I like playing mafia with him, even if he isn't that active. Other than that, not much to say except I get positive zen when I see his username, so he must be OK.

158. Master Moltar

Mostly a stat nerd dude, so normally he wouldn't even be this high, but he is also a wrestling fan, he doesn't get too angry like a lot of those guys, and seems like a nice dude overall, so he gets a more decent spot on the list

157. SensiShadeSlaye

Shade/Midget Fetish was a pretty cool up and coming user for a while, I started liking him more as I started playing AIM mafia with him, but now the guy has kinda disappeared for whatever reason. He was pretty laid back, it's a shame he has been gone.


BIGPUN is interesting. He can be cool it seems, but overall he strikes me as kind of... unintelligent. When I mentioned texting GamerPanda to get Dante's number, he goes "omg u hav GP's number?", ... no I don't BIGPUN, not at all. But anyway, me and this guy are way different in everything, especially gaming tastes. I love to play FPS/WRPGs/innovative Arcade games, basically all the newest and coolest stuff. He loves to play every fighting game imaginable, and all the old skool XBLA games. Also, neon claims that PUN kinda sucks to play with online, neon's judgment is perfection, so thats more negative points, but hey, unlike a lot of the guys in the "indifference" section, I actually have something to say about him. That has to count for something!

155. ScareChan

Early in the year I liked Scare a lot. He was pretty cool to play mafia with, and I think he is a wrestling fan so we had some cool conversations about that. Then he kinda changed as the year went on and got really angry and elitist in mafia. He really pissed me off during newbie mafia honestly. I'm not sure what happened to him, but his change made him drop a bit on my list.

154. Digi

I noticed Digi a pretty good amount earlier in the year. He was a fun guy, pretty nice, and was starting to get more and more popular... then he kind of fell off the board for whatever reason, which is a shame!

153. TeamRocketElite

A MOD. This usually equals negative points. I can never tell just how strict TRE is as a mod. For example, he was the one who said that it might be a bad idea to say "pman" while all the "peeman" stuff was getting moderated. He never explicitly stated that HE would mod "pman, so I'd be interested to know that. Whether I did know could affect his placement!

But in the end, even if he would mod pman, he's a very nice guy, he is always willing to answer questions, which is great. And he even asked for opinions from the board on some issue with social boards, so that was cool. Seems like a nice guy, but in the end he doesn't post tons... and he still is THE ENEMY, no matter how nice he is.

152. DSRage

DSRage is just strange. He got bashed for being an attention whore/e-pop whore, then he umm took on some new persona, and just acts weird now. He kind of attention whores sometimes, mainly with the whole OMG ME AND LISEL BFF thing, but he isn't too bad to interact with on AIM, it's just funny how many times he has changed over the years.

Hmm, seems like we are starting to shift our way into more interesting people.

151. paperwarior

The #1 memory I have of him this year was in my picture rating topic. This guy seriously looks scrawnier than Dante. When I think of paper, I just think of all the ways I could beat him up >_>. As for his posting, he never goes for much spotlight, I notice him interjecting his thoughts in various topics, he seems smart and nice, nothing to dislike about the guy at all, but nothing terribly memorable that I saw this year.

150. Colonel Alloy[]

A guy I mostly see playing mafia, though I'm pretty sure he is involved with other stuff. A nice guy, though not terribly active in mafia. I don't mind playing with him at all.

149. Weakupedia (Rikku Almighty)

Clever username, I don't notice him as much as I did in the past. He never bothered me, in fact, he can be kind of entertaining in his weirdness, but I do feel like he is a bit of an attention whore. Not someone I'd probably want to talk to on a one on one basis with how different we are, but yeah, he can be interesting.

148. ZaziGuado

ZA ZA ZA. Sorry. Zazi is a chill guy I see around on occasion, quite likeable, but I can't say I've ever talked to him much, he's stiill a-ok in my book though.

147. idyvino

Perhaps it's controversial to have him this high, but he was always a pretty nice guy to me. Obviously he wasn't very smart, but well, that was probably more from not having english as his 1st language. He got laughed at a lot, but I thought he was OK. I feel like he may have gotten angry over something or another sometime during the year, but I don't remember the specific instance, so maybe I'm imagining things.

146. ctes

Another nice guy who doesn't have english as his first language. Makes some of his conversations awkward, but he's an alright guy who keeps me going on some of my projects. And, it was funny when he went up against neon in some UUL event. I think that was when a lot of people first learned of his existence and they were like ""

145. Apollo Phoenix

A guy I have conversed with a decent amount of times in my projects, most notably the Phoenix Wright one I did, as well as YGO/Pokemon. Obviously he is a huge PW superfan, but he isn't too annoying about it like guys like Leonhart. He's just a real nice dude,and I'm always glad to see him posting in my projects with whatever he has to say.

144. ESY

ESY and me will always have a bit of a connection since he took over, perhaps my biggest project ever, and one of the biggest in board history, the STD topics. I've noticed him coming out of his shell a bit more lately and posting more, which is cool, but I can't say he did anything too major this year even so. Still a very likeable guy though.

143. DPOblivion

DP always seems like a pretty chill guy, cool enough. He is always decently popular for a reason. This year he really disappeared though. I notice him in football topics, he does some weekly power rankings, but other than that, until this topic, I really hadn't seen him much. We have almost never interacted ever, so even if he did post more, I'm not sure if he'd be any higher than this, but he is a cool enough guy.

142. meisnewbie

Ahh, here's an interesting one. newbie is a pretty smart guy, not as witty as he probably thinks he is but OH WELL. Part of the visual novel clique (goodbye brain cells). He seems to just post in a lot of the kind of projects I dislike (MPFC, Visual Novels), so naturally we don't interact much. My main interaction with him this year was like, Seg's top users or something. He called newbie the smartest guy on the board and wondered why he posted here. I don't see him as THAT smart, so I decided to be a dick and be like "lol no". 5 minutes later I get IMs from newbie asking for where/what I've seen him post. I laughed at that and basically said, no idea. I mean, how am I supposed to list this stuff off the top of my head? I know I've seen him post, but I don't track where and what. Then I laughed at him for caring what I thought, he somehow claimed he didn't despite iming me immediately after my statement, and called me stupid or something. So overall, he's pretty lame, but hey, he is a decent quality poster, and when you look at some of the guys at the bottom, having someone who isn't an idiot and who has unique tastes in stuff is probably a positive asset for the board. So basically, while I personally think he's a bit weird and perhaps sad, there's no denying he is good for the board, and I like whats good for the board, where a lot of the people who were lame below him, were lame PLUS not good for the board. Got it? Good.

141. TheRock

Spent most of the year being a douche about the Lions for no real reason, and crying about his uncle. This stuff earned him LOSER OF THE WEEK honors in the podcast. However, unlike a lot of people on the board might, he didn't take my constant bashing of him personally. He actually IM'd me and essentially said he knows he is a dickwad. So that was pretty cool, now we talk on occasion, and since then I feel like he has chilled out on the board, while he may not always be the smartest guy, he is pretty cool/chill and I'm fine with him now, not a bad member of the board at all, now that he seems to be over the whole "being a dick" and the whole uncle thing.

140. Destoyer

I admit, half the reason he is this high is because he has a top tier username. Just say it out loud. DESTOOOYER. Isn't the lack of r there so REFESHING? Hellz yeah it is. As a user, I don't notice destoyer much, but he usually seems to be pretty amusing and never too serious, and I'm always cool with that.

139. Ry Senkari

He seems like the kind of guy who might be in mercs, but overall I only really notice his contests, best voice ever I think is the current one. He seems like a really relaxed guy who just enjoys running these contests, now several of them get run and I think overall they are interesting contests that are positive contributions to the board. I usually enjoy following them and voting on occasion, so props to you Ry! Seems to overall keep to himself from a social standpoint, but he also seems incredibly nice, and not a guy I would mind talking to.

138. FAHTastic

I think in the OLDEN DAYS FAH posted a lot more than he does today. Thats how I feel anyway, I can't verify this. FAH is a witty and fun poster, my main memories of him were from UCA this year, where he had a winning battle royale gimmick. But seriously, I see him post here and there, I like what I see usually, I feel like he used to be pretty popular, I wonder why he doesn't post as much as he used to? Oh well, still pretty quality guy.

137. GamerPanda

I have quite a bit to say about GamerPanda, for someone who didn't post here all year.

FIRST OFF, this break up with Josh is complete and utter BS. She still hangs out with Josh, gives him blue balls, all because she has these selfish "problems". Give me a fucking break. I can't believe how delusional Josh is. He says himself she has problems trusting people (which is ridiculous if she can't trust josh after forever), yet she claims the break up has been because of problems in her life. We all got problems bitch! I fail to see how breaking up with Josh somehow helps her deal with those problems. Like at all. Maybe if the problem were with the relationship themself, OK, but they clearly aren't. And then she is leading him on, saying when they will "get back together". 95% she puts it off when they come to that day. Quite frankly, I just get a big time vibe she is hiding something. Perhaps not another guy, but I do think she is using this time to figure out if she wants to be with AKJ forever, not to "deal with problems". BS BS BS. I hope Josh realizes this before it's toooo laaaaaaate. Noooooooo.

Secondly, she texted me Dante's number last week when I needed it, while she was in a concert, apparently it was hard to text it because she kept having to go back and forth, so that was nice of her. And she always did some like a fun person. So, despite the fact that she is a cold hard bitch, these 2 things made me put her in decent tier... sorry josh!

136. agesboy

This guy is clearly, without a doubt, 100% weeaboo. No question about it, but somehow, he manages to be pretty cool. A lot of weeaboos are used to being picked on so they get really hostile when their subject matter is attacked, but to him, he just seems really nice and chill about it all, he loves japanese stuff, but I don't think he's about to bash western RPGs and all western TV shows and call them awful, or anything like that. Since I do enjoy some anime myself, I feel like it's weird that I haven't interacted with him on some occasion, but I get the vibe he is more into the WAY WAY japanese stuff (like Ouran and stuff probably), while I am more into the anime that... would have potential to translate decently to American audiences, I suppose. Well, that may be wrong. I'm not sure if Planates or Monte Cristo would, but erm, anyway, yeah he's pretty cool for someone pretty different from me.

135. Lucid Faia

Lucid is less and less active these days. Pretty smart dude, most people know him as the "super gamer", though frankly, if he is really that good at gaming, I have to wonder why he doesn't spend more time on games that could actually make him cash instead of having records on these lame small sites. If he played shooters, or some strategy games he could make actual money, I wonder what stops him from that? Unless maybe HE'S NOT THAT GOOD AFTER ALL HAW HAW SUCK IT LUCID. But really, a bit obnoxious when it comes to sports, but other than that I generally find him to be a worthwhile poster.

134. WhakkoJakko

One of the weirdest usernames on the board. This dude is basically mer lite, it'd be pretty hard for someone so similar to mer to get out of his shadow, but hey, I notice him at least. He's all into pop music and stuff, which I'm sure pisses off some metalhead somewhere, but he's a good guy and I'm glad to see some different tastes around here rather than the board norm.

133. Paratroopa

Smurf loves to hate on this guy, but then again Smurf is a weirdo Guitar Hero blowhard. Anyway, Para used to annoy me a lot when he was a way bigger Nintendo fanboy, how he cooled off on that a bit... then he did because a bit too one-dimensional with the whole rhythm game thing. Now he seems to post less, I mostly see him post about sports of all things. While I don't think he knows his sports that well, he isn't too annoying like a lot of those guys and is a solid board poster.

132. Yonex

Didn't I already do him? Oh yeah that was Yesmar. Anyway, Yonex is Ayv's brother, it's hard for me to remember too much about him past that except for the fact that he is a pretty nice guy and I think he contributes with projects and stuff. My best memory from him this year though, was when he and Ayvuir submitted their picks for the 2008 boardys at the exact same time via e-mail. It was kind of hilarious to think of two guys discussing their picks for the best of the board, and then e-mailing me >_>. They admitted as much later on, but good times.

131. Luis Sera

Yet another mafia player who gets a lot of respect, but who is way too quiet for my liking, but not quite as bad as some others. Outside of mafia, he seems to be a pretty grounded and nice guy. Fodder contest is an enjoyable idea (although a bit pointless now that the fodder loves to make their own e-pop contests and vote for each other). Seems pretty smart, probably wouldn't be a bad guy to get to know a bit better.

130. SantaRPG

Just thinking about doing this guys writeup frustrates me. He is one of the newcomers this year, unless he is an alt. I see his posts often. I feel like generally I either like them or feel indifferent towards them. Which means I don't generally think he is a stupid poster. Yet I CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING about him. I have no idea about his personality, his tastes in games, nothing! I know he seems to associate with Palmer a bit... but those are just rumors! I mean, I have no idea what to think of this guy. In fact, right now, I'm just gonna make a topic asking him about himself, brb. I have a feeling he could be pretty cool, we shall see!

129. supdawg

SUP DAWG. Awesome username. And his username pretty much sums up what he is like, he is just laid back, and wants to chill with his dawgs, basically. This is respectable. He doesn't seem to like posting that often, but I generally enjoy his posts. He talks about MMA on occasion, but apparently he doesn't watch much lately, which is a shame, the MMA community could always use more people. But yeah, very chill and cool guy, nothing to dislike at all, except I think he should post more.

128. spiegel22

Aww yeah spiegel. Very underappreciated user, though it doesn't help that I don't see him so much anymore. Spiegel used to roll with the wrestling crew more, and he was one of my favorite guys in the wrestling crew for sure. He also was in UCA, and cut some fun heel promos. It's a shame I don't see him much anymore, because if so, he could be way higher.

Also, check out this pic of him.


127. Giggs

For some reason, I'll always associate Giggs as one of the few people who knew about Luster Exposed before it happened. As for this year, he was a pretty friendly guy as always. He mostly seems to like to talk about music, and uhh, goes a bit too in detail on it for me to like reading it >_>. He generally seems like a fun and slightly goofy guy (he posted a crazy pic in the pic rating topic, just for a better reaction, props for that). I'm not a fan of his music taste, but thats probably the main negative. Steiner gives him mad props, and I trust Steiner's judgment!

126. Delseban

I disliked Dels earlier in the year because he is very frustrating to play mafia with. He doesn't talk much if ever, then likes to brag about how unreadable he is, give me a break. But then, I ended up talking to him on AIM a bit for WWE mafia, which unfortunately never came to fruition, but anyway, I quickly discovered that outside of THE GAME, he is probably one of the nicest guys on the board I've ever met. We also talked a few times, mostly about OMAD, throughout the year, and my first impression continued. I think he prefers CE or PotD or something, but I think it'd be cool if he posted here more often outside of mafia... and in mafia for that matter <_<.

125. KBM

Another guy I mostly know from mafia. Pretty average player, but he tries to keep active, which I respect. I talked to him on AIM a few times as well this year, because he was gonna make a song for the podcast intro. He got busy and never did it (LAME), but I enjoyed our talks, and like dels, he seems like a really nice guy. I think I see him posting with the VG music crew, which I don't hang around, so I don't see him much, but he's a pretty good guy.

124. Janus

Despite interacting with him quite a bit over the years, mostly when I was more into rhythm games, never been very close with the guy. I recognize him as a pretty good poster, who is a solid addition to the board. I'd say I enjoy most of his posts, he can be pretty funny as well as smart/knowledgeable, but just not a guy I'd ever really be BFF with. Oh, and his pic on the wiki is funny >_>.

123. Maniac64

Very cool member of the wrestling community when he decides to post. He is yet another that isn't all about bashing, and seems to be, by god, an actual FAN of wrestling. Wow! Not bitching constantly automatically makes him a winner in my book, but I like him as a person too! A bit low-key but not a bad user at all. I wouldn't mind seeing him more. I think he might participate in my OP/Naruto topic... but I'm unsure on that one.

122. Celtic Guardian

Never seen this guy post outside of my YGO/Pokemon topic, which would make sense based on the username >_>. He used to participate more earlier in the year, and always had some of the better comments. Unfortunately he seems to have disappeared, which is probably my fault for not updating more. Probably a name a lot of people won't recognize, but pretty cool.

121. Some Character

Probably gets some credit for this moving pretty fast, with his whole "at 170 it will stop and we will bump it endlessly". I'm tired of people acting like I never finish projects! I do finish quite a few! I mean, I finished a top 100 songs project earlier in the year, I invented and ran UCA for a while. While I may not update daily, both my anime topics have been successful for over a year! And I've done a pretty good job with the podcast! Thats impressive DAMN IT. Yeah, I didn't finish the pic rating topic, but are you aware of how many pics there were? I did like 150+ writeups I'd say, and it was a lot of work, cut me some slack!

Erm... anyway. S_C is a guy I don't see post much outside of my writeups.. and my user ranking topics, because the bastard knows he will probably actually get mentioned. He's a kind of weird but funny guy, we don't talk as much as we used to, but I usually enjoyed our talks on my projects. Not sure why he isn't so active in them anymore, slacker, WHO IS HE TO SAY I WON'T FINISH ARGH.

120. PrinceReva

Looks like I stuck all the anime project people in one spot. Another guy who follows my projects, urges me to update at times. I talked to him in the mafia chat room a few times earlier this year, and he's pretty cool. A guy I wouldn't be opposed to talking to more! I say that about a lot of people, why am I so positive.

119. Warning Crazy

Ahhh WARNINGCRAZY MY FRIEND. Earlier in the year, WC could have been like, top 50 material. Really fun guy to play mafia with and talk to. Also, his crossdressing antics were amusing. Fun to play maf with + crossdresser usually equals WINNER. But then a few months ago he changed. He started making topics about CNN, whining about them being biased, while not really citing examples. He became so sad he started taking advice from GuiGui on what news to check out.

Then the whole CSPAN fiasco, where he just had to mention that he was watching the vote for health care on CSPAN of all places, give me a break. And now he goes to al jazeera and stuff, and is most likely proud of his indie cred.

I think he has just become a bit whiny in general now. His only contributions to this project were saying about how he wanted to complain about my apparent gay hatred, and then complaining about the newbie writeup. He is a complainer now constantly. Argh. I miss the old WC.

118. CrimsonOcean

An interesting user. Usually, if you are a legit girl, you cannot be shy to post on this message board. When you are surrounded by all these pervs that talk to you just because you are a girl, because they are creepy, you need to be strong. Crim doesn't quite seem as comfortable with that as the Ryokos and ngirls and gotsportks of the world, yet she still manages to post here, which is interesting. I think she is a quality poster though,she likes detroit sports, which is a good quality to have. She is always a pretty fun person, I used to talk to her a bit, but not so much this year, which is why she is a bit low.

117. Commodore

Comm is an interesting fellow. I notice him in the drinking buddies topics, so he clearly has a pretty good social life. Thats probably why he seems so... normal compared to a lot of people on the board. He seems to enjoy music a lot, he has a top 100 songs topic that was a bit more mainstream than most you would find, so I enjoyed lurking in it. He is also in the song of the week club. But overall, as I said earlier, he just seems very normal and chill, and I always like that in a user.

116. CoolCly

MARATHON DAY. One of the current main posters in my one piece/naruto topic. I think he's a fun guy in there. While it's clear he wants me to update more, he doesn't complain as much as other people. I feel like in the past I saw him post in more topics, but, I don't really notice him as much these days. But yeah, very fun poster in my projects, which is good enough for a half decent spot on my list.

115. Blairville

The guy who bumps my anime topics. thanks bro.

ok he posts in them as well, and I enjoy his posts!

114. Da J

Da J is an amusing fellow. Firstly, he is one of the main contributors in my YGO/Pokemon topic. Which is enough to get an OK rank, but the funny thing about Da J is his sig. He advertises in his sig that if you apply you can make it in. Every few months he will FINALLY let someone "go for the ride". Where he challenges them and asks them tons of questions to deem whether they are worthy or not. But then, he goes so slow, it's obvious he is never going to get through everyone. So they play his sick games for nothing! What an evil genius/bastard! I love it!

ps whens my turn to GO FOR THE RIDE?

113. BBallman7

Another guy who has been around for a while who Ive never interacted with much. Bball used to post a lot more and host way more contests, but he got a bit inactive this year. Always a nice guy, and a solid contributor to the board. My two main memories of him this year are his NFL ladder contest, which is pretty cool, and his pic in the pic rating topic, where he had a smoking girl with him, "teehee".

112. Menji

Unfortunately Menji will never escape this moment for me.

me (iming alex shelley for the first time): is this... alex shelley, THE Alex Shelley Alex: No... this is menji. me: Huh? Really? Alex: No, it's alex. I was just trying to think of someone who you would be really disappointed to actually IM.

classic. But hey, to his credit, Menji was pretty interesting this year. He became the first entertaining troll in a while when he was doing well in the contest, it was fun to see him piss people off. If he had Link winning it all, it would have been even better. lol snake. Eitherway, he created some CONTROVERSY during contest season, which is a plus.

Then when contest season ended he went back to his old self, maybe a bit more active than I remember. He has been really chill and cool, I've enjoyed having him around. Solid poster.

111. Cokes

Cokes is probably one of the more annoying indie music people on the board, just seems a bit stuck up when it comes to his SUPERIOR music tastes.

Outside of music, he is pretty chill and cool guy. Can post about a lot of different subjects, can be funny, intelligent, well rounded individual, I just don't care for him in music topics.

110. SmartMuffin

One of the most difficult people to place for sure.

Let's start with perhaps the most "famous" aspect of him, his political views. Quite frankly, the guy makes a fool of himself, often, especially when he talks about stuff he has no clue about. Like seriously, does he realize how stupid he looks when he talks about global warming as a conspiracy, and acts like global warming only = world catastrophe? Or how he can't watch Family Guy because it pushes a liberal agenda? It's one thing if he was a troll, but by god, he is actually serious, which is fucking weird. Give me a break. That reminds me of another big flaw in his arguing style. He thrives on tactics, funny enough used by LIBERAL AGENDA PUSHING Daily Show. He likes to take a bit of what you say, take it out of context, and blow it out of proportion, and over-exaggerate it. He can be frustrating to argue with because I feel like he is constantly arguing with statements I didn't say.

And yet, honestly, at times I think his viewpoint is valuable and needed. When he isn't being crazy extreme, and more just a normal conservative, he can actually make a lot of sense. And when you have tons of cool super liberal kids saying a whole bunch of shit that they just repeat from their teachers or MSNBC, it's nice to see him in those situations. Unless he gets just as extreme back, then it sucks. Overall though, I'd say he is intelligent, and can offer a solid debate at times, but then, sometimes he is just misguided and almost brainwashed or something.

As for wrestling, I think funny enough, he makes me more mad there then he ever could in political discussion. I have no fucking clue why this guy watches wrestling. All he cares about when judging people is mic skills. I love guys with charisma (doesn't necessarily mean they cut a perfect promo) who can wrestle. I love WRESTLING. Muffin, not so much. He loves terrible angles like stevie-abyss, and will shit on anyone that can't cut a great promo, no matter how good they are in ring. It really annoys me. He actually thinks TNA > WWE, which is so ridiculously laughable. Then he acts like I have bad opinions. I find him to be very disrespectful in wrestling conversations too, he isn't as bad as Extha with the whole "your opinion means nothing because you haven't been watching your whole life", but he can get close.

When it comes to just discussing TNA though, he is a fun guy to chat with. A bit too eager to take pot shots at WWE stuff subtly, but not too bad overall.

I find him to be pretty funny once in a while, if anything with just his self-depreciation. I think he makes the board more interesting, and he is one of my top 5 favorite people to make fun of, and he's not sensitive at all which is nice.

How to compare Muffin then. In the end, he's like Little Caesars Pizza. You're either going to get one awful fucking pizza, or the best damn $5 ever spent. Well, erm, a "decent" 5 dollars anyway >_>.

oh and he cybers with underage girls LOL

109. foolmoron

fool is one of the coolest people in the AIM mafia group. He doesn't take it too seriously like blade and shit. He just is miller chill, has a good time, I like talking to him.

