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Inuyasha103190 is a regular gamefaqs user and has been around since 2005. Contrary to his name, he is not an actual fan of Inuyasha. Peer pressure during his freshman year of high school forced himself to receive the name inuyasha103190.

Why did they lose?[]

Inuyasha103190 has won four rounds in the "Why did they lose?" contest and has received a couple of honorable mentions.


Due to his name, inuyasha103190 is rarely taken seriously no matter how much he exerts his hatred for the anime. Even using numerous signatures that portray Inuyasha being killed or dismembered did not help the cause. He continues his journey towards being one of the most distinguised gamefaqers in history.

You have a name based on Inuyasha, so I'd say just tutor her, you won't be getting anywhere. - DSFlashlight