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Tracy Coona Mombaro

Inviso is a relatively popular Board 8 member, but also a relatively controversial one.

Zhe is a skilled writer and has done a number of board writing projects in the past, including the Board 8 Battle Royale and a Sp2K6 Female Contest fanfiction. Hir character Allison Pryce won one of futuresuperstar's Create a Character contests, and hir character Tracy Coona Mombaro has made the final 4 twice in a row. In addition, zhe worked with GTA Gavin to write the "VG Lost" script, about various video game characters who are stranded on an island after a plane crash.

Zhe is known for disliking most things Mario, especially Bowser and Yoshi, both of whom zhe loathes. Zhe was formerly completely against all things Nintendo, but hir views have changed.

In January 2006, zhe posted a picture of a Japanese underwear model (who looked a lot like AC Tifa) on hir Myspace and claimed it was hir. Eventually it became clear that the picture was not actually Inviso, to the disappointment of many lonely Board 8 members.

Inviso originally hailed from the Survivor board where the users were all complete jackasses, save for a few, consumed with their stupid social hierarchy whereupon the dumber you were, the more popular you were. Zhe left to save hir IQ from being drained any further by those morons.

In September 2013 Inviso publicly admitted to Board 8 that zhe was not born a female, and had only been masquerading as one on GameFAQs due to some personal issues zhe was going through. The admission came as a surprise to few, and a disappointment to none. In fact most had only kind things to say about this "deception", particularly Vlado who made a very classy post acknowledging the folly of his youth and wishing hir well in hir future endeavors.

In addition to not being female, Inviso is also not an underwear model, not seven feet tall (though zhe is close), and not even Asian. Zhe is quite Caucasian. Nevertheless Inviso finds acceptance and understanding from hir friends within many an online community.