Lately I notice him more and more on the board though, and man, he has a lot of terrible opinions and posts, that brings him down a bit, but I still like him, so he gets a non embarrassing spot.

108. SpikeDragon

Me and Spike have quite a history. I used to bash him constantly for sucking, and he ended up being one of those success stories where he ended up turning into a cool guy from it all (take note gotspork).

Spike has always been nice, but he was just so one-dimensional and obsessed, it was tough to like him. But hey, he was young. He turned his act around a year or 2 ago, and became a cool guy who was into more than just e-pop. He is always very busy with school (lol asian parents), but whenever he is on AIM he is a good guy to talk to about life and stuff. He has no delusions about himself or his personality, he knows who he is, he doesn't think he is any smarter than he actually is, just a nice likable guy. I wonder why he hasn't been around so much lately.

107. newusrname

nun (or nug) is a pretty low-key guy. Not many people on the board know him, he lacks charisma (which in Chronic fashion, he points out constantly >_>). He's a fun guy in AIM mafia. For actual conversation, one of the most knowledgeable MMA guys on the board, outside of his constant strange belief that Silva will lose to whoever he happens to be facing next. He is never on for the live chats though, lameass. I don't see him contribute tons to the board outside of UFC talk honestly.

We talk on AIM here and there, usually decent conversations. Solid user.

106. Lightning Strikes

An interesting guy. The only person in my OP/Naruto topic series who HATES One Piece. It's kind of strange, but can be hilarious at times. Especially when I suggest that maybe I should ditch the topic to Marathon One Piece. I do think he brings a lot of discussion and diversity to the topic series though, which would be severely lacking if he wasn't around.

Outside of the topic, I see him once in a while. Decent poster, probably wouldn't be this high in most people's list but I like him well enough.

105. Haguile

Top 3 poster in my anime topics for sure. Very knowledgeable guy, always has something interesting to say, and always very nice to me when I update (aka not bitching when I don't update >_>). He seems to know a lot about all the series, and he just brings a lot to the topics. I think he exclusively posts in my anime topics... which amuses me that people like that exist. I also like that he is a pretty positive guy. He doesn't bash any series, I haven't seen him bash dubs like a lot of these people, he just enjoys them, I respect this.

104. sbp

The joaquin Phoenix of B8. Threw away all the fame, cash and women to grow out a ridiculous beard and pretend he is on drugs 95% of the time. I think he is pretty funny, though not as funny as the things I hear about AMAZING TELE... *gets hit by a western lariat*.

ANYWAY, he is one of the most entertaining characters in UCA for sure. I always enjoyed his gimmicks. He never gets too serious although sometimes he manages to make points in debates... while being as non-confrontational as possible. Which is more his posting style honestly.

I think his strange posting style is weird, but it's readable, different, and sometimes enjoyable. Solid poster, but I can't help but want to see what this Amazing Telephone guy was like. But sbp is too much like John Cena. He isn't going to go back to an old gimmick after he completely ditched it, it would be a bit random.

103. fr0g

Literally never interacted with him or even participated in any of his topics, but whenever he makes a drawing topic, it is seriously quality stuff, I admire his work and he makes some of the most fun topics on the board. Very entertaining guy. Even though I barely know the guy, I gotta give him a decent spot.

102. Shake

Shake's a weird guy, can never quite get a handle on him. When I was into boxing for like 4-6 months he was a big help, but other than that we have never interacted. He can be funny, can be serious, he can also be angry, you never know what to expect! Although personally, I thought he was a bit more laid back this year that usual, so that was nice to see. I'd say that I generally enjoyed his posts, and he obviously generally has some good insight into lots of topics, so he is a quality poster who gets a decent spot.

101. Nevest

Mostly I see him with the XBOX CREW AWW YEAH. He seems to be the other guy, who, like MSG, buys every game when it comes out. Argh where do you get that $$$. He doesn't have tons of charisma, but he's a nice guy, pretty fun. I mostly played with him back when all of us were playing 1 vs. 100, and we all had a good time I'd say! Solid poster, but more someone you like if you are into Xbox Live.

100. SBell0105[]

Ever since I returned to the board, Sbell was a pretty popular user, yet I had no idea who he was. I mostly saw him in the UUL topics, he seemed to have kind of taken over the Shattered Elysium role of helping out with things. I was a bit annoyed with him earlier in the year, because I'm pretty sure he was the one who tattled to yazzy about me "rallying". I mean, seriously dude. I never talk to you, you really think I would just IM you asking for votes? Pure laziness all around from the UUL guys in that incident.

Anyway, as the offseason arrived, I finally started to notice this guy's posts a little more, which is often the case in the offseason.I didn't realize he was into drinking and CHILLIN' and stuff. iatg likes to pick on him, not really sure why, but unlike Cyclo, Sbell doesn't really become a giant baby and cry about it. He barely retaliates from what I've seen, which I think caused iatg to lay off (take note: Cyclo). I like that about him, he isn't very confrontational, he manages to stay out of drama even when he has a chance to get into it.

Lately he likes to seem to post about j-pop or something. Not my thing, but his topics seem pretty popular. Overall, I've grown to like him a bit more over the year even though we haven't directly interactedtons, he contributes to the board in various ways, and is a pretty good user.

99. Bokonon Lives

Randomly re-appeared in the last few days, but hey, I remember him! Kind of like Sbell for me, except even longer term. Knew of the guy without really knowing anything about him for a long time, but finally this year, we managed to interact a bit. I believe it started with the pic rating topic, I talked to him a bit after I talked about his pic, and I immediately liked him. He's a very nice guy, you might expect someone who based their name off Cat's Cradle to be some wannabe intellectual who is extremely smarmy, but Bokonon is really surprisingly nice.

He is a contributor to the board on occasion, I believe he hosts Best Attack Ever, and I feel like I've seen him doing some LISTZ. Overally, he's definitely a guy who could have been higher had I seen him a bit more consistently, but apparently he went lurker for a while, so it was tough to put him much higher, especially considering my interactions with him are still limited.

98. Oddity

A mercs guy for the most part. I can't say I see him outside of those topics very often, however he is into mafia. We played together in several games, and in all the games we played together we ended up being alive for a long ass time, so I feel like I know the guy pretty well. He is good about staying active, he doesn't take it too seriously, and overall, he is probably one of the few people on the board outside of like, wigs and neon, who their presence in a game would make me a bit more likely to sign up. My only problem with the guy is that he is way too paranoid of me because of LotR mafia, but whatever. I don't think I've ever talked to him outside of mafia in any way shape or form, but I enjoy playing mafia with him enough that he earns this spot.

He does seem like a nice guy, and pretty smart too though, I'm sure the mercs guys like him too, I have to wonder if most of the board knows anything about him though.

97. TwilightPhoenix

OK, unlike Haguile, I'm pretty sure this is a guy who literally only posts in my topics. I support this <_<. TwilightPhoenix is an anime fan who also likes wrestling. Honestly, thats a pretty rare combo, but he is one of those guys. He is a good active participant in both anime topics, and I think he posts in my Raw topic on occasion. Mostly my interactions with him come over AIM, where we talk on a semi-regular basis about wrestling and my topics. Very nice guy, not a negative nancy like a lot of wrestling fans, I enjoy talking to him. I wonder why he doesn't post more (like in the wrestling topic). Because I think he is a good guy, instead he remains a lurker that most of you probably don't know about, but he makes it to the top 100 here!

96. voltch

Real live japanese man, I believe. Voltch is a solid contributor to my anime topics, which means INSTA-LIKE. I actually never knew he was a contest stats nerd, as I see him around the board a decent bit, inserting his opinions. I never knew he was one of them.

voltch is difficult to classify as a person. I don't see him joking around much or making funnies, he seems to enjoy debates, yet I can't classify him as too serious for whatever reason. I guess he doesn't seem to ever get pissed in debates. He sees it as it is, merely a debate. That is a trait more people on this board could use. Overall I find him to be an intelligent and quality poster. If more STAT NERDs seemed like him, I might be more inclined to check that topic out! (not that those asswipes want me or any outsider : (

95. sephsblade

I just want to get into a serious conversation with sephsblade one day, thats my one true goal in life. I keep thinking he DID get into a serious conversation on the board at one point, but pretty sure I'm thinking of newbie lolol.

seph is just... goofy. I will never understand his obsession with cats, either as a legit obsession or as a weird gimmick. Sometimes I feel like I could have a conversation with him just by saying CATS cats, cats. meow. Etc, and it would work... somehow.

I think I've played mafia with seph a few times. He stuck to his gimmick the whole time, of course >_>. Makes him a bit tough to read, but hey, when he is playing, the atmosphere of the game kind of... becomes more friendly I guess. That would probably be my favorite thing about him in general. He doesn't take anything too seriously, so when he is around, the "SERIOUS BUSINESS" nature of the board dies down a bit, and that is nice, and just frankly needed sometimes.

I know some people find him funny, I'm not sure if I've ever laughed from one of his posts, but HEY he's a cool dude who makes the board a better place in his own... special way.

94. ProphetProfit

Seriously, how did this guy beat me in OMAD. WORST USER EVER.

You are lucky I already unleashed my WRATH on espio, so I won't be mean. Profit wasn't too active around here for a while, but lately I feel like he has begun to pick up the posting pace a bit. His favorite past time is posting smartass one liners in random topics, which I actually find to be pretty funny a decent amount of the time. It's also nice that he isn't an actually meany when he does this stuff, he just likes to point out things... like how amazing that "smurfgrandpa" post was >_>.

Me and Profit have talked a bit on AIM this past year, I generally find him to be a cool guy. I feel like he really has come out of his shell a bit more lately though, not just in posting but attitude, so it might be interesting to talk to him again ONE DAY, it could be way different than our previous convos where he was just a normal nice guy. He also might not suck up to me as much... that would be unfortunate.

Oh and, I never know which order to put his god damn username in, I gave up trying. Screw you.

93. WalrusJump

Interesting stuff with Walrus. Earlier in the year I felt like he was a really young guy. I liked to pick on him and play mafia with him, pretty cool user. Then he disappeared for a while, now he has reemerged, and I swear he seems way different. It feels like he got into pot or something. All of a sudden he loves to talk about jazz and indie music. He seems way more chill than he did in the past, and maybe even a bit smarter. He also seems to have a way more diverse set of tastes than I gave him credit for before, for example, I had no idea he knew stuff about sports, as he is in B8BL. He really feels like a completely different guy.

Which is fine by me honestly. I always liked Walrus, but I think I like the new "more mature" Walrus even more. Seriously, this writeup felt weird, I wonder if Walrus will agree with it or not, but he really feels like he got way "older" over the course of the year. It'd be interesting to play maf/talk with him again now that he CHANGED.

92. calvinball

Calvin has been a pretty low-key poster for a few years now. I noticed him pretty early in his B8 "career". He's a laid back guy, pretty smart, seems to like a lot of different things, and I would say contributes well to most topics. Despite this he doesn't get much in terms of accolades from other B8ers. But I guess thats because the guy doesn't seem to have any real aspirations to be an E-LEGEND. He is just content to come here when he is bored, post a bit, leave. I don't think he talks on AIM to anyone, I don't think he has ever had a project of any sort. He just like to show up to post a bit.

Which is fine, I like his posts, he seems like a nice guy, I'm down with that. I think if he tried he could become a little more well known, but thats just a theory.

91. Anagram

A few years ago I could never imagine Anagram being considered a controversial user at all. He has been posting useless topics for years (LITERALLY!!!), but it was about one a day, a few of those topics would get a few posts, and everyone moved on. I think he was a name a lot of people knew but no one cared about.

Then this year was Anagram's breakout year. Out of nowhere he starts posting like 10 topics a day, making projects. And now it seems he has some people that think he is awesome, and others that think he is terrible. Very strange. I wonder what brought the new posting activity about?

Anagram is a lot like any user that has ever made that many topics a day (including yours truly in ~2007). Some are hits, some are misses. I'll just list some bullet points on this, because I have many random thoughts on his topics.

-His projects are generally solid, nothing he makes is probably gonna ever get HUGE on the board, but they are interesting. I really enjoyed his Star Trek character ranking topic, otherwise nothing else I personally cared for. -I think his topics can be cool, but sometimes I feel like he repeats the same things. I feel like he has made topics about other countries' english spelling several times, as well as several grammar whore topics. -It's weird that he decides to post topics from other boards without even saying "got this from "whoever"". I don't understand that at all. -I like when he implements videos or pics into his topics, he like... made a topic where he just showed himself jumping into a pool or something. Pointless but somewhat amusing. -I'd say 50-50 overall for how often his topics are worth reading. Not terrible.

Other than that, Anagram seems like a fun guy, he can take criticism well without getting serious or defensive. He could probably be higher on here without a few of his topic making traits, but I like him overall.

90. McBones/Burrito

In my first ever game of board mafia, I pegged Bones as scum day 1. I was so proud of my accomplishment that I decided to peg him as scum everyday, in every game I ever play with him >_>. Kind of like a memento of my first true peg! >_>.

But srsly, Bones is a really fun game to play mafia with. He is also a plus to ever game he is in, whether it be board or AIM. He plays hard, but he doesn't take it too seriously, always the best mix imo.

I enjoy our random chats on AIM as well, he is a funny, laid back guy. I feel like I'm beginning to notice him posting outside of mafia a bit more too, which is cool. I wouldn't mind seeing this a bit more from him, as he is a very likable guy, pretty popular within the maf community, so I think he could do well as a board poster too.

89. redherring/pezloco

AKA tom's roommate. Tom's pretty lucky to have a roommate nerdy enough to be on gamefaqs/play mafia.It's kind of cool, although, personally it might be a bit weird if my roommates saw me doing pokemon projects and shit... but Tom dresses as Phoenix Wright for Halloween so I guess he isn't that concerned about looking like a lamer!

As for herring himself, really cool guy. Very talented mafia player, one of the best guys to play with imo. He is good but not all intense and shit, which makes him fun to play with. I like talking to him as well.

The guy really doesn't follow the board at all though. I gave up trying to ask him board-related questions because he literally knows nothing about the board. I think it's a real pity, as he would be a quality poster if he chose so. But for a guy who just plays mafia, he is a very cool guy.

88. dragon (numbers)

I have no idea why dragon refers being called "numbers". Really strange >_>. I quickly liked dragon after we were in LotR mafia together. He isn't super active, but his posts have good content, and he definitely isn't inactive at least. Eventually he made his way into AIM mafia and seemed to make some friends there, though unfortunately I don't think I've ever played with him there.

I don't see him tons on the board, but it looks like he is bff with the VGmusic crew... thats uhh, not that more prestigious group on the board, but it's something I suppose! Even though I don't get to see most of his posts, he is a fun guy to talk to and play mafia with, so he gets a top 100 spot.

87. Naye

Yet another bandwagon Arsenal fan on this board, as well as a weirdo who seems to watch some sort of sport every night. The #1 weird thing about Naye, is he is always in the mafia chat room, yet he never plays. He goes in there to talk with such "quality" users such as swirldude and Blade. Like, I don't know, thats just odd. I really hate when he starts conversations mid-game too, thats just rude. I don't understand this aspect about him at all.

Luckily, even though he has terrible taste in who to talk to sometimes, he isn't such a bad guy. He is a semi-regular poster, he specializes in being an ass, but I think he is entertaining and not super mean in that role. Just kind of mean, about where you want to be in that role. He is pretty smart, and actually himself isn't bad to talk to in himself, as we kind of randomly talk for a few about either soccer or when I ask him podcast poll questions. So, I guess bad taste in who to talk to doesn't hold him back as a user much, so he gets a solid spot.

86. Coffee Ninja

Coffee Ninja is a lot like SBell for me (sorry for the accusation earlier BTW Bell!), in terms of, a guy I saw around a lot for a long time, but never managed to really stand out for me. This year that changed as Ninja started hanging around the wrestling KREW more and more. Quite frankly, I don't find him to be very good in debates, but I still like him as a fan. He seems to really like the indies, yet he is positive about WWE, which is honestly, pretty rare >_>. He is fun in the chats, because he is quite clearly there to just have a good time and talk, and he isn't there to fuck on everything. Basically, if I were to make a chat where I just invited cool people, instead of letting everyone invite whoever they want, he would be one guy who would definitely be invited.

I think Ninja is one of those guys who mostly prefers to make topics/post topics about LIFE. You know what I'm talking about. Doesn't seem like a guy huge into projects, I might know more about him if I was more into LIFE topics, but I'm not, so I mostly know him as a cool, positive guy from the wrestling topics. Nothing wrong with that!

85. Metroid13

It's half-amazing that I can remember this guy exists, what a generic username! Like man. I'll never understand people who have such terrible usernames, I put a lot of work into making sure I have a decent one no matter where I am, personally.

Anyway, Metroid is interesting. Firstly, he is gay. I'm barely sure how I know this, because he isn't very blatantly gay like the Mumeis, Mershs, Cyclos and starcows of the board. And obviously I can't say I ever go into that topic >_>.

I also think I offended him once, somehow or another, I just remember him being pissed at me, or calling me out. He might be a little sensitive, but obviously not that sensitive, like Cyclo, or I would probably remember more about it.

I feel like Metroid has come along and started posting a lot more lately. I can't say I remember him from most of the year, but recently in the offseason I have noticed him more and more in a diverse array of topics, from gaming to politics. He seems pretty well-rounded, and appears to know his stuff in a lot of different areas. I think he positively contributes to the board. Despite our many differences, I find myself liking him more and more as I see him post. I'd be curious to see if I could actually manage to talk to him on a 1 on 1 basis, but eitherway, I think he is a quality enough poster to get a pretty high spot, even if he is potentially sensitive/way different from me.

84. Jaylv99

Really a huge shame that Jay barely posted at all this year. The guy is just loads of fun whenever he is here, very positive, witty, funny, and even pretty smart for someone pretty young. The guy admits he is a big nerd, he has friends despite this, but I thought he was a safe bet for future User Of the Year! It is really upsetting that he of all people left damn it : (.

I used to talk to Jay quite a bit, he was from Michigan,. which gives him bonus points. We would talk about games, and GURLZ, and tons of other stuff, always a great guy to talk to, and he never seemed as young as he was to me.

But yeah, even though he mostly disappeared this year, he wasn't completely absent. He pops in on occasion and is cool as ever, it's just tough to rank him any higher with how limited his posting was this year. COME BACK JAY PLZ

83. Sir Cobain

The only surviving member of the Abomlcad crew after they all died in a car crash. I always thought the Abomlcad guys could be good users. Their fads were decent sometimes, in moderation, and they could be Miller Chill kind of guys, unless you bashed the Tim and Eric show, then you hurt their feelings : (. But the point is, if they didn't constantly try and shove whatever they thought was funny down everyone's throats, they could have been pretty good.

This is basically Cobain. He has a similar sense of humor to these guys, but he isn't out to make fads and be in the spotlight constantly. I see him in quite a few topics with that kind of goofy, laid back, yet at times maybe a little douchey posting style. But I think he does a good job at mostly directing that towards terrible human beings, and I respect that. I like that he is pretty laid-back, I think he can be funny, and I think he does a good job of contributing to discussion without being all in your face. Also, I'm pretty sure he is a detroit sports fan, BONUS POINTS.

So basically, the board was made better when Abomlcad died, but their lone baby boy who miraculously survived the crash is going on to doing slightly above average things with his life, and not making the same mistakes his mother and father made... awesome.

82. Minipoooot

I've always been a "poooooter". His username pretty much sums him up, he is just a fun guy. A little silly, yet also pretty smart, just a solid guy to have around. I feel like he disappeared for a good chunk of the year, but I've seen him a lot more lately, and he is his usual fun stuff. Poooot doesn't like to make tons of topics or projects, but he is always willing to input stuff into random topics. He is a quality poster and there is a reason why he is so well liked.

But seriously, I feel like his relationship with Dante is pretty weird. He goes and eats with him constantly, yet they never actually hang out with each other, mostly because Dante won't allow it or something. I mean... seriously. Don't you guys have any desire to hang out after eating together so many times >_>. Dante is a weird guy though, it might be his fault. Yeah, I blame Dante. Keep up the good work pooot.

81. Kakashi

Eccentric is pretty much the first word that comes to mind about this guy. Pretty much everything he says, and just the way he posts, there is something about it that makes it so you can just TELL he is a weird guy. Not a bad thing, it's just something to note.

Something about him being eccentric kind of makes me kind of enjoy his posts a bit more though. Whenever he posts in random topics, I tend to notice him, and I find him interesting at least. Kakashi always has seemed like a pretty nice, occasionally funny guy to me as well, so thats another bonus to his posts. He posts in my anime topics on occasion (as you would expect, with the username). And overall I just find him to be a bit intriguing and fun, which is good enough for a top 100 spot!

80. Shadow Ryoko

GURL. How dare she beat me in UotY, she should be ashamed in herself tbh.

Ryoko is around the board quite a bit. As she said earlier, we run in different circles, which is pretty true. She seems to prefer the LIFE topics, while I like projects. Doesn't mean I don't notice her obviously, she is a pretty quality user.

The only thing that makes her angry is whore jokes. Only a whore gets pissed at whore jokes LOL. But seriously, that seems to be the only thing that upsets her. Sometimes I don't understand why she doesn't snap at people like Vlado, who acts like she is god's gift to GameFAQs merely for posting here and being a girl. I'm not sure how she manages to deal with that without feeling a bit weirded out, but i have the feeling she keeps a lot of stuff inside, because, whether she wants to admit it or not, she is a pretty nice person, with a PRETTY NICE ASS.

Normally in addition to the fact that she should probably yell at people like Vlado once in a while, I'd probably get on her for associating with the likes of Cyclo, and the whole Ryoko/Cyclo sig change, but well, it's every girls dream to have a gay BFF, so I guess I can't really harp on her for that.. She seems like she would be a pretty cool person to hang out with, as she has a good sense of humor, plus, unlike NGIRL, she doesn't claim to be in love when she just likes the sex lolol.

So basically, while I DESERVED IT MORE, I can understand why Ryoko won, because she is probably one of the more fun users in the kind of topics I don't go in so much.


79. SilverErmine

The resident "animal lover" on the board without being an actual animal lover... if you catch my drift. When I first saw the guy, I admit I kind of put him in the group with marth and a lot of the other e-pop/brawl type clique (not that he plays Brawl, but you know what I mean). As I saw him more, I realized he wasn't with them, he was just an animal guy. Honestly, I love animals too myself, but this guy is obsessed, I find it a bit odd, but it isn't a big deal. I do enjoy his various photo galleries sometimes that he posts of his trips to zoos and such, he is actually pretty talented at it imo.

If I were to award someone the title of "nicest guy on B8", Ermine would definitely be my pick. I have never seen the guy say a negative thing on this board. Very pleasant guy to talk to without a doubt. I probably never would have been able to interact with him if not for us talking to the podcast, which is one of my favorite parts about doing the podcast, I have met a lot of cool people in the process,and Ermine is one of them.

78. LusterSoldier

It's a bit tough to do a write up on Luster at this point. I mean, what else is there to be said? If B8 was a novel, he would be a gimmick one-dimensional character there for comic appeal. He likes dew, making special accounts, the girlies, and e-fame. That about sums him up.

As anyone who is kind of gimmicked, Luster can get a bit old. His posting style amused me for a while, but now I'm kind of sick of it, I'd be more interested in seeing him post like a normal person. That would be stranger at this point.

Luster hasn't been around much of the year, which honestly makes me happy. Not because I dislike him, but because I think these boards became too much of an obsession for him, and I hope he is getting his life back in order.

Even if the gimmick is getting old, he can still be pretty hilarious at times, and he's a real nice guy who I don't mind talking to on AIM on occasion. I just would like to see Luster "turn the page" on his current "gimmick" and maybe try and act like the majority of people on the board for a bit... if that is even possible for him anyway.

77. Shaggy

Such an apt nickname for such a... hairy man. Shags was a lot like me at one point in his life, in LOVE with his best friend, wanted to do her, but she had a BF. We had some good talks about this in the past, and in general, we had a lot in common, and I thought of him as a pretty chill/cool guy.

