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Johnbobb Ranks User-Nominated LGBT Characters was a ranking contest begun in May 2015. LGBT characters of any medium were accepted. 


  • 5 nominations per user. No specific goal in mind for total nominations, so just nominate who you want for now.
  • Any characters that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual, etc. are eligible. Essentially, anything not strictly heterosexual.
  • To count, they must be LGBT within the fiction's canon. This can be through specific interactions of the character or confirmation by the creator. No headcanons.
  • Characters from any media (TV, comics, games, movies, etc.) are eligible. Please specify what they're from when nominating them.
  • Characters with heavily suggested but not outright confirmed LGBT tendencies (ex. implied crushes on same sex) may be eligible, but if it's not obvious, please make your case (or at least give a brief statement) of why they're eligible. I'll be the ultimate decider on who is and isn't eligible.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: No homophobia will be tolerated in this topic. Any hateful posts will be flagged and ignored. Be civil. I assume this won't be an issue for the majority of you.



  • Renee Montoya (DC Comics) [lesbian]
  • Jakotsu (InuYasha) [gay]
  • Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons) [gay]
  • Sara Lance (Arrow) [bisexual]


  • Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter) [androgynous/pansexual]
  • Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho) [1/7 gay?]
  • Ivankov (One Piece) [pansexual/crossdresser]
  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay (One Piece) [androgynous/crossdresser]


  • Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4) [ambiguous sexuality]
  • Big Gay Al (South Park) [gee I wonder]
  • Mad Moxxi (Borderlands) [bisexual]
  • Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time) [bisexual]
  • Marceline (Adventure Time) [bisexual]


  • Karolina Dean (Runaways) [lesbian]
  • Anole (X-Men) [gay]
  • Loki (Marvel comics) [bisexual]
  • Wiccan (Marvel) [gay]
  • Hulkling (Marvel) [gay]

Tom Bombadil:

  • Chihiro Fujisaki (Dangan Ronpa) [transgender]
  • Asami Sato (Legend of Korra) [bisexual]
  • Stormer (Jem and the Holograms) [implied bisexual/lesbian]
  • Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4) [androgynous]
  • Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club) [genderfluid]


  • Bridget (Guilty Gear) [androgynous/crossdresser]
  • Vivian (Paper Mario: TTYD) [transgender]
  • Robin Newman (Ace Attorney 5) [transgender]
  • Tsurugi Higashikata (Jojolion) [transgender]
  • Olivier Lenheim (The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky) [bisexual]


  • Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) [lesbian]
  • Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) [lesbian]
  • Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood) [bisexual]
  • Dorian Pavus (Dragon Age: Inquisition) [gay]
  • Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim) [bicurious]


  • Joachim Valentine (Shadow Hearts: Covenant) [gay]


  • Korra (The Legend Of Korra) [bisexual]
  • Leliana (Dragon Age) [bisexual]
  • Mr. Slave (South Park) [gay]
  • Ray Gillete (Archer) [gay]
  • Samantha Traynor (Mass Effect 3) [lesbian]


  • Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones) [bisexual]
  • Varys (Game of Thrones) [asexual]


  • Zevran Arainai (Dragon Age: Origins) (bisexual)


  • Paul Smecker (The Boondock Saints) [gay]
  • Lieutenant Felix Gaeta (Battlestar Galactica) [bisexual]
  • Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon) [lesbian]
  • Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon) [lesbian]


  • Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) [gay]
  • Roger Elizabeth De Bris (The Producers) [gay/crossdresser]
  • Rod (Avenue Q) [gay]
  • Satan (South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut) [gay]
  • Roxy Richter (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) [lesbian]


  • John Constantine (DC Comics) [bisexual]
  • Alfred Ashford (Resident Evil Code: Veronica) [crossdresser/transexual?]
  • Batwoman/Kate Kane (DC Comics) [lesbian]
  • Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) [bisexual]
  • Danny the Street (DC Comics) [transvestite]


  • Jerri Blank (Strangers With Candy) [bisexual]
  • Omar Little (The Wire) [gay]
  • Mr./Mrs. Garrison (South Park) [gay/lesbian/transexual/etc]


  • Denise Bryson (Twin Peaks) [transgender]
  • Dr. Frank N. Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show) [crossdresser/pansexual]
  • Oscar (The Office) [gay]
  • Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) [crossdresser/transgender
  • Carmen (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) [transgender]


  • Angel Dumott Schunard (RENT) [gay/crossdresser]
  • Kurt Hummel (Glee) [gay]
  • Wallace Wells (Scott Pilgrim) [gay]
  • Ennis Del Mar (Brokeback Mountain) [bisexual]
  • Hato Kenjirou (Genshiken) [gay]

White Lens:

  • Vamp (Metal Gear Solid 2) [bisexual]
  • Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin (Metal Gear Solid 3) [bisexual]
  • Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura) [gay]
  • Heather (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) [lesbian]
  • Haruka Takayama (Sakura Trick) [lesbian]


  • Shiina "Misha" Mikado (Katawa Shoujo) [lesbian or bi]


  • Poison Ivy [implied bisexual
  • Harley Quinn [implied bisexual]


  • Bunker (DC Comics) [gay]
  • Iceman (All-New X-Men) [gay]
  • Moiraine Damodred (Wheel of Time) [bisexual]
  • Siuan Sanche (Wheel of Time) [bisexual]
  • Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan (Wheel of Time) [lesbian]


  • Jack Twist (Brokeback Mountain) [bisexual]
  • Tobias Beecher (Oz) [bisexual?]
  • Vern Schillinger (Oz) [gay]
  • Chris Keller (Oz) [bisexual]


  • Ultimate Colossus (X-Men) [gay]
  • Lafayette (True Blood) [gay]
  • David Fisher (Six Feet Under) [gay]
  • Beverly Leslie (Will and Grace) [sexually ambiguous]


  • Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov (Metal Gear Solid) [gay]


  • Ditto (Pokemon) [genderless/pansexual]


  • Garnet (Steven Universe) [genderless/composed of two lesbians]
  • Sadie (Steven Universe) [implied pansexuality]
  • Ellie (The Last Of Us) [lesbian]
  • Riley (The Last Of Us) [lesbian]


  • Venom (Guilty Gear) [gay]
  • Kung Jin (Mortal Kombat X) [gay]

My Immortal:

  • Tobias Funke (Arrested Development) [implied bisexual]
  • Dean Craig Pelton (Community) [unclear sexuality]
  • Connor Walsh (How To Get Away With murder) [gay]
  • Captain Ray Holt (Brooklyn 99) [gay]


102. Haruka Takayama (Sakura Trick)Lgbt

Nominated by White Lens (4 left) Haruka_takayama_56875.jpg

If I could put this character any lower I would. Here's a brief checklist. Any character who fits every descriptor is most likely not my type:

-Characters who exist solely for the visual stimulation of the viewer. -Characters whose sexualities are extremely shallow and/or their only defining characteristic. -Characters who fit the previous two descriptors and are also children.

Favorite line from the wiki: Yuu Sonoda: She is the girl of Haruka loves her.

101. Jerri Blank (Strangers With Candy)lgBt

Nominated by JeezyMiyagi (2 left)

I like Amy Sedaris. I think she's a funny actress.  I also think some good things came out of Strangers with Candy. Stephen Colbert was hilarious with it, and even without him, it's almost worth watching solely for Maria Thayer, who plays the girl Jerri creepily strives for (creepy not because of their genders or age differences, but creepy because everythingJerri does is creepy). But this show I cannot force myself to watch, largely for how godawfully unbearable of a character Jerri is. Bizarre, super-racist, and just unpleasant to watch at all times.

100. Stormer (Jem and the Holograms)Lgbt

Nominated by Tom Bombadil (4 left) Cstormer_57107335.jpg

Jem and the Holograms is one of those series I could never even imagine myself getting into. Animation makes other poorly-done 80s cartoons look good by comparison. Stormer herself is singer and keytarist in the band "The Misfits." I guess you could describe her as the moral compass of the villainous music group, although she tends to side with the villains anyway, so that really just makes her the weakest willed of the group. Admittedly, it's pretty impressive for an 80s children's cartoon to feature an implied lesbian couple, but it might feel a little more meaningful if they weren't awful musicians with horrifying blank stares for faces.

99. Yukito Tsukishiro aka Julian Star (Cardcaptor Sakura) lGbt

Nominated by White Lens (3 left) Yukito_T.jpg

Sorry to eliminate another one from White Lens so soon, but it's looking like we don't quite have the same tastes in entertainment. Cardcaptor Sakura is a magical girl manga/anime, which is the type of thing I tend to stray away from. Yukito has the ability to transform into his true form "Yue," a magical being. He has a huge appetite, and he's pretty nice, and I think that's about it? I mean, aside from the transformation, not much about Yukito himself stood out to me. He's not really a character I feel like I'd remember at the end of the day.

98. Lieutenant Felix Gaeta (Battlestar Galactica)lgBt

Nominated by Not_an_Owl (3 left)

There are a few things I tend to be picky/selective with. Manga/anime is one, as you may have seen. Space sci-fi is another. I'm one of the few people who never got into Star Wars or Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica interests me even less than those. I do admittedly like the creator's approach with his sexuality. However, Felix (as well as some of the other lower-ranked characters to come) is this far down simply because he's not interesting. From what I've read about him, he doesn't stand out to me. He's a rather uninteresting character in a series that didn't interest me to begin with.

97. Olivier Lenheim (The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky)lgBt

Nominated by paperwarrior (4 left) OlivierLenheim.jpg

Continuing with character that I just didn't find to be interesting. Overall, his character design just doesn't have much going for it; to an outsider, it comes across as pretty bland. I admittedly tend to lump JRPGs into things like manga and anime, as I'm pretty selective when it comes to all of them. It's a genre with tons and tons of characters that far too often seem to blend together. I wish I had more to say about him.

96. Shiina "Misha" Mikado (Katawa Shoujo)LgBt (unclear which)

Nominated by OrangeCrush (0 left)

Given what I've said so far, I'm guessing this can't be too big of a surprise. I've never seen a visual novel I've liked. Some aspects of her character I simply don't understand. She's suggested to have OCD/autism, in a school for the disabled which doesn't accept mentally disabled students. Admittedly, it was difficult to fine much more on her other than her possible disability, her crush on her female friend, and her "bubbly personality." Partially a victim to the medium in which she appears.

Also she voted Bush Cheney '04, which is a pretty big knock against her.


95. Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)Lgbt

Nominated by Not_an_Owl (2 left)

Here's a show I actually have seen a bit of, but just never really cared for. I mean, as far as anime that oversexualizes children goes, this one is thankfully not among the worst offenders, but it still leaves a weird taste in your mouth. Maybe I'm just not into the Japanese teen schoolgirl genre (and I still find it difficult to comprehend why that has become an entire genre on its own). But even among the characters of Sailor Moon, Uranus still probably stands out the least. She's not as memorable as the main 5 Sailors, and her relevance isn't helped by the fact that the series has thrown in so many Sailors (conveniently all in similar outfits) over the years.

