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Joke characters such as Dan Hibiki have always been highly controversial on B8

Joke characters are character battle entrants that make the main bracket because of an admin's sense of humor. These entrants usually lack one or more of defining characteristics of a typical game character that would seriously be in contention for a Character Battle title. For example, CATS is known mostly for the fad associated with him, and not his game. CATS, L-Block, and Weighted Companion Cube are the only three joke characters who have participated in more than one Character Battle, with CATS in eight battles (Only Winter 2010 and Fall 2018 excluded) and L-Block ever since 2007.

Joke characters generally hover around or below the fodder line, with the notable exceptions of L-Block, Missingno, and Weighted Companion Cube--the only ones which are recognizable to the average casual gamer. Draven also went from "nominated because it's a meme in the League of Legends community" to champion because the game's huge fanbase emerged in swarms to vote for him (when they abandoned him in 2018, he was proven to be completely worthless otherwise). These characters also have the odd property of resistance to being SFF'd.

Board 8 is divided on the subject of joke characters in Character Battles, with arguments that they ruin the tournament or make it more fun.