These days I don't see the Shagster as much as I used to. I can't help but feel like he is maybe just a bit less fun than he used to be, and maybe a bit more douchey. Just the vibe I get. Not to say I dislike him. I think overall he is still pretty cool, smart guy, funny at times, not bad in the music topics, but I just don't think I like him as much as I used to. I'm guessing he changed because of depression about his BFF : (

76. Lady Ashe

Ashe is an interesting one. He still has the same d-bagish personality to an extent, but I definitely think he has cooled down a bit over the years. He used to be perhaps the most polarizing user on the board, very love him or hate him person, now he seems content to mostly post about anime and other things, doesn't feel the need to be a dick very often anymore.

Well, in mafia I guess thats the only difference. I don't find Ashe to be that great or fun to play with in mafia. But hey thats just me, he just doesn't have the kind of fun playstyle I prefer. In the anime topics though, Ashe is definitely one of my favorites. He is actually surprisingly positive a lot of the time, but he also isn't afraid to say what sucks, obviously. I think in anime debates he has good points, and is obviously a smart user overall.

I think the difference between old Ashe and new Ashe, is Ashe may be a bit more selective about his bashing. In these topics for example, he has bashed some people, but he usually sticks to bashing truly crappy people, and I can always get behind that. Probably not CHILL enough to be higher, but pretty decent guy.

75. freac

neon likes to hate on freac because uhh he pretends he is cool and tries really hard to be an internet badass, but he is not. I think neon is right to an extent, freac can try too hard (see: his "burn" on Jakyl earlier). But overall, I think he is funny and a pretty good user.

Obviously freac's (Free-ack, according to neon lol) main personality trait is being a dick. Once in a while he's willing to just say stuff in random topics, but overall, he thrives on making fun of people. Like I said about Lady Ashe earlier, the cool thing about freac though is he is mostly a good judge on who sucks and who doesn't, and I feel like he focuses his attacks on the sucky people, and he can often be pretty funny doing so, so I'm totally cool with freac, and because he is funny and bashes stupid people, he ends up pretty high on the list for me.

I get the vibe though that outside of the board, he'd be a really chill guy to talk to. I'd love to talk to him on AIM about gaming or the 360 or something. I think he should maybe bring a bit more of the chill factor to B8 and maybe tone down on trying to be a dick just a bit, but overall, pretty quality user.

74. Forceful Dragon

I feel like a lot of the Christians on the board mostly conceal their faiths, because they just quite frankly don't feel like defending it and such. Then the few people on the board who are openly religious can often be incredibly extreme. FD might be considered a bit extreme as well, but I think he is a pretty reasonable guy in debates about such things, and I respect that. He doesn't try and piss people off, he is just saying what he believes, and he is very respectful to others for the most part during these discussions. Respect he doesn't get back very often (I think he made a topic offering to pray for anyone who wanted it, he was of course, trolled).

Most of my interactions with FD this year came from TheLastKnights, a weird free online turn based MMORPG/Strategy hybrid. It is pretty fun, so I got into it for a few ages. FD is a pretty harsh taskmaster though >_>. Although he is also very helpful and informative, so thats nice, but those things get old for me.

In mafia, FD is OK to play with, but he has a bad habit of thinking he is more valuable than he is. As evidenced when he TREESTUMPED himself in LotR mafia, then proceeded to not contribute for the rest of the game. Like, wow, that was bad. Negative points for that.

FD is a difficult one to rank, because while I have mostly positive things to say about him, we just quite frankly have very little in common, and he can maybe be a bit one-dimensional when it comes to his posting, and in fact, lately he barely posts at all. So eh, this seems like a fair spot.

73. ExthaNemesis

I spent most of this year practically despising Extha. Extha has always been a user a bit more focused around sports talk than anything, so I guess it's not a coincidence that this is the first year I often felt strong dislike for him, and it also happened to be the year two of his "teams" won their respective championships.

The only reason I can't consider Extha the biggest bandwagon fan anymore is mr. meeks from Kansas who happens to cheer for two of the best teams this decade in baseball and football. But the fact is, I think Extha's trash talking, whining about calls and such, complaining, arrogance, and abrasiveness is just a bit more annoying coming from someone who I just can't respect as a true fan of his teams. I don't care how many Yankees games you watch, or go to, or crap you pay for, is it really that hard to cheer for the Yankees? Does it really take that much devotion to be a fan of such a consistently good team? I mean, this guy is so used to success with the teams he happens to cheer for, that one of his defenses for not being a bandwagon fan of Arsenal is that they haven't won a title since he has been watching, as if thats somehow a COMMON THING FOR YOUR TEAMS TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Since I don't care about hockey, I've seen one in my lifetime! (Back to Back Pistons, I was only like 3 and 4). And then it's equally frustrating because I never see him talk about his terrible teams, like the Raptors or Rams, he is more content to just pretend they don't exist on the board. Like I said, it's easy for me tonot be annoyed by other annoying sports fans, when I know that like me, they also have to deal with their fair share of crap and terrible teams. But, especially when you don't live in the same state as any team you cheer for, I imagine it's pretty easy to tune them out when they suck, considering you can't really watch them on TV anyway.

Like I said, it's pretty rare for me to concentrate that much on someones sports personality on the board, but that really is mostly what Extha likes to talk about these days.

Quite frankly, outside of the sports thing, me and Extha are remarkably similar. We both have that being a dick sense of humor, while generally not being serious about it at all. We can both take criticism as well as dish it out. We are both E-pop kings. We are both some of the rare breed that enjoys video games, sports, anime, and also happen to get laid (though, he's more of a relationship guy, I'm more of the one-night stand guy). So it's strange that we don't get along very well these days, he's a guy that used to be one of my BFFs on the board, I wonder if it was me or him that changed?

While Extha can definitely take criticism and stuff, it's also pretty easy to piss him off. I just get the vibe that he is pretty angry these days, like that topic about some car loan or something. Generally not a quality I care for.

I guess the main difference between me and Extha on the board is really, our tastes in stuff on the board. The more I think about it, in terms of taste in music, games, and even sports, Extha shares quite a bit in common with the board for the most part. Meanwhile, I pretty much disagree with the board on everything. It's interesting that we both became popular honestly.

Hmm, what else. I always think it's strange that Extha is willing to associate himself with some of the people he does. He seems to be buds with Meeks, it has always frustrated me how Swift and Extha don't just tell Vlado to fuck off. I've never understood that. Extha seems a lot more willing to interact with the "outcasts" of the board, and well, they are generally outcasts for a reason.

I could probably trash Extha all day if I wanted to honestly >_>. I guess it's because I've known him longer than a lot of people on the board. We talked back before either of us were very well known, I've known the guy for a looong time. So I know him pretty well. The fact remains, despite our difference, I still have him pretty high. BULLET POINTS

-He is a very fun user, and the fact is, his board antics and the fuck that happens afterwards is fucking hilarious. Remember when he pretended that he could stalk that mod Jessa and find out all her secrets? Or when he stole a grocery cart? Or when he posted his tim allen pic but committed the sin of having BOXERS ON, and was caught? All this stuff makes me chuckle just thinking about it, more than anyone else, Extha has been the cause of some awesome B8 moments. -The fact is, love him or hate him, he gets the board talking, and never fails to make things a bit more interesting around here, it'd be a big loss if he ever left. -Tons of openness and honesty can be interesting, and entertaining. I'll never forget his topic where he talked about how his girlfriend (at the time), ordered him to come to bed with her or it was over, and he did it like a bitch. He HAD to know people like me would give him shit for ages, but he still did it. I guess I respect how comfortable he is with himself, for being willing to do that, especially for someone already constantly in the spotlight. -The fact is, as much as he pisses me off, the guy has a good heart, and is the kind of person who would defend any of his friends till the end of time.

So I guess, in the end, the common theme is, he is a guy I can respect, even if we can't get along like we once did. Extha is a good man. A frustrating, infuriating, good man.

72. GrapefruitKing

Probably more than anyone, this is a guy I wish I interacted with more. GFK just seems tons like me. He's just that college kid that loves to drink, possibly do POT, not sure, likes to fuck babes, and loves the college lifestyle, yet keeps his nerdiness edge with stuff like GameFAQs and video games. Really cool and fun guy without a doubt, and I would say I almost always enjoy his topics.

Fun Fact: Until he started posting more, I always assumed he was gay. Maybe it's because that is just a weirdass username that has the word "fruit" in it, but hey. I knew NOTHING about him so whatever >_>.

I am not sure why we haven't interacted more. I click most of his topics yet I don't tend to post in them for whatever reason. And I'm not sure if he uses AIM, but hey, even though GFK probably doesn't really know me, I hope he knows I like him quite a bit,and enjoy his "work" on the board.

71. Silvercross

Silvercross is one of the most awesome guys on this board honestly. He is interesting (his topics on the process of testing games are still some of my favorite topics ever), very smart, very funny, and on the rare occasion I've played online with him, fun to play with. Just an all around super cool dude that really adds to the board whenever he posts here.

For whatever reason though he kind of disappeared most of this year (only re-appearing recently). His appearances are much rarer on AIM than they used to be (I used to talk to him a decent amount on there), and obviously he doesn't post so much. He had like a serious girlfriend and I think he is still working in the game industry, so it makes sense. It really sucks that he isn't around more though, as he is one guy I would love to have on the podcast. Ah well.

70. PepsiPlunge

Pepsi seems like at one point, back when he posted more, he was really popular on the board. I've only ever really seen him in wrestling topics though, so thats where all my impressions come from.

The main thing I like about this guy is that he genuinely loves professional wrestling. I love occasionally chatting with him about it because I know he isn't going to be a downer about everything, he just is always positive, and always wants to have a good time watching the show, no matter what it is. Whether it's ROH, TNA, or WWE, I get the feeling when Pepsi watches a show, he always goes in with an open mind, and an "open heart". Ready to mark out if the show warrants it.

Unfortunately he disappeared for a long time this year, I half-wondered if he was dead, but then he showed back up on AIM randomly one day. I IMed him and was like "holy shit you still are alive". But I realize now I IMed him with my "I am Westen" account, he probably had no clue who I was >_>.

By all accounts, Pepsi is probably one of the top nicest guys on the board. I know he used to burn his ROH DVDs for Steiner and others, and if you talk to him, he is never going to have an unkind word for anyone, except maybe Russo >_>.

Sometimes I wonder if English is his 2nd language or something. Something about his posting style seems just a tad robotic, it's just a feeling I get, but I'm unsure. Nothing I think is bad per se, It's just something I notice. A great guy who I hope is sticking around a bit more often this time around.

69. Dark Spiral

Dark Spiral is an interesting dude to say the least. When I first got into the mafia scene, this guy was constantly trashed. People bashed him constantly, he was generally a primary lynch target D1 in AIM or board. I think it was a mix of being bad, yet still being really confident. Anyway, Spiral isn't like kguy, who is just a d-bag for the most part and barely cares about improving. Spiral kept working, played every day, even hosted on occasion, and slowly got better and better. I haven't been around the scene lately, but the last game I played with Spiral, Marvel Mafia, he was definitely one of the MVPs of the game, all his work finally paid off, and I respect him for that. I enjoy playing with him personally, you can count on him to work his ass off more than almost anyone, even if he can have some streaks of bad judgment at times.

Outside of mafia, Spiral is a really chill and cool guy to talk with. I used to talk to him mostly about mafia, but then it turns out he is also into wrestling. He basically has the very standard smark tastes, but he isn't obnoxious, and I don't mind when he is in the chats. Not sure if anyone would know him outside of mafia, can't say I see him around outside of there very often, but I'd say he is a quality user and a fun guy to play mafia with.

68. sonten

sonten is a guy I didn't notice at all till mafia. He is OK at the game, maybe a bit quiet for my tastes, and he never really strikes me as that laid back, but oh well. I don't mind playing with him. Mafia isn't really why I like sonten, I just think he's a pretty great contributor to the board.

For his regular posting, he is pretty OK. Just like his mafia play, he is kind of low key. I think he is into wrestling, but yeah, like I said, he is too quiet for me to notice. But I really love his projects. He did a great job running best song ever, which was a giant project, and wasn't always super popular. But he stuck with it, and it ended up being great. I've noticed some other projects he does, it all seems very music based. He's also a cool guy in the song of the week topics, interesting music taste, it can make for interesting listens. Not a huge fan of him in mafia I guess, but outside of that, I think he is a very low-key but positive presence on the board would probably sum it up.

67. Charton

Charton is the very reason I even met a lot of the people on the board. He followed my YGO/Pokemon topic I guess (though he has never posted in it, WTF Charton). So then I guess he randomly decided to invite me to AIM mafia one day. I got into it and the rest is history.

In mafia, Charton is awesome. He is a great host, really entertaining, and he really has a great sense of humor. For example, once I hosted "Charton Sexual Stories" mafia, in which Charton played, and I basically pretended his whole sex life was weird freaky chicks who liked to bite instead of suck, and he loved it! Also, unlike people like blade, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't refuse to play in KKK mafia : (.

Charton is kind of creepy too in an amusing way, I mean, look at this picture.

you can just TELL he's weird and goody. I'm surprised Tom made it through the night without a SPECIAL SURPRISE. One of Charton's gimmicks is "stalking" people on the web and finding out random things about them. It is a bit creepy, but kind of amusing. He also did Pokemon playthroughs over stickam or something, and they seemed pretty entertaining. Charton is just a very strange guy, who amuses me. He might creep some people out, but once you get used to him, he is a fun guy to talk to and have around.

But despite all this, he is definitely in my top 5 list of people who I would never ever hang out with. Seriously Tom, you got some big balls. Charton told me himself.

66. Bidoof

Who the hell did Bidoof used to be? I've wondered this for ages. I first saw him popping up around the wrestling topic, yet he didn't have any other account name in his sig. And he even shows up to the wrestling chats as Bidoof, so eventually I gave up, but he had to have been someone else before he was Bidoof. There is no way that was his first username.

Anyway, as you probably figured out, Bidoof is a wrestling topic guy. I wouldn't call him positive, but open minded at least. I think he is willing to hear other peoples arguments and debate them no matter how ridiculous he might think they are... except with me anyway. Seriously Bidoof, aughhawk got old, stop it >_>.

As you would probably expect from someone who has the username Bidoof, he can be a pretty fun guy. I like him in the chats, even with the AUGHHAWKS. Like I said, I mostly just find him pretty reasonable, despite having different opinions from me, and he can even be a bit more positive than the rest of the pack imo. Pretty good guy. I wouldn't mind talking to him about wrestling on AIM sometimes, but I don't think he is on often. I'd also be curious to know what the hell else he likes.

but seriously, stop with the aughhawks

65. icon

This is an interesting one for sure. For a long time I didn't like icon, and I was kind of a dick to him, so, he is one person I actually don't blame for disliking me honestly. Icon has always just been with groups or done things I didn't care for, without really taking at a look at the actual person kind of sums it up I suppose. I'll give more details

I started being a dick to icon back in his old 3rd person gimmick. I don't think I ever actually read any of his posts, but in my secret board days there was a 3rd person talker, and he was the most obnoxious person alive. So, icon could have actually been pretty funny back in those days (he was pretty popular as I recall). But I saw the 3rd person, and HATRED automatically set in.

From there, I kind of disappeared several times, and icon seemed to as well for at least a while. Or he really cut back on his posting. Anyway, I then began to know him as the "indie music" guy, as I saw him around those topics. Despite getting into indie music myself, I really hated other indie music people. They all seemed like they just immediately hated on anything popular (this was around the time when "Float On" hit the airwaves, so there was a lot of people *****ing about "sell outs" at the time for several bands, and these people annoyed me). Icon wasn't actually like this I don't think, but he did say MMJ's newest album wasn't as good as their old ones for such and such reason, so just like the 3rd person thing, without actually reading any content, I noticed similarities to other people in the past, and automatically decided to be a dick.

This year is the first year I really started to notice the guy a bit more. I actually started reading his posts more. More and more I find myself to really like the guy and enjoy his posts. He is smart, can be funny, and mostly pretty laid back (maybe a bit negative at times about certain topics in general, but it's not too bad, I think he goes into most things with an open mind), really, the kind of user I usually like, and I regret that I kind of judged him off various things in the past.

As a music guy, he has pretty interesting taste. Obviously it's indie, but I always feels like he gives anything he listens to a chance, and doesn't just automatically dismiss things like someone like Cokes might do. He recently started getting more into the wrestling topics kind of randomly, I generally find him to be an intelligent and good addition to the wrestling stuff. I think he can be stupid sometimes (one cena-orton match in the chat, he decided to start counting how many "wrestling moves" they used during the match. It seemed silly to me, because professional wrestlers don't use many legit "wrestling moves" anyway, and also, stuff like headlocks count as wrestling moves, so more wrestling moves doesn't really mean the match becomes entertaining), but hey, outside of some small stuff, I find him to be cool.

I think there will always be small bits of TENSION between me and icon, just because of our differences. In general I think I'm always gonna give mainstream music and wrestling more of a chance than he will, or I prefer it a bit more anyway. I don't have the patience to get REALLY into indie music anyway (seriously, do you guys see some of the stuff seg recommended for album of the month), but despite our differences, I have slowly come to see him as a good guy and a quality poster.

64. DNEA

DNEA is a guy I never really knew well until the wrestling topics. Smurf called him the most underrated user on the board once, I think I even conversed with him a few times, but I had no idea who he was.

Finally, when I got into wrestling, I figured the guy out. DNEA is George Wilson, and we are all his Dennis the Menace. DNEA will yet at everyone, tell everyone they suck, rate every Randy Orton match he has ever seen negative 50,000 stars, complain, whine, be a jerkass. But in reality, he is secretly likes all of us, he just tries really hard to hide it LOLOL.

But seriously, DNEA is like a cranky old man, but just really entertaining at being that cranky old man. He loves to complain in mafia, in wrestling, in everything. But I kind of feel like it's just an act, and I love watching him do it. Most of the people who are cranky and whiny on the board annoy me, but DNEA just does it so often, I can't take it seriously anymore, and I just enjoy it. I'm not sure if this is what he intends. Hell, maybe he really IS that whiny, but I'm convinced he isn't actually that crazy, so it works out.

When you actually talk to the guy on AIM, he can let down his whiny/cranky guard just a bit, and he can be fun to talk to about various things. Maybe a bit too one-dimensional to be any higher, but once you see him for what he is, a very entertaining user, and very funny.

63. pxl

Since pxl generally doesn't post nearly as much as Steiner, on the board he can kind of end of up just looking like Steiner lite. On the board he basically posts about the same things as Steiner always did, just with less frequency.

-his love of DAT WEED -his love of METAL MUSIX -his hatred of 90% of B8 users lol

So, if thats all you know him from him, it may seem odd that he is this "high" LOL on the list. But if you play AIM mafia at all this year, it's clear why this man is at #63. He is a legend damn it!

Seriously, this guy is an absolute blast to play mafia with. He gets into it, but he is usually high, and thus hilarious and fun. Yet also, surprisingly damn good. When pxl is high, his perception goes through the roof. As town, I've seen him gut so many scum within 5 seconds of the game beginning, it's unbelievable. He does the same thing as scum to town power roles. He is ridiculous. We've had lots of good times in the AIM maf room this year, definitely awesome to play with.

And while he mostly likes the same things as Steiner, that isn't really a bad thing. I enjoy talking to him, he is just as laid back as Steiner, if not more so, just an awesome guy, and it's a shame he doesn't decide to post more. Probably because so many of you suck : (.

62. FFD

Let me get this out of the way. FFD is indeed an awesome guy, I like him quite a bit. But I think he rose to fame at some point when I wasn't around, because I swear, outside of some mafia stuff, I've never seen the guy do anything particularly significant on the board in years, yet he remains an e-pop god of sorts. I just don't get it.

Not that it's a bad thing, I mean, it's clear why lots of people like him, I just don't get how he is so insanely popular. FFD is an interesting, smart, and funny guy. He is fun when he decides to pop in on the wrestling topic, by all accounts he is a great mafia host and player, and the zombie survival thing is amusing. He shows up in a lot of random topics honestly. I don't think I've ever seen him make a bad post, he is consistently entertaining for sure, and it's a shame he never goes on AIM because he is definitely a guy I would really be interested in talking to some more.

But yeah, as cool as he is, I just feel like I've never seen him do anything noteworthy, except command the CATS army (a noble cause!) By all means he is a great guy, I just don't get how he got to the top! I wish I was around for it, then I'd probably like him even more! Even without any noteworthy contributions to the board this year, he was an overall solid and consistent poster, very likable, and I think this is a good spot for him.

61. MrSmartGuy

Seriously, first day any big Xbox 360 game comes out that is fun online, this guy has it first day. And then he bashes us on the podcast for not having played them yet. What a bastard ;_;.

MSG will probably never be super popular on the board because, no offense to him, but he does kind of lack uhh charisma. Not a bad thing but JUST SAYIN. I also feel like he can be a bit too sensitive sometimes, like, getting bothered at SephG topics is definitely not worth it dude.

But other than that, a really cool guy. We played online a lot for 1 vs. 100, and hopefully we'll all be playing Borderlands pretty soon. He is a fun guy to play with, because he is generally pretty good at games, he is decently chatty, and just a solid presence. As most people already know, he is probably one of the nicest guys on the board, I can't say I've ever seen him say anything bad about anyone before.

He is also a fun, chill guy to talk with on AIM. We've had some solid convos about wrestling, mafia, and XOBOX. Having a lot in common with him helps with liking him more!

MSG is a pretty OK mafia player, I enjoy playing with him. I WOULD have enjoyed the games he hosted more if he didn't have some sort of sick 2 scum team fetish, which makes games suck imo.

So yeah, overall just a real nice guy who I share a lot of interests with and who is a quality addition to the board. I'll probably like him even more once I get some more recent online shooters.

60. Rusty

All year Rusty has been trying to "find his way". He was kind of hated on when he first showed up here, so he started becoming the apprentice of different users. First Steiner, then iatg. While at the time, him being an apprentice of sorts was annoying, because he kinda just started acting like his "master" at the time, I think it ended up being a good thing in the long run, because it kind of helped him find his "board persona", which is sort of a mix between Steiner and iatg. I can't say I ever disliked Rusty, but some things throughout the year kind of annoyed me just a bit about him.

-He claimed earlier in the topic he didn't remember Palmer "calling him out", maybe thats the case, but earlier in the year he was definitely a bit sensitive. He cared too much about Palmer whining about him. Also, when I told him people were making fun of him for his terrible mafia play in his first ever game, he got all upset and never wanted to play again. -Got some "hero worship" going with iatg, got annoying. -Could be a bit annoying in general, I didn't think he was that interesting sometimes, NO OFFENSE BRO.

but yeah, as the year went on, he probably kind of bounced up and down my "user list", but over the past few months I find myself liking him more and more, and he ends up around here.

First off, when the guy gets blown out of his mind, he is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. He seriously can lose like all of his intelligence, and he makes me laugh like crazy. Also, he has become much more CHILL FACTOR as the year has gone on, now I would call him SUPER CHILL.

And, my conversations with him have gotten better and better as the year goes on, I think he can be a very fun and even interesting at times. Though I do think he can be a bit one-dimensional at times about drugs.

So yeah, it took some time for him to truly grow on me, but with more and more interactions, I've started to like him more. I notice he did end up getting back into mafia, so I'd definitely like to play with him one day and see how he is. It kind of shows how he has grown that he got over his sensitivity and got back into the game, and now seems to have a lot of fun with it. Perhaps he grew up a bit as the year went on in general. Good guy.

59. Chronic

"The agree or disagree guy" thats all that needs to be said!


I know that NGamer is supposed to eventually rank the top 10 board projects on the board ever. I would have to argue that Agree or Disagree would have to be in there. It's not the most innovative project (hey NGamer, the STD topic was really innovative though! Don't forget meeee!), but the fact is it is one of the longest running and most well run and successful projects out there. Chronic has done a great job at sticking with it, and I doubt theres many people on the board who have never voted in at least one.