94. Roger Elizabeth De Bris (The Producers) lGbt (crossdresser)

Nominated by jcgamer107 (3 left)

Here's a character I regret putting so low. I feel like I might actually like this character. I like Mel Brooks productions (for the most part, although I never got into Robin Hood: Men in Tights). However, this is a musical I've never seen. Finding clips was difficult. Hell, finding images of the character was difficult. Descriptions of the character were extremely brief and pretty shallow. He seems to be an awful but flamboyant director, sort of an Ed Wood type. Like I said, I might like this character, but there is just so abundantly little available about him that I find it hard to really judge him fairly without actually going out and seeing the musical.

93. Hato Kenjirou (Genshiken)lGbt (crossdresser)

Nominated by Raka_Putra

Hato is the only male to join a Otaku club in the relaunch of Genshiken, from what I can tell. However, you'd never know by looking at him, as he maintains a perfectly feminine appearance and voice. He has an obsession with Yaoi, and uses his female appearance to lessen embarrassment? Honestly, I can't find much more on him than that. I like the idea of a male who poses as a female so successfully that it's legitimately believable, rather than just comically so.

However, there just wasn't much more to be found on him, and that doesn't make for a particularly interesting character.

92. Heather (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)Lgbt

Nominated by White Lens (2 left) Heather_Artwork_%28FE10%29.png

I know Fire Emblem has a pretty big following, especially on this board, but it's never been the type of game I've really gotten into. Aside from Ike being one of my mains in Smash Bros., I don't have a ton of deep familiarity with the series. One thing I have noticed and can credit the series for is its standout character designs. I think there's a lot of variety and cool styles for various characters. I mean look at this shit:

Unfortunately, I wouldn't really consider Heather to be one of them. From an outsider's perspective, there doesn't seem to be much substantial to her aside from her suggestive one-liners. Not helped by the terrible writing I've seen from her character.

Heather: Don't worry about it. I'm the type that likes to help nice country girls like you. Nephenee: me? Heather: That's right. Don't worry about it. Tee hee... This is turning out to be a great day. Nephenee: Uhhh... Yeah...

91. Robin Newman (Ace Attorney 5)

lgbT Nominated by paperwarrior (3 left) ChishioGirl.PNG

Robin is born-female raised as a male by her parents and... wait, is her last name NEW MAN? Come on.

Robin is transgender in a way, but differently than we typically see transgender characters. Despite being born female, she still ends up as a female trapped in a male's body/persona. From what I've seen from the character, it's a little upsetting to see her fall into stereotypes when she could be a pretty surprising take on a transgender character. Instead, she ends up going back and forth between her two genders, acting stereotypically in both. Her male persona is hot-headed, yet " upon having her true gender revealed, Newman suddenly became far more stereotypically female."

Hint: [Insert previous argument here]

90. Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)

Lgbt Nominated by Not_an_Owl (1 left)

For the most part, you could probably just copy/paste my write-up for Sailor Uranus here. The reasons for Neptune and Uranus being low are pretty much the same. What put Neptune just slightly higher is her more memorable character design (even not being a Sailor Moon fan, I was able to recognize her, which I couldn't for Uranus) and her more interesting sea-based powers.

Hint: Yo

89. Bridget (Guilty Gear)

lgbt (androgynous, crossdresser) Nominated by paperwarrior (2 left)

Similarly to Phoenix Wright, I've yet to ever play the Guilty Gear series, despite being a pretty big fighting game fan. Bridget is a male character, though you'd never be able to tell due to his extremely feminine, almost childlike, appearance. Similarly to Robin, Bridget was raised by his parents to contrast his birth gender. However, despite being male, Bridget still seems quite a bit like the typical loli character, sporting an oversexualized dress (which is a nun costume, for some reason?) and an adorable teddy bear. Bridget seems to represent a certain "type" of fighting game character. Some of them tend to appear in almost every game (aside from maybe Mortal Kombat) and they're rarely the characters I go for.

88. Siuan Sanche (Wheel of Time)

lgBt Nominated by Eddv (4 left)

In the Wheel of Time series, pillow friends are typically girls raised together in the White Tower who develop relationships with each other. It is very common among the girls, but the relationships rarely last once the girls become "full sisters." Unfortunately, Wheel of Time is a series I can't really see myself ever getting into. It doesn't seem necessarily bad, and it might've been something I would've found interesting when I was younger, but now it doesn't really match my tastes. 

It's hard to say much about Sanche herself, simply because the details of her history and her abilities are kind of difficult to grasp without prior knowledge of the series. Her character design doesn't feel particularly unique, and nothing about the character felt memorable compared to the other nominations. 

87. Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan (Wheel of Time)

Lgbt Nominated by Eddv (3 left)

Much of the reason Sanche is so low applies to Elaida as well. However, I do think her design is more interesting. In general, there's just something "cooler" about her compared to Sanche that I can't quite explain. That, and her foretelling ability, give her the slight edge here.

Next: Are those swans?

86. Mr. 2 Bon Clay (One Piece)lgbt (androgynous/crossdresser)

Nominated by pjbasis (3 left) Bentham_Anime_Infobox.png

Finally we get to an anime series I am familiar with, but just don't have any interest in. I've seen a few episodes, and can pretty much say it's not my thing. Unlike some of the previous eliminations, Bon Clay is anything but forgettable. His design is definitely unique, but I'm not sure how much of a good thing that is. I'm fine about including a flamboyant, bizarre character. Hell, even when they are pretty stereotypical in appearance (which quite a few nominations are), sometimes the character can be enjoyable enough that it doesn't matter. But something about Bon Clay just really gets under my skin. I don't know if it's the creepy swan cape or... who am I kidding. It's the creepy swan cape. What the hell is that thing.

Next: The only character to be described as a "frenemy" on Wikipedia.

85. Beverly Leslie (Will and Grace)

lGBt (sexually ambiguous) Nominated by Mayonesa (3 left)

I need to work on making my hints less obvious apparently. 

So I don't necessarily have anything against Leslie himself. He's sassy, and entertaining enough in his own way, if Will and Grace is your type of show. 

But I can't stand Will and Grace. Don't get me wrong. I know how important it is to the LGBT community. It's had more positive effect than most other shows... ever. But I can't help but find pretty much everyone on that show to be annoying. It reminds me of a slightly less heternormative Friends (which I like even less than Will and Grace). Admittedly, I didn't see much of Leslie from what I saw in the actual show, and his descriptions don't really do him justice.

Next: If Eddy Gordo was gay, I feel like this would be his lover.

84. Joachim Valentine (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)

lGbt Nominated by GenesisTwilight (0 left) Joachim_Valentine.jpg

I don't know much about Shadow Hearts, aside from the fact that when it came out in 2004, I thought it was some sort of spin-off of Kingdom Hearts. It isn't.

Joachim is a weird concept. He is an immortal vampire who is also a professional wrestler for some reason? Can't say that's exactly how I'd use my vampire powers but to each his own I guess. The Shadow Hearts wiki ended up being pretty useless in researching this character. Still, from what I was able to find out about he, he seems like an overall pretty cool guy.

And I love his design. It feels like a white, vampiric Eddy Gordo, which is a good thing.

83. Vivian (Paper Mario: TTYD)

lgbT Nominated by paperwarrior (1 left)

Sorry paperwarrior, you just can't catch a break here. 

First off, the amount of porn I had to come across looking up Vivian is absolutely ridiculous. Come on internet. 

Vivian is one of the characters on this list who is only eligible for the Japanese version. Originally, she considered herself female despite everyone else considering her to be male. However, in the more-conservative America, she's solely female. I don't dislike Paper Mario by any means. In fact, it's quite fun. There are plenty of entertaining, memorable characters from the series. I just don't know that I'd necessarily consider Vivian one of them. She's not particularly fun to play with compared to the other protagonists, and she's not nearly as funny or memorable as the other antagonists. 


82. Angel Dumott Schunard (RENT)

lgbT Nominated by Raka_Putra (3 left)

I'm guessing I'm one of the few people around that still haven't gotten to see RENT. Unfortunately, without seeing the musical, there's not a whole ton I can say about Angel. Angel is a transgender woman who slowly succumbs to AIDS throughout the course of the musical. Her presence and death seem to have a very powerful effect on the rest of the characters, and she seems to be a fan favorite.

Yet, like I said, I feel like this is a character I really can't fairly judge without seeing the play itself. There's not a ton to be said about her simply going by wikis, and at the end of it all, I still don't feel like I have a completely grasp of the character.


80. Batwoman/Kate Kane (DC Comics)

Lgbt Nominated by Snake555555555555

First off: I love the modern design of Batwoman. She looks incredibly badass, moreso than Batman himself. I mean, her long, red hair might not be super stealthy or practical, but it looks great. 

I don't dislike Batwoman by any means. On the other hand, she doesn't stand out to me in much other ways, aside from her sleek design. One of the things that really bugs me about Batwoman is that she, like so many other characters in comics, is essentially based on just having a female version of a male character. You see it ALL THE TIME. Batwoman, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk. It's ridiculous. They could've made Kate Kane into her own unique superhero, but instead they just made her a female Batman (and to be completely honest, Batman himself isn't one of the more exciting superheroes anyway). Aside from the basics, I haven't found a whole lot from Kate Kane that really makes her stand out. 

Next: Sorry, back to the Japan-based characters.

79. Chihiro Fujisaki (Dangan Ronpa) 

lgbt (crossdresser) Nominated by Tom Bombadil ChihiroFujisaki.jpg

Here's one that just barely managed to make the list, do to Chihiro not quite being and LGBT, but rather just a boy who dresses exclusively as a female do to his "weak complex." Still, he was included due to fitting outside of heteronormativity. 

Though Dangan Ronpa isn't really a series I see myself ever playing, I can sympathize with Chihiro. His struggles with being expected to be tough as a young boy is something I feel like a lot of growing boys go through. Thought he visually doesn't seem to stand out from the average visual novel character (to me anyway), his abilities as a programmer are pretty impressive. 

Perhaps the most impressive thing Chihiro has done was create an artificial intelligence to take his place and help his friends after he was killed.


78. Sara Lance (Arrow)

lgBt Nominated by Jesse_Custer

I really, really wanted to like Arrow. I like Green Arrow. I juts can't get into the show, no matter how hard I try. The plot is dull, the characters aren't the most memorable (aside from Oliver Queen himself of course), and I can never force myself to watch it more than an episode at a time. 

I never made it far enough into the series to actually meet Sara Lance, but as soon as I saw who she was, I rolled my eyes. Whoa, the character who everyone thought was dead wasn't actually dead? Sure, that might've been an impressive twist if that wasn't already the basis of the entire series.

Even outside of the series, I'm not really a fan of Black Canary. Taking a character I was already not too impressed with, an putting her in a show I wasn't too into to begin with, just doesn't work well for me.

Next: Here's another that barely qualified for the ranking.

77. Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)

lgbt (androgynous, crossdresser) Nominated by Tom Bombadil Naoto_Shirogane_render.png

Naoto is a female, thought her character design looks intentionally male, as she constantly dresses in male outfits and maintains an androgynous appearance. 

One of Naoto's main characteristics is her shame over her age and gender. She wants to be taken seriously by those around her, but believes nobody takes a child or a female seriously (and to be fair, she's kind of right). 

Sure, she's not really an LGBT character, though her shame in her birth gender is pretty similar to the perspectives of many transgender people around her age. Still, I can't rank her higher than this because there's ultimately not a ton about her that stands out to me.


