From: Ed_Bellis | Posted: 1/17/2006 1:31:51 AM Make sure you do the right Kane (the one from Command and Conquer, not the one from Legacy of Kain).

From: Phoenix Flattener | Posted: 1/17/2006 1:34:26 AM And be sure to mention that he's a TV!

(Shut up! He is! He totally is!)

Don’t think that just because nobody on Board 8 knows anything about Kane that he’s a namby-pamby pushover video game dude! This bald-headed man who could pass for the frontman of a Judas Priest cover band is the brains behind the “Brotherhood of Nod,” a half-religious, half-terrorist organization led by Kane, who functions as a sort of messiah-like prophet for the group. The allusion to the biblical Cain would not be very misplaced here, and there are frequent allusions to relevant passages from the Old Testament in the series.

For all intents and purposes, Kane sounds like a pretty neat guy. He runs a wacky fascist organization with a monopoly on the valuable “Tiberium harvesting industry” (sounds impressive!). Yet of course Kane is primarily known for the fact that, well, he’s not known for anything; his only match pic is a freaking TV screen, hence all of the jokes that will presumably appear on this page. But he can take solace in that he kinda looks like the evil doppelganger of Mr. Clean, and that should be comfort enough for any man.

"Rule of thumb, Hassan. You can't kill the Messiah!" - Kane

(Writeup courtesy of Ed Bellis)

Kane's Contest HistoryEdit

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Summer 2002 Contest - South Division - 11 Seed

  • Southern Round 1 --- Lost to (6) Bomberman, 11476 [21.89%] - 40943 [78.11%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 59th Place [10.08%]

Kane getting his ass kicked in his lone contest match wasn't even the story of the day. In his match pic, he was a TV screen. To this day, TV Kane is perhaps the best joke match pic of all time -- except that it wasn't a joke.

No C&C character has made the field since, even with the contest expansions to 128 (and later 243) and Command & Conquer releasing three compilations, four brand new titles, and three expansions since Kane's only appearance in any contest.  On top of that, none of the games have appeared in any contests as well.  At this rate, it appears that Command and Conquer will never see the light of day again in any contest.

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