Despite its success, I am half surprised Chronic still decides to run AoD, he doesn't seem to like being associated as "the AoD guy", but really, thats kind of what happens when you run a big project like that and don't post tons otherwise. Hell, I used to post a lot and was still known as the "STD guy", (you know what I mean). To people who follow my anime topics, thats all they really see of me, they don't care about the fact that I run other projects, they want the projects they like updated NOW. It's just kinda how a place like this works in general. It's tough to remember all the people on this board unless you have a masters in B8ing like myself.

Chronic can be a bit too down on himself sometimes. He likes to call himself boring, I don't think thats so. Like MSG, I do think he lacks the charisma to become HUGE, but he is a good guy, and not boring. It's pretty tough to be boring imo, everyones got a story.

I think part of what frustrates Chronic about AoD is that whenever he tries doing other projects, like a CYOA, they don't get any attention at all. I will say it wasn't the best drawn CYOA, but it wasn't bad either, it was pretty fun. I'm not sure why Chronic's other attempts at projects get ignored, but I guess it might explain why he doesn't like being "The AoD guy".

Chronic is very very laid back. I could see this guy just puffing the **** out of weed like 24/7 thats how laid back he is. Which is great. I like talking to him about board stuff, wrestling etc. He's a very nice guy, very laid back. I don't think he is easy to spot on a big board like this, but I do think if more people talked to him and got to know him, he'd be a lot more popular on the board, quality user, and maybe a bit under-appreciated.

58. Jeff Zero

Damn you Jeff Zero. Jeff had all the tools to become a B8 superstar. He was funny, was interested in lots of things the board was into, he was personable, charismatic, and had a great username. Jeff Zero, who I think was a lurker for a while, randomly decided to start posting more one day, and he was super badass. He kind of took the board by storm, and was quickly becoming probably the best new user of the year.

At the time I wasn't bogged down with so many projects, and I was watching sci-fi (which is Jeff's #1 interested outside of his g/f, another poster here, esurio, seriously, he has a g/f who posts here, more proof that he is a BADASS). So me and Jeff would talk constantly about it, Jeff is extremely knowledgeable about it all. And I think he is the one that inspired me to one day try and watch all the best sci-fi series ever, to learn more about it.

So yeah, he was a very fun presence on the board, great to talk to on the board, HE WAS ON THE ROAD TO FAME. Then DISASTER STRUCK. He had to move, ended up not having internet access for months. When he got back, he seemed to have kind of lost interest in the board. We talk occasionally on AIM, but not so much. It's pretty sad. He made a huge impact in a few months. I think if he was still posting till now, he honestly could have been top 10 material. Sometimes I like to put up the Jeff Zero signal and hopes he comes back... and I really do hope one day he will answer that call. We miss you jeff!

57. KommunistKoala

For a long time I barely knew who Koala was. He was in UCA but yeah, other than that, nothing. Finally, I started seeing him in the wrestling chats and stuff, and I started to have a bit of a favorable opinion of him. Plus he plays mafia sometimes, and he isn't bad to play with at all.

Then, one day, we were randomly talking, and I said I'd do Linda McMahon. I mean, come on! If you are gonna do a grandma, that definitely has to be one of the best choices there is! Ever since then, Koala never let it go, constantly bringing up that I'd plunge into the same depths of heel that only a man like Vince has ever gone into before. It's scary... BUT I'D DO IT. So yes, this is when we became friends of sorts.

I've noticed him posting a bit more. He mostly likes to post one-liners and tell crappy people that they suck. I can get behind that, even if it does get a bit repetitive at times. But in the end, we used to get on Turn for harassing andy a bit too much, now we are begging for him to be our hero again, so I can't hate on him for it! In the wrestling chat and in mafia, he is pretty much the same. A solid but low-key presence. A fun guy overall to be around, he earns top 100 honors!

56. Leebo

Leebo is a guy I've seen posting here a lot for a long time, yet never truly knew anything about, but this year I started to kind of get a feel for who he is, and I grew to like him. I think with the extended offseasons plus less activity than normal, I've been able to get to know some more people, which is cool.

Leebo is like me, kind of an interesting mix of tastes. He is a diehard in sports, but also enjoys anime and other nerdy stuff. Like most of the Yankees fans who are actually from NY (basically, everyone minus Swift lolol), I find him to be reasonable and knowledgeable, pretty decent guy in the sports topics. Same as in the anime topics, I get the feeling he likes a lot of the really Japanese type animes (you know what I mean), but he doesn't seem too snobby or weird like some people can get.

Leebo is one of those guys that seems to pop up in a lot of different topics. Usually pretty matter of fact kind of guy with solid contributions to topics. Although sometimes he likes to troll a bit (like when he made fun of some college kid for not waking up by 10AM everyday or something, I mean come on >_>).

So basically, he's a guy with a diverse array of tastes, who is a solid contributor to all the topics that he frequents, very likable guy.

55. yazzy

Change a few letters and you get... DADDY >_>.

Yazzy is without a doubt one of the more interesting and intelligent guys on the board, that probably all comes with the wisdom of age or something.

Yazzy will always be most known for UUL (probably one of the top 15-20 board projects of ALL TIME). He ran it extraordinarily well, and if he didn't unfortunately end up with a lot of lame users who got interested in it, it probably would have been even better. Although I should note, he did a pretty terrible and lazy job with the UUL Cup this year, but I think he was just tired of it and wanted it to end ASAP.

For a long time Yazzy was kind of just the UUL guy. Slowly he branched out and started posting more in other topics, which was when I realized how cool he was. He also got into mafia this year, and he was fun to play with since he worked hard. Definitely a very quality user, normally he would probably be a lot higher, but he often disappears for stretches at a time. I guess that happens when you are married with kids, and you can't use the computer at work like someone like neon. But always will be pretty high on my user lists, just not so much if I'm rating him solely on 2009 like I am here.

54. Aecioo

Aecioo didn't seem to expect to be very high. I guess I can't blame him, I do tell him he sucks a lot. I guess he didn't realize for the most part I was joking.

Although, there is a hint of truth when I say he sucks. I really get the vibe often that he ACTUALLY BELIEVES he is funny sometimes. He loves to be a dick and post little unoriginal one-liners in tons of topics. For example, I'll make a topic, 2nd post he comes in with something related to e-pop. He does this for a lot of people, and it's frankly pretty terrible. It's obvious he puts no effort into these posts, I'm honestly not sure why he bothers.

Other than that, Aecioo is a pretty good guy. Despite being a dreaded PC gamer, he doesn't come off as quite as elitist as people like Red Shifter, he just enjoys them, and he is great to talk to when it comes to FPS or WRPGs, standard PC/360 type games. I've seen him a lot in Dragon Age topics lately for example, and I think he is one of the best contributors in those topics, as well as any topic related to Fallout 3.

He CAN be funny on occasion, when he actually puts a little effort into it, it's slightly unfortunate that he doesn't do that more often.

In mafia, he is a pretty fun guy to play with. He can kind of just die in terms of activity as scum, but thats one of this few flaws, we used to talk a decent amount, and he is fun to talk to about mafia and other things on AIM.

Basically, when Aecioo is being a serious user, I find him to be very quality. He is intelligent, generally knows what he is talking about, can be interesting, and makes good points. As a "comedy" user, he is extremely hit or miss, and thats his main problem. Without so many terrible posts around the first 2 posts in the topic, he would probably be a bit higher.

So yeah Aecioo, believe it or not, I don't hate you. But stop doing things that suck LOL.

oh and get Charton to sing more creepy songs for you plz, I want more.

53. The Raven

Me and Raven have definitely had our feuds in the past. In fact, according to Jakyl, on Vlado Live I think Raven said I used to be his most hated user. What an honor!

For a long time Raven just reminded me too much of the typical smark, all the same opinions, and a lot of the same negativity. However, in the past year, I've been able to talk to him a bit more, and see him more for who he is, and also he kinda chilled on the Cena hating. So that combo ended up sending him SKYROCKETING up my top user list! WOOOO.

Basically, Raven is mostly a really nice and chill guy. A bit sensitive, in the past anyway, he used to get offended at my bashing, but I think he has toughened up a bit. Lately I find him to be a lot more reasonable as a wrestling fan. I don't mind him in the chats, and I like talking to him on occasion.

Raven is a bit weird when it comes to humor. When he is just talking, he is kind of serious in general, and I don't find him to be very funny or have much charisma. Then when he busts out his alt account and takes the personas of Scott Steiner or JBL, he can actually be charismatic and funny. It's kind of weird, but I guess he is a bit more comfortable outside of his own shoes.

One of the more underrated aspects of Raven is how much he contributes to the board. He runs some cool projects, and also does a lot of wiki work. Props to him for that, and it's a shame he isn't recognized more for this. Well, the one person who does recognize him for it generally is Vlado, which might be why Raven likes him, but by god I don't understand it. I can kind of understand someone like Blazer liking Vlado, the dude likes anyone outside of people who moderate "lick your ass" topics, but Raven has proved he can dislike people, so start disliking Vlado plz, thx.

Overall, a guy who I didn't see eye to eye with for a long time, and have slowly liked more and more.

52. bonetail basher


My first impression of bonetail was early in the year with my pic rating topic. I was already into the Ds and this guy was getting really excited about the topic, and seemed really eager for me to talk about his picture. I figured he must be a good looking guy, but instead he was a kind of goofy looking asian >_>. To this day I have no idea why bonetail wanted the writeup so bad, but I ignored him to preserve his fragile feelings ;_;.

Obviously bonetail is a young guy but surprisingly doesn't have "stupid moments" very often, like someone like JC can't go a day without having.

bonetail is just fun. Thats the ideal word to describe him. He makes tons of topics, is often goofy or silly, or just interesting. Unlike Anagram's good topic ratio of about 50%, I'd say bonetail's is more in the 85% range. I like the vast majority of his topics, whether it be just a random thought or a link to some flash game. He is a quality topic maker, and he is great with his interactions with the board, definitely one of the best newcomers this year. Definitely a guy I wouldn't mind talking to on AIM more.

I have one problem with bonetail. In the pman topics, pman often gets bashed, and his young age is usually brought up. For a while bonetail would always pop up in these topics and be like OMG Y DONT U GUYS HATE ME IM ONLY 14. Yeah yeah, we get it, you are cool for a 14 year old, DONT GET A BIG HEAD SCRUB.

51. Soul

Soul is seriously mean to me >_>. In the wrestling topic, especially in UCA, he is just A BIG MEANIE, it's not cool at all. NOT COOL BRO.

I actually don't mind him in the wrestling topics. Dude is definitely a huge indie mark, but he doesn't bother me, I don't find him annoying. In UCA his character just constantly trashes me, it hurts my feewings, but in reality, I do find him to be pretty funny when he does it, he goes all out, so from a wrestling/UCA perspective, definitely positive points.

Outside wrestling Soul is very Canadian, he loves uhh hockey. And stuff, you know, Canadian stuff. He is pretty good at rolling with the hockey bashing, and I respect that.

He can be a bit sensitive sometimes though. He was liking hugely OFFENDED that some late night Fox News broadcast jokingly said the Canadians weren't much help in the wars or something, right after a few Canadian soldiers died (I'm guessing they didn't realize this). I mean, come on, is it really worth getting upset about some late night Fox News guys?). So yeah, he CAN get sensitive, but usually he isn't too bad. Maybe it was a one-time thing.

Soul is a smart, sometimes funny, and a pretty interesting guy. I like him, and he generally finds ways to amuse me, quality guy.

50. Lockes Ragnarok[]

One of the best newcomers of the year.

It isn't a coincidence that a lot of people who are pretty good looking and cool "IRL" end up being very awesome on the board. Obviously this usually means you have solid social skills, and those social skills generally translate well to the board, unless you get like some sort of weird self-esteem boost from being "better" than most of the board like Curt.

But yeah, Lockes is one of those guys who is clearly very cool and chill IRL, and it transfers well to the board. If I were to pick someone on the board to hit up some bars with, drink some beers, pick up some chicks, and maybe smoke a little pot on the side, Lockes seems like he would be a great choice. Seems very fun in general, just your everyday cool guy.

Lockes is actually one of the nicer guys on the board surprisingly. Usually someone with confidence has a bit of the d-bag sense of humor, but I can't say I've ever seen Lockes be particularly mean to everyone, he is polite and courteous to pretty much everyone on the board.

Lockes is big into the music scene in the board, and I enjoy his comments on it. He seems to be open to a lot of different stuff, which I appreciate. Definitely a guy I look forward to seeing more of in the future. Looking up at my list, I think he is either the #1 or #2 best new user of the year for me. Depending on which of these people are actually new this year, but yeah, if he is actually the best new user of the year for me, I would definitely say he deserves it.

49. Kleenex

Seriously, where the hell has Kleenex been. He finally showed back up recently without even a HEY GUYZ IM BACK LOL topic, with a big explanation of his adventures. Disappointing.

Kleenex is a very well rounded user. He can be funny, he has gotten very good at the whole cheap one-liner thing, and I think he is a solid "srs" user, though he mostly likes to devote his serious posting to DEM VIDEO GAMES.

Kleenex knows a lot about video games, and has probably played more than most, so it always feels like whenever any gaming topic is made, Kleenex has something interesting to say. When he wants to be funny, he can be as well. Just a real quality user, thank god he escaped the grasp of the CLICKS DEVILISH INFLUENCE and became a good user or something.

Although, one interesting thing about Kleenex. Is it just me or does he never open up about his life outside of the board? I seriously know nothing about like, what he is doing with his life, if he is very social, etc, even though I've seen countless posts by him. Thats pretty rare honestly, I'd be interested in some KleenexFAQs on the matter.

So overall, a fun guy, and a good "serious" guy, solid user all around, but where the hell was he for months.

48. LiselTestify

I'm sure you have all met a religious chick at some point in your life. I have met many. For a college full of women who just want booze and pen0r inside of them, MSU has a surprising amount of chicks who are pretty religious.

Quite frankly, these girls make me nervous. I never know what to say, I never know if I can use risque humor around them. I never know if the next thing I say is gonna make her like hate me forever or something weird. I NEVER KNOW WHAT IS OK WITH RELIGIOUS GIRLS essentially.

This is how I feel about Lisel. He is neither religious or a girl but BY GOD HE IS A RELIGIOUS GIRL. On the internet I'm generally pretty comfortable saying what I want to whoever, and most of the time people pick up that I am often not very serious. Lisel though, is different. I actually enjoy talking to Lisel. He is incredibly strange (go look at his pic), and very unique, but he is very interesting to talk to about a lot of different things. But man, sometimes I just feel like I'm tip-toeing around a damn mine field. Lisel can get like pissed at lots of random ****. Once I asked him for something, then when I was done asking he was like "ok well now that you asked you dont have to talk to me anymore, I know you dont want to". Or something. Damn it Lisel, stop being such a woman.

PHEW, now that I got that out of the way, I do really enjoy Lisel as a user. Like I said, he is hella unique... like seriously, HELLA unique. His "look" kind of weirds me out, but the uniqueness makes him interesting. We've talked about quite a few things over the years, porno, his love life, anime. It's always an interesting talk for sure. Fun guy to talk to on AIM for the most part.

Lisel is pretty interesting on the board. Obviously never afraid to say what he thinks, he posts in a lot of different topics, and generally contributes well.

Quality user for sure... very interesting, and at times A TICKING TIME BOMB.

dont yell at me Lisel ;_;

47. Drakeryn

Drakeryn has always struck me as a very mysterious person in general. I remember back in the day, several people who were big UUL people would talk to me, and tons of people in there thought Drake hated them, even though I never saw him even talk to anyone in those topics. He isn't a guy who will really come right out and say he likes or dislikes anyone, which is pretty rare for someone who votes in a lot of user contests (until I convinced him to join, he voted in almost every UCA event even though he wasn't in it). I think sometimes he very subtly will let on if he thinks someone sucks, but over all he keeps everything very close to the belt, kind of fascinating honestly.

Drake I think is big participator in Mercs, which is not my thing so I don't know much about how he is there. I do know he is very well respected in the mafia community though. Just like his board persona he is pretty mysterious and difficult to read, but thats not a bad thing obviously. He is one person who is kind of intimidating in some ways to be in a game with because I know how good he is, and unlike some respected players like red or Chris, he is not easy to read.

From there Drake posts in a lot of random topics with short posts. Like I said before, this is the only time I feel like you can get slight vibes on who he likes or doesn't. He really doesn't seem to show affection or displeasure... ever. Very strange, but overall an interesting, smart, quality user who is good for the board. A guy who I would be interested to see maybe open up a bit more.

46. Snowcampsoldier

Snow is someone who I believe has always at least been able to make it onto my user lists even when he was just starting to post a decent amount. I always thought he was a pretty funny, laid back and cool guy, and I enjoyed his topics.

This year I got to know snowcamp a bit more than before, thanks to wrestling and thanks to me checking out music topics a bit more. He is an enjoyable presence in these topics, like you would expect, and thus gets a more respectable spot than he usually would on my list.

As always this year, I enjoyed all of snow's random topics. They can range from interesting to funny, and are generally a good read. Snow brings the FUNNY to the wrestling topic as well, but I also find him to be one of the more laid back guys in the topic, and he is probably my favorite to talk to in the wrestling topics when it comes to the indies, as he is knowledgeable, yet rarely gets all critical. In the music topics he likes the INDIES also, but once again, never comes off very harsh in his judgment of other people's music which is pretty cool. Very laid back and fun guy, and I support him for president.

45. Dr Football


Dr Football is a sadly not popular guy. Unlike some other people who aren't popular who have been pretty high on this list, I don't think it's because Dr Football lacks wit or charisma, he just doesn't post much.

Football is into, GASP, FOOTBALL. But I can't say I see him talking it up in NFL topics that often, which pretty much backs my theory that he doesn't post much. He's also into wrestling, but it's the same deal there.

He is a great great dude on AIM though, I think he's cool in the chats, and on the occasions when we talk, he is a good guy. He is chill, has a fun sense of humor, and isn't sensitive at all. Dr Football was a perennial loser in UCA, the guy always lost, and eventually had a run of like 8 straight runner up performances in the battle royales. So when we did storylines in UCA for a while, I gave him a crying gimmick, and it was hilarious, everyone loved it, including Football. Like I said, great sense of humor, cool guy, wouldn't kill him to post more, it's not like he does anything important with his time >_>.

44. gotspork

I know some people occasionally say "man I don't know why this person posts here". The fact is, gotspork is the only person who I've ever wondered this about. The other girls it makes sense kind of, they are pretty nerdy, ngirl likes the attention from all those loser boys, and ryoko is essentially a man with boobs (I mean this in the nicest possible way). But gotspork is just way different. She doesn't care about the attention (although she does get a bit emo sometimes with the "no one on the board wikes me" routine), she is an older woman, I guess I just find it surprising that a relatively normal chick who doesn't want attention hasn't gotten creeped out by this place yet >_>.

Thats obviously not a flaw or anything, just my own personal musings. I find gotspork to be a great user honestly. Like pretty much anyone who can function well in real life, gotspork is a very quality addition to the board. She is intelligent, can contribute to a wide array of topics on the board, plus give GIRL INSIGHT OMFG yessss. She is also probably one of the nicest people on the board, she isn't in the bashing business, and she is always a pleasant presence.

Sometimes she can be a bit too nice honestly, which is why she isn't higher, though she probably deserves to be in a lot of ways. She just has a bad habit of trying to defend the weak (neon says it's motherly instinct or something >_>). The fact is, we are not being "bullies" when we pick on the likes of pman or Meeks, we are trying to make the board a better place, simple as that. Picking on bad users is how the board has remained one of the best on GameFAQs (imo) for such a long time, and the fact that we haven't been doing it as much lately (not helped by crazy new mods who ban people for saying they put someone on ignore), is probably why there are so many bad users right now. I just don't understand why she bothers defending and talking to these kinds of people.

Honestly though, gotspork really is an awesome user. I have no idea why she claims she isn't very well liked because I think the vast majority of the board would have her pretty high on their lists. She isn't into projects or that kind of stuff, but in terms of pure conversation, I guess she reminds me maybe of a nicer and female version of neon. OLD AND WISE, lots of valuable insight into a vast array of topics. Umm... well thats where the similarities end, but yeah, great user.

43. NGamer

Ngamer is just strange honestly. If you look at all the people who do the most work on the wiki, you will notice they all have slightly robotic personalities, because let's be honest, all the work it takes to do wikis requires robot like precision. SuperAngelo (not so much as the others, but slightly), Raven, Carvy, Zachnorn, all a bit robotic. Not a terrible thing, and some more than others, but my point remains. Ngamer is the one guy who tries to break the mold of being a robot, but it just comes across as a bit awkward >_>.

Like, for example, I went to several specialists for a pilonidal cyst I had this summer. I noticed all of the doctors constantly said my name, "Yes Westen, we are going to do this, do you understand Westen?". Eventually I asked my dad about it, and he said all surgeons have terrible social skills, so they teach them stupid tricks to be more personal. One of those being constantly saying your name. NGamer reminds me of that surgeon, who was giving like a pamphlet of tips to be more personal or something. Ngamer has a goofy ass sense of humor. He consistently makes the worst jokes ever. I find them amusing purely because they are so bad. So I guess part of the reason I enjoy Ngamer is because "he's so bad he's good".

For example, the other day he wanted me to post an "NGamer Exposed" topic with this video because it would be "hilarious" (as if I would disgrace the epic fad I created with something like that!). Sometimes he also wants me to expose him in order to subliminally advertise something he is working on, yeah, he's a strange guy >_>. Honestly though, despite the weird sense of humor and robotic personality, I do enjoy talking to NGamer on AIM. He likes to bash me a lot, and I admit he can be funny doing that. I think he still holds a grudge against me because when he wanted to implement a website into the STD topics I pretty much ignored him >_>.

Obviously one of the best parts about Ngamer is his contributing. Especially for stats nerds, he has been pretty much invaluable. For everyone else, his wiki work is fantastic obviously. He has been great for the podcast, helping to host it so we don't have megaupload links forever in the archives.

Despite liking to be a dick kind of once in a while, I'd say overall he's a pretty nice and laid back guy. He seems to avoid arguments whenever possible from what I've seen. He is a stat nerd so you just know he has all the same crazy stat nerd opinions as all the others, yet he never gets whiny about it, which I guess goes back to his laid back nature. I respect that honestly, because way too many stat guys get just get really ****ing obnoxious about contest stuff.

Overall I guess I'd describe him as strange, kind of fun, and a likable guy. And obviously one of the top 10 guys on the board in terms of who contributes most.

42. SuperAngelo

I feel kind of bad calling Angelo robotic in the last post because he is probably the least robotic of that crew. Though, I'd consider all those guys kind of strange (with Raven probably being the least strange). Angelo would probably qualify as being the most strange while being the least robotic. This guy seriously LOVES sonic.

I find all the sonic fanboys strange. I absolutely cannot get into the series, not even the 2D ones, the whole sense of speed thing doesn't mix will with platforming elements like pits and spikes that you can't see coming until too late. But thats besides the point. Angelo takes it to another level and is into the TV show, which is just REALLY weird >_>. I mean come on, thats just strange. He is also way into the Tales of series, which continues to streak of being way into meh stuff.

That stuff doesn't really bother me though, I just think it's weird. Angelo has been known as a nice guy of the board for a long time now. Just a guy who was very kind and helpful to everyone. Only just recently have I noticed Angelo getting a bit edgy, bashing the hell out of users he doesn't like. I gotta say, I like this. Over the years there are lots of users who slowly shed their "purely nice guy and thats all I can say about him" personas. Ed Bellis is a great example of someone who shed that for someone even better. Palmer is the example of the path Angelo doesn't want to go, but so far I think he is balancing the new EDGINESS with his usual nice guy stuff, and this all makes me like him even more.

Angelo is a HUGE HUGE HUGE contributor to my projects. He archives almost everything I do on wiki, god knows I'm too lazy to do it, he is essentially my hero because of this.