76. Alfred Ashford (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)

lgbT (crossdresser, possibly transgender?) Nominated by Snake55555555555 Alfred_Ashford.jpg

Haven't played RECV, but immediately upon seeing him, I thought Joffrey Baratheon. Young, royal, sadistic, with a matching color scheme. He was born/created along with his twin sister Alexia, and once she was out of his life, his mind started to go.

Alfred developed a sort of split personality between himself and Alexia, frequently viewing himself as her and dressing like she would. It's hard to quite place him on the LGBT spectrum, because he's not quite transgender, but he's not just a crossdresser either. 

Regardless of his split personality, he does resemble Joffrey additionally in that he seems to be a character designed specifically for the audience to hate. He's brutal, he's cocky, and he has a face you just want to slap.

Next: Those anime eyes

75. Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

lgbt (androgynous, genderfluid) Nominated by Tom Bombadil (1 left) Haruhi_Face.png

Haruhi is a female student of Ouran High School. She typically dresses androgynously, and believes that gender isn't an essential part of people's characters. 

When ranking this list, the only thing about Haruhi that really stood out to me were her eyes, which are about half the size of her face. Though the character herself didn't leave any sort of major impression on me, she does seem like she would be a genuinely good person judging by her ideals. In particular, her indifference toward gender roles and gender itself is a refreshing characteristic.

Also, there's whatever the hell this is: Kaoharucookie.jpg

Next: Heinrich_von_Marzipan_Male_form.jpg

74. Sadie (Steven Universe)

lgbt (implied pansexuality) Nominated by RySenkari (3 left) New_Sadie.png

Yet another character that's a little iffy for the list. While Sadie does have a clear, heterosexual crush on Lars, she also shows interest in Stevonnie, a character made up of a fused boy and girl, who maintains a mostly female figure. Sadie's interest in a character that is essentially bigender qualified her for the list.

However, I can't say that there's a whole lot about Sadie herself that really stands out to me. Her face is about as bland of a face as a character can have. And this time, I can honestly say that it's not the media itself holding her back, because Steven Universe is a show I have been wanting to see for quite a while, and I've enjoyed the little bits I have seen. 

Still, she's voiced by Kate Micucci, and that's like +10 points right there.


73. Tsurugi Higashikata (Jojolion) 

lgbT Nominated by paperwarrior (0 left) Creepytsurugi.jpg

JESUS CHRIST. That face is goddamn horrifying. Tsurugi is quite possibly the creepiest-looking character in this contest. I almost put him in the bottom five solely for his wide-faced blank stares.

So what bumped him up like 30 spots? Tsurugi has an ability called "Paper Moon King" which allows him to give real abilities to origami creatures (frogs hop, birds fly, etc.). That's pretty cool on it's own, but it gets cooler if the origami figures touch anyone. They suddenly lose the ability to see faces on anyone.

That's fucking badass, and it's horrifying that the ability is held by a kid who looks like Tsurugi.


72. Renee Montoya (DC Comics)

Lgbt Nominated by Jesse_Custer

I haven't had much experience with Renee Montoya's character. All I've really seen her in is Gotham, and I wasn't a fan of her there. 

Here's a character who's sexuality is relevant to their story. Renee Montoya, ex-lover of Kate Kane/Batwoman, gets publicly outed as a lesbian while serving the Gotham City Police Department (aka the worst police department in, like, anything). Eventually, she ditches the GCPD to go become a vigilante herself. 

Montoya becomes the new Question who, to begin with, is a stupid concept for a superhero (especially in a series that already has a question-mark-based villain). Still, Montoya seems to pull it off well, and her incarnation of the character is actually more appealing to me than the original. Initially, I had Montoya ranked lower out of disinterest, but she's slowly growing on me.

Next: Remember that thing I said about Batwoman?

71. Hulkling (Marvel)

lGbt Nominated by profDeadpool

Let me preface by saying that Hulk (and I mean Bruce Banner Hulk) is one of my all-time favorite Marvel characters. World War Hulk is my favorite Marvel storyline. 

Remember how I said in the Batwoman write-up how I despised characters that are just spun off of other, more popular characters? It applies here. This isn't a character related to Hulk, or even someone with a similar background to Hulk, but they have him as a kid who's super strong and can turn green because Hulk is popular. It's lazy.

And that's a real shame, because Teddy Atman is actually a pretty cool character conceptually. He is the offspring of a Skrull princess and Captain Marvel, a Kree. This results in him having partial abilities from both sides. 

I never really got into Young Avengers much, though I do like his relationship with Wiccan (who overall seems like a more interesting character). There are just little aspects of Hulkling holding him back. 

Next: Badadadedado. Left, right, right left.

70. Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

lgBt Nominated by Shaduln (4 left)

Doctor Who is yet another show I've been meaning to watch for the longest time now, and just haven't gotten to. I was initially turned off from the show by both its fanbase (who, like with Sherlock and Supernatural, frankly gets too carried away with it) and the fact that it prominently features Catherine Tate, one of the people responsible for ruining The Office. 

Captain Jack started as a companion to the Doctor, but after gaining popularity with fans, ended up the star of a spin-off series Torchwood, which ran for an impressive four seasons. I appreciate Jack for what he is. He's become somewhat of a symbol of young LGBT viewers, especially in the UK. He is openly bisexual, and is the first Doctor Who character to ever be so. 

Without seeing the series, it's hard to necessarily judge him, but from the overviews I've read and clips I've watched, he unfortunately feels a bit to much like the typical generic, handsome, slightly-witty, male placeholder action/drama hero (ex. Jack Shephard from Lost or Jack Bauer from 24. Basically anyone named Jack). His jokes don't seem particularly funny, and I can't really seem him being a favorite of mine.


69. Tobias Beecher (Oz)

lgBt Nominated by tennisboy213 (3 left)

How is Oz? It's always been a show I've thought about checking out, but never actually watched. Looking over the concept of the show, it reminds me of Orange is the New Black (which I'm sure everyone is sick of me mentioning by now). If that was the case, Tobias would be the Piper of the show. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's not a good thing either.

Among a fairly interesting cast, Tobias stands out the least. He seems like the type to overlook his own wrongdoings. The "I did something illegal, but I'm not a criminal" type. I'm sure he's progressed past that by the end of the series, but that's the first impression he leaves. 

One thing I absolutely dislike in any sort of fiction is the "everyman" character. The character that's essentially supposed to be the blank (almost always white) slate that the audience can put themselves on and thereby relate to. Again, the Jack Shephard of the show. Even if they eventually break out of that role after a few seasons, it still doesn't make them stand out.

Next: The less interesting of two nominated lovers.

68. Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Lgbt  Nominated by Shaduln (3 left)

Willow was also nominated, and I'll get to her later. Willow and Tara were one of the most popular relationships of the late season of Buffy (yet another show I've never watched, though I've heard good things). Ultimately, it can't be too much of a surprise that Tara is lower than Willow, since Tara's character essentially exists for Willow's character development.

I want to make it clear that we're no longer in the zone of characters I dislike. We haven't been for a little while now. Anyone here on, including Tara, I'm at least somewhat interested in/intrigued by, but are just held by little things or a lack of passion. 

I think Tara is a pleasant character, and a good addition to the show. However, from what I can find, she seems to be a bit of an object in the show, used to move the plot forward or to help progress other characters. One sentence that bugged me from her wiki: "As Willow's character grows more self-assured and powerful through the seasons, Tara takes over some of the role of being placed in peril and needing to be rescued." This seems like a bad aspect for a character to have, and I can't avoid the feeling that the creators of the show use Tara more for other characters than for herself.

Next: Remember this?

67. Ivankov (One Piece)

lgbt (androgynous, crossdresser, pansexual) Nominated by pjbasis (2 left) Emporio_Ivankov_Anime_Infobox.png

Forget what I said about 2 Bon Clay. Ivankov's design makes Bon Clay look like fucking Cary Grant. I'm not even freaked out by the outfit, which is basically Borat's swimsuit with added flair. Moreso just the fact that his face looks like a continuous part of his torso. It's just inhuman enough to creep me out.

He is a pretty big stereotype, and he kind of toes the line between being humurously stereotypical and offensively stereotypical. He's loud and brash, but on the other hand, he seems like a genuinely good person. Ivankov has very positive views on friendship and people's right to be what they want to be. For the most part, this makes up for his overall creepiness. It helps that he's pretty funny to watch.

Next: Kov

66. Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov (Metal Gear Solid) 

lGbt Nominated by Rammtay (0 left) MPO_Raikov_01.png

Apparently he's listed as the 14th gayest video game character on gaygamer,net, for what it's worth.

So all I've played of the Metal Gear series was a few minutes of the original NES game and the demo of MGS4. Still, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good 'ol Soviet villain. From what I can gather, Raikov seems like a bit of a mixed bag of traits, and I have no idea what to make of him. A few quotes from his wiki page:

"The kind of person who sits in his room and admires his bug collection." "Gluttonous to the extent that he was perfectly willing to eat even roadkill if it came his way." "Frequently used his position as major to physically abuse his subordinates for his own amusement."

He overall doesn't seem like a good guy. He abuses his power and is overall pretty much a coward. Still, he's entertaining to watch, and does genuinely care for Volgin.


65. Jakotsu (InuYasha)

lGbt Nominated by Jesse_Custer (1 left) latest?cb=20130714095238&path-prefix=de

Quick personal story: I've never watched InuYasha. Well, not really. My dad was a big fan of the show when I was younger, and he tried to get me to watch the show with him, but I didn't really have any interest in it, so I never really paid attention if he had it on. Now I regret it. 

Anyway, back to the character. Jakotsu is a gay man who looks particularly feminine, notable for his two face tattoos coming down from his eyes. He shows obvious desire for InuYasha, and commonly flirts with him while fighting. 

Did I mention that he's a total badass? In a time when femininity is so often associated with weakness, it's always nice to see an extremely feminine character who can more than hold their own, even against the main hero. He fights with the Jakotsut%u014D, a broadsword made up of 50+ smaller, linked swords. While impractical (and realistically impossible), the swordplay is fun to watch, and Jakotsu is himself pretty cool.


64. Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4)

lgbt (ambiguous sexuality) Nominated by BetrayedTangy (4 left) Kanji_Tatsumi_render.png

Compared to the other nominated Persona character (Naoto), Kanji left a little more of a lasting impression. Sure, he looks pretty stereotypical, but unlike others on this list, he's not stereotypicly gay. He's just stereotypicly goth. There's was a time when I would flock to that kind of character in games. That's not so much my style anymore, but it's still a bit nostalgic. 

However, what really makes him stand out is his contrasting personality. He notices the cuteness in things over the darkness. "He once went after a rowdy biker gang, but only to stop them from disturbing his mother." He feels obligated to act tough due to feeling uncomfortable with his own unspecified interests. He appears stereotypical, but quickly breaks those stereotypes, which is cool to see. 

Next: Meghan Trainor

63. Samantha Traynor (Mass Effect 3)

Lgbt Nominated by Chinballz (4 left) ME3_Samantha_Traynor_Character_Shot.png

Here's a game I did give a chance. After hearing Mass Effect 2 praised over and over and over, I finally gave it a shot. Space themes are iffy on me anyway (little to no interest in Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.), and the gameplay just didn't do it for me. 

