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Who is JC Denton?[]

Main character of Deus Ex, the part First Person Shooter, part Stealth Action, part Choose Your Own Adventure smash hit that few people on GameFAQs have ever played. Deux Ex is a game that gives its player a very open-ended experience despite being in the first person perspective. JC Denton can blast through levels with guns blazing, or he can slip into necessary areas unnoticed. JC can be listen to his friends and eliminate every enemy, or he can take the high road and avoid confrontation as much as possible. The game's storyline, thanks to an absolute ton of plot twists, is as gripping as it gets until the very end. JC's badassed character helps enhance the entire experience, and those on GameFAQs who have ignored Deus Ex this entire time need to get off their lazy rumps and buy the game. JC may never win a match in a GameFAQs contest, but that doesn't reflect on his game in the least.

"JC Denton was doing the Neo act long before The Matrix even existed." - A Drunken, Stupid Ulti

JC Denton's Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 0-2

Summer 2004 Contest - Hyrule Division - 15 Seed

  • Hyrule Round 1 --- Lost to (2) Mario, 12847 [16.46%] - 65184 [83.54%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 61st Place [11.45%]

JC Denton, like most of the other 2004 newcomers, was another of the "one and done" characters. It's not likely that we'll ever see him again, but at least he got to be in the field once. And besides, what could he do as a 15 seed against the godfather of video games in the very first round? JC is the perfect example of a "happy to be there" character, and he fit his role well. As for whether or not he'll be back, it's doubtful.

Summer 2013 Contest - Division 5 - 23 Seed

  • Division 5 Round 1 --- 3rd place, 3350 [12.45%] - (5) Squirtle, 16009 [59.47%] - (14) Ramza Beoulve, 7559 [28.08%]

With no new games since his 2004 appearance it was expected that JC Denton would perform poorly. He came a distant third getting crushed almost as badly against Squirtle as he did against Mario in his first match. Of course that did not prevent the Deus Ex fans from voicing their displeasure of the result.