While Angelo comes across as a bit strange and super nice on the board, in the few occasions we have talked on AIM he comes across as very normal and laid back, which is cool. I think it'd be sweet if he logged on to AIM a bit more often tbh.

Overall, this dude is my hero and a great nice guy user, who is in the process of maybe transitioning to something else, I'll be interested in seeing if he keeps this up or what.

41. Harrich

I'm not even sure if Harrich is following this topic anymore, I'm pretty sure he was 100% certain at this point that he got snubbed. I can understand that honestly, we rarely ever interact, but despite this, I have really noticed him a lot this year, and I find him to be awesome as hell, and definitely a guy I wouldn't mind actually interacting with more often.

Harrich has gone from 3 stages for me. The 1st stage was the stage where i never saw him ever. I saw the CLICK mention him as awesome sometimes, but I never actually saw him. I was half convinced he was some sort of weird CLICK HOAX. I guess he was stashed away in the stats topic the whole time.

2nd stage was "drama" Harrich. No, not e-drama, literally drama. This is by far my least favorite super saiyan form of Harrich. Eventually he seemed to start peeking out of the stats topic sometimes, but he only did it for one reason, to make topics about his plays and performances and crap. Now honestly, I love live shows (Opera, Orchestras, Plays, always a great time). So in some ways, I liked Harrich's topics, but for the most part he didn't really like to actually talk about putting the plays together and stuff, he just wanted suggestions, and stuff like that. Outside of maybe some 4-pack topics, drama topics were all he literally made, I was seriously constantly wtfing at this. I had no idea how someone could be so one-dimensional on the board, and I didn't understand why he was well-liked.

FINALLY, SSJ3 Harrich. The final and superior form of Harrich. He finally woke up from his drama/stats hibernation, and one day random\ly started posting in a lot of topics, and started making topics about lots of different things. Ever since Harrich transformed into this, I have had nothing but respect for him. He is extremely chill, and very smart. He always has solid comments on whatever it is he is talking about, be it games or real life stuff. I think he is also a bit underrated as a nice guy of the board. I think the podcast is one example of what I really like about Harrich. Whenever I want critiques people either get too positive or too negative (COUGHAKJCOUGH), Harrich really struck a nice inbetween chord when he critiqued the podcast, and I think this really represents him on the board. I think he gives a lot of thoughtful posts that aren't too extreme eitherway, I think he has a good point of view on a lot of things. If I didn't have so many negative stereotypes of the stats guys in my head, he would probably be someone who would really convince me to go check it out more for myself.

I know Harrich still likes to post about drama so as a thanks for his often very good critiques of our podcasts, I will try and give him my own "HARRICH-ESQUE" critique of his drama topics

I think the board has actually legitimately helped you out a few times when it comes to plays, which is great, so I understand why you ask for help and suggestions so often. But personally I would love if you made more topics about all the backstage "drama" and crazy stuff that goes on in that regard. I've always heard wild stuff about drama people, and I'd be curious if you had more stories of that nature. Also, I always love when you post pictures of yourself in costume (as well as with hawt girls), thats always a fun addition to those kinds of topics, so I hope you continue to do that in the future.

Overall, a guy who is probably surprised by his placement here, but hey, he really shouldn't be, awesome dude.

40. Carvy

After being a nice guy contributor for a while, Carvy finally kind of rose to fame this year, with a solid showing in UotY. He deserves his newfound fame honestly. He is easily a top 3 contributor to the board most of the time (I haven't seen him around so much lately, but you know we'll see him lots come UotY time). He is strange, but kind of funny... in a STRANGE way. He is obviously like top 10 in terms of niceness. And he is an awesome guy to talk to on AIM.

It's actually funny I mention how cool he is to talk to on AIM, because I was thrilled when he gave up the podcast host spot he earned like a few months ago. He is fun to talk to on AIM but he really can be a bit boring like some of the big time contributors >_>.

I mostly talk to Carvy on AIM for like 5 sections of the year. He is fun to talk to about UotY during UotY season. And then, during all the 4 tennis majors. Carvy is an Aussie, so it makes sense that he is such a big tennis fan. He is very knowledgeable on the subject, and I love talking to him LIVE about whats going on as it happens. From there we only talk on occasion honestly, but it's not a huge deal.

Ultimately Carvy is just impossible to dislike honestly. I feel like I could understand to some extent why almost any user on this board is disliked, except for carvy. He is normal, isn't into lolicon or whatever, is very polite and nice to everyone he meets, plus contributes to the board big time. Just impossible to dislike. If we talked more he might be higher, but 40 feels like a good spot for him.

39. SEP

I need to get this out of the way before I accidentally keep mentioning it mid-writeup and look way gay. "The SEP" is not just a persona, it's REAL LIFE damn it. Have you seen how sexy this man is? RIDICULOUSLY SEXY. GOD HE IS HOT AS HELL AND I'D LOVE TO GO TO CLUBS WITH HIM AND MAKE OUT WITH GIRLS, AND MAYBE HAVE A 4 SOME.

phew, so glad thats out there. I feel so free.

SEP is just flat out fun. He is a goofy and fun guy, I can see how he picks up so many hot honeyz with his extreme wit and charming sense of humor. Almost every topic and post he makes amuses me in some way or another, and I just like his posts a lot. Also, he's very sexy.

SEP does enjoy making the occasional SRS post. I like that such a sexy man adds depth to his board persona by doing this. SEP performs very will in serious situations of course. In fact, once he went up to a girl, touched her face, told her she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, then walked away. Thats SEP in serious B8 situations as well. He stuns you with sexy, makes logical points, then leaves. GOD THATS HOT.

SEP is badass to the max. Fun user, solid at being serious, can be witty, and always sexy.

38. Fetusbucketeer

I still can't get over that fetus is gone. It just isn't something I would expect from someone like him. Usually when someone closes their account and leaves, it's because this board is really screwing up their life. They generally have no social life, and they need to close their account to get away. Fetus never seemed like that. He always just seemed like potentially one of the coolest guys you could ever meet. He loved booze, jazz, funk, soul, and he made hilarious topics with Silvercross. I mean, doesn't that sound like the coolest guy ever? I can just imagine going to a jazz club with this guy, downing beer and shooting the ****. HOW COULD HE BE GONE.

I think "fun" and "cool" really are the ideal ways to describe fetus. Like I said, dude made tons of funny and awesome topics with Silvercross, hell, I think their whole bromance in general just amused me. He was funny in general a lot of the time. He loved booze, he was in a lot of the drinking topics, and I bet he would be an awesome drinking buddy.

In the music topics, he really had the "coolest" music taste imo. Just in terms of stuff only extreme badasses would like. I'm not sure if he posted here before this year, but I feel like this was the first year I really noticed him, he would definitely be my top new user this year in that regard.

Seriously, I'm just sad he is gone. B8 lost a great user. I hope Silver is doing OK!

37. Explicit Content

I just realized this, since thats the first time I've seen/typed his full old username in a while... what an extremely appropriate username. EC is well... very explicit. He makes a lot of mean posts, a lot of raunchy posts, and a lot of posts that are downright inappropriate! He isn't afraid to say what he thinks of anyone, and add all that together and you can figure out why he is such a controversial user.

Personally, I find EC hilarious. I totally forgot he existed when I came back to the board after a break, and he was posting with some EC username. Well, my best friend (who knows that I post here), has the initials EC, and for like a week I was half-wondering if it was my best friend. Honestly, EC does have a lot of traits of my best friend. He's crazy, he's funny, decently smart and he knows what the **** is up in this world. He isn't some tool ass judging people from behind the computer he sits at all day. EC has been in the real world a few times, he knows what thats like damn it. He just gives me a huge vibe of a lot of cool ass people I would meet at college (except a bit meaner, which I imagine just comes from dealing with so many dickwads on here constantly). Basically I think he might be pretty awesome to hang with.

EC honestly consistently makes me laugh in topics when he is being a dick to sucky people. Thank god for him doing that, we need more people to clean out the filth! Sometimes he just gets so outright EXPLICIT, it's just awesome.

The only time EC sucks sometimes is in sports topics. Sometimes he clearly doesn't know what he is talking about and is overly angry, but he likes Philly so... it all adds up tbh.

But overall, umm I'm not sure if I can call EC likable, but he's a real person on a fake board, and I respect that.

also, his pictures always make it look like he's pooping.

36. Ayvuir

For a long ass time I saw Ayvuir post a decent amount, but just never really knew anything about him. As I've mentioned in previous writeups, Ayvuir is another guy I got to notice a lot more this year with the extended offseason and lack of activity.

Firstly, Ayvuir is a huge contributor to the board. He makes lots of projects that usually seem to be pretty successful (babes, search babes). Including the Top 100 Users of the Year Project, which is pretty awesome and probably the "Summerslam" of B8 epop contests. So yes, a great contributor with some fun project ideas.

I've noticed him more in a social context on the board too, and I like him quite a bit, he's very chill and friendly.

I had tons of fun doing the podcast with Ayv, which is probably my main highlight with him this year. We unfortunately only did 1 take and didn't come across that great on the show, but he was still lots of fun to talk to, we talked a bit before and after the show and I found him to be very likable, funny, and cool to talk to. It makes sense that he gets more popular every year because he is definitely a great guy.

And man, what an awesome voice. No offense to Ayv, but he kinda looks like a sissy. But his voice is so DEEP AND BRITISH AND MANLY, it's awesome.

And I still find it amusing how him and Yonex simulataneously sent their boardys picks this year >_>.

Great guy, and I'n glad to have gotten to know him a bit better this year, as well as do a podcast with him.

35. JustinCrossing

Justin is young, and like any young person, can be a kind of mixed bag.

Honestly, Justin is a lot like Steiner for me. A lot better user when he doesn't have too much confidence. When he has confidence he can be kind of obnoxious and "know it all-y". Like in a topic made just a bit ago when he made an OLD NEWS OMG type post 3 posts after someone already made it. That kind of stuff is annoying.

I feel like in this topic he had way too much confidence too, because he's been consistently making... um "lame" posts I guess would be the right world. Like, in these topics, whenever he has commented on something, I wouldn't necessarily say he made any flat out awful posts, but every time I would read one of his posts I'd be like "man... that was a pretty lame post". Seriously, go do it yourself and see if you feel the same way!

Anyway, I feel like that the negative stuff comes when Justin is feeling CONFIDENT. Maybe he held a girls hand or something recently, WHO KNOWS.

But on to why he can be good. First off, I interacted with JC quite a bit this year, especially since I was sort of his mentor for a while. I had good fun trying to help him with the girls, and he was one of the guys I made a topic for tracking his progress on, which is always cool.

A few things I like about JC compared to other younger users...

A. Always willing to admit his mistakes. Rusty wanted to cry for weeks after his big newbie mafia screwup. JC screws up constantly in mafia, and he laughs at himself along with everyone else. B. Above all, I don't think he has ever tried to be someone he isn't, or has done anything obvious to try and fit in on the board better, a sin many younger users commit.

When he isn't being a know it all little squirt, he can be a lot of fun to talk to honestly, he is a pretty interesting guy, and I took him under my wing because I see him as the future me, winning e-pop contests and banging broads to celebrate.

My favorite part about JC is definitely playing mafia with him. It's kinda like why neon loves spiral so much. JC can either be great or absolutely terrible, and it is always A+++ material when he crashes and burns big time. He made that hilarious lynch of Boko a month ago or so in the final 3 without thinking for example. The best ever though was in AIM mafia when he made everyone stop talking then said I HAVE A THEORY GUYS, and it ended up being the worst theory ever, and became a mini aim mafia fad. Hilarious and awesome moments for sure. And like I said earlier, he laughs and admits he was terrible afterwards, but he always keeps at it, and in general continues to improve.

So JC is in general a really fun guy, he can suck, but hey, he's going through puberty and crap so I guess he is bound to suck on occasion, most jr high/high school kids do, so I can cut him a break.

But being Canadian, I cannot forgive that!

34. XtremeBlur

He's so XTREME.

Blur didn't post much this year, but when he did he always was like "hey" and we had some good chats, so he makes it way higher than he would on most people's list. Hell, I'm not sure if he would even make most of the boards top 263 for 2009.

Xtreme is just my kind of guy, extremely chill and fun. If I were to make a list of top B8ers I'd want to hang out with, he would definitely be up there. Very down to earth and fun guy quite simply. It's pretty obvious from his posts that he has a lot of friends IRL, and has a good time.

Which probably explains why he isn't around much these days. He is a busy man, and I respect that, but I'd love if he stopped in more. Especially with fetus gone, he could take over the "man that guy is ridiculously cool" role.

Short writeup because I admittedly don't have tons to say about his 2009 accolades, but I always enjoyed whenever we got to talk, and this is a guy who has top 10 potential when he is posting more.

And Golf? was good times lawl

33. SeginusTemple

My favorite indie music guy fo' sho.

Seginus is the guy who honestly kind of made me start looking at the indie music guys again, and helped me to realize that they weren't all as bad as they first seemed. Seg made a top 100 albums list way earlier in the year, which I don't think he ever finished. I ended up clicking it, realizing he was "one of them", yet I really enjoyed the topic for a few reasons. Firstly, Seg is extremely knowledgable about music, second, he is witty and funny, third, I just get the vibe this dude loves music. For example, in like album of the month and song of the week, some indie guys feel like they don't even give a lot of stuff a chance. Seg just really loves music, and he is always going to give everything a 100% fair listen. I also feel like he isn't as harsh as the others. Shaggy and some others aren't afraid to be like "SUX" if they hate something, but Seg is very polite, it's a small thing, but I think that when someone posts music on a board, it's almost like putting yourself out there in a way, thats how I've always felt, it's like you are sharing a piece of yourself, so I appreciate his politeness.

Seg doesn't just closet himself in the music topics, oh no, he is all over the place! Like I said before, he is pretty smart and funny, and I feel like he has good posts most of the time on whatever it is he is posting about.

Especially since he loves music, Seg must be like a major stoner, but he doesn't talk about it, so it's just a hunch, but it would explain how he manages to be so chill and nice all the time.

The only bad thing about Seg is ironically one of my favorite parts about him, how much he loves music. He really ends up loving some extremely strange stuff, the kind of stuff that probably takes endless listens to start to appreciate, and I hate having to work really hard on enjoying music, so it's not my thing. I don't get the vibe he thinks you have terrible taste if you don't like his stuff though, so thats nice. He doesn't go all Boko and cry in a corner.

Seg is an awesome guy, and he even managed to change my perception of a whole group of B8ers, thats a pretty cool accomplishment! A+ seg.

but never recommend autechre again

32. PrivateBiscuit1

Biscuit is a guy who literally went from completely unknown (and I mean COMPLETELY) to one of my top 40 users over the course of the year. Not bad!

I started getting to know Biscuit a bit as I started board mafia. He wasn't great, but he was pretty cool to play with. I'd say he's a solid addition to games for the most part. But he doesn't stand out tons as I don't have much else to say on his mafia play, except he is a pretty smart guy in general, so naturally he'd be solid.

Biscuit is a fellow Xbox gamer who I somehow haven't played with, which really pisses me off, I am excited to play with him once I get Borderlands though, because he is awesome to talk to on AIM about random ****, and is a pretty laid back/fun guy. Thats generally a good formula for a fun person to play with. If he doesn't play Borderlands with me as soon as I get it I will kick his ass to hell and back. L4D2 can wait for a day bro.

SO yeah, cool guy in mafia, fun guy to talk about XOBOX with, and probably a fun guy to play with. The only area where Biscuit is hit or miss is wrestling. I actually enjoy talking to him about wrestling a good chunk of the time. He generally has an open mind, and in general is knowledgeable on the subject, and fun to talk about. Sometimes in the chat he goes along with the same opinions as everyone else though, so I vastly prefer just talking to him about wrestling in a 1 on 1 setting, as the annoying people in the chat seem to bring out his annoying side. Bashing the Cena-Orton I quit match as "bondage" and crap is just immature. And Orton thought the match was essentially over, thats why he uncuffed Cena. He felt overconfident and safe.

BUT ANYWAY enough of that, thats just once in a while stuff that annoys me, I don't bother with the chats anymore, which works out positively for Biscuit! Cool guy, glad to get to know him this year, and excited to play Borderlands with him.

31. Princess Anri

Another user who had some giant upswing this year, Anri!

Unlike a lot of people here who have gone way up this year, I actually used to see Anri post a decent amount even years ago, and just never really cared about him. Before this year, I would have associated him as that crazy guy who actually attempts to get Anri in the contest every year. And the guy who just loves Silverchair. I didn't find him that cool (except for the occasions when he screwed around using the fact that he has a girl username, pretty amusing).

So, maybe in the past Anri was a lot more one-dimensional than he is now, or perhaps I just randomly missed all his cool posts or something, but this year I absolutely love the guy, and could see him continuing to rise into next year.

Anri first caught my attention with his topics on MMA training and his big first MMA fight. I'm a huge MMA fan so I really enjoyed these topics, and I found them fun. I like that when he lost, he just manned up, said how bad he got his ass kicked, and even posted pictures of his disgusting manhandled face. No fake stories or acting like he had a chance, he just admitted he was nervous and got his ass kicked. I kinda respect that, because I bet he was already pretty disappointed, and a lot of B8ers can be huge dicks.

Then I randomly started noticing more of his posts. He kind of ditched the crazy Silverchair fanboy gimmick, and with less posts about that, I'm really enjoying his posts more and more. He's very witty and funny, and just a user that makes the board a lot more fun. He has great interactions with a lot of different guys on the board.

And we have even chatted on AIM a few times about MMA and stuff, and he is great to talk to. Very interesting and funny dude. He unfortunately seems nervous about joining our MMA chats since he is 0-1, but damn it Anri, join us for the ultimate fighter finale or I'll kick your ass. I watch MMA damn it, I know stuff.

30. TheKnightofNee

Literally the only guy on B8 I have ever met in real life, which is kinda funny. It happened by pure accident, we happened to have classes in the same area, so one day we planned it and talked for like a minute.

A. Nee is short B. Despite being short and a nerd, he has a kind of hot girlfriend, or did, I havent seen his facebook in a while. C. Our conversation wasnt bad considering how short he was, and the fact we were talking in some random hallway

I kinda regret never hanging with Nee, I think we coulda had good timez at Pinball Petes or something. Also, I should have used him to buy beer before I became 21, damn it.

Nee is a guy I've liked on here for a long time. Firstly, he loves detroit sportz, aww yeah. Secondly, went to MSU, aww yeah. Well, from there we are pretty different, but I still like him!

He's a fun presence on the board, he is rarely very serious, and just posts around to have a good time. We used to chat it up sometimes on AIM, and that was always good times.

He has really weird video game taste though, he just loves the hell out of old stuff like Mega Man (worst games ever). I don't understand it but I don't hold it against him.

Probably dropped a bit this year because we don't talk as much as we used to, but still a very likable and cool guy, and I MET HIM ONCE OMFG, thats like auto top 50 for life at the very least.

29. War

War is just a total goofball, that would probably be the best way to describe him. For the most part, he is rarely serious. He is funny to talk about wrestling with because he is always making jokes of some sort (generally directed at TNA >_>). He can be serious about wrestling too, and generally has some decent posts in that regard, but I enjoy when he is just being goofy.

He pretty much carries that over to the rest of the board. War posts in a lot of different topics, especially SPORTZ, with goofiness, and sometimes seriousness. When he is goofy, he is funny, when he is serious, he is generally pretty smart and knowledgeable about whatever he is talking about.

War likes to play mafia on occasion and, WHAT DO YOU KNOW I DON'T BELIEVE IT, HE IS GOOFY AND SOMETIMES SERIOUS.

man, I really feel like I just delved so deep into War's personality, it was so complicated I'm not sure if the average reader can understand out bond, but just know, I like the guy quite a bit, OK? OK.


Such a love/hate user for me it's borderline ridiculous honestly. Me and Jakyl recently had a conversation about who our B8 foils are. We decided Jakyl's foil was definitely Smartmuffin. My foil is without a doubt SHINE.

SHINE is just a strange guy, we are extremely different, yet I still feel like I can talk to him and we can have good conversations.

I guess the only thing that really annoys me about SHINE is him and video games. The dude clearly has tons of money to blow on games, I don't even wanna think of how much money he has wasted on Nintendo rip off handhelds and buying games off the Wii online that he has probably already played. Despite all this he really can't even try out the Xbox 360? How can he really consider himself a gamer if he wastes so much money that he could use to diversify his tastes a bit?

And man, his constant topics about stupid Nintendo updates are a complete waste of time. A few weirdos like GMUN care, but thats about it, not necessary at all, and I'm really not sure why he works so hard to sell us crap. We joke about him working for Nintendo all the time, but honestly it is very strange.

SHINE is just like me in that he has very strong opinions on video games, yet our main difference is SHINE avoids conflict whenever possible. Sometimes I've tried trolling him to get him to come out and actual discuss THE ISSUES with me, but he almost always refuses. He loves Nintendo, loves to spend money on every Nintendo product, and it's not up for debate damn it!

I find SHINE to be kind of strange in regards to sports. I find it weird that he seems to watch like every detroit sports game thats on TV, I mean, damn, especially when it comes to the Tigers, sometimes you need a break! Despite all the sports he watches, once again, he refuses to really debate much, maybe some light points here and there to dispute something, but he never lets it go past that.

SHINE is a fun presence in my anime topics. He likes to post pix, and in general provides good comments, although for whatever reason he says he doesn't care about my writeups, he just wants me to catch up ASAP, which is basically the opposite of everyone else in there.

I guess my writeup comes across as harsh on SHINE, but I do like him a lot, I just feel like I could like him more. In the end he is a real fun user, silly, and generally when he is around it's GOOD TIMES. He is cool to talk to on AIM sometimes, and his little board persona is overall amusing. It's a bit frustrating how often he dodges arguments and questions about his personal life (for example, I asked him a question about if some picture of him that looked way skinnier than the past was really him, he of course didn't give a direct answer, does he ever?), but I still like him and find him a fun guy to be around. I just wish he wasn't so wrapped up in Nintendo and his goofy board persona at times, I'd like more diversity from him. I guess he just feels like wasted potential to me, but he is still a great user.

27. ngirl


Glad I could get that out of the way. Ngirl is without a doubt the hottest chick to ever come to B8 and be a regular here imo. Unfortunately she knows it. She is like this girl on facebook who invited me to become a fan of her ass the other day. Her confidence is funny but it caaaaan get just a bit annoying sometimes. I mean, I dunno, I just think sometimes her posts promising BIKINI PIX or talking about all the sex she is having that weekend get old. I just feel like I'm over the fact that she is a girl with big boobs tbh, so I guess I just wish she had more diversity of posts/topics sometimes. And also, lol at her being in love. WHAT A GIRL THING TO SAY.

Which is probably a harsh assessment, I'm sure she posts a decent amount about other stuff, I just only happen to notice those kinds of topics >_>.

Ngirl really is a fun user though. She is pretty funny, she has a hilarious and slightly disturbing sense of humor that I enjoy (seriously, go look at the picture she drew for smurf for his 15 things topics... it's uhh... something else). She can be pretty fun to talk to on AIM, as obviously she actually has social skills and a life, so that always helps you be cool on here. Although sometimes she seems like she wants to talk but actually she just wants to rally you for something. This makes me feel so used. Kind of how she probably feels after every one night stand she has ever had LOL.

I played some mafia with ngirl earlier in the year, and she is pretty fun to play with. She's not a bad player, but she doesn't get all srs, so I appreciate that.

I guess I would call her kind of an all around user, she posts in projects and such, but mostly in social type topics, and I'd say she contributes well to all of them.

Overall, she would be higher if she posted bikini pix lolol.

26. Thundersheep


Thundersheep is a high riser (I mean that in the most literal possible way) this year. Very chill and normal guy with a lot of great posts to his name.