The fact that Mass Effect had an openly lesbian character is admittedly a little surprising, but it's a cool fact I didn't know before. One of the things holding Traynor back is that it seems like a good bulk of her character is based around her position as a romance option (at least, that's essentially all that's to be found about her on the internet. Unfortunately, that romance led to one of the most awkward clothed shower in gaming

From what I can find about her personality, she seems very intelligent, often pointing out little things like her medications and bits of science trivia. I'm not really sure if I'd consider this a good or a bad aspect; overall most of her characteristics seem fairly neutral to me.

Next: GothKids3DawnOfThePosers00027.png

62. Vamp (Metal Gear Solid 2)

lgBt Nominated by White Lens (1 left) MGS2VampPP.png

Can you guess what Vamp's abilities are? I'll give you a hint: they're vampiric. He's super-fast, super-strong, immune to mortal wounds, can run on water, and also craves blood. And yet, "according to Solid Snake, his name is not a reference to his vampire-like behavior, but to the fact that he was bisexual." 

...wait, what? Is Vamp like a bisexual slur that I just don't know about? Whose idea was that? 

Anyway, Vamp isn't an actual vampire, he was just experimented on using nanomachines, which made him near-immortal. That's... actually a pretty cool backstory. He's basically RoboCop if RoboCop was a vampire instead of a police officer. 

As for Vamp himself... he seems like he's trying too hard to be odd in a series already notable for its odd characters. Like seriously, what the hell is any of this: Like that knee slide? He comes across as more ridiculous than cool. Also, are there any LGBT Metal Gear characters that aren't basically supervillains?


61. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

lgbt (androgynous/pansexual) Nominated by pjbasis (1 left) Hisoka_PR_Movie.png

At this point, we're at the "I like the character but I'm not familiar enough with them to rank them higher" stage. I'm not a huge manga reader, but every once and a while I used to like picking up the occasional Shonen Jump. I haven't read any in a while, so I'm not heavily familiar with Hunter x Hunter. 

However, from what I can find on Hisoka, I like him a lot. He has that kind of Joker feel, cruel for the sake of being cruel. He's not the kind of guy you'd really want to hang out with. He's kind of a sociopath. He's almost ridiculously flamboyant, to the point of being downright bizarre to watch. Bizarre, and kind of hilarious.

I'm not particularly familiar with the series, but I feel like if I did watch it, Hisoka could be one of my favorites on the show.

Next: DD

60. Denise Bryson (Twin Peaks)

lgbT Nominated by Seginustemple (4 left) Denise_Bryson.jpg

I really wanted to like Twin Peaks. I'm a big fan of David Lynch (Eraserhead and Mulholland Dr both rank among my favorite movies of all time, and Betty Elms would've made top 10 had she been nominated). However, after slodging through the first episode feeling completely uninterested, I couldn't convince myself to continue. 

The way Bryson became transgender is pretty interesting, and well done. It happened as an adult, while working undercover as a woman. She realized that identifying as a woman felt more comfortable for her. It's also great to see a transgender woman in such a position of authority and respect, when transgender people are so often disrespected, personally and professionally. While I'm not the biggest Duchovny fan, he handles the role with dignity, which was nice to see.

Next: Legolas

59. Zevran Arainai (Dragon Age: Origins)

lgBt Nominated by Wicklebee (0 left) ZevranBetter.png

I have not played Dragon Age, but my fiancee has! So partially relying on her for info. Apparently, Zevran was the "man-candy" of the first game. He is an assassin, and is apparently unashamed to be one, taking pride in his work even when others in the party express doubt in him. Whether this is a positive or negative trait is hard to say. He's less judgmental of the player's decisions than the other party members. 

While he's bisexual, it's not overemphasized, it's just presented as a normal part of his character, as a straight character's sexuality might be. However, he is sassy, flirty and humorously clever.


58. Roxie Richter (Scott Pilgrim vs the World)

Lgbt Nominated by jcgamer107 (3 left) Roxy_Richter_(movie).jpg

Roxie is the 4th Evil Ex of Ramona Flowers. She's the only ex-girlfriend in the seven evil exes. Like most of the exes, Roxie only shows interest in Ramona, despite the fact that they haven't stayed in contact since their break-up. Most of Ramona's exes are somewhat one-dimensional, and Roxie isn't really an exception. Roxie and Ramona seem to have a better relationship between them than Ramona and the rest of her exes, implying that there is still some sense of care between them. 

Roxie has ninja-like abilities, as she is "half-ninja." She can move so fast she becomes a blur and disappear into smoke. She seems to resent being treated like a man, getting angry when she is referred to as an "ex-boyfriend." In addition, she uses a chain-whip-sword in Scott Pilgrim, the game. I much prefer the comic/game version of her, as the movie version presents her as much more stereotypically butch and goth. Plus, she has the awful line "I'm a little bi-furious!"

Next: Walter-whitebg.jpg

57. Rod (Avenue Q)

lGbt Nominated by jcgamer (2 left)

You know, I wasn't quite sure what to think of Rod. Rod is a closeted homosexual conservative Republican. Like some of the other musical characters among the nominations, this is one that's hard to judge without seeing the musical. However, I could at least find some of the songs, most notably "If You Were Gay."

Rod and Nicky are largely parodies of Bert and Ernie (I assume Rod is meant to be the Bert of the two). I do intend on seeing Avenue Q at some point. The idea of muppet characters taking on more serious subjects in an entertaining idea. But really, I'm just not sure how much more I can really say about Rod outside of liking his basic concept.


56. Chris Keller (Oz)

lgBt Nominated by tennisboy213 (2 left)

Chris Keller is a prisoner, convicted of torturing and murdering three people. At the start of the series, Keller is a sociopathic killer. While he's still a brutal killer by the end of the series, he seems to have one of the biggest progressions as a characters, mostly driven by his love for Tobias "white bread" Beecher. 

It's cool to see someone so hardened and aggressive have such a legitimate love for another man, as that's typically seen as a largely feminine trait. Keller is anything but a gay stereotype, and while he might not be the friendliest person (though to be fair, nobody on this show is the "friendliest person") he's an interesting and occasionally complex character. 

Next: Not feeling creative. He has a small beard.

55. Connor Walsh (How To Get Away With murder)

lGbt Nominated by My Immortal (3 left) Connor_Walsh.png

Here's a show I almost watched. It was one of the new shows I was planning on watching (along with Blackish) that I never really got the chance to due to lack of time/lack of cable. Though I've had it recommended to me plenty.

I tried my best to avoid looking too too into the character, as I didn't want to see spoilers for a show I actually did want to watch. The basics of Connor are that he uses anything at his disposal (including sex) to get what he wants, no matter how immoral. He strives for Annalise's (the main character's) affections along with several other students.

Also quite a bit of what I've found about him came from this: Take from that what you will.


54. Lafayette (True Blood)

lGbt Nominated by Mayonesa (2 left) LAfayette_season_7.jpg

I think Lafayette is essentially the exact stereotype straight, white people tend to associate with gay, black men. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as the show doesn't seem to be making fun of him for his sexuality. In fact, despite his morally gray activities (from what I can tell, he sells drugs? It's hard to tell, the wiki is written weirdly). 

Lafayette is an overall caring person, who also serves as a large part of the show's comic relief (is it fair at this point to just consider "gay comic relief" as its own trope?). He also has some pretty cool powers, at first serving as a medium, and later being possessed by a demon. You know, the typical stuff. I've yet to see True Blood, and I'm torn on whether I should, as I've heard very mixed things about it.

Favorite line from the wiki: "Thanks to being a medium, he can talk to Jesus." yes I know Jesus was his ex but it was still a funny line


53. Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)

lgbt (bigender) Nominated by pjbasis (0 left) Sensui.jpg

Oh man Yu Yu Hakusho. Here's a show I actually did watch. I loved the show as a kid, but it's been so long since I've seen it that I don't remember like anything about it. 

Sensui is an ex-Spirit Detective that seems to have some fairly strong morals. He has a large sense of honor, and while he does kill, he doesn't take pleasure in it. He's also extremely muscular and powerful. However, what really sets Sensui apart (and what makes him eligible for the list) is that he has 6 extra personalities, one of which is female. Minoru is a manipulator, Kazuya is violent, Naru is sensitive, etc., etc. 

Overall, Sensui makes for a strong character on his own, but his extra personalities are a unique dynamic that make him one of the show's standout characters.

Next: a song!

52. Leliana (Dragon Age)

lgBt Nominated by Chinballz (3 left) NewLelianaProfile_%28mouth_closed%29.png

The following write-up transcribed from my fiancee, who has actually played Dragon Age.

"Okay so you meet Leliana in the first game and she's a bard (I don't exactly remember where) but she's like so easily friendable and stuff like that. She's romancable, but I romanced Alistair. She's bi, so that's pretty cool. That was just kind of cool because I'd never seen a bi character in a game. I didn't even realize she was bi until it gave the option to romance her. They just made a really badass character, who just happened to be bi. They handled it really casually. They didn't focus on her sexuality at all in the third game, so it kind of became null, but they came out with other bisexual characters.

She's an awesome rogue, she has a really cool personality (at least in the first game). In the 3rd game she became a little stale. And annoying. And religious. She- she cool, bruh."

Next: Possibly the most popular character to fall yet.

51. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

lgBt Nominated by Snake5555555555 (2 left)

Ok, so mini-rant here. One of the things that really annoys me about Shep annoys me about a lot of the gaming industry (and media in general). Commander Shepard is a completely customizable character that can basically look however you want them too. However, for a long time, I (and many others) didn't realize that. Why? Because literally all he's publicly portrayed as is this:

Do a google image search, and despite the fact that there are so many possibilities for him, the generic white, male face is all that comes up. It's the industry standard to always present the default as a white male, with female characters or POC characters always being considered "the other." Because the developers want to cater to a white, male audience. Even some of my favorite games are guilty of this same thing. The newly announced Fallout 4 brags about its customization, but who is the advertised protagonist? One of my favorite series, Saints Row, features the super-customizable (I'm talking 300-lb.-blue-skinned-dominatrix customizable) protagonist The Boss (who would've made it near the top of the list if nominated). But how do they advertise The Boss? The_Protagonist_promo_art_Saints-Row-The-Third.png That's a series that specifically emphasizes its wackiness, but we just get bland old Shooty Shooty Handsome Man. /rant

While I'm not a big fan of the Mass Effect series, as I described earlier, I do think there's a lot of potential in Shepard as a character (though I do prefer the female Shepard). It's one of those characters that can, to an extent, really just be whoever you make them be.

Next: That itch you just can't scratch out.

50. Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

lgBt (implied) Nominated by Anagram Detective_Comics_Vol_2-14_Cover-1_Teaser.jpg

I know there's going to be some dispute with the inclusion of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn on the list. While there's no definite "proof" that the two have an intimate relationship, it seems to be implied enough that they qualified. However, what seems to confirm it is this DC Comics tweet: "Yes, they are Girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy."

Anyway, on to Ivy herself. Batman is known for having a variety of creative, interesting villains (which often outshine Batman himself, at least in my opinion). Pamela Isley was a botanist who was seduced into crime by a man, who later attempted to poison her. She survived, gaining an immunity to toxins. She has an affinity for controlling men through seduction (and through mind-controlling toxins she's known for administering through kisses). 

