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Also known as: Erunion
User since: 12/2003 [account created]
AIM: OrangePinguino
Notable rivalries: Yard Gnomes Wearing Cheese Hats
Online games: Starcraft: Brood War
Backloggery Erunion
3DS Code 0447-5718-5835

Somebody fill me in !!

(* fills you in...WITH A VENGEANCE!*)

Nobody knows anything about JonThePenguin.

I know something about him! He thinks the greatest character in any work of fiction ever is Albedo... wait, no, that was JonPen1416.

He <3 Wolf3D. Also, he <3 the Exile series, with a vengeance.

From time to time, he'll post lyrics. This originated at some point in 2004/2005, when he and Cat1001 posted the complete lyrics to The Nightmare Before Christmas's songs, each one in its own topic.

He first became noticed via the *explodes j00* gimmick, which he proceeded to annoy everyone with. Himself included.

Always in the middle of entirely too many different games, and as a result rarely finishes one. Intends to stop getting new games and finish up the ones he's's made a lot easier on a tight budget.


What's this box doing her?!