I first noticed him when he made his top 10 drugs topic earlier this year, and that would probably also be my #1 highlight from him this year. He was not lazy about it at all. The writeups were huge and quite frankly, fascinating. It was interesting to see someone go into detail on stuff I've tried, and compare experiences, and it was also interesting to see what other stuff I haven't tried is like. Seriously, that topic was just awesome. Not only did he go into detail on what it's like, but he also added lots of stories, he really kind of put himself out there in a lot of ways, and it was definitely one of my favorite topics of the year.

I don't think the sheepster has done any projects since then, but I've still noticed him and I like him a lot. Like I said above, very normal person, he has very good social skills as you would expect from someone who has the ability to rank 10 drugs >_>. I find his opinions ans thoughts interesting overall, I think being black makes it so we have different opinions on stuff like jeans, but he never gets too extreme on anything (for example, he was one of the few black people on the board that didn't get all extreme during the kanye thing). Just a very likable guy, and very interesting to talk to.

He can be pretty fun too when he wants to be. I think he prefers to just chill and talk, but he can make some amusing posts.

I guess the only thing that disappoints me about sheep is that he never seems to be on the board when he is on crazy substances to talk like a crazy man. As soon as turn and timjab are blackout they decide to drop everything they are doing and run to B8. Why can't sheep be like that? I'd love for crazy sheep high/drunk posts damn it!

25. Kuge[]

I can't believe Kuge thought he didn't make it!

Admittedly, Kuge's greatest moments were not in 2009. He didn't pretend he was 500 pounds in 2009, and get people to give him tons of legit weight loss advice. He didn't pretend he was an Asian who loves to take pictures while eating. He didn't pretend he got Hansen'd.

But the fact is, Kuge was still very fun this year and a great addition to the board, it's just a shame he didn't post more.

First off, let me see, man Kuge has tons of confidence. He was willing to hang out with any B8er who was on his path to Vegas. Thats pretty awesome, and that was a fun topic to track. I would personally never do that because I'd be afraid of hanging with lame-os. Plus, it'd have to be like in certain situations. For example, I would meet Dante and minipooot to go eat, then I'd leave. I would meet Jakyl at like a ROH event, but thats it. Just hanging with a B8er seems slightly awkward, but congrats to him for going out there, and having the most awkward picture ever taken with AKJ/GP and Halo.

Me and Kuge used to talk on AIM a lot, it's sad that he wasn't on much this year : (.

Kuge loves Poker, and he makes topics about it on occasion. I'm not a fan of following most Poker player's progress on **** because all they like to do is complain about every lucky win anyone gets on them, but Kuge's are bearable at least.

But really, if you've ever seen Kuge post, you know how much fun he is. Hell, go check out his youtube page, it's hilarious, all his videos are kind of silly yet awesome. He's just a really fun guy and another one that would be on my top 10 B8ers I'd hang out with list. He could be higher if he posted more, but well, he didn't. SORRY BRO.

24. Lopen

Definitely one of my favorite stat nerds, even though quite frankly, at times he can represent what makes the stat nerds suck.

I guess the main thing people hate about stat nerds is that they are snooty and elitist or something, this however, is not Lopen at all. He is very fun in the stats topics and makes WILD predictions. I talked to him about the Best Game Ever 2 contest over AIM, and he was very fun to chat with. I had rumors of his crazy predictions but I didn't realize how true it was until we compared brackets... I was pretty blown away! So yeah, in terms of just predicting and stuff, he is actually really cool to talk to.

Unfortunately, on the board, he shares all the same opinions as the stat nerds do on the contest, how it should be run, 1 on 1s. Quite frankly, Lopen can be pretty whiny when Allen doesn't run things the way the stat nerds want. This is only on occasion, and I feel like he has gotten a bit better at defending himself/his groups when they were attacked (he defended the visual novel clique in an earlier topic and was pretty good at not being whiny like he would be sometimes). So I guess he has improved in that regard, but these moments still stand out to me. We'll see what he does when Allen unveils some terrible format for the next contest!

But really, I'm probably too harsh on Lopen there, for the most part, I really enjoyed our AIM talks this year about the contest, and he has great taste in games also, GO HALO!!!

Lopen just finds ways to be unique and fun in almost everything. For example, for his remaining nomination spots, HAIKU (though my professor layton Haiku about layton molesting Luke was amazing and deserved more respect). In UCA, he is without a doubt my #2 favorite promo guy with his weird split personalities gimmick. Lopen in general is very fun.

I also like talking to him about WRASSLING on occasion, though he doesn't seem to follow stuff that well these days.

Basically, as long as Lopen isn't upset or complaining about something\, he is easily one of my favorite users here, very funny and amusing guy. NOW WATCH AS HE WHINES ABOUT MY WRITEUP LOL GO HANG OUT WITH NEWBIE OR SOMETHING AND WHINE TOGETHER.

23. TimJab

Timjab is a total d-bag. No lie. Him correcting Seg for his mistake like 50 posts later is a great example. No one really cared but he ALWAYS makes posts like that. Dude has a serious inferiority complex, and constantly considers himself above everyone. It's kind of frustrating sometimes. The wrestling topic is another good example, he is very elitist, criticizes people as marks more than anyone, and thinks I overrate matches or something, when in reality he underrates matches big time. Probably one of the bottom 3 wrestling topic posters, Wang, TimJab, Smartmuffin, yep seems about right.

I guess his d-baggery pisses me off more than it would for most people, because Tim can be pretty awesome when he wants to be. When Tim decides to be lighthearted and fun instead of being a serious ass, he is probably one of the most fun posters on the board. I love when he gets into lighthearted slings of insults with Swift or Extha for example, those are good times. He can be witty and funny at times when he wants to be. And is definitely one of the most fun users on the board when he wants to be.

Sometimes the fact that Tim is a total dick makes him a better user though funny enough. Mostly when it comes to posting his crazy real life stories about STEALING STUFF FROM HIS ROOMMATES. Good tiemz.

And for the record.

TimJab U a asthma boi >>> Pimp Boi >>>>>>>>>>>> Affleck (but they are all pretty good and these fads alone raised him like 4 spots).

damn Extha should be like 20 spots higher just for asthm boi

I don't think TimJab is generally too big on projects, but he has been a great presence in the UCA, he generally cuts entertaining promos. Outside of that I'd say he normally has good posts, and he puts crappy people in their place someties, another small benefit of him being a dick.

TimJab is a lot like a few others where when I'm staying away from the chats and the wrestling topics, I find him to be a great, great user. Very fun and interesting. Inside the wrestling topics, his elitism about wrestling is way too obvious, but thats really all that holds him back.

timjab u not a top 20 boi

22. TurnTurnTurn

Honestly, over the years, I have seen Turn tons. We've rarely ever interacted, but he is so awesome,. he is consistently near the top of my lists.

Turn is BRITISH, but luckily he doesn't have some of the negative aspects that some of these europeans have where they get kind of elitist over the Americans. For example, ngirl constantly whining about american football, or Smurf polling idiots to "prove" that Americans don't know anything or something. I think it's cool that he is a bit more laid back in that regard, and doesn't have anything to prove to Americans like some of these guys.

Turn is a drunkass, NO LIE. I love when he makes drunk posts, although for some reason he still hasn't done AKJ's challenge of drinking while doing a user list. STOP BEING LAME TURN. Anyway, Turn definitely is a fun and cool drunk, so it's always a bonus when he comes on here drunk.

For the longest time my one criticism of Turn was that the guy was incredibly witty and funny, yet he focused all his attention on trolling wastes of time like Andy. Now that Turn has kind of stopped this, I'm practically begging the guy to go back to it. Look at the influx of bad users on this board. Turn has PROVEN he has the ability and persistence to chase people off this board with pure humiliation tactics. USE YOUR GOD GIVEN ABILITIES DAMN IT, GET SUCKY PEOPLE OFF THIS BOARD PLZ TURN.

I think he hasn't been trolling people because he has been busy or something, I haven't seen him around much in general. Which is a real shame as he is a great presence on the board. Obviously he is witty and hilarious when he wants to be, and when he is serious he is pretty smart and can make good points and such. Definitely a great all around user, and he should use his talents around here more often.

21. Procrastinater


Definitely a top 5 sexy man on the board, that nipple is HAWT.

Now that my obligatory gay statement about good looking dudes is out of the way, Crasty is a chill ass dude. Back in the day we used to talk about basketball a lot and stuff. These days not so much, but obviously we still talk quite a bit.

Crasty is a guy with good social skills who gets laid. So obviously he is fun to chat with. I've had great times with him on the podcast, screwing around, making fun of people, talking about ngirl's boobs. He is a great guy to chat with in general. He is another guy who I am really excited to play some Borderlands with once I get it in a few weeks.

My only real problem with Crasty he can be so whiny about the podcast. He always wants to go off the 1st take, even though that almost always sucks for the guests, and no one wants to hear a 40 minute show. And then he gets pissed at me since I don't let him on anymore because of his whining. STOP BEING A WHINER DAMN IT.

Crasty isn't big into projects, he just loves CHILLIN and real life talk mostly, and I'm down with that because he is a cool ass guy.

Another guy who would probably be top 10 for who I would actually want to chill with if I went across the world to chill with B8ers. I bet he'd be fun to play basketball with, then go out later that night, hit up some bars, and bang some broads. My kind of guy.

20. AKJ

Let me get this out of the way, especially in light of AKJ's "lol" worthy post that he didn't think he made it. For some reason, AKJ has bad habits of just being a bit obnoxious and whiny at times. Throughout his B8 existence I can list examples here and there, like when he made a big deal about the fact that he wasn;t joining UotY 2007, then whined when Smurf wouldn't let him back in. He's been pretty whiny and obnoxious during this topic too, complaining that he wasn't on the list (unless that was some elaborate sarcasm), criticizing uses of words like over-exaggeration. I mean, I don't get it, I'll be going into AKJ's many positives next, but for some reason he can just be really freaking annoying sometimes, and thats the only reason he isn't higher. I could also factor LUELINKS Josh and I DONT POST HERE ANYMORE Josh, but eh, that wasn't really 2009, so I'll let that slide!

It's a little weird that Josh can get annoying, because most of the time, he is the polar opposite (AND HES AS BIG AS A POLAR BEAR LOL), and honestly, one of the most fun guys here. AKJ has a surprising amount of self-confidence for someone his size, probably because he got laid most of his life, even if it was just GP (I could go on a mini-rant at how lame his excuse is that he's too poor to lose weight big time, as if stuff like bananas and yogurt and rice is really that expensive, try harder tbh). But yeah, that confidence and complete comfort with his body adds up to mega fun. I love that he doesn't get offended at all by like any attacks on him, it's impressive and I find it to be pretty cool. Obviously his comfort with his body has also come into play more in the past with stuff like Tim Allen, but the point is, he's not gonna come here and pull a dark and cry and moan if someone makes fun of him, and I like that a lot.

AKJ's confidence also comes into play in other areas. That was pretty badass of him to step up to the KUGE CHALLENGE and I enjoyed hearing the stories and seeing THE MOST AWKWARD LOOKING PICTURE OF ALL TIME afterwards, lots of cool stuff happens with AKJ because of his confidence.

I feel like AKJ has made some projects in the past but I can't remember any lasting too long, when he tries he can make some really cool projects though. Kind of like how I 1 upped smurf with this list, I think AKJ really one upped Smurf with his own "15 things" topic, and shame on you guys for not jumping to do some of those tasks, they are fun!

AKJ was probably my favorite guest host for the podcast so far, not counting neon or crasty. I felt like it was a good opportunity to get the know the guy a bit more, and he was of course really interesting and fun, and I think doing the podcast with him is what upped him a solid amount of spots, that was a fun time, and I'd love to have him back on one day.

Obviously if you listen to the podcast I think AKJ is getting way screwed on the GP ordeal. I wonder if he just lacks the guts to try and go for someone new? Anyway, I'm pretty sure she is leading him on and is gonna keep screwing up, so I hope AKJ mans up. Whats funny about the whole GP situation, is that I'm not even sure if Josh would be top 50 if GP didn't break up with him. He really upped his posting and became a more active member of the community once that happened, like literally next day he was back to posting a lot. So I'm glad to have him around even if it means he doesn't get any boobies... except for his own LOL

19. Mershiness

Mersh probably hasn't read one other person's writeup in this topic. Mersh quite simply loves himself. And I mean, have you seen his senior pic? WHO COULDN'T LOVE THAT?!?


But really, Mersh loves attention, but he is open and honest about it. So thats cool. I can respect that.

The #1 aspect of Mersh that probably stands out to most people is his love of pop music. I think this is fine, and I daresay maybe his absolutely outspoken love of pop has created a "coming out of the closet" movement on the board, and now tons of people are starting to maybe get a bit more into pop, or at least Lady Gaga. Mersh truly is the Jackie Robinson of pop music on B8. I always kind of liked Poker Face, but I admit Mersh is the one that got me to listen to more songs, and I was happy to hear she is pretty consistently good. I have one pop station on my 6 radio favorites now, I have no idea how anyone could listen to that **** all day, but Mersh has valid points that there is some good stuff out there.

As a John Cena and Xbox lover when it wasn't cool, I can kind of relate to Mersh in a few ways with his love of pop, but he can get really damn annoying sometimes when defending people like Gaga or Paris Hilton. Like, they literally can do no wrong in their eyes, and he'll defend the stupidest crap in the world. Once I saw him say it doesn't matter if Paris has no talent because producers can make her sound good or something. I mean, Paris actually has some OK pop music, but that doesn't mean anyone should respect her at all because a bunch of producers make her sound passable. And I don't even wanna get started on how crazy he gets defending Gaga. It just gets obnoxious sometimes.

Mersh is gay. No comment.

OK I GOT COMMENTS. Surprisingly people like WC are more obnoxious on stuff like gay rights than Mersh. No idea how that works, I guess he cares more about pop music! The topic where he came out to his best friend was kind of hilarious to me, especially since he had feelings for his best friend. Thats just weird. But Mersh is a weird guy, so hey, at least it was entertaining.

Mersh is a fun guy to play maf with when he decides to. He doesn't get too serious but does try hard, which is pretty much the ideal player in my eyes.

Mersh was pretty hit or miss for me on the podcast. The pman show, I liked Mersh on the show, maybe because anyone would look good podcasting next to pman. Or maybe when someone else is there to steal the spotlight, he does a lot better in a supporting role. The 2nd time he was a bit too energetic and talkative for my liking. But even if his podcast performances weren't great, I did enjoy actually talking to him and stuff, he's always a chill and fun guy to talk to. And like I mentioned with AKJ, nothing really offends him, except insulting pop music.

Really badass dude, but not badass enough for me to go gay for him. SORRY PAL

18. Eeeevil Overlord

I still remember how I met James. 2007 I made a topic asking everyone in UotY one question. I made one friend off that topic essentially, and it was James!

Really pleasant and fun guy. Until I started talking to Jakyl + Overlord stopped coming on AIM and stuff, James was my favorite guy to talk to wrestling about. He's very positive and fun to talk to about it (except he absolutely hates any diva match, even when the best go at it, he hates it, wtf >_>).

And as I've repeated several times, Overlord has great social skills IRL and has actually been with some wiminz. This is vital, and makes him a great guy to talk to about anything really, because thats what happens when you are social, you end up talking about more than like video games and lolicon.

I think when I was gone for most of 2008, Overlord got really popular or something, it makes sense because he is an awesome guy. But then as soon as I return, he fades away, WTF. Overlord still pops in on occasion, but not nearly enough. I actually convinced him to go on AIM a few times, but he already stopped.

Since Overlord doesn't really watch wrestling anymore, we haven't talked about that when he conversed, but he was a big help in giving me info as I got more into soccer. Unlike certain people (COUGH NGIRL COUGH), he is not a complete psycho fanboy. And unlike people like Smurf, whenever he gives me info on stuff and I repeat it, I don't get weird posts saying "who the hell told you that". Overlord is very reasonable about soccer, and a good source of info.

Overlord is the highest person this list that I would consider inactive, which pretty much just shows how much I like him. In years when he posts a lot, he's probably a top 5 user, because we share so many interests and he is such a great all around poster. Unfortunately, he will have to settle for 18.

17. Boko/MajinZidane

BOKOKOKO, perhaps the strangest guy in the top 100 for sure.

Sometimes I wonder if Boko considers his whole life a big mafia game. It's really hard to get a conversation going with him sometimes because he goes into weird acts, and seems to be playing games. Half the time I think he is screwing around, but he can get into it so much, sometimes I really wonder, like I said, he seems to think his whole life is a big mafia game.

For example, in the Song of the Week topic, he gets really pissed when Seg doesn't rank his songs high, complains about how awful my songs are, then refuses to rank Seg's song because Seg gave him a low ranking. Like, I find it hard to believe someone as fun as Boko can be such a big BOKABY, but he keeps it up consistently, and I just don't get it, it is a bit frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, Boko is very frustrating to play AIM mafia with. Despite all the hype surrounding Boko, he rarely accomplishes anything as town because he is too busy claiming every role in existence, stuff like that. It really gets old after a while, and despite never helping, especially early game, no one will ever help me try to lynch him. How he gets away with his crap never ceases to amaze me.

When Boko does decide to get a bit serious, he can be crazy fun to play with, because thats when he strikes the perfect balance of having fun but being serious. Me and Boko had some epic games in the past, I remember one we lost where Boko like copy pasted this paragraph argument in a do or die at 5 like 50 times, which clearly showed why me and him were town, and like pxl and someone else were scum, it was really intense, and Boko was doing splendidly, we got lynched, but that was more fail from the other guy. Point is, Boko CAN be great to play mafia with.

Admittedly, Boko's constant games can be amusing when I'm more in the mood for them. Boko can be an A+ guy to screw around with. We've had some fun conversations. It's annoying when I ask a serious question and he dodges it and plays games, but other than that it can be fun.

Boko pretty much keeps a similar style on the board, maybe a bit more SRS. I like him on the board quite a bit honestly, I wish he kept that balance more on AIM and in AIM mafia, but I interact with him a lot more over AIM than I do on the board.

Knowing Boko, he will soon IM me complaining and crying about not being top 10, and I'll think lol Boko is joking and have fun with it, then 30 minutes later I'll be wondering if he is actually seriously pissed. JUST BOKO BEING BOKO!!!

And I love his interactions with the Wigmeister, hilarious everytime, even if that love does make Wigs too stupid to scan Boko and he trusts him too often >_>.

Overall, good guy, just damn confusing.

16. i am the game

he is the game. Doesn't this username originate from ertyu constantly saying it (and triple H obv)? I think it's a little ironic considering he is now trying to distance himself from ertyu because he no longer considers him worthy of his time (which is a good call imo).

Quite frankly, I think iatg is clearly the most controversial superstar on B8 by far. You either think he is a quality user, or you hate him. I'd probably consider him more of a "smark" favorite than anything. lol wrestling terms. So let's investigate what makes him such a love or hate user.

  1. 1 is obviously his abrasive and IN YOUR FACE attitude. If you suck (or at least if he thinks you suck) he will call you the shit out and make fun of you endlessly. He is ridiculously good at this, as evidenced by getting people like cyclo to try and troll him back in iatg's topics (which never seems to work quite as well!). While I think sometimes iatg is off base (I didn't understand the Sbell trolling, bell is a cool guy), overall I find this stuff to be hilarious. iatg is great at getting under people's skin, and quite frankly, he makes a lot of good points about the people who suck most of the time. I find some of his target selections to be odd though, like, I don't see him troll some other crappy users like Albion very much, why not?
  1. 2 is the gimmicks. There's no denying iatg is a gimmicky user of sorts. He has his catchphrases, XFD never change B8., XFD in general. Also he has his gimmick persona, which I assume is just an exaggerated form of his real self, being an AMERICAN who makes decent money. Personally I find the gimmicks to be hit or miss. Sometimes the persona in and of itself is funny (I enjoyed his "requirements to troll me" topic), and sometimes it's ridiculous (the "whoa, just went to a secret meeting and that was CRAZY" topic, which obviously was incredibly vague and it was obvious what he was doing).

Overall, I'd say the iatg persona is a winner, and I like having him on the board. Sometimes it isn't easy to remember that iatg was once one of the most popular guys on the board several years ago. The same traits that used to make him a fan favorite still show up on AIM and stuff. He's a chill and smart guy, who is actually socially competent, which combines to make him a really cool guy to talk to. He's one of my favorites to talk to on AIM without a doubt. As much as I enjoy his persona, I wouldn't mind seeing that same persona on the board more often outside of the wrestling topic. But hey, I guess he's been there done that, and he is more content doing what he does not, which is fine.

Could have been like 4-5 spots higher, but getting his "dream account" updatehawk banned? not cool bro ;_;

15. SenpaiDessus

Senpai reminds me a lot of Drakeryn, except a little more in your face to sucky people instead of subtle, and to top it off, I know him a lot better than Drake and have talked to him a fair amount on AIM over the years, so naturally he is a bit higher.

The main thing that reminds me of Drake is just the fact that he is a bit mysterious. Like Drake, it isn't always very obvious who he likes or doesn't (though I know a fair amount of people that dislike him, so at the very least, it's obvious if he dislikes you, unlike Drake >_>). I think the main thing that is mysterious about Senpai is his real life. With most B8ers, I can at least get a sense for how they are in real life. I have no idea with Senpai. I could see him being popular with a lot of friends, and I could also see him as just an intelligent loner. It's up in the air.

Senpai is without a doubt one of the smartest and wittiest guys on the board. Anyone who saw Pianist's Top 100 users (which was nominated for a boardy, and may have won, I forget). can pretty much see this. Very intelligent guy. Which makes it slightly amusing to me that he used to be called "Shadowdude", I mean, who would expect a SHADOW DUDE, 2 generic KOOL things, to actually be a really smart guy?

Senpai used to be one of the main posters on the anime boards that Mumei or someone made, he was always a cool guy to discuss anime and such with. He really is one of the more laid back guys I've talked to on AIM, surprisingly. I enjoy the occasional chats we have. I think Senpai could be top 10 honestly, if he were to get into MMA or if I were to get back into Boxing. I'm not sure why he resists MMA so much, I would love for him to get into it, because I know he would have great insight, but ah well. He'll probably convince me to get back into boxing eventually, then I imagine we'll talk more.

Senpai is a very solid contributor to the board. I believe he almost always does watchthrough topics for any popular shows he checks out, which I'm sure are great for anyone who is into them. He also obviously does awesome user writeup topics when he chooses to, combining his insight into people with his biting wit. Which also pretty much sums up his posts in most random topics, he can be negative in a witty way, or just give intelligent posts in general. One of the smartest and best posters on this board for sure.

14. Semi

I think everyone else in the top 15, I have known since at least 2007 or so. So I have 3 years of experience on and off with most of these guys. Semi however, I only really have like a year and a half experience with or so.

First off, this still blows my mind. Did he really GFAQs marry Alanna. >_>.

But ANYWAY, Semi joined UCA right away when I made it, and formed a tag team with sbp. The team was a total flop. But slowly, Semi gained recognition from the UCA community with his amazing and hilarious promos, and he also grabbed my attention as well. Semi is freaking hilarious. It's tough to describe his personality exactly in these promos, I guess maybe a bit whiny, but hilarious in the way that he whines, especially since he can sometimes come up with valid excuses for his general whining. In the UCA, you don't have to promo to become big, but I think it's safe to say Semi became a UCA beast solely off the strength of his promos, which is incredibly rare, they were that good.

Thats really when I started making sure to check out his posts, and they rarely disappoint. Semi likes to pretend he's really negative, and likes to hate on stuff. But the way he hates on stuff is generally pretty funny, and he never comes across obnoxious in the way he hates stuff. In fact, sometimes I wonder if he likes half the stuff he bashes, and he just hates on it to keep the gimmick up or something. At the very least, he isn't as annoying as Muffin/TimJab/Cokes when they dislike something, and considering how much stuff Semi dislikes, thats pretty impressive!

Semi is no doubt one of the smartest guys on the board. He knows his stuff about, well, a lot of things, though I've mostly noticed his knowledge on world affairs, (FUN FACT, me and semi were the only ones to pass Smurf's ridiculous test to see if Americans knew anything about the world, Semi doesn't come across as American to me for some reason. I feel like he would be willing to run away from fights if they weren't to his tactical advantage, AND THESE COLORS DON'T RUN. Tangent). So yes, that is a bond we will always share for the rest of time.