In some adaptations, she can control plants, but I'm not entirely sure if that's considered canon. Regardless, plants are sort of her "theme" (because all Batman villains need a theme). Her relationships with both Harley and Batman are interesting to watch, possibly because of how differently she interprets each of them. She's definitely a memorable character, though not one of my favorite Batman villains.


49. Bunker (DC Comics)

lGbt Nominated by Eddv (1 left)

What I was really able to find on Bunker was kind of limited, possibly because he's a fairly new superhero, but I liked what I found. Bunker is an openly gay Mexican teenager who serves as one of the newer members of the Teen Titans. He's very comfortable with his sexuality, never really worrying to hide it, as one might expect from a superhero in the public eye. 

Bunker has the ability to create structures with his mind, constructed with psionic bricks. Energy construction is something DC has pretty much mastered at this point; it's what the entirety of the Green Lantern series is based on. However, Bunker seems to be limited a bit more than the Lanterns in what all he can create. He tends (at least from what I can find) to use his powers to create brick fists for himself, as well as projecting walls and floating platforms. While this is cool to see (and overall Bunker has a nice aesthetic), I wish I could see him expand on the abilities more. I mean, the psychic Thing fists are nice, but he has more potential I'd want to see utilized.


48. Asami Sato (The Legend of Korra)

lgBt Nominated by Tom Bombadil (0 left) Asami_sato_bild.png

I know a lot of people are going to be upset about me placing Asami under Korra. Hell, if this was just based on their earlier seasons, Korra wouldn't have made the top 50. 

I like Asami. She's the only child of a rich industrialist who, around the end of the 1st season, was revealed to be one of the Equalist leaders attempting to take down Korra and the new team Avatar. Her father went as far as to try to kill her, forcing her to fight and eventually imprison him. She took over his position as head of Future Industries. She's extremely intelligent, a decent fighter (with the help of her company's tech), and one of the most objectively good people on the show.

So why's she listed relatively low? I feel like Asami was often treated like a bit of an afterthought by the creators. Her relationship with her father was one of her biggest character developments, but it only really came up briefly in the 1st and 4th seasons. She, like other characters, got better once her romantic subplot was disregarded, but she soon largely became a tool for Korra's character progression rather than her own. Still, she's an extremely likable character in her own right. 


47. Carmen (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

lgbT Nominated by SeginusTemple (3 left)

I love Always Sunny. It's possibly one of the most politically incorrect shows out there, and that's kind of the whole point. It's one of the only shows where literally every character (except sometimes Charlie) can be despicable, but that won't stop viewers from watching it (something shows like Allen Gregory failed at). 

Carmen is a transgender woman, portrayed as being ridiculously attractive and likable, with her only downside (at least to the gang) being her penis. However, Carmen is never portrayed as a dick (bad pun) like the rest of the gang. Mac and Dennis especially come across bad in her stories, with Mac wanting to date her but ultimately calling her a man and Dennis being disgusted at the very idea of dating a woman with a penis.

However, Carmen herself is always made out to be a good person. There are very, very few transgender characters who are made out to be as desirable as Carmen, and ultimately, it's good to see her get the happy ending she deserves. 


46. Venom (Guilty Gear)

lGbt Nominated by PokemonAndrew (1 left) Venom_GGXrd_Portrait.png

Venom is the 2nd Guilty Gear character on the list, and while I have still never played Guilty Gear, Venom seems to be a little more up my alley. The design is really cool, from the veil to the arm coverings/exposed chest to the general color scheme. He sort of falls into the "killer with a code" trope. He doesn't like killing, and doesn't want to, but he feels as though his loyalty to Zato-1 is more important than anything else.

But what really places Venom up this high is his playstyle. Unlike Bridget, Venom would probably be the type of player I'd go for if I actually played Guilty Gear. I love the idea of fighting with a pool cue and billiard balls, plus his staff-based fighting feels very reminiscent to Kilik, who is perhaps my all-time favorite fighting game character.

Next: The girlfriend I haven't mentioned yet.

45. Korra (The Legend Of Korra)

lgBt Nominated by Chinballz (2 left) Korra_looking_smug.png

Korra is really tough. Korra had more character development than a lot of the people on this list (at least the ones I'm familiar with). She's one of the standout characters of a mixed-quality cast. Because of this character development, she was particularly hard to place. Part of me wanted to put her in the top 20, whereas part of me wanted to throw her at the bottom of the list. 

During seasons 3 and 4, Korra grew incredibly. She expanded her powers, dealt with some pretty heavy burdens and struggles in a way much different from Aang, the previous Avatar. She finally recognized her faults and slowly overcame them, doing things no previous Avatar had ever really been capable of. Season 3-4 Korra was just a great character.

HOWEVER. Season 1-2 Korra was just goddamn awful. She was whiny, stubborn, self-righteous, and just treated everyone around her like garbage. She was one of the least likable characters on the show (next to S1 Mako). I have to judge Korra based on her entire appearance in the series, leaving her just above the middle of the list.


44. Dorian Pavus (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

lGbt Nominated by Shaduln (2 left)

Write-up courtesy of my fiancee:

"I had heard about Dorian long before I actually played DA:I, and might I say, I do understand why he has such a huge following. There are sometimes characters in games that are utterly underwhelming, but Dragon Age has always been excellent at making sure that wasn't the case. That being said, Dorian is one of those beautiful characters who will be remembered long after the game loses its popularity.

He's another one of those characters who probably won't change the world just by being gay, but I think it's beautiful when a game doesn't just use a gay character to promote diversity, so they can be the kinda company to be like WOW WE HAVE A GAY CHARACTER, LOOK AT US. Dorian is beautiful because of his companionship, his willingness to interact with the protagonist: The Inquisitor. 

And look at this butt:  Can't say no to a butt like that."

Next: Craig_Pelton_Season_One.jpg

43. Karolina Dean (Runaways)

Lgbt Nominated by profDEADPOOL

The first sentence of her bio on wikipedia: "Karolina is the daughter of renowned Hollywood actors Frank and Leslie Dean and is the only older Runaway who didn't witness their parents murder an innocent girl as a sacrifice." Now, I haven't read Runaways, but that's a hell of a starting point. 

Karolina seems to suffer a bit of an identity crisis upon realizing that she is an alien. Her insecurities about her species and her sexuality lead to suicidal feelings, which she eventually overcomes. She sort of reminds me of Starfire from the Teen Titans series, though I much prefer the personality and design of Karolina.

Her powers revolve around solar-power and luminescent rainbow light. The extent of what she can do with her power is hard to grasp, but the openness of her abilities makes her seem like she has the potential to be incredibly powerful, limited only by a need to recharge if over-exerted. She's a character I'd like to see more of.

Next: Beast Boy

42. Anole (X-Men)

lGbt Nominated profDEADPOOL (2 left)

Ha. More Teen Titans comparisons.

I wasn't exactly sure what to think of Anole at first, but as I went on with the list, he slowly began to grow on me. The idea of X-Men's mutants have largely been known as a metaphor for homosexuality, and there are very few cases of these more fitting than Anole's. Anole is a young mutant whose sexuality was at first questioned due to his relationship with his openly gay mentor Northstar. It is later revealed that Anole is in fact gay when he is outed by one of his teammates.

Anole's powers are all based on reptilian abilities. He has green skin and a rough scales in place of hair. He has the Spider-Man-like ability to stick to walls, can grow back limbs stronger than his old ones, and has Toad's tongue for added effect. While these are cool skills on their own, they become more interesting when combined with his known insecurity with his sexuality. This is a mutant who both stands out from the rest due to his undisguised physical mutation who also features the ability to turn invisible and blend in with everyone else.

Next: a literal street

41. Danny the Street (DC Comics) 

lgbT Nominated by Snake5555555555 (1 left) Danny_the_Street_004.jpg

just. fucking, what. 

So apparently this is a character. Taken directly from the wiki: "Danny is an actual street. A sentient and sapient stretch of roadway." Who is also a transvestite. 

I originally considered ranking this character near the very bottom of the list because, seriously, just why the hell does this thing exist? But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a sentient street that could teleport itself anywhere in the world, essentially manipulating reality so that he can fit in anywhere without causing disturbance. The fact that he's one of the kinder characters on the list (often providing shelter or safe haven) and he has a sense of humor (decorating gun stores with pink lace) make him surprisingly likable. In fact, he kind of became a judgment point for other characters. When ranking, I was likely to ask myself "Do I like this character more or less than a sentient street?"


40. Mr. Slave (South Park)

lGbt Nominated by Chinballz (1 left)

I care a lot about LGBT rights. I care a lot about the portrayal of LGBT characters in the media, which is often a little too stereotypical. So by no means should I enjoy Mr. Slave, who is possibly the most offensive stereotypical portrayal of a gay character in, well, anything. He pushes the limit even by South Park's standards.

This is a man whose entire introduction to the show was so Mr. Garrison could perform sex acts on him in front of class to get himself fired for being gay. This is a man who shoves the entirety of Paris Hilton into his rectum. By no means should it be funny, but it is. I can't help but laugh when he's on screen. 

Also he was perhaps the best summon in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


39. Loki (Marvel comics)

lgBt Nominated by profDEADPOOL (1 left)

Loki has always been a significant character in the Thor comics, as the archenemy of the title hero, but I don't think he was really recognized as a major player by non-comic readers until pretty recently with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which have skyrocketed his popularity due to his appearance as the main villain of both Thor and The Avengers, and due to large fandoms regarding actor Tom Hiddleston, who portrayed him in the films (though I'm not sure if Hiddleston's popularity came before or after the films).

Loki is based on the character of the same name from Norse Mythology, and in general, that aspect of most of the Thor characters is pretty cool. Loki is know as the God of Lies and Mischief, though he is actually technically a member of the Frost Giants. He also has an entire grab bag of abilities, including shape-shifting, teleportation, astral projection, hypnosis, and many more.

While I do like Loki, he never really stands out as much to me as he does to other people. When I think of Marvel's biggest bad guys, I think Doom or Magneto, while Loki often falls to the wayside. He's there, but I don't consider him a favorite. 


38. Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim)

lgBt Nominated by Shaduln (1 left)

Ramona is a character that I liked more when I first saw her. Again, I haven't read the Scott Pilgrim comic, so my main exposure to the series was the film, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ramona instantly stood out, as she's supposed to, partially due to the quirky performance of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

However, looking back on the character, I'm not quite sure why I liked her so much initially. She's funny and enjoyable when she's on screen, but, at least in the movie, she doesn't contribute a whole lot. Ramona just sort of sits back and lets everything happen, as if she has no investment in what happens with Scott or her exes. She ends up being disappointingly passive throughout the film, despite being an enjoyable character. 

From what I've seen she's a little more involved in the comics, though I can't quite vouch for that. I can't help but like her regardless.


37. Wiccan (Marvel)

lGbt Nominated by profDEADPOOL (0 left)

From what I've seen of the Young Avengers (which, the more I read into them, the more they seem like Marvel's Teen Titans) Wiccan is probably my favorite (not counting Vision). Wiccan is an openly gay boy, and is probably one of the best examples of a bully victim becoming more powerful than their bully. 

Like Loki, Wiccan is extremely powerful, with a large variety of magic-spell-based abilities, "including, but not limited to tracking and locating others, illusionary disguises, tearing down force-fields, mass teleportation, concussive blasts, enchantments, astral projection, pyrokinesis, and telekinetic force beams." His powers largely seem connected to those of Scarlet Witch, though when reading over Wiccan's biography he came across very similar to how I'd imagine a young Dr. Strange. 

