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You shouldn't be surprised by this. Perhaps someone out there can remember something?

Current Usable alts[]

Chicago17. The original... and War can keep it if it wants...

Contests/Writing Projects run, Current and Past[]

Previously: Best... Comedian... Ever...? Bill Murray over Jim Carrey in the finals.

The Stars of Destiny Are Aligning..., as it's called, is a Suikoden contest that was in the process of determining what the most popular characters in the Suikoverse were. It's been dead for a few years now, though...

Top Ten Songs[]

1. Downstrait - I Came To Play (WWE Edit) 
2. Van Canto - Fear of the Dark (A Capella Vers.) 
3. Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence 
4. Tsukiko Amano - Chou.
5. Boukyaku no Nostalgia
6. Nami Tamaki - Shining Star
7. Yuki Kajiura - a song of storm and fire
8. Stratovarius - Phoenix.
9. Within Temptation: Our Solemn Hour 
10. Yui Horie - Happy Halloween MARIA

Top Ten VGs[]

10. Kuon. 
9. Dragon Quest V. 
8. Ace Attorney Investigations. 
7. Eternal Darkness.
6. Suikoden 5.
5. SMT: Persona 4.
4. Fatal Frame 2 
3. Silent Hill 2.
2. Forbidden Siren 2.
1. Fatal Frame.

Top Ten Movies[]

1. The Princess Bride.
2. Jacob's Ladder.
3. Donnie Darko.
4. Evil Dead: Army of Darkness.
5. Monty Python and the Meaning of Life.
6. Rush Hour 2.
7. Cool Runnings.
8. Seven Samurai.
9. Rashomon.
10. Fargo.

Top Ten Authors[]

1. Terry Prachett.
2. Douglas Adams..
3. Christopher Moore.
4. Carl Hiaasen.
5. Mike Lupica.
6. Tim Dorsey.
7. Lawrence Block.
8. P. G. Wodehouse.
9. Dave Barry..
10. Melanie Rawn.