Jill Valentine was the original Resident Evil heroine, appearing in the first game (and its GameCube remake) as well as Resident Evil 3. She's also been a key character in the RE film series. She was almost a Jill sandwich.

Jill has had a long GameFAQs Contest career, most likely due in part to the success she achieved in the original Character Battle. Back in '02 Jill upset Kirby and then easily dispatched of Bomberman before putting up a very good fight against Link in Round Three, allowing the future champ only 72% of the vote. That performance earned her a very respectable 16th place finish on the final '02 x-stats, which is why many users were surprised when fell from grace in 2003, allowing Squall to knock her out in R1 with almost 60% of the vote.

Ms. Valentine's next two appearances resulted in two of the better Contest matches of all time- first came a heart-breaking 2004 loss to Ryu Hayabusa by a mere 27 votes, and next up was... a heartbreaking 2006 loss to Peach, again by exactly 27 votes. Although she had a disappointing 2007, being bested by Ocelot in another pretty close result, the result did little to damage Jill's legacy of interesting and controversial matches.

She got her revenge over Ocelot in 2008, but a loaded fourpack killed her in round 2. 2010 saw a Resident Evil 5-boosted Jill defeat Niko (as unlike RE, GTA has a tradition of tanking despite its popularity) and try it best against Samus, but still losing.

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