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OK, what was here before was nothing but damn lies, so here's the truth:

Internet Warbot was a highly dislike troll who had a thing for pedophilia. In a failed attempt to make himself more credible, he stole pics of some girl named "Emily" (who he renamed "Lisa") from a porn site and said that she was twelve. When pointed out that what he was doing was illegal, he proved to be incompetent in his knowledge of the law and said that it was all perfectly legal though he clearly violated the law. His talks and rants about his girlfriend continued and hit a climax when he announced to everyone at Board 8 that he had "tooled" her an account by the name of GorillaWong. The following day, a now legendary topic emerged in which the "two" of them posted in, claiming that the relationship is real. At this point, several people began to point out how suspicious "their" login/logout times were. "They" continued with the act, while many called for "them" to take a picture of "themselves" together. Then, it all came crashing down for the fake couple when ChromeGadget revealed where Internet Warbot got his pics to several users on AIM. Following this revelation, Internet Warbot announced that he was leaving Board 8 due to harsh judgment by the other users.

Smurf took credit for this act.

Warbot got caught up in a Smurf axe which proved this. Since then Smurf has created a tribute account to Warbot.