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This is kangle5411's Yaoi Fanfiction written for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do.

Phoenix Wright x Miles Edgeworth[]

January 31, 3:42 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Phoenix: (Here comes Edgeworth. What could he want?)
Edgeworth: Hey Phoenix. Nice job during the trial today.
Phoenix: You really think so. I thought I did pretty badly. I almost got my client a guilty verdict!
Edgeworth: No, I thought you were great.
Phoenix: (Why is Edgeworth acting so nice today?)
Edgeworth: So, I was wondering if you were doing anything later.
Phoenix: No, I don't think so. Why?
Edgeworth: Maybe you could come to my place later. We could, you know, chill.
Phoenix: (Chill? What does he mean by that?) Chill? What do you mean by that?
Edgeworth: You know, hang out.
Phoenix: (Hang out? Why does he want to do that?) Hang out? Why do you want to do that?
Edgeworth: Maybe I could break your Psyche-Locks if you know what I mean.
Phoenix: No, I really don't know what you mean.
Edgeworth: Well, you look a little stressed. You need to relax. Just come by my house later.
Phoenix: (Alright. But I have a bad feeling about this.)

January 31, 7:19 PM
Edgeworth's House

Phoenix: (Well, I'm here. I guess I should knock.)
Edgeworth: Hello, Phoenix. Come on in.
Phoenix: (Why doesn't Edgeworth have any pants on?)
Edgeworth: You can go sit on the couch. I'll be right back.
Phoenix: (Oh man. I have to get out of here. Maybe I'll make up an excuse that Maya's in trouble again. Oh no, here he comes. Now he isn't wearing anything! What do I do?)
Edgeworth: So, do you want to go relax in my room for a while? I'm feeling a little excited tonight.
Phoenix: (Well, I guess I should go with him. I'm a little excited, too.)

January 31, Later that Night
Edgeworth's Bedroom

Phoenix: TAKE THAT!

Edgeworth: HOLD IT!

February 1, 9:45 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

Phoenix: (Oh no, Here comes Edgeworth. This is awkward. Pretend nothing happened.)
Edgeworth: ...
Phoenix: ...
Edgeworth: ...
Phoenix: ...
Edgeworth: ...
Phoenix: ...
Edgeworth: ...
Phoenix: ...
Edgeworth: So...
Phoenix: Yeah...
Edgeworth: About last night...
Phoenix: What about it...
Edgeworth: Just don't let anyone know what happened.
Phoenix: Why would I?
Edgeworth: I'm just making sure.
Phoenix: Alright. (Maybe he'll ask me come over again.)
Edgeworth: So...
Phoenix: (Here it comes!)
Edgeworth: Good luck during the trial today.
Phoenix: (Oh well...) Yeah, thanks...
Edgeworth: What's wrong? You look disappointed.
Phoenix: No, nothing's wrong...
Edgeworth: You can talk to me.
Phoenix: Well, I was hoping that if you're not doing anything tonight, we could-
Edgeworth: Alright. I talk to you later.
Phoenix: (Yes! I didn't think it would be that easy to convince him. I guess I'll have to get there early so we can finish before morning. Is that the judge coming over here? I wonder what he could want?)