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Jeff Zero is everyone's favorite Luke Skywalker look-alike. He loves space opera more than you can possibly imagine. He writes words and sometimes gets paid for it. Crazy. He has a cat named Garrus. He's basically fantastic.

Jeff Zero's Favorite Video Games Are Predictable[]

  1. Xenogears
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Metal Gear Solid 3
  4. Final Fantasy X
  5. Mass Effect 3
  6. Mass Effect 2
  7. Dragon Age: Origins
  8. Trails in the Sky: First Chapter
  9. Final Fantasy Tactics
  10. Metal Gear Solid

Jeff Zero's Personal History[]

Jeff Zero grew up homeless on the streets of New York and Florida. He has often stated that he "did not have a childhood." As a teenager, he worked as a bootblack and was known for being generous, industrious, and honest. A passing businessman was impressed by Jeff's quick wit and street smarts, comparing him to Aladdin and encouraging Jeff to go to school. Through a series of events, the businessman eventually became Jeff's patron, enabling Jeff to get housing and an education. In 2012, a dalliance with the businessman's daughter went awry, and Jeff was cast out of house and home. He had to live in the woods for a while before finding new patronage to continue his educational dreams.

Jeff vehemently denies being Florida Man. To prove it, he moved to Mattoon, Illinois. Detractors state that denying being Florida Man and moving to Mattoon is exactly what Florida Man would do. Leonhart (Jeff's roommate) was not available for comment.

Jeff Zero in SMFFFC[]

On Board 8, Jeff Zero is perhaps best known for his role as a mastermind in the most powerful tournament in the heat-life of the universe: Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Character. He has had great success saving his favorite Final Fantasy characters. He understands the way this game is played. He has backstabbed people but in recent years he has chosen a more honorable stance meaning his success has been somewhat scaled-back but he can sleep at night.

He still feels bad, Eddv.

Jeff Zero in the Present Day[]

Jeff is probably saving the world even as you read this. He's a badass who knows tai chi swordfighting and enjoys doing "the right thing." He digs Game of Thrones but maybe not as much as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He looks forward to Final Fantasy XV and Mass Effect Andromeda but worries if open world has gone too far.