Wiccan is a character I can only really see growing in power and importance.


36. David Fisher (Six Feet Under) 

lGbt Nominated by Mayonesa (1 left)

Six Feet Under is a show I've had on my computer tooootally legally for over a year now that I just haven't gotten around to watching, though I've heard nothing but good things about it. I've tried to avoid looking into the specific details of the show too much to avoid spoiling it for myself. I know that David Fisher is conservative and conflicted about his sexuality, and I've heard praise of him being one of the best earlier portrayals of a gay character on television.

Coincidentally, I started watching Dexter not too long ago (almost at the end of season 2 now) and it's kind of hard to imagine Michael C. Hall as someone other than the serial killer, but I definitely enjoy Hall as an actor. On the more personal side, what I've seen of Fisher reminds me a lot of a gay close friend of mine, much more so than anybody else on this list.


35. Kung Jin (Mortal Kombat X)

lGbt Nominated by pokemonandrew (0 left)

Oh man, I remember first reading on IGN about the creators confirming that Kung Jin was gay (after it was suggested by like one line in a brief flashback). If you ever want to see the worst the gaming community has to offer, read the comment section on any IGN article mentioning the LGBT community, or feminism, or racism, etc. etc. etc. The amount of hate people expressed over it was absolutely ridiculous. 

Kung Jin is probably the newest character among the nominations, as he only premiered a few months ago. He's the younger cousin of veteran Kung Lao, and is one of the "new generation" of MK characters (along with Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs). 

I admittedly haven't played Mortal Kombat X yet, but it's at the top of my list (along with Arkham Knight). However, from what I've seen from Kung Jin, he looks like a ton of fun to play as, considerably more so than Kung Lao. The bow and arrow style seems reminiscent of Kratos in MK9, and in general he seems a little more unique than the other two newbies.

Next: Al-Toy-Story-2-disney-villains-1038318_369_263.jpg

34. Big Gay Al (South Park)

lGbt Nominated by BetrayedTangy (3 left) 95a.jpg

Big Gay Al, like Mr. Slave, is a pretty obvious stereotype. However, unlike Mr. Slave, Al is never portrayed in a negative way. Al is a character who is just always happy and positive. He's kind to everybody he meets, even when treated awfully by the rest of the town.

Frankly, despite him being so stereotypical, it's difficult to dislike him. He's been pretty underutilized in the show, only appearing significantly in about two episodes, but he's one of the most memorable among the one-off characters. Also, he has one of the best songs of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut:


33. Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

lgBt Nominated by BetrayedTangy (2 left) Vlcsnap-321831.png

The relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline is, like with Ivy and Quinn, implied by the show but confirmed by "word of God" from the voice actors. However, this one is hard to ignore, and is likely only not explicitly shown due to restrictions from portraying gay characters on children's networks. 

Prince Bubblegum is perhaps the most intelligent character on the show (not counting the all-knowing characters like Prismo) which is refreshing to see, since brightly-colored princess characters are very rarely portrayed as particularly intelligent and self-reliable. 

The backstory of everything in Adventure Time has gotten pretty interesting over time. Bubblegum, who initially was just a smart, 18-year-old princess, has been revealed to actually be hundreds of years old. Most of the main characters on the show are likable, and PB is not different, though I wouldn't consider her my favorite of the show.

Next: Evil_Cole_Profle.png

32. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin (Metal Gear Solid 3)

lgBt Nominated by WhiteLens (0 left) VolginI1.png

I'm always a fan of when the large, brute characters are portrayed as intelligent leaders instead of just dumb muscle. Volgin appears to be the classic strong, Russian villain, very similar to Zoran Lazarevic from Uncharted 2. Actually, he's more a combination of Lazarevic and Evil Cole McGrath from the Infamous series which, though I've yet to play the Uncharted series, makes for a pretty badass villain. Just when initially looking over the characters I didn't recognize, Lazarevic instantly stood out to me, and he is anything but the effeminate stereotype bisexual men are typically portrayed as.


31. Omar Little (The Wire)

lGbt Nominated by JeezyMiyagi (1 left)

Speaking of characters who break stereotypes. 70 characters later, Jeezy finally loses another nomination. There are only a handful of characters left on this list that I wasn't already familiar with prior to making this topic (not counting Omar, 3 left, if you wanna make guesses as to who they are). These remaining characters are the ones who, though I'm not familiar with their show/movie/game/etc., they singlehandedly make me want to give them a chance.

Everything about Omar makes him instantly memorable. Frankly, he's one of the only characters that, before making this list, I could've actually named from The Wire, simply because he's such a legend. His character design is incredible, and his whistle is downright horrifying. I don't even watched the show, and in less than a minute he freaked me out. In a way, he reminds me of a gangster version of Dexter. Regardless, he's one of the best villains nominated.


30. John Constantine (DC Comics)

lgBt Nominated by Snake55555555 (0 left)

I feel like I'm gonna get some hate for this one not being in the top 10. John Constantine is the star of the comic series Hellblazer, as well as a one-season TV series series and a Keanu Reeves film both titled Constantine. Of these, all I've seen is the movie, which, from what I can tell, might not have been the best representative of the series (though I do remember enjoying it, when I saw it like 8-9 nine years ago).

I've been wanting to get around to reading Hellblazer (along with a few other comic series, including Hellboy, The Sandman, more Ghost Rider, more Daredevil, more X-Men, etc.) for a long time now. Interest in Hellblazer has actually been mostly inspired by B8, which seems to have more than a few users who are big fans of John "Christ Figure" Constantine. 

I admire his abilities as a con man, which are often more useful than his notable magical abilities. I'm not a huge fan of what DC has to offer in comparison to Marvel, but John Constantine seems like he could be one of their best.


29. Harley Quinn

lgBt Nominated by Anagram

I wasn't always the biggest fan of Harley Quinn. When I first got into Batman (comics, shows, movies, games, etc.), Quinn wasn't really a favorite of mine, much like Ivy, Penguin, Bane, etc. (I've always been a big fan of Scarecrow and The Riddler though). However, Harley was one of the first ones to really grow on me over time, and now I'd rank her among my favorite Batman villains. 

Some criticize how she's deviated from her initial Harlequin character, but I've liked watching how her character has evolved in various media (though I do agree that the oversexualization of her has gotten kind of ridiculous lately. She's one of the funniest characters in the series, and at times even shows up the Joker himself. In particular, I'm a big fan of her in the Batman: Arkham game series, where she easily holds her own rather than solely being a Joker sidekick. 



28. Garnet (Steven Universe)

Lgbt [genderless, composed of two lesbians] Nomianted by RySenkari (2 left)

MWE was right about the fact that it's stupid straight characters are allowed in children's programming but LGBT characters are such a red flag. That's one of the main reasons Steven Universe has been rising to such popularity lately. It completely defies most of the stereotypical gender norms. There are few examples of this better than Garnet, a genderless "Gem" composed of two other "Gems" which, though "officially" genderless are practically female. Two female characters so in love that they fuse together into one big, badass character. I haven't seen a ton of Steven Universe outside of a couple episodes and a couple clips, but Garnet easily became my favorite. 

I mean, this scene alone earns her this spot (and anyone who's ever seen Steven Universe knows which scene I'm about to link to):


27. Tobias Funke (Arrested Development)

lgBt Nominated by MyImmortal (2 left)

Admittedly, I need to watch more Arrested Development. After hearing it hyped up over and over I went and watched like 2/3 of the first season, and honestly found it to be a little bit overrated. It just couldn't possibly hold up to how much it had been built up by everyone. I did really enjoy the show, more for the characters than anything, and one of the funniest characters was David Cross' Tobias. 

His sexuality is a case of obvious denial, and is typically played for laughs, with him constantly, and apparently ignorantly, making overt innuendos. In a show where most of the characters are at least slightly presented as caricatures, Tobias is the most blatantly unrealistic, but in many ways he's he heart of the show. He's has some of the funniest lines, he's constantly in awkward situations. 

I really do want to go back and try rewatching Arrested Development.


26. Paul Smecker (The Boondock Saints)

lGbt Nominated by Not_an_Owl (0 left)

Speaking of things I need to rewatch: I absolutely loved The Boondock Saints the first time I saw it but I haven't seen it in quite a few years. However, if there's one thing from this film ingrained into my memory, it's this scene (spoilers, obviously):

"There was a firefight!" will go down as one of the best ever action movie lines, right along with "Yippie-kay-yay motherfucker." Willem Dafoe was at his best in this movie, absolutely hilarious and so off-the-wall it's impossible to not get excited every time he comes on screen. He's the unpredictable solo agent trope taken to its greatest extreme. 

His sexuality seems pretty clear (he literally has sex with another man) but he still throws out slurs at other gay men. And if I had to guess, I'd say Harrison Yates from South Park is at least partially based on him.


25. Mad Moxxi (Borderlands) 

[write-up lost to purge]

24. Mr./Mrs. Garrison (South Park)

[write-up lost to purge]

23. Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 

[write-up lost to purge]

22. Vern Schillinger (Oz) 

[write-up lost to purge]

21. Varys (Game of Thrones) 

[write-up lost to purge]

20. Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons)

[write-up lost to purge]

19. Riley (The Last Of Us)

[write-up lost to purge]

18. Ultimate Colossus (X-Men)

lGbt Nominated by Mayonesa (0 left) Piotr_Rasputin_(Earth-1610)_004.jpg

Colossus is one of the physically strongest among the X-Men, but I feel like he's not really given enough appreciation. He's a very large Russian mutant who can create a near-indestructible metal skin covering his entire body. I think he serves as a really nice foil to Wolverine, the most-known X-Man who has regenerative skin around an indestructible interior. This makes Rasputin's sometimes-subtle crush on Wolverine that much more fitting.

I'm not going to go into the whole Earth-616 v. Ultimate thing, but both versions of Colossus are exceptionally badass brutes, able to butt heads with some of Marvel's strongest without so much as a scratch on him. One of the things that stands out about Ultimate Colossus (and perhaps makes him feel more realistic) is the fact that super strength is not his mutant ability. Without a mutation-enhancing drug inconveniently (and confusingly) named Banshee, he can't lift his metal skin. 

I got into X-Men as a kid, and have been a fan of Colossus longer than most of the characters on this list (though he's not quite my favorite).


17. Oscar Martinez (The Office)

lGbt Nominated by SeginusTemple (2 left)

I was a big fan of The Office for a long time. It was a consistently entertaining show with a bunch of characters, almost all of whom were pretty equally humorous. That is, until Steve Carell left and Catherine Tate filled his empty chair, in one of television's worst trade-offs. Shortly after Nellie was introduced, I lost all interest in the show.

However, of the good characters on The Office, it's difficult to dislike Oscar. The show is filled with goofballs of various degrees. Dwight, Michael, and Kevin are all doofs. Stanley is more level-headed and stern. Creed is, well, Creed. Jim and Pam are relatable and just goofy enough to like, and overall more intelligent than much of the cast. Yet Oscar is probably far and away the smartest person in the office. He takes things seriously and does his job well without pushing people away like Stanley does.