Semi is a fun guy to talk to on AIM as well. We have talked on occasion about UCA, the board, WORLD AFFAIRS (not really, but we should), wrestling, mafia. As you would expect, he is interesting to talk to for pretty much anything thanks to his intelligence. Kinda like SD, sometimes I wonder if he is popular with lots of friends, or kind of a loner, but his mostly fun personality makes me lean towards popular. I am not sure why Semi stopped playing mafia, but shame on whoever made him stop! I bet he would be great to play with.

Me and Semi don't talk on AIM tons, but that might be because half the time I'm convinced he doesn't like me (you know how many mean things he said about me in UCA promos? ;_;). Overall, a really fun... negative guy. srsly

13. Alectrev

I like to brag that I liked Alec before it was cool! He was high in my user lists way before he had to beg people not to vote for him in UotY.

I honestly have no idea how I started to Alec. Usually there's a starting point for most people, a common interest, but really, outside of Alec being a cool ass dude, who loves to fuck bitches like me, and outside of some random similar interests like baseball, we really don't have tons in common, so yeah, not sure how this all started.

But hey, whatever, point is, Alec is cool as hell, and anyone who talks to him knows this. He is a very fun and hilarious poster and guy, and definitely one of my favorites on the board. Alec has lots of awesome posts on the board, I get the vibe he doesn't take much here seriously, which I appreciate, and he generally has good insight when he is being serious. Very quality poster on the whole, and I always make sure to read his posts.

Alec is actually a pretty good contributor too, he had his Goldeneye list, he hosts mafia, and he does B8BL, which is a great idea, and I am greatly looking forward to it. Since Alec is so cool, you generally wouldn't expect him to be such a good project contributor, but he does his share to make the board a bit more interesting.

Alec is probably one of my favorite guys to talk to on the board about real life. Quite frankly, I don't talk to tons of B8ers about real life going ons, but Alec is one guy I don't mind doing that with. Mostly because Alec is a very interesting guy. He can't drink alcohol or he'll die, so instead he bartends, which I think is pretty awesome, and I always enjoy hearing his stories about bartending, or seeing pics of the bartending area he made in his room.

Now that I think about it, Alec in general always delivers when it comes to pictures. Alec's picture of him in a duct tape suit, the pictures of his room, pictures of his weird halloween costume from last year, pictures enhance most topics, and Alec does well with them when he busts them out.

But yeah, he does babes, he has fun, he parties without drinking, I enjoy talking to him about real life because he has a lot going on.

This year I found a new common interest with Alec when I got into mafia. Alec really is fun to play with. He isn't the greatest player, but doesn't take things too seriously, so I enjoy having him in a game. He also is a great host when he decides to host, (go check out best aim mafia game ever, I was part of it, amazing stuff!). Also, the board game he hosted that I was in, LotR mafia, I played one of the GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME GOD I'M AWESOME. Somehow, this gives Alec a few ranks up. Point is, he is a great member of the mafia community.

Oh, and Alec won a character contest once, but his tiebreaker was 42, despite the fact that he cost himself prizes, he still has 42 as his tiebreaker every year >_>. I guess that kinds of sums up alec. Just a very quirky, funny and interesting dude.

12. Tom Bombadil


I've always liked Tombolo. Quite frankly I'm not sure if anyone on this board doesn't like him at least a little bit, I mean, how could you not if you knew him? He's funny, and really one of the nicest guys on the board. Even when he gets in debates, he stays cool and respectful. Funny enough, I think the only time I have ever seen this guy angry was in a no lynch debate, no lie >_>.

I've gotten to know the Tom man a bit more this year thanks to getting into mafia. He can be unsure of himself, but I like playing with him, he is a fun guy in general, that helps things out. He is not adverse to being a bit silly during games sometimes, and overall is generally a positive in terms of the "FUN FACTOR" of the game, although maybe not as much when it comes to ability (but I mean come on, a game with just Ashe, Chris, Drake, FFD, SD, etc wouldn't be fun anyway!).

Tom hosts some projects on occasion, he had a wrestling type thing which was pretty cool, and had erm, unique commentary. Tom is a pretty unique guy honestly >_>.

But yeah, like I said before, Tom is generally a very quality poster because he is incredibly nice to everyone, and is very fun in general. This really came out on the podcast when I randomly had him on as a guest host. He was a fun host, especially considering he had no warm up and had no idea what we were gonna talk about. He was respectful of everyone's opinions, and despite my valiant attempts to piss him off, I couldn't do it! Very enjoyable guy to have on the show, and, well, despite the fact that he might be a bit unique, I don't think he is opposed to drinkin' some BREWSKIs, I think I could have a fun time hanging out with him, even though we are pretty different personality wise.

Tom is actually really religious, which I had no idea of until the podcast. He's so religious, he had a girlfriend for over a year and is still a virgin, WTF man. I still respect him as a man though... oh who am I kidding, LOL WHAT A LOSER.

Tom is super fun to talk to mostly on AIM because of his general silliness. He has diverse enough tastes where we can talk about mafia, anime (although I think he mostly likes REALLY Japanese stuff, where I lean more towards anime that probably appeals a bit more to western audiences). video games, wrestling, etc. Really cool and likable guy. I support Tom Bombadil.

although seriously, he slept in the same room as Charton. Whether he knows it or not, he is no longer a virgin.

11. RealoSix

Nice timing on that sig Shaggy.

RealoSix is just so damn interesting For real!

But first a side note, I've always gotten along with black people incredibly well in real life. I've spent tons of time on the basketball courts all my life, so naturally I've made lots of black friends over the year. But you know what I really love? Old black guys. In my random part time jobs growing up, especially in the cafeteria at Michigan State, there were a few retired old black guys who worked there, just making some extra money. Old black guys are the chillest and coolest dudes ever, seriously. I've loved every old black man I've ever met. There's a few that are still living in the past and a bit too gung-ho about racism (yes, it's an issue, but when a black girl was mugged in the middle of the night on campus and no one helped her, I don't think it's because everyone was too racist to help, it was the middle of the night, but I digress).

So anyway it makes sense that I'd have at least one black guy high up here, and REALO IS THAT MAN. It's pretty funny to me that two black guys on this board say I'm a big reason why they stuck around. One turned out umm... "interesting" (palmer), the other turned out to be an awesome guy who is one of the best users on the board, mah boi Realo.

But really Realo is an interesting ass guy, as Shaggy's sig implies. I think he's making fun of me with it, but I still stand by the italics and all! He is a black dude, has banged plenty of bitches in his day, yet, he's nerdy as hell, here on GameFAQs, posting it up, listening to a bunch of rap, yet also enjoying stuff like indie rock. I mean, man, he's so ridiculously diverse it's awesome.

If I was to make that top 10 B8 hang out list, realo would definitely be on there. (I'd ask Tim what it's like to chill with Realo but LOL).I could see us going out to bars, hitting on some chicks, maybe playing some bball the next day, gaming it up a bit.

It's a shame Realo isn't on AIM more, because he is pretty awesome to talk to. He is a fellow Cena lover like me for wrestling, he is incredibly knowledgeable about sports, he's cool to talk to about music, and also just about life, and maybe the board. Like I've said before, very diverse guy. I really respect his thoughts on sports, and I always respect how he generally is in debates about sports or wrestling, he never lets things get personal, Realo is a very positive and fun guy. Although quite frankly, I don't take him too seriously in wrestling talk because I mean, he loves Hogan >_>. But for everything else, he's interesting and what he says is generally worth hearing.

I think Realo just being a fun guy is what stands out the most for me. And the fact that his tastes are so diverse, he is all BFF with a weird skinny white guy like Mersh, and also with a BADASS like me >_>. With all the stuff he likes, Im frankly surprised he isn't one of the most popular users on the board. Maybe because he does have a life, and he can't be on here as much as others.

10. Swift

How can someone so scrawny and short think they are such a badass? >_>

Me and swift had traveled an interesting path over the years for sure. I definitely disliked the hell out of him at one point, and I'm pretty sure he didn't like me either. I was an obnoxious Xbox fanboy, he was an obnoxious Nintendo fanboy. He is not someone I ever pictured being good friends with. But here we are.

I forget how or when, but I think Swift IMed me one day, and eventually we realized we were similar in a lot of ways, and that our board personalities weren't exactly our real life personalities. Me and swift just love to mess with people on the board, incite reactions (you'll notice, a lot of people were higher on this list than they expected, I really am a jerk >_>).

Swift loves to troll on the board, sometimes it's entertaining, and I'll play along, but it is starting to get old. I mean, he doesn't even try anymore, it's just like going through the routine, swift needs to try harder or just give up the trolling tbh. When he does put effort forth he can make me laugh, and be fun, but overall he sucks at it now.

Swift is one of the best to talk to on AIM for sure though. Like I mentioned with Realo, Swift has a lot of different things he likes or has liked at one point, so he is fun to talk to. He also loves to trade barbs, so we can both bash the hell out of each other, and it's all good 2 seconds later. I like that a lot. HAHA NICE MASTERSWORD PIC LOSER.

More than any other user on B8, Swift has actually changed my life. He started linking me to random Rock promos one day, which was what made me check out the WWE. He is the one who pestered me about soccer enough until I finally got into it. It's pretty weird, because he isn't that big into soccer and he doesn't even watch wrestling anymore, but Swift literally has changed my life, especially since wrestling is probably my #2 hobby behind video games. It's kind of weird to think about, but my life would be way different if I never met Swift. Pretty freaking trippy I must say.

Swift's a pretty smart guy for the most part. When he isn't trolling he can be a chill and fun guy, and I think he is a quality poster when he wants to be. I enjoy him in sports topics especially, and outside of trolling, he is a pretty good presence.

As much as I like to bash Swift for how terrible he was on the podcast, in terms of people to actually talk to, Swift was probably one of my favorites so far. Me Swift and Dante talked for a pretty long time before and after the show, and it was a blast, very interesting guy.

For the top 10, I might as well give away which ones I'd hang out with and which ones I wouldn't. When I was going through the list, Swift was a definite YES right away. The guy is cool as hell to talk to, very chill, and Extha and Timmy boy seemed to have fun with him, I'm pretty sure we could have a good time doing whatever, drinking, maybe playing video games even if he has no xbox : (.

Swift is one of my favorite guys to talk about life with because he is currently going through the same transformation I once went through. He is moving on from being a nerdy somewhat anti-social kid to a guy going out, lifting weights, drinking, hanging with his friends. I enjoy talking t him about real life because it's pretty interesting to track his progress, and I have no doubt he will one day be up to the level of fucking bitches regularly.

However, my one problem with talking to Swift, especially about life, is he ALWAYS wants to talk about one thing. His future. In some ways, I respect Swift's go-getter attitude. I respect that he works hard and seems to have his fuck all planned out, and that says a lot about him and how responsible he is, but god damn man, I don't care anymore >_>. I'm glad you know exactly which places you are going to work for the next 20+ years of your life, but I have no idea how you can talk about it so often. WHY IS IT SO INTERESTING TO YOU. Obviously his obsession with the future and the jobs he wants will help him be successful, but hell, I have a plan too, I'm sure most people have at least a vague one, I just don't talk about it because I don't find talking about my future jobs to be particularly interesting unless I wanna be an astronaut or something crazy. No idea why he loves to talk about it so much but STOP IT.

But oh well, it's just a pet peeve really. Awesome chill guy who actually CHANGED MY LIFE. How many of you can really say someone on the board actually made a major change in your life? Not many I bet!

9. SteinerShocker

It's amusing to me that, for years me and Steiner have talked, and one of our main topics of discussion was always girls. For years I have been trying to encourage him to get laid (then laughing at him when he failed). This was our relationship.

Steiner: DUDE, I think I have a chance tonight Icehawk: you will fail

next day

Steiner: I failed : ( Icehawk: LOL

But one day, Steiner didn't IM me the next morning, hell he didn't IM me for weeks. Before I know it, he is doing some girl every night and claims he is in "love". I always feared it would happen one day, but god damn it Steiner.

I think I was a bit naive, thinking to myself it would never happen, or that when it did Steiner would remain his normal self. But like too many guys I've known have ended up like Steiner, so I really should have known. Especially since most people naturally get a little attached to their first.

If you don't really know the story, Steiner, after years of attempts with various girls, FINALLY DID IT with some average looking girl. Now they smoke pot and shit every day, Steiner now has confidence he never had before, Steiner is "IN LOVE", and overall is a big bitch.

Steiner is blinded by "love" right now. He doesn't seem to realize that this wench left some other guy for him, and that the same thing will probably happen to him eventually. I think this girl does like Steiner, but it's clear to me she is a total nymph who loves drugs and booze and who also likes control. She likes Steiner because she can control the shit out of him and make him her bitch because she is his first, so naturally he'll do whatever the hell he wants. She enjoys all the free pot, and hell, she enjoys the fucking. One day she will get bored of him and go find someone else, then Steiner will come back here crying or something, and he won't get over her for months.

I guess the main thing that annoys me about Steiner's new girlfriend is his new confidence seems to lead him to belief he is way above THE BOARD now. When I look at Shaggy's post from earlier, that is a guy who has mostly moved on from the board. It's clearly not an important place to him, and I doubt it ever will be. Steiner is just high right now (LITERALLY). Fact is, when this girl breaks up with him and tears him in two emotionally, he will need this place again. I know it, we all know it, so it just annoys me. Steiner hasn't moved on from this place.

But the fact is, I may be annoyed with him becoming a big bitch for this stupid wench, but I also have way too much experience with this. He seems to think I HATE him now, but hey, lots of my best friends have done this too. Just because I didn't like what these stupid chicks were doing to them, doesn't mean I don't like the guys anymore, you know? Same deal with Steiner.

Me and Steiner have always had GOOD TIEMZ over the years. In Steiner's endless quest to get laid, we didn't talk as much as we used to this year, but he's still my bro.

As much as I just bashed him for getting laid, we had some hilarious times in the build up to Steiner getting laid. This other night when he thought he had a chance, I made the topic tracking his progress which was a huge hit. I always liked that Steiner could take some abuse, as much as I made fun of him for being a virgin, he took it like a man and never got all sensitive and whiny about it.

Along with Jakyl, Steiner has always been one of my favorites to talk wrestling with. We see things eye to eye most of the time, and he is actually the one that introduced me to wrestling web sites, which are fun to track, although a little frustrating when their opinions get whiny. But yeah, Steiner isn't a whiny bitch so we actually spend time discussing stuff instead of arguing about Cena a million times, so that pretty much always has made him top tier.

Steiner really is a funny guy too which makes him fun to talk with. He's funny in terms of, he can be a little witty at times, but he can also do such hilariously stupid things that make me laugh for days. Like when he wanted to smoke pot and then get with this chick, but he accidentally smoked all the pot, WHOOPS.

As you would expect from a pot smoker, Steiner is chill as hell. Another reason I like talking to him, he isn't uptight, just laid back and fun for the most part. I've always wondered how Steiner was so much fun to talk to even though I wasn't always sure if he had many friends. Turns out he did have lots of friends, just really lame friends who went to metal concerts and indy wrestling shows with him. Man what a lamer. But now he gets laid so he is SO COOL BRO.

Obviously Steiner is mostly known for METAL MUSIC on the board. I used to talk to him about it, not so much anymore, I haven't been too into metal for a while. He still isn't bad to talk to about it, because he isn't as elitist as metalheads. He at the very least isn't one of these sad people who need heavy music to reaffirm their masculinity or something ridiculous like that, he just likes the music nothing more. I do get a little annoyed when he tries so hard to push an album on the board. He and pxl can be like Abomlcad except with music instead of fads.

Steiner is lower than he would usually be (generally he'd be like #3 or #2) because we haven't talked as much as usual this year, plus me being frustrated over his new attitude. I'm sure around next summer when that wench has sucked out his soul and left him out to dry he will be back, and I look forward to that.

8. Sir Chris

One of my longest time buddies on B8.

Me and Chris have an interesting relationship. Sometimes we won't talk for months, then out of nowhere we will talk every day for a few months, then randomly stop. It's not like we get into weird fights or anything, it just kind of happens. I can't even explain it.

Our conversations are pretty weird too honestly. On one hand, we share A LOT of similar interests. Sports, video games, anime, wrestling. He also notes that his user list is similar to mine, and at times we have been compared, mostly in mafia. I guess it's just interesting to me. He's like the fat not social version of me. Or am I the skinny social version of Chris? Anyway, the point is, we share a lot in common so we have lots to talk about.

We also are similar in our love of trading barbs, so sometimes we just make fun of each other constantly >_>. This especially comes out in mafia where our egos and personalities constantly clash. Mafia is probably the one time Chris can get under my skin. No matter what Chris says about me, I always lol at him because I feel superior to him IRL (no offense Chris). But man, when he says I suck at mafia, I go off, and I think he figured that out. DAMN YOU CHRIS. Anyway, the point is, he is fun to have insult wars with, and then like I do with Swift, we are good friends afterwards. I appreciate that he isn't sensitive.

On the board, Chris is a great presence no doubt. He has his "hardass" persona, which, quite frankly if you ever see a picture of him is utterly ridiculous, yet he pulls it off so well and is so witty that I buy into it, and am often entertained by it. Thanks to his diverse tastes, he fits in well in most conversations around the board. While sometimes I get an annoying vibe that he thinks he knows more about video games than ANYONE because of his work, he is a valuable poster in video game topics I find. He likes everything, I can never really accuse him of bias, he generally has valid reasons for his opinions unlike a lot of fanboys, so props to him for that.

Chris has maybe gotten a bit more laid back though outside of mafia (and even in mafia he has calmed down a bit, he was very good in newbie mafia for example). Generally Chris has some ridiculous epic moment or 2 every year, this year I can't think of any, which may be a result of that.

Project Chris is always entertaining. I can relate to him to an extent. I used to be a lot like him, though I got way better about making sure to finish things. It's just disappointing because he gets great ideas for projects, initially puts some amazing effort into them, and then POOF. At this point I don't even post in his writeup topics anymore due to lack of faith, which is a pity.

One cool thing about Chris, is he is very open. We've had some nice talks on AIM, and I actually feel like I know quite a bit about his life. Kind of like his projects, I get the vibe he has grand ambitions for his writing career, and I think he has potential at least, and could definitely become a published author if he really worked on it, but he never does. This really disappoints me, because I feel like Chris could potentially reach great heights, but he never goes for it. This could also apply to his weight. This may seem irrelevant, but it's just my personal thoughts, and kind of ties in with "project chris" well.

Another interesting thing about Chris being open is, how surprisingly nice and full of complements he can be. You wouldn't think it from someone who loves their "hardass" persona, but Chris has probably said some of the nicest things about me of anyone on B8, especially thanks to his eloquent writing skills, and I really appreciate those complements. Chris is indeed a nice guy, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Chris is hit or miss for me in mafia games. On one hand, he can be obnoxious, and it pisses me off how people follow him so blindly. But, you can always count on Chris to be active, and try hard, and sometimes, just be incredibly entertaining. Me and him had amazing chemistry in LotR. But then sometimes he is just bossy and annoying, and no one will listen to anyone else. I'd say 95% of the time I'd want him in my mafia game because the pluses mostly outweigh the minuses, but man, sometimes I wish he would cool it, although it seems recently he may have, but I haven't been in tons of games lately.

So, I've been pretty much pouring the praise all over Chris's incredibly large body. WHATS THE DOWNSIDE?

We have ONE major difference between us, and that is, Chris is a freaking goody two shoes. He is absolutely weird in how often he promotes Gamestop to the board, and even on the podcast. I mean come on dude, unless you are a damn owner or someone high up, I have no idea why he does this. He also marks messages sometimes. And, despite the fact that he never gets offended at me bashing the hell out of him, he can get offended by other stuff. Once I was pitching my flavor for WWE mafia. I was gonna say that everyones been roiding and a few people have turned into BENOITS (scum). I was mostly just dicking around but I think it could have been funny. Anyway, he was like WAH WAH I WOULD MARK THAT. wtf dude. Thats so lame.

Another interesting question to pose to myself is, would I hang out with Chris? So far, Swift is a def yes, Steiner is also a def yes. Chris is a toughie. I'm not sure how good he is socially, I don't think we could go out hunting for babes. I'm down with playing video games, but I dunno. I'm just not sure if he would be fun to chill with!

Overall, despite having some minor qualms with him, a quality user, really makes the board a better place, he is the "most popular B8er of all time" for a good reason, simply.

7. Ed Bellis

This list is purely subjective. It is based on my 2009 experiences with B8ers. Due to a lack of personal interaction with him, Ed is at #7. If I were to do an objective list (which funny enough, Bellis himself tried doing once), I think without question I would have Ed at #1, I'd probably have him at #1 most years honestly. Ed Bellis is an awesome guy, unless you are a psycho like Vlado, it's impossible to dislike the guy.

I feel like Ed Bellis has slowly transformed a bit in the past few years, and each year he gets more and more awesome. In 2006/2007ish, I mostly thought of him as one of the nicest guys on the board. Guy was just incredibly respectful to everyone, even people I'm not sure if he liked very much. Hell, he was pretty nice to me, and I'm not even sure if he liked me. Slowly, Ed Bellis has developed a bit more of an edge. I get the vibe he is way more comfortable with just saying whatever is on his mind, and I like that, added a lot of "depth" to his "character" (am I analyzing real people here or video game characters). Anyway, at this point in 2009, I'd say Ed is one of the best mixes on the board of being a very nice guy, but also being willing to say whats on his mind.

Guys who are in the "nicest guys on the board" category are pretty much NEVER in the "funniest user on the board" category, but by god Bellis somehow does it, which impresses the hell out of me. He's incredibly funny to interact with, he had me laughing big time when I talked to him as I attempted to "expose" him. He is genuinely witty, in touch with the boards sense of humor, and is just good at making me chuckle. His openness especially makes me laugh. He is very open about his past and with telling embarrassing stories (which he told me a couple), and they are pretty funny. But really, Bellis provided perhaps the funniest moment of the year for me, with the Tim Allen pic of himself. My god, that might be the funniest picture I've ever seen. Just some NAKED MAN standing in the fucking wilderness with the biggest shit eating grin on his face, like he just killed and devoured a lion then mounted Tarzan afterwards (he's gay LOL). Best part of all? He had this picture just around... "just in case". What the hell. What an amazing human being.

Since I mentioned it, Ed Bellis being gay is always an interesting topic for me. He is more than willing to talk about it, but he isn't too obvious or annoying about it, I appreciate that honestly. I guess I just don't understand why so many gay people seem to have kind of similar personalities, so it's nice that Bellis sort of breaks the mold, and while some of the gay community on this board can be really annoying, I think Bellis does a lot to show that, hey, not every gay man has to act like freaking Adam Lambert or something. Not saying that every gay man on the board does this, but I feel like a lot of the guys in the spotlight on the board tend to do that., then again, that might be half the reason they have spotlight. But seriously, he is gay, and yet he is neon's favorite user. Thats pretty impressive, I'm half sure that crazy old man shoots gays on site on his ranch down south!

And of course, it's tough to talk about how Ed Bellis might be the best user on the board, objectively, without talking about all his projects. Quite frankly, I'm not into MPFC, VG Music, WWYDs, or Writing contests (although actually, if he ever does one again, I probably should check out a writing contest), so I really only see his e-pop esque topics, and he really does these incredibly well. Almost everyone like Bellis, who has lots of great project ideas (I'm up there for sure), has problems completing them or staying way on top of them. While I think I've delivered in terms of writeup quality, I do wish I was able to finish this quicker. I have no doubt Bellis will finish his project quicker than mine and still have great and insightful projects, the guy is just great and very devoted to his projects. The best project runner on the board. I really hope Ed is the one who takes over UotY, he is a reliable guy, I think he can be trusted to not rig crap like Smurf likes to do, and, he in general just has the big name value that I think the runner of UotY should have. ED BELLIS FOR PRESIDENT?

