Juliet Starling

Juliet Starling is the protagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw. She is a senior and the head cheerleader of San Romero High School. While she seems to be a normal girl she has huge secret; she is a descendant of a long line of Zombie Hunters. On her 18th birthday she struggles on whether to tell her boyfriend Nick this secret when she realizes she is late for school and rushes out of her house.

Upon arriving at school she realizes that her school has been infested with zombies. Angry that she is already late she pulls out her signature weapon, the chainsaw and begins killing zombies and saving her classmates while searching for her boyfriend, Nick. She eventually finds Nick who is bitten by a zombie. Not wanting him to become a zombie she amputates his head. Now the two must save not only the school, but the entire city before a zombie apocalypse occurs.

While Juliet’s main attack is using her chainsaw she also has various cheerleading moves to attack with. She can also use Nick as a projectile. She loves lollipops, especially strawberry flavoured.

"Seriously dude, what the hell? And on my birthday too, like I'm not already late enough!" - Juliet Starling

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