One of the reasons Oscar scores so high is because of how great his sexuality was handled in the show. He was one of TV's first and only gay people of color. He hid his sexuality at during the first two seasons, largely because he recognized how immature the rest of the office was. It becomes a big issue when Michael accidentally uses a slur toward him and then stupidly outs him in front of the office. Still, it slowly became just a normal part of his character. He remains one of the most consistent characters on the show.

Next: :|

16. Ditto (Pokemon)

lgBt [genderless, pansexual] Nominated by Leafeon13N

Ditto is probably the only Pokemon who would've been eligible for this list. There are many Pokemon who are genderless (mostly legendaries) who would not be eligible because their gender isn't necessarily part of their character as much as it would be for a genderless human. However, Ditto's gender and sexuality are integral to it as a Pokemon. It is one of the only genderless non-legendaries, and it is the only Pokemon who can mate with almost any species of any gender. Ditto is by far the most openly sexual Pokemon in the Pokemon universe.

Aside from that, he's a unique character. Ditto only has one move: transform. It can't learn any others, and it can't forget it. However, upon using transform, it changes itself into whatever Pokemon he's facing, adapting their stats, health, moves, etc. From there, it becomes a battle of who can use that Pokemon the best. IT's been a staple in the series since the first games, and is infamous for the blank, featureless smile that stays on its face no matter who or what it changes into. Despite just being a pinkish blob, Ditto has become one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time.


15. Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs)

lgbT [crossdresser] Nominated by Seginustemple (1 left)

Whether Buffalo Bill is transgender or just a crossdresser is up for debate. Regardless, he's one of the creepiest horror villains in the history of cinema. The fact that Buffalo Bill stands out like he does is impressive, especially since many other villains would be overshadowed by the fact that they share screen time with Hannibal Lecter, one of the most infamous villains amongst any media. 

Buffalo Bill at first appears to be a run-of-the-mill serial killer, going after a series of women in pattern, much like every villain in every horror movie. Eventually we find out that he was cutting pieces of skin off of the women to create a female skin suit for himself, in order to essentially adapt the identity of a woman. 

Some aspects of Bill's character I didn't realize until after looking him up, because they're skipped by the movie. In the novel, he was gay, and actually killed the new lover of his ex. It's revealed that he wants to become a woman because he "hates his own identity" but cannot get gender reassignment surgery because of his history of mental illness. It's information I wish the film would've gone into more, but perhaps that would've lessened the ultimate shock value of his appearance in the suit:

Next: A character that sings at least once

14. Kurt Hummel (Glee) 

lGbt Nominated by Raka_Putra (2 left) Tumblr_ngpjmamE741qe476yo1_1280.jpg

Kurt is easily one of television's most important gay characters. At the beginning of the series, he is in the closet, though it isn't hard to figure out that he's gay based off of his behavior. Sure enough, he comes out in the first season. Kurt struggles with coming out to his tough, conservative father, who turns out to be by far the most loving and accepting person on the series, the father any gay teen would want to have. Kurt gets bullied so badly because of his sexuality (by a bully who is himself closeted) that he transfers for his own protection. Kurt is one of the best representatives of gay teens in the media, fairly accurately portraying the issues gay teens go through. 

Overall, Kurt is one of the best characters on the show, especially in the earlier seasons. His developing relationships with his dad, Finn, Karofsky, and Blaine remain some of the show's most intriguing and well-developed subplots to date. Kurt slowly becomes one of the emotionally strongest among the glee club, despite going downhill a bit in later seasons (though not quite as much as literally every other character). Also, Kurt is partially responsible for what I consider to be the show's best scene:

I would've liked to see more Glee nominations though, specifically Blaine, Brittany, Santana, and one other I'll mention in my snubs.


13. Ray Gillete (Archer)

lGbt Nominated by Chinballz (0 left)

Ray isn't even one of my favorite characters on Archer. He's not used a lot, and when he is, he's not as funny than the rest of the cast. However, literally any character on Archer is worthy of being this high, as it's one of the most consistently funny animated shows out there. 

It's almost become a recurring joke what will happen to Ray each season. In season one, he was one of the best field operatives, and took the job more seriously than Sterling Archer. In season two, he fakes being paralyzed. In season three, he is actually paralyzed, in an ironic twist. In season 4, he is given new cybernetic legs, but at the end of the season, they are fried by Archer, and he's paralyzed again. In season 5, his legs are rebuit, only for him to lose an arm in season 6 (a spoiler I didn't intend to find because I didn't even realize season 6 was out yet). 

Ray's mostly memorable for how he plays off of other characters, Archer in particularly:

Now I need to go watch the 6th season.

Next: I'm running out of hints that won't completely give it away. A character from a show/movie/series/etc. not yet featured.

12. Dr. Frank N. Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

lgBt [pansexual/crossdresser] Nominated by SeginusTemple (0 left)

Let's get this out of the way first: the name "Dr. Frank N. Furter" is fucking stupid. 

Aside from that, Frank is one of the most bizarre and unpredictable characters on the list. His origins are unknown, though it's suggested that he isn't human, as he comes from "the planet Transsexual, in the galaxy of Transylvania." He's extremely sexual, being a lover of almost every main character, male and female alike, throughout the course of the film. Not only is he overtly sexual, but he brings out the sexuality in everyone around him, as he seduces both Brad and Janet, a fairly conservative couple who stumble upon his home.

His morality is difficult to follow. He's an audience favorite, though ultimately he's a villain, essentially kidnapping Brad and Janet and literally murdering Eddie with a pickaxe. He's ridiculously jealous, despite his attempts to form sexual relationships with everyone around him. He seems to want everyone around him to lust for him and him alone, culminating in an orgy at the end of the film with him at the center of it all.

Ultimately, this character is made by Tim Curry's incredible performance. He holds nothing back (and honestly that applies to the whole movie). It's easy to see why some might be turned off (sex pun) by RHPS, but there is nothing else like it or Dr. Frank.

Next: A character from something that has been featured. Once I get to the top 10, I'm going to stop giving out hints as they're getting too obvious given the few amount of people left.

11. Wallace Wells (Scott Pilgrim)

lGbt Nominated by Raka_Putra (1 left) Wallace_Wells.png

Wallace was the best thing about Scott Pilgrim. As I've mentioned before, I'm more familiar with the characters from the film than from the comic or game. Kieran Culkin, who I've never really had any reason to like before this, did incredible as Wallace. He gets all the best lines, the best jokes, the best moments. 

At times, he's the stereotypical "gay best friend." At least, this is a trope that's typically used in fiction with female protagonists (because female protagonists can't have a platonic male friend unless they're gay, right?), so it's interesting to see how it works with Scott, who constantly relies on Wallace's advice (even though Scott rarely asks for it). I imagine Wallace as Scott's conscience. He's the one that disapproves of Scott cheating on Knives and he always seems to be there to point him in the right direction.

Wallace is pretty openly sexual, having multiple partners, and in fact turning straight men gay, leading to one of the funniest moments in the film (WALLACE! AGAIN?) but he's fortunately never shamed for it. It's hard to explain what exactly makes Wallace so great without just seeing him in action, so have a compilation video!

Next: THE TOP 10

10. Captain Ray Holt (Brooklyn 99)

lGbt Nominated by My_Immortal (1 left)

Now that we're in the top 10, everyone left is pretty much either the best in whatever their in or damn close. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is made up of a pretty great cast, and is one of the funniest live-action shows of recent years. Of the cast, Ray Holt easily stands out as the most impressive. He's the captain of his precinct, and it's impossible not to love him. 

He's stern and serious, which is constantly played up as a joke. His husband claims that he's known as a comedian amongst their higher class friends, despite being largely oblivious to humor in the precinct. However, he's still somehow one of the funniest characters on the show. No matter how many times he breaks his composure, it's still always a shock given how much he overdoes his stoicism. Perhaps the best moments with him are when he's making jokes at Wunch's expense ( or making bets with the rest of the department (my personal favorite moment involves him betting on why Amy's late:

Aside from his humor, Ray Holt faces his minority status head-on. He doesn't sugarcoat how difficult it was to get to his position in the police department as a gay black man, given the racism, homophobia and sexism of the 70s (and somewhat still) police force ( His sexuality is handled as it should be. It's an important part of his character, and is addressed when necessary (such as when his husband or history with the NYPD is involved) but he is nowhere near being a gay stereotype.

9. Marceline (Adventure Time)

lgBt Nominated by BetrayedTangy (0 left)

The relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum is much like the relationship between Korra and Asami. Both started as rivals, before slowly building a relationship between the two. Eventually, both relationships are shown very subtly (Marceline & Bubblegum's moreso), but both were confirmed by "word of god." Marceline has been shown to have an awful short-term boyfriend, though her relationship with PB was clearly much stronger. She's quite possibly the best character on the show, with her backstory being one of the more meaningful and her relationships with her friends, her father, PB and the Ice King being deeper than many other relationships in the show.

Speaking of the Ice King, it was the episode that dove into the backstory between the two of them that really got me into her as a character. Their backstory is tragic, made even moreso due to the fact that 1. Only Marceline remember their past and 2. Ice King basically made up the father figure that she didn't have as her real father ruled the Nightosphere. She's had great development, and her songs and some of the show's most memorable moments.

8. Satan (South Park)

lGbt Nominated by jcgamer107 (1 left)

Satan stands out from the rest of the top 10, as he's the character that I'm sure most would think least deserves to make it this high. So why is he so high? Because South Park's portrayal of Satan is fucking hilarious, and is easily my favorite portrayal of the devil in any sort of media. 

Satan's biggest appearance is in the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, where he was being emotionally taken advantage of by his lover Saddam Hussein. Satan was one of the film's main antagonists, but was ultimately sympathetic, and gave up on conquering Earth as a favor for Kenny, who helped him get out of his abusive relationship.

Since then, Satan has been used sparingly on the series, but always in great ways. He develops a new relationship with a man named Chris, while dealing with his sexual attraction to Saddam Hussein. He attacks Heaven with an army of the damned. He holds a giant sweet 16 with all of Hell's biggest celebrities. Most recently, he helped explain the dangers of addiction to Stan, before later taking over his body in order to fight the Canadian Devil.

He's underutilized, but he's quite possibly the most consistently enjoyable character on South Park.

7. Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones)

lgBt [pansexual] Nominated by Janus5K (0 left) Oberyn-Martell-401-promo.jpg

Game of Thrones is just chock full of incredible and varied characters, so many that it's often hard to stand out, especially for a character who's only around for a single season. There are characters whose names I could barely remember 5 seasons in. Prince Oberyn was not one of those characters. Much like Ned Stark and Khal Drogo in season 1, Oberyn left a ridiculously strong impact given the short time he had. 

Oberyn's views on sexuality are one of his major characteristics. He wants to have as much sex as possible, with as many people as possible, regardless of gender (though he was still in a loving relationship with Ellaria Sand. He's a smooth talker, and often witty enough to battle tongues with even Tyrion.

This would be good enough on its own, but add in the fact that he was the only person in King's Landing willing to fight for Tyrion's life in the trial by combat against Gregor "the biggest, strongest fucker in all of Westeros" Clegane. Admittedly, it was more because of his own need for vengeance against Clegane than for Tyrion's defense. And holy shit what a fight. Oberyn v. Gregor was possibly the best fight in the series.