I've actually even played some mafia with Ed Bellis too. I think his inherent nature of being a nice guy hurts him here, but he is a decent player, I enjoyed playing with him. He could get better though. I do think he is a great host however.

I think Bellis spends time on the clik chat room. I really wish he logged onto AIM more often though, he is a guy I'd love to get to know more, I've always enjoyed the very rare occasions where we were able to talk to on AIM.

As much as I praise Bellis, not sure if I'd chill with him. The whole gay thing would be weird in terms of going to bars >_>. And, well, as Ed always says himself, we are incredibly different. In terms of things we like and personality, we are just different people. It's odd because usually I just can barely talk to people I am way different than, so I guess it really goes to show how awesome Ed is that I could like him this much over the internet, but I'm just not sure if it would work out so well IRL. Hell, I know he used to dislike me a little at least, I'm not even convinced he likes me very much NOW anyway, so it might be tricky!

But really, impressive spot for Bellis. Out of the top 15-20 I'd say I easily had the least personal interaction with him, but he is an awesome guy, and my personal objective #1 user on the board, so he deserve this spot imo.

6. Wiggumfan

WIGZ <3333.

Honestly, the aim mafia chat room contains some of the SCUM OF THE EARTH. The likes of kguy, blade, night, joyrock, etc. I think the lack of quality people in AIM mafia is why I stay away from there. Don't get me wrong, in the end, I'm still glad I got into AIM mafia because I have met a lot of awesome users there. But in the end, even if everyone in AIM mafia sucked, I would be glad I got into it for ONE MAN.

That man is WIGZ!!! ilu

Wigs just puts a bit ol smile on my face whenever I enter an AIM mafia chat room. I start smiling just thinking about it. I'll enter and he's like OMG HAWK, I MISZT U I LUV U. Etc. Wigs is just awesome to have around the AIM mafia room. He is incredibly energetic, fun, and nice to everyone. He literally loves everyone, you may be thinking "yeah right Hawk, theres no way he loves everyone"... NO. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. WIGS LOVES EVERYONE WITH ALL HIS HEART AND SOUL. I don't know how he does it, but he does. I find the man impossible for anyone to dislike.

The cool thing about how nice wigs is, is in the past, I feel like some of the "nice guy" users have come across as really weird. I think that most of the guys who had a "nice person" gimmick over the years always seemed kind of fake. Like, it was just a gimmick. They really didn't <3 everyone. I think what makes me like wigs so much is he is LEGIT. He is super nice to everyone, but thats not all he is, he is funny to joke with, interesting to talk to. Eventually as you talk to him more you realize that this is just how he is, he isn't out looking for attention or to be loved by the board, he just genuinely loves everyone and shows it!

Like I just alluded to, Wigs isn't all OMG NICE GUY. He is fun to talk to about lots of stuff. Sports (which surprises me, didn't expect wigs to be a sports fan), video games, mafia, and even life. I actually really enjoyed some of the life talks I've had with wigs, he is a very interesting guy for sure. I hope someday he finds a woman who gives back all the love ;_;.

Unfortunately, wigs isn't huge on the board lately. I barely see him post except in topics that really interest him. I think Wigs getting 3rd place in UotY was really the biggest surprise story, even more surprising than Drake. But it just goes to show how impossible he is to dislike. A guy who probably only really had mafia support and some nostalgia appeal did that well.

And of course, I can't do a wigs writeup without talking about MAFIA TIMEZ. Wigs is still his fun-loving self in mafia, though this is the one area where he CAN get SRS, which I don't mind. He is really fun to screw around with in mafia though, we have had some good times. But it pisses me off how he loves boko more than me in maf, and he won't even scan boko when hes cop. LAME. Honestly, if Wigs didn't play AIM mafia, I am not sure if I would ever bother to play, but since Wigs does play a lot, I do enjoy playing when I have some free time. Super fun guy.

The only real flaw with Wigs is that he doesn't post much. Or we somehow don't post in any of the same circles. I think this is a shame. POST MOAR WIGZ, but eitherway, you can't find a nicer guy.

5. Yoblazer

Until like 2006 or 2007, I kind of knew of Yoblazer, I saw him post here and there in the past, but I was pretty sure he was gone. I never made the connection between YoAriel and Yoblazer.

Blazer is very... interesting. Clearly a smart guy, his picture makes him look ripped as hell, yet he has some weird Ariel fetish. I've never gotten around it, I'm assuming he just exaggerates his love for a fun little gimmick, and overall I'd say it's a good gimmick. But really. Despite all the positives about him, he almost always comes across as having slightly low self esteem to me. Just something about him. He is very nice, but he just seems... low-key. He never comes across as having confidence, even on the internet, and the biggest losers on the board can come across as having confidence in a sad way! I think that kinda sucks, because he seems like a guy with a lot to offer in general.

I really wish I could remember how we started talking, because outside of MMA, I don't think we have tons in common. I just remember in the past, I used to IM him randomly a couple times a month, we would have an interesting conversation, and that would be it for the month mostly. Blazer is a great conversationalist, one of the best on the board. He just always has interesting things to input, even if he doesn't know a lot about whatever it is. He is smart as I mentioned before, so that probably has a good deal to do with it.

Blazer is a really fun poster, he comes across as having just a bit more confidence on the board, he's a lot more willing to be funny, and I think he is a genuinely funny guy. LICK HER ASS. He also has a strange passion for trying to make topics that will get as many posts as possible. I actually called him out for this on the podcast, and I feel like he has toned it down since. I actually enjoy a lot of these topics, but then he has a bad habit of repeating them with slight variations when he runs out of ideas. But other than that, just like on AIM, he is great poster who can add a lot to any conversation he is in.

MMA is probably the main reason blazer has risen to such a high rank for me. He is my main MMA buddy, and great to talk about MMA with. Yeah, he is a major PRIDE fanboy still, but he knows his stuff, and is fun to talk to. Ever since MMA we interact a lot more in topics and on AIM, which can inevitably lead to talking about other stuff, so I'd definitely say MMA is why he got to this point on my list. It's just a shame he doesn't d/l torrents if he misses any shows, otherwise we might have more to talk about!

A couple times me and Blazer have talked about life, and I guess thats where I get the vibe he doesn't have much confidence. He has been stuck on his best friend for years, and hasn't really dated and doesn't go out much. I think he's still a virgin. Like I said before, I just don't understand this because he is a great guy.

A kind of strange thing about Blazer is about how he hates e-pop because he gets to into it. He did not want to be in UotY last year. Pretty interesting how open and honest he was about it, he didn't care at all if he got mocked or anything, and he really didn't, because everyone likes Blazer. I hope he gets over it before this year's UotY though because I think he could do well! Blazer is smart, witty, and definitely up there in terms of nicest guys on the board\.

Blazer is one I'm leaning yes on for chilling with. Eh, I'll go with yes. If anything we could just go out to B-Dubs and watch a UFC card or something. I imagine that would be a good time.

Overall, Blazer is strange quite frankly. He's got a lot going for him, it's weird he isn't more outgoing and confident, but anyone who knows him can attest, he is one of the nicest, most down to earth and cool guys you could meet.

4. Mumei

Mumei didn't seem to think he would be very high on the list because of how often I'm a jerk to him. Pfft, he should know better by now.

Me and Mumei are completely different human beings, but as they say, OPPOSITES ATTRACT, LOL SEXUAL TENSION. But seriously, we have one and only one thing in common, anime. Thats it, seriously. Obviously we end up talking about other things, but for the most part, this is what brings us together. His ranking on these types of lists is pretty much entirely reliant on how much anime I watched that year. Luckily for him, I watched quite a bit of anime this year, also Mumei is now obsessed with One Piece, so bring that all together, and we were BFFz for a lot of the year.

Quite simply, Mumei is the best person on the whole board to talk to about anime, and I will never waiver from that statement. He is knowledgeable, has seen tons of stuff, yet, he doesn't limit his tastes. A lot of the japanophiles on the board watch crazy stuff with super Japanese names and stuff. Mumei watches that stuff, but he also enjoys shounen, he just likes anything. So he is great for recommending stuff, because hes seen such a large variety of stuff. From there, he is observant, smart, witty, and analytical, so pretty much, he is great to discuss plot points, characters, or anything else with. Whenever I'm watching any anime Mumei has seen, you can bet I'm on AIM with him daily talking to him about it, because he is awesome to talk to.

But, like I mentioned with Blazer, inevitably we talk enough where other stuff comes up. For 2 polar opposites, we find a lot to talk to about. We both love pets <3. He loves my puppy Chester, BONUS POINTS. I find his life interesting, since he is gay. He tells me stuff about the GAY LIFESTYLE or something.

Quick side note, I talked to Mumei before he came out of the closet, and I was talking to him when he came out of the closet. This is still weird for me. I knew someone as they came out of the closet and he is the first and last person that has happened with. SO WEIRD.

But anyway, he is fun to talk with about life. We also have some fun battles of making fun of each other. Mumei is a smart and funny guy, so pretty much, we always have quality conversations.

I have no idea why Mumei never really posts on the board except some anime stuff. Hell, Wigs didn't even have him as one of the last remaining people on the board, thats how relatively obscure he is these days. Who knows, if Mumei posted more, maybe he could've been higher!

Would I chill with him? Pretty easy no. I feel like it would be weird. And look, I know I said I wouldn't hang with bellis either, but I'm not homophobic I SWEAR, I just feel like I wouldn't have much... to do... if I hung out with a gay person.

Honestly, me and Mumei haven't talked much for the last month, I even IMed him as doing this writeup, because I surprisingly, find myself missing the guy, which I can't say would happen for many other people on the board. Like I said, it's weird because of how different we are, but I honestly have an urge to get back to my OP-Naruto topic just so we can go back to the grind of daily talking. And I guess the fact that I have found myself missing the guy, pretty much shows why he is so high on this list, even if we don't have tons in common.

3. Dante

Dante Dante Dante. Where the hell do I even begin with this amazing man.


skinniest person ever wtf (you can tell more when he is shirtless).

I've always had a soft spot for Dante. He's just so... weird... and interesting... and AMAZING. In random ass ways, Dante is one of the top guys on the board at making me laugh. Like, how he eats with minipooot all the time, but he refuses to have him over to his place. Or "best new user". Just that kind of shit. Dante is just goofy funny and I love it.

UCA is another good example of Dante's goofiness and hilarity. The guy knows nothing about wrestling yet he is way into it, cuts promos occasionally, and has hilarious gimmicks. He had his neverending quest to win every title, among other things, this guy is just pure entertainment!

Admittedly, I don't see Dante post TONS, but I have interacted with him the 2nd most out of anyone on the board this year. I can actually think of 4 different places we have "talked" this year. Firstly, on AIM. Dante is an entertaining guy to talk to on AIM. Now that I think about it, outside of video games, I'm not sure what we have in common, but SOMEHOW we find shit to talk about. I guess we talk about life, the board and video games the most. I love hearing Dante's life stories, because even though he doesn't have much of a life, somehow he manages to be very interesting. Like his interactions with minipooot, always hilarious. Another example of his goofiness, despite being the scrawniest new user alive, he takes jujitsiu or some other form of Karate. I always find this funny. He really is the underdog story of the year for me, we really don't have tons in common, yet somehow, it's always good times when we talk.

Secondly, mafia. One of the coolest things about mafia for me has been not only meeting new people, but finding new interests in common with my friends, and this is a good example. Dante doesn't play tons, but quite frankly he surprises me a lot when he plays. When he plays he seems to be relatively seriously, and he seems to be pretty respected. It kind of weirds me out when he plays because I am not used to seeing SRS dante, but it's an interesting new dimension to him I suppose, he is a quality and active player, so in the end, I'll always be down for a game with Dante in it.

Third, the podcast. Oh manz. Pretty much the same things that apply to swift apply to Dante. He is great to talk to before and after the podcast, it's just during the podcast he doesn't always end up so great, his incredibly... gay voice is probably the main problem. But yeah, like in pretty much everything else, Dante manages to be hilarious and entertaining when we are on skype. I love hearing about the adventures of his cat, cat (thats the name, cat). Just like on AIM, we always find crap to talk about, and while generally I just call him my bitch and demand he record and shut up, I admit, I greatly appreciate the work he does, and the podcast may not even be possible without his help really, so thank you Dante!

And fourth is my favorite Dante, Xbox Live Dante. I just got back into XBL, thanks to having my 360 back, so we haven't had tons of memories yet, but the times we have played have been good. He was my main running buddy when 1 vs. 100 first began, and it was always funny. We always made fun of my brother and did other things. In Left 4 Dead he is a total ass but hilarious. Often times I'd be fighting for my damn life, and then I'd die, and wonder how the hell that happened... then my camera shows Dante chilling in the safe house by himself, THAT ASSWIPE. I'd be pissed and laugh at the same time. Definitely an awesome and funny guy to play with, and I look forward to when he gets Borderlands!

As I mentioned, I really don't see him tons on the board, at least compared to all the other places we talk, but thats not too important. I generally find him to be the same way I described him in all the other places, goofy and funny.

I'm not sure if I'd chill with Dante. I mean, as much as I love the guy, XBL > split screen, and outside of XBL, about all I could see him wanting to do is go eat. Hell, I'm not even sure if he would let me in his house, and, I don't think he would go out and get wasted with me... then again... if I forced alcohol down his throat... hmmm. Gonna go with "yes" on chillin with Dante.

On a side note, Dante won best user of 2008 in the Boardys last year. Well deserved imo!

But in the end, I must close this writeup out with the most important point about dante.

dante is the best new user

2. neonreaper

Who even knows where to start with neon? We've been BROS for a couple years now, I kind of view him as a mentor figure too honestly, he used to be a lot like me, he has a lot of wisdom to share, and I think more people should partake!

But first, let me start with a story I learned this year that still cracks me up. I used to be neon's most hated user. When I was 15 or 16 I wrote a Mega Man 2 bash review. neon instantly hated me and even wrote his own to like, counter it or something. Pretty crazy that years later we'd randomly meet up, become friends, and I've never known till this year.

neon is just an all around user. He can contribute to the board in tons of ways, and I really think he is the #2 most valuable user to the board. Firstly, he can do projects, and I always enjoy his projects. He probably does some of the most interesting user writeups out of anyone. My writeups kind of analyze someone's board self. I think I go in detail, but I don't think I go very deep into the real person. neon always tries to do this and it's pretty fascinating. He literally can psycho-analyze users based on their posts, and figure out stuff about their real lives, and he is pretty accurate. I don't know if it is old age or if he just has a natural talent for psychology, but I find it interesting.

Believe it or not, neon won the boardy for most intelligent user last year. Maybe it's controversial, I mean this is a guy who has famous catchphrases like "who wants my nuts", and "i'm gay". But the fact is, he is very wise and smart. When he wants to go that route, I think he offers great arguments in topics about why lolicon is stupid to something about sports, to something about politics. He is a smart guy, and I think that is an underrated feature about him.

And yes, his catchphrases are pretty amazing. Who wants my nuts? I'm gay. gears of war. best game ever, etc. I don't know how he comes up with them, half the time they are random as hell, but he uses them in the right spots, and they almost always make me laugh. Recently, I read some huge debate topic that was quite frankly, one of the worst things I have ever read. I went through 9 pages, no idea how, then neon just pops in with "i'm gay" and it really put everything into perspective and made me laugh.

I think we all know how witty and funny neon is. He is always funny. He always has the best lines on the podcast. "I think we just committed a sex crime", the pac-man fat joke. He is hilarious to play with on XBL, whether we are talking about torquey on Gears of War, or he is lighting shit on fire in L4D, awesome guy to play with.

In fact, I'd say he is my #1 favorite person to play XBL with, and my #1 favorite podcast person. There is a reason I made him the sidekick, while crasty was good, neon is just too awesome to chat with, and I think he helps make the podcast a lot of fun to do, just because of how entertaining he is.

As I mentioned before, I really appreciate neon's wisdom that has come with age. Sometimes I talk to him about girls, he kind of guides me. Like, for a while I was dealing with this hot chick who was playing games and shit, but I really wanted to fuck her, and was kind of passing up another chick for the 10/10 chick. neon set me straight, I got laid, and stopped dealing with all the BS. Some of the best advice I've ever been given, and in general, I feel like if anyone needed advice, neon is probably the best person to go to. I think he even helped Smurf with homework once. Thats how awesome he is.

My only problem with neon, which probably comes from his age, is he can be really negative about the board. I feel like he hates 90% of the board, and I'm not sure if all those people deserve the hate. I think he is so used to finding out people are into lolicon and stuff, he just expects everyone to fail, he should be more optimistic! Also, he is the one who taught me the unfortunate news that a man's libido goes down in like his late 20s. I had no idea and was sad. Also, sometimes he downloads enya during podcasts, which is funny, but we need his input!

Whether I would chill with neon is pretty funny to me. I mean, on one hand, he'd be amazing to chill with, on the other hand, he is in his 30s and has a wife. Probably wouldn't work out!

neon used to be #1, he falls, but it isn't his fault, awesome old guy. We used to talk more, but he has a wife and work so it's tough for him to get on sometimes, which sucks, but easily one of the best users on the board. SOAK UP HIS KNOWLEDGE YOUNGINS.

1. Jakyl

Haha, I've been looking forward to this writeup, mostly to see how long I could make it before I get bored.

Jakyl is quite frankly my internet BFF, and I'm not sure if that'll ever change. To give you an example, I think I've done user writeup lists twice before in the past. Previous #1 and 2s were Heroic Mario and Mumei, and neonreaper and Steiner. As much as I liked these guys when they had these spots, if I were to compare them with my real life friends, at best they could maybe make top 15, but thats about it. I mean, it's hard for someone over the internet to become one of your top friends. Theres no hanging out, it just makes it difficult. Despite this though, Jakyl is probably like my #5 friend right now, which is impressive tbh!

Me and Jakyl started out just as wrestling buds. I forget when, but one day he randomly started talking in the wrestling topic, and he quickly became my favorite wrestling user. He is insanely knowledgeable about wrestling. Not only has he seen a lot, but he has a sick memory. He remembers everything. He can list champions in order for like most titles in history since the 90s or something. But not only did he know a lot, but he wasn't nearly as hard on the product as everyone else, he had optimism, which I liked a lot, and he quickly became one of my favorite users over all. I always think it's cool how he respected my opinion when very few did at first. (and hell, a bunch still don't) >_>.

I'm not sure when exactly, but I used to work on sunday nights a lot, which bummed me out because then I missed out on wrestling ppvs. One day I just wanted a way to find out how the card was going, and a way to keep myself entertained at work, so I asked Jakyl to text me non spoiler match ratings. I wasn't sure how he would react to my request to be text buddies, but he obliged, and even had unlimited texting. Which quite frankly surprised the hell out of me, because he is very anti-social and proud of it.

But anyway, he was already my #1 user at that point I'm pretty sure, but it's at that point when he really came someone I considered a friend like I would someone in "real life". Eventually we branched out a bit from wrestling in our conversations, and damn, we have a ridiculous amount in common. Even if I dropped wrestling, we would still have tons to talk about. We have decently similar taste in music, we both like alt-rock. We have different tastes to an extent, but he is an OK guy to talk to about music. We both love some of the same TV shows, when I tried out Heroes I reported to him my progress and thoughts, and I think we'll end up tag team watching Lost one day. We both love MMA, and are doing personal projects to watch through all of PRIDE and UFC, we both love to game, though he is a Nintendo fanboy, we both have an interest in politics, and he is one of my top guys to talk about Detroit Sports with. Like him, I used to be very anti-social, we just have a lot in common! There is always something to talk about!

Jakyl is without a doubt my favorite person to talk about anything I'm watching with, wrestling, or anything. He always has great insight, and provides good conversation, plus, he is genuinely interested and excited to hear my thoughts, which is pretty cool, it's not often you find someone who is really interested in other people like Jakyl, a very nice guy.

Jakyl is even fun to talk about the board with, he is a bit more active lately, so it's funny to talk with him about the latest juice with Muffin, and he always follows my projects except the anime ones. He is also the guy who took over UCA from me, and he does a great job running it! I picked a great successor!

Jakyl is a very fun guy to talk to, and I think he's pretty funny. Jakyl loves corny ass humor, but it's amusing. He can be pretty hilarious when talking wrestling because he notices the strangest things, and makes hilarious connections. He is almost bizarrely observant. Also, Jakyl is not sensitive AT ALL. My #1 favorite humor is making fun of people, A couple times a week I'll take cheap potshots at him, and he'll laugh right along! This has always impressed me, and with Jakyl, I just literally feel like I could say just about anything to him, and he would be laid back about it, it's pretty awesome and one of my favorite traits that he has.

I think I've seen Jakyl angry ONCE. He was in a bad mood about some gay rights thing failing (he's not gay btw). I made fun of the simpsons, and he STRUCK BACK and said the Lions would never win a playoff game ever, and that my favorite player, Megatron, hates his team ;_;. So, I definitely hope he never gets angry again because that was horrible!!!

I feel like I know Jakyl incredibly well. He is 100% open about everything in his life, like how he couldn't get it up a few times when he first tried to have sex, all about his adventures at seedy strip clubs, and even the story of when he tried to kill himself. Jakyl is surprisingly old, in his late 20s, though it never feels that way, so even though he is pretty anti-social, he has some stories to tell, and in general I like talking to him about life, I think he knows quite a bit about me too, and I feel fine telling him anything. Being over the internet helps, because I think I've told him stuff some of my best friends don't know.

I've actually played XBL with Jakyl a few times, 1 vs. 100, and hes a fun guy to play with. Not the most talkative like Dante, but hes still fun. It's a shame we haven't played more, but thats because Jakyl is literally OCD or something. He won't play new games till he finishes his ridiculously long queue, and it really pisses me off, DAMN YOU JAKYL.

With bracket time coming up, I'm looking forward to talking to Jakyl about the contests, he is very into them (he won one! DONT YOU FORGET IT!), yet he doesn't have the annoying traits lots of the crazy intense contest people has, he is a lot more reasonable, and we worked on our brackets together last year, see what I mean? Endless things to talk about!

Jakyl is a really fun guy to text with too. When I'm bored in class, he is probably one of my top 3 go to people, because he follows the 2 main criteria of being interesting and generally responding quickly. I really appreciate Jakyl especially, because a few times during school, he has texted me updates of either big wrestling news or sports news, and I'm always the first guy IN THE KNOW. I like this.

My one main problem with Jakyl is he can maybe be a bit know it all-y. Sometimes I feel like when we are talking, and I ask a minor question, he ends up filling in that minor question with a million details I already knew or didn't care about. Maybe he just enjoys being a pop-culture nerd, but sometimes I feel like he is being a show off >_>. Also, I honestly avoid politics discussion, because he is actually MORE extreme than muffin believe it or not. Jakyl is an honest to god communist. I'll never get over this, when I found out, I really thought he was joking >_>. This weirds me out, but it says a lot about Jakyl that he isn't really considered an extremist by most people, I guess that shows just how true "it's not what you say, it's how you say it" can be sometimes, Jakyl isn't intense like Muffin about politics, he isn't in your face, so he doesn't come across as so extreme, and I appreciate that about him. He will never preach to anyone about that stuff.

Despite all the times we have talked and living in the same state, me and Jakyl have never met. We were both at the Palace for a TNA PPV but we didn't meet there either (though we found each other across the arena and waved from a distance). But I think we'll be meeting in March for an ROH show. I look forward to this. I'm not sure if it'd be weird to like, hang out with him anywhere but wrestling, because there is a big age difference, but I think Jakyl would be an awesome guy to go to a wrestling show with, and I look forward to doing so in the future.

Jakyl is the one guy on the board I literally talk to every day. Even if I'm not on AIM most of the day for some reason, I feel like we will generally exchange a text or 2, but most days we will talk on AIM. Like literally, once I sign on AIM, if Jakyl is on, his tab will be open, and will proceed to be open until he signs off or I do, thats pretty much #1 material, wouldn't you say?