6. Jack Twist (Brokeback Mountain)

lgBt Nominated by Tennisboy213 (0 left)

There are three movies that have ever made me cry. Up, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Brokeback Mountain. The film is fucking incredible, and one of the most moving love stories I've ever seen. 

Deciding how to order Jack and Ennis, who both made top 10, is difficult. Normally anyone portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal will land among my favorites, but here I have to give the slight edge to Ennis. Still, that doesn't mean that Gyllenhaal's performance as Jack was anything less than extraordinary. 

Jack seems to be bisexual, as he does have a loving and sexual relationship with his wife Lureen, leading to them having a kid. However, unlike Ennis, Jack seems to prefer men. He's the first one of the two to show real, obvious attraction to the other, and slowly encourages Ennis to return the feelings, which he secretly does. It seems as though the attraction to men is not nearly as new to Jack. 

Once the two are apart, Jack goes on to struggle with his sexuality, resorting to finding male prostitutes and making unrequited flirtation with random men, despite the physical danger it puts him in. Along with this, he struggles with masculinity. While he was always comfortable be submissive around Ennis, he finds himself needing to express his manhood elsewhere in order to be respected. This causes him to deliver one of the film's best moments:

And (spoilers)his death fucking killed me. 

5. Iceman (X-Men)

lGbt Nominated by Eddv (1 left)

Here we get the highest ranked comic character! Bobby Drake is probably within my top 5 comic characters, along with Deadpool, Scarecrow, Hulk, and Daredevil. This also makes him my favorite of the X-Men.

I can't quite pinpoint why I like Bobby Drake so much. His powers are typically the same as most ice-based characters, with one of his most-known signature moves being the ability to cover his body in ice and glide through the air Frozone-style with a sheet of ice that he creates along the way. As a kid, I had the PS2 game "X-Men: The Official Game," which had Iceman as one of the three protagonists along with Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Playing as Iceman was always the most fun, even if his missions did tend to get a little monotonous (Go to point A. Freeze object A).

A lot of the reason I like Bobby is due to the film version, played by Shawn Ashmore. I've mentioned a few times on the board how much I enjoy the X-Men films, even moreso than the MCU films. Even the less-impressive X-Men films (looking at you Last Stand) I found to be enjoyable. Everything from Bobby's awkward relationships to his 90s-Justin-Timberlake-style frosted (get it?) tips to his ultimate fire/ice battle with pyro (which was honestly one of Last Stand's redeeming moments ( When I saw he was returning years later for Days of Future Past, I freaked.

Now, time to mention his sexuality. In All New X-Men, its revealed by a younger Bobby Drake that Iceman is, in fact, gay. First off, this provides yet another reason to hate Jean Gray (seriously, reading someone's mind to find out their closeted sexuality and then confronting them about it? What a shitty way to use your power. I don't know how Bobby was able to trust her anymore after that). Normally I'm more than happy to see a good character be revealed as gay, but with Iceman... I don't know. I struggled to make it fit, since he's been notable more than most other core X-Men as having multiple, loving relationships with women. This is one moment where it unfortunately did feel like they made him gay to have a gay character, rather than because it was a realistic part of his identity. I mean, I can imagine him as bisexual, easily, but its difficult to imagine that he didn't have any sort of romantic or physical attraction to Kitty or Rogue. Though if anything does support it, it's this scene (and to be honest, this scene is ultimately what got me to accept the reveal as believable):

4. Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

lGbt Nominated by jcgamer107 (0 left) Albus_Dumbledore_%28HBP_promo%29_3.jpg

If I had to guess the one character on this list that is most commonly loved, both by this board and by the general public, it would be Albus Dumbledore, the extremely intelligent, powerful, and pure of heart headmaster of Hogwarts. 

There's not much to dislike about Dumbledore. He sees the good in practically everyone, even when they don't deserve it. He runs the school kindly and fairly. Prior to his time in Hogwarts, he was famous for defeating Gellert Grindelwald, the 2nd most powerful evil wizard of all time (more on him later), second only to Voldemort himself. He founded Order of the Phoenix, inspired Dumbledore's Army (the student-run resistance against Voldemort) and ultimately made Harry Potter into what he became (because frankly, without Dumbledore, Harry would have gone nowhere and Voldemort would've taken over).

Dumbledore was considered the most powerful wizard of all time, which is a hell of a title, especially since he's the last person to ever showboat his power. He's the old, wise mentor to end all old, wise mentors (though Avatar's Iroh is on par). The later books attempted to humanize him a little more, and it worked well. They reveal his backstory, where much of his family dies when he's young and he foolishly helps Grindelwald, who planned on making a global order led by wizards, rise to power. Later, Rowling herself revealed that Dumbledore was gay, and held desire for Grindelwald, which helped to explain why someone so morally just would go along with such a plan. In addition, his awful separation from Grindewald helped to explain why he essentially shut himself off from romantic relationships in his later life.

I remember when Dumbledore's sexuality was first announced years back, and the outrage it caused, but I really do think this was a case of a character's sexuality being handled well. No, it wasn't mentioned in the books, because it wasn't really relevant to most of the plot. It wouldn't have made sense for Dumbledore to be out trying to hook up in the middle of a magical war while also mentoring the school's ultimate savior. Dumbledore is one of the few, great exceptions to the much-overused "straight until proven gay" rule of thumb used in almost every type of media. 

Have some clips:

4. Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

lGbt Nominated by jcgamer107 (0 left) Albus_Dumbledore_%28HBP_promo%29_3.jpg

If I had to guess the one character on this list that is most commonly loved, both by this board and by the general public, it would be Albus Dumbledore, the extremely intelligent, powerful, and pure of heart headmaster of Hogwarts. 

There's not much to dislike about Dumbledore. He sees the good in practically everyone, even when they don't deserve it. He runs the school kindly and fairly. Prior to his time in Hogwarts, he was famous for defeating Gellert Grindelwald, the 2nd most powerful evil wizard of all time (more on him later), second only to Voldemort himself. He founded Order of the Phoenix, inspired Dumbledore's Army (the student-run resistance against Voldemort) and ultimately made Harry Potter into what he became (because frankly, without Dumbledore, Harry would have gone nowhere and Voldemort would've taken over).

Dumbledore was considered the most powerful wizard of all time, which is a hell of a title, especially since he's the last person to ever showboat his power. He's the old, wise mentor to end all old, wise mentors (though Avatar's Iroh is on par). The later books attempted to humanize him a little more, and it worked well. They reveal his backstory, where much of his family dies when he's young and he foolishly helps Grindelwald, who planned on making a global order led by wizards, rise to power. Later, Rowling herself revealed that Dumbledore was gay, and held desire for Grindelwald, which helped to explain why someone so morally just would go along with such a plan. In addition, his awful separation from Grindewald helped to explain why he essentially shut himself off from romantic relationships in his later life.

I remember when Dumbledore's sexuality was first announced years back, and the outrage it caused, but I really do think this was a case of a character's sexuality being handled well. No, it wasn't mentioned in the books, because it wasn't really relevant to most of the plot. It wouldn't have made sense for Dumbledore to be out trying to hook up in the middle of a magical war while also mentoring the school's ultimate savior. Dumbledore is one of the few, great exceptions to the much-overused "straight until proven gay" rule of thumb used in almost every type of media. 

Have some clips:

3. Dean Craig Pelton (Community)

lgbt (???) Nominated by My Immortal

Man, I can not express my love for Dean. I did a Community character ranking a while back (as Community is one of my favorite shows) and while he didn't quite get the top spot (which went to Abed) he was damn close. 

Dean's sexuality is hard to describe (even by the Dean himself) but it's an integral part of his character. It wasn't directly addressed until season 6 when he was asked to pose as the token "gay" member of the school board, to which he replied that gay was approximately 1/7 of his sexual identity, whatever the fuck that means. He's expressed sexual desire for both men and women, with one of the show's recurring jokes being his extremely obvious sexual attraction to Jeff Winger. Despite this, he never has an actual partner throughout the course of the show.

Another of the show's recurring jokes is Dean's costumes. Whenever he has some sort of announcement to make, he'll crossdress in some sort of bizarre, extravagant costume, usually based on a pun to go along with the announcement. Perhaps my favorite costume of his gave one of the show's most hilarious moments:

Dean's whole point is that he has no limits. He's overenthusiastic. He goes where he's not wanted and never catches a hint. I have never seen a character quite like him. However, talking about him doesn't quite cut it, so have more clips:

2. Ennis Del Mar (Brokeback Mountain)

lgBt Nominated by Raka_Putra (0 left)

Initially, Ennis was actually number one on the list, but got moved down to #2 late during the ranking. 

Ennis is the more dominant in the relationship with Jack, and he definitely struggles with his sexuality moreso than Jack. Whereas Jack seems generally interested in men, Ennis seems to prefer women, though he's conflicted over his love for Jack. During their time on Brokeback Mountain, it took Ennis a while to give into Jack's obvious affections. 

Ennis ranks higher than Jack for a few reasons. As viewers, we're a little more invested in Ennis' family life than we are Jack's. While Jack struggles to overcompensate while also trying to hide his sexuality, Ennis struggles to maintain his family and ultimately fails. He loses his wife after she witnesses his affair, losing his children in the divorce. We see him attempt to get back into a new relationship while trying to maintain a connection with his daughter (who I didn't realize until years later was portrayed by Kate Mara). 

While Heath Ledger will always be known for Joker, Ennis Del Mar was easily his most honest, realistic performance. Ennis Del Mar is one of the most relateable characters on the list, and the best romance character I've ever watched.

So that leaves...

1. Ellie (The Last of Us)

LgBt Nominated by RySenkari (winner) Ellie_in_the_winter.jpg

Like I said, I initially had Ellie ranked in spot #2, but she finally took #1 after I played Last of Us: Left Behind. 

I know it's been said to death by every gamer over the last few years, but if you have not played The Last of Us, play The fucking Last of Us. While Joel is a step above the typical grizzly "I'm too old for this shit" protagonists, Ellie completely fucking steals the show.

In The Last of Us, Ellie starts out as a young girl who has essentially spent her entire life during the "infection" or whatever you want to call it. She has lost her best friend, and miraculously been the only person to ever survive a bite. Even from the beginning, it's clear that she's a little bit jaded to the horror of the world. Her progressing relationship with Joel is incredible, with Joel initially pushing her away before eventually viewing her as a daughter. 

Meanwhile, Ellie slowly grows on her own as a character, becoming adept as a survivor and eventually protecting Joel while he struggles to survive. Yet ultimately, she's still a child, desperate wishing she could actually enjoy her life. 

Then Left Behind came along, and we finally learn about Ellie's relationship with her best friend Riley, which we only ever hear her talk about during the main game. Ellie and Riley's friendship turned out to be more complicated than I expected. After seeing her go through all kinds of hell in The Last of Us, seeing her finally get to be a child with Riley (riding on merry-go-rounds, making silly faces in a photo booth, battling with water guns) made me incredibly happy, despite the tragic end that I knew was coming. Then it happened. (The kiss, obviously.) We don't know if she was a lesbian, or bisexual. All we know is that she loved Riley, which made the end that more difficult to experience. 

Ellie was one of the (if not the) most subtle and incredibly done LGBT character in any type of media. She was one of the most excellently done female characters and child characters. Honestly, she's one of the best characters